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New Yorkers who died at
Salisbury Prison, North Carolina
List Compiled and contributed by
Sue Curtis, President, and
Ed Curtis, Editor of "The Prison Exchange"
Salisbury Confederate Prison Association, Inc.
PO Box 5093, Salisbury, NC 28147-0088,

Source: From Appendix V of Louis Brown's The Salisbury Prison.


Abbott, James, Pvt., C, 1st NY Cav., 1-8-65
Acome, John, Pvt., H, 69th NY, 11-11-64
Addy, Thomas, Pvt., C, 170th NY, 11-11-64
Agan, James, Pvt., H, 93rd NY, 11-7-64
Agan, Wm., Pvt., K, 69th NY, 11-19-64
Aldrich, A.H., Pvt., A, 4th NY Art., 11-19-64
Alexander, Ephraim, Pvt., G, 5th NY Cav., 1-10-65
Allen, John, Cpl., D, 52nd NY, 1-6-65
Allen, J.C., Pvt., A, 82nd NY, 1-14-65
Allen, S., Pvt., I, 92nd NY HA, 1-4-65
Allridge, J., Pvt., A, 51st NY, 11-27-64
Allsarer, Peter, Pvt., K, 4th NY, 2-5-65
Anderson, John, Pvt., E, 25th NY, 10-31-64
Anderson, John, Pvt., G, 5th NY Art., 1-25-65
Anderson, Samuel, Pvt., K, 6th NY Cav., 1-4-65
Andrews, H.B., Pvt., E, 25th NY, 1-5-65
Andrews, Wm., Pvt., I, 4th NY HA, 11-3-64
Anlin, Richard, Pvt., B, 11th NY, 10-19-64
Apthorpe, S., Pvt., I, 112th NY, 11-3-64
Archedphol, Albert, Pvt., F, 51st NY, 12-17-64
Armsby, Frank, Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 1-5-65
Arnts, R.M., Pvt., A, 8th NY Cav., 1-28-65
Atkinson, Thomas, Pvt., K, 156th NY, 1-15-65
Austen, George, Pvt., D, 59th NY, 12-19-64
Avery, Walter, Pvt., G, 64th NY, 1-28-65
Ayers, E., Pvt., A, 52nd NY, 1-26-65


Babbit, Wm., Pvt., I, 5th NY Cav., 10-23-64
Babcock, Benj., Pvt., K, 6th NY Cav., 12-24-64
Babcock, Jeremiah, Pvt., I, 8th NY HA, 12-23-64
Bagly, John, ---, C, 164th NY, 11-13-64
Bagnerd, S.F., Pvt., D, 148th NY, 12-20-64
Bailey, Robert, Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 12-26-64
Baites, Robert, Pvt., A, 115th NY, 11-30-64
Baker, Andrew, Pvt., H, 95th NY, 2-9-65
Baker, George, Pvt., H, 40th NY, 1-1-65
Baker, L.M., Pvt., G, 24th NY, 11-21-64
Baker, W.W., Pvt., F, 100th NY, 12-1-64
Baker, Wm., Pvt., D, 128th NY, 1-13-65
Baldwin, A.W., Pvt., A, 4th NY Art., 11-18-64
Baldwin, J.B., Pvt., K, 1st NY Cav., 1-9-65
Baldwin, P., Pvt., C, 69th NY, 11-8-64
Bandy, E., Pvt., E, 169th NY, 2-8-64
Bane, Henry C., Pvt., A, 8th NY HA, 12-23-64
Bankert, Wm., Pvt., A, 15th NY HA, 1-24-65
Banons, Samuel, Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 11-11-64
Bapter, G., Pvt., E, 3rd NY, 1-4-65
Barber, C., Pvt., H, 4th NY HA, 11-27-64
Barnes, Charles, Pvt., H, 95th NY, 12-29-64
Barnes, Elijah W., Pvt., D, 140th NY, 2-10-65
Barry, J.M., Pvt., ---, 12th NY, 1-14-65
Bartin, Charles, Pvt., K, 51st NY, 1-27-65
Barton, Lorenzo J., Pvt., D, 118th NY, 2-9-65
Bates, B.E., Pvt., C, 8th NY HA, 1-8-65
Beady, Mich’l, ---, A, 59th NY, 12-24-64
Bear, Jacob, Pvt., H, 39th NY, 11-24-64
Bear, R.D., Pvt., B, 49th NY HA, 11-29-64
Beck, Andrew, Pvt., E, 95th NY, 2-10-64
Beede, Wm. S., Pvt., G, 4th NY, 1-31-65
Beers, Sachery, ---, B, 6th NY Cav., 12-8-64
Beet, A., Pvt., L, 8th NY, 1-27-64
Bellwa, John, Pvt., E, 140th NY, 12-23-64
Bemis, A.D., Pvt., E, 47th NY, 10-23-64
Benedict, Wm., Pvt., I, 8th NY, 12-7-64
Benjamin, J.W., Pvt., A, 121st NY, 12-13-64
Bennett, G.A. Pvt., G, 1st NY, 1-11-65
Bennett, Geo., Pvt., C, 1st NY SS, 1-6-65
Bennett, Henry, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 12-6-64
Bennett, J. H., Pvt., I, 5th NY, 11-22-64
Bennett, John, Pvt., B, 4th NY HA, 12-6-64
Bennoit, G., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Bertram, ---, Pvt., ---, --- NY SS, 1-28-65
Best, Henry, Pvt., E, 90th NY, 12-25-64
Bett, J.C., ---, K, 20th NY, 1-6-65
Bidgeley, James, Pvt., K, 107th NY, 1-4-65
Biglow, Simon, Pvt., B, 112th NY, 12-19-64
Bilger, Wm., Pvt., G, 140th NY, 1-17-65
Bills, Delos, Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 1-7-65
Birdsell, Frank, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 11-27-64
Bishop, Ash M., Pvt., K, 148th NY, 2-2-65
Bishop, Walter, Pvt., ---, 67th NY, 2-13-65
Blagley, John, Pvt., C, 16th NY, 11-14-64
Blair, John, Cpl., K, 8th NY Cav., 1-16-65
Blakeley, Chas., Pvt., D, 61st NY, 12-22-64
Blanchard, A.J., Pvt., G, 109th NY, 11-08-64
Blank, H., Pvt., F, 95th NY, 1-5-65
Blodt, James, Pvt., L, 8th NY HA, 1-2-65
Bloedt, Joseph, Pvt., L, 8th NY HA, 1-2-65
Blood, Wm. F, Pvt., K, 176th NY, 12-12-64
Blowers, Peter, Pvt., I, 111th NY, 12-10-64
Boman, Abner, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 10-26-64
Bonch, John, ---, E, 51st NY, 12-23-64
Bonesteel, Albert, Pvt., K, 5th NY HA, 1-29-65
Bonton, Erastus, ---, B, 100th NY, 11-5-64
Borden, Alfred, Pvt., I, 179th NY, 12-31-64
Bouden, James, Pvt., E, 116th NY, 1-19-65
Bouton, Geo., Pvt., K, 7th NY Art., 11-16-64
Boyer, Richard, Pvt., E, 9th NY, 12-20-64
Brackett, Michael, Pvt., ---, 6th NY SS, 1-19-65
Bradey, Chas., Pvt., K, 69th NY, 12-22-64
Bramhart, Hiram, Pvt., D, 164th NY, 11-26-64
Branard, S. F., Pvt., D, 148th NY, 11-27-64
Brandon, Adolphus, Pvt., B, 4th NY Art., 11-4-64
Brennan, Chris, Pvt., K, 97th NY, 11-30-64
Breslin, John, Pvt., I, 61st NY, 12-17-64
Bright, James, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 11-30-64
Bogle, ---, Pvt., ---, 52nd NY, 11-29-64
Broomfield, G., Pvt., A, 6th NY Cav., 1-24-65
Brow, John, Pvt., D, 40th NY, 12-3-64
Brown, Curley, Pvt., H, 5th NY Cav., 12-18-64
Brown, E.S., Pvt., H, 4th NY, 2-19-65
Brown, James E., Pvt., E, 11th NY, 1-6-65
Brown, Jas. E., Pvt., E, 111th NY, 1-6-65
Brown, John, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 11-26-64
Brown, John, Pvt., E, 164th NY, 2-19-65
Brown, Thos., Pvt., A, 12th NY, 2-1-65
Brownen, G.W., Pvt., A, 10th NY, 11-19-64
Brunes, C., Pvt., G, 176th NY, 12-28-64
Bryan, Hugh, ---, E, 144th NY, 12-19-64
Bryan, Thomas, ---, D, 8th NY HA, 12-6-64
Buckland, S.W., Pvt., A, 179th NY, 11-11-64
Buffam, L., Sgt., K, 100th NY, 1-8-65
Bull, Stephen C., Pvt., B, 18th NY, 12-12-64
Bunell, Jas., Sgt., A, 8th NY Art., 1-8-65
Burdsall, Frank, ---, H, 5th NY HA, 11-26-64
Burk, P., Pvt., A, 7th NY, 12-22-64
Burkhart, Geo., Pvt., A, 117th NY, 12-2-64
Burley, C., Pvt., E, 3rd NY, 1-4-65
Burnes, M., Pvt., I, 51st NY, 12-12-64
Burnside, Geo., Pvt., D, 59th NY, 1-4-65
Burrows, Albert, Pvt., H, 6th NY, 10-26-64
Burs, Zackery, Pvt., B, 6th NY Cav., 12-9-64
Burt, J.G., Pvt., A, 4th NY Art., 1-9-65
Burton, P., ---, C, 51st NY, ---
Bush, W., Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 11-1-64
Bust, J.C., Pvt., K, 29th NY, 1-7-65
Butcher, John, Pvt., M, 15th NY Cav., 1-23-65
Butler, ---, ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Butt, J.C., Pvt., K, 29th NY, 1-7-65
Byatt, Wm., Pvt., E, 88th NY, 11-25-64


Caleen, Chas., Pvt., D, 140th NY, 2-5-65
Callihan, Edw., Pvt., F, 51st NY, 12-12-64
Caltrick, Louis, ---, L, 105th NY, 11-21-64
Cameron, Chas., Pvt., D, 104th NY, 12-8-64
Cameron, John, Pvt., A, 25th NY Cav., 12-1-64
Cambell, ---, ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Campbell, Adam, Pvt., H, 1st NY HA, 2-7-65
Campbell, John, Pvt., D, 164th NY, 1-18-65
Canence, John, Pvt., E, 57th NY, 12-12-64
Cavanaugh, Jas., Pvt., C, 46th NY, 12-4-64
Carey, Dennis, Pvt., A, 161st NY, 11-5-64
Carners, J., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Carpenter, Geo., Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-21-64
Carpenter, W., Pvt., A, 94th NY, 2-18-65
Carpenter, W.H., Pvt., F, 1st NY SS, 11-30-64
Carrion, Park, Pvt., F, 5th NY HA, 2-5-65
Carroll, Jas., Pvt., H, 21st NY Cav., 11-15-64
Carroll, Peter, Pvt., E, 94th NY, 12-14-64
Carson, Geo. W., Pvt., A, 69th NY, 1-27-65
Cary, Geo. L., Pvt., K, 93rd NY, 11-26-64
Casey, Michael, Pvt., C, 100th NY, 12-24-64
Cassidy, P., Pvt., C, 5th NY, 10-30-64
Caton, James, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 1-4-65
Catrick, Lewis, Pvt., L, 155th NY, 11-22-64
Caughey, James, Pvt., B, 51st NY, 12-12-64
Celbring, Albert, Pvt., D, 111th NY, 1-23-65
Chamberlain, A., Pvt., L, 112th NY, 11-22-64
Chamberlain, Henry, Pvt., I, 51st NY, 12-3-64
Chamberlain, W.H., Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 1-6-65
Chamberlain, Wm. B., ---, G, 110th NY, 1-8-65
Chapman, Geo., ---, A, 3rd NY, 11-29-64
Chapman, Thomas, Pvt., B, 179th NY, 2-9-65
Chapman, Wm., Pvt., H, 4th NY HA, 2-11-65
Chase, C.D., Pvt., K, 126th NY, 2-17-65
Christman, I., Pvt., I, 3rd NY Cav., 1-24-65
Clapp, Henry E., Pvt., E, 15th NY Cav., 1-24-65
Clare, Wm., Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 11-26-64
Clark, Alfred, Pvt., D, 128th NY, 1-2-65
Clark, J. B., Sgt., L, 7th NY Art., 1-5-65
Clark, Joseph, Pvt., K, 51st NY, 12-19-64
Clark, Octavius M., Pvt., A, 104th NY, 2-11-65
Clark, Peter, Pvt., E, 164th NY, 1-16-65
Clarisey, D., Pvt., D, 170th NY, 10-13-64
Cleen, Wm., Pvt., ---, 2nd NY Cav., 8-5-63
Clemens, ---, Pvt., ---, 96th NY, 1-27-65
Clerant, Charles, ---, B, 148th NY, 2-8-65
Clinton, R., Pvt., D, 102nd NY, 1-17-65
Close, Lewis M., Pvt., F, 93rd NY, 1-19-65
Cloud, Charles H., Pvt., D, 184th NY, 2-9-65
Clough, Cary A., Pvt., A, 12th NY, 12-22-64
Clute, Geo. W., Pvt., I, 112th NY, 1-3-65
Coates, G.W., Pvt., A, 1st NY MR, 11-2-64
Coffee, Pat, Pvt., F, 5th NY, 11-22-64
Colber, Ambrose, Pvt., E, 111th NY, 1-30-65
Cole, F.B., Pvt., H, 69th NY, 11-26-64
Colgrove, Wm., Pvt., D, 115th NY, 12-4-64
Colier, Jacob H., Pvt., E, 47th NY, 1-22-65
Coll, John, Pvt., H, 69th NY, 2-1-65
Colver, Horace, Pvt., E, 111th NY, 1-31-65
Colyer, Edward, Pvt., A, 25th NY Cav., 2-5-65
Colyer, Flynch, ---, K, 104th NY, 12-20-64
Combs, J., Citizen of NY, 7-18-64
Commeal, John, Pvt., H, 57th NY, 12-11-64
Connan, John, Pvt., B, 63rd NY, 11-28-64
Connolly, Thomas, Pvt., I, 93rd NY, 1-17-65
Conrad, John, Pvt., D, 104th NY, 1-15-65
Constantine, Geo., Pvt., A, 3rd NY, 1-30-65
Contant, David, Pvt., B, 111th NY, 1-26-65
Coogan, F., Pvt., C, 170th NY, 10-19-64
Cook, Albert, Pvt., F, 93rd NY, 10-21-64
Cook, Frank, Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 2-11-65
Cook, James, Pvt., C, 1st NY SS, 2-12-65
Cook, Wm., Pvt., K, 176th NY, 12-22-64
Cool, J.H., Pvt., D, 140th NY, 12-18-64
Coombs, Joseph E., Pvt., K, 6th NY Cav., 11-11-64
Corloid, ---, ---, B, 51st NY, ---
Cornelisor, James, Pvt., H, 75th NY, 1-4-65
Coroat, C.W., Pvt., F, 24th NY, 11-2-64
Cotee, Francis, Pvt., B, 51st NY, 11-4-64
Counroy, A.J., ---, B, 51st NY, ---
Crowden, Milton G., ---, A, 49th NY, 2-10-65
Cox, J., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Cramer, M., Pvt., B, 7th NY, 1-29-65
Crandell, Eli, Pvt., I, 4th NY HA, 12-11-64
Crimm, M.D., Pvt., C, 8th NY Art., 1-15-65
Crom, Philip, Pvt., B, 111th NY, 12-25-64
Cromwell, E., Pvt., I, 76th NY, 1-5-65
Crosby, H.N., Pvt., B, 5th NY HA, 11-7-64
Cuddy, N.B., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 12-5-64
Cughten, John, Pvt., D, 176th NY, 1-14-65
Cullen, M., Pvt., A, 59th NY, 9-7-63
Curley, T., ---, E, 51st NY, ---
Curtis, ---, ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Curtiss, Bela, Pvt., K, 111th NY, 12-14-64
Curtiss, Charles E., Pvt., B, 90th NY, 2-9-65
Curtiss, John W., Pvt., I, 103rd NY, 3-3-65
Cushing, H.B., Pvt., H, 112th NY, 1-30-65
Custner, James, Pvt., I, 3rd NY Cav., 1-29-65
Cutter, J.P., Pvt., D, 99th NY, 1-11-65


Daily, John, Pvt., B, 159th NY, 11-8-64
Dalton, Michael, Pvt., A, 5th NY, 1-7-65
Darkin, Michael, Pvt., G, 94th NY, 11-1-64
Darling, Wm., Pvt., K, 69th NY, 11-25-64
Davey, A.J., Pvt., I, 51st NY, 11-24-64
Davidson, W., Pvt., I, 128th NY, 11-18-64
Davis, Charles C., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 12-18-64
Davis, Charles W., Pvt., H, 95th NY, 1-29-65
Davis, J., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Davis, John, Lt., A, 155th NY, 10-17-64
Davis, J.S., Pvt., C, 4th NY, 11-4-64
Davis, Peter, Pvt. G, 94th NY, 1-15-65
Dawes, James, Pvt., G, 94th NY, 11-10-64
Dayley, Wm., Pvt.., H, 4th NY Art., 12-25-64
Deal, C.S., Pvt.., C, 8th NY Art., 12-5-64
Dean, Henry, Pvt., C, 57th NY, 11-1-64
Dean, John D., Pvt., C, 12th NY Cav., 1-29-65
Dean, Rowe, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 11-11-64
DeAulin, Richard, ---, B, 11th NY, 10-19-64
Decker, George, Pvt., H, 5th NY, 12-9-64
Decker, Stephen, Pvt., G, 115th NY, 1-1-65
Decker, Thomas, Pvt., H, 51st NY, 11-27-64
DeGroat, N.H., Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 11-13-64
Delaine, John A., Pvt., H, 112th NY, 1-6-65
Delmore, George, Pvt., G, 156th NY, 2-16-65
Desman, T., Pvt., K, 164th NY, 11-16-64
Devour, Wm. K., Pvt., G, 5th NY HA, 12-14-64
Dewight, Mygatt, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 1-14-65
Dibley, Wm., Pvt., B, 52nd NY, 10-26-64
Dickerson, E.A.Q., Pvt., B, 7th NY Cav., 11-7-64
Dickerson, J.W., Pvt., I, 65th NY, 12-20-64
Dieffendorf, E., Pvt., B, 51st NY, 11-12-64
Dignam, M., Pvt., B, 5th NY, 1-9-65
Dillon, W.H., Pvt., B, 146th NY, 1-12-65
Dingman, W.D., Pvt., G, 118th NY, 1-6-65
Dingre, Franklin, Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 12-25-64
Disbrow, Charles, Pvt., F, 64th NY, 12-15-64
Disbrow, George, Pvt., D, 2nd NY HA, 11-13-64
Disbrow, G.W., Pvt., ---, 2nd NY, 11-7-64
Dolan, Barney, Pvt., K, 159th NY, 1-28-65
Doland, John, Pvt., H, 2nd NY, 1-26-65
Dolt, Martin, Pvt., H, 7th NY Art., 1-20-65
Donagan, Michael, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 11-22-64
Donavan, George, Pvt., G, 8th NY, 12-31-64
Dond, James, Pvt., K, 94th NY, 10-31-64
Donegan, Franis, ---, F, 4th NY HA, 12-18-64
Donilly, B., Pvt., A, 4th NY Art., 12-1-64
Donn, Valentine, Pvt., A, 2nd NY Art., 12-6-64
Donohue, Edward, Pvt., F, 5th NY Art., 12-6-64
Doran, John, Pvt., B, 162nd NY, 12-19-64
Dornholper, C., Pvt., A, 7th NY, 10-13-64
Doroy, Wm., Pvt., D, 178th NY, 12-8-64
D’Orsay, Patrick, Pvt., D, 170th NY, 11-12-64
Dorsey, Peter, ---, A, 90th NY, 1-27-65
Dorson, George, Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 11-9-64
Dougherty, W.L., Pvt., E, 124th NY, 1-29-65
Down, E., Pvt., G, 50th NY, 1-29-65
Downey, Peter, Pvt., I, 164th NY, 12-18-64
Downing, Thos. H., Pvt., B, 108th NY, 11-16-64
Doyle, Dennis, Pvt., A, 69th NY, 12-12-64
Dozer, B., Pvt., F, 159th NY, 11-12-64
Drew, George, Pvt., C, 37th NY, 11-3-64
Duffie, Thomas, Pvt., D, 61st NY, 11-17-64
Duffy, George, ---, ---, --- NY, ---
Dunn, John, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 1-27-65
Dunn, Wm., ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Dunn, Wm., ---, K, 51st NY, 10-31-64
Dunning, D., Pvt., E, 127th NY, 1-17-65
Dye, Samuel, Pvt., B, 5th NY, 11-5-64
Dyke, A., Pvt., G, 85th NY, 1-5-65


Easton, J.H., Pvt., A, 69th NY, 1-5-65
Eaton, James, ---, H, 5th NY HA, 1-3-65
Eaun, Martin, Pvt., C, 52nd NY, 2-10-65
Eddy, Wm., Pvt., K, 164th NY, 11-28-64
Edick, Joseph, Pvt., M, 8th NY HA, 10-25-64
Edmund, Austin, Pvt., C, 64th NY, 12-31-64
Eicleberger, M., Pvt., H, 5th NY, 1-8-65
Eldred, H.W., Pvt., D, 51st NY, 11-13-64
Eldridge, Hyde, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 11-27-64
Ellinger, Jacob, Pvt., A, 7th NY, 11-25-64
Ellis, Gilbert W., Pvt., G, 5th NY HA, 1-18-65
Ellis, H., Pvt., B, 7th NY Art., 10-26-64
Emerson, Chas., Pvt., ---, 51st NY, 11-29-64
Emerson, Wm., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Emmons, Asher, Pvt., C, 10th NY, 2-11-65
Encel, Chas., Pvt., I, 16th NY Cav., 11-18-64
Enda, Christ., Pvt., E, 164th NY, 12-1-64
Engle, Hamilton E., Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 2-9-65
English, John, Pvt., F, 46th NY, 12-9-64
English, Pat, Pvt., H, 51st NY, 11-25-64
Eustin, James H., Pvt., A, 69th NY, 1-5-65
Evans, S., Pvt., D, 49th NY, 1-17-65
Evans, Wm., Pvt., A, 8th NY HA, 2-16-65
Evingham, Warren, Pvt., D, 104th NY, 1-27-65


Fairley, P., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Farnum, Fred’k, Pvt., F, 6th NY Cav., 1-28-65
Farrington, Geo., Pvt., F, 69th NY, 10-22-64
Feller, Nicholas, Pvt., G, 8th NY HA, 12-24-64
Felley, James, Pvt., D, 170th NY, 11-17-64
Femoil, Wm., Pvt., I, 94th NY, 12-10-64
Fermon, George, ---, C, 4th NY Art., 1-30-65
Ferris, F.B., Pvt., I, 97th NY, 11-6-64
Ferris, Newton, ---, G, 111th NY, 1-31-65
Fifer, A., Pvt., E, 5th NY Art., 1-26-65
Filbrick, J.A., Pvt., H, 156th NY, 12-2-64
Finger, J., Pvt., G, 85th NY, 1-25-65
Finnerty, P., Pvt., G, 155th NY, 1-22-65
Fish, Chas. E., Pvt., B, 112th NY, 1-6-65
Fisher, Augustus, Pvt., E, 1st NY Cav., 1-21-65
Fisher, C., ---, ---, 69th NY, 10-4-64
Fisher, Geo., Pvt., G, 118th NY, 12-20-64
Fisher, Geo. W., Pvt., G, 118th NY, 12-2-64
Fisher, H., Pvt., K, 59th NY, 1-28-65
Fitzenny, Ernel, Pvt., C, 162nd NY, 11-24-64
Fitzjerald, Fred’k, Pvt., D, 8th NY HA, 1-8-65
Fitzjerald, J., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Fitzpatrick, ---, Pvt., G, 10th NY Cav., 1-5-65
Fitzpatrick, W., Pvt., K, 147th NY, 10-25-64
Flanagan, John, Pvt., ---, 59th NY, 11-17-64
Fleck, Fred’k, Pvt., D, 128th NY, 12-23-64
Fleming, J., ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Flicker, John, Pvt., E, 140th NY, 11-30-64
Flinn, M., Pvt., I, 51st NY, 11-13-64
Flinn, Silas W., Pvt., H, 96th NY, 12-24-64
Flintoff, F., Pvt., E, 102nd NY, 1-28-65
Flora, A., Pvt., E, 115th NY, 1-12-65
Floyd, Conrad, Pvt., B, 51st NY, 12-4-64
Fobias, A., ---, A, 177th NY, 12-2-64
Folston, Wm., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Fonnell, James, Pvt., C, 155th NY, 11-23-64
Forbes, Ducan, Pvt., E, 97th NY, 12-31-64
Ford, George, Pvt., B, 4th NY, 12-10-64
Ford, H.W., Pvt., B, 188th NY, 12-12-64
Forgenin, Peter, Pvt., K, 104th NY, 12-4-64
Fornbolty, Louis, Pvt., C, 52nd NY, 10-31-64
Fort, J.L., Pvt., I, 115th NY, 10-13-64
Foster, Charles, Pvt., B, 7th NY Cav., 12-6-64
Foster, Daniel, Pvt., G, 5th NY HA, 2-6-65
Fox, Rudolph, Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 12-11-64
France, Arnold, Pvt., F, 48th NY, 12-22-64
Franklin, B., ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Franklin, Elliott, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 1-14-65
Franklin, John B., Pvt., F, 55th NY, 1-28-65
Frareo, John, ---, D, 8th NY HA, 1-4-65
Fray, John, Pvt., A, 2nd NY, 1-18-65
Frazer, John W., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 11-3-64
Fredman, ---, ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Freelock, Wm., Pvt., I, 97th NY, 1-8-65
Frendes, Jacob, Pvt., G, 52nd NY, 10-22-64
Frey, John, Pvt., H, 89th NY, 1-17-65
Fritertine, Joseph, ---, D, 159th NY, 2-12-65
Fritz, Walter, Pvt., H, 94th NY, 11-5-64
Front, Andrew, Pvt., E, 176th NY, 1-13-65
Frost, B., Pvt., D, 104th NY, 1-25-65
Froy, Frank, Pvt., D, 117th NY, 11-26-64
Fulden, D., Pvt., H, 48th NY, 1-30-65
Fuller, N.T., Pvt., E, 51st NY, 11-26-64
Furey, Franklin, Pvt., I, 8th NY, 12-7-64
Furman, George, Pvt., C, 4th NY Art., 1-31-65


Gaddin, Daniel, Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 11-23-64
Gallagher, Edward, Pvt., D, 5th NY, 2-11-65
Gallagher, L., Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 11-26-64
Ganathy, Richard, Pvt., F, 164th NY, 11-27-64
Gannon, Thomas, Pvt., A, 69th NY, 12-13-64
Gardner, Harrison, Pvt., H, 80th NY, 1-17-65
Gardner, S. O., Pvt., F, 3rd NY Cav., 2-15-65
Geilet, Isabel, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 2-1-65
Gibson, John, Pvt., G, 8th NY HA, 1-14-65
Gilbert, Charles, Pvt., K, 3rd NY Cav., 11-27-64
Gillette, Samuel, Pvt., B, 97th NY, 11-24-64
Gillpatrick, Jesse, Pvt., C, 164th NY, 12-5-64
Gilso, Charles, Pvt., G, 8th NY HA, 11-24-64
Givens, George, Pvt., D, 2nd NY HA, 11-4-64
Gloss, Frederick, Pvt., E, 4th NY HA, 12-2-64
Gochlin, Benj., Pvt., H, 108th NY, 1-17-65
Godell, F., Cpl., K, 122nd NY, 1-26-65
Godfrey, G., Pvt., D, 8th NY, 10-31-64
Goff, B. F., Pvt., F, 140th NY, 12-20-64
Goff, James, Pvt., F, 104th NY, 10-19-64
Golbeyer, H., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Goodman, M., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Goodman, N., ---, C, 51st NY, 12-9-64
Goodwin, W., Pvt., H, 108th NY, 1-17-65
Goodman, ---, ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Gould, Wm., ---, F, 14th NY HA, 1-24-65
Gozier, Andrew, Pvt., K, 159th NY, 1-30-65
Grace, Martin, Pvt., K, 140th NY, 12-1-64
Graham, John, Pvt., K, 60th NY, 12-14-64
Gran, John, Pvt., F, 170th NY, 1-17-65
Granger, Leman B., Pvt., C, 4th NY Art., 11-16-64
Grannin, M., Pvt., F, 11th NY, 10-20-64
Gratt, Frederick, ---, F, 2nd NY Cav., 12-25-64
Gray, ---, ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Gray, Hiram, Pvt., H, 95th NY, 12-13-64
Gray, Patrick, Pvt., B, 66th NY, 12-21-64
Grayner, Charles, Pvt., I, 97th NY, 12-24-64
Green, Charles, Pvt., G, 95th NY, 1-8-65
Green, Charles M., Pvt., H, 111th NY, 2-8-65
Green, G. M., Pvt., G., 26th NY, 12-3-64
Green, H. W., Pvt., E, 146th NY, 1-26-65
Green, John, Pvt., G, 5th NY, 2-4-65
Green, Wm., Pvt., E, 2nd NY Art., 10-16-64
Greenwelt, Edward, Pvt., F, 5th NY HA, 1-16-65
Griff, John, Pvt., E, 176th NY, 1-13-65
Griffin, Wm., Pvt., A, 97th NY, 12-14-64
Griffith, D.E., Pvt., G, 1st NY Drag., 11-4-64
Grorger, J., Pvt., F, 104th NY, 12-2-64
Gutman, N., Pvt., C, 51st NY, 12-10-64


Hackett, John, Pvt., D, 106th NY, 11-20-64
Hadden, John S., Pvt., C, 128th NY, 12-29-64
Hade, J., Pvt., C, 40th NY, 11-13-64
Hade, R., Pvt., C, 125th NY, 11-13-64
Hagner, Henry, Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 1-21-65
Haggerty, John, Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 12-4-64
Haines, H., Pvt., K, 89th NY, 1-7-65
Hait, Charles, Pvt., A, 1st NY Cav., 1-9-65
Hale, Charles, Pvt., L, 8th NY HA, 2-4-65
Hall, C.W., Pvt., I, 40th NY, 1-1-65
Hall, Henry, ---, D, 8th NY Art., 11-19-64
Hall, Henry L., Pvt., A, 118th NY, 2-27-65
Hall, S.M., Pvt., M, 22nd NY Cav., 1-10-65
Halleck, Daniel, Pvt., A, 24th NY, 12-27-64
Hallet, Bradford, Pvt., I, 179th NY, 1-17-65
Halloran, Daniel, Pvt., A, 5th NY Cav., 1-10-65
Hallpenny, F., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Haloran, D., Pvt., I, 5th NY, 1-10-65
Ham, Charles, Pvt., A, 128th NY, 12-31-64
Hana, H., Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 1-21-65
Hanard, A. C., Pvt., H, 51st NY, 11-6-64
Hand, James, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 2-2-65
Hand, Lewis, Pvt., D, 3rd NY, 11-9-64
Handcock, Robert, Pvt., C, 114th NY, 12-28-64
Hanick, Charles, Pvt., I, 94th NY, 11-27-64
Haning, E.A., Pvt., C, 36th NY, 7-4-62
Hanley, Wm., Pvt., ---, 52nd NY, 1-13-65
Hannel, A., ---, D, 100th NY, 6-24-62
Hanwing, Eli, Pvt., C, 36th NY, 7-4---
Harreling, Charles, Pvt., F, 61st NY, 10-30-64
Hartan, Louis, Pvt., B, 7th NY, 12-1-64
Harning, E.A., Pvt., C, 36th NY, 7-4-62
Harpending, M., Pvt., D, 72nd NY, 1-29-65
Harris, Henry, Pvt., K, 89th NY, 1-7-65
Harris, M., Pvt., F, 4th NY, 11-27-64
Hart, John, Pvt., E, 51st NY, 12-21-64
Harvey, J., ---, B, 51st NY, ---
Hass, Frederick, Pvt., A, 7th NY, 11-7-64
Haveland, George, Pvt., E, 51st NY, 12-30-64
Hawkins, D., Pvt., H, 4th NY HA, 11-27-64
Hays, ---, Pvt., E, 4th NY HA, 12-1-64
Hays, John, Pvt., E, 4th NY HA, 11-6-64
Hearne, John, Pvt., E, 164th NY, 10-30---
Heath, E.M., Pvt., M, 2nd NY MR, 12-15-64
Heaydy, James, Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 11-30-64
Heelman, John, Pvt., D, 128th NY, 1-30-65
Heicker, Sebastian, Pvt., B, 140th NY, 12-29-64
Henal, A., Pvt., D, 100th NY, 6-26-62
Hendrickson, Wm., Pvt., F, 90th NY, 12-15-64
Henry, John, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 11-20-64
Herman, F., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 11-26-64
Heron, John, Pvt., D, 51st NY, 12-17-64
Herrington, M., Pvt., A, 55th NY, 11-18-64
Hickey, Daniel, Pvt., H, 61st NY, 11-9-64
Hickox, James, Pvt., I, 140th NY, 11-13-64
Higgins, Chas., Pvt., H, 164th NY, 12-22-64
Higgins, J., Pvt., G, 170th NY, 2-13-65
Higgins, Jospeh, Pvt., G, 170th NY, 2-13-65
Higgins, Thomas, Pvt., C, 100th NY, 2-10-65
Hilderbough, Leo, Pvt., G, 140th NY, 11-29-64
Hile, Samuel, Pvt., B, 66th NY, 12-4-64
Hill, Isaac B., Pvt., K, 179th NY, 1-16-65
Hill, Wm. E., Pvt., A, 8th NY Cav., 1-2-65
Hillard, Fletcher, Pvt., E, 63rd NY, 10-22-64
Hines, J.F., Pvt., H, 108th NY, 10-29-64
Hipson, R., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Hoff, Wm., Pvt., C, 12th NY, 11-3-64
Hoffman, Geo., Pvt., F, 5th NY Art., 1-21-65
Hogan, David, Pvt., C, 6th NY Cav., 12-9-64
Hogg, Wm., Pvt., A, 8th NY Cav., 11-30-64
Holcomb, N., Pvt., F, 95th NY, 11-9-64
Holden, Ferdinand, Pvt., K, 16th NY, 2-8-65
Holey, Phillip, Pvt., B, 46th NY, 2-9-65
Holmes, John F., Pvt., E, 93rd NY, 2-7-65
Holmes, W., ---, R, 8th NY HA, 1-12---
Holmes, Wm., Pvt., K, 8th NY Art., 1-18-65
Hopkins, M., Pvt., A, 5th NY Cav., 12-21-64
Horton, Wm. D., Pvt., C, 1st NY SS, 1-4-65
House, Wm., Pvt., H, 61st NY, 10-30-64
Howard, A.E., Pvt., K, 89th NY, 11-22-64
Howard, Nicholas, Pvt., B, 105th NY, 1-22-65
Howell, James, Pvt., E, 2nd NY Cav., 1-18-65
Hubbard, John, Pvt., A, 8th NY Cav., 1-5-65
Hudson, J.H., Pvt., E, 111th NY, 1-9-65
Hughes, John H., Pvt., B, 24th NY Cav., 12-4-64
Humphrey, Jas., Pvt., B, 4th NY HA, 11-28-64
Hunt, Owen, Pvt., M, 2nd NY MR, 11-29-64
Hunter, Wm., Pvt., E, 162nd NY, 1-30-65
Huson, Geo. B., Pvt., G, 26th NY Cav., 1-12-65
Hutchinson, E., Pvt., G, 69th NY, 2-9-65
Hyde, Chester, Pvt., G, 100th NY, 11-24-64
Hyde, Samuel, Pvt., E, 117th NY, 11-18---
Hyer, Jas., Pvt., L, 7th NY HA, 1-6-65
Hyer, W., Pvt., E, 176th NY, 12-19-64


Idings, Thos., ---, ---, 38th NY, 5-6-62
Ingraham, Wm., Pvt., B, 1st NY MR, 11-1-64
Ingram, L., Pvt., H, 77th NY, 1-18-65
Irwin, James, Pvt., B, 156th NY, 2-15-65
Isabell, Gillett, ---, C, 4th NY HA, 1-30-65


Jackson, Wm. J., Pvt., F, 6th NY Cav., 1-28-65
Jacobs, C., ---, E, 51st NY, ---
Jasper, Robert, Pvt., K, 5th NY Cav., 1-1-65
Jenks, Chas., ---, C, 93rd NY, 12-2-64
Johers, Wm., Pvt., F, 2nd NY, 12-2-64
Johnson, Christian, Pvt., A, 59th NY, 12-9-64
Johnson, C., Pvt., A, 146th NY, 1-28-65
Johnson, C.M., Pvt., C, 170th NY, 11-4-64
Johnson, John, Pvt., I, 31st NY, 12-24-64
Johnson, Wm., Pvt., A, 59th NY, 11-13-64
Jones, ---, Pvt., ---, 100th NY, 12-18-64
Jones, E., Pvt., H, 3rd NY Cav., 1-8-65
Jones, George F., Pvt., G, 8th NY, 11-3-64
Jones, Herbert, Pvt., D, 104th NY, 11-17-64
Jones, J. Willard, Pvt., E, 4th NY HA, 12-1-64


Kage, Thomas, Pvt., E, 111th NY, 12-18-64
Kane, Patrick, Pvt., K, 164th NY, 11-30-64
Keath, Daniel, Pvt., A, 69th NY, 1-30-65
Kebaldt, Frederick, Pvt., E, 3rd NY, 2-2-65
Keep, Wm., Pvt., F, 176th NY, 1-29-65
Kellday, James, Pvt., G, 51st NY, 1-17-65
Kellelhere, Stephen, Pvt., I, 128th NY, 2-10-65
Kelley, Thomas, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 11-10-64
Kelly, James, Pvt., E, 2nd NY, 10-22-64
Kelly, Patrick, Pvt., E, 146th NY, 12-27-64
Kelsey, E.M., Pvt., F, 64th NY, 12-21-64
Kemp, John, Pvt., H, 94th NY, 12-4-64
Kennedy, Matthew, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 1-3-65
Kennedy, Thomas, Pvt., F, 5th NY HA, 2-8-65
Kennedy, Wm., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Kenny, Michael, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 10-31-64
Kensel, Christian, Pvt., D, 164th NY, 11-25-64
Kensick, Frederick, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 11-28-64
Kenyon, J.L., Pvt., C, 4th NY HA, 12-11-64
Kerbey, Job, Pvt., I, 104th NY, 2-12-65
Kettle, Patrick, Pvt., D, 170th NY, 12-2-64
Keys, F. C., Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 2-13-65
Keysler, George, Pvt., C, 69th NY, 12-10-64
Killan, Michael, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 1-2-65
Killday, James, Pvt., G, 51st NY, 1-17-65
Kinary, P., Pvt., K, 155th NY, 1-4-65
King, Albert, Pvt., E, 111th NY, 1-26-65
King, James J., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 12-11-64
Kinnan, Patrick, Pvt., K, 155th NY, 1-4-65
Kirby, Ezra, Pvt., G, 8th NY Cav., 11-8-64
Knapp, Robert, Pvt., A, 8th NY Cav., 11-11-64
Kner, Edward, Pvt., A, 160th NY, 2-16-65
Koohns, John, Pvt., M, 8th NY HA, 12-22-64
Kovinshi, S., ---, A, 3rd NY Cav., 12-12-64
Krouse, G.F., Pvt., D, 7th NY HA, 1-5-65
Kuhn, Frederick, Pvt., C, 146th NY, 12-1-64
Kulleman, J.H., Pvt., B, 51st NY, ---


Labell, Thomas, Pvt., B, 4th NY, 10-30-64
LaFope, Alfred, Pvt., G, 15th NY, 12-2-64
Lackey, Elijah, Pvt., B, 148th NY, 2-13-65
Lapier, John, Pvt., F, 169th NY, 11-12-64
Lawrence, George A., Pvt., F, --- NY SS, 2-5-65
LeBaroa, ---, Pvt., K, 46th NY, 11-10-64
Lee, Oliver, Pvt., L, 13th NY Cav., 1-28-65
Lee, Wm. H., Pvt., D, 1st NY, 12-1-64
Lendner, John D., Pvt., I, 69th NY, 12-7-64
Leonard, James, Pvt., C, 51st NY, 10-27-64
Lewis, C.R., Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 12-17-64
Lewis, F., Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 12-2-64
Lewis, Jas., Pvt., D, 104th NY, 2-14-65
Lewis, Mather, Pvt., ---, 8th NY Art., 11-27-64
Lewis, Wm., Pvt., K, 179th NY, 12-29-64
Light, Freeman, Pvt., A, 4th NY Art., 11-13-64
Like, Francis, Pvt., G, 1st NY SS, 12-4-64
Limerick, C., ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Lipencott, J.A., Pvt., K, 10th NY Cav., 1-29-65
Lippencott, W.H., Pvt., M, 2nd NY Cav., 1-20-65
Lisum, Hiram W., Pvt., B, 156th NY, 1-1-65
Lively, Edw’d, Pvt., F, 3rd NY, 1-29-65
Loflin, W., Pvt., E, 76th NY, 12-24-64
Logan, Jas. T., Pvt., B, 46th NY, 1-1-65
Loistan, Wm., Pvt., D, 4th NY Art., 11-4-64
Lone, Wm., Pvt., E, 94th NY, 2-10-65
Long, Joseph, Pvt., C, 69th NY, 1-13-65
Longee, J.L., Pvt., H, 159th NY, 2-13-65
Longstaff, J.W., Pvt., B, 8th NY HA, 10-23-64
Loomes, Chas., Pvt., L, 8th NY HA, 2-8-65
Lorro, Jno., Pvt., D, 61st NY, 11-25-64
Lorson, D., Pvt., H, 4th NY, 12-2-64
Love, G., Pvt., G, 52nd NY, 1-10-65
Lovell, Wm., Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 2-11-65
Lowe, Geo. M., Pvt., I, 64th NY, 10-26-64
Lucks, Wm., Pvt., D, 94th NY, 1-7-65
Ludon, Chas., Pvt., F, 5th NY Art., 12-15-64
Ludwig, H., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Lunn, John, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 12-7-64
Luther, Geo. E., Pvt., G, 5th NY HA, 11-20-64
Lutz, R.W., Pvt., G, 117th NY, 12-17-64
Lyons, James, Pvt., H, 5th NY, 2-8-65


McAllis, A., Pvt., C, 176th NY, 1-29-65
McBride, John, Pvt., K, 51st NY, 11-28-64
McCabe, John, Pvt., C, 57th NY, 12-6-64
McCabe, Michael, Pvt. B, 170th NY, 12-6-64
McCabe, Thos., Pvt., ---, 2nd NY HA, 1-11-65
McCarty, Peter, Pvt., K, 51st NY, 1-16-65
McChesney, S., Pvt., A, 125th NY, 12-21-64
McClelland, Geo., Pvt., C, 2nd NY Art., 11-9-64
McClennan, Jas., Pvt., H, 51st NY, 11-18-64
McClennan, W., Pvt., B, 146th NY, 1-20-65
McComber, Chas., Pvt., C, 97th NY, 11-10-64
McConnick, K., Pvt., B, 69th NY, 12-8-64
McCormick, Christian, Pvt., D, 5th NY, 2-11-65
McCormick, J., Pvt., A, 162nd NY, 1-18-65
McCormick, J., ---, ---, 38th NY, 5-11-62
McCormick, John, Pvt., I, 52nd NY, 12-27-64
McCormick, K, ---, ---, 38th NY, 5-11-62
McCormick, M., Pvt., B, 126th NY, 12-16-64
McCormick, Patrick, Pvt., A, 155th NY, 10-30-64
McCue, James, Pvt., I, 10th NY HA, 12-26-64
McDermott, J., ---, C, 51st NY, 10-5-64
McDonald, J., ---, A, 51st NY, 10-5-64
McDonald, Jno., Pvt., E, 108th NY, 11-14-64
McDonald, Jno., Pvt., C, 63rd NY, 11-29-64
McDonald, Jno., Pvt., C, 112th NY, 12-16-64
McDonald, Lawrence, Pvt., ---, 164th NY, 11-22-64
McDonnell, J., ---, A, 51st NY, ---
McEvoy, P., ---, C, 51st NY, ---
McGargill, A., Pvt., H, 155th NY, 10-24-64
McGee, Michael, Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-13-64
McGlony, Thos., Pvt., A, 170th NY, 10-29-64
McGowan, M., Pvt., D, 60th NY, 12-16-64
McGrath, W.F., Pvt., A, 170th NY, 11-12-64
McGraw, Jno., Pvt., F, 170th NY, 1-17-65
McGraw, Wm., Pvt., E, 140th NY, 2-16-65
McGregor, Franklin, Pvt., A, 59th NY, 11-19-64
McGuire, Hugh, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 1-23-65
McGuire, J., Pvt., B, 170th NY, 1-18-65
McGuire, J., Pvt., C, 57th NY, ---
McHenry, Wm., Pvt., K, 2nd NY, 10-24-64
McIntosh, Alex’r., Pvt., D, 47th NY, 11-10-64
McKee, Patrick, Pvt., I, 97th NY, 2-2-65
McKelvey, John, Pvt., F, 170th NY, 11-23-64
McKenzie, Hector, Pvt., A, 61st NY, 10-29-64
McLane, Jas., Pvt., M, 4th NY Art., 12-23-64
McLane, Wm., Pvt., B, 16th NY Cav., 12-8-64
McLaughlin, Jno., Pvt., E, 69th NY, 10-29-64
McLaughlin, Wm., Pvt., D, 164th NY, 10-25-64
McLeir, D., ---, C, 51st NY, ---
McMahon, Wm., Pvt., F, 69th NY, 1-15-65
McNeal, Alex’r., ---, E, 3rd NY Cav., 2-6-65
McWade, Jas., Pvt., H, 8th NY, 10-24-64
McWithey, R., Pvt., A, 10th NY Cav., 11-17-64
Mack, James, Pvt., C, 123rd NY, 12-12-64
Mack, Sam’l., Pvt., G, 118th NY, 2-16-65
Maher, Jno., Pvt., C, 5th NY, 12-26-64
Mahony, Cornelius, Pvt., A, 61st NY, 1-2-65
Major, Marrion, Pvt., D, 125th NY, 11-21-64
Mallony, C., Pvt., A, 61st NY, 1-2-65
Malvern, Roe, Pvt., ---, 7th NY HA, 11-13-64
Manchester, C.F., Pvt., B, 125th NY, 12-10-64
Mann, George W., Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 12-1-64
Mariarle, Wm., Pvt., C, 39th NY, 1-3-65
Marray, Edward, Pvt., G, 69th NY, 12-12-64
Marshall, J. A., Pvt., D, 8th NY, 1-27-65
Marston, John, Pvt., D, 47th NY, 12-3-64
Martin, Costar, ---, K, 39th NY, 10-19-64
Martin, J., Pvt., H, 5th NY Art., 1-20-65
Martin, J., Pvt., H, 4th NY, 11-3-64
Martin, John, Pvt., E, 4th NY, 11-4-64
Martin, John, Pvt., A, 96th NY, 11-10-64
Martin, Patrick, Pvt., F, 69th NY, 10-18-64
Martin, Thomas, Pvt., H, 5th NY Art., 1-20-65
Martindale, Wm., Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 1-14-65
Mason, L., Pvt., I, 14th NY HA, 12-6-64
Mason, N.M., Pvt., C, 85th NY, 1-31-65
Mather, Lewis, Sgt. Maj., ---, 8th NY HA, 11-26-64
Mathewson, H.A., Pvt., A, 95th NY, 12-24-64
Mayfield, James, Pvt., K, 159th NY, 11-29-64
Mayhew, L., Pvt., I, 6th NY Cav., 11-19-64
Mayhugh, Asa, Pvt., G., 8th NY, 2-12-65
Maynard, Charles, Pvt., E, 140th NY, 1-8-65
Mayor, L., Pvt., G, 47th NY, 1-31-65
Mecalaix, Alex’r., Pvt., C, 176th NY, 1-29-65
Melette, Huson W., Pvt., K, 3rd NY, 1-3-65
Mennon, Herman, Pvt., I, 76th NY, 2-12-65
Merrill, Benj., Pvt., C, 94th NY, 11-20-64
Messing, B., Pvt., A, 7th NY, 1-28-65
Mitchell, Wilbur, Pvt., E, 8th NY, 11-24-64
Michner, H.C., Pvt., M, 8th NY Cav., 2-11-65
Mickelson, Henry, Pvt., I, 58th NY, 11-12-64
Middleton, ---, ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Miller, Frederick, Pvt., D, 7th NY, 11-21-64
Miller, Henry, Pvt., G, 179th NY, 12-9-64
Miller, Issac, Pvt., C, 126th NY, 10-15-64
Miller, W., Pvt., D, 131st NY, 12-4-64
Millett, H.W., Pvt., K, 3rd NY, 1-3-65
Miscal, R., Pvt., H, 69th NY, 11-19-64
Mitchell, Adam, Pvt., C, 75th NY, 12-4-64
Mitchell, Alry, Pvt., F, 3rd NY, 1-10-65
Monrokan, Peter, Pvt., ---, 164th NY, 3-4-65
Montgomery, Wm., Pvt., E, 118th NY, 11-28-64
Moody, John, Pvt., K, 5th NY, 12-24-64
Moon, Charles, Pvt., H, 3rd NY HA, 11-24-64
Mooney, M., ---, D, 51st NY, ---
Moore, George M., Pvt., C, 2nd NY MR, 1-14-65
Moore, J., Pvt., H, 96th NY, 12-24-64
Moore, J.C., Pvt., I, 5th NY HA, 1-8-65
Moorefield, James, ---, K, 152nd NY, ---
Moran, John, Pvt., F, 5th NY HA, 1-1-65
Moriaty, F., Pvt., G, 48th NY, 2-17-65
Morn, J., ---, H, 96th NY, 12-1-64
Morrell, M.C., Pvt., G, 118th NY, 12-20-64
Morris, Cornelius G., Pvt., D, 47th NY, 12-19-64
Morris, R., Pvt., G, 66th NY, 1-6-65
Morse, J., Pvt., L, 1st NY, 1-23-64
Mossler, A., Pvt., C, 147th NY, 1-17-65
Mott, Daniel E., Pvt., G, 6th NY Cav., 11-22-64
Mott, George, Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-12-64
Moyer, Oliver, Pvt., I, 97th NY, 1-5-65
Mullen, Thomas, ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Mulligan, Thomas, ---, E, 164th NY, 12-4-64
Munch, Peter, Pvt., A, 6th NY HA, 1-30-65
Munson, J.R., Pvt., F, 4th NY HA, 12-6-64
Murphy, ---, ---, D, 51st NY, ---
Murphy, J., Pvt., H, 51st NY, 2-1-65
Murphy, John, Pvt., A, 6th NY Cav., 12-24-64
Murphy, Thomas, Pvt., I, 69th NY, 11-20-64
Murry, Edward, Pvt., G, 69th NY, 12-12-64
Murry, James, Pvt., D, 131st NY, 12-26-64
Muselman, D., Pvt., K, 2nd NY, 1-20-65
Myers, ---, Pvt., ---, 61st NY, 11-28-64
Myers, J.M., ---, C, 112th NY, 12-7-64
Myers, James W., Pvt., D, 128th NY, 1-29-65
Myers, John, Pvt., B, 13th NY Cav., 11-22-64


Nagle, James, Pvt., C, 140th NY, 12-6-64
Nascoll, Frederick, Pvt., C, 160th NY, 1-29-65
Neal, P.O., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Nevins, Patrick, Pvt., E, 164th NY, 11-24-64
Newcomb, E., ---, E, 51st NY, ---
Newman, John, Pvt., F, 61st NY, 11-8-64
Newmaster, C., Pvt., D, 47th NY, 11-25-64
Newton, Ferris, Pvt., G, 111th NY, 2-1-65
Nicholson, Henry, ---, I, 58th NY HA, 11-11-64
Nickson, Wm., Pvt., L, 8th NY Art., 11-16-64
Nodine, Wm. H., Pvt., F, 51st NY, 2-11-65
Nolan, Michael, Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 11-1-64
Nolan, Michael, Pvt., H, 164th NY, 12-18-64
Noonin, James, ---, K, 51st NY, ---
Norton, James, Pvt., I, 159th NY, 2-4-65
Norton, Peter, Pvt., G, 164th NY, 11-13-64
Nostrand, G.W., Pvt., A, 25th NY Cav., 12-16-64
Nother, E., Pvt., A, 8th NY Art., 1-8-64
Noyes, Frank, Pvt., E, 94th NY, 2-16-65


O’Brian, Martin, Pvt., A, 170th NY, 12-2-64
O’Brien, Henry, Pvt., H, 4th NY HA, 2-17-65
O’Brien, J., Pvt., D, 69th NY, 11-29-64
O’Brien, Patr’k., Pvt., I, 13th NY Cav., 11-13-64
O’Brien, Thomas, Pvt., D, 8th NY HA, 12-7-64
O’Brien, Wm., Pvt., A, 7th NY HA, 1-18-65
O’Connor, Chas., ---, L, 3rd NY Cav., 11-9-64
O’Connor, Chas., Pvt., M, 31st NY Cav., 11-10-64
O’Connor, John, Pvt., B, 63rd NY, 12-1-64
O’Kay, P., Pvt., E, 140th NY, 1-5-65
O’Neil, J., Pvt., I, 51st NY, 12-26-64
O’Reilly, Patrick, Pvt., G, 7th NY HA, 12-1-64
Orendorff, Wm., Pvt., A, 2nd NY HA, 10-28-64
Ormsby, Wm., Pvt., A, 142nd NY, 10-27-64
Osborne, Martin, Pvt., M, 8th NY HA, 10-30-64
Osgood, David, Pvt., A, 19th NY, 12-22-64
Osterhouse, John, Pvt., M, 4th NY HA, 11-3-64
Owens, E., ---, E, 51st NY, ---


Packard, Lyman, Pvt., C, 6th NY Cav., 1-23-65
Page, George, Pvt., I, 51st NY, 1-9-65
Page, Isaac, Pvt., I, 8th NY, 11-27-64
Palmer, F., Pvt., C, 69th NY, 12-25-64
Palmer, Robert A., Pvt., D, 128th NY, 12-23-64
Panborn, Charles, Pvt., I, 76th NY, 12-4-64
Parkin, H., Pvt., A, 61st NY, 1-13-65
Parks, R.J., Pvt., A, 125th NY, 10-20-64
Parrine, Joseph, Pvt., D, 25th NY Cav., 12-26-64
Passage, Hiram, Pvt., A, 104th NY, 11-8-64
Paul, Jacob, Pvt., F, 128th NY, 1-27-65
Paver, Jacob, Pvt., B, 51st NY, 12-13-64
Peabody, Nelson, Pvt., B, 104th NY 1-15-64
Pease, Henry, Pvt., F., 117th NY, 11-13-64
Peck, Stiles, ---, C, 16th NY, 1-20-65
Pelham, Levi, Pvt., D, 89th NY, 1-6-64
Pendergrast, Edw’d., Pvt., A, 6th NY Cav., 12-2-64
Penkerton, Wm., Pvt., H, 94th NY, 10-29-64
Pepworth, J., Pvt., E, 111th NY, 11-13-64
Perkins, John, Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 12-17-64
Perrige, C.W., Pvt., A, 118th NY, 12-20-64
Perry, Edward, Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 12-4-64
Phay, Wm., Pvt., A, 68th NY, 1-28-65
Phillip, Hiram, Pvt., H, 90th NY HA, 11-27-64
Phillips, I., Pvt., E, 6th NY Cav., 1-18-65
Phipps, Ralph, Pvt., ---, 5th NY HA, 1-13-65
Pierce, Henry, Pvt., B, 86th NY, 2-9-64
Pifer, Augustus, Pvt., A, 2nd NY MR, 11-25-64
Pinder, Wm., Pvt., G, 8th NY HA, 12-24-64
Pitcher, H.T., Pvt., K, 51st NY, 12-12-64
Place, J.H., Pvt., I, 97th NY, 11-12-64
Planter, John, Pvt., F, 2nd NY HA, 11-29-64
Pohamsis, John, Pvt., B, 51st NY, 2-13-64
Potter, Hiram E., Pvt. A, 97th NY, 1-19-65
Potter, Jas., Pvt., H, 95th NY, 1-10-65
Powers, Patrick, Pvt., E, 2nd NY MR, 1-2-64
Pratt, Fred’k., Pvt., F, 2nd NY Cav., 12-26-64
Preston, J.M., Pvt., C, 2nd NY, 1-31-65
Price, A.J., Pvt., A, 1st NY, 10-29-64
Price, Chas., Pvt., A, 7th NY HA, 11-3-64
Price, David, Pvt., B, 64th NY, 12-28-64
Price, F., ---, F, 10th NY Batt., 12-28-64
Pringle, Albert, Pvt., D, 89th NY, 12-6-64
Priterline, Jos., Pvt., D, 159th NY, 2-13-65
Pryor, David, Pvt., D, 64th NY, 1-22-65
Puev, ---, ---, O, 120th NY, 2-2-65


Quackenbush, Geo., Pvt., F, 94th NY, 10-20-64
Quinn, Michael, Pvt., C, 69th NY, 11-14-64


Randall, R.H., Pvt., E, 63rd NY, 12-7-64
Randolph, A.F., Pvt., I, 5th NY, 12-2-64
Rathaway, Chas., Pvt., C, 140th NY, 1-30-65
Raven, J.K., Pvt., H, 59th NY, 10-24-64
Raynor, M., Pvt., D, 8th NY Art., 1-13-65
Rea, Wm., Sgt., ---, --- NY, ---
Ready, Michael, Pvt., A, 59th NY, 12-25-64
Reafasall, Henry, Pvt., ---, 8th NY HA, 1-4-65
Reburan, I., Pvt., C, 59th NY, 1-15-65
Recker, ---, Pvt., H, 161st NY, 12-25-64
Reed, D.C., Pvt., I, 142nd NY, 2-5-65
Reed, H., Pvt., I, 149th NY, 2-11-65
Reed, Howard, Pvt., B, 7th NY HA, 1-27-65
Reegan, John, ---, K, 51st NY, ---
Regan, Thomas, Pvt., K, 170th NY, 11-24-64
Regan, Wm., Pvt., A, 164th NY, 1-29-65
Reter, Feter, Pvt., B, 5th NY, 12-12-64
Reynolds, Anthony, ---, ---, --- NY, ---
Rhodes, Scott, Pvt., C, 9th NY Cav., 11-24-64
Rhoman, Geo. H., Pvt., G, 5th NY Cav., 11-21-64
Richards, J.H., Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 2-15-65
Richardson, Thos., Pvt., A, 7th NY HA, 11-19-64
Richmond, Peter, Pvt., C, 69th NY, 1-14-65
Ricket, Francis, Pvt., B, 140th NY, 1-3-65
Rigby, John, Pvt., G, 147th NY, 12-11-64
Riley, Henry, Pvt., ---, 15th NY HA, 2-7-65
Riley, I., Pvt., C, 73rd NY, 1-2-65
Riley, James, Pvt., H, 96th NY, 2-9-65
Riley, M., Pvt., H, 164th NY, 11-10-64
Riley, O., Pvt., C, 14th NY HA, 2-4-65
Riley, Peter, Pvt., G, 76th NY, 1-19-65
Riley, Wm., Pvt., I, 4th NY HA, 2-1-65
Riordon, Michael, Pvt., D, 69th NY, 1-6-65
Roan, Patrick, Pvt., F, 3rd NY Cav., 12-9-64
Roberts, John, Pvt., I, 118th NY, 12-20-64
Rogers, Thomas, Pvt., I, 3rd NY Cav., 11-27-64
Rose, ---, ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Rose, A.H., Pvt., C, 59th NY, 12-10-64
Rose, Edward, ---, H, 4th NY HA, 12-12-64
Rosenburg, Jacob, Pvt., F, 47th NY, 12-3-64
Rosenguest, John, Pvt., D, 51st NY, 12-25-64
Rossack, Wm., Pvt., A, 15th NY HA, 11-16-64
Rouch, John, Pvt., D, 28th NY, 11-15-64
Rounds, Wm., Pvt., K, 11th NY, 12-18-64
Royal, J., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Royce, E., Pvt., D, 66th NY, 2-13-65
Ruben, Jacob, Pvt., B, 16th NY Cav., 11-4-64
Rubrecht, Samuel, Pvt., F, 14th NY, 10-24-64
Russell, F.C., Pvt., G, 7th NY, 10-17-64
Russell, James, Pvt., B, 4th NY HA, 2-9-65
Rust, Thompson, ---, F, 8th NY HA, 12-7-64
Ryan, Cornelius, Pvt., C, 176th NY, 12-21-64
Ryan, Edward, Pvt., G, 47th NY, 11-19-64
Ryan, Hugh, Pvt., E, 144th NY, 12-11-64
Ryan, John, ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Ryan, Robert, Pvt., M, 15th NY Cav., 1-15-65
Ryer, R., Pvt., M, 15th NY Cav., 1-5-65
Ryl, James, ---, H, 51st NY, 12-22-64


Salisbury, Wm., Pvt., E, 170th NY, 11-16-64
Sampson, Charles, Pvt., E, 147th NY, 1-1-65
Sanders, R., Pvt., K, 60th NY, 1-23-65
Sanford, Henry, Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 11-30-64
Saragens, Edmund, Pvt., B, 95th NY, 12-11-64
Satterlee, George, Pvt., A, 104th NY, 1-28-65
Savage, Patrick, Pvt., E, 164th NY, 11-9-64
Schlick, F.J., Pvt., C, 140th NY, 11-21-64
Scholl, Adam, Pvt., D, 128th NY, 1-7-65
Schomie, ---, ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Schooleight, George, Pvt., B, 146th NY, 1-6-65
Schorg, Michael, Pvt., I, 39th NY, 10-30-64
Schreder, A., ---, G, 5th NY HA, 1-7-65
Schumm, Henry, Pvt., B, 159th NY, 12-18-64
Scramling, Peter, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 2-8-65
Seaford, Dennis, Pvt., I, 8th NY, 12-11-64
Seaman, J.S., Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 12-12-64
Seanians, G., Pvt., A, 7th NY, 1-21-65
Sebast, Johnson, Pvt., D, 52nd NY, 12-11-64
Selwood, Charles, Pvt., A, 15th NY, 12-29-64
Seymour, E., Pvt., K, 2nd NY, 2-14-65
Shaddock, Alvin, Pvt., I, 5th NY Cav., 12-6-64
Shaffer, Daniel, Pvt., C, 140th NY, 2-2-65
Shahan, John, Pvt., H, 94th NY, 11-21-64
Sharkey, James, Pvt., E, 69th NY, 11-26-64
Sharp, Peter, Pvt., E, 128th NY, 1-27-65
Sharpe, Richard, ---, B, 69th NY, 10-16-64
Shattick, D., Pvt., I, 8th NY HA, 1-10-65
Shaw, James, Pvt., K, 5th NY Cav., 1-16-65
Shaw, Moses, Pvt., A, 76th NY, 2-13-65
Shaw, Robert, Pvt., A, 42nd NY, 1-3-65
Shay, G.W., Pvt., E, 67th NY, 10-24-64
Shealer, George, Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 1-28-65
Sheaver, Benj., Pvt., E, 22nd NY Cav., 11-9-64
Sheen, John, Pvt., F, 170th NY, 11-13-64
Shenkel, John, Pvt., H, 46th NY, 10-29-64
Shepherd, Chas. W., Pvt., K, 4th NY HA, 1-26-65
Sheidan, F., Pvt., E, 69th NY, 1-6-65
Shibley, Charles, Pvt., M, 13th NY Cav., 1-6-65
Shilton, ---, Pvt., ---, 24th NY Cav., 1-2-65
Shily, S., Pvt., E, 128th NY, 11-13-64
Shoals, ---, Pvt., G, 52nd NY, 1-28-65
Sholl, Wm., ---, B, 97th NY, 11-29-64
Shonchoff, Henry, Pvt., F, 111th NY, 12-21-64
Shouyhnisy, ---, ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Shuman, Henry, ---, B, 159th NY, 12-17-64
Simpson, J.H., Pvt., E, 160th NY, 11-16-64
Simpson, Walter, Pvt., H, 8th NY HA, 2-5-65
Sisani, Hiram M., ---, H, 156th NY, 1-10-65
Skanlan, Jno., Pvt., B, 155th NY, 10-17-64
Skensell, D., Pvt., D, 50th NY, 2-9-65
Skinner, M.H., Pvt., G, 61st NY, 1-5-65
Slater, Jas., Sgt., K, 7th NY, 1-27-65
Slater, Robt., Pvt., E, 94th NY, 11-26-64
Slater, Sam’l, Pvt., E, 94th NY, 11-22-64
Slatery, J., Pvt., K, 69th NY, 12-1-64
Sliter, Erwin, Pvt., H, 90th NY, 1-7-65
Slocum, Louis, Pvt., A, 66th NY, 12-1-64
Sloman, Robt., Pvt., D, 95th NY, 12-12-64
Smith, ---, Pvt., F, 69th NY, 11-30-64
Smith, A., Pvt., F, 7th NY Art., 1-21-65
Smith, C., Cpl., F, 85th NY, 1-4-65
Smith, Chas., Pvt., A, 15th NY HA, 12-14-64
Smith, Chas., Pvt., E, 9th NY, 2-19-65
Smith, Chas. W., Pvt., B, 170th NY, 1-17-65
Smith, David, Pvt., M, 3rd NY Cav., 2-2-65
Smith, David, Pvt., I, 155th NY, 12-13-64
Smith, E., Pvt., H, 94th NY, 10-21-64
Smith, H., ---, E, 69th NY, 3-20-65
Smith, H., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Smith, H., Pvt., I, 7th NY, 1-5-65
Smith, Harvey, Pvt., F, 94th NY, 12-15-64
Smith, James, Pvt., C, 16th NY Art., 12-26-64
Smith, James A., Pvt., H, 22nd NY Cav., 2-12-65
Smith, J.N., Pvt., G, 49th NY, 11-9-64
Smith, Jno., Pvt., F, 1st NY, 10-27-64
Smith, Jno., Pvt., D, 108th NY, 1-10-65
Smith, Jno. D., Pvt., G, 4th NY HA, 12-30-64
Smith, Sam’l D., Pvt., I. 131st NY, 1-23-65
Smith, Simon J., Pvt., G, 51st NY, 11-21-64
Smith, Stephen, Pvt., M, 4th NY Cav., 11-5-64
Smith, Volney, Pvt., K, 4th NY, 11-29-64
Smith, Walter, Pvt., H, 162nd NY, 10-27-64
Smith, Wm., Pvt., H, 190th NY, 1-5-65
Smith, Wm. H., Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 12-28-64
Sneider, Henry, ---, K, 51st NY, ---
Sneider, Martin, Pvt., E, 51st NY, 11-15-64
Sneider, Wm. R., Pvt., G, 6th NY Cav., 11-22-64
Snipps, G., Pvt., B, 159th NY, 10-27-64
Snyder, Henry, ---, K, 51st NY, 12-23-64
Snoddy, Thos. S., Pvt., G, 6th NY Cav., 11-22-64
Snook, John J., ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Soffin, Wm., ---, E, 76th NY, 12-23-64
Sornchoff, Henry, Pvt., F, 111th NY, 12-21-64
Sortoi, O., ---, F, 104th NY, 2-14-65
Southard, Dan’l, Pvt., I, 8th NY HA, 12-4-64
Speelman, Fred, Pvt., E, 52nd NY, 12-13-64
Speir, Robt., Pvt., B, 155th NY, 11-23-64
Spencer, Ererebus, Pvt., G, 51st NY, 1-1-65
Spencer, F.M., Pvt., H, 85th NY, 1-10-65
Spencer, H., Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 1-31-65
Spencer, U., Pvt., G, 51st NY, 1-1-65
Spend, A., Pvt., F, 57th NY, 2-17-65
Sponcelar, G., Pvt., B, 71st NY, 1-31-65
Squares, Daniel, Pvt., D, 97th NY, 1-27-65
Squires, Geo., Pvt., A, 2nd NY, 12-16-64
Staats, I.I., Pvt., A, 64th NY, 1-19-65
Stafford, Samuel, Pvt., I, 43rd NY, 12-8-64
Stagers, James, Pvt., E, 148th NY, 12-14-64
Stalker, Wm., Pvt., D, 7th NY, 11-10-64
Stanley, Richard, Pvt., H, 2nd NY HA, 11-23-64
Stanley, Sargent, Pvt., C, 152nd NY, 2-5-65
Stanton, Jno., Pvt., K, 164th NY, 11-22-64
Stapelton, M., ---, A, 51st NY, ---
Stark, Jno. H., Pvt., B, 4th NY HA, 11-17-64
Stark, M.S., Pvt., D, 93rd NY, 1-2-65
Stebbins, A., Pvt., D, 148th NY, 12-20-64
Steele, Jos., Pvt., F, 69th NY, 11-19-64
Steinhilner, B., Pvt., ---, --- NY, 10-18-64
Stephens, I., Pvt., G, 5th NY HA, 1-31-65
Stephens, J., ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Sternes, Jno., Pvt., A, 3rd NY, 1-7-65
Stevens, W.L., Pvt., E, 16th NY Cav., 11-26-64
Stewart, Hamilton, Pvt., G, 170th NY, 2-16-65
Stewart, W.H., Pvt., F, 104th NY, 12-26-64
Stinson, Wm., Pvt., A, 5th NY, 2-4-65
Stoddard, Jno., Pvt., E, 179th NY, 12-19-64
Stoddard, L.H., Pvt., B, 112th NY, 1-31-65
Stone, C., Pvt., B, 106th NY, 1-19-65
Stone, Franklin, Pvt., K, 8th NY, 12-31-64
Strange, C.H., Pvt., L, 2nd NY Art., 12-24-64
Stuart, Julius, Pvt., A, 51st NY, 10-30-64
Sturgess, Nathan, Pvt., K, 14th NY, 2-10-65
Sullivan, B., ---, H, 51st NY, ---
Sullivan, Michael, Pvt., F, 155th NY, 2-2-65
Summers, Wm., Pvt., H, 5th NY, 12-18-64
Sutherland, W.H., ---, L, 4th NY Cav., 12-9-64
Sutter, Jacob, Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 10-28-64
Sweetland, L.P., Pvt., C, 104th NY, 1-20-65


Taboy, Benj., Pvt., K, 111th NY, 11-19-64
Taffner, Sam’l, Pvt., B, 24th NY Cav., 11-26-64
Tanner, Frederick, Pvt., B, 63rd NY, 1-8-65
Tanner, John, Pvt., E, 147th NY, 12-12-64
Tarter, John E., Pvt., H, 2nd NY Cav., 2-6-65
Tarnes, John, Pvt., D, 155th NY, ---
Taylor, W., Pvt., B, 42nd NY, 1-18-65
Teeter, C., Pvt., A, 121st NY, 1-8-65
Tembercort, Gaylord, ---, H, 69th NY, 1-31-65
Terry, A.B., Pvt., I, 8th NY, 2-16-65
Terry, Fayette, Pvt., G, 16th NY, 2-14-65
Tewsbury, Ira, ---, E, 3rd NY Cav., 2-4-65
Theasant, J., Pvt., ---, 9th NY, 11-26-64
Thomas, ---, ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Thomas, Charles, Pvt., B, 170th NY, 12-7-64
Thomas, Wm., Pvt., C, 5th NY HA, 1-18-65
Thompson, C., Pvt., K, 117th NY, 12-5-64
Thompson, J., Pvt., B, 4th NY Art., 11-23-64
Thornton, P., Pvt., I, 44th NY, ---
Thorp, Abner, Pvt., ---, 112th NY, 11-14-64
Thorp, A.B., Pvt., F, 66th NY, 10-1-64
Thurston, A.M., Pvt., B, 22nd NY Cav., 12-4-64
Tipper, George A., Pvt., E, 128th NY, 1-22-65
Tobias, A., Pvt., A, 17th NY Art., 12-3-64
Toby, C.N., Pvt., K, 34th NY Cav., 11-28-64
Toby, Wm., Pvt., A, 4th NY HA, 1-6-65
Tomblin, Edward, Pvt., K, 167th NY, 11-18-64
Tonney, Domenick, Pvt., C, 88th NY, 2-4-65
Tourney, P., Pvt., B, 99th NY, 1-16-65
Towers, George, Pvt., D, 111th NY, 1-31-65
Townes, James, Citizen of NY, ---
Towns, A.M., Pvt., B, 100th NY, 12-2-64
Towsly, P.J., Pvt., H, 5th NY HA, 12-12-64
Trasy, G.W., Pvt., I, 5th NY Cav., 11-6-64
Trilg, Daniel, Pvt., F, 65th NY, 10-6-64
Triterline, Joseph, Pvt., D, 159th NY, 2-13-65
Truble, John A., Pvt., H, 106th NY, 1-18-65
Tubbs, A., Pvt., D, 117th NY, 11-5-64
Tuttle, Martin D., Pvt., D, 44th NY, 11-16-64
Tuttle, Orin O., ---, E, 170th NY, 12-5-64


Urich, J.W., ---, H, 148th NY, 2-17-65


Vale, Adrain, Pvt., D, 176th NY, 11-19-64
Vanarman, C.E., Pvt., H, 69th NY, 1-29-65
Vanbranan, F., Pvt., K, 71st NY, 1-28-65
Vandebury, Allus, Pvt., A, 25th NY Cav., 11-30-64
Vanderwort, ---, ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Vangilder, G.A., Pvt., H, 69th NY, 1-10-65
Vanlyle, M.C., Pvt., A, 7th NY HA, 12-18-64
Vannostrand, Geo., Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-1-64
Van Ripan, Maurice, Pvt., D, 104th NY, 12-4-64
Van Voise, H., Pvt., H, 146th NY, 11-23-64
Van Voltenburg, Henry, Pvt., C, 14th NY HA, 1-26-65
Van Wormer, Chas., Pvt., E, 4th NY Art., 10-24-64
Veneble, W.C., Pvt., C, 53rd NY, 1-29-65
Venton, Nathan, Pvt., K, 8th NY, 12-31-64
Victor, Godo, Pvt., E, 51st NY, 1-9-65
Viglen, Wm., Pvt., C, 148th NY, 2-5-65
Vonart, Rodolph, Pvt., B, 170th NY, 1-16-65
Vounch, Joseph, Pvt., D, 95th NY, 12-31-64
Voush, ---, ---, D, 51st NY, ---
Vouzel, A., Pvt., D, 7th NY, 12-21-64
Vust, Thompson, Pvt., F, 8th NY HA, 1-5-65


Wakefield, A., Pvt., F, 118th NY, 1-29-65
Walder, Henry E., ---, ---. 176th NY, 12-8-64
Wallis, John, ---, D, 63rd NY, 11-7-64
Walsh, Edwin, Pvt., E, 95th NY, 12-2-64
Waltermyer, Wm., ---, D, 146th NY, 2-4-65
Wappner, John, Pvt., I, 64th NY, 12-3-64
Ward, Thomas, Pvt., A, 159th NY, 11-14-64
Warden, Stephen S., Pvt., G, 1st NY Cav., 2-5-65
Warner, Adney, Pvt., A, 9th NY Cav., 1-19-65
Warner, L., Pvt., A, 12 NY Cav., 1-9-65
Warran, Jonathan, Pvt., K, 117th NY, 10-27-64
Warren, N.G., Pvt., I, 90th NY, 11-29-64
Washburn, L., Pvt., I, 51st NY, 12-14-64
Wasson, Florence, Pvt., E, 89th NY, 10-31-64
Waterman, L., Pvt., A, 115th NY, 11-12-64
Watherby, N.J., Pvt., K, 2nd NY, 10-25-64
Webb, ---, ---, I, 51st NY, ---
Webb, Wm., Pvt., C, 94th NY, 10-30-64
Weisein, Felix, Pvt., F, 5th NY Cav., 1-2-65
Welch, Patrick, Pvt., A, 8th NY Art., 10-25-64
Welch, Patrick, Pvt., G, 164th NY, 1-30-65
Welch, Th., Pvt., D, 89th NY, 1-13-65
Welsh, F., ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Wemple, E., Pvt., B, 2nd NY HA, 12-18-64
Wermuth, J., Pvt., M. 15th NY Cav., 2-3-65
Wescott, Degnalvas, Pvt., F, 22nd NY Cav., 12-18-64
West, Chas., Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-15-64
Wheaten, John, Pvt., C, 2nd NY MR, 1-16-65
Wheeling, Wm., ---, B, 51st NY, ---
Whesling, Th., Pvt., H, 162nd NY, 1-21-65
Whitcher, Joseph, Pvt., I, 120th NY, 1-10-65
White, Geo., Pvt., E, 22nd NY Cav., 2-11-65
White, James, Pvt., ---, 140th NY, 12-25-64
White, Jas. J., Pvt., C, 4th NY Art., 1-15-65
White, Jeff, Pvt., E, 8th NY, 1-4-65
White, John, ---, C, 7th NY HA, 10-27-64
White, Wm., Pvt., H, 162nd NY, 11-1-64
White, Wm., Pvt., E, 16th NY, 11-4-64
Wiggins, J., ---, G, 51st NY, ---
Wilder, Henry C., Pvt., A, 3rd NY Cav., 2-11-65
Williams, Henry, Pvt., K, 118th NY, 12-20-64
Williams, Jas., Pvt., K, 176th NY, 12-20-64
Williams, Stephen, Pvt., E, 8th NY HA, 12-17-64
Williams, W., Pvt., F, 3rd NY Cav., 10-23-64
Willigan, Th., Pvt., E, 164th NY, 11-5-64
Willis, Chas., Pvt., B, 104th NY, 11-23-64
Willis, Edmond, Pvt., F, 96th NY, 1-25-65
Willis, W.B., Pvt., B, 117th NY, 12-2-64
Willouer, W., ---, B, 51st NY, ---
Wilmarth, Fred’k L., Pvt., I, 5th NY, 1-20-65
Wilson, Geo., Pvt., E, 5th NY HA, 12-16-64
Wilson, Geo., Pvt., E, 51st NY, 12-9-64
Wilson, Wallard, Pvt., L, 8th NY Art., 11-1-64
Wilson, Wm., Pvt., E, 5th NY, 2-7-65
Windel, Geo., Pvt., E, 52nd NY, 11-7-64
Winn, A., Pvt., H, 97th NY, 1-14-65
Wipple, C., Pvt., L, 8th NY HA, 2-13-65
Wipple, Matis, Pvt., K, 57th NY, 1-24-65
Wise, Anthony, Pvt., I, 140th NY, 11-19-64
Wood, ---, Pvt., ---, 60th NY, 11-28-64
Wood, G.W., Pvt., E, 63rd NY, 10-13-64
Wood, Henry, Pvt., D, 170th NY, 11-16-64
Woods, A., ---, F, 51st NY, ---
Woods, D., Pvt., ---, 69th NY, 11-29-64
Woods, John, Pvt., E, 176th NY, 12-17-64
Worth, Wm., Pvt., F, 8th NY, 11-11-64
Wright, Geo., Pvt., B, 4th NY, 11-3-64
Wright, J.W., Pvt., D, 2nd NY Art., 10-26-64
Wright, Nath’l, ---, D, 9th NY HA, 2-4-65
Wright, Nathaniel, Pvt., G, 7th NY HA, 2-5-65
Wygand, Ch., Pvt., I, 6th NY Cav., 1-16-65
Wygant, Charles, ---, I, 6th NY Cav., 11-30-64
Wyman, W.H., Pvt., K, 128th NY, 11-29-64


Yerdon, George, ---, E, 147th NY, 11-29-64
Yeuts, E., Pvt., ---, 39th NY, 2-16-65
Young, B.F., Pvt., F, 125th NY, 1-16-65



New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs: Military History
Last modified: February 20, 2007

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