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Rio Grande Rattler
New York
At the Mexican Border, 1916-1917

The Rio Grande Rattler was published by the New York National Guard while they were stationed on the Mexican Border in 1916 -1917. There were 18 total issues. Issues 1 - 17 were published on a weekly basis from August, 1916 to December, 1916. Issue 18 was published on 8 August 1917 when the New York National Guard, forming the 27th Division, was federalized for duty in World War One.

The Rio Grande Rattler was published as a newspaper, each page was approximately 15 inches wide and 21 iches high. To make it easier to print I have reduced the page size so that each will fit on an 11 x 17 piece of paper. Each issue was 8 pages, except for issue 18, which was 12 pages.

Below are links to each issue.

After August, 1917, the Rio Grande Rattler became the Wadsworth Gas Attack and the Rio Grande Rattler, which eventually became just The Gas Attack.

You can see the Gas Attack issues here.

These files are quite large, they range in size from 17MB to 32MB.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these.

These files are searchable; however, they have not been proof-read.
Because the text of the page is actually underneath the page image, the search function within the Acrobat Reader will not be completely accurate. To ensure a comprehensive search you will have to read each issue.

If these issue are too large for you to open, here is a link to each page of each issue.

Issue 1 23 August 1916 Issue 10 25 October 1916
Issue 2 30 August 1916 Issue 11 1 November 1916
Issue 3 6 September 1916 Issue 12 8 November 1916 *** only top half of pages
Issue 4 13 September 1916 Issue 13 15 November 1916 *** only top half of pages
Issue 5 20 September 1916 Issue 14 22 November 1916
Issue 6 27 September 1916 Issue 15 29 November 1916
Issue 7 4 October 1916 Issue 16 6 December 1916
Issue 8 11 October 1916 Issue 17 13 December 1916
Issue 9 18 October 1916 Issue 18 8 August 1917

If anyone has copies of issues 12 and 13 and would like to donate digital copies please contact the museum at



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