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15th / 369th Regiment
New York national Guard
Enlistment Cards 1920 - 1949

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Name Rank Enlist Date Company Discharge Date Card
Yancey, John 9/9/1942 C 3/1/1944
Yancey, Joseph J, Jr 11/24/1937 D 8/21/1940
Yarborough, Nicholas G 3/5/1940 Battery B
Yard, Clifford Harold 4/29/1943 A 11/9/1943
Yarrell, Julius Joe 7/23/1946 B
Yates, Charles Alexander 1/24/1941 E 10/6/1941
Yates, George T 8/13/1942 I 12/4/1942
Yates, Harold Leroy 12/8/1942 K 2/4/1943
Yates, Manual Adelbert 3/6/1941 E 7/21/1941
Yearde, Robert Joseph 3/25/1943 Hq Det 2nd Bn 4/17/1944
Yearman, Joseph 1/24/1941 E 1/23/1943
Yearwood, Cecil 11/27/1946 E
Yearwood, Eric 1/12/1937 G 1/11/1940
York, William K 9/12/1942
Young, Albert Bernard 7/25/1947 Hq
Young, Alfred 12/3/1924 I
Young, Augustus 1/21/1924 A 1/20/1927
Young, Charles A 6/27/1946 I
Young, Flemming 6/11/1924 3rd Bn Hq Co
Young, Henry 9/17/1943 I 12/22/1943
Young, James 5/8/1944 L
Young, James P 12/5/1937 Battery B 12/4/1940
Young, James P 8/8/1941 L 12/18/1942
Young, Jefferson 7/22/1943 A 9/16/1943
Young, Lawson 3/24/1938 L 11/4/1939
Young, Lawson 3/24/1939 L 11/4/1939
Young, Linwood 5/8/1944 L
Young, Lloyd James 9/14/1943 E
Young, McKinley EugeneSergeant 10/5/1942 B 9/17/1943
Young, Roscoe C 10/6/1942 L
Young, Samuel 1/6/1937 Battery K 1/5/1940
Young, Thomas G 5/25/1929 I 5/24/1930
Young, Thomas N 10/15/1936 Regt Hdq 10/14/1939
Young, Thomas N 10/15/1939 Hq Battery
Young, Vincent Hq Det 1st Bn 11/4/1942
Young, Wilbur E 10/16/1939 Battery C
Young, Willie G 6/6/1929 Howitzer
Youngblood, Randolph Macon B 8/5/1941


Volunteers working throughout New York state and the country have spent many hours indexing these books so that the general public can access this information over the web. The museum would like to thank the volunteers who made this possible:
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