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Tompkins County, New York
in the Civil War

Civil War Newspapers
This is also available in PDF format. These are large files; however, they are exact images of the pages.
      Pages 1 - 17


Index to Newspaper Articles from Albany County periodicals.
Indexed by David Moore.

A PDF version for better printing is here. (4 pages)

An Excel spreadsheet with this data is here.

American Citizen
City: Ithaca
County: Tompkins
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:24 Public meeting to be held at Village Hall, 4/24.
1861:05:01 Great Union meeting held at "Town" Hall, [4/24?].  Whitlock's Brass Band was there.  H.S. Walbridge el. Pres.
1861:05:01 Patriots' meeting held in front of Ithaca Hotel last Mon.
1861:05:01 Two companies formed and off for the war, cmd. by Capts. Jerome Rowe and Burton; latter to be attached to Col. Baker's California Regt.
1861:05:15 [Roster]. Capts. Rowe's and John Whitlock's companies.

Tompkins County Democrat
City: Ithaca
County: Tompkins
Frequency: Weekly
1861:04:26 [Ed.].  "Sustain the Government."  Irrespective of party -- a change of tune.
1861:04:26 Capt. Hiram F. Randolph had an apoplectic fit in his boot and shoe store and hit his head.  Doing better.
1861:04:26 Meeting of volunteers at Clinton House, Ithaca, on Tuesday, 4/23/61.  BG Jayne appointed chair.  Elected officers: Capt. Jerome Rowe, 1st Lt. James H. Tichenor, 2nd Lt. William C. Wyckoff [list of non-coms].
1861:04:26 Ithaca Volunteers are drilling today at the Town Hall.
1861:04:26 Last Fri. eve., Whitlock's Band marched through principal streets.  4-500 citizens formed in line & marched to the [  ] Hotel.  Speeches made by Messrs. Selkrieg of the [Ithaca] Journal, Schuyler & Jayne applauded; guns fired & fire crackers shot off
1861:04:26 Meeting at Owego Ahwaga Hall, Thurs., 4/18/61.  N.W. Davis chosen Pres.  Hiram A. Beebe of the [Owego] Gazette spoke.  "A large and overwhelming meeting."  Addressed by many, including Willoughby Babcock, I.S. Catlin, Esq., President of the Village.
1861:05:03 Public meeting at Town Hall, 4/24/61 [Desc. & Resol.].
1861:05:03 "A Fifer wanted."  For Capt. Rowe's Company; needs one immediately.  "Musicians get extra pay."
1861:05:03 On Mon. eve., a demonstration at the Hotel.  Whitlock's Band there.
1861:05:03 Capt. J[erome] Rowe's Company were drilling yesterday.  "They are becoming quite expert."
1861:05:03 Sons of Malta, 100 strong, paraded.
1861:05:03 The report that Col. Rowe called out his regiment [50th N.Y.S.M.] is false.
1861:05:10 [Roster].  Of Capt. Rowe's Company (91 men).  Capt. Jerome Rowe, 1st Lt. James H. Tichenor, 2nd Lt. William O. Wyckoff.
1861:05:10 [List].  Subscribers to the "Committee's" Vol. Fund.  Includes Ezra Cornell, $1,000.00, etc.
1861:05:10 Town of Newfield meeting at Garfield Hall, Sat., 5/11.  Harvey A. Rowe to address.
1861:05:10 Departure of Capt. Rowe's Company, Fri., 5/3/61 [Desc.].  At 5:30, formed on Owego St., near Hotel, w/ Fire Dept. in full uniform, w/ Ithaca Guards.  Col. Rowe, with aids of 50th Regt., to station.
1861:05:10 [Corres.].  G.?M. Gay [5/4].  Ithaca Volunteers' reception at Owego at 8 P.M. last night [5/3].  Received by Owego Volunteers, under Col. Davis.  Had supper at Ahwaga House; then speeches.  The marched back to station at 1 A.M.
1861:05:17 [Roster].  Of Capt. [John] Whitlock's Company.  Capt. John Whitlock; 1st Lt. Hiram W. Jackson, 2nd Lt. P.B. Wager.
1861:05:17 Capt. [John] Whitlock has received orders to proceed to Elmira, 5/8 [Desc.].
1861:05:17 [Letter, pt. 1].  Fr. Anon., of Capt. Whitlock's Company.  Dated Elmira, N.Y., 5/13/61.  "We are here you know, safe and sound, and about the same as when we left, except with a more enlarged experience."  6,000 soldiers here.
1861:05:17 [Letter, pt. 2].  Fr. Anon., of Capt. Whitlock's Company.  "There are some bad cases here … this may be owing to the war spirit …."  "Grumblers are plenty" and fighting.
1861:05:17 [Letter].  Fr. K.[oerst] S.V. Randolph [of Capt. Whitlock's Company].  Dated Owego [N.Y.], 5/10/61.  Describes presentation of stars and stripes at Pugley's Depot (between Ithaca and Owego).  Now at Ahwaga Hotel [Hall?].
1861:05:24 [Letter].  Fr. K.[oerst] S.V. Randolph.  Dated Elmira, N.Y., 5/10/61.  Left Owego 6 AM; arr. 9:30 AM.  Ithaca Excelsior Band with them.  Dinner, fr. Prop. of Bevier House, of boiled potatoes, beef, pork steak.  Some complained no butter.  Water only drink
1861:05:24 [Letter].  Fr. K.[oerst] S.V. Randolph [of Capt. Whitlock's Company].  Dated Elmira, N.Y., 5/15/61.  Describes camp life.  William Way blows on the bones and dances the jig -- we have a good fiddler.
1861:05:31 [Letter, pt. 2]. Fr. S[eymour] A. Godfey, of Capt. Rowe's [Whitlock's?] Company.  "There is not a farmer in Tompkins who does not provide better for his hogs and cattle than the contractor does fo us."  Compliments Orrin Watters of Bevier House in Elmira.
1861:05:31 [Letter, pt. 1]. Fr. S[eymour] A. Godfey, of Capt. Rowe's [Whitlock's?] Company.  [Pvt. K.S.V.] Randolph's letter is the whole truth.  [NYMR states he was in Whitlock's Co. I].
1861:05:31 [Letter]. 1st Lt. James H. Tichenor, of Capt. Rowe's Company. Dated 5/26/61.  To ladies of Ithaca, thanking them for items.
1861:05:31 [Letter]. "W.M.D." ["Better known as Col. Johnson" -- ed.] [Cpl. William M. Davidson], of Capt. Rowe's Company. Dated New Dorp [N.Y.], 5/24/[61].
1861:05:31 [Letter].  Fr. K.[oerst] S.V. Randolph [of Capt. Whitlock's Co.].  Dated Staten Island, N.Y., 5/22/61.  Desc. Bad food; no uniforms.  No Col. Baker.  But have Matheson [Desc.]x ". his highest ambition is to be where women and wine are in abundance."
1861:05:31 [Notice].  Desc. of Ithaca Brewery.
1861:06:07 [Letter].  Fr. Capt. Jerome Rowe, dated Ithaca, N.Y., 6/3/61.  Letter in [N.Y.] Tribune criticizing Col. [Chester A.?] Arthur and [Qtm.] Dept. not accurate; exaggerates the starvation at Camp Yates.
1861:06:07 [Letter].  Fr. K.[oerst] S.V. Randolph [Pvt., 32nd N.Y. (Inf.). Co. I].  Dated New Dorp, L.I. [Staten Island, N.Y.], 5/31-6/1//61.


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