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Civil War Newspapers
Tompkins County, New York

Statement of Receipts and Disbursements of the Bounty
Money Raised in the Town of Dryden.
Amount collected by General & Tax:                   $13,467,53
Donation to Town from O. S. Wood                        500,000
Total Receipts                                               $13967,53
Paid 60 men in Capt. Mount's
Co. $60 each                                                  3,000,000
Paid 84 men in Capt. Marvin's
Co. $100 each                                                         8,400,000
Paid S. Trim, volunteer in cavalry                        25,00         
Paid interests on notes (heretofore
Published                                                            273,31
Paid interest on Albright's note                              133,00
Paid printing to A. Clapp                                              30,25
Paid bills of transportation
(heretofore published)                                       130,75
Paid extra bounties ordered to be paid under the following
Resolution, passed at Town meeting April 7th. 1863:
Resolved, That the Town Board are hereby requested to audit the balance of the fund paid to volunteers. amounting to eight hundred and eighty-five dollars ($885 00), and that the balance of the monies raised and on hand, be divided and paid out by the Supervisor equally to and among the early volunteers who went from this Town, and are now in the field, or who have died while in the service and have not received the Town bounties.
And, in case of death, that the share of all such be paid to his wife or next of kin.
Following is list of names who received such extra bounties:
To H. W. Sears, Dr.
Paid the following bounties:
M S Sherwood               10,00
P Mosier                        15,00
W Fisher                        15,00
R Cole                            15,00
G Devany                      15,00
E Maxwell                     15,00
W Roe                            10,00
O Hemingway                15,00
E Knickerbocker            10,00
D Ferris                         15,00
J Ferris                           15,00
J Sherwood                    10,00
T Hartsough                            10,00
A Chambers                            10,00
R Tomlinson                  10,00
Geo Wright                    10,00
W Hulslander                 10,00
G R Ballard                             10,00
O C Brown                    10,00
O Hemingway                10,00
O Bates                          10,00
H J Snyder                     10,00
W Baldwin                     15,00
C Perrigo                       10,00
B Starr                           15,00
P Sherwood                             10,00
Frank Jagger                  10,00
Henry Pitts                    10,00
James Wait                    10,00
A Ward                          15,00
M W Fox                       15,00
E Hurley                        15,00
G Woodmancy               15,00
J McWhorter                  15,00
A Farrel                         10,00
E Cook                          15,00
D Nash                          15,00
D D Davenport              15,00
J Hurd                            15,00
A Pease                          15,00
W Edsall                        15,00
J Fogarty                       15,00
H B Wait                       15,00
Geo Billington               10,90
J T Have                        15,00
H Shaw                          15,00
W Tyler                         10,00
J M Dermott                            20,00
W A Morey                    20,00
S Pratt                           20,00
James Welch                  20,00
J Overacker                    25,00
Socrates Scutt                50,00
R W Decker                             50,00
J Hurd                            50,00
Thomas Hartsough                  20,00
John Nugent                            15,00
Total ````                      $885,00

Leaving balance in the hand of the Supervisor to be disposed of according to above Resolution                  $481,22
Total disbursements   13,967,53

At a meeting of the Town Board, June 22d, it was Resolved that in the distribution of the said sum of $481,22 the discharged soldiers share equally with those who have died or who are now in the service.
The following 73 names, under such Resolution, will be entitled to an equal share in the said sum of $481,22, being to each $5,59, which will be paid by H. W. Sears, at Dryden Village, on personal application or written orders:
David McKee,                Discharged.
Charles Price,                         “
Capt. S H Brown           Dead.
V Burton,                      Discharged.
Alonzo W Clark.            Dead.
Nathaniel D Sutfin,           “
Lyman Tanner,              Discharged.
Joseph Robinson,                 “
John G Fulkerson          Dead.
C D Griswold,               Discharged.
John Hackett,                        “
John Hilderbrandt                          "
Theodore Puderbaugh           "
James O Cook                        "
Eugene Van Order,        Dead.
Ferdinand Van Order,    Discharged.
Thaddeus S Deuel,         Army.
Myron Hunt,                  Discharged.
Charles D Mosley,                 "
Henry S Fulkerson,        Dead.
Richard Draper,             Discharged.
Henry Freese,                 Army.
Wm. A Stubbs,              Hospital.
Henry D Weaver,                    Army.
John A White,                Dead.
Lient. N Bartholomew, Army.
Lieut. H Carpenter,           "
Walter Decker,               Dead.
Charles U Hyde,            Discharged.
Norman Hyde,                      "
Daniel Eldridge,                     "
Wm C Fox                     Army.
Wm D Norton,               Dead.
Eugene Dodge,                  "
John Dart,                         "
Edward H Teeter,                    Discharged.
John N Lambertson,             "
Daniel McGreggor,        Dead.
Egbert Draper                Hospital.
A H Miller                     Army.
Lieut. E A Mead,           Discharged.
A L Sweet,                             “         
Frank Miller,                  Dead.
W R Gee,                       Discharged.
Edwin Hulburt,              Army.
Clinton McGreggor,           “
John Tripp,                    Discharged.
Osmer J Hill,                          “
James J Card,                Army.
Orren E Ellis,                 Dead.
Daniel Montgomery,      Army.
Orren W Burton,           Army.
Wm A Mosher,                 "
Alonzo Wagoner,                       "
Garret Wagoner,            Hospital
John Lindsey,                Dead.
Michael Carmer,            Discharged.
Jeremiah Scutt,                     "
Albert Hurd,                         "
Cornelius Maricle,                "
Brittqn Mastin,                     "
Hiram Straight,                     "
Geo Lacy,                             "
Hollenbeck                            "
John Van Derpool                          "
Marion Wilcox,                     "
Benjamin Pelham,                          "
Henry Cliff,                             Army.
Clinton Bouton                  "
John De Pew,                     "
Wm Seaman,                     "
Henry Wilson,                   "
Charles Fitts,                     "

The first company of Ithaca volunteers, 100 strong, left for New York this evening, amid the huzzas of 6000 people. The second company is organized and awaiting orders. $10,000 have been subscribed for the soldiers' families.

War Meeting in Ithaca.
A great war meeting is being held to-day. All business is suspended.
We copy the following from the Ithaca Journal:--
We understand the Lansing copperheads got up a small riot at Ludlowville on the 1st., and broke up a public meeting. As copperheads are great levers of the "Constitution as it was," we suppose it must be the height of constitutional excellence to assail and break up a public meeting composed almost entirely of women and children. It is most chivalrous and gallant undertaking, and we expect to see our neighbor extol it as a conservative measure. We give a letter from our correspondent Minnie Mintwood in relation to the affair:
Editor of Journal:--The meeting advertised in the Journal to be held in the grove near Ludlowville, Aug. 1st, was held in the church of that village, on account of the unpleasantness of the weather. The exercises, conducted by Hon. Benj. Joy, were opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Mandell, and singing by a choir of thirty-four young girls, who sang with no little spirit of patriotism and enthusiasm. After a few appropriate introductory remarks by Mr. Joy, the speaker of the day, Giles Stebbins, Esq., was introduced. He had spoken some minutes when in swaggered a crew of dirty, ragged drunken fellows, headed by an animal, who, as far as his personal was concerned, must have begged His Satanic Majesty for the loan of his mantle for the occasion. He was evidently their chief and standard-bearer, for, if I remember correctly, it was he who carried the stars and stripes for them. If Secessia is peopled with such specimens, 'tis no wonder they have no more stars on their flag, for I expected to see every one fall out of this from sheer fright. They were seated by Mr. Joy with as much civility as they had been on former occasions, when they entered that Sanctuary under far different circumstances. The confusion had been so great, that speaker was obliged to suspend his remarks. Mr. Joy, with a remarkable degree of coolness and tact, changed the programme by interspersing music with his own remarks, that tended greatly to quiet the rabidness of the mob. They evidently found themselves under the surveillance of a different master spirit they had anticipated. They had been informed that a number of colored persons were to be present, but fortunately for the colored persons none were there. The rioters like very many of their political bretheren (for they were neither Abolitionists nor Republicans), had the nigger in their throats, and would neither spit him out or swallow him; but keeping him under their palates, they would taste nothing but "nigger;" talk of nothing but "nigger;" "couldn't see that the Government was fighting for anything but the "nigger," and everything that rent or came out of their political chamber was strongly tinctured with niggerism. ‘Tis a pity that men, who are so fearful they will be overrun by the negroes, will let themselves be choked to death by them. These splendid specimens of "Northern Chivalry" were loud in their cries for the "Constitution as it was," and like so many kindred spirits, who have worn this Constitution to a skeleton by their incessant riding, never saw or read a copy of it in their lives. The rioters, being satisfied that the object of the meeting was not to break (?) the Constitution, grew comparatively quiet, and the speaker resumed. After some minutes, however, a new epoch of whisky developed itself, and the meeting was closed by Mr. Joy. No physical harm was dome; but perhaps it would not be amiss to say to the men of Ludlowville and vicinity, who were not present because they had no sympathy with the spirit of Freedom that is lighting America with glory, but had wives, mothers, daughters and sisters there that they were preserved inviolate from the hands of a drunken mob through the superior skill and management of Mr. Joy, and the presence of a few loyal-hearted friends. They also did themselves great credit for their coolness and the extraordinary presence of mind they retained through the exercises. The rioters were said to be armed with revolvers. Some women were present who had husbands who, although aware that the church was desecrated by a mob, carefully kept themselves aloof, undoubtedly afraid lest they should be shocked by seeing violence done to the rioters. This class, however was small, for Ludlowville is well seasoned with loyal men who are not afraid. Especial credit is due to Lieut. N____ of that place, who quietly passed out, equipped himself with his small arms and returned, determined to act on the side of order if a collision occurred [sic]. Another soldier, I believe, was imbued with the same spirit. Mr. Joy was a veteran warrior in the Temperance cause. But never in Ludlowville was such a powerful anti-whiskey sermon preached as on that occasion. The sight of fifty or sixty men, many of whom undoubtedly sooner would have suffered martyrdom than so debased  themselves when in their right mind--wallowing, soul and body in such a filth of drunken degradation, was enough of itself to carry conviction to the heart of every one present that a rumseller is to be hated, despised and ABHORRED! If there was a man or woman or parent, present who had in any way countenanced the granting of liquor license, or dealt in the abominable dealing themselves, they must have felt their souls pierced with a thousand arrows or remorse and shame. We have something more to fight than Northern or Southern traitors, when there are men who sell their souls to the devil for a paltry sum, and at the same time wash away the souls of their fellows to Hell with their damnable intoxications. They well deserve to be hungin the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. I speak reverently for I believe God would bless the hangman.
     Truly Yours, 
                MINNIE MINTWOOD.
Hillsdale Farm, Tompk. Co., Aug. 9th

Ithaca Ladies' Volunteer Aid Association.
The Ladies' Volunteer Aid Association will meet on Thursday and Friday of this week, at the Farmers' Club Room. A full attendance is desired, as there is much work to be done.
There was sent to the Central Association, July 10th, 70 shirts, dried fruits, etc.; July 25th, 16 bottles currant jam, 6 bottles raspberry vinegar, 2 jars and 2 cans jelly, and one jar dried currants: July 29th, 1 firkin pickles; July 31st, 16 jars currant jelly, and 4 jars black currant jam.
The Treasurer acknowledges the receipt of $10 from Mr. Ezra Cornell, $1 from Mr. S. W. Smith, $1 from Mr. Vicory, $4 from two ladies, and $125 Thanksgiving collection.
Mr. M. L. Wood has been appointed Treasurer of the Association. JANE L. HARDY, Secy.
[If we have room we shall next week publish the "preliminary report of the operations of the Sanitary Commission in connection with the harbor of Charleston and South Carolina, July 1st to July 20th 1863.—Ed. JOURNAL.]

County Loyal National League.
At a meeting of the delegates at Deming Hall, on Saturday afternoon, June 13, 1863, pursuant to notice to form a County Loyal National League. John Gauntlett, of Ithaca was chosen Chairman, and S. R. Wicks, of Ulysses, Secretary.
On motion a County Loyal National League was formed with the following officers:
President—M. L. Wood, Ithaca.
Vice-President—John Gauntlett, Ithaca.
Executive Committee:
Johnson Quick, Garoline.
E. L. B. Curtis, Danby.
Smith Robertson, Dryden.
John P. Broas, Enfield.
W. D. Mount, Groton.
H. B. Lord, Lansing.
W. W. Ayers, Newfield.
S. R. Wicks, Ulysses.
Six members of the Board of Officers are to be considered a quorum to transact business.
The following resolution was adopted as the Platform of the League for the
County of Tompkins:
Resolved, That the L. N. L., of Tompkins Co., adopt as its platform, The suppression of the Rebellion at any and all hazards, and the encouragement of the National Government in its honest efforts for its accomplishment, and the discouragement of all influence tending to distract the people from that end.

Democratic County Convention.
The Democratic electors of the County of Schuyler, and all citizens therein in favor of the restoration of the Union and the re-establishment of the Constitution, are requested to meet in their respective towns, according to the established usages of the Democratic Party, and choose the usual number of Delegates, to attend a County Convention, to he held at Freer's Hall, in the village of Watkins, on SATURDAY, THE 5th DAY OF SEPTEMBER NEXT, at one o'clock in the afternoon of that day, for the purpose of choosing one Delegatto to attend the Democratic State Convention, to be held at Albany, on the 9th day of September next, and the usual number of delegates to attend the Democratic Senatorial Convention to be hereafter notified, and to transact such other business as shall be deemed expedient.
DANIEL JACKSON,              Democratic
JOHN I. LAWRENCE,           central county
WILLIAM BEVIER,               Committee.
Dated this 13th day of August, 1863.

The Democratic Electors of the town of Hector and all citizens therein in favor of the restoration of the Union and the re-establishment of the Constitution, are requested to meet at the Centre House, in Reynoldsville, on the 3d day of September next, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon of that day, for the purpose of choosing delegates to attend the Democratic County Convention to be held at Freer's Hall, in the village of Watkins, on the 6th day of September next, and to transact such other business as shall be deemed expedient.
John W. Osborn, Town Com.
Dated the ... day of Sept., 1863.

Special Town Meeting.
At a consultation of the Town Board of the town of Dix, held on the 16th day of August 1863, the undersigned were authorized to issue the following
The Electors or the Town of Dix are hereby requested to assemble in special Town Meeting, at the office of John Hollett, in Freer's Stone Block, Village of Watkins, on Tuesday the 1st day of September, 1863, for the purpose of determining by ballot whether Town Bonds shall or shall not be issued for the relief of the town conscripts, drafted into the military service of the United States.
Ballots will be provided on which the words "For Tax,'' and "Against Tax" will be printed, and a full expression of public sentiment is earnestly solicited by the Board. Polls open from 9 A. M., till 6 P. M.
GEOEGE G. FREER, Supervisor,
Dated, Dix, August 18, 1863.

District No. 1.
J. Cane,
J. B. Beman,
H. M. Cook,
M. F. Hollister,
James Perry,
L. Baker,
J. Corkin,
G. Snyder,
M. B. Hallet,
M. Babcock,
G. Countryman,
Ira Ellis,
H. Middaugh,
J. H. Hanshaw,
E. Baker,
A. L. Batter,
W. A. Strong,
P. Oliver,
W. S. Middaugh,
E. Davenport,
H. Wattles,
Mott J. Robertson,
J. B. June,
E. McWhorter,
C. C. Vaudeville,
Wm H. Holliday,
G. Aemstey,
B. Rhodes,
H. B. Ostrander,
W. D. Ellis,
P. English,
J. Mudgels,
G. Waite,
G. Snyder.

D. B. Card,
J. Skillman,
J. C. Ellis,
J. G. Seager,
Wm A. Swift,
S. R. Baty,
J. E. Vanpelt,
G. W. Keson,
J. H. Smiley,
Wm Ferguson,
H. L. Duzenberry,
S. Fisher,
W. J. Shaver,
H. VanPelt,
A. A. Caldwell,
J. M. Shaver,
G. McArthur,
Z. B. Sperry, Jr.,
E. Snyder,
E. Darling,
W. Sherwood,
G. Seagar,
M. H. Weed,
C. Knapp,
S. P. Wilsey,
J. B. Cady,
G. Givens,
J. S. Updyke,
M. Robinson,
B. F. Stickles,
W. H. VanPelt.

M. Healy,
J. Swart,
W Thomas,
A F Tanner,
A Tanner,
A Hunter,
T Bradshaw,
J J Ferris,
W Monroe,
A. D. Gardner,
Wm H. Lester,
I N Odell,
C A Reech,
F Orcutt,
G W Sweetland,
J N Brigham,
L Joiner,
Albert Corrington,
A C Palmer,
Andrew Albright,
A Lewis Sweet,
S W Gibson,
Melvin Luther,
Ransom Jenks,
Aaron Chevalier,
H Herrington,
L Benjamin,
T J Davis,
J W Card,
Augustus Corrington,
G S Hicks,
C Bryant,
L D Mandeville,
G Sutfin,
W C Pagnel,
R Howard,
James Cole,
I H Ford,
A Carpenter.

W. J. Sutfin,
T. H. Mineah,
J. Seaman,
W. Cassar,
Wm H. Pierson,
W. Lambertson,
E. Vanmarter,
J. M. Mineah,
Wm. H. Townley,
H. Vandermark,
G. Billington,
S. Smith,
A. J. Savcool,
J. H. Wright,
Wilber Fox,
J. G. Kimberlin,
J. N. Lamberton,
G. B. George.
Lot Fulkerson.

D Loomis
J Guthrie
D D Green
V Coggshall
J Nottingham
A Lane
A VanMarter
J Beebe
E Harring
W H Shaw
L H Townley
J G Cobb
H S Smith
J R Lucas
D Cuatt
I Pierce
O Robins
A H Adams
C Newton
J Carsy
A T Dean
Wm Ryder, Jr
L C Gillen
S D Wilson
B Berry
W H Diamond
W R Carpenter
J P Hopkins
C G Conklin
J Knettles
D Brimsmade
H R Butman
H Howe
L Wright
L Harris
E Bacon
G Hicks
E B Powers
Wm Case
E R Weaver
W D Southworth
M Woodbury

J A Hiver
M A Avery
B Parson
S A Hastings
B Knapp
W N Tucker
H Teeter
M Sherman
A D Morton
L M Morton
B F Fields
C Giles
C W Barney
G B Jacobs
N Hyde
J Wilson
C Humphrey
J Savacool
L W Starkey
J McLaughlin
S C Goodwin
A S Smith
E A Marsh
E D Snyder
L Teeter
M Hicks

W Albright
W H Curtis
F M Jewett
N W Allen
H B Hubbard
T Smith
M Thomas
T Morse
J Scutt
F Clark
N M House
A Champlin
W Wheeler
G E Chambers
K E Lincoln
F Webster
A Lewis
B B Morehouse
E L Cambell
C H Dutcher
L Heep
P W Clark
G Garlick
E C Clark
G Fracis
N Adams

Henry Quick
David A Paine
Daniel Hunt
George Rice
Henry Kenyon
Dan B Gilbert
John A R Curtis
Horace Lane
Horace H Hollister
Richard Janson
Isaiah Vandermark
Benson Cryspell
Oliver Ellis
David B McWhorter
Thos R Brink
Silas Paine
Levi M Winchell
Montgomery Boyer
Edward Humphrey
John J Bush
Wm Davis
Richard Lounsberry
Wm Hawley
Sectus Landon
Francis Talcott
Emory A Lane
Geo W Silcee
Ebenezer Perry 2d
Luman Harding
Julius Boyce
John Thomas
F Hungerford
Charles W Barker
John Patch
Nelson Slate
Spencer L Clark
James Mulks
Albert Jenks
Frederick Whiteley
Geo Hawkins
Robert Hover
Theodore Olney
Wm P Doty
Josiah Evans
James Henry Heath
Charles H Dewell
James Vandermark
J D Atwater
Rufus L Stevens
Daniel Stevens
Reuben Gool
Reuben Silsbee
Lleweldon Stevens
Henry Slater
David S Silsbee
F A Ridgway
Wm Brainard
Garton N Hoofman
Henry E Snow
Wm E Pew
Adney R Nelson
Francis M Langcoy

D Raymon
L Powers
J Wager
H Smith
Wm Boscow
A Hamilton
J McCormick
G Mager
D Young
S H Smith
G L Bower
H Warner
H Cobb
H Blakesley
W H Tichenor
J Ehler
M Bento
G N Mitchell
F Starr
H Bower
H Myers
S J Barnes
L Myers
A C Collins
H Bowers
C Searls
F A J Perry
Wm Hamilton
E Strong
J R Gildey
S Stout
H Willing
W Thayer
J Mack
A Neyhart
H M Bower
N Maloney
L Hedding
H T Smith
A Morrison
B Brown
J Pierson
J Boyer
M Knettles
E Lobdell
G W Teeter
Z T Minier
A C Bower
G W Drake
C Brown
J F Rhodes
J Buck
L Goodwin
A J Teeter
H Hedding
T Clement
T Sweasey
W Bloom
G N Luce
W D Williams
A H McKinney

M Farrell
A D Bogardus
S S Woodhull
R Wilkins
I Williams
A Buck
N Kelley
T Harring
J F Bowen
A D Lane
H E Fuller
J Davis
Wm Smith
C S Minier
C Haskins
A C Heeding
S I Lobdell
J Bush
C Tichenor
D Bush, Jr
G Bower
J DeCamp
D D Knettles
P Bloom
J Longcoy
M Miller
E Miller

Jas Norton
George Reeees
John Diltz
John C Heath
John V Wilson
Samuel Benham
J J Williams
Miles Clinton
H L Wilgus
George E Halsey
E McWhorter
G H Blood
Wm Whitlock
E M Mix
Chas Hoyt
Charlee Randolph
Clinton Sanford
Geo Franks
Geo W Hoysradt
John Reed
Francis Granger
Jefferson Beardsley
Wm L Bostwick
S A Dalrymple
Richard Crozier
Jerome Terry
Wm Haeen
Wm S Crittenden
George E Shepard
Howell Girard
John Wilcox
Alexander Minturn
Dewitt Harty
Conrad Wick
John S Crozier
Samuel Harris
Geo P Hawley
George Harris
L Witlock
James Reed
Chester Lewis
Wm H Slocum
David Burling
Wm Bishop
John C Havens
Morris VanOrman
Wm Knickerbocker
Jacob M Kimball
Orland Seeley
David Letts
Daniel Letts
Thomas Reed
Wm H Adams
George Johnson
John F Hawkins
Morell Miller
Chas Norton
Andrew House
Geo Reeves
John Diltz
VanBuren Gunn
Frederic Harris
Phillip Roat
Chas W Manchester
John J Williams
Albert A Farnham
Niles Osborn
Albert Lovelass
Chas Bean
Jas McCarty
Hansford Miller
John Korts
Andrew J Fleming
Thos Russell
Chas Hayden
Wm H Taylor
Jas Puff
David Randall
Wilson Clark
David Burt
Geo Johnson
Jas E Derener
Bernard Fannon
Geo B Starr
Jas Luce
Michael Davoy
Wm Mortimer, Jr
Henry Clock
Cornelius VanAken
Tillot Kinney
John Middaugh
Frederick W Brum
Wm H Taylor
George Riker
Flavius Burt
Wm A Wilmont
Robert Yaino
Henry M Durphey
John Donovan
John H Howland
Kimble VanOrder
John Maloney
C F Livermore
Chas W Evans
John Reed
John W Kipper
Theo Cherry
Pascal Boyce
Spencer T Millard
Baster Rogers
David Letts
Nelson W Foote
Hixon Davenport
Harvey Barber
Samuel VanOrman
Matthew Meek
Morgan Rasbeck
Simon Maloney
John Cleveland
A B VanAmburg
Orlando Phillips
Cornelius Price
John Landon
Albert Deremer
Newton Perry
Wm H Adams
Joseph R Smith
Wm Jackson
Isaac Terwilliger
Ephraim Pifer
Deforest Williams
Peter Whitlock
Cyrus Niver
Albert Derema
Gardner H Smith
Dennis Maloney
Sylveste VanOrder
Hiram Delamater
Anson W Johnson
Wm Brewer
James Dean
Aaron Kirk
Myron C Clinton
Pat Redan
Giddeon W Lanning
Jas Giltner
Benj F Brundage
Myron Brown
Peter VanOrder
Oscar Lay
Wm Mooney
Edward Labar
Andrew Kendall
Harvey Leonard
Wm Vandyne
Fred Shulenbnrg
Alonzo Whitlock
Mark Fola
Jacob Eaton
L Whitlock
Alfred Hosbrook
J B Slulenburgh
Jerome Brown
James Ashdown
John Labar
John McManer
Wm J Slocum
Thos Ashdown
Geo J Kenyon
Aaron Osborn
Barney Musk
Wm H Clark
Roger Foley
Charles Dickinson
Henry M Martin
Gilbert Merriam
Maynard L Granger
Henry A King
Geo T Prosser
Charley B Curtis
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The Conscription Question in the Town of Dix.
As the conscription is now the all absorbing question in this town, and must be discussed and disposed of in the course of a few days, we invite a careful consideration of the subject in all its phases, by the people, in order that they may come to an intelligent and rational conclusion on its merits.
The question to be determined is, "shall the town issue its bonds on which to raise a sufficient sum of money to pay $300 for the relief of such drafted men as, on examination by the proper authority, are pronounced able-bodied, and accepted as conscripts into the United States Military Service for the term of three years."
In discussing this plain proposition the first thing in order is the law of the case. The clause of the State law upon which the opponents of the proposed appropriation, rely, reads as follows:
Section 3. Neither any county, city, town or municipal corporation, or person, or recruiting officer of any other State, shall hereafter offer, raise or expend any money, or incur any liability, for the purpose of giving, or paying any bounties to promote the enlistment of volunteers; provided that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the action of any county, city, town or municipal corporation relative to bounties paid or promised prior to the passage of this act, nor shall this section be so construed as to prevent the payment of any sums TO PROCURE SUBSTITUTES FOR PERSONS DRAFTED.
It will be seen, at a glance, that this law, while it does not allow money to be raised by counties, cities, towns, &c., for bounties to promote the enlistment of volunteers, expressly provides that money may be raised and paid FOR PROCURING SUBSTITUTES FOR PERSONS DRAFTED. An appropriation by the town for this purpose would, therefore, be no infraction of the State law; and it will be seen by reference to the National conscript act that the money thus paid, is declared, in advance, to be for the very purpose above specified. The 13th section of the act referred to provides as follows:
SECTION 13. And be it further enacted, Than any person drafted and notified to appear as aforesaid, may, on or before the day fixed for his appearance, furnish an acceptable substitute to take his place in the draft, or he may pay to such person as the Secretary of War may authorize to receive it, such sum as the Secretary of War may determine, not to exceed three hundred dollars, for the procuration of such substitute, and thereupon such person so furnishing a substitute or paying the money shall be discharged. Here we have the whole matter in a nut shell. The State law authorizes towns to pay money to procure substitutes for drafted men, and the National law declares that the money paid by drafted men—no matter by whom furnished for that purpose—shall be "or the procuration of substitutes."—Thus perfectly harmonizes the State and National laws, and the proposed action of the town of Dix, is clearly and unquestionably legal. No one will deny the legal right of one person to furnish or pay the $300 for another, who is drafted and accepted, and by the terms of the same act, the same principle applies to counties, towns and corporations.
Having, as we believe, fully disposed of the legal considerations involved in the pending issue, we will now consider the merits of the paying policy, as compared with the non-paying. To say nothing of the sympathies which the undrafted citizen should entertain for the drafted, and nothing of the sad hearts and darkened hearthtones which will be left lonely and desolate by the poor unfortunate man, who is unwillingly torn from home and all its endearments, because he cannot furnish the Government $300 with which to procure a volunteer substitute, how does the matter stand, when measured by dollars and cents alone?
The whole number of men drafted in this town is 73. Of this number, we venture to say, that not more than 30 will pass a military examination and be accepted. Those only who do will have to be paid for. Less than one third, as far as reported in other counties, pass. But make the basis of calculation 35, and the total amount required for substitute money would be $10,500. This sum—$300 each—will exempt these 35 able-bodied men—the healthy bone, muscle and brain of the town—for the whole period of three years; and it needs no argument to show that the productive industry of these able-bodied men is worth to the town more than $100 a year. There is no doubt that $150 would be nearer the average mark. We have no able-bodied men to spare. Their labor and business enterprise are indispensable to our continued prosperity as a town; and if they can be retained at home for $100 a year, and escape the increased chances of death, wounds and life-long diseases, in the field, without detriment to the national cause, policy—to say nothing of humanity—dictates that it should be done, for the true interests of all tax payers, and non-tax payers, men, women and children. If it costs the town ten thousand dollars, it saves more than that amount during the three years, and obviates all the incidental anxiety, woe and anguish that would, to a greater or less extent, fall on nearly every family in the town.
But it is said the Government needs men, and this course is not patriotic as it does not furnish men. We answer that the Government will obtain men if it is furnished with money; and men who will be situated so as to be willing to volunteer for $300 bounty in addition to the other inducements already offered. The cities are over populated with just the class of men ... ... ... ... enlist for who can be spared, and who will ... bounties between this and the middle of November. The Government has said give us yourself, a substitute, or $300 and we will find the substitute. It is surely patriotic to do all that the Government requires. Government places the conscript, the substitute and the $300 side by side, saying, choose which of the three you will give in response to your country's call, and at the first response the plea of "not patriotic" turns to ashes, no matter which one of the three calls is answered. We trust that the people of Dix will feel, on mature reflection—as most individuals do who are able to pay—that they can better spare the money than the flesh and blood; and by thus declaring, they will evince as true a patriotism as the soldier who goes to the field. Let them go to the ballot-box, then, on the 1st ult., under the call to be found in to-day's paper, emenating from the authorities of the town, and vote in solid array to give the Government its full demand on the town, and relieve those who, in this dark hour of National Adversity, must otherwise become the unwilling victims of a cruel and bloody war between the sons of those who, like brothers, stood shoulder to shoulder in the days, that tried men's souls, and whose erring children we hope soon to see re-united under the same glorious flag that waved over their patriot sires—the starry banner that made our beloved country what it has been, and what we devoutly hope and pray it may become again.



New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs: Military History
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