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Steuben County, New York
in the Civil War

The following is taken from Third Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: [The Bureau], (C. Wendell), 1866.

To Steuben county the attack on Sumter proved, indeed, a rude awakening of long slumbering patriotism, and to honor the flag dishonored by treason was the generous impulse of almost every heart. But the call by the President for 75,000 militia, found us all unprepared. However, public meetings were at once called; old drums, fifes and guns were got out ; cannon and church bells were brought into requisition; speeches, full of eloquence and patriotism, set before the people their country's danger and their country's need. And the great work of enlisting, organizing, equipping, drilling and changing a mass of citizens into a military force, was pushed so earnestly that before May 15th; we had furnished for the Twenty-third regiment Captain Todd's company, organized at Corning ; Captain Schlick's company, organized at Bath ; Captain Doty's company, organized at Hornellsville ; and a brass band for the regiment, organized at Hornellsville. Also, May 15th, Lieutenant Erwin's company, organized in part, at Painted Post, left for New York and joined the Sickles' Brigade, (company K, Seventy-fourth Regiment, N. Y. S. V.) And the President's subsequent call for 42,000 men, to serve three years, having been received, books were opened for volunteers in almost every town ; and the good work went bravely on. Capt. Elwell's Company, organized at Corning, joined the Thirty-fifth Regiment; N. Y. S. V., as company F, and arrived in Washington about the 15th day of July ; and although other organizations were as yet incomplete, they were more than commenced when the first Bull Run disaster stunned, and then nerved the people of the county to higher resolve and nobler action.


Civil War Newspapers
This is also available in PDF format. These are large files; however, they are exact images of the pages.
      Pages 1 - 15

Index to Newspaper Articles from Albany County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

An Excel spreadsheet with this data is here.

Addison Advertiser
City: Addison
County: Stueben
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:17 A volunteer company [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E] being formed.  HQ at office of H. Sherwood, Esq.
1861:04:24 [Notice[,  Volunteers take notice!  Meet at Union Hall, this village on Saturday, the 27th.
1861:04:24 Flag raisings in village [Desc.].
1861:04:24 Four [volunteers] also went from Rathboneville [to Elmira to enlist], and three from Derby Switch.
1861:04:24 Four volunteers from here went to Elmira to enlist: Daniel Hurlburt, George Parker, Edwin Crocker, and Richard Lyon.  [All in Co. K, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:04:24 Those wishing to volunteer here should go to the office of Sherwood & Baldwin, Wall St.
1861:05:01 [By telegraph?], dated "25" [4/25?].  A volunteer company formed at Sag Harbor last night and $3,000 subscribed by our citizens.
1861:05:01 A few able-bodied men needed to fill out company.
1861:05:01 A volunteer company from Seneca Falls, Capt. [James E.] Ashcroft [19th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. C], arrived [iin Elmira], Sat. eve. [4/27].
1861:05:01 Bounty land for volunteers.  160 acres, even if war lasts 30 days.
1861:05:01 Capt. Elliot has received orders to inspect Waverly volunteers (from Elmira daily press).
1861:05:01 Corning volunteers drilling, Capt. L.[uzerne] Todd [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. D]. Capt. Elliot will inspect today or tomorrow.
1861:05:01 New recruits drilling at Jones' Hall.  Upwards of 60 names enrolled last Saturday [4/27], at a meeting.
1861:05:01 On Saturday [4/27?], Asst. Qtm. Capt. C.C.B. Walker largely increased contracts for supplies [for Elmira Depot].  2,000-3,000 [volunteers] expected this week.
1861:05:01 On Saturday [4/27], 1,220 army blankets arrived -- stored at Gen. [Robert B.] Van Valkenburgh's HQ, on Baldwin St. (from Elmira daily press).
1861:05:01 Rev. E.[zra] F.Jones, pastor of the [Central] Baptist Church, will be a chaplain [23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:05:01 William H. Jones, the ensign in the Corning volunteer company [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. D].
1861:05:08 Bath company, Capt. [Theodore] Seldick [Schlick, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A], marched through our streets, accompanied by a band.
1861:05:08 Company of volunteers formed at Hammondsport, and on Thursday [5/2], chose officers.
1861:05:08 The volunteer company accepted and will be inspected next Saturday, 5/11.
1861:05:15 Hornellsville company passed through on Monday [5/13] on a mail train for Elmira.
1861:05:15 Nearly 7,000 troops quartered in Elmira.  There is a want of shoes.
1861:05:15 The volunteer company inspected today, in Jones' Hall, by Insp. Col. George S. Elias.
1861:05:15 Volunteer Aid Society.  The ladies [of Elmira?] have resolved instead of purchasing rubber blankets for volunteers, to save money, will line blankets with india rubber (from Elmira press).
1861:06:12 [Letter] fr. 1st Lt. James B. Carr, Co. E, 34th N.Y. (Inf.), dated Industrial School Barracks [Elmira, N.Y.?], 6/5/01.
1861:06:12 [Letter], from 1st Lt. James B. Carr, Co. E, 34th N.Y. [(Inf.)], dated Industrial School Barracks [Albany, N.Y.], 6/5/61.  Mentions Col. [William] LaDue [Ladew].
1861:06:12 [Roster], of Co. E, 34th N.Y. [(Inf.)], from [Cpl.] M.[elville] S. Dunn [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E].
1861:06:12 From Pvt. Thomas H. Guinnip ]34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E], we learn that Sgt. [George W.] Wildrick, od Capt. [Henry] Baldwin's company, was on sick furlough to visit friends in Scranton, Pa.
1862:05:14 [Letter]x, from "V.," [Capt. Ebenezer Van Tuyl], 1st N.Y. (Inf.) [Co. G], dated Newport News, Va., 5/3/62.  Importance of newspapers; camp life.
1862:06:18 [Letter]x, from "Melville" S. Dunn, Odly Sgt., Capt. Baldwin's Company [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E].  [Desc.] Battle of Fair Oaks, Va.
1862:06:18 [Letter]x, from Capt. [Henry] Baldwin, 34th N.Y. (Inf.) [Co. E].  [Desc.] Battle of Fair Oaks, Va.
1862:06:25 [Letter extr.]x, from [1st Lt.,] Adj. George L. Taggart,  64th N.Y. (Inf.).   [Desc.] Battle of Fair Oaks, Va.
1862:06:25 [Letter]x, from [2nd] Lt. E.[dwin] F. Smith,  Co. E, 34th N.Y. (Inf.).   [Desc.] Battle of Fair Oaks, Va.
1862:07:09 [Letter]x, from "M. S. D.," [Melville S. Dunn, Sgt.] 34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E, dated Fair Oaks, Va., 6/22/62.  [Desc.] of field works and battlefield.


Corning Journal
City: Corning
County: Stueben
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:18 Capt. L. Tupp [Tubb?] is raising a company of volunteers in this village.
1861:04:18 In Elmira, 120 have volunteered.
1861:04:18 Volunteers are to rendevous at Elmira and Albany.
1862:05:15 Lt. [Sgt. John L.] Bailey [27th N.Y. (Inf.)], of Union, Broome [County], killed at Williamsburg [West Point, Va.].
1862:07:03 [Letter], from M. Sgt. ? Burritt? [Could be 1st Sgt.Judd D. Burt], 23rd N.Y. (Inf.), dated Fredericksburg [Va.], 6/26/62 (from Elmira press).


Hornellsville Tribune
City: Hornellsville
County: Stueben
Frequency: Weekly
1861:11:14 [Corres.], from J.[onathan] Watts, Chaplain, Steuben Rangers [86th N.Y. (Inf.)], thanks citizens of Hornellsville for "rich and elegant" uniform.
1861:11:14 Capt. B.B. Bignall, of Seneca Falls, in Bath recruiting fo a company for Gen. Scroggs Eagle Brigade.
1861:11:14 Local.  Ladies Aid Society for sick and wounded soldiers will meet on Wed. eve. [11/20] at residence of M. Adsit; next  Wed. at Mrs. James Allen.
1861:11:14 Personal.  Capt. Henry Baldwin, Supervisor of the Town of Addison, who commands a company in the 84th? [34th] New York Volunteers [Co. E], reached Bath yesterday , and took back his seat with Board of Supervisors.
1861:11:14 Presentation of a war horse.  Yesterday afternoon, Rev. Amos Brown, of the People's College, and others visited Barracks No. 1, where the Steuben Rangers [86th N.Y. (Inf.)] were drawn up 'in line' under command of Col. B.[enajah] P. Bailey.
1862:05:22 [Letter], from "Ensign Conklin," [Thomas Conklin, 2nd Lt., 14th Mo. (Cav.). Co. C], dated Pea Ridge [Tenn.], half way between Pittsburg and Corinth.  Former Capt.of Almond [N.Y.] Wide Awakes.
1862:05:22 [Letter], from "Felix," [37th Ill. (Inf.)], dated Cassville, Mo., 5/8/62.  Contains history of 37th Ill. (Inf.) [Desc.] Cassville.
1862:05:22 [Letter], from "S.D," [23rdN.Y. (Inf.)], dated Fredericksburg, Va., 5/13/62.  [Desc.] occupation of Frederickburg.
1862:06:05 [Letter], from "K.," [Adj., 9th Kan. (Cav.), dated, 9th Ks. Vols., Camp Brice, near Easter, Ks., 5/24/62.  "Since I left the Potomac army …".
1862:06:12 The captain of Co. I [William L. Conklin, Co. A], 34th N.Y. Inf.] was publicly disgraced on the 27th for refusing to appear on dress parade and refusing to stack arms, at West Point, Va.
1862:07:31 [Letter], from "S.[amuel] M, Harmon [Capt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], to Aunt, Miss Emily King, dated "Still on the road to Richmond, Harrison's Landing [Va.], 7/13/62.  [Desc.] occupation of Frederickburg.


Steuben Courier
City: Bath
County: Stueben
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:17 [Ed.]. Calls Atlas & Argus a "cowboy" paper.  Steuben farmer's advocate in   the "same rut".
1861:04:24 [Ed.]. [Steuben farmer's] advocate sympathizes with rebel traitors.
1861:04:24 [Order].  Gen. HQ, State of New York.  Adj. Gen., 4/18/61.  G.O. #13.  Enrollment of militia.  Signed J. Meredith Read, Jr.
1861:04:24 A company of volunteers is being organized at Cohocton.  Capt. Horace Day, Mexican War vet.
1861:04:24 A new company.  Books are open at Court House.
1861:04:24 Dr. J.S. Dolsen, of this village, to offer his medical services, free to all of the families of Bath volunteers.
1861:04:24 Last Thursday's [4/18] call for volunteers now successful.  Company [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A] full.
1861:04:24 Meeting to be held at the Engine House, to complete organization of the new company.
1861:04:24 On Friday afternoon [4/19], Gen. [Robert B.] Van Valkenburgh was summoned to report himself and command immediately to HQ.
1861:04:24 On Saturday, a torrent of excitement [Desc.].  Enlisting began.
1861:04:24 Steuben aroused.  All over county.  The company [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A] here already has 100.
1861:05:01 A company of volunteers [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I] has been formed at Hammondsport.  Capt. William H. King; 1st Lt. Orlando M. Crofut [Crofoot]; 2nd Lt. Monroe Brundage.
1861:05:01 Destructive fire at Havana [Brief desc.].
1861:05:01 Messrs. Church, Allen, and Brownell last week presented Lt. [Cornelius] Mowers [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A], with a Colt revolver.
1861:05:01 On Saturday [4/27], a flag was thrown to the breeze at Nellis Woolen Mills [Desc.].
1861:05:01 Since last Thursday [4/25], our volunteer company [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A] has been encamped near Fair Ground, drilling and performing camp duties.
1861:05:01 Stars & stripes now float over Bank of Bath.
1861:05:01 Young ladies of the village providing for volunteers.  Each buy will receive a 'house-wife,' or kit of indespencibles [Desc.].
1861:05:08 Departure of volunteers.  The Bath company [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A] left last Friday [5/3], on the 12 o'clock train [Desc.].
1861:05:08 The Bath company [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A], Capt Schlick, marched through principal streets [of Elmira] on Saturday [5/4].
1861:05:08 The Buffalo express reports efforts to establish a military depot in Corning.
1861:05:08 Up to Sunday, 3,289 soldiers in Elmira.  Good order.
1861:05:15 [Corres.], from "Local," [K.W. Barnes, local editor], dated Elmira [N.Y.], 5/13/61.  Bath Company [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A] at Barracks No. 1.  Boys are not dissatisfied, as rumored.
1861:05:15 Books for enrollment of volunteers are at this office.  Term is for three years; half a company already pledged.
1861:05:15 Ellsworth's Zouaves [11th N.Y. (Inf.)].  [Desc.] antics (from Philadelphia press).
1861:05:22 [Ed.] [Barnes'].  Desc. visit to Bath Co., in Elmira; thought about enrolling but didn't.
1861:05:22 [Ed.],  [Desc.] camp of Bath Company [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A] at Barracks No. 1.  Went to HQ; busy
1861:05:22 [Ed.].  Blasts Steuben farmer's advocate again.
1861:05:22 Capt. [Theodore] Schlick visited Bath on Saturday; on Monday returned to Elmira.
1861:05:22 Local record.  Splendid pole raised at the Land Office.
1861:05:22 Pole raising at Towlesville [Desc.].
1861:05:22 Rev. E.[zra] F. Crane, formerly Pastor of the Baptist Church of this village, will be Chaplain of the Southern Tier Rifles [23rd N.Y.(Inf.). Co. A].
1861:05:22 Southern Tier Regiment [23rd N.Y. (Inf.)] organized.
1861:05:22 The project for a second company from Bath not abandoned.
1861:05:29 [Letter extr.], from Burrage Rice [1st Vt. (Inf.). 8th Co.], n.d., Fortress Monroe [Va.].  Formerly of this village.
1861:05:29 [Order].  HQ, 20th Brig., 7th Div., N.Y.S.M.  G.O. No. 6, dated Bath [N.Y.], 5/9/61.  The commanding officer of the 60th Regiment [N.Y. (S.M.)], is to fill up companies.
1861:05:29 [Order].  HQ, 60th Regiment, N.Y.S.M.  G.O. No. 2, dated Hornellsville [N.Y.], 5/15/61 [pt. 1].  Orders several companies to fill up to 74 men: Co. B (Emmett Guards), of Corning; Co. C (National Guards of Corning); …
1861:05:29 [Order].  HQ, 60th Regiment, N.Y.S.M.  G.O. No. 2, dated Hornellsville [N.Y.], 5/15/61 [pt. 2].  Orders several companies to fill up to 74 men: Co. D (Canecadea Light Guard), of Hornellsville; Co. E, of Troupsburgh; …
1861:05:29 [Order].  HQ, 60th Regiment, N.Y.S.M.  G.O. No. 2, dated Hornellsville [N.Y.], 5/15/61 [pt. 3].  Orders several companies to fill up to 74 men: Co. L (Southern Tier Rifles), of Elmira …
1861:05:29 Capt. Will Rumsey [Van Valkenburg's staff?/1st N.Y. (L. Art.?)] has been in town for a few days for a visit.  He seems to enjoy his life very much, and makes a capital and efficient officer.
1861:05:29 Death of Col. [E. Elmer] Ellsworth.
1861:05:29 First number of the Havana journal since the disastrous fire in April, is out.
1861:05:29 Local record.  Addison Volunteers, Capt. H.[enry] Baldwin [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E], have been accepted, and are now awaiting orders.
1861:05:29 Miles Terrill, of this village, has received appointment of Drum Major of the Southern Tier Regiment [23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:05:29 Nat B. Fowler, has been unaniously elected Capt. of the Southern Tier Rifles [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. K].
1861:05:29 No more regiments to be mustered in at Elmira for less than three years (fro Elmira press).
1861:05:29 Regimental orders.  [Order].  HQ, 7th Division, N.Y.S.M.  G.O. No. 1, dated Sparta [N.Y.], 4/25/61.  BG Lansing B. Swan, 25th Brig., and BG R.[obert] B. Van Valkenburg, 20th Brig., are ordered to parade their commands without uniforms, for inspection.
1861:05:29 Scott's Brass Band of Dansville, has gone with the Rochester regiment [13th N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:05:29 Southern Tier Regiment [23rd N.Y. (Inf.)] go into their new barracks this week.
1861:05:29 The Hammondsport company of volunteers [34th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], Capt. [William H.] King, left for Albany Tuesday [5/21?] a.m., by way of Canandaigua.
1861:05:29 The Hornellsville Brass Band is to acompany the Southern Tier Regiment [23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].


Steuben Farmers' Advocate
City: Bath
County: Stueben
Frequency: Weekly
1861:05:08 Capt. [Theodore] Schlick and Bath volunteer company [Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)], arrived in Elmira and marched through streets Saturday am (from Elmira press).
1861:05:08 Departure of volunteers [Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)], last Friday at Station Depot.
1861:05:15 [Corres.], from E.F.Loveridge,  of Troy morning news, including letter to Horace Greeley.  [Desc.] mob threatening office.
1861:05:15 [Letter], from B. Bennitt [1st Sgt. Benjamin Bennett, Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)], dated Army Quarters, Barracks No. 1, Elmira [N.Y.], 5/13/61.  Camp life.
1861:05:15 Lt. [Cornelius T.] Mowers [23rd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. A], of Bath, back home visiting family.  1st Sgt. Benjamin Bennett, Co. A,dated Army Quarters, Barracks No. 1, Elmira [N.Y.], 5/13/61.  Camp life.
1861:05:15 Many citzens of Elmira insulted and abused by a number of roughs belonging to Capt. [Thomas] Davis' Rochester company [26th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. H].  [Desc.].
1861:05:15 S.M. Alley, of Hornellsville, appointed Aid-de-camp, and Col., N.Y.S.M., 7th Division.
1861:05:22 23rd [N.Y. (Inf.)] organized and the Bath Company [Co. A] is in it.
1861:05:22 Canandaigua is doing well in raising troops ..three companies.
1861:05:22 Capt. [Theodore] Schlick [Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)], arrived in town for a short visit last Saturday.
1861:05:22 Capt. Carl Stephan fo the Dansville Canaseragas [Co. B, 13th N.Y. (Inf.)], elected Lt. Col. Of the Rochester regiment, vice. E.G. Marshall, resigned.
1861:05:22 Capt. G.L. Smith inspected 2nd company of Corning volunteers.
1861:05:22 Company no. 2 from Ogdensburgh returned from Albany after a "great outcry against the 'hardships' of army soldiers' life."  Humorous.
1861:05:22 Pole raising in Towlesville.
1861:05:22 Two volunteers from Auburn, named [Alfred H.?] Bodman and [Daniel J.?] Hutchinson, showed the white feather after reaching Elmira -- hooted out of camp and other indignities.
1861:06:05 [Roster] Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:08:07 [Letter], from B. Bennitt [1st Sgt. Benjamin Bennett, Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)], dated Fort Runyan, Va., 8/9/61.
1861:08:07 [Letter], from G. Wiley Wells [1st Sgt., 27th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. ], dated Camp Anderson, Wasington, D.C., 7/23/61.  [Desc.] Battle of First Bull Run.
1862:05:14 [Letter], from B. Bennitt [1st Sgt. Benjamin Bennett, Co. A, 23rd N.Y. (Inf.)].
1862:05:14 [Letter], from H.W. Brace [   ], 78th N.Y. (Inf.). Co F, dated Washington, Camp Alexander, 5/15/62,  "Capt. Mower's Boys."


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