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15th / 369th Regiment
New York national Guard
Enlistment Cards 1920 - 1949

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Name Rank Enlist Date Company Discharge Date Card
Earl, Joseph N.Corporal 3-Sep-29 A
Earle, Ulysses W.Corporal 23-Jun-41 A 8/12/1942
Early, AlfredPrivate 1-Jun-37 CBD 5/31/1940
Early, Joseph 28-Feb-29 Regtl Hqrs Co 2/27/1932
Easiley, Jesse Lionel 17-Oct-40 Battery B
Easter, John W. 15-Nov-38 B 7/27/1939
Easter, John W.Corporal 3-Jun-43 C
Easter, John William 19-Feb-42 E 4/1/1943
Easter, John William 17-Jul-45 C
Easter, PercySergeant 24-Jun-29 B
Easton, Donald Edward 24-Jan-41 2nd Bn 6/10/1941
Eaton, AlexanderPvt 1 Cl 15-Dec-38 Battery G
Edey, Clyde 14-Oct-40 Btry D
Edey, OwenPrivate 29-Jan-29 H 1/28/1932
Edgar, Frank Oliver 17-Oct-40 Hq. 2nd
Edgehill, Leonard A. 27-Apr-39 Hdq. Bat 10/24/1940
Edmond, Everard1st Cl Pvt 6-Jan-42 Hq. & Ser 1/5/1944
Edmonds, James Lee 25-Feb-47 B
Edmonds, Norman J. 13-Oct-39 Bat F
Edmonds, Thaxton H. 27-Nov-41 E 8/3/1942
Edmonson, Edgar ElmorePrivate 10-Jan-41 G 1/16/1942
Edness, Henty TSergeant 29-Jul-24 Howitzer
Edward, Cleveland H.Corporal 29-Feb-28 I 2/28/1931
Edwards, Albert 17-Jun-43 F 8/17/1943
Edwards, Albert Charles 27-May-43 A, 15th Regt 9/16/1943
Edwards, Alfred 27-Nov-41 E 2/19/1942
Edwards, Arthur WaltonCorporal 24-Jan-41 E 11/13/1941
Edwards, Ballard T 10-May-41 Reg Hdrs, Band and Med 9/5/1942
Edwards, Ballard Trent 2-Jul-28 C
Edwards, Bertram 7-Dec-39 Bat F
Edwards, Charles F 17-Feb-42 L 7/28/1942
Edwards, Charles H 29-Sep-41 A 8/12/1942
Edwards, Erland Leon 22-May-46 G
Edwards, Euguene H. 17-Feb-38 Howitzer 10/19/1939
Edwards, George 7-Oct-40 Battery F
Edwards, Horatio A. 8-Apr-37 Service 1/11/1939
Edwards, Horatio AubreySergeant 10-Jan-41 A 7/22/1942
Edwards, James Jimmie 30-Aug-46 B
Edwards, Jesse 24-Jul-44 I
Edwards, John Henry 30-Aug-44 G
Edwards, Leonard 2-Feb-37 Howitzer
Edwards, LeonardSergeant 2-Feb-38 1st Br Hq 12/13/1940
Edwards, Lester L 20-Jan-36 M
Edwards, Lester L 20-Jan-39 Bat E
Edwards, Lionel A. 12-Feb-39 B2 4/10/1940
Edwards, Madison M. 6-Oct-38 Battery H
Edwards, Paul L 9-Jan-36 Howitzer 6/27/1938
Edwards, Paul S.Sergeant 10-Jul-24 M 7/9/1927
Edwards, Robert B. 5-Nov-43 L
Edwards, Sherrod Deighton 23-May-44 C
Edwards, Theodore R. 21-Feb-40 HQ. Bat
Edwards, Thomas 17-May-28 K
Edwards, Thomas 18-Apr-28 K
Edwards, Thomas 4-Feb-43 C 9/20/1943
Edwards, Thomas Sylvester 23-Aug-44 Hq. Det. 2nd Bn
Edwards, Wilbur P.Corporal 2-Dec-38 Bat B 12/17/1940
Edwards, William Trent, Jr.Private 13-Jan-41 L 2/2/1942
Eggleston, CharlesPVT 2-Jun-36 F 6/1/1939
Eggleston, Charles 15-Jun-39 Bat. E 10/26/1940
Elder, James D.Corporal 31-Jul-24 Howitzer
Eldridge, Alfred W. 23-Jul-28 1st Bn Hdq
Eldridge, Walford G. Rgt. Hdqrs. Band and Med Det 5/13/1942
Eldridge, Wilfred G. 10-May-40 Med. Det
Eldridge, Wilfred G.Sergeant 19-Aug-29 Med Det 5/18/1932
Eldridge, Wilfred G.Sgt WCF 19-May-38 Med. Dept. Det
Eldridge, Wilfred O. 19-May-39 Medical
Eldridge, William 15-Oct-40 Btry E
Elebe, John K. 16-Nov-45 C
Eli, Allen 31-Jul-47 A
Eli, John 4-Feb-43 G 4/20/1943
Ellicott, Samuel A. 7/1928 L 7/3/1931
Elliot, Charles 30-Apr-24 I
Elliot, Floyd 18-Apr-29 Howitzer Co
Elliot, Roosevelt 16-Jul-47 E
Elliott, James 18-Nov-36 K
Ellis, Arnold O.Private 8-May-37 Co. “C” 2/10/1938
Ellis, Herman L 12-Oct-39 Bat C
Ellis, Lawrence Thomas 9-Aug-45 Hq. & Hq. Det
Ellis, Lawrence Thomas 9-Aug-47 Hq. Det. 3rd Bn
Ellis, Nathaniel 12-Oct-39 Bat D
Ellis, Raymond 8-May-29 M
Ellison, Clarence T.Sgt 17-Aug-37 Bat F 8/16/1940
Ellison, Clarence T. 17-Aug-40 Battery F
Ellison, Theodore 17-Aug-28 A 8/16/1931
Elmore, George P. 17-Apr-23 Howitzer Co
Elzey, Leonard W. 18-Jan-27 I 1/17/1930
Elzey, Leonard WashingtonSergeant 21-Apr-42 B
Emanuel, Alvin A 18-Oct-38 F 10/19/1939
Emanuel, Clarence Menville 2-Aug-40 HQ
Emanuel, Elcon Edward 23-Apr-40 B 12/2/1940
Emanuel, William A 5-Sep-46 I
Embry, Russel W 12-Nov-36 I 11/11/1939
Emerson, Ralph 12-Sep-47 G
Emerson, William 21-Aug-46 E
Emery, Richard ThornPvt 1st Cl 24-Jan-28 H 1/23/1931
Emory, Charles A 18-Jul-24 F
Engles, Clifton C 28-May-46 A
English, Edgar 27-Jul-43 I
Ennis, Harold G C 9/12/1942
Epps, Harold Albert 18-Nov-40 F
Epps, Harry 15-Jul-24 Service
Epps, Harry 15-Jul-24 Service
Epps, Harry 10-Jan-41 L 6/12/1941
Epps, Luther Andrew 10-May-46 D
Ericsson (Ericson), Henry Charles 24-Jan-41 E 7/10/1941
Escobar, Juan Onofre 26-Aug-43 G 3/23/1944
Escobar, Juan Ortez 25-Jun-42 G 8/17/1943
Ethridge, Charles 30-Jan-24 I
Ethridge, Jacob 20-Jul-44 L
Evans, Andrew D 6-Mar-40 H
Evans, Andrew JCorporal 29-Mar-29 C 3/28/1932
Evans, Andrew J 29-Mar-38 C 12/2/1940
Evans, CharlesPvt 10-Jun-37 F 2/19/1938
Evans, Charles RPvt 1st Cl 10-Jun-40 A 11/14/1940
Evans, Cornie L 6-Aug-47 E
Evans, Edward 1-May-29 M 4/30/1932
Evans, Louis W 4-Feb-24 Med Det 2/5/1927
Evans, LutherSergeant 31-Mar-38 H 11/22/1940
Evans, Luther, JrCorporal 9-Feb-37 H 2/8/1940
Evans, Luther, JrSergeant 9-Feb-40 H
Evans, Norman 12-Aug-46 L
Evans, Owen Houston 10-Jan-41 L 8/20/1941
Evans, William Taylor 20-Jan-44 I
Evans, Willie 2-Dec-40 G
Evelyn, Robert 2-Jun-36 F
Evelyn, Robert 2-Jun-37 F 6/1/1940
Everett, John H 19-Oct-39 H 12/11/1941
Everett, Louis Jerry 6-Aug-47 H
Everhart, Marvin 10-Jan-41 K 4/7/1942
Eversley, Harold Francis 4-Mar-37 B 9/11/1937
Ewell, HenryStaff Sergeant 25-Mar-43 Band
Ewell, Henry S 2-Sep-36 Reg HQ 9/1/1939
Ewell, Henry SStaff Sergeant 2-Sep-39 Reg HQ 12/7/1940
Ewell, Henry SSergeant 24-Feb-41 Reg HQ Band 2/23/1943
Exum, Henry A 30-Oct-36 Med Det
Ezzard, Carl Jack 15-Aug-47 D


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