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15th / 369th Regiment
New York national Guard
Enlistment Cards 1920 - 1949

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Name Rank Enlist Date Company Discharge Date Card
Abarca, Franciso 13-Aug-46 G
Abarca, Frank 6-Aug-47 G
Abdullah, Ahmed 3/9/1942
Abraham, CarltonCorporal 6-Mar-42 E 12/9/1942
Abraham, Johnny 16-Jul-42 I 12/9/1942
Abrams, Charles 12-Jan-37 F 7/6/1937
Abrams, Charles 12-Jan-37 F 7/6/1937
Abramson, AlexanderSergeant 9-Aug-29 H 8/8/1932
Abren, Early B 2-May-28 M
Accoo, George 8-Mar-37 Service 3/7/1940
Accoo, George 8-Mar-40 Band 12/2/1940
Ackerman ?, PFC 1-Sep-38 Howitzer 8/31/1939
Ackerman, Al MPFC 1-Sep-36 Howitzer 8/31/1937
Ackerman, Al M 1-Sep-37 Howitzer
Ackerman, Al MCorporal 1-Sep-39 Bat F
Ackerman, Allan W 23-May-28 Howitzer 5/22/1929
Ackerman, Allan Waldrick, Jr 17-Feb-47 A
Ackerman, Allen WSergeant 23-May-29 Howitzer 5/22/1932
Ackerman, Allen WSergeant 23-May-38 Bat G 11/22/1940
Ackerman, Allen Waldrick 23-Nov-40 Bat G 369th CA 1/11/1941
Ackerman, Allen WaldrickMaster Sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 7/14/1941
Ackerman, Joseph 10-Nov-38 Howitzer 2/1/1940
Ackerman, Kenneth A 5-Dec-28 M
Adams, Christopher 13-Nov-40 Btry H 369th
Adams, Ellis 23-Mar-47 G
Adams, Ernest 17-Oct-40 Btry Hq 2nd Bn
Adams, Halvor A 24-Feb-41 Hdqrs-Band 12/21/1942
Adams, James E 8-Dec-36 D 12/7/1939
Adams, James E 8-Dec-39 Bat D, 369th Inf
Adams, John Louis 3-Jul-40 Hq Battery
Adams, Leon Crosby 13-Jul-40 C, 369th Inf
Adams, Melville C 18-Oct-39 Battery H, 369th Inf
Adams, Rudolph S G
Adams, Walter ESergeant 4-Apr-29 G 4/3/1932
Adams, Walter ESergeant 11-Feb-36 G 2/10/1939
Adams, Walter EdgarSergeant 11-Feb-39 Battery G 12/19/1940
Adams, William 9-Dec-37 Howitzer 7/1/1940
Adams, William 29-Jan-42 G 7/2/1942
Adams, William A 18-Nov-37 H 7/26/1940
Adams, Willie James 25-Jun-47 B
Adamson, Anothy 6/25/1942
Addison, Harold 4-Sep-46 F
Adger, Roy 4-Mar-29 K
Adkins, Wilford LeePFC 24-Jan-41 E 6/10/1941
Adkinson, James A 2-Jul-46 D
Adolph, Leroy Gabriel 10-Nov-43 G
Agnew, Clyde 23-Aug-44 E
Akers, Walter L 19-Oct-39 Bat C, 369th Inf
Alacala, ElmerSergeant 7-Oct-41 I
Albury, Joseph 18-Dec-46 E
Alcindor, Cyril 21-Mar-43 K 9/16/1942
Aldana, EstabarPrivate 18-Jun-37 service 9/2/1938
Aldridge, FredCorporal 11-Jan-37 I, 369th Inf 1/10/1940
Alexander, Anderson 10-Jan-29 howitzer
Alexander, Cecil A 16-Oct-39 Bat E, 369th Inf
Alexander, Clarence EPfc 1-Jul-38 Bat G 11/22/1940
Alexander, Clarence ETechnician 4th Class 20-Oct-42 B, 15th Reg 10/20/1943
Alexander, Edwin 7-Oct-40 Bat F, 369th CA(AA)
Alexander, Frederick R 2-Jun-36 H 12/2/1938
Alexander, Fredrick H 12-Aug-44 Hq Det, 3 Bn
Alexander, George 12-Jul-28 L 7/11/1931
Alexander, Herbert 24-Jan-41 Hq Det, 2 Bn 4/16/1942
Alexander, James Palmer 18-Jun-40 Hq Bat
Alexander, Joseph A 4-Sep-28 F
Alexander, Luther 9-Mar-39 F 1/23/1940
Alexander, Paul 25-Apr-41 G 1/16/1942
Alexander, Wilbert DCorporal 26-May-38 Bat E
Alexander, William A 22-Jun-39 Battery G
Alford, David C 23-Jun-24 service
Alford, Joe Clarence 13-Nov-40 H, 369th CA
Alfred, Henry Fritzgreald 23-Jul-47 H
Alick, Henry 7-Aug-24 B, 369th Inf
Allaway, Thomas 5-Feb-41 E 6/21/1941
Allen, Alfornso S A
Allen, Benjamin 24-Jan-41 E 9/4/1941
Allen, Blake, Jr 16-Oct-39 K, 369th Inf
Allen, Clarence 12-Feb-29 K
Allen, Edmund 20-Jun-36 G 6/20/1939
Allen, George W 4-Aug-44 L
Allen, Harry George, Jr 15-Aug-47 B
Allen, Herbert 1-Jul-37 C, 369th Inf
Allen, Hubert Wilson 7-Jun-46 C
Allen, James D 29-Mar-38 Bat F 11/14/1940
Allen, Jessie 15-Aug-46 H
Allen, Joseph 24-Feb-41 Hq 9/5/1942
Allen, Joseph W 19-Mar-28 C
Allen, Kenneth J 12-Oct-39 Med Dept Det
Allen, Lacey W 5/13/1942
Allen, LeRoy 28-Aug-47 I
Allen, Luther L 29-Aug-47
Allen, Luther Leroy 29-Apr-43 A 2/5/1944
Allen, Nathaniel 18-Oct-39 Bat G
Allen, Reynold A 24-Jul-24 M
Allen, RudolphPrivate 10-Nov-37 F 4/18/1939
Allen, Samuel 1-Sep-42 I 12/24/1942
Allen, Stanley 16-Aug-28 L
Allen, Talmadge Raymond 20-May-47 C
Allen, William Lenard 2-Jul-40 Bat D
Allen, William S 9-Jan-37 F 1/8/1938
Allen, William S 9-Jan-38 Bat E
Allen, Willie Alonzo 16-Sep-43 K
Allende, Juan 23-Jul-42 G 4/17/1943
Alleyne, Emil Cyril 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 5/23/1941
Alleyne, Howard 28-Oct-37 Battery F 10/27/1940
Alleyne, McDonald 25-Feb-42 K
Alleyne, McDonald 26-Feb-44 K 4/5/1944
Alleyne, Waddell T 12-Jul-46 F
Allgood, Walter 17-Jun-36 I, 369th Inf 7/6/1937
Allicks, Claude AStaff Sergeant 21-Apr-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/10/1944
Allicks, Claude AStaff Sergeant 21-Apr-41 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/20/1943
Allicks, Lester Alexander 22-Jul-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn 4/10/1944
Almodovar, Victor 8-May-36 I
Almodovar, Victor 8-May-39 Bat E, 369th Inf
Almodovar, Victor 5-Feb-46 Hq, 15th Inf
Alridge, Ira FCorporal 3-Feb-41 A 7/8/1942
Alston, Edward Howard 10-Jun-43 F
Alston, George 10-Jan-41 F 1/9/1943
Alston, George 10-Jan-43 G
Alston, George 10-Jan-47 G
Alston, James 23-May-28 M 5/22/1931
Alston, James A 14-Oct-41 I 3/19/1942
Alston, James E 4-Nov-37 Bat E 11/3/1940
Alston, Joseph G 31-Jul-24 1st Bn, Hq 7/30/1927
Alston, Leonard Randall 17-Oct-40 Bat G
Alston, Thomas Elmer 16-Sep-43 A 11/16/1943
Alston, WilliamCorporal 10-Jan-41 K 6/17/1941
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-36 M
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-37 M
Altheimer, Felmon TSergeant 13-Apr-38 M 4/12/1939
Altheimer, Felmon T 13-Apr-39 M 4/12/1940
Alvarado, Raymond O 8-Apr-29 A 4/7/1932
Alvarez, Charlesmaster sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq & Ser 7/16/1942
Alvarez, Charles HStaff Sergeant 3-Aug-29 service 8/2/1930
Amado, JohnCorporal 26-Oct-27 G
Ambrose, ArthurPrivate 4-Mar-37 B 3/3/1940
Ambrose, Arthur G 30-Apr-40 Bat B 12/2/1940
Ambrose, Charles Bevly, Jr 25-Jul-40 Bat A
Ambrose, Elwood Lloyd 4-Nov-40 Bat B
Ambrose, WilliamCorporal 25-Nov-28 Hq, 3BN 11/24/1931
Ambrose, William DTechnical Sergeant 25-Nov-37 Hq 11/24/1940
Ambrose, William H 4-Feb-43 Hq Det, 2nd Bn
Amos, JamesPfc 12-Nov-28 K
Anderson, Alfred 30-Sep-41 I 8/26/1942
Anderson, Alfred Asbury 17-Oct-40 Hq Bat, 2nd Bn
Anderson, Arthur D 24-Apr-47 H
Anderson, Asbury 10-Jun-29 B
Anderson, Charles 6-Jul-42 A 5/1/1943
Anderson, Clarence Jprivate 22-Jul-41 L 8/12/1942
Anderson, David Elwood 1-Apr-43 C 4/17/1944
Anderson, David H 21-Jan-24 C
Anderson, David Hpfc 30-Jun-36 C 6/29/1939
Anderson, David Hpfc 30-Jun-39 Battery C 10/21/1940
Anderson, Donald B 6-Aug-29 G 8/5/1932
Anderson, Harry 16-Sep-43 B
Anderson, Harry 1-Aug-46 B
Anderson, Henry Fsup sergeant 16-Jan-24 I 1/12/1923
Anderson, Herman Davis 28-Jan-43 G 9/16/1943
Anderson, Herman Lee x/x/1944 G
Anderson, Herman Paul C
Anderson, Homer 25-Mar-43 K 8/25/1943
Anderson, James 10-Feb-27 F
Anderson, James 9-May-28 L
Anderson, James E 11-Aug-36 G
Anderson, James E 11-Aug-39 Battery G
Anderson, James E F 21-Jul-24 G
Anderson, John 21-Jul-24 E
Anderson, John Lewis 28-Jan-43 G 6/23/1943
Anderson, Joseph E 4-Sep-28 H
Anderson, Keith Leroy 10-Jun-26 K
Anderson, Lee 10-Jun-37 L 4/8/1938
Anderson, Leon J 27-May-42 K 9/16/1943
Anderson, Maurice C 24-Feb-41 Band 12/2/1942
Anderson, Melvin Prince 29-Oct-46 C
Anderson, Milton Simons 28-May-47 H
Anderson, Prince 9-Oct-26 C
Anderson, Ralph 30-Jul-47 E
Anderson, Robert 16-Jan-29 L
Anderson, Royal Wayne 17-Oct-40 Hq Bat, 2nd Bn
Anderson, Samuel 26-Nov-29 Howitzer
Anderson, Theodore RSergeant 30-Apr-24 L 4/19/1927
Anderson, Thomas Lloyd 2-Apr-43 K
Anderson, Ulyssess 15-Jun-39 Battery H
Andrews, Eugene 16-Apr-24 K
Andrews, Frederic 16-Jan-36 Howitzer 1/15/1939
Andrews, Frederic 16-Jan-39 Howitzer 1/15/1940
Andrews, Fredrick L 2-Apr-40 Hq Bat
Andrews, Nathaniel 5-Aug-46 I
Andrews, Norbert Justine 30-Jun-44 A
Andrews, Paul Victor 10-Jan-41 2 BN 11/14/1941
Annis, George L 8-Jul-29 D 7/7/1932
Anslem, Frankcorporal 21-Feb-29 K 2/20/1932
Anthony, William 25-Feb-47 A
Arbuckle, Willard C 30-Jan-28 A
Archer, Andrew E 8-Apr-43 C
Archer, Fred 12-Oct-39 Battery G
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-37 Medical Det 8/5/1940
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-40 Medical
Archer, Reginald 6-Aug-40 Medical Det
Archer, Winston Oscar 29-Jan-46 B
Archey, Georgecorporal 24-Jan-41 E 9/1/1942
Archibald, Henry A 14-Mar-44 B
Archibald, Sidney A 25-Jan-44 B
Armanie, Rallis 18-Oct-39 Battery G 9/3/1940
Armistead, Chester 11-May-42 I 7/22/1942
Armstrong, Eugene 4-Sep-28 M
Armstrong, James H 19-Jun-41 E 1/22/1942
Armstrong, James H 6-Sep-44 Hq & Service
Armstrong, Lincoln James 24-Jun-43 C
Armstrong, Vernon C 21-Nov-38 Hq Battery 12/17/1940
Arner, Robert 24-Jul-40 A 10/26/1940
Arner, Robert J 18-Oct-39 F 5/1/1940
Arnold, Albert David 10-Jan-41 K 2/25/1942
Arnold, Archibald V 25-Nov-36 M 6/8/1938
Arnold, Otisprivate 4-Mar-37 H 3/4/1940
Arnold, Otiscorporal 4-Mar-40 Battery H 10/22/1940
Arrindel (Arrindell), Johannes 12-May-29 I 5/11/1930
Arrindel, Albert Martin 10-Jan-41 B 6/19/1942
Arrindell (Arrindel), Johannas 1-Jun-36 A 3/26/1937
Arrindell, Arthur E 12-Jul-39 I
Arrington, Hale Thomas x/x/1947 H
Arrington, Rayfield 26-Jul-24 E
Arroy, Gerald Jose 1-Apr-43 B 9/11/1943
Arroy, Teafilo 10-Dec-44 B
Arroy, Teafilo 10-Dec-46 B
Arroyo, Demeitro 8-Sep-41 E 4/7/1942
Arthur, Gorden Sylvestre 8-Jul-42 B 8/16/1943
Arthurton, Alfred 18-Jul-24
Artis, Charles 12-Jun-28 F 6/11/1931
Asencio, Sandalio Degado 6-Oct-42 I 1/20/1943
Asgill, Charles Edwardstaff sergeant 10-Jan-41 Hq Det, 3rd Bn 11/13/1941
Ash, Joseph H 26-Jan-39 Bat E
Ash, William T 28-May-28 Hq Det, 1st Bn
Ashby, Charles A 26-Apr-44 K
Ashby, Charles Acorporal 16-Jul-47 E
Ashby, Clyde Acorporal 13-Dec-42 K 3/10/1943
Ashby, Eustace Herbert 29-Oct-40 C
Ashby, Grover Cleveland, Jr 12-Nov-42 L 6/29/1943
Ashby, Joseph 16-Jul-24 H 9/21/1926
Ashe, Frederic C
Ashley, Edwin 24-Feb-24 A 1/16/1925
Ashley, Lonnie 10-Jan-41 K 7/10/1941
Atkins, Cecil A 24-Sep-41 F 6/19/1942
Atkins, Leopold 3-Feb-38 Regt HQ 4/5/1939
Atkins, Robert F 10-Apr-40 Bat F
Atkinson, John Edward 10-Jan-41 Hq Det, 3rd Bn 7/17/1942
Atkinson, Paul B 9-Oct-29 M 10/8/1932
Atkinson, Romie 5-Jan-29 E
Atkinson, Walter G 24-Feb-41 Hq-Band 2/28/2943
Aubain, Monroe Joseph 29-Apr-43 F 8/25/1943
Austin, Alexander C 24-Apr-38 F
Austin, Anthony 28-May-36 Regt HQ 5/27/1939
Austin, Anthony 28-May-39 Hq Bat 11/14/1940
Austin, Clarence H 2-Nov-39 Hq 10/24/1940
Austin, Edmund Olivercorporal 2-Apr-42 G 12/18/1942
Austin, Ernest Ssergeant 17-Oct-37 L 6/22/1939
Austin, George D 8-Sep-47 H
Austin, George D, Jr 1-Apr-36 H
Austin, George David, Jr 9-May-40 Hq Bat, Bat E
Austin, Horace R 8-Jun-39 D 11/1/1939
Austin, Oscar Will 28-Oct-40 Medical Det
Austin, Sidney E 26-Aug-42 11/18/1942
Avant, Laurence C 5-Jan-39 Medical
Avant, Myron B 29-Jun-39 Bat F
Avery, Francis E 26-Oct-39 Bat B
Avery, Richard, Jr 15-Nov-28 Medical Det 11/14/1931
Ayala, Juioo 27-Aug-47 G
Ayers, James H, Jr 26-Jan-40 Bat D 1/2/1941


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