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Civil War Newspapers
Suffolk County, New York

Names Drawn Yesterday in the First, Second and Third Districts.
Continuation of the Draft in the First Congressional District--Suffolk County.
The draft in the First Congressional District was resumed yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, by proceeding with the Second Sub-District or Suffolk County, which comprises the whole of the eastern portion of Long Island. The result of the counting of the ballots, which occupied about half an hour, was 4,024, out of which were to be drawn the requisite quota of the county, 1,120. No changes were made in the police or military forces on duty. The drawing for this Sub-District was completed at 5 o'clock P. M. Among those drafted were Dan'l H. OSBORN, Sheriff of the county; the Baptist and Methodist
Clergymen of Greenport; JAS. M. OAKLEY, (the man turning the wheel,) of Coram, aged 23 years; and the only son at home of Hon. Edwin H. Smith, of Smithtown, late member of Congress. To-day the Provost-Marshal will proceed to draft the quota for Queens County, which consist of the middle portion of Long Island, The following is a correct list of those drafted yesterday:

Avery, Thos, Greenport.
Anderson, O O, Southold.
Ackerly, M, Patchogue.
Albin, Eg, Manaville.
Avery, C, Smithtown.
Akerly, Wm, Patchoque.
Arthur, John, Sagville.
Anderson, J, Port Jefferson.
Albertch, P F, Smithtown.
Aldrych. M, Peconet.
Adams. C, Smithtown.
Akerly, Ed, Centreport.
Alshan, Thos, Sag Harbor.
Adriance, F, Smithtown.
Adams, H G, Orient.
Aborn, G W, East Hampton.
Albur, S, Yaphank.
Adams, H, Southold.
Akerly, F, Riverhead.
Akerly, B, Patchague.
Archibad, T, Southampton.
Aldrich, J E, Upper Aquebegue.
Andrews, J W, Sag Harbor.

Bunce, Henry P, Northport.
Blydenberg, S, Patchogue.
Beebe, Lyman, Northport.
Butler, Geo, Northport.
Berrian, W L, Setauket.
Bartlett, J, Riverhead.
Burnell, S, Millers Place.
Basset, Albt B, Sag Harbor.
Brush. I, Penatiquet.
Bennett, J, Amatyville.
Blydenberg, C H, Smithtown.
Ball, C, Port Jefferson.
Bun, Alfred, Smithtown.
Beeman, N, Southampton.
Bunch, J, Amatyville.
Barloe, Ed, Babylon.
Booth, J C, Southold.
Bartoe, W, Islip.
Bunn, C H, Greenport.
Badgerly, S G, Patchogue.
Ball, Jas, Patchogue.
Baylis, E, Sweet Hollow.
Burns, F, Southampton.
Butler, Jas, Patchogue.
Buffett, E, Cold Spring Harbor.
Billiard, J T, Cutchogue.
Buffett, Peter, Babylon.
Baker, E S, Patchogue.
Benjamin, M, East Marlon.
Bandewater, P, Amatyville.
Baylis, Jacob, Half Hollow.
Booth, E H, Greenport.
Bishop, O, Moriches.
Brooks, J L, Greenport.
Baty, J, Penatiquet.
Baldwin, D, Dixhills.
Balfon, J B, Sag Harbor.
Brewster, H, Penatiquet.
Brunnenan, J, Sag Harbor.
Boardman, J, Southampton.
Boisseau, J, Southold.
Bootler, A B, Southold.
Bloomer, Wm, Coram.
Baker, Chas, Sag Harbor.
Brown, B A, Riverhead.
Bedell, T, Sweet Hollow.
Bell, Jos H, Bellport.
Barnes, G B, East Hampton.
Bush, Jos W, Huntington.
Beebe, M, Shelter Island.
Baker. A H, Greenport.
Bennett, Abner, Amagansett.
Brush, A, Babylon.
Brown, G W, Jefferson.
Bohan, Pat, Huntington.
Blydenberg, E W, Smithtown.
Brush, S, Cold Spring Harbor.
Barker, E, Southold.
Baylis, O, Sweet Hollow.
Brush, W, Cold Spring Harbor,
Bunn, R, Southampton.
Bunn, W, Southampton.
Bun, Geo W, Comack.
Booth, John, Greenport.
Bennett, W, Sag Harbor.
Benjamin, C, Seatuck.
Brown, S, Centre Moriches.
Benjamn, S, Seatuck.
Banjamin, P K, Sayville.
Beebe, A G, Orient.
Briggs, J B, Hoppogue.
Bond, Ed F, Smithtown.
Bank, A, Southampton.
Bowers, C W, Rocky Point.
Brown, Geo S, Babylon.
Barton, E, Islip.
Bryant, F, Smithtown.
Blydenberg, Northport.
Bunce, E, Cold Spring Harbor.
Bachman, Chas, Greenport.
Bowen, P, Sweet Hollow.
Buffet, Wm, Smithtown.
Beeler, John, Orient.
Bailey, C, Smithtown.
Bramford, John, Patchogue.
Barto, J P, Babylon.
Brush, S C, Huntington.
Barnes, B H, Amagansett.
Barto, Stephen, Fireplace.
Beebe, Oscar A, Orient.
Bowditch, Wm S, Greenport.
Brandt, J H, Nattituck.
Bishop, E, Seatuck.
Brown, Albert, Greenport.
Brown, C L, Peconiquet.
Brown, S, Southampton.
Brush, Geo C, Smithtown.
Bend, W, Waverly.
Botham, H T L, Selden.
Billiard. F, Cutchogue.
Burnett, N, Southampton.
Brooks, S, Greenport.
Brown, H, Half Hollow.
Brown, W H, Half Hollow.
Bishop, E, Patchogue.
Bunce, E, Greenport.
Barnes, T D, East Hampt'n.
Bennett, S, East Hampton.
Bellows, J, Seatuck.
Benjamin, F, Seatuck.
Benjamin, J B W, Bating Hollow.
Brown, S, Sag Harbor.
Biliams, C, Wading River.
Burnell, P, Mount Sjnai.
Brush, F, Huntington.
Bedel, T, Patcohgue.
Beebe, E, Northport.
Baxter, W P, Huntington.
Buckley, Geo, Greenport.
Benjamin, Moses, Riverhead.

Cady, A F, Southold.
Carrol, John, Sag Harbor.
Corwin, R, Greenport.
Conkling, J M, Orient.
Carter, Hiram, Atlanticville.
Conkling, E, Cold Spring Harbor.
Cow, Fred J, Huntington,
Casey, John, Sag Harbor.
Clifford, Wm C, Greer.
Carter, John, Manor.
Clark, Sam'l, Stonybrook.
Conklin, D B, Belleport.
Cagwood, W H, Cold Spring Harbor.
Carman, Isaac, S___.
Clark, S E, E Shelter Island.
Conklin, T H, Greenport.
Conkling, Chas, Jamesport.
Colnsey, J, Mattituck.
Cook, S L, Bridgehampton.
Conklin, E, Southold.
Conklin, B S, Huntington.
Conklin, S E, Riverhead.
Corwith, Jas H, Bridgehampton.
Conness, Jas, Smithtown.
Cow, D, Dixhill.
Carrman, Geo, Smithtown.
Coughlin, J, Babylon.
Chichester, F, Amatyville.
Collins, Robt, E Hampton.
Carley, Thos, Sag Harbor.
Casey, John, Penatiquet.
Conklin, C C, Wainscott.
Carter, Hy, Greenport.
Casey, Jno, Southampton.
Conklin, W A, Smithtown.
Corcoran, W, Cold Spring Harbor.
Conklin, T, Huntington.
Coddington, A J, Hunti'n.
Carter, Wm, Manaville.
Coblary, Jno, Franklinville.
Case, Danl, Patchogue.
Cook, Jacob, Greenport.
Corwin, J R, Bating Hollow.
Crum, L, Penatiquet.
Carey, D, Southampton.
Coverder, Jas, Thompson's Station.
Cleck, H T, Islip.
Cowdon, O H, Upper Aquebogue.
Cullier, C D, Upper Aquebogue.
Conklin, A C, Peconick.
Crowell, R E, Sag Harbor.
Clock, J W, Islip.
Conklin, W D, East Hampton.
Cutting, L, Babylon.
Corwin, A M, Northville.
Conklin, Saml, Coram.
Cornish, J C, Smithtown.
Chambers, Wm, Smithtown.
Conk, R P, Port Jefferson.
Corwin, S C, Upper Aquebogue.
Conklin, D T, Babylon.
Carll, This, Smithtown.
Carpenter, B C, Sag Harbor.
Carman, Ed, Fireplace.
Cassidy, Jas, Southold.
Coles, D A, East Hampton.
Conklin, D L, Greenport.
Crawson, Ed, Cold Spring Harbor.
Carman, Hy, Fireplace.
Crupt, O, Penatiquet.
Cuffy, Jas, Centreport.
Conklin, A D, Huntington.
Cooper, Wm, East Hampton.
Chichester, H B, Centre Moriches.
Conklin, B T, Jamesport.
Cuffee, Silas, Bridgehampton.
Cooper, C, Atlanticville.
Case, D G, Peconick.
Crowles, E, Patchogue.
Cartlett, R, Deerpark.
Cuffy, Sidney, Southampton.
Corwin, S A, Riverhead.
Conway, P, Southold.
Conklin, N, Wainscott.
Conklin, W, Coram.
Corwin, L, Riverhead.
Carman, F, Amityville.
Curran, M, Smithtown.
Cuffee, C, Bridgehampton.
Collum, J H, Bridgehampton.
Cartwright, W, Shelter Is'd.
Conklin, G A, Amagansett.

Dillon, John, Halfhollow.
Davis, J W, Miller's Place.
Davis, D, New Village.
Duryea, Thos, Islip.
Downe, Jas S, River Head.
Davis, E B, Wading River.
Davis, L, Bating Hollow.
Davis, S T, Miller's Place.
Dayton, Wm, Patchogue.
Donnelly, Jas, Islip.
Dayton, E A, Patchogue.
Davis, H, Waverly.
Davis, J, Smithtown.
Downs, F S, Atlanticville.
Downing, Sam, Penatiquet.
Davis, A M, Sayville.
Daniels, Monroe, Orient.
Douglass, C, Sayville.
Dayton, C, Waverly.
Douglas, E, Patchogue.
Duffy, Jas, Medford.
Decker, C H, Sag Harbor.
Dayton, W E, Port Jefferson.
Davies, O, Upper Aquebogue.
Duffy, Thos, Huntington.
Daly, D, Thompson's Station.
Derny, Austin, Sag Harbor.
Dobbs, A, Moriches.
Davis, Geo, Mastic.
Douglas, John, C S Harbor.
Drake, O L, Southampton.
Dix, John L, Bridgehampton.
Dimon, J M, Up Aquebogue.
Dayton, D, Seatuck.
Dyer, L, Orient.
Davis, Thos, Bluepoint.
Darling, W C, Smithtown.
Dirkin, M, Babylon.
Dager, Wm, Southold.
Durall, P, Greenport.
Downs, H J, Northville.
Downs, S, Riverhead.
Downs, H V, Cutchvane.
Darling, Setaquet.
Davis, W E, Mt Sinai.
Davis, J, Cutchogue.
Doran, R, Mattituck.
Davis, M W, Miller's Place.
Dayton, D R, Freshpond.
Davis, B B, Middle Island.
Davis, A O, Atlanticville.
Daniels, W, Centre Moriches.
Dowden, Jas, Cold Spring Harbor.
Devoe, D, Greenport.
Dayton, C B, Yaphank.
Dayton, C R, East Hampton.
Downs, N A, Upper Aquebogue.
Davis, John, Hoppogue.
Doritz, H, Bating Hollow.
Dickerson, J, Shelter Island.
Davids, J O, Peconiquet.

Edwards, D M, Sayville.
Edwards, A B, Amagansett.
Eaton, E F, Pecatiquet.
Edwards, J H, Bating Hollow.
Edwards, J O, Springs.
Edwards, A B, Southampton.
Edwards, S H, Sag Harbor.
Edwards, Alfred, Yaphank.
Edwards, J H, Tuttle's Mills.
Emons, J G, Wading River.
Emery, J, Smithtown.
Ellis, H S, Amityville.
Ellison, S, Southampton.
Edwards, H, Centre Moriches.
Edwards, D S, East Hampt'n.
Edwards, W H, Bating Hollow.
Earley, Jas, Sag Harbor.
Edwards, G H, Bridgehampton.
Earley, Jas, Sag Harbor.
Edwards, G M, Bridgehampton.
Edwards, O, Sayville.
Edwards, J B, Narragansett.

Fanning, C W, Cutchogue.
Fielder, J T, Riverhead.
Fenell, R, Atlanticville.
French, S B, Sag Harbor.
Foster, R B, Quogue.
Fuly, C, East Marion.
Fanning, N E, Southamp'n.
Fagen, C H, Smithtown.
Fagan, Jas, Huntington.
Ford, Peter, Penatiquet.
Fanny, W, Atlanticville.
Fingam, Wm, Huntington.
Foster, Jas K, Southampton.
Field, B, Babylon.
Finch, J V, Orient.
Fogarty, M, Penatiquet.
Floyd, A, Penatiquet.
Folger, P, Sag Harbor.
Fournier, J, Greenport.
Fordham, W F, Southamp'n.
Frisby, S, Greenport.
Farrell, Jas, Cutchogue.
Fox, Geo M, Northport.
Feely, M, Sag Harbor.
Fithian, W P, Easthampton.
Folary, F, West Hampton.
Fordham, N C, Sag Harbor.
Field, G, Dixhills.
Foster, W D, Sag Harbor.
Fordham, W, Jamesport.
French, A S, Sag Harbor.
Franklyn, C, Southampton.

Greene, J S, Sayville.
Gould, Isaac, Mattituck.
Gardiner, H, Northport.
Garrety, Wm, Patchogue.
Greene, J H, Sayville.
Gardener, J, Franklinville.
Greene, Thos, Huntington.
Gould, R W, Smithtown.
Greene, J, Patchogue.
Griffin, T S, Port Jefferson.
Gould, J F, East Hampton.
Gardener, T B, Cold Spring Harbor.
Greene, W Islip.
Gilmartin, R, East Hampton.
Gleason, G H, Sag Harbor.
Griffing, T, Shelter Island.
Gerrard, C, Patchogue.
Gardener, D J, Gardener's Island.
Griffing, A, Shelter Island.
Gouse, B, Medford.
Gould, Ed, Smithtown.
Goldsmth, A D, Cutchogue.
Griffing, J M, Jamesport.
Gray, Wm, Setauket.
Gerwdott, Ed, Northport.
Glover, D F, Orient.
Gildersleeve, D A, Hunting'n.
Gilchrist, W H, Islip.
Glover, J A, Cutchogue.
Gordon, Smith, Greenport.
Griffin, B R, Cutchogue.
Garretson, R M, Sag Harbor.
Gerard, F, Sayville.
Greene, Wm, Huntington.
Goldsmith, S D, Southold.
Gerrard, S, Smithtown.
Gildersleeve, G, Smithtown.
Goldsmith, H D, Cutchogue.
Gray, T N, Sag Harbor.
Gordon, C, Seatuck.
Gordon, B, Eastport.
Glover, W W, Orient.
Grohone, J, Smithtown.
Gordon, M V, Southold.
Griffin, N, Shelter Island.
Gerrodoit, J, Northport.
Griffin, D, Riverhead.
Greene, M, Huntington.

Hernberry, W, Southold.
Hubbard, J O, Jamesport.
Hawkins, E W, Smithtown.
Hynes, L, Babylon.
Hains, Ed, Sag Harbor.
Hunt, Ed, Penatiquet.
Hildreth, J, Southampton.
Hart, K, Amatyville.
Hydink, B, Sayville.
Howard, H, Port Jefferson.
Halleck, E, Moriches.
Holmes, H A, Orient.
Howell, D B, Wading River.
Hulse, J E, Setauket.
Halsey, C H, Southampton.
Hawkins, T B, P Jefferson.
Halleck, L, Smithtown.
Howland, W, Eastport.
Halleck, D Y, Northville.
Heinan, Wm, Eastport.
Hawkins, R F, Raphank.
Hubbard, G A, Jamesport.
Howell, J C, Mattituck.
Hibbard, W F, Sayville.
Hopkins, S J, Miller's Pl.
Howell, S, Setauket.
Hand, A, Stony Brook.
Hammond, N W, Selden.
Hulse, C L, Port Jefferson.
Hartwell, P, Corain.
Hildreth, C H, Bridgehampton.
Holmes, W, Coldspring Harbor.
Higbie, J R, Centreport.
Hamilton, C H, Amagansett.
Hawkins, E, East Moriches.
Harris, E, Southampton.
Hall, Jas, Huntington.
Hildred, J H, Amagansett.
Halsey, H B, Sag Harbor.
Hilden, J, Centreport.
Hempstead, A, Greenport.
Hart, J R, Northport.
Hallock, A B, Smithtown.
Hunan, M A, Yaphank.
Herrman, W, Westhills.
Harens, H, Greenport.
Hughes, P, Cold Sp'g Harbor.
Howell, H, East Moriches.
Halsey, E M, Sag Harbor.
Hendrickson, Alvot, Amatyville.
Hasse, D, Greenport.
Harlow, C H, Shelter Island.
Halleck, E, Smithtown.
Holland, Peter, Orient.
Howell, F, Belleport.
Hart, L H, Smithtown.
Hallock, E, Franklinville.
Halsey, Jr A, Bridgehampton.
Harlow, A, Shelter Island.
Howell, C H, Riverhead.
Harris, B F, Southampton.
Hand, E, Patchogue.
Henry, R, Riverhead.
Hawkins, F, Moriches.
Halsey, W, Bridgehampton.
Horton, E, Patchogue.
Hawkins, J, Manaville.
Hubbard, W, Cutchogue.
Haas, D, Greenport.
Hudson, W, Bluepoint.
Hildreth, C W, Southampton.
Hubb, W R, Babylon.
Hulse, C, New Place.
Hedges, R S, Sag Harbor.
Hawkins, J, Jamesport.
Hulse, James A, Country Road.
Howard, T, East Hampton.
Holmes, R, Holbrook.
Hulse, E, Port Jefferson.
Hulse, L, Wading River.
Herman, John, Quogue.
Hand, C, Canoe-place.
Hendrickson, J, Huntingt'n.
Horton, E T, Patchogue.
Hubbard, S E, Northville.
Hannibal, D S, East Hampt'n.
Hedges, Wm, East Hampton
Hunter, E B, Comack.            
Harrington, T, Huntington.
Huling, Jno D, Cold Spring Harbor.    
Hallock, C R, Cutchogue.
Holland, B, Baring Hollow.
Huling, Jno D, Cold Spring Harbor.  
Hallock, C R, Cutchogue.
Holland, B, Baring Hollow.
Hammond, P, Patchogue.
Hildreth, E, Sag Harbor.
Hallock, D F, New Village.
Higby, Chas, Centreport.
Homan, Samuel H, Quogue.
Heisenbuller, F, Smithtown.
Hawkins, L, Cutchogue.
Hawkins, Geo, Penatiquet.
Hawkins, H J, Smithtown.
Harlow, G, Southampton.
Hempstead, C L, Riverhead.
Hammond, F, Coram.
Higby, Benj, Penatiquet.
Houser, J, Riverhead.
Harrington, F. Huntington.
Homan, C T, Sag Harbor.
Hempstead, H, Greenport.
Howell, G N, Southold.
Haddaway, F, Stony Brook.
Horton, J M, Yaphank.
Hoffman, A, Wading River.
Hildreth, W H, Miller's Pl.
Homan, A P, Yaphank.
Hulse, E, Belleport.
Hawkins, S, Centre Moriches.
Horton, C W, Cutchogue.
Homan, A, Fireplace.
Howards Geo, Dixhills.
Hallock, G W, Northville.

Isaac, C, Smithtown.
Immel, M, Orient.

Jones, Jos, Setautuck.
Jayne, Geo, Setaukey.
Jones, Jno, Peconic.
Jennings, C W, Shelter Isl'd.
Jayne, J B, Smithtown.
Jagger, S R, W Hampton.
Jarvis, H, Centreport.
Jenkins, Theo, Cold Spring Harbor.
Jennings, J E, Upper Aquebogue.
Jackson, Jno, Babylon.
Jarvis, Jos, Huntington.
Jones, Jno, Miller's Place.
Jessup, N C, W Hampton.
Jennings, Thos, Riverhead.
Johnson, Ed, Babylon.
Jackson, D E, Sag Harbor.
Jager, D C, Southampton.
Jennings, J E, Southampton.
Jaycox, Saml, Sayville.
Jarvis, Geo, Huntington.
Jennings, W S, Riverhead.
Jackson, B, Flanders.
Jayne, D F, Setauket.

Ketchum, N D, Eastport.
Ketchum, Pl__, Penatiquet.
King, O E, Springs.
King, L, Orient.
Kinner, J, Port Jefferson.
King, E I, Shelter Island.
Kane, H, Greenport.
Ketchum, Jos, Babylon.
Ketchum, H, Patchogue.
King, C B, ____.
Kane, M, Cochogue.
Kopp, John, ____.
King, Louis, East Marion.
Ketchum, Ira, Huntington.
King, H W, East Hampton.
King, Jos, Southampton.
Kane, Pat, Smithtown.
King, S L, Orient.
Kelsey, C, Huntington.
Keyser, Wm, Sayville.
Kallas, David, Yaphank.
King, Thos, Belleport.
Keesler, Michael, Southold.
Keerman, M, Babylon.
Ketham, Silas, Smithtown.
Killis, M, Southampton.
Konklin, G E, Amagansett.
Knapp, S, Penatiquet.
Keenan, C D, East Marion.
Ketchum, Jos, Babylon.
King, C D, East Marion.

L'Hommedien, R, Yaphank.
Latham, A H, Orient.
Lewis, Ogden, Smithtown.
Lester, G L, East Hampton.
Lame, G T, Riverhead.
Lane, W N, Good Ground.
Livingston, J F, Sag Harbor.
Lane, J B, Riverhead.
L'Hommedieu, G W, Smithtown.
Laws, Jas R, Yaphank.
Lambertson, Thomas, Sweet Hollow.
Lame, A, Centreport.                      
L'Hommedieu, William, Smithtown.              
Lane, W, Setanket.
Lane, D E, Riverhead.
Luke, P A, Sag Harbor.                
Lefferts, J B, Huntington.
Lane, Wash, Setauket.                  
Loper, A S, Amagansett.
Luse, Geo F, Northfield.              
Luce, N A, Northville.
Lane, Geo A, Mattituck.              
Lyman, Kemp, Manaville.
Loper, J A, Sag Harbor.               
Leonard, R A, Cold Spring Harbor.
Lannes, J Dixhills.                         
Lewis, E G, Centreport.               
Lester, N H, East Hampton.
L'Hommedieu, Daniel, ___    
Ludlow, G, Sag Harbor.
Linslay, S, Orient.
Leek, D J, Bridgehampton.

Lee, Jas, Port Jefferson.
Leege, S, Babylon.
L'Hommedieu, J, Bating Hollow.

Mane, C E, Riverhead.
Mills, J, Smithtown.
Milme, H, Smithtown.
Mayes, C H, East Hampton.
Murphy, M J, Sag Harbor.
Murray, Abt, Penatiquet.
Mount, Thos, Stony Brook.
Merrick, J H, Huntington.
McGivny, M, Cutchogue.
Moore, Jos T, Cutchogue.
McGregor, Jas, Patchogue.
McGlynn, John, Smithtown.
Mills, J C, Smithtown.
Marriott, Wm, Smithtown.
McKruan, John, Orient.
Morris, Miles, Bridgehampton.
Mills, Geo, Huntington.
Mullen, Jas, Southold.
Milia, S B, Smithtown.
Mosley, L, Riverhead.
Munsett, C, Selleport.
Miller, Jas, Freshpond.
Main, Geo, Southold.
Mott, W H, Bluepoint.
McFarland, Geo, Sag Harbor.
Mills, Wm H, Smithtown.
McBride, O, Mattituck.
McGregn, John, Patchogue.
McDolan, P, Northville.
McGue, A, Cold Spring Har.
McMullen, S H, Smithtown.
Miller, Jas L, East Moriches.
Mahoney, Pat, Catchogue.
Munsell, Geo, Belleport.
Moley, J, Upper Aquebogue.
Murray, C, Middle Island.
Merchent, C J, Sag Harbor.
Murphy, V, Holtsville.
Matthews, E, Greenport.
McKane, Jas, Sag Harbor.
Miller, O W, Patchogue.
Merriman, Salmon, Orient.
Mills, Benj, Yaphank.
Mitchell, E, Greenport.
Miller, G S, Amagansett.
Mitchell, Z, Smithtown.
Moore, W, Penatiquet.
McCay, Jas, Penatiquet.
Malone, Pat, Centreport.
Mulforn, Joel, Southampton.

Newins, Wm, Petauket.
Newton, A, New Village.
Nesbit, C H, River Head.
Newton, T, New Village.
Newton, T D, Sayville.
Noll, Peter, Smithtown.
Nichols, J, Smithtown.
Norton, Bryant, Port Jefferson.
Norton, M V P, Port Jefferson.
Newton, Jacob, Half Hollow.
Nichols, W S, Cold Spring Harbor.
Newton, Jno, W Smithto'n.
Nichols, B B, Northport.
Newton, S, Patchogue.
Newton, J L, New Village.

O'Brien, Ed, Patchogue.
Oakes, Michael, Setauket.
O'Neill, Jas, Islip.
Overton, D, Patchogue.
Overton, Ed, Canoe Place.
Osborn, F K, Bridgehampton.
Osborne, John, Southold.
Ocame, N, West Hampton.
Overton, G O, Yaphank.
O'Conner, N, Catchogue.
Oakley, Jas M, Coram.
Osborn, J M, East Hampton.
Overton, C G, Canol Place.
Osborn, D H, Riverhead.
O'Neal, J, Penatiquet.
Overton, W R, Coram.
O'Neal, B, Islip.
Overton, R H, Bridgehampton.
Overton, John, Patchogue.
Overton, Geo E, G Ground.
Overton, J C, Southold.
Osborn, W S, Southold.
O'Brien, Pat, Patchogue.
Overton, Alex, Southold.
Overton, W, Blue Point.
Oakley, John, Sayville.
Olcott, J, Islip.
Overton, N, Yaphank.
Overton, W, Good Ground.
Overton, W, Oatsville.

Pryer, George, Babylon.
Payne, C E, Sag Harbor.
Penny, J F, Flanders.
Post, Abt J, Southampton.
Perry, Charles, Seatuck.
Pesson, O A, Sag Harbor.
Penny, D D, Centre Moriches.
Parvell, Jas, West Hills.
Parsons, J E, E Hampton.
Pease, B, Centre Moriches.
Philips, W, Yaphank.
Parson, W H, Greenport.
Perry, D H, Smithtown.
Philips, James E, Springs.
Philips, T J, Rocky Point.
Perott, Wm, Northport.
Parsons, J D, Springs.
Philips, Peter, Peconet.
Pope, W, Sag Harbor.
Parker, Wm, Bridgehampton.  
Petty, Syl D, Orient.
Payne, W W, Southampton.
Perry, D, Amatyville.
Pellateau, W S, S'hampton.
Penny, W H, Southampton.
Peterson, H, Patchogue.
Pellington, H, East Farmingdale.
Place, P, West Hills.
Pearsol, W, Babylon.
Price, Thos, Northport.
Pears, Ed, Smithtown.
Parsons, J, East Hampton.
Price, T F, Greenport.
Pearsall, H, Amatyville.
Pike, W R, Mattituck.
Pope, B F, Sag Harbor.
Peterson, W, Cen. Moriches.
Philips, M F, Southampton.
Pike, C, Centre Moriches.
Poleg, J, Cold Spring Hampton.
Punderson, Geo M, Port Jefferson.
Payne, A, East Hampton.
Parsons, J M, East Hampton.
Payne, J B, Amagansett.
Pettis, S C, Babylon.
Philips, W K, Good Ground.
Pond, Ed F, Smithtown.
Pebrick, Edgar, Centreport.
Payne, C W, Sag Harbor.
Payne, C, Sag Harbor.
Petty, S B, Proent.
Price, John, Patchogue.
Price, S E, Heppogue.

Rowland, J A, Wading Riv.
Roberts, Wm, Medford.
Ripley, W H, Sag Harbor
Reeve, Ed Mattituck.
Ross, Oscar, Moriches.
Riley, Pat, East Hampton.
Raynor, W R, Greenport.
Rogers, O, Dixhills.
Remington, C H, Greenport.
Richmond, W H, Southold.
Riggs, J T, Huntington.
Rose, C O, Sayville.
River, Thos, Jamesport.
Ruland, O W, Holtsville.
Raynor, H W, Speonk.
Reeve, Geo F, Southold.
Rusco, H, Huntington.
Raynor, H, East Moriches.
Robins, D L, Port Jefferson.
Rhodes, S W, Sayville.
Robinson, J, Southtown.
Ranger, W H, East Hamp'n.
Ranois, J, Sayville.
Reiger, F, Sag Harbor.
Robinson, H G, Manaville.
Rogers, E M, Bridgehamp'n.
Rose, D, Seatuck.
Rackett, Wm, East Marion.
Raynor, Jas, Manaville.
Rogers, Jno C, Huntington.
Rose, W, Patchogue.
Raynor, H, Patchogue.
Robinson, E, Seatuck.
Raynor, P M, Sweethold.
Rackett, L, Orient.
Raynor, E T, Good Ground.
Roland, O, East Hampton.
Rogers, A, Seatuck.
Ripley, M W, Amagansett.
Reardon, Thos, Seatuck.
Robinson, Aleny, Manaville.
Rowland, W, Good Ground.
Ross, E, Sag Harbor.
Raynor, Oscar D, West Hampton.
Reeve, C H, Mattituck.
Reeves, C O, Greenport.
Raynor, Jahile, Seatuck.
Reason, T, Sag Harbor.
Robinson, H, Seatuck.
Raynor, C H, Greenport.
Randell, James L, Middle Island.
Ryan, John, Huntington.
Robertson, C M, Manaville.
Rhodes, N S, Sayville.  
Robinson, A, Mattituck.
Raynor, B, Manor.
Raynor, A, East Moriches.
Riley, J, Riverhead.
Rider, C, Shelter Island.
Roe, C E, Patchogue.
Raynor, Wm, Patchogue.
Raynor, John, Centre Moriches.
Rose, John, Setauket.
Raynor, Geo, New Village.
Rogers, J R, Southampton.
Rogers, N, Penatiquet.
Ryan, C H, Greenport.
Ryan, H, West Hampton.
Raynor, R, Eastport.
Raynor, P, Upper Aquebogue.
Rosa, C, Fireplace.
Rhodes, S, Islip.

Severn, Nich, Southfield.
Slade, Jas, New Village.
Smith, Jas, Patchold.
Squires, N L, Squiretown.
Shermas, E, East Marion.
Shaffer, W, Greenport.
Strong, A, Islip.
Smith, J H, Mount Sinai.
Scudder, J R, Huntington.
Smith, S, New Village.
Smith, J C, Sag Harbor.
Smith, Fred, Coram.
Searls, W, Patchogue.
Spencer, J H, Sag Harbor.
Samiss, D, Babylon.
Scudder, W H, Cold Spring Harbor.
Shanks, Wm, Huntington.
Schellinger, G B, Sag Harbor.
Saxtbn, E, Patchogue.
Soper. E, Dixhills.
Squires, W H. Good Ground.
Samiss, C G, Huntington.
Seaman, J V W, Centchogue.
Scudder, Jas L, Huntington.
Steam, W N, Northport.
Sebray, Ed, Stonybrook.
Smith, Treadwell, Smithtown.
Sweesey. John, Setauket.
Sherman, J C, Shelter Isl'd.
Smith. Saml, Sweet Hollow.
Shaffer, C, Southampton.
Smith, N, Patchogue.
Stoyle, William H, Huntington.
Sullivan, J, East Hampton.
Skidmore, G H, Riverhead.
Squires, L, Squiretown.
Smith, J, Penatiquet.
Smith, G, Huntington.
Sanford, M B, Bridgehampton.
Sober, P, Huntington.
Smith, W, Sweet Hollow.
Sturdevant, F, P Jefferson.
Schellinger, Geo B, S Harb'r.
Soper, E, Six Hills.
Squires, W H, G'd Ground.
Southald, V, Penatiquet.
Smith, E H, Port Jefferson.
Stanborough, S H, Sag Harbor.
Smith, Jas O, Smithtown.
Smith, O, Smithtown.
Smith, H, Patchogue.
Samiss, E F, Huntington.
Seaman, J V H, Cutchogue.
Scudder,Jas L, Huntington.
Stearn, Wm N, Northport.
Sebray, Ed, Stony Brook.
Smith, T, Smithtown.
Swesey, J, Setauket.
Sherman, Jos E, Shelter Isl.
Smith, Saml, Sweet Hollow.
Shaffa, Chas, Southampton.
Smith, Jas O, Smithtown.
Smith, C, Smithtown.
Sprague, C T, Amityville.
Seaman, R D, Cold Spring Harbor.
Smith, J C, Deerpark.
Stricklan, J, Sayville.
Smith, J E, Fireplace.
Smith, E, Smithtown.
Samiss, E, Sweet Hollow.
Sayre, W, Southampton.
Smith, J H, Sayville.
Schwarts, V, Islip.
Sayre, S, Bridgehampton.
Sinnurs, S, Huntington.
Siansbro, J, East Moriches.
Squires, S L, Greenport.
Sober, B Smithtown.
Shellinger, M B, E Marion.
Sweesey, R M, Sag Harbor.
Sayre, F, Southampton.
Samiss, O S, Huntington.
Strong, E C, Sayville.
Smith, E, Patchogue.
Smith. C, Northport.
Smith, E, Mattituck.
Samis, P, Huntington.
Smith, N F, Smithtown.
Smith, N L, Smithtown.
Sweesey, F, Bluepoint.
Sharp, M, Patchogue.
Sweeny, J D, Bridgehampton.
Saddure, R, Greenport.
Stevens, W J, Quogue.
Samiss, C E, Huntington.
Smith, C E, Patchogue.
Squires, E H, Bridgehampt'n.
Smith, C, Setauget.
Soper, Shauge, Smithtown.
Scott, Walter, Southampton.
Sills, O S, Port Jefferson.
Smith, C H, Shelter Island.
Smith, J C, Northport.
Smith, J K, Amagansett.
Smith, Ed N, Smithtown.
Schoonmacher, J, Huntington.
Salberg, S, Riverhead.
Squires, S L, Sag Harbor.
Sweeney, C, Bridgehampton.
Smith, J A, Westhill.
Snedaker, C, Half Hollow.
Sweedy, C, Babylon.
Seymour, C, Cutchogue.
Smith, B, Smithtown.
Smith, F, Bluepoint.
Smith, J H, Setauket.
Sweesey, J, Patchogue.
Smith, John, Smithtown.
Smith, B B, Dixhill.
Skidmore, W, Franklinville.
Samiss, Geo, Babylon.
Smith, S A, Islip.
Soper, Eb, Smithtown.
Smith, W, Greenport.
Sweesey, G H, Yaphank.

Terry, Jonathan D, Freehold.
Tuthill, S L, Orient.
Terry, Geo A, Sayville.
Taylor, G S, Penatiquet.
Topping, Geo O, Bridgh'mt'n.
Tillinghast, H H, Southold.
Tuthill, E B, Orient.
Tillotson, J, Huntington.
Tyng, A, Amagansett.
Tuthhill, A, Orient.
Tuthill, A C, Jamesport.
Tuthill, W A, Mattituck.
Troutman, John, Penatiquet.
Tunnison, A, Sag Harbor.
Turner, N, Fireplace.
Terry, J T, Upper Aquebogue.
Terry, W W, Holtsville.
Timball, John, Sag Harbor.
Tuthill, S, Peconic.
Topping, S T, Managansett.
Thompson, A, Greenport.
Thorne, C, New Village.
Terry, D S, Northville.
Thompson, J, Southampton.
Tirney, Ed, Huntington.
Topping, J M, Bridgh'mt'n.
Tilloit, Geo G, Northport.
Tyler, J B, Setauket.
Thompson, W H, Huntington.
Topping, Steph, Bridgh'mton.
Terry, Silas, Jamesport.
Terry, J S, Sayville.
Tuthill, C, Greenport.
Terry, N, West Hampton.
Terry, J G, Moriches.
Tindall, T, Sag Harbor.
Talmadge, D, Plum Island.
Topping, H M, Wainscoat.
Taft, J, Manville.
Talmadge, H, Southold.
Topping, H L, Bridgehampton.
Townsend, Arthur, Quogue.
Titus, C, Penatiquet.
Thompson, H H, Greenport.
Tobias, J T, Port Jefferson.
Turner, D R, Mt Sinai.
Turner, H, Seatuek.
Terry, Ed H, Mattituck.
Tithill, C H, Greenport.
Trumps, Wm, Seatuck.
Terry, J S, Sayville.
Terry, J G, Cutchogue.
Tuthill, S, Seetuck.
Terry, W M, Wading River.
Tuthill, T S, Mattituck.
Tuthill, E, Wading River.
Terrill, A, Coram.
Tucker, E, Babylon.
Taft, W H, Centre Moriches.
Tindal, W, Sag Harbor.
Tury, W, Southold.
Terry, Jno B, Riverhead.

Valentine, J, Stony Brook.
Vail, D, Riverhead.
Van Pelt, Alex, Dix Hills.
Vingrover, Ric'd, Orient.
Van Brunt, W, Setauket.
Vail, G M, Orient.
Voorhes, C, Cold Spring Harbor.
Van Honton, J, Sag Harb'r.
Vail, O E, Peconic.
Veile, O, Riverhead.

Wright, Jas, Patchogue,
Warnes, G, Bridgehampton.
Williamson, Sag Harbor.
Webb, O S, Greenport.
Wiggins, R, Greenport.
Wynes, C A, Greenport.
Webb, D W, Cutchogue,
Wells, W, Upper Aquebogue.
Ward, Jas, Huntington.
Walker, W J, Stony Brook.
White, F W, Huntington.
Wilbur, J, Mattituck.
Ward, A, Sag Harbor.
Wells, C H, Greenport.
White, S P, Southampton,
Weeks, R D, Lakeland.
Wright, T, Huntington.
West, H _, Islip.
Wells, B F, Stony Brook.
White. H R, Southampton.
Way, Geo, Orient.
Writes, O, Patchogue.
Wicks, A, Penatiquet.
Wells, J C, Mattiuck.
Wells, W A, Southold.
Watte, A, Amityville.
Wilkinson, F, East Marion.
Wells, J S, Southold.
Wood, J, Northport.
Williamson, J, Stony Brook.
Walker, L A, Mt Sinai.
Woodhull, J M, Northville.
Wickham, W W, Southold.
Wicks, L F, Babylon.
Willetts, Ed, Hoppogue.
Wood, H E, Northport.
Wells, Saul, Riverhead.
Woodhull, S S, Sayville.
Woodhull, J V, W'ng River.
Watts, Jas, Amityville.
Wines, Egbert, Seatuck.
Wicks, Joshua, Islip.
Wells, Robt H, Mattituck.
Wood, T B, Smithtown.
Wells, H V, Mattituck.
Wells, H H, Huntington.
Wells, R L, Manaville.
Wells, J H, Northville.
Wiggins, W A, Greenport.
Wells, Wm, Greenport.
Whit, J H, Good Ground.
Wheeler, C, Smithtown.
Woodhull, S, Franklinville.
White, E, Southampton.
Wicks, A, Islip.
Ward, J, Greenport.
Willett, T L, Sweet Hollow.
Wicks, L, Smithtown.
Wells, J, Upper Aquebogue.
Walsh, M, Patchogue.
Whipple, Ed, Riverhead.
Way, John, East Marion.
Wells, John J, Huntington.
Worth, V J, Smithtown.
Wells, A C, Southold.
Wells, C, Greenport.
Wicks, H, Patchogue.

Young, Wm, Bating Hollow.
Young, O, Penatiquet.
Young, D P, Mattituck.
Young, A, Greenport.
Young, W H, Orient.
Young, W H, Penatiquet.
Yetter, John C, Riverhead.
Young, Jas, Middle Road.
Yarrington, C W, Sayville.
Young, John S, Greenport.

(A list of the names drawn in the Second District
will be found on our second page.)



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