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Civil War Newspapers
Wyoming County, New York


A Speck of Trouble.
Resistance to the Draft.—From Hon. W. J. HUMPHREY, of Java, we learn the particulars of a demonstration against himself, as Enrolling officer under the Conscription Act, by a crowd of Irishmen. On Saturday last, C. O. Shepard, Esq., was in Java on his way home to Arcade. He experienced difficulty in finding any one who was willing to carry him, as threats had been freely made by the foreign population against him, as Enrolling officer for China. He applied to Mr. Humphrey and was promptly accommodated. They reached Arcade without difficulty, but on his return Mr. H. passed by the premises of an Irish citizen, where some 60 or 70 men were assembled at a "raising." As he was recognized, the crowd gave three groans, and a dozen or so of them, fuller of whisky than the rest, raising the cry of "Kill the d__d man of the draft!" rushed into the road, followed by the entire crowd, many of them armed with clubs and stones. Mr. HUMPHREY drove his horse into the middle of the crowd and stopped. He was unarmed and alone, and far from the house of any "Yankee." He spoke to them civilly, telling them the folly of attempting to resist a National Law—assuring them that he had done and should do nothing more or less than his duty, and that if injustice had been done any one the law would give him redress. His words were met with nothing but threats and abuse. He was told to resign his position as an officer under the Act or he would be killed. The owner of the premises insolently ordered him to drive on, but Mr. H. replied that in the highway it was his habit to go where and stop as long as be pleased. After stopping awhile longer he attempted to drive on, but discovered that during the press of the crowd a rail had been stuck through between the spokes of his buggy wheels, and that the lines were unbuckled from the horse's bits. While in this predicament a club was thrown against his horse, a very spirited animal, for the purpose of starting him without reins. At this critical juncture a member of the crowd drew oat the rail from the wheels. He was immediately set upon and beaten shockingly by his infuriated companions. While this was going on, another of the crowd, not sympathizing with the murderous spirit of the leaders, buckled the reins, and the horse sprang clear of the mob. Mr. H. was followed by threats and imprecations, and a couple of wagon loads of the mobbers made a show of pursuit. Reaching home, he made ready for any emergency. He says the notices to conscripts shall be immediately served, and that he will do it, personally, without asking for a posse to help him. If any further violence is offered him he will be prepared to meet it, and there will be something more potent than blank cartridges used. Those who know the nerve and pluck of Col. Humphrey need no assurance that the duty assigned him will be done. The work couldn't be in better hands. If to secure the mere serving of notices required by law, for which no citizen or officer is responsible, it becomes necessary to hold half-a-dozen wakes," we trust Col. H. will have the corpses ready.
In Sheldon, too, we are informed by Capt. Tozier, the enrolling officer, the foreign population—mostly Germans—at a meeting held on Sunday resolved to resist. He anticipates no serious trouble in serving the notices—but will do it this week. His undoubted pluck stamps him as the man for the place.
There is military and police force within call sufficient to take every man from the western part of this County, if need be. We have no apprehension that there will be any very serious trouble. The Draft is being "honored" all through the country, and even the unreasoning foreigners in this county can be made to understand that no town or county or State can defy the power of the General Government— the will of the whole people. The Draft in this District was fairly and properly made. It must and will be enforced and the loud-mouthed threateners will most likely conclude to report on the required day, without waiting for the persuasive punch of bayonets from a Provost-Guard.

THE DRAFT IN THIS DISTRICT.—The draft in this district was not made last week as was expected, nor is the board yet ready to make it. A story has been circulated that the draft is being proceeded with in secret. It is a sufficient refutation to this story to state that the Enrollment Act requires publicity and previous notice. The time for the drawing has not yet been announced.
The following quota contains fifty per cent above the number actually required from each town in this county. This fifty per cent is added to make the number good for those who may prove exemptions:
Attica                             58
Bennington           57
Castile                  46
China                             50
Covington            32
Eagle                    26
Gainesville           39
Genesee Falls       27
Java                      63
Middlebury          50
Orangeville           27
Perry                    62
Pike                      38
Sheldon                61
Warsaw                72
Wethersfield         35     

Wyoming Mirror
The Draft in this District.
The draft for this District took place at Lockport on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week;—one day being consumed with drawing each county, commencing with Niagara and ending with Wyoming. At the drawing for Niagara county, and especially for Lockport, there was a large crowd present, but entirely orderly and satisfied with the fairness with which the drawing was conducted. The ballots for a town or given district were counted out and put in a cylinder or wheel, which was then put in motion by turning a crank, and the ballots thoroughly mixed. One ballot at, a time was then drawn by a man blindfolded until the quota for that town was completed, when the remaining were taken out and those for another district put in and drawn in like manner until the whole number for the 29th district was drawn. These lists are now the hands of the enrolling officers who are serving notices on those who were drafted, ordering them to appear on or before a given day named in each notice, at Lockport. Each notice is accompanied with an order for transportation from the nearest railroad station to Lockport, and on arriving there each man will be subsisted until his case is disposed of. Below is a list of those drawn for this county:

Attica.—B F Barnett, Francis Wilson, Geo. Hyser, John Brewer, Francis B Nelson, Chas Walker, M J Rogers, V V Valkenburg, Geo Anthony, W M Sherman, Lewis Pelton, W Parker, H L Doty, Wm Judd, F C Ballsmith, Lyman Eastman, Lewis Munson, R Smith, John Smith, J Mather, H R Smith, Eugene J Phelps, A Godfrey, Geo M Nyms, Victor Hannen, Wm. Ballsmith, W H Hills, J H Ruggles, Geo B Smith, Stephen B Frost, Sylvester Smith, Henry Hart, James H Tanner, John Madder, A S Hills, Albert Tones, Geo Janes, M Fray, Alonzo Kendall, E Hodge, Geo W Cooley, C King, Samuel Kreyglestein, Joseph Grimes, Holton Kettle, Monroe Melwood, N Harmon, Edgar Eighmy, Isaac Tones, B Smith, D W Richardson, Mathew Eastman, Joseph Barr, C Danber, A P Beman, Henry Schilling, Pat Fitzgerald, Cutler Gardner.

Bennington.—James Langdon, Geo M Cornell, Mod Schausinger, Stephen Warren, John Emedick, Alva Gates, Jr, C H Melvin, Monroe Clapp, Homer Fellows, John Calkins, John Mary, Henry Masten, Henry Peymer, George King, Charles Bromley, P Greene, Jr, Daniel Bromley, Julius Pierce, Albert Cushman, Ambrose L Norton, Michael Kal, John Tegs, Jeff Clapp, John Stiffern, Eli W Williamson, James McCabe, Thomas Austin, Cornelious Stumm, Peter Muth, John G Rodenhaiser, M W Mapes, William Mills, Phillip Ludwig, Henry Gillner, Geo G Nichols, John Haiser, Henry Geisr, Charles Loomis, T G Jacobs, M L Cole, Pain Miller, B F Folsom, L F Mitchell, Elijah F Fogg, Geo Patterson, Joseph Ward, Ira B French, C G Austin, F Reiner, Peter Thormick, Fred Miller, Joseph Selman, John Hany, Nick Dorehet, Stephen Finton, Walter Mapes, A E Eddy.
Castile.—John Gregg, Geo Blakeley, Eugene D Lard, Theron Wheeler, A French, Jonathan J Chaffe, Martin Ames, Jasper W Taber, J M Hoagland, Ephron H Barnes, Geo Westbrook, John Mitchell, Peter Daily, D H Anderson, William H Wheeler, Anson Phelps, Stephen D True, Mich McGuire, Mart King, H P Fisk, Ashbel D Owen, J H Buck, J L Higgins, Orville Reynolds, F M Tabor, Geo Crowley, Wheeler Shaw, L R Bowman, C W Calvin, A Gaines, Henry D Fuller, John Carey, William Bills, Frank King, H E Tabor, C Kendall, Wm D True, james Lindsey, A J Knight, Milo Wright, L C Felch, Hiram H Owen, Wm Carey, Daniel Bills, James B Davis, Joseph Duryea.

China.—Thomas McClusky, Hiram Steel, Silas F Clough, Jonathan Colby, Martin J Stearns, Hiram J Beardsly, Nathan Plucker, M I Skinner, Lewis O'Neil, Winfield S Kimball, Frank King, Henry Burbanks, David Steel, Volney C Wells, M G Maple, S G Bently, Aaron Silloway, Wm Conly, Geo W Jones, Mark A Pierce, Daniel Mahoney, Robert Bennett, Danaz B Shed, Patrick Brighany, John Sullivan, John McCraley, Joseph Plucker, Patrick Hanegan, Chauncey Steel, Hiram J Blood, Geo H Butler, Henry L Day,  Charles Witheral, James Daley, James Green, James M Wells, Michael Myres, Hollis J Atwater, John Redmond, John Sheflim, Edwin Burbank, James N Delling, John Stapleton, Darwin Wood, John Caroll, Elias Steel, Martin M French, Albert Spencer.

Covington.—James Covert, Chester Noles, Frank S Smith, William Crossman, Thomas Wright, Barney A Brooks, James Henderson, Nelson M Wellman, John Morrow, Charles Maher, James Burleigh, Adelbert Reddish, Joseph M Colby, Robert Lang, William Gordon, Frank H Burt, Bancroft Knowles, Horace Daniels, Gilbert P Rhoads, Frank C Johnson, John Doane, Fayette Miller, Frank K Ferris, Samuel Donnan, Rufus Taylor, Charles Grossman, William H Day, Emerson Cornwell, Beman Parks, William Broughton, Leonard F Wood, John Millroy.

Eagle.—Patrick O'Neil, Sylvester Barber, E Aikin, Wm Ward, James Olney, Enos Hicks, A Slusser, E Ward, Augustus Metcalf, Hiram Slusser, A McFarlin, Henry J Boyd, Cyrus Willey, D McFarlin, James Eager, John Walton, Stephen Naramore, Colonel Walton, Geo Dolph, Joseph Walker, Fayette Merville, Riley Hulbert, A P Watson, Alonzo Cross, C Whipple, Stephen Helmer.
Gainesville.—Hiram Barrett, Monroe Gifford, Vivalda Ely, F J Youmans, M W B_o_ghton, C Fuller, J H Welch, John A Kershaw, L D Wiseman, Wilson Lewis, Geo Reynolds, Perry Jones, Alfred Wright, John Hicky, Henry Gardner, Henry Howell, Ira F Barrett, H J Lathrop, Syl A Hitchcock, Sidney Alden, Isaac Stamp, M N Bush, Orson Jennison, T Dickson, Samuel Gibson, Warner Waldradt, Chauncey Brainard, Elward Scott, Chauncey Smith, Roswell Chase, Collins W Pratt, Dwight Hatch, Samuel Christopher, Darius P Cargill, Horace Wadsworth, E B Fisher, Conrad Vanliew, Geo Dunshie, Watson Butrick.

Wethersfield.—Harvey Mosher, Calvin D Eastman, Jos Baker, C A Wolcott, R Worthington, D W Butler, T W Mason, John Saxton, John Aikin, Franklin Burbee, Henry Charles, Jos Ralph, J P Randall, Ch Jork, C C Wolcott, A Maxwell, S M Walker, M N Merrill, Wm W Wolcott, Alex Richards, Franklin Wood, Leverett Barnes, Jared Kimball, John L Skuse, Alert R Torry, H R Doane, Hopkins Salisbury, Wm R Charles, Macellus E Jenkins, N R Stedman, Loring Johnson, Wm H Perciful, Henry Baker, Roselle Warren, Wm M Belden.

Notice to Conscripts.
Headquarters 29th Dist. N. Y., Lockport, Aug. 3
The Drafted men from the several towns of Wyoming county will present themselves at these Headquarters for examination, at the times following, to wit.
Attica and Bennington,              August 29, 1863
Castile and China,                          "       31,    "
Covington, Eagle & Gainesville Sept.      1,   "
Genesee Falls and Java,                 "          2,   "
Middlebury and Orangeville          "          3,   "
Perry and Pike,                               "          4,   "
Sheldon,                                          "          5,  "
Warsaw and Wethersfield,              "          7,  "
By order. L. F. BOWEN, Prov. Mar.
[Note.—If drafted men do not appear before the several days above specified, no proceedings will be taken against them, provided they appear on that day.]
[Note.—The Board will hear propositions for substitutes, and examine persons so offering, upon each day from 8 to 9 a. m., until the expiration of the time above specified for drafted men to appear.
[Note.—The order in which they were drawn will appear from the published names in the Lockport papers.

General Headquarters, State of N. Y.,
Adjutant General's Office,
Albany, July 28, 1863.
Statement of the surplus or deficiency of volunteers furnished since July 2, 1862, by the several towns of Wyoming County.
Towns.       Surplus.             Deficiency.
Attica,                                         3
Bennington,                               33
Castile,                                        3
China,                                        24
Covington,                                16
Eagle,                                          6
Gainesville,                       2
Genessee Falls,      10
Java,                                          57
Middlebury,                               17
Orangeville,                               21
Perry,                                          5
Pike,                       4
Sheldon,                                    43
Warsaw,                 2
Wethersfield,                             17
Total                              18               245
To be furnished (227,) two hundred and twenty seven.
I certify that the above is a correct extract from the Records of this office, up to December 31, 1862.
Adj. General.

…ord, Wm Gibbon, C Marron, James Hall, Abby D W Erickson, G B Olin, L Strivens, John Bryne, S H Bills, M G Davis, Wm _prowl, S N Brown, Geo W Fluker, Milo Olin, Geo B Nevins, I West, J N Jodd, J Rudd, G J Bishop, G W Higbey, A N McEntee, Geo Coleman, Wm B Spear, E Hamlin, D B McIntyre, F O Bullard, H E Lacey, John Lewis, Pat Hannigan, Heman Ashley, L M Brigham, J W Andrews, C Andrews.

Pike.—Josiah Kelly, Frank Phelps, Gilbert Watson, C B Rider, B Griffith, F W Rockwell, H Granger, A W Frank, Wallace Hawley, Thomas Holmes, Fred W Phillips, Wm Horton, Barney Otis, C W Thomas, Samuel Flint, 2d., Wm E Holmes, Lewis Ringo, L L Ellingwood, W J Minard, Sereno Whitney, N J Wing, Wm F Johnson, S G Clute, G C Waterman, Timothy Leach, Edwin Pztridge, Joshua B Hopkins, Geo W Hinman, Samuel Fuller, Eph P Snooks, Francis Lyon, W M Cross, Geo Barnhart, Asa B Streeter, James Flint, D D Comstock, Cassar R Adams, E V Whitcomb.
Sheldon—Jacob Graves, Peter Neirinhouse jr., Orange Rudd, J N Kersh, J V Welker, Jos Stryker, Lutzor Deffort, H A Sharp, Caspar Kibler, Geo Hinze, John Frank, Henry Sessio, Wm Libby, Peter Dellinger, Frank Strauss, Peter Bernard, John Defford, Peter Logo, Gard Nichols, C M Fox, John F George jr, Peter Herman, Delos Hoard, Zewy Martsoff, Poline Gallett, John Ritter, John Burge, Ch Manion, Jas Hall, John Deffort, Jacob Ess, J Thomas, J M Mader, Geo Koots, Peter Logle, J H Williamson, Royal P Case, Jas Drew, Michael Shiltz, Martin Browner, R Lockwood, Elias Grattan, M H Briggs, John Domonicia, Frank Gelley jr, Lewis Thayer, Alburtus Kelsy, Conrad Castle, J A Swabb, Adelbert G Clapp, Geo Serchel, N W Brown, Geo Fullington, Jos George, Jos R Thomas, Lewis Pefflin, Wm Boyce,
John Angel, John Redding, Charles Standish, F Browner.

Warsaw—Marvin Morris, Oliver Wright, Pat Burrows, C G Merrill, S D Lewis, James Kinney, James M Hurd, Wm B Young, Geo L Foote, Byron Healy, Ed T Lathrop, F Hovey, M C Merchant, Ashly McCullough, James H Wing, John M Dunshie, N S Perkins, Horace A Metcalf, Jackson Seely, Miles H Morris, Wm Rogers, F Hagler, William Crippen, E Weisenbeck, Thomas Ager, James Brown, Geo W Botsford, J H Darling, B N Pierce, Harlow Belden, F W Norton, N H Seymour, E R Benedict, John Winsor, Lucius Holbrook, Michael Donahue, Clark S Cady, R A Crippen, C H Samis, Peter Seyler, D W Blossom, E C Stearns, Wm M Knapp, Dewitt Munger, J W Dake, D P Rood, Robert Murray, John S McElwain, Lewis Mory, Ambrose Aiken, James E Bills, Lomon Whitlock, John S Rice, John Curry, Loren Johnson, Ransom Buck, R S Hatch, Pat Kenan, George Ralyea, G W Frank, N J Morris, I W York, Hedges Foster, D C Stark, J M Davidson, John B Murray, James Smith, W W Holt, Alonzo Lane, Charles Richards, Jason B Smith, E E Farman.

Wethersfield.—Harvey Mosher, Calvin D Eastman, Jos Baker, C A Wolcott, R Worthington, D W Butler, T W Mason, John Saxton, John Aikin, Franklin Burbee Henry Charles, Jos Ralph, J P Randall, Ch Jork, C C Wolcott, A Maxwell, S M Walker, M N Merrill, Wm W Wolcott, Alex Richards, Franklin Wood, Leverett Barnes, Jared Kimball, John L Skuse, Albert, R Torry, H R Doane, Hopkins Salisbury, Wm R Charles, Macellus E Jenkins,
N R Stedman, Loring Johnson, Wm H Perciful, Henry Baker, Roselle Warren, Wm M Belden.

Notice to Conscripts.
Headquarters 29th Dist. N. Y., Lockport, Aug. 3.
The Drafted men from the several towns of Wyoming county will present themselves at these Headquarters for examination, at the times following, to wit:
Attica and Bennington,           August 29, 1863
Castile and China.                            "     31,    "
Covington, Eagle and Gainesville
                                                 September 1,   "
Genesee Falls and Java,                   "         2,   "
Middlebury and Orangeville,           "         3,  "
Perry and Pike,                                 "        4,   "
Sheldon,                                            "        5,   "
Warsaw and Wethersfield,                "        7,   "
By order. L. F. BOWEN. Prov. Mar.
[NOTE.—If drafted men do not appear before the several days above specified, no proceedings will be taken against them, provided they appear on that day.]
[NOTE.—The Board will hear propositions for substitutes, and examine persons so offering, upon each day from 8 to 9 a. m., until the expiration of the time above specified for drafted men to appear.
[NOTE.—The order in which they were drawn will appear from the published names in the Lockport papers.

General Headquarters, State of N. Y.,
Adjutant General's Office,
Albany, July 28, 1863.
Statement of the surplus or deficiency of volunteers furnished since July 2, 1862, by the several towns of Wyoming County.
Towns.       Surplus.             Deficiency.
Attica,                                         3
Bennington,                               33
Castile,                                        3
China,                                        24
Covington,                                16
Eagle,                                           6
Gainesville,                       2
Genessee Falls,      10
Java,                                          57
Middlebury,                               17
Orangeville,                               21
Perry,                                          5
Pike,                       4
Sheldon,                                    43
Warsaw,                 2
Wethersfield,                             17
Total                              18               245
To be furnished (227) two hundred and twenty seven.
I certify that the above is a correct extract from the Records of this office, up to December 31, 1862.
(Duplicates.) Adj. General.

Those who oppose the draft now are all Democrats—Democrats to a man—and we defy any one to point to a solitary Republican who objects to, or proposes to resist, the operations of the conscription law. In Western New York—we speak of this locality because it is under our observation—the Democrats have not come up to the work of volunteering with a will, and hence in the quota of six hundred thousand, four Republicans to one Democrat.—Under this depletion of the Republican party Seymour was elected, and the State given over to an influence adverse to the Federal Government and the war. While the Republicans would do the fighting and allow the Democrats to do the voting, everything went smooth enough; but when the prospect of a fair draft came, which must take Democrats as well as Republicans then came the spirit of opposition which resulted in riots in New York and will elsewhere where the people are not duly prepared for the emergency.

Wyoming County Conscripts.

Genesee Falls.
D C Smith
Henry Harding
John Danforth
Pat Burke
M McTigue
Marcus Pond
A A Dudley
C E Warrne
John Dolan
C Bennett
Lester Jones
L N Smith
John Suckley
Otis N Paine
John Tones
C R Gilbert
M Cane
W J Holley
John Dunn
Samuel P Whitcomb
Aaron Smith
W P Letchworth
Albert N Wallace
W Wm Shields
Ehp Dedemer
Byron Paine
Reuben Smith

James Covert
Chester Noles
Frank S Smith
William Crossman
Thomas Wright
Barney A Brooks
James Henderson
Nelson Woolman
John Morrow
Charles Maher
James Burley
Adelbert Redish
Joseph McColby
Robert Lang
William Gordon
Frank H Burt
Bancroft Knowles
Horace Daniels
Gilbert Roads
Frank C Johnson
John Doan
Fayette Miller
Frank K Ferris
Samuel Donan
Rufus Taylor
Charles Crossman
William H Day
Emerson Cornwell
Bemis Parks
Wm Broughton
Leonard F Wood
John Millroy

John McIntyre
L F Swan
Pardon Benson
Foster Kelly
George W Mallison
Stephen Preston
C W Durfel
Robert Keating
Thomas S Cushing
Henry Gaffin
Elisha S Peck
Charles R Miller
Clinton Higgins
N S Jenks
Horace Putnam
M R Beily
Pat Quinline
Oscar Chase
Wm Davis
Rinaldo R Gaffin
H G Cushing
Solomon Benchly
Niles Dwinnell
Patrick Devon
M C Baily
Oliver Fullington
Wm H Chaffee
Dewitt W Perry
Warren F Peck
Lysander Shattuck
Alonson Miller
Ambrose Booth
Earnest Durfee
C Ewell
John Van Allen
Theo B Knapp
Seth C Howard
Truman Lewis
H W Blenker
W B Monroe
R Filkins
Albeit J Humphrey
L Parmenter
H Swift
L A Russell
Sim Howard
Frank Carlton
George Bunck
S VanValkenburg
Pat Powers

Josiah Kelly
Frank Phelps
Gilbert Watson
C B Rider
B Griffith
F W Rockwell
H Granger
A W Frank
Wallace Hawley
Thos Holmes
Fred W Philips
Wm Horton
Barney Otis
C W Thomas
Samuel Flint 2d
Wm E Holmes
Lewis Ringo
L L Ellingwood
W J Minard
Serono Whitney
N J Wing
Wm F Johnson
S G Clute
C C Waterman
Tim Leach
Ed Patridge
Joshua B Hopkins
Geo W Hinmann
Sam Fuller
Eph P Snooks
Francis Lyon
W M Cross
Geo Bardhart
Asa B Streeter
James Flint
D D Comstock
Cassar R Adams
E V Whitcomb

Marvin Morris
Oliver Wright
Pat Burrows
C D Merrill
S D Lewis
Jas Keeny
Jas Hurd
Wm B Young
Geo L Foote
Byron Healy
Ed T Lathrop
M Hovey
M C Merchant
Ashly McCullough
Jas H Wing
John M Dunshie
N S Perkins
Horace A Metcalf
Jackson Seely
Miles H Morris
Wm Rogers
F Hagler
Wm Grippen
E Weisenback
Tho Ager
James Brown
Geo W Botsford
J H Darling
B N Pierce
Harlow Belden
F W Norton
N H Seymour
E R Benedict
John Winson
Lucius Holbrook
Mich Donahue
Clark S Cady
R A Crippen
C H Samis
Peter Seyler
D W Blossom
E C Stearns
Wm Cnapp
Dewitt Munger
J W Dake
D P Rood
Robt Murray
John S Elwain
Lewis Mory
Ambrose Aiken
James Bills
Lemon Whitlock
John S Rice
John Curry
Loren Johnson
Ransom Buck
R S Hatch
Pat Kernan
Geo Relyea
G W Frank
N J Morris
I W York
Hedges Foster
D C Stark
J M Davidson
John B Murray
James Smith
W W Holt
Alonzo Lane
Chas Richards
Jason B Smith
E E Fairman

P M Barnett
Francis Wilson
Geo Hyser
John Brewer
Francis B Nelson
Chas Walker
M J Ropers
V V Valkenburg
Geo Anthony
W M Sherman
Lewis Pelton
W Parker
H L Doty
Wm Judd
F C Ballsmith
Lyman Eastman
Lewis Munson
R Smith
John Smith
J Mather
H R Smith
Eugene J Phelps
A Godfrey
Geo M Nyma
Victor Hannen
Wm Ballsmith
W H Hills
J H Ruggles
Geo B Smith
Stephen B Frost
Sylvester Smith
Henry Hart
James H Tanner
John Madder
A S Hills
Albert Tones
Geo Janes
M Fray
Alonzo Kendall
E Hodge
Geo W Cooley
C King
Samuel Kreyglestein
Joseph Grimes
Holton Kettle
Monroe Melwood
N Harmen
Edgar Eighmy
Isaac Tones
B Smith
D W Richardson
Mathew Eastman
Joseph Barr
C Danber
A P Beeman
Henry Schilling
Pat Fitzgerold
Cutler Gardner

John Gregg
George Blakeley
Eugene D Lard
Theron Wheeler
A French
John J Chaffe
Martin Ames
Joseph W Tabe
Orville Reynolds
F M Tabor
Geo Crowley
Wheeler Shaw
L R Bowman
Chas W Calvin
A Gaines
Henry D Fuller
John Carey
John M Hoagland
Ephron H Barnes
Wm Bills
George Westbrook
Frank King
John Mitchell
H E Tabor
Peter Daily
Ch Kendall
D H Anderson
Wm D True
William H Wheeler
James Lindsey
Anson Phelps
A J Knight
Stephen D True
Milo Wright
Mich McGuire
L C Welch
Mart King Hiram
H Owen
H P Fisk
Wm Carey
Ashbel D Owen
Daniel Bills
J H Buck
James B Davis
J L Higgins
Joseph Duryea

Thomas McClusky
Hiram Steel
Silas F Clough
Jonathan Colby
Martin J Stearns
Hiram J Beardsley
Nathan Plucker
M I Skinner
Lewis O'Neal
Winfield S Kimball
Frank King
Henry Burbanks
David. Steel
Volney C Wells
M G Maple
S G Bently
Aaron Silloway
Wm Conoly
Geo W Jones
Mark A Pierce
Daniel Mahoney
Robt Bennett
Danaz B Shed
Pat Brighany
John Sullivan
John McCraley
Joseph Plucker
Patrick Hanegan
Chauncy Steel
Hiram J Blood
Geo H Butler
Henry L Day
Charles Witherel
Henry Ingraham
James Lacock
James Daley
James Green
James M Wells
Michael Myers
Hollis J Atwater
John Redmond
John Shetlim
Edwin Burkank
James N Deling
John Stapleton
Darwin Wood
John Caroll
Elias Steel
Martin M French
Albert Spencer

E M Reed
R A Alverson
L M Phillips
F Green
John Mahoney
M C Williams
John H Ward
Wm Halstead
Wm E Ford
Lyman Thompson
J C Case
W B Partridge
Luke O'Connor
J B Stout
P Safford
Wm Gibbon
C Marron
James Hall
Abby D W Erickson
G B Olin
L Strivens
John Breyno
S H Bills
M G Davis
Wm Sprowl
S N Brown
Geo W Fluker
Milo Olen
E G Richardson
J W Andrews
C Andrews
J W McIntyre
Geo Bradley
Wm Conley
Wm Bugham
Wm N Slocum
Newall D Hall
H Boughton
C S Reed
E L Burt
R G Tuttle
J Whitbeck
P Olin
West Fuskett
M A Barber
Geo B Nevins
I West
J N Judd
John Rudd
G J Bishop
G W Kigbey
A N McEntee
Geo Coleman
Wm B Spear
E Hamlin
D B McIntire
F O Bullard
H E Lacey
John Lewis
Pat Hannigan
Heman Ashly
L M Brigham

Pat O'Neil
Sylvester Barber
E Aikin
Wm Ward
J R Olney
Enos Hicks
A Slusser
E Ward
Aug Metcalf
Hiram Slusser
A McFarlin
Henry J Boyd
Cyrus Wiley
D McFarlin
Jas Eager
John Walton
Stephen Naramore
C Walton
Geo Dolph
Joseph Walker
Fayett Merville
Riley Hulburt
A P Watson
Alonzo Cross
C Whipple
Stephen Helm

A P Lake
John Snyder
J W Nesbitt
M M Wheeler
Geo Hawler
Barney Wilker
Irvin E Blackman
H E Lyman
Geo Kettle
J S Armour
Car Hawley
Jacob Mader
M Durfel
Jer D Richards
Aaron Jones
Judd Kettle
Geo Hoy
Griffith Jones
Loren Merrill
Frank Metzker
Theo Royce
John Perry
Fred Seyler
John Macoon
Henry Gloir
S G Cripper
Henry C Richards

Hiram Barrett
Monroe Gifford
Vivalda Ely
F J Toumans
M W Broughton
C Fuller
J W Hatch
John A Kershaw
L D M Wiseman
Wilson Lewis
Geo Reynolds
Perry Jones
Alfred Wright
John Hicky
Henry Gardner
Henry Howell
Ira F Barrett
H J Lathrop
Syl A Hitchcock
Sidney Alden
Isaac Stamp
M V Bush
Orsin Jennison
Th Dickson
Samuel Gibson
Warner Waldradt
Ch Brainard
Edward Scott
Ch Smith
Roswell Chase
Collins W Pratt
Dwight Hatch
Samuel Christopher
Darius P Cargill
Horace Wadsworth
E B Fisher
Conrad Van Leiw
Geo Dunshie
Watson Butrick

Eugene Hogan
J W Ives
Wm A Fowler
Wm Deeny jr
Merrit Allen
Parker Wordworth
Dennis Blakery
Pat Maloy
Wm Francis
George Nichols
Th Murray
Jos Westover
Syl O'Connor
Dustin Cooper
John Carroll
James Carlin
Mich Clark
James Galligher
Ham Martin
Peter McGee
Jas McClusky
Ch Morse
Jos Mars
Syl Greggs
Ed MeGrogan 2d
Ad Froiss
Azro Haley
James Campion
Edmond Richmond
J M Bump
Danl Carpenter
James Shaw
Leonard Demmon
A J Taylor
Newton Torry
L Houghton
Lib Curtiss
W S Brown
Jas Smith
Pat Conroy 2d
John Barnes
Samuel Cooper
Pat Martin
John Hall
Harrison Nichols
Michael McCormick
Albert Paris
Elisha Hogle
Lewis Joy
Thos Burroughs
Geo Shelman
Marson Brown
Hugh Kerwin
Chas J Torry
Meritt Brown
Conrad Hyman
Henry Campbell
John Stenson
Th Supple
Lyman Blakely
O R Cook
Ed M Baldwin
R C Dewey

Jas Graves
Peter Neinghouserp
Orange Rudd
J N Kirk
J V Walker
Jos Styker
Lud Deffort
H A Sharp
Caspar Kible
Geo Hinge
John Frank
Henry Lessi
Wm Libby
Peter Deluge
Frank Straut
Peter Bernyul
John Befford
Peter Logo
Garde Nichols
C N Fox
John M George jr
Peter Herman
Delos Hoard
Zeny Mutgoff
Poline Gullett
John Ritter
John Burge
Ch Munion
Jas Hall
Jeffry Thomas
J W Mader
Geo Koouts
Peter Logle
J H Williamson
Royal P Case
James Drew
Michael Shilty
Maintain Browner
Rufus Lockwood
Elias Grattan
M H Briggs
John Dommica
Frank Gelly
Lewis Thayer
Albs Kelsy
Conrad Castle
John A Swabb
Adelbel G Clapp
Geo Serchel
N W Brown
Geo Frettington
Jos George
Jos R Thomas
Lewis Pefflin
Wm Boyce
John Angel
John Redding
C H Standish
John Deffort
Frank Browne
Jacob Ess

Harny Mosher
E Z Eastman
Jos Baker
C A Wolcott
Ran'ph Worthington
D W Butler
T W Mason
John Saxton
John Aiken
Franklin Burbee
Henry Charles
Jos Ralpo
J P Randall
Ch York
C C Wolcott
A Maxwell
S M Walker
M N Morrill
Wm W Wolcott
Alex Richard
Frank Wood
Leverett Barnes
Jared Kimball
John L Skuse
Albert R Torry
H R Doane
Hop Salisbury
Wm R Charles
Mercellus E Jenkins
N R Stedman
Loring Johnson
Wm H Percibul
Henry Baker
Roselle Warner
Wm M Belden

James Langdon
George M Cornell
Mod Schausinger
Stephen Warren
John Emedick
Alva Gates jr
Ch Melvin
Monroe Clapp
Homer Fellows
John Calkins
John Mary
Henry Masten
Henry Peymer
George King
Charles Bromley
P Green jr
Dan'l Bromley
Julius Pierce
Albert Cushman
Ambrose L Norton
Michael Kal
Jno Teggs
Jeff Clapp
John Stiffern
Eli W Williamson
Jas McCabe
Thos Austin
Cornelius Stumm
Peter Muth
John G Rodenhaiser
M W Mapes
William Mills
Philip Ludwig
Henry Gillner
Geo G Nichols
John Haiser
Henry Geisa
Ch Loomis
T G Jacobs
M L Cole
Pain Miller
B F Folsom
I, F Mitchell
Elij F Fogg
Geo Patterson
Jos Ward
Ira B French
C G Austin
F Reiner
Peter Thormick
Fred Miller
Jos Selman
John Hany
Nich Dorhet
Stephen Finton
Walter Mapes
A E Eddy

EXEMPTS FROM THE DRAFT.—A .... the Wyoming county conscripts have not been reached in regular order by the Board at Lockport, a few cases have been acted upon. The following is a list of the exempts:
Bennington—James M. Clapp, enrolled and resides in Buffalo. Phillip Ludwig, deformed right hand. Alvah Gates, Jr., nerosis left tibia. Asa V. Eddy, only son of a widowed mother. John Mary consumption.
Covington—John Down, blind right eye.
Genesee Falls—William P. Letchworth, scrofula.
Java—Merritt Brown, commuted $300. Hugh Kerwin, ditto.
Orangevillw—Jeremiah D. Richards, varicose veins.
Perry—William E. Ford, malformation of chest.
Sheldon—Francis W. Brown, chronic rheumatism. Frank Gilley, four brothers in service.
Le Roy—James H. Kinney, aged and infirm parents. Cyrus T. Brown, hereditary insanity.

County Loyal League.
The County delegate meeting at the Court-House on Tuesday was well attended. Hon. W. J. HUMPHREY was chosen chairman, and H. A. DUDLEY Secy. WM, BRISTOL, Esq., of the committee on organization, reported the following permanent officers for the County League:—
H. L. COMSTOCK, President
H. A. DUDLEY, Recording Sec'y.
W. H. MERRILL, Corresponding Sec'y.
L. A. HAYWARD, Treasurer.
Executive Committee—C. W. Bailey, B. Healy, Wm. D. Miner.
Vice-Pres'ts.—Attica, J. H. Loomis; Bennington, E. C. Holt; Castile, Lester B. Crego; China, C. O. Shepard; Covington, D. Cameron; Eagle, G. G. Prey; Gainesville, H. W. Hardy; Gen. Falls, S. H. Allen; Orangeville, Harvey Stone; Java, Lucius Peck; Middlebury, M. Weed Perry, S. W. Tewksbury; Pike, M. A. Hull; Sheldon, Sam'l B. Humphrey; Warsaw, Samuel Benedict; Wethersfield, G. P. Morgan.
Mr. HAYWARD, from the committee on Resolutions, reported a series of patriotic and stirring resolutions, which were unanimously adopted. E. E. FARMAN, Esq., of this place, and Rev. D. C. TOMLINSON, of Portageville, were elected delegates to the State Convention, and the Exec. Committee authorized to act with the other committees in the Dist. in appointing delegates to the National Convention at Cleveland May 20th. The proceedings were harmonious, and the organization perfected will, it is believed, be the means of accomplishing great good for "Liberty and Union."

BATAVIA, April 29.
At Warsaw, Wyoming Co. a meeting has been held; a company was formed at once, and three thousand dollars subscribed for the families of the Volunteers. Two more companies will be raised immediately.
At Perry, in the same county, a company has been formed, and others are about to be in the remaining towns. The most intense excitement exists.
A company of volunteers, numbering 80 men, under command of Augustus J. Root, left here at 9:15 A. M. for their place of rendezvous at Syracuse. They belong to the 51st Regiment N. Y. S. M. Three other companies are nearly ready to leave this place.
An immense crowd gathered at the depot to witness the departure of the volunteers; among the crowd are many of the relatives of the company, a number of whom were in high spirits.

Death of Zelotes C. Wiggins.
At a meeting of the Warsaw East Hill Sabbath School the following Preamble and Resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, In the providence of God Zelotes C. Wiggins, formerly a member of this Sabbath School, was suddenly called away by death while serving his country as a soldier, falling wounded on the battle field at Gettysburg, Pa., July 3d, and dying of his wounds July 4th, 1863, therefore.
Resolved, That as a Sabbath School we recognize the hand of our all-wise Heavenly Father who always does right, and by the sudden death of our young friend feel admonished of the uncertainty of life and the necessity of being always prepared for the coming of the "Son of Man." We also hope that we may profit by this dispensation of Providence by a timely preparation for our departure which is at hand.
Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the family of our departed friend, who have our sympathies not only, but our prayers that God may sanctify to them for their spiritual good this sore affliction; trusting that they may all live a life of holiness and be prepared to meet death with joy and not with grief.
Wm. F. Woodward,
Superintendent Sabbath School.
Warsaw, July, 1863.

A Union State Convention will be held at Syracuse, on the 2d day of September next, at 11 o'clock a. m., to nominate State officers, and to transact such other business as may properly come before the Convention. All persons who are in favor of unconditionally sustaining the Administration in a vigorous prosecution of the war until the rebellion is finally suppressed, and of maintaining public order, and the enforcement of the laws, are requested to meet on the call of the Union Committees in their respective localities, and choose three Delegates from each Assembly District to attend such Convention.
The officers to be nominated are:--Secretary of State, Comptroller, State Treasurer, Attorney-General, State Engineer and Surveyor, Canal Commissioner, Inspector of State Prisons, and Judge of the Court of Appeals.
It is also recommended that a Mass Ratification Meeting of the loyal young men of the State be held at Syracuse on the 3d day of September, at 10 o'clock a. m.
By order of Union State Committee.

Eighth Judicial District Convention.
The Union Electors are requested to appoint twp Delegates from each Assembly District, to attend a Convention to be held at the Mansion House in the city of Buffalo, on Wednesday, the 24th day of September next, at 11 a. m., to nominate a candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court, to be supported in place of Hon. R. P. Marvin, whose term of service will expire on the 1st of January next.
L. F. BOWEN, Niagara.
E. R. REYNOLDS, Orleans.
L. A. HAYWARD, Wyoming.
S. M. RUSELL, Allegany.
ALEX. STORRS, Cattaraugus.

The Electors of Wyoming County who are in favor of unconditionally
sustaining the Administration in a vigorous prosecution of the war until the Rebellion is suppressed, and of maintaining public order and the enforcement of the laws, are requested to meet in the several towns of this County, and appoint four delegates to meet in COUNTY CONVENTION at the Court-House, in Warsaw, on Saturday, the 29th day of August inst., at 12 o'clock M., for the purpose of selecting three delegates to represent the County at the Union State Convention to be held at Syracuse, Sept. 2d, for the nomination of State officers; also for appointment of delegates to the Senatorial and Judicial Conventions, to be hereafter called.—Dated August 10, 1863.
C. W. Bailey, W. J. Humphrey,
Wm. Bristol, M. A. Hull,
J. H. Loomis, Monroe Weed,
Gorton Bently, H. A. Dudley,
W. H. Merrill.

The Point of It.
The Attica Atlas gets out of its allegation that The Advocate is an Abolition journal, by saying that "a journal is known by the company it keeps." Now we must confess that we cannot exactly see the point of this remark. The Advocate supports the National Administration in its general policy, and in its measures for suppressing the Rebellion, and restoring the country to the operation of the "Constitution and the laws." And it denies that in so doing it proves itself to be an Abolition journal. Please make the subject sufficiently plain that men of ordinary understanding can see the point of it.—Batavia Advocate.
Perhaps there may be several 'points that men of ordinary understanding can see,' when their attention is called to them. Let us squint at a few.
1. The 'Advocate' went in for 'fusion' with the Abolitionists some years ago to support 'Fremont and Jessie' and, though it occasionally objects very meekly to some of their most fanatical notions, it has not parted company with them since.
2. It kept company with them during Seward's irrepressible conflict.
3. When Greeley threw Seward overboard it kept company with him and the Abolitionists during the campaign for Lincoln and Hamlin.
4. When 'pressure' was needed to nerve the Administration up to an Abolition war policy, the Advocate didn't stand back.
5. The 'bull against the comet' followed, and our neighbor still kept company with the fanatics attempting to enforce it.
6. A 'Loyal Union League' with the Abolitionists is started, and it is still with them!
7. And now, since the Abolitionists find 'official sanction' for declaring, "the policy of the Government is fixed and immovable; the President has issued a Proclamation under his hand and seal; Abraham Lincoln takes no backward step;"—it still sticks by them!
"Either be with the Government in prosecuting the war" for the Nigger, "or come out flat footed against it!"

Some of the drafted men in this place have adopted the creditable plan of hiring substitutes instead of paying their commutation. B. HEALY and E. E. FARMAN, Esqs., have each procured a man, paying him $325. Mr. HEALY went to Lockport on Tuesday to have his man accepted and mustered in.
—Three or four more wanted here right away; inquire at the Bank.

To Conscripts.
Marshal BOWEN replies as follows to a letter of inquiry written by B. N. PIERCE, Esq.:
"The Board of Enrollment very much prefer that Drafted men should report according to the General Order No. 3. dated August 3d., and do not hold themselves bound to examine or hear their cases until such day as the men of different towns are ordered to report. After examination a reasonable time will be given to procure substitutes or pay commutation."

All Quiet.
The demonstration against the Draft officers in the west part of this County resulted in nothing worse than recorded last week. The notices were served without opposition, when it became known that the officers were prepared to do it forcibly if they must. Some half-dozen in Java have fled the county. The law makes them deserters. The Government, not the town, stands their loss. From present appearances the draft will furnish very few men from this county. The long time given to report will give many who would otherwise have been cramped to raise their $300 an opportunity to raise the "needful."



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