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Suffolk County, New York
in the Civil War

Civil War Newspapers
This is also available in PDF format. These are large files; however, they are exact images of the pages.
      Pages 1 - 6

The following tables are taken from Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of Military Statistics of the State of New York, Albany: Week, Parsons & Co., 1867.
Thank you to Paul Stambach for transcribing this information.

ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys paid out for Bounties, etc., and for what purposes paid in the years 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
Paid for town bounties.    Paid for fees and expenses.  Paid interest on loans.  Paid principal of loans.  Paid support of families.  State bonds on hand.  Cash on hand.  Discount on bonds.  Reimbursed to tax pay'rs.   Total Paid.   Principal of loans out-standing. 
Brookhaven  $126,375.00 2,676.27 $12,901.70 $84,685.00 $666.73 $44,000.00 $1,200.00     $272,504.70 $45,033.00
Easthampton  33,242.00 1,719.65 $1,907.65 5,500.00 2,121.00 22,000.00 374.25     66,864.55 31,800.00
Huntington  174,341.25 2,035.70 14,627.61 1,250.00 16,117.82 67,000.00 3,895.86     279,268.24 162,679.00
Islip  69,975.00 2,146.70 5,800.00 16,000.00 12,744.86 21,000.00 1,008.57     128,675.13 66,150.00
Riverhead  81,189.00 1,821.00 6,556.00 2,400.00 6,184.00 26,000.00 5,736.77     129,886.77 77,150.00
Shelter Island  5,585.00 3,403.83 556.36 8,885.00     114.51     18,544.70  
Smithtown  37,610.00 1,477.00 4,000.00 21,400.00 3,263.00         67,750.00 12,050.00
Southhampton  124,645.00 11,857.13 14,218.06 71,901.65 4,799.50         227,421.34 69,400.00
Southold  115,880.00 2,675.00 13,518.44 58,000.00 13,007.86 43,000.00 5,920.00     252,001.73 87,084.30
TOTAL  $768,842.25 $29,812.28 $74,085.82 $270,021.65 $58,904.77 $223,000.00 $18,249.96     $1,442,916.73 $551,934.30


ABSTRACT of Reports from Supervisors of Towns and Treasurer of County, showing amount of moneys received for Bounties, etc., and from what sources in the years
1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865.
   1862.  1863.  1864.  1865.  1862.  1863.  1864.  1865.  In cash.  State bonds.  Interest on bonds. 
Brookhaven    $9,800.00 $66,666.70 $21,120.00 $29,000.00   $95,518.00 $5,200.00 $1,200.00 $44,000.00     $272,504.70
Easthampton    $2,000.00 $5,200.00     $6,600.00 $12,900.00 $17,800.00 $200.00 $22,000.00 $164.55   $66,864.55
Huntington  $2,313.50 $7,985.00 $21,867.00 $7,247.00   $19,555.63 $133,370.00 $11,004.00 $7,860.00 $67,000.00 $1,066.11   $279,268.24
Islip    $7,498.32 $6,056.35 $8,245.89 $11,000.00 $9,000.00 $58,150.00 $4,000.00 $3,200.00 $21,000.00 $524.57   $128,675.13
Riverhead    $3,000.00 $8,500.00 $6,500.00   $13,100.00 $67,050.00   $4,600.00 $26,000.00 $1,104.47 $32.30 $129,886.77
Shelter Island  $86.10 $618.10 $3,467.50 $1,310.00 $1,435.00   $7,000.00 $775.00 $3,853.00       $18,544.70
Smithtown  $8,000.00 $900.00 $6,500.00 $7,500.00     $33,450.00   $1,400.00 $10,000.00     $67,750.00
Southhampton    $4,397.95 $8,421.76 $30,500.00 $22,924.82 $1,682.27 $102,184.15 $14,510.39 $12,800.00 $30,000.00     $227,421.34
Southold    $10,000.00 $20,000.00 $28,000.00 $20,900.00 $5,930.24 $110,949.20 $7,301.86 $5,920.00 $43,000.00     $252,001.30
TOTAL  $10,399.60 $46,199.37 $146,679.31 $110,422.89 $85,259.82 $55,868.14 $620,571.35 $60,591.25 $41,033.00 $263,000.00 $2,859.70 $32.30 $1,442,916.73
*No moneys raised by the county for war purposes.


Index to Newspaper Articles from Suffolk County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.


City: Huntington
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:19 [Ed.].  "Beginning of the end." Pro-Union.
1861:04:26 "Why does not 'Old Suffolk' stir herself and organize a regiment?  Already our boys are enrolling in a corps to be called the Huntington Guard.  Others are enrolling in city units.
1861:04:26 To arms!  God save the Republic!  Muster rolls in the office of the Long-Islander, and the store of William A. Conant.
1861:04:26 Large and enthusiastic meeting at Sag Harbor on the 22nd.  Rev. Edward Hopper presided.
1861:04:26 Enthusiastic meeting at Jamaica last Saturday [4/20].  Ex-Gov. King presided.
1861:04:26 Meeting at Oyster Bay.  To provide aid for their military company.
1861:04:26 Watch for traitors in our bays and harbors.
1861:05:03 Meeting last Tuesday [4/30] at Euterpean Hall.  Lt. Col. [William] Nicoll [16th N.Y. (S.M.)], presided.
1861:05:03 [Corres.], of William H. Ludlow, of Sayville, L.I., in turning down an invitation to speak at meeting in Riverhead, 4/29.  Patriotic.
1861:05:10 We understand that Capt. Charles H. Burtis, has been elected Maj., 15th Regiment [N.Y.S.M.]; an "accomplished officer".
1861:05:17 Flag raising at Cold Spring.  Chair, Capt. E.M. Jones; he also made a speech.
1861:05:24 Flag raising at Clay Pitts (this town), today.
1861:05:31 Pole and flag raising at Dix Hills tomorrow, Saturday [6/1].
1861:06:14 Are we sending a man from Huntington for the Ellswort Regiment [44th N.Y. (Inf.)]?
1861:06:14 We learn from the Greenport times, that Isaac S. Holbrook, of that village, has offered his 130-ton yacht to the government to cruise the eastern end.
1861:06:28 [Notice].  Wanted: 100 dozen pairs of socks, heavy wool, fo use of the army.  S., W. A. Conant, 6/28/61.
1861:07:12 Suffolk herald [of] Patchogue discontinued.
1861:07:19 [Ed.].  Criticizes the Greenport [Republican] watchman as anti-government.
1861:07:26 Attention ladies.  Immediate need for hospital supplies.
1861:07:26 Rev. Dr. [James H.] Perry is raising the Continental Guards in Brooklyn (from Hempstead inquirer).
1861:08:02 We learn that several enlistments for the Continental Guard [48th N.Y. (Inf.)] are coming from Northport, Centreport, and Cold Spring.
1861:08:02 A meeting to be held at the store of John W. Dickerson, Centreport.
1861:08:09 Entusiastic war meeting at Centreport.  Ten men enlisted in Continental Guard [48th N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:08:09 Meeting at Northport.  Volunteers called for by Continental Guard.
1861:08:16 Spirited meeting at Northport last Tuesday [8/13].
1861:08:16 War meeting at Euterian Hall, in this village on Monday [8/12].  Volunteers for the Continental Guard [48th N.Y. (Inf.)].  [Desc.].
1861:08:23 Continental Guard [48th N.Y. (Inf.)] now at Fort Hamilton, and is gradually filling up.
1861:08:23 [Letter], from "Volunteer," dated HQ, Co. A, Continental Guard [48th N.Y. (Inf.)], Ft. Hamilton [N.Y.], 8/20/61.
1862:05:09 [Letter], from Eben G. Platt [Bgl., 1st N.Y. (Cav.). Co. A], dated Pequosin River, 4/23/62, near Yorktown, Va.
1862:06:27 [Letter], from E.[ben] G. Platt [Bgl., 1st N.Y. (Cav.). Co. A], dated HQ, Army of the Potomac, 6/16/62.
1863:01:23 [Letter], from "C."  Dated Fort Pulaski [Ga.], 1/9/63.  Newspapers scarce.
1863:01:30 John W. Leek, formerly of this town [Huntington], now in the 27th Conn., wia at Fredericksburg by a shell.
1863:02:06 [Letter], from "W. A. C." [127th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. E].  Brief.  No problems, except in "non-payment of salaries."
1863:02:20 [Letter], from "Occasionally," dated Fernandina, Fla., 1/2/63.  [Desc., second-hand], Col. Higginson's expedition with 1st S. C. Inf. (Union).
1863:02:27 [Ed.].  Something ought to be done about bounty recruits who desert.


Republican watchman
City: Greenport
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1862:05:27 "First Greenport volunteer killed in battle."
1862:05:27 Long Islanders among sick and wounded from Yorktown.  They came down from New York City on the train.
1862:05:27 [Death notice].  John M. Wood [Sgt., 12th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. C], of typhoid, at Annapolis, Md., 5/1/62.
1862:05:27 [Death notice].  Minor B. Reeves [Pvt., 57th N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I], from Riverhead, 5/14/62.
1862:05:27 Lt. S. D. Nichol, of this village, commanded a battery at Ft. Macon [N.C.].


City: Sag Harbor
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:20 Palmetto Flag newspaper of Philadelphia mobbed for being pro-seccessionist.
1861:04:27 Long Island Railroad to allow free passage for recruits.
1861:04:27 Meeting in Jamaica.  Speeches by ex-Gov. King, presiding, and Richard Bustheed.  Capt. Sam Whiting to command a volunteer company raised.
1861:04:27 Union Guard, a volunteer company, was raised last week here.  Capt. Edward B. Hill [list] of officers and non-coms.
1861:04:27 Great meeting on Monday.  [Resol.].
1861:05:04 [Letter], from "Wallace," No. 1, [71st N.Y. (S.M.)], dated On board transport Daylight, bound for Washington, D.C., 4/24/61.
1861:05:18 [Letter], from "Wallace," No. 2, [71st N.Y. (S.M.)], dated Washington, D.C., 5/6/61.  American Guard at Navy Yard.  [Desc.] meeting with Pres. Lincoln.
1861:05:18 Rumors in Jamaica paper that Capt. [James B.] Cooper, of the 16th N.Y. (S.M.) [Co. A], would not "convene" his company, are not true, says Cooper.
1861:05:18 [Corres.] from [Anon.].  Was spirit at Amagansett, dated 5/17.  "Coast Guard" out, Capt. Thomas B. Hand.
1861:05:18 [Circular], from Col. Edwin Rose, 16th N.Y. (S.M.), dated HQ, 16th [N.Y.S.M.].  How to form companies of militia.
1861:05:25 [Letter], from John H. Hobart [Sgt.], 7th [21st] Mississippi [Inf., Co. A]., to Editor, dated Vicksburg, Miss., 5/14/61.   Wants his newspaper subscription money back.
1861:07:24 [Letter], from "Officer," in the 32nd N.Y. (Inf.).  [Desc.] regiment's activities during Bull Run campaign, 7/16-21.
1861:08:03 [Corres.], from "Justice," in the 16th N.Y. (S.M.), to Editor, Corrector, n.d.  Citizens who "sneer" at condition of regiment should help build it up.
1861:09:21 The Eagle Brigade is forming; Honorable Danile Ullman to command the 1st Regiment.
1861:11:23 [List] Volunteers for the 81st N.Y. [Inf.].
1861:11:30 [Letter], from [Anon.], "Sag Harbor Recruits," "First of a series," dated HQ, 81st Regiment [N.Y. Inf.], Fort Ontario, 11/25/61.
1861:11:30 Discourse.  400 members of 81st N.Y. [Inf.], at East Baptist Church, Oswego, 11/17/61.
1861:11:30 [Letter], from "Wallace," No. 3, dated HQ, 81st Regiment [N.Y. Inf.], Fort Ontario, 12/18/61.  [Desc.] Camp life.
1862:06:14 [Letter], from [2nd Lt. Peter] French [81st N.Y. (Inf.). Co. H], dated HQ, 6/2/62.  Desc. Battle of Seven Pines, Va. [5/31/62].
1861:05:11? Setauket Awake!  [Desc.] meeting.


Republican watchman
City: Greenport
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1862:05:27 "First Greenport volunteer killed in battle."


Suffolk Democrat
City: Babylon
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1861:05:17 [Desc.].  Of Centreport and Melville.
1861:06:07 Sgt. F[rank]. B. Marshall, of Co. A, 1st Regiment New York Zouaves [11th N.Y. Inf.], who has now just come from Washington [D.C.], states there is no truth that two men were shot.
1861:06:21 [Letter].  Fr. Col. Edwin Rose [16th N.Y. (S.M.)], dated Bridgehampton, 5/17/61.  In consequence of experience attempting to fill up the 15th & 16 N.Y.S.M. -- I am to try to raise a vol. regiment independent of the state and offer it directly to …
1861:06:28 [Notice].  Join Col. [Albert G.] Ramsey's volunteer regiment of light infantry.  Send name to Capt. Thomas S. Seabury, formerly of West Point, at Stony Brook.  To be commanded by Col. Albert G. Ramsey, late of U.S. Army.
1861:07:05 [Ed.].  Impossible to raise a regiment of volunteers in this county.
1861:07:05 Organizing a home guard in Yonkers.  'It is understood that the Home Guard is not to go to the wars and not to leave Yonkers except in case of invasion.'
1861:07:21 A newly organized military company at Penataquit.  A. R. Peterson seized a gun -- loaded -- and attempting to shoulder it, discharged it in the face of N. Wicks, with a child in his arms.


Suffolk weekly times
City: Greenport
County: Suffolk
Frequency: Weekly
1861:08:22 [Corres.], from [Anon.].  "Camp  life on the banks of the Hudson," [pt. 1].  Camp Leslie, Dobb's Ferry, 8/12/61.  Instead of 1,500 men which we expected; but two half-formed companies encamped.   "You will no doubt be somewhat surprised, when I …
1861:08:22 [Corres.], from [Anon.].  "Camp  life on the banks of the Hudson," [pt. 2].  Camp Leslie, Dobb's Ferry, 8/12/61.  [Desc.] camp life.  Co. A mostly 'old canalers' of Buffalo, commanded by Capt. [Morris] Hazzard [Hazard, Co. D, 51st N.Y. (Inf.)].
1861:08:22 [Letter], from "C.,"  Problems with Capt. [Morris] Hazzard [Hazard, Co. D, 51st N.Y. (Inf.)] and Company A.
1861:08:22 Schedule of recruiting for Col. Berdan's regiment [1st U.S. (S.S.)].  He will be at Patchogue, Greenport, Sag Harbor, and Stony Brook.



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