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Roll of honor:
Citizens of the State of New York who died while in the service of the United States during World War I

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Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment Date of Death
Aanensen Aksel Boatswain Mate 1st Class USNRF 8-Jan-1919
Abbate Nicholas Guseppe Chief Cabin Steward USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Abbott Charles Edward Smn 2d cl USNRF 27-Aug-1918
Aberalle Guiseppe Pvt 1st cl Ft Ethan Allen VT 17-Aug-1918
Abey Jarvis Harry Ensign 4-Oct-1918
Aborn Gus Private M.T. Office-Combat Off. Department 16-Apr-1919
Abrahamsen George Christian Acting Pay Clerk 13-Dec-1918
Abrams Roub 1st Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 12-Dec-1918
Abramson Max Corporal Provost Guard 23-Aug-1919
Achilles Louis Henry Jr Seaman 4-Oct-1918
Ackerly Harry R. Quartermaster 2nd class Training Camp, Pelham Bay Park 17-Oct-1918
Ackerly William N. Coxwain Section 5, 3rd Naval District, Sayville, NY 18-Oct-1918
Ackerman Henry Private 268th Aero Squadron 3-Dec-1918
Ackley Edgar Van G. Med. Repl, Unit No. 28 24-Sep-1918
Adamowiez Peter Pvt 109 Spruce Sq 15-Jan-1919
Adel Edward M. Private Casual Squadron, Wilbur Wright Field Ohio 8-Oct-1918
Adolf Orlo Bertrum Ldnm Radio USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Ador Carl B. Private 154th Dep. Brigade 25-Jan-1919
Agar Emmons PVT Signal Corps 7-Oct-1918
Agnocco Luigi Private Tng Regiment, Camp Gordon Ga. 2-Oct-1918
Aguilar Miguel J. Corporal 188th Aero Squadron 18-Nov-1918
Ahneman Theodore John Landsman for Yeoman USNRF 6-Nov-1918
Aichinger John Edward Coxwn USNRF 13-Sep-1918
Ailing Otto Max 25th Co 4-Jan-1919
Aitkens George F. Private First Class C.A.C. 2nd/5th /1st T. M. Battery 27-May-1918
Albert Philip Private Headquarters Bu. 15 13-Oct-1918
Albertson nelson Mac Mate USNRF 11-Oct-1918
Albrecht Charles F. W. Private First Class Amb. 13 6-Jun-1918
Alexander Frank L. Sergeant 11th Aero Squadron 18-Sep-1917
Alexander Llew'n Wheeler Electrician, 3d Class, Radio USNRF 13-Dec-1918
Alicke Rudolf Chief Machinist Mate USN 30-Sep-1918
Allen Cornelius Private Vet Hosp No. 20 Camp Lee Va. 21-Aug-1918
Allen Herbert Henry Seaman 2nd Cl USN 14-Jan-1919
Allen Lloyd S. Private First Class Cadet Det. Av. Sec. Enl. Res.C Wilbur Wright Field Fairfield Ohio 1-May-1918
Allison Floyd Elwood App Seaman USN 3-Oct-1918
Altamore Antonio Private First Class 310th Guard and Fire,Quartermaster Corps 30-Apr-1919
Ambroselli Michele Private First Class Det. Med. Department Base Hospital Camp Wadworth 10-Nov-1918
Amey Merl Bellinger Seaman, 2d Class USN 26-Mar-1918
Andersen Henry E Private Mch Shop Truck Unit 412 26-Oct-1918
Anderson Adolph Oscar Smn 2d cl USN 13-May-1917
Anderson Arthur Oliver Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 28-Nov-1919
Anderson Edward M. 2nd Lieutenant Mil. Aero Signal Corps 25-Jul-1919
Anderson Henry Lincoln Seaman USN 11-Oct-1918
Anderson John J Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 6-Jan-1919
Anderson Otto Chief Machinist Mate USN 6-Feb-1918
Anderson Walter Leonard Seaman, 2d Class USN 24-Sep-1918
Anderson William H. Private 1st class Base Hospital, Brownsville, TX 30-Nov-1918
Andre Harold A. 2nd Lieutenant A.R.S.C. 16-Mar-1918
Angelicchico John Fireman, 3rd class 15-Jan-1918
Angell Lester T. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 29-Sep-1918
Ankelein Frank Private Prov. To A. American Mission 3-Jun-1918
Annis Frank M. Seaman 17-Oct-1918
Annis William Private U.S.A. Gen. Hosp 6-Feb-1920
Antosch Walter Machinist 16-Aug-1918
App Joseph Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 26-Feb-1919
Appel Edward Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 25-Sep-1918
Apple Felix 5th Regiment 1-Nov-1918
Arms August M. Private 1st Tg. Battalion Rep. Group 9-Oct-1918
Arnett John R. 1st Lieutenant M. C 16-Apr-1918
Arnold Harry Cook United States. Army Amb Ser., Sec. 596 with Italian United States. Army 20-Nov-1918
Arnold Percy W Colonel 103 Infantry 25-Jan-1919
Arnone Paul Musician 2nd Class Headquarters, N.G. Trk 14-Sep-1918
Ascensi William Private 507th Aero Squadron, Avia Gen Sup Dep 8-Oct-1918
Asch George A. Private Headquarters Battalion 15 Camp Greenleaf, Chicamauga Park GA 19-Oct-1918
Ashton William B. Seaman, 2nd class 9-Oct-1918
Ashwood George PVT WM Rep Shop304, MSTU 365th 25-Aug-1918
Attridge William James PVT Chem War Serv 9-Oct-1918
Austin Richard H. Private, 1st class Medical Corps 7-Oct-1918
Avard Louis Private, 1st class Medical supply Depot, NY 21-Oct-1918
Avard Percy Leo Landsman, Quartermaster USN 26-Mar-1918
Ayliffe Fred D PVT USA Gen Hosp, No 4, Ft Porter, NY 9-Apr-1919
Babinger Albert James Ldmn M Mate USNRF 24-Mar-1918
Babinski John PVT 6th Train Hq and Mil Police 25-Dec-1918
Bacha John Pvt 1st cl 152d Dep Bde 3-Oct-1918
Bachman Harold B Pvt SATC U of Bflo NY 14-Nov-1918
Bacon Dana Dexter Smn 2d cl USNRF 3-Oct-1918
Baginski Bronislaw Private Machine Gun Battalion 19-Oct-1918
Bailey Donald F. Electrician 2nd class, radio 5-Mar-1919
Baird Charles G. Major 413th Telephone Battalion, Signal Corps 28-Apr-1918
Baker Charles N Jr 1st Lt Inf 9-Jun-1919
Baker Charles W., Jr. Sergeant, 1st class 503rd Aero Squadron 8-Oct-1918
Baker Frederick J., Jr. Private Aviation Signal corps 26-Mar-1918
Baker Harold Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 11-Nov-1918
Baker Harry F Pvt 1st cl QMC 25-Apr-1918
Baker John A. 1st Lieutenant Ordnance 13-Feb-1919
Baker Robert Blaine PVT Gas Def Div,Chem Warfare Service 8-Oct-1918
Baker Robert Patterson Chief Water Tender USN 23-Sep-1918
Baker William Pratt Seaman, 2d Class USN 23-Oct-1917
Balgal Ernest Surfman USN 12-Dec-1918
Ballachey Frederick A 1LT DC Cp Dix NJ 26-Sep-1918
Baltis Peter T., Jr. Private 354th Butchery Company 9-Aug-1919
Bandelt Edward E. Private 32nd Baloon Company 9-Nov-1918
Banks Richard V. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 30-Oct-1918
Bappler George Lawrence Quartermaster, 2d Class Aviation, USN 24-Sep-1918
Baragwanath John McK F Lieutenant 12-Nov-1919
Barbas Jim A. Private 314th Trench Mortar Battery 16-Nov-1918
Barber Arthur Brown Hosp App 2d cl USN 23-Sep-1918
Barclay David 2nd Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 11-Nov-1918
Bardwell Darwin E. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 11-Jun-1918
Barkenbush John Private Recruit Camp, N.Y. 13-Oct-1918
Barkus Abe Seamn 2d cl USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Barmore Don Walton Seaman USN 31-Jul-1917
Barnard Jay Vincent Seaman, 2nd Class USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Barner James V. Private 12th T. M. Battery 20-Jan-1919
Barnes Robert deWitt 20th Co 4-Oct-1918
Barns Charles B. Seaman 19-Oct-1918
Barrett Alexander McC. Captain 314th Cavalry 17-Oct-1919
Barrett Harry Freeman Lieutenant Commander 18-Nov-1918
Barrett Michael Joseph Seaman USNRF 5-Dec-1918
Barrett William J. Seaman, 2nd class 24-Oct-1918
Barrington [George William] Private S.A.T.C. Syracuse University 22-Oct-1918
Barron William A SGT 375 Aero Squad Serv 26-Apr-1919
Barry Richard J PVT Med Repl Unit 28 20-Sep-1918
Barstow Ormond Private 10th Ret. G.S.I Columbus Barracks Ohio 14-Oct-1918
Bartels Robert M. Seaman, 2nd class 21-Jan-1918
Bartlett Robert H 1LT Cp Lee VA 3-Feb-1918
Bassett Rice Quartermaster, 2d Class USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Bateman William E PVT Ship Repair Shop Unit 301 26-Oct-1918
Bates Clarence Chief Quartermaster at Arms Naval Training Station Great Lakes 30-Jan-1918
Bates Walter John Machinist Mate, 2d Class USNRF 11-Oct-1918
Bathrick Henry Melvin Coxmn USNRF 12-Aug-1918
Batterberry Thomas F SGT Cas Det, 151st Dep Brig 24-Feb-1919
Battershall Harry m Wag Hq 103d Engrs Tn 15-Nov-1918
Bauer Harold C SFC 807 Aer Squadron, Sig Co 17-May-1918
Bauer Irving J Pvt 29th Ord Depot 17-Oct-1918
Baumann John Chief Turret Captain USN 2-Jun-1919
Baumer Joseph Anton USNRF 15-Oct-1918
Baxter Cortlandt B. Seaman 25-Oct-1918
Bazzara Peter V. Private Cassion Company 410 6-Oct-1918
Beach Augustus F. 2nd Lieutenant Field Artillery 21-Jan-1918
Beall Kenneth G PVT 57th Arty, CAC 28-Jan-1918
Beanlac Leon John Seaman 2nd Class 20-Sep-1918
Beauclerk Sydney W 1st Lt 12th Acr Squadron 29-Oct-1918
Beaudin William PVT Btry C, 7th Regt, FA Repl Draft 5-Oct-1918
Becker Raymond Michael Fireman 3rd Class 11-Mar-1918
Beckman Lambert Fred Mach Mte USNRF 17-Dec-1918
Bedell Alan T. Flying Cadet Sig, E.R.C 24-Feb-1918
Beebe George Guyon Chief Quartermaster, Navigation USNRF 14-Dec-1919
Beebe John 20th 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
Beekman William S. Lt. Colonel Infantry 10-Apr-1917
Begen Francis Michael Seaman, 2d Class USN 22-Sep-1918
Behan William Joseph Chief Quartermaster USNRF 10-Oct-1918
Behrens William B. 2nd Lieutenant 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Bekman Nenry F. Machinist Mate 2nd class 28-Sep-1918
Bell Jesse James Sergeant 78th 5-Nov-1918
Bellew James Seaman 2nd Class U,S,N,R.F. 14-Nov-1919
Bellinger Harold Henry 95th 19-Jul-1918
Belmegis Heppocrates Ships Cook, 4th Class USNRF 12-Jul-1918
Belport Alexander Harry Ships Cook, 3d Class USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Bemis Leslie C. Private 1st Battalion, 29th Engineers 21-Mar-1919
Benenson Samuel H. Private, 1st class General Hospital 43 7-Jul-1919
Benham Thomas W. Fireman 2nd class U.S.N. 7-Aug-1918
Benjamin Everett F. 2nd Lieutenant Aviation Signal Corps 1-Oct-1918
Bennett Claire C. Chief Quartermaster 26-Jan-1918
Benson Francis W Firmn 3d cl USNRF 14-Dec-1918
Benson Fridolph Fireman USN 30-Jun-1918
Benson Harry Waltetr Fireman 2d cl 2-Oct-1918
Berard Emile C. Chief boatswain 12-Oct-1918
Bergen Louis J Ensign 15-Sep-1918
Bergh Gustave Wilhelm Ensign 18-Jan-1919
Bergman Joseph Samuel Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 21-Jul-1918
Bergman Samuel Ships Fitter, 2d Class USN 26-Sep-1918
Bergner William Oiler USN 22-Jan-1918
Bergrin Jacob Cassion company 176 29-Sep-1918
Bernard Edgar G. Jr. Mch. Mate 1st Class 14-Oct-1918
Bernstein Samuel Private QuarterMaster corps 31-Oct-1918
Berntson Karl Mess Attendant 2d Class USN 14-Aug-1918
Berry Chester Theodore Seaman 25-Nov-1917
Berry William Flynn Bandmaster USN 3-Jun-1918
Berthiaume Arthur J. Private Veterans Hospital 16 17-Oct-1918
Best William Homer Coal Heaver USN 17-Sep-1918
Betowski Paul E. Captain 230th Aero Squadron 2-Jul-1918
Bettenhausen Joseph A. Private First Class 3rd Av. Inst. Center 14-May-1918
Bettenhausen Joseph A. 1st Lieutenant Av. Sec. Sig. C 14-May-1918
Betts Ralph S. Private Students United States. Army Training Corps 11-Oct-1918
Beyea Wills Edwin Coxswain 12-Oct-1918
Beyer Joseph B Cook 1st AA Btry, Baltimore, MD 15-Oct-1918
Bickelman George C Cpl Ord Corps 28-Aug-1918
Bickley John Ronald Fireman, 1st Class USN 16-Oct-1918
Bierbaum George G Sgt 251 Aera Sqdn 27-Dec-1918
Biggerstaff Alexander C. Seaman 2nd class 12-Oct-1918
Billingsly Ralph J. Chief Carpenters Mate 25-May-1918
Binder John Philip App. Seaman 1-Jan-1919
Birnzwaig Jacob S. Private QuarterMaster Corps Detachment, Port of Hoboken, NJ 30-Dec-1918
Biron Felix Amos Smn 2d cl USNRF 16-Jul-1918
Bishop Donald Guild Chief Quarter Master, Aviation 14-Feb-1919
Bissell Joseph F. Major Medical Corps 2-Dec-1918
Bittinger Howard P. 2nd Lieutenant 17th Aero Squadron 26-Aug-1918
Bittner Joseph Lieutenant (JG) 5-Feb-1919
Blake Philip Henry Seaman 2d Class USN 22-Dec-1918
Blanchfield John Captain 5th Regiment 8-Jun-1918
Bliss Frank Clifford Sergeant 1st Anti-Aircraft M.G. Battalion 14-Nov-1918
Boie James F. Private, 1st class 481st Aero Squadron 29-Nov-1918
Boker Arthur William App Semn USN 28-May-1917
Boland John James Ensign 30-Sep-1918
Bolton Thomas H PVT Rmt Dep Base, Sect No 2 6-Apr-1918
Bonner Arthur Joseph Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 21-Oct-1918
Bonner John Water Tender USN 25-May-1919
Boorman Sidney Apprentice Seaman 19-May-1917
Booth Eugene R. Seaman 15-Mar-1918
Booth Harold T Private M Sup Tn M Truck Co 494 4-Oct-1918
Borchardt William 2nd Lieutenant C.A.C., Fort Sheridan, IL 6-Aug-1919
Bork Joseph George Cpl 27th Co 24-May-1918
Bornt Herbert George Seaman 2nd Class 5-Nov-1919
Borter Benjamin F. Corporal Personnel Adjutant Detachment 29-Nov-1918
Bossidy John Edward Elec 1st cl USNRF 27-Jan-1919
Boufford Frank M PVT 3-Aug-1919
Bourke John P. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 28-Jul-1919
Bouton Arthur E. Major 9th Infantry 7/18/1918?
Bouvin Ray S Pvt Stud United States. Army Tng 23-Sep-1918
Bovee Samuel Arthur Private Repl. Battalion 26-Jul-1918
Bowen David Joseph Chief Water Tender USN 22-Dec-1918
Boyeson Charles E. Landsman Electrical, radio 26-May-1918
Boylan Thomas Michael Gunners Mate, 2d Class USN 21-Apr-1918
Bradley John 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry 20-Oct-1918
Bradley Thomas Private 152nd Depot Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Brady Daniel B. Private T.D. 13th Cavalry 30-Oct-1918
Brady Joseph Patrick Chief Gunners Mate USN 4-Aug-1920
Brady Vincent A. 2nd Lieutenant 14-Nov-1918
Brainard Ellsworth Fuller QM 3d cl USNRF 20-Feb-1920
Braunworth Charles Seaman U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Bray William Kenneth 51st Co 11-Jun-1918
Breed Francis Randall 15-Oct-1918
Breen George A. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 17-Jan-1919
Breitling Carl A. 1st Lieutenant 5-Nov-1918
Bren Benjamin R PVT Med Enl Res Corps 7-Oct-1918
Brennan John Ships Fitter, 2nd class U.S.N. 16-Oct-1917
Brennan John Henry Seaman 2nd Class 3-Feb-1918
Brennan Patrick Christ Ldsmn Mate USNRF 14-Jul-1918
Brenzel Conrad C. Ret. 21st Ret 29-Oct-1918
Breuniger William Seaman, 2nd class 4-Aug-1918
Brewer Kenneth E 2nd LT ASSC 28-Sep-1918
Brickell Howard Austin Semn 2d cl USNRF 1-Oct-1918
Bridger Robert Private, 1st class U.S. Headquarters, Paris, France 30-Jun-1918
Brieger John F. Seaman U.S.N. 20-Nov-1917
Briere Alphonse Indian Head 2-Oct-1918
Brillhart Ryland E. Private 157th Aero Squadron Signal Corps 19-Feb-1918
Brindisi Constantine Corporal Salvage Unit No. 301 19-Sep-1918
Brinka William Private Mobile Laundry , 344 5-Oct-1918
Bristol Homer Edward USMC 18-Nov-1918
Bristow Arthur E. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 15-Jun-1918
Broderick Philip J. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 19-Sep-1918
Brodil Anthony C. Corporal 31st Battery F.A., C.O.T.S. 15-Oct-1918
Broker Charles F. Corporal 419th Motor Supply train 22-Apr-1918
Bromley Charles 2nd Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 4-Aug-1918
Brooks Emory Leroy Ordinary Seaman 7-Mar-1919
Brooks George S. Lieutenant 23-Feb-1920
Brooks William Engineman, 2nd class U.S.N. 23-Jul-1919
Brophy William H. Private 881 Aero Repair Squadron 26-Aug-1918
Brostrom Carl F. Landsman Electrician U.S.N. 29-Oct-1918
Brown Henry Cartwright Ensign (D) 16-Sep-1918
Brown Henry S. Apprentice Seaman Training station 2-Oct-1918
Brown James S. Sergeant First Class Sec. 552 Amb Serv 26-Apr-1919
Brown Stuart A. Jr. Private M. T. C. Camp Holabird, Maryland 30-Sep-1918
Brown Thomas Replacement Battalion 2-Jun-1918
Brown Wesley Private C.A.C. 30-Oct-1918
Brown William N. Mess Attendant, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 12-Dec-1918
Bruce Henry G. Battalion Sergeant Major Headquarters 6-Sep-1918
Bruce William George Smn 2d cl USN 20-Oct-1918
Brunkhardt John W. Seaman N.N.V. 5-Nov-1917
Bruno Frank Private 213th Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Bryan Frank Corporal M. Trk 383 13-Dec-1918
Bryan John F . 2nd Lieutenant 102nd Infantry 31-Oct-1918
Bryan Willard K. Mess Attendant, 3rd class U.S.N. 10-Feb-1919
Buckley Francis J. Private Permanent Det. C.A.C 29-Jun-1918
Buckman Judson Eugene 83rd 14-Jun-1918
Buerger William E. Coxswain U.S.N. 9-Mar-1918
Bullusky Jacob J. 1st Lieutenant Infantry 22-May-1918
Bullusky Jacob J. 1st Lieutenant Infantry 22-May-1918
Bumiller William Ships Cook, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 22-Aug-1918
Bunn Everett Corporal Gen. Serv. Infantry 31-May-1918
Burch Joseph E. Machinists Mate, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Oct-1918
Burger Henry G PFC Quartermaster Corps 14-Aug-1919
Burke Edward J. Chief Gunners Mate U.S.N. 9-Dec-1919
Burke Philip Joseph Repl Battalion 19-Sep-1918
Burke Walter E. Cfr 17th Balloon 5-Oct-1918
Burling Joseph E. Pay Clerk 15-Oct-1918
Burllaiqua Frank PVT Btry A, 50th Regt, CAC 14-Jul-1918
Burnett Dewey Apprentice Seaman USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Burns David Evans Smn 2d cl USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Burns James D. 2nd Lieutenant 88th Aero Squadron 11-Aug-1918
Burns John Lewis Gunner 6-Aug-1918
Burns Michael 6th Trench Motor Btry 29-Sep-1918
Burns Robert Sergeant Furlough to Reserve 17-Mar-1919
Burns William J. 1st Lieutenant 165th Infantry 12-Jul-1919
Burns William Joseph Mach Mte 2d cl USN 25-Jul-1918
Burnside Thomas Chief Water Tender U.S.N.R.F. 5-Jul-1919
Burnside William L. 28-Mar-1919
Burr Harvey R. Private Quartermaster Corp Detachment, Aer Gen Sup. Dep. And Concentration Camp, Garden City Long Island 3-Mar-1918
Burrell Felix PVT Btry C, 7th Regt, FA Repl Draft 15-Oct-1918
Burroughs Frank L. [Engineer Junior Grade] [801st Stevedore. Regiment ] 6-Dec-1918
Burt Gerald W Apprentice Seaman USNRF 2-Oct-1918
Burt Alfred S. Private 328th Aero Squadron A.S. Garden City 15-Oct-1918
Bush Harry J. Private Evacuation Hospital No.11 9-Oct-1918
Bush Howard J Smn 2d cl USNRF 14-Sep-1918
Bush Willard Edward 7-Aug-1918
Bushell Robert T. Private Vet. Hospital 16, Camp Lee 4-Oct-1918
Busick Andrew Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 4-Oct-1918
Busse Gustave P. Quartermaster, 1st class U.S.N. 16-Sep-1918
Butler Arthur Wellington Musician, 2nd Class 1-Oct-1918
Butler Charles Edward Pvt 1st cl 152d Dep Bde 30-Sep-1918
Butler John A. Private First Class 29th Provisional Dep. 15-Oct-1918
Butler Robert I. Chauffeur 9 Aero Squadron 22-Sep-1919
Butler Storrs W 1LT Inf 24-Sep-1918
Butterworth Clayton Private 38th 11-Nov-1918
Button George C Pvt 2 Bde MG Bn 29-May-1918
Button Gustavus W PVT Amb Co 106 18-Oct-1918
Butts Hubert W. Private A. S. Aircraft Production 24-Oct-1918
Byrne Charles H Pvt 306th Inf 6-May-1918
Byrne Charles V Pvt 3d Extra Bn 24-Sep-1918
Byrne James S. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 21-Dec-1917
Byrnes Joseph I Sgt 1st cl Ofc Chf QMC 3-Feb-1919
Cahill Peter J. Private M.G. Tng Center 25-Oct-1918
Cahoon Oscar Eugene Private First Class 314th Sup Tn. 13-Jan-1919
Calandra Tony Private Y.S.A. Training Detachment 16-Jan-1919
Calcaterra Chalres Coxswain U.S.N. 23-Feb-1919
Caldwell Eugene W. Major M.C. 20-Jun-1918
Caldwell Martin Private M. D 14-Jul-1918
Callahan John James 55th 11-Jun-1918
Callahan Leo A. Sergeant M. D. 20-Oct-1918
Calundann Jacob B. Lieutenant (J.G.) 23-Jun-1920
Campbell Arthur R. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Campbell Frank Edward PVT Btry C, 7th Regt, FA Rep Draft 3-Oct-1918
Campbell Joseph R. Hosp. App., 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Nov-1919
Campbell Leslie J. Landsman Electrician Radio U.S.N.R.F. 15-Oct-1918
Campbell Robert L. 1st Lieutenant A.S.A. 17-Dec-1918
Campbell William Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 5-Aug-1917
Campbell William T. Commisary Steward U.S.N. 24-Sep-1918
Campesi Guiseppe Private Motor , 16th Section 21-Oct-1918
Canavan John B. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 31-Oct-1918
Canning Austin P. Lieutenant 27-Sep-1918
Cannon Edward F. Private 3rd M. G. Battalion (Company D, 5th M. G. Battalion 0 10-Nov-1918
Cantilion Francis Z. Landsman, Elect. Radio 19-Oct-1918
Cantwell Russell V. Seaman, 2nd class 12-Feb-1918
Cappelini Louis Private First Class M Mac. Shop Trk. Unit 386th 17-Oct-1918
Carberry Frank Edward App Smn USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Cardell Frederick O. U.S.N. 2-Aug-1919
Carey Michael J. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Oct-1918
Carley Lynn Dewitt Semn 2d cl USN 22-Apr-1918
Carlotti Joseph J. Chief Carpenters Mate U.S.N.R.F. 23-May-1920
Carlson Gustave A. Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N. 8-Jul-1918
Carlsson Hialmar Seaman U.S.N. 28-Oct-1918
Carlton Andrew J. Landsman Machinist Mate U.S.N.R.F. 21-Sep-1918
Carmack William G. 2nd Lieutenant Aviation Instruction Center 9-Aug-1918
Carman Calvin Surfman U.S.N. 28-Oct-1918
Carmichael George A. Quartermaster, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Carow Frederick G. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 16-Oct-1918
Carpenter Delmer D Pvt 1st cl 102 F Sig Bn 20-Oct-1918
Carpenter Robert S Wagoner Hq Det, MG Bn 16-Oct-1918
Carra John PFC Btry C, 309th FA 2-Oct-1918
Carrigan John L. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Sep-1918
Carrington Frank E. 2nd Lieutenant 23-Oct-1918
Carroll Joseph J PVT Btry C, 71st Arty, CAC 10-Jun-1918
Carroll Leonard Private 308th Sanitary Train 11-Mar-1919
Carroll Michael Private 410th Casual company 6-Oct-1918
Carroll Owen W. Firemen, 1st class 8-Jan-1919
Carroll Robert H. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 23-Jan-1919
Carroll Warren J. Private Oct. Automatic replacement Draft 10-Nov-1918
Carter Ernest Surfman 30-Jul-1917
Caruso John J PFC 108th Infantry 25-Aug-1918
Carver Clarence B Captain 3d Corps School 10-Apr-1919
Case Andy Butler App Seaman USN 7-Jun-1917
Case Everett C PVT Am Red Cross Mil Hosp 4, Liverpool 22-Jun-1918
Casertano Angelo Private 34th Recruit company 12-Nov-1918
Casey William Landsman, Elect. General 23-Jul-1919
Cashion Leo James Printer First Class 30-Sep-1918
Cassidy William X. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Caswell Milton Edgar App Smn USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Catchpole Harry Guy Ensign 13-Sep-1918
Cavanagh Andrew P. Private 303rd Field Artillery 25-Feb-1919
Cavanaugh James Edward Mch. Mate 1st Class, Avia 12-Oct-1918
Cavanaugh John Francis Shp Fitter 2d cl USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Celentano Frank Water Tender U.S.N. 14-Jun-1918
Chadderdon Joseph P Seaman USNFR 17-Apr-1919
Chadwick John Rappleye Apprentice Seaman 6-Jun-1919
Chambers Leonard A. Private Student Army Training Institute 18-Oct-1918
Champion Henry J PVT San Det, 310th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Chapman Isaac A. 1st Lieutenant Ordnance 17-Oct-1918
Chapman Victor C Pvt Ft Ethan Allen VT 1-Oct-1918
Chapman William H. Captain Medical Corps 26-Sep-1918
Chernin Max Pvt Co B 301st Tk Bn 15-Aug-1918
Christensen Jens Private 152nd Depot Brigade 18-Oct-1918
Christiansen John S. Corporal 334th Aero Squadron 15-Sep-1918
Christner John F Pvt 5 Prov Bn Engrs 8-Oct-1918
Christopher Leon Thomas Quartermaster 2nd Class, Aviation 28-Sep-1918
Churchill Thomas W. 2nd Lieutenant V.C. 9-Jul-1918
Ciccone Joseph P. Private 6th Mechanical Ordnance Repair shop 5-Oct-1918
Clancy Thomas V. Engineman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Oct-1918
Clark Charles S. 1st Lieutenant 318th Labor Battalion, Quartermaster Corps 25-Oct-1918
Clark Fred H 1st Lt Cavalry 7-Sep-1917
Clark George P. Seaman U.S.N. 16-Jun-1919
Clark George W PVT Med Det, Ft. Slocum, NY 24-Oct-1918
Clark Harry A. Firemen, 2nd class U.S.N. 17-Oct-1918
Clark James C. Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Clark Robert P. Machinist Mate 2nd class Aviation 15-Oct-1918
Clark Theodore P. Private Coast Artillery Corps, Mine Planter Mills 11-Apr-1917
Clark Timothy M. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Jun-1918
Clarke Lloyd W. Major Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Clarke Thomas Water Tender U.S.N.R.F. 20-Jan-1918
Claude Elmer Samuel Seaman 2nd Class 8-Oct-1918
Clavin Thomas J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 24-Apr-1919
Clay Firmin Earl Quantico, VA 8-Oct-1918
Clayton Richard Pvt Unasgd 22-Oct-1918
Cleary Frederick Joseph Elec 3d cl USNRF 14-May-1919
Cleary James J., Jr. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 5-Nov-1917
Cleary Joseph C. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 15-Dec-1918
Clemens Jay Earle PVT 7th Rgt, FA, Repl Draft, Camp Jackson, SC 4-Oct-1918
Clement Albert W. Private 1st class 16-Oct-1918
Clement Oliver Edwin Landsman Electrician, Radio 24-Feb-1919
Cleminshaw Charles K. 2nd Lieutenant Quartermaster Corps 27-Mar-1918
Cline Wilbur A PVT Std's ATC, Clarkson C, Potsdam, NY 30-Oct-1918
Clinton Vincent (Jerome) Private M.D. 20-May-1920
Clipston Ernest S PVT Btry A, 76th FA 13-Jan-1919
Clough Charles Leslie Cpl 74th Co 13-Apr-1918
Clough Herbert R PFC Avia Sec 38 Bln Co 7-Nov-1918
Cockerill Edward J. Private 2nd training Battalion, 26th Infantry 9-Dec-1917
Cockett Ray Dutcher Fireman, 2nd Class 21-Apr-1918
Coffey Arthur H. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A. 31-Dec-1918
Coger Ira Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Coghan Harry G. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Oct-1918
Cohen Emil J. Captain A.G.D. 20-Oct-1918
Cohen Harry Oliver Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class 3-Oct-1918
Cohen Max Private 9th Detachment Labor Company 14-Oct-1918
Colamonico Stifano Private Cassion Company 376 27-Sep-1918
Cole Alfred F PVT Battery B, 10th Regt, FA Repl Draft 6-Oct-1918
Cole Chales C. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 6-Dec-1918
Cole George Tillott Seaman 5-Nov-1918
Coleman Bernard Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 22-Mar-1918
Coleman George M. Oiler U.S.N.R.F. 28-Apr-1919
Colgrove Harry Private Vetinary Hospital No. 16 16-Oct-1918
Colleary James J., Jr. Private 16th Colco. Camp 12-Nov-1918
Collins Earl J Pvt MG Co 61 12-Oct-1918
Collins John Joseph Pvt TNG Corps 7-Oct-1918
Collins John T. Private Engineer Corps, Unas, Ft. Slocum , NY 3-Oct-1918
Colliton Michael Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Oct-1918
Colon George O. Sergeant Replacement Battalion 21-Jul-1918
Comer Edward Private Camp Upton Sept. Aut. Repl. Draft 4-Oct-1918
Comiskey Spencer E. Apprentis Seaman 23-Sep-1919
Compton Robert F Pvt 1st cl Co B 1st MP Co 8-Oct-1918
Compton Samuel H. 2nd Lieutenant 3-Feb-1919
Conard John Stacy PFC 18-Oct-1918
Conde Walter A. Private 11th Aero Service Squadron 2-Sep-1918
Conklin Eugene A. Private 20th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 5-Oct-1918
Connaughton Edward P. Gunner's Mate, 3rd class U.S.N. 17-Apr-1918
Connelly Paul J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 1-Jun-1918
Conner Richard L. J. Captain 4-Oct-1918
Connolly John J. Sergeant 326th Labor Battalion, Headquarters Detachment 21-Jan-1919
Connolly Thomas Private Unassigned N. A. Base Hospital 13-Oct-1917
Conradi John P. Ensign 20-Mar-1918
Conway Clarence A. Wardroom Steward U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Conway Horace E. Sergeant 2nd Gr. M. Trk Dep. M. G. Tg. Cps 3-Nov-1918
Cook Charles F. Major 1-Jan-1919
Cook George F. Seaman, 2nd class 14-Jun-1918
Cook Ralph L. Sergeant 1st class 26th Aero Squadron, 3rd Aviation Instruction Center 20-Oct-1918
Cooley Paul B. Private Park Field Tenn 12-Feb-1918
Cooney James Cook 152nd Field Artillery Brigade 25-Dec-1918
Cooney John J. Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 6-Dec-1917
Cooney Willard P PVT 308th FA
Coonrod William PVT Btry A, 308th FA 24-Sep-1918
Coons Clarence G. Private 117th Regiment, 56th Field Artillery Brigade 30-Oct-1918
Coope Joseph W. Gunner's Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 9-Jan-1919
Cooper Albert L. Private Aviation Schools, Kelly Field TX. 11-Dec-1918
Cooper Franklin Private 2nd 22-Mar-1918
Copp Donald G. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 29-Sep-1918
Corbett Catherine I. Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 25-Jan-1920
Cordeaux Clifford Mess Attendant, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Nov-1918
Corey Harold Bedford Chf Mach Mate USN 5-May-1919
Corey Ronels Francis Private 14th 28-Sep-1918
Cornell Frank R Private 15-Oct-1918
Cornish Henry D. Private First Class Auxiliary Dep 308 17-Jan-1920
Corridori Guiseppi PVT Battery C, 2nd Bn, 1st Prov. Devel Bn 6-Oct-1918
Corsentino Charles Private Chem. War Ser. Dept. No. 2 23-Jul-1918
Corson John G 1LT MC 23-Oct-1918
Costello Charles E. Horseshoer 35th Engineers, Camp Dix Replacement Draft 9-Apr-1918
Costello John F. Private First Class Provost Guard 5-Jun-1919
Cotter John Joseph App Smn USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Cotton Charles H. Boatswain's Mate, 2nd class 18-Oct-1918
Cottrell Arthur M Capt ASSC 12-Oct-1918
Cox James Michael Firmn 1st cl USNRF 28-Oct-1918
Coyne James Edward Re-Jd, 82nd 4-Oct-1918
Coyne William Joseph USMC 25-Jan-1918
Crady Joseph Francis Fireman 3d cl 26-Apr-1918
Craig Frank J. Private Quartermaster Corps 18-Oct-1918
Cramade Frank Pvt Hq Co 116th Inf 25-Oct-1918
Craven Henry S. Seaman 14-Oct-1918
Crawford Herbert W PVT Chem War Serv, Am Univ Exp Sta 7-Oct-1918
Crawford Paul J. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N. 13-Oct-1918
Crego Fred J CPL 2nd Bn Intelligence Sec 310th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Crilly Cornelius A. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Aug-1918
Critser Ross Seaman 2nd Cl USN 30-Sep-1918
Crittenden David PVT Aviation Sec, Ft.Dam, Houston, Tex 31-Mar-1918
Croft Walter Howard Fireman 3rd Class 30-Sep-1918
Crogan Giton Private, 1st class Medical Department 8-Oct-1918
Cronin William A PVT Quartermaster Corps Unit No 2 4-Oct-1918
Cronkhite Alexander P Major Eng(Capt) 25-Oct-1918
Crowder William A 45th 6-Jun-1918
Crowe George C.
Crowley James Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 3-Nov-1917
Crupin Solomon Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Cruz Tony NA
Cudlipp Jerome M. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 23-Sep-1918
Cuff Edward C. Corporal Navy Yard, D.C. 11-Jul-1918
Cullen Thomas M. Private First Class Camp Hospital , Fort Clark Texas 22-Oct-1918
Cullen William J. Corporal 333rd Guard & Fire 12-Dec-1918
Cummings Francis P. 74th 5-Oct-1918
Cummings Joseph A. Private 3rd Officers Tng. School 11-Mar-1918
Cunningham Bertran L. Lieutenant (J.G.) 22-Oct-1917
Curry Eugene Edward App Seamn USNRF 11-Apr-1917
Curry James E. Seaman U.S.N. 7-Nov-1920
Curtin George F. Machinist Mate 1st class 5-Mar-1919
Curtis Horace Hartson 13th Regt 22-Sep-1918
Cushman William Reynolds Lieut Commander (Retired List) 27-Aug-1919
Cutler Stuart S. Ensign 10-Oct-1918
D' Agarioff Genia Private First Class Headquarters Enl. Staff, Camp AA Humphreys 13-Oct-1918
Dabbs John J. Lieutenant Junior Grade 24-Dec-1918
Dahill Cornelius Private [1st Provisional Regiment Ordnance Training C] 28-Nov-1918
Daley Christopher J. Private 4-Oct-1918
Daley Joseph Michael Cpl 18th Co Juun 10, 1918
Dallas Leonard G. Sergeant Major Battery A
Dalton Francis 78th 4-Oct-1918
Dalton James H. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 4-Oct-1918
Dalton Jeremiah Joseph 21-Oct-1918
Daly William H. Private 3rd Quartermaster Detachment Newport News VA. 15-Oct-1918
Damaschke Harry C Seaman USNRF 14-Jul-1917
Damavara Christ Coxswain USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Damere Tom Coxswain USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Damico Maramo Private 153rd Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Dana Erie D. Private First Class 329th Gd. & Fire 16-Dec-1918
Dandlinger Leon Pvt Bakers and Cooks Sch 5-Oct-1918
Daniels Charles R. 2nd Lieutenant 125th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Daniels Loren Raymond Fireman 3rd Class 3-Aug-1917
Dann Charles Lafayette Chief Water Tender 22-Sep-1918
D'Antono Angelo Private Medical Department 2-Nov-1918
Darby Walton Carpenter Midshipman 6-Sep-1920
Darragh Patrick J. Mess Attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Darzinski Alexander Private M. D. Camp, Camp Greenleaf GA. 9-Oct-1918
Dash Karl J PVT 118th Engrs 19-Oct-1918
Dater Waldo Van Dyke Seaman 2nd Class 6-Nov-1918
Dattlebaum Harry A. 1st Lieutenant San. C. 5-Apr-1918
Daudelin Omer PVT Med Det, BH No 65 29-Sep-1919
Davis James Fredick Smn 2d cl USNRF 28-Sep-1918
Davis Walter J. Private 3rd Ordinance Reinforce Det. 14-Oct-1918
Davis William Mess Attendant, 3d Class 14-Sep-1918
Davis Willis E Pvt 1st cl MD Evac Hosp 24
Davison Alden Cadet A.S. Sig. E. R.C. 27th Aero Squadron 26-Dec-1917
Day Buell Van Keuren Landsman for Q. M. “A” 17-Feb-1918
Day Everett 1st Cook 328th F Hosp, 307th Sn Tn 17-Sep-1918
De Belmonte Henry Wardroom Steward U.S.N.R.F. 3-Jul-1917
De Cristo Alfred Private Sec C Post Gd, Op., Greenleaf 12-Oct-1918
De Forge John F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 10-Oct-1917
De Groodt Fay Medkiff Landsman for Machinist Mate, “A” 24-Sep-1918
De La Torre Juan Mess Attendant U.S.N. 7-Jan-1919
De Lawrence Lawrence Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
De Long Lillian H. Landsman for yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
De Luca Attansio Private [Unassigned] 18-Oct-1918
De Luca Francis J. Private 54th Dep Brigade 9-Sep-1918
De Palma Frank Water Tender 23-Oct-1918
De Rose Dominick Private Q. M. X. 12-Jan-1919
De Vaucene George P. Machinist Mate, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 1-Nov-1918
Deagin Robert E. Ensign 4-Oct-1918
Deakins Aubrey P. Ensign 6-Jan-1918
Dean Stanley Captain Quartermaster Corps
Deans William J PVT Sn Det 313th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Dearoff Harry Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 16-Nov-1919
Deasy Arthur J. Quartermaster, “A” U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Decker Albert Private Med. Repl Unit 59 11-Oct-1918
Decry Frank W. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Oct-1918
Deen Russell H. Seaman 6-Feb-1918
Degenhart Harry I. Boatswains Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Aug-1918
Dehm William Private 3rd Amb N. Y. N. G./Amb Co. 107 30-Sep-1918
DeKruijiff Theodore 2nd Lieutenant Air Ser. Pro. Ctr. 2 16-Nov-1918
Del Gaudio John Machinists Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Oct-1918
Delaney Frank Patrick App Smn USNRF 22-Oct-1918
Delaney James J. Seaman 6-Oct-1918
DeLester Arthur Francis Yeoman, 1st Class 22-Nov-1918
Delicati Robert Private 2nd Battalion , Edgewood Arsenal 1-Oct-1918
DeMann George M Wag 102 Sn Tn 1-Oct-1918
DeMattis Italio B Chauffeur 107th Aero (Serv), Squadron AAS 2-Nov-1918
Demave Eugene Ships Cook, 1st class U.S.N. 30-Jan-1919
Deming William J PFC 1st Pion Inf 28-Dec-1918
Dempsey William J. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 13-Nov-1919
Denenny James M. Seaman 2nd Class 28-Sep-1918
Denmark Lauren N Pvt 1st cl Med Det 3-Oct-1918
Dennee Frank A. 152nd Dep. Brigade 17-Dec-1918
Dennison Robert Kysor Private S.A.T.C. University of Rochester, NY 17-Dec-1918
Denton Leslie C Pvt 26th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Depta Joseph Pvt 5th Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
Derago Frank Ret, [Unassigned] Ft. Slocum NY
Derolland Gaston Private 102nd Amb 27-Oct-1918
DeSanto Joseph J. Private [Medical Department Unassigned] 4-Jul-1918
Detchon Benjamin C. Captain Ord Res. Corps Cas 1-Oct-1918
Devine James F. Private First Class Quartermaster Corps Aux. Remount Depot 302, Camp Upton NY 26-Oct-1918
Dewhurst John R. Landsman for Electrician-Radio U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
DeYoung Jacob Peter Machinist Mate USN 6-Feb-1918
Diack Bruce Seaman U.S.N. 14-Dec-1918
Diaz Joseph J. Private Med. Dept. B. H. , Camp Merritt NJ 28-Sep-1918
Dibble Robert F. Ensign 25-Feb-1919
Dick James F., Jr. Private 1st class Aviation 5-Jan-1918
Dickerson George I. Private First Class Quartermaster Corps 24-Nov-1918
Dickinson Harry Alfred Seamn 2d cl USN 13-Feb-1918
Dickson Herbert F. Private 49th Tng Battery Field Artillery , Central Officers Tng School, Camp Taylor KY 7-Dec-1918
Diedtrich Charles F. Private Quartermaster Corps, Camp Johnston FL. 4-Dec-1918
Dienst Edward Private 306th M. Rep. Sh. Unit 4-Oct-1918
Diestelhorst Ernest H. Yoeman, 3rd class U.S.N. 31-May-1917
Dietz William Harold Fireman, 2nd cl 24-Sep-1918
Dillard Alex W Major Infantry 4-May-1919
Dilley Roger Pvt 1st cl 250 Co MP 6-Feb-1919
Dillion John Wagoner Quartermaster Corps, Camp Merritt NJ 1-Nov-1918
Dillon Joseph Leo Apprentice Seaman 28-Sep-1918
Dilts Russell B. Sergeant Motor Truck. 537th M Sup. Tn. 11-Oct-1918
Dishaw Kernan K Seaman USN 28-Apr-1919
Diston Jacob E. Private Unassigned 13-Oct-1918
Dix Conrad A PVT MTD, MG Tng, Camp Hancock, GA 16-Oct-1918
Dix Frank S. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 13-Aug-1918
Dixon Jerome J. 2d Lt A.S.A. 9-Dec-1918
Dixon William R. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Dixson Walter E. Pvt 152d Dep Brig 16-Oct-1918
Dixstater Gregory F Seaman, 2nd Class USNRF 27-Jan-1917
Dodge Frederick App Smn USNRF 6-Oct-1918
Dodge Gordon 1st Lt 2d Ave Instruction Center 2-Oct-1918
Doerr Walter Pvt Q.M.C 10-Oct-1918
Dolan James 1st Lt Engineers 8-Oct-1918
Dolan William Pvt Vet. Hosp. No. 6 30-Sep-1918
Dombrowski Frank T. Pvt M.D., 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Donaghy Rfrancis A. Shipwright U.S.N.R.F. 18-Mar-1918
Donahue James P SFC Det 1, USAP 17-Feb-1919
Donald Alexander Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 28-Apr-1917
Donaldson W H Chief Pharmacist Mate 6-Jan-1919
Donnelly Benjamin Private 157th Dep Brig 4-Sep-1918
Donnelly William Edgar Joseph Trumpeter 28-Sep-1918
Donohue Michael F. Pvt Provost Guard M.G.Tng. Center, Camp Hancock 11-Dec-1918
Dooley John Alfred Seaman, 2d Class 7-Mar-1918
Doran William E. 1st Lt Q.M.C 3-Jul-1919
Dorgan Edgar F. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Dorn Archie Nelson Pvt 124th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Dornburgh Clyde Jay Musc 2d cl USNRF 10-Mar-1918
Dorsey Gorreol Girard Pvt Q.M.C. Aug Repl Draft 303 17-Jan-1919
Dorsey John J. Musician, 2nd class 18-Oct-1918
Doty LeRoy Arthur App Seamn USNRF 28-Jun-1918
Doud William Wiley PFC Btry D, 309th FA 1-Nov-1918
Doughty Walter C PVT 500 Aero Sq (Cons) 24-Feb-1918
Dow Samuel H. Private Colored Replacement Battalion, 1st Depot Division 30-Sep-1918
Dowd Edwin Anthony Seaman, 2nd Class 30-Jan-1919
Dowd John Joseph 55th Co 12-Jun-1918
Dowd William A. Machinist Mate, 2nd class 26-Oct-1918
Dowling John J. Chief Commissary Steward U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1920
Doyle Abram SGT Btry A, 6th FA 26-Nov-1918
Doyle Alfred B. Wagoner Supply Co 2-Nov-1918
Doyle Gilbert J. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Doyle John P. Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N.R.F. 26-Sep-1918
Drab William J. Seaman 2nd class Training Station, Great Lakes, IL 30-Sep-1918
Drennan Thomas Landsman Electrician Gen. U.S.N.R.F. 12-Oct-1918
Dresser Ellsworth Seaman 2nd Class 10-Oct-1918
Dresser Fritz L. Captain Office of quartermaster 16-Oct-1918
Driscoll Cornelius F Sgt 106th FA 1-Dec-1918
Driscoll Harry Mess Attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Sep-1918
Dudley William McK 2LT ASA 29-Dec-1918
Duffano Fred Pvt MTC Cen 11 19-Feb-1918
Duffy Francis R. Pvt Hq.Bn., 4th Repl. Gp., Greenleaf, GA 12-Oct-1918
Dugan James 1st Sergeant 56th Depot Brigade 14-Dec-1918
Dugan Neal M Pvt 344th Labor Bn 8-Oct-1918
Dugan Patrick F. Pvt 4th FA, Camp Jackson 30-Sep-1918
Dumbach Joseph Jr. Pvt Chem.Warfare Serv., Hastings Plant E.A. 8-Oct-1918
Duncan William Charles Pvt Repl. Unit 29, Med. Dept. 2-Apr-1919
Dunckel Fred Pvt Graves Reg.Serv., Unit 304, Q.M.C. 17-Oct-1918
Dunham Vincent C Cadet Aviation Sec, Sig C, Kelly Field, Tex 21-Jan-1918
Dunn Robert Sgt 1st cl 96th Aero Sq C 6-Jul-1918
Dunn William E. Private 157th Dep . Brigade 1-Oct-1918
Dunscombe Cecil Acting Pay Clerk 10-Dec-1918
Dunseath John J. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 8-Mar-1920
Durant Arthur E Machinist's Mate, 2nd Class USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Durkin John Joseph USMC 30-Mar-1919
Dwyer David James Carpenter's Mate, 2nd Class Aviation 4-Apr-1918
Dwyer Frank Pvt Fld Hosp 5 31-Jul-1918
Dwyer Mary J. Yoeman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 26-May-1919
Dwyer William J. 2nd Lieutenant Cavalry 9-Oct-1918
Dybdahl Birger Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Dyer Owen D. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 14-Jan-1919
Dykeman Karl Frederick Seaman USNRF 17-Nov-1918
Eaddy Cecyl F. Wag. Pris. War Escort, Co. 81 15-Oct-1918
Earle Alfred Leo Pvt Engr Repl Trps 8-Oct-1918
Earle Charles B. W.M., 3rd class 12-Dec-1918
Earle William P., Jr. Private Air Service School, University of Texas 13-Oct-1918
Eberhhardt Frederick Busch Lndsmn Mate USNRF 26-Jan-1919
Ebinger Ernest W. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 3-Mar-1919
Eckhardt Charles Francis SS Vermont 11-Sep-1917
Eckhout Bernard V. Lieutenant 28-Jan-1920
Edelman Joseph L. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Jan-1919
Egan Kiernan J. Lieutenant (J.G.) 10-Aug-1918
Egbert Arthur S. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 31-May-1918
Eggleston Foster A. Private 7th Regiment Field Artillery 8-Oct-1918
Ehrlich Herman E Pvt Med Det 15-Oct-1918
Eilenberger John T 1st Lt ASA 5-Oct-1918
Eisenberg Hyman Musician, 1st class U.S.N. 3-Feb-1919
Elbers Rudolph F. Quartermaster, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 26-Feb-1918
Elder John W. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Eldrid Gerald G. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 29-Oct-1918
Elgesheiser William Repl 19-Jul-1918
Ellis Evan Lt. Commander 11-Feb-1920
Elwood Michael P. Ships Cook, 4th class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Feb-1920
Ely William S 1st Lt Rochester, NY Av Sec, Res C 2-Jan-1918
Emery Gerald Cfr.(?), 1st class 516th Aero Supply Squadron 10-Oct-1918
End George Louis Seaman, 2nd Class 7-Oct-1918
Engels Arthur L. 1st Lieutenant 9th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Engesser Louis W. Seaman U.S.N. 29-Sep-1918
Engleman John Private 1st class 22nd Balloon company 10-Oct-1918
English Joseph C. Ensign 27-Sep-1919
Ennis James S., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 2-May-1918
Enright Thomas J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 11-Nov-1918
Eppehimer Walter H. Chief Machinst Mate U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
Erlandsen Harold Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Ernst Lawrence Ferdinand Repl Bn 14-Jun-1918
Escavage George Harry Semn 2d cl USNRF 31-Aug-1918
Esposito Agostine Private 616th Motor Truck Company 16-Mar-1919
Esposito Daniel Private 51st Depot Brigade 31-Oct-1918
Etzold Ernest W., Jr. Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 16-Sep-1918
Evans Charles Hart Mch, 1st Mate, 2nd Class USNRF 18-Jun-1917
Evans Edward P. Private 9th Consolidated Company 13-Feb-1919
Evans Ellwood W Colonel Cavalry 24-Jul-1917
Evans James A. Sergeant Ambulance Company 5 29-Jul-1918
Evans John W. Plumber and Fitter U.S.N.R.F. 22-Nov-1918
Everson robert K. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 20-Jan-1919
Ewing Henry C Pvt MTC 665 17-Jan-1918
Exner William Paul 49th Co 17-Jun-1918
Fagan Joseph Francis Corp 45th Co 13-Jun-1918
Fairchild Franklin C. Cadet Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps, Air Service 23-Feb-1918
Fairclough Frank Dagnal SS DeKalb 6-Jun-1918
Fairweather Elmer L PVT Dental Det 334th MG Bn 7-Oct-1918
Fallon Bart Sergeant Utilities Detachment 27-Jan-1919
Fallon Harry A. Ensign 16-Oct-1918
Fanning Winthrop C. 2nd Lieutenant 168th Aero Squadron 10-Mar-1919
Farrar George F. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 9-May-1917
Farrell Michael J. 1st Lieutenant 105th Infantry
Farrell Raymond Seaman U.S.N. 14-Jun-1918
Farren Philip H 2nd Lt ASA 5-Oct-1918
Farrington Frank Vernal Smn 2d cl USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Faslock William Private 12th Training Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade 30-Jun-1917
Faul George Alfred Corporal Washington, DC 1-Oct-1918
Faust Edward S. Captain Field Artillery Recon. Corps 2-Nov-1919
Fay Charles Evans App Seaman 25-Sep-1918
Fazio Charles John Mechanic, Mate, 2nd Class USN 9-Mar-1918
Feeney James P PFC Aeronautical Officer 17-May-1918
Feeney Thomas F. Private 4th Recruit Company 14-Oct-1918
Fegan Francis J. Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N. 18-May-1918
Feldman Mannie PFC Hq Bn, Gen Hq AEF 13-Sep-1918
Feldtmann Roy E. Private St. Aignan Casual Company 18-Feb-1919
Fellows David Smn 2d cl USN 21-Apr-1918
Felton Emory G. Ensign 12-Oct-1918
Fennen Timothy Francis 49th Co 2-Nov-1918
Fenouillet Lucien J. Sergeant 73rd Aero Squadron 24-Mar-1919
Ferguson Harry C. Private 1st class Mobile Hospital Unit 100 16-Jan-1919
Ferguson Jack G. Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Jul-1919
Ferguson James Gard Ldnsm Elec Radio USN 7-Jul-1918
Ferguson Thomas James Hq Det 2-Oct-1918
Ferrand Sandy G. Machinists Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 3-Oct-1917
Ferris Earl H. 2nd Lieutenant 208th Military Police Company 3-May-1919
Ferris James Sergeant 67th 1-Nov-1918
Fessenden Edgar H. Electrician, 1st class, radio U.S.N.R.F. 15-Mar-1918
Fihe Paul Bernard PVT 9th Bn, 153 Dep Brig 28-Sep-1918
Finck George Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 1-Mar-1919
Finear William Patrick Seaman 2nd Class 8-Mar-1918
Finkelstein Samuel Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 28-May-1918
Finley James P. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 24-Sep-1919
Finnegan Bernard Private Unassigned 6-Nov-1918
Finnin Charles Recruit Medical Department 22-Sep-1918
Fischer Ernest Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Fischer Frederick M. 1st Lieutenant Coast Artillery Corps 10-Oct-1918
Fischer Henry George Seaman 2nd Class 6-Oct-1918
Fischer John R. 1st Lieutenant M.C. 31-Oct-1918
Fishbein Samuel Private Casual Company 146 23-May-1919
Fishbourne Joseph W. Private 467th Engineers Pontoon Train 9-Oct-1918
Fisher James Owen 70th Co 2-Mar-1918
Fisse Victor Ship Fitter, 1st class U.S.N. 11-Feb-1918
Fitzer Minor G 2d Lt Cavalry 4-Feb-1918
Fitzgerald Edward M. Ensign 21-Aug-1918
Fitzgerald John J. 1st Lieutenant A.S.S.C 30-Oct-1918
Fitzgerald Morris Pvt 1st cl Ord Dept 28-May-1918
Fitzgibbons Patrick Joseph Machinist 23-Nov-1919
Fitzpatrick Charles A. Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N. 26-Feb-1921
Fitzpatrick James H. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 3-Feb-1919
Fitzpatrick Richard I. Private Squadron 1 Av. Sec. Sig. En. R. C. 26-Mar-1918
Fitzpatrick Thomas Private 152nd Dep. Brigade 25-Sep-1918
Fitzpatrick Thomas J. Private Field Testing Sec. L. 28-Jan-1919
Fitzpatrick William M. Private 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Fitzsimmons George G. Private 375th Aero Service Squadron 28-Mar-1918
Flanagan Bernard Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 11-Oct-1920
Fleischmann Charles Electrician, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Aug-1917
Fletcher Roland E. 1st Lieutenant Dental Corps 21-Dec-1918
Fleury James M. Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Flynn Andrew L. Private U.S.A. Training Detachment 17-Aug-1918
Flynn Francis Joseph Sgt 1st cl 20th Co 6-Jun-1918
Flynn Michael Private 6th, Ft. Barry CA. 10-Oct-1919
Foley Frank SGT Btry B, 42nd CAC 24-Sep-1919
Foley William J Pvt QMC Det 23-Dec-1918
Folles Frank Joseph Private Ord Det. 12-Oct-1918
Fonss William E. Private Quartermaster Corps 13-Jan-1919
Foote Carl L PFC 9th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Foote Howard E PVT 10th COTC, Camp Lee 11-Oct-1918
Fordham Oltas C PVT 157th Dep Brig 26-Jan-1918
Forkish Samuel Private Casual [Engineers] 3-Oct-1918
Fornach Richard Frank 67th Co 4-Oct-1918
Forster Frederick A. 2nd Lieutenant 5-Oct-1917
Forster Linn H 1LT 148th Aero Sqdn 2-Sep-1918
Forster Michael J Cpl 498 Aero Sq 6-Oct-1918
Foster Edwin H. Lieutenant 23-Feb-1919
Foster Edwin V. Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Mar-1921
Foster Harry L. Cook Quartermaster Corps, Pack Tn 11 10-May-1917
Fox Charles Wesley Fireman 3rd Class 14-Feb-1918
Fox Howard PVT 153rd Dep Brig 29-Sep-1918
Fox Kenneth Albert Smn 2d cl USNRF 6-Oct-1918
Fox Raymond 1st LT 1st Aero Sg 1-Oct-1918
Fraley Guy Barstow Chief Quartermaster 12-Aug-1918
France Ferdinand J. Quartermaster, 3rd class 23-Sep-1918
France Howard J. 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 24-Apr-1918
France Lester H. Private 53rd Dep Brig 18-Oct-1918
Franclemont Edward L 2LT ASA 17-Dec-1918
Frank Harry Private First Class Aux. Rmt. Dep 303 14-Mar-1918
Frank Myles A. Ensign 22-Oct-1918
Frank Joseph P. Corporal M.D. Emb. Hosp. 27-Sep-1918
Franken Leo L. Private Students Army Tng Corps 3-Oct-1918
Frankenstein Elmer H PFC Btry D, 335th FA 4-Dec-1918
Franklin Albert L PVT 20th Deport Serv Co Corps 11-Jun-1919
Franklin Spencer Captain M.C. 21-Jul-1918
Franz Frederick O. Boatswains Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 30-May-1918
Frawley John J. Sergeant 7th Service 5-May-1919
Frazec Edna M. Landsman for Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 22-Oct-1918
Frazec William P. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 7-Feb-1920
Frazer Homer Campbell Quantico, VA 16-Feb-1918
Fredenburg Clarence K. Repl Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Frederick Cecil Private 326th Aero Squadron 21-Dec-1918
Fredricksen Louis W. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 11-Jun-1917
Freed Edward B. Private First Class R. A. 30-Jul-1918
Freise Frederick Private First Class A.S.S.E.R.C.
French John M. Private First Class [Medical Detachment] 11-Oct-1918
French Ralph W. Firemen, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
French Ulysses Grant Seaman 2nd Class 27-Mar-1918
Friedel William P. Private [1] Sept. Auto Repl Draft 11-Dec-1918
Fritsch Aloysius Emil Landsman for Mch Mate Avia, USNRF 12-Feb-1919
Fromm Henry Horsehoer 6th Engineers 11-Jun-1919
Frost James A., Jr. 1st Lieutenant 26-Sep-1918
Frost John DuBois Sergeant Headquarters Det. T. C. 12-Jun-1919
Fruhauf John A. Private 302nd Aux. Remt. Depot Quartermaster Corps 24-Oct-1918
Frye Abram H. Av. Sec. Sig. Ros. C attached 182nd Aero Squadron 9-Jul-1918
Fuery Leo Michael Fireman 3rd Class 7-Oct-1918
Fuller Frank M. Electrician, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 15-Apr-1920
Fulmer Clifford John CPL 67th 6-Jun-1918
Fulton Harold C. Chief Gunners Mate U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
Fumar Sam Private 122nd, M.G. School M.G.T.C. 6-Dec-1918
Funch Raymond Vincent Engineman, 2nd Class 28-Apr-1919
Funds Andres Private Sept. Aut. Repl Draft 1-Oct-1918
Fuquay Joseph D 1st Sergeant US Mil Aeronautics 7-Jan-1919
Furstenberg Carl Leighton Mech Mate, 1st Class Avia, USN 7-Mar-1919
Fusco Luigi Private 6, Sept. Auto Repl. Draft 17-Oct-1918
Gabay Arthur J. Storekeeper, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 24-Feb-1919
Gaffney James H Emgrmn 2d cl USNRF 24-Nov-1918
Gage Glen Arbor Semn 2d cl USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Gahde John J. Hospital Apprentice, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Gain Thomas E. Seaman, 2nd class 10-Oct-1918
Gainer Austin E. Machinist Mate, 1st class U.S.N. 30-Oct-1918
Galbraith James S. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A. 7-Apr-1919
Galivan James C Pvt 305th MG Bn 29-Sep-1918
Gallagher Charles H. Captain Med. Res. Corps 28-Aug-1918
Gallagher Francis M. Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N. 10-May-1918
Gallagher James A., Jr. Chief Yoeman U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Galligan Frank T. Boatswain's Mate, 2nd class 17-Dec-1918
Galusha Ivan H. Drummer Fort Lyon, CO 3-Dec-1918
Gannon Howard Jason Smn 2d cl USNRF 23-Apr-1919
Garland Richard Private Veterans Hospital No. 16 Camp Lee VA 17-Oct-1918
Garnsey Arlo E. 2nd Lieutenant Casual Air Service 11-Oct-1918
Garrison William C. Hospital Apprentice, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Jan-1919
Garsau Carl E. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
Garvey Edward Joeph 84th Co 19-Jul-1918
Gaskell Ellsworth F. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A. 20-Nov-1918
Gasse Morris Private 157th Depot Brigade 5-Oct-1918
Gassert Howell A Attached 5th Regiment 16-May-1918
Gates Gordon D. Sergeant First Class Air Service Flying Det., Souther Field GA. 17-Jul-1919
Gates James J. Private Quartermaster Corps, Washington D.C. 7-Dec-1918
Gauland Anthony Private Bakery, 422 Bush Terminal , Brooklyn, N.Y. 12-Nov-1918
Gaus Charles F. Seaman U.S.N. 5-Nov-1917
Gautier E. Private 30th Aero. Squadron 27-Sep-1918
Gavigan William J. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
Gavin William Phillip Smn 2d cl USNRF 22-Oct-1918
Gehm Harry L. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 2-Apr-1918
Gehrig Edmund Ensign 26-Feb-1918
George Frank Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 17-Dec-1918
George Michael Private 33rd Field Artillery Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Geren Bernard F. Ship's Writer 20-Dec-1918
German John Z Pvt 155th Dep Bde 4-Oct-1918
Gerwin Theodore P. Chief Electrician, general U.S.N. 6-Apr-1919
Gianfraneceshi John nP Pvt SATC U of Buffalo 27-Oct-1918
Giano Michael Private 314th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Gibbons James A., Jr. Chief Machinst Mate U.S.N.R.F. 8-Apr-1919
Gibbs Fred PVT Btry D, 28th Arty CAC 5-Oct-1918
Gibbs Nelson A. Ship's fitter 2nd class 28-Apr-1918
Gibney John L. Aviation Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Gibson George D. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 25-Oct-1918
Gibson William Telford Machinist Mate 1st Class 22-Dec-1918
Gies Walter E Sgt 311th Inf 1-Nov-1918
Gigliotti Joseph PVT 3rd Dev Bn, Camp Upton, NY 13-May-1919
Gilbert Alexander Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1918
Gilbert George E. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 1-Jan-1918
Gill Harry D. Major Veterinary Corps 3-Oct-1918
Gill James Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 15-Oct-1918
Gillen William J. Sergeant C I. P., Custom House Bldg., New York City 14-Jan-1919
Gillespie Charles J. Private 311th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Gillespie Eugene F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Gilligan Edward Private 102nd Sanitary Train 19-Oct-1918
Gilmore John J SGT Btry E, 16th FA 12-Sep-1918
Ginsberg Harry Pvt Syracuse ret Cp 1-Oct-1918
Gistedt Victor A. Private Air Service supply Depot, Clichy, France 13-Nov-1918
Gitchell Edward B. Captain Ordnance 18-Nov-1918
Gleason arthur H. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
Gleason Donald WQ Pbvt Cadet Det 14-Feb-1918
Glennon John Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N. 26-Feb-1918
Glover Graham F. Seaman 30-Jan-1919
Glover John Seaman U.S.N. 25-Sep-1918
Godduhn Arnold W. Coxswain U.S.N. 24-Sep-1918
Goehring Edward Sergeant Bakery 383 19-Feb-1919
Goerz Frederic C. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 26-Oct-1918
Goetz Louis Chief Gunners Mate 17-Apr-1918
Goldberg Emanuel Corporal 301st T. M. Battery 21-Sep-1918
Goldberg Jacob S. Private 2-Feb-1919
Goldberg Philip Private 152nd Depot Brigade 18-May-1918
Goldklang Jack D. Landsman Electrician U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Goldman Philip J. Quartermaster, 2nd class Aviation, Fleet-Class 1-B 7-Jul-1918
Goldstane Morris Chief Quartermaster U.S.N.R.F. 28-Apr-1919
Goldstein Nathan Apprentice Seaman 23-Sep-1918
Goldstein Robert Electrician, 1st class, radio U.S.N. 14-Apr-1919
Goldstoff Jacob B. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Goldwater Samuel B. U.S.N. 13-Sep-1918
Golounik Brionislaw Pvt 153d Dep Bde 8-Oct-1918
Goode Edward C Rct Gen Serv Infantry 27-Mar-1917
Goodell Lawrence 2nd Lieutenant Quarter Master Corps 4-Oct-1918
Goodridge Lee Robert PVT Btry D, 309th FA 19-Oct-1918
Goodrows Franklin G. Private See. B.S.A.T.C. Cornell University 23-Oct-1918
Goodspeed James P. Chief Quartermaster U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Gordon Charles Private 2nd Extension Battalion, Syracuse, NY Recruit Camp 7-Oct-1918
Gordon Donald S. 2nd Lieutenant 6th Regiment 24-Jul-1918
Gordon John G PVT 324th, Camp Stuart, VA 20-Oct-1918
Gordon Paul D
Gorman Algernon D Pvt Am U CWS Wash DCF 11-Oct-1918
Gorman Lloyd J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 23-May-1918
Gorny John Edward Smn 2d cl USNRF 28-Sep-1918
Gorrow Ralph Isadore Ships' Cook, 2nd Class 20-Jan-1919
Gorsky Casimir Aloysius Co T 14-Nov-1918
Gothart Edward J. Private 152nd Depot Brigade 2-Aug-1918
Gould LaVerne Jay Pvt 1st cl 108th Inf 30-Oct-1917
Gourlay George W. Chief Gunners Mate U.S.N. 3-Dec-1918
Gozzett Edward R. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 5-Nov-1917
Grace John M. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 11-Oct-1918
Grace Theodore Nicholas App Semn USNRF 7-Oct-1918
Gracie William B Lt Colonel Quartermaster Corps 26-Oct-1919
Graff Peter Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 22-Jul-1918
Graham James B 1st Lt Infantry 5-Feb-1918
Graham Joseph B. Quartermaster, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 20-Aug-1918
Grancavella Giovanni PVT Btry F, 101st FA 31-Jul-1918
Granneman Arthur E PFC 16-Jul-1918
Grant Duncan R. 2nd Lieutenant 143rd Aero Squadron 31-May-1918
Grant James J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 4-May-1921
Gratz Samuel Philip PFC Btry A, 55th Arty, CAC 4-Oct-1918
Graves Justus Wilbin USMC Parris Isl SC 30-Nov-1918
Gray Archibald Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 10-Mar-1918
Gray Wilbur Coxswain U.S.N.R.F. 16-Jun-1920
Green Benjamin Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 26-Feb-1918
Green Cecil J. Private First Class 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Green Elmer J. Machinist unknown
Green Frederick J PVT Btry F, 7th Regt, FA Repl Draft 1-Oct-1918
Greenberg Simon Electrician, 1st class U.S.N. 17-Dec-1917
Greene Calvin 2nd Lieutenant 213th Aero Squadron 22-Nov-1918
Greene Elwyn E. Cook 12th Trench Mortar Battery 28-Jan-1919
Greener Minor Private First Class 5th Field Artillery 1-Apr-1918
Greenough Ernest A Colonel Quartermaster Corps 4-Sep-1918
Greenwald Charles Edward Storage Cook USN 26-Sep-1918
Greenwood Samuel A., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Aviation Instruction Center 11-Aug-1918
Gregg Thomas Joseph 55th 19-Jul-1918
Gregory Edwin B CPL Quartermaster Corps MTC, 391 23-Feb-1918
Gressman Joseph Firmn 3d cl USNRF 19-Feb-1919
Griffin John A. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 19-Jan-1919
Griffin Joseph John Private San. Det. 319th Field Artillery 13-Apr-1919
Griffith George H. Electrician 2nd class U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Griffith Lewis T. Lt. Colonel B. H. 76th Med. Dept. 8-Apr-1919
Griffiths Richard H. Lt. Colonel 28-Apr-1918
Griswold William H. Apprentice Seaman 10-Jun-1917
Groat John Eller Seaman 2nd Class, U.S.N.R. F. 29-Sep-1918
Groenendaal [Adriaan] Sergeant Gen. Serv. Infantry, Ret. Off 12-Jun-1919
Groser Leslie H. 1st Lieutenant Inv. R. C. attached to 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
Gross Frank Anthony Smn 2d cl USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Gross George Pvt 9th Trench Mort Bn 24-Oct-1918
Grosser Michael E PVT GS Infantry, 10th R Co Columbus Bks 15-Oct-1918
Grossman Irving Private Ord. Corps 28-Jul-1918
Guarino Frank Private 154th Dep. Brigade 10-Oct-1918
Guest Frank Joseph Smn 2d cl USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Gugliolimino Sebastian Pvt 157th Dep Brig 4-Feb-1918
Guillod Frank Leo SGT Repl Bn 11-Jun-1918
Guiry Robert A. Private Rep. Unit 311th M. T. C 3-Dec-1918
Guiterman H. Rosenwald Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 4-Oct-1918
Gujil Quirico G. U.S.N. 18-Mar-1918
Gunderman George C., Jr. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Aug-1918
Gunderson Charles G. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 17-Apr-1918
Gunechion John J. Sergeant First Class 104th Ord Dept. 9-Nov-1918
Gunn Harry C. Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N. 23-Sep-1917
Gurry Edward PFC Base Hospital 48 21-Oct-1918
Gustamolsky Moses Private 1st Battalion, Chemical Warfare Service 7-Oct-1918
Habor Henry F. Engineman, 2nd class U.S.N. 4-Oct-1918
Hadden George H Cook 504th Aer Con Squadron Sig 25-Mar-1918
Haen Arthur C 2LT ASA 22-Dec-1918
Haerer Arnold Private Potomac Pt., Washington M. D. 30-Apr-1918
Haff Lloyd H. Private First Class 333rd G. F. , Camp Mills, NY 16-Oct-1918
Hagadorn Charles B Colonel Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Hagadorn Leland J. 1st Lieutenant Av, Sec, Rec. C 23-Feb-1918
Haggerty Fred B. Private First Class Quartermaster Corps 27-Jan-1918
Hahn Michael Private 152nd Dep Brigade 15-Apr-1918
Hald William J. Corporal 2nd Provisional Regiment, 156th Depot Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Hall Harold R.C.T. 2 Ret 26-Oct-1918
Hall James J. Sergeant Corp, Intelligence Police, N. Y. Det., 302 Broadway Corps 20-Jan-1919
Hall Milton J. Sergeant Quartermaster Corps Det. Camp Tobyhanna PA. 4-Nov-1918
Hall Raymond Spencer 66th 4-Oct-1918
Haller Viola Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Jan-1919
Hallett Elbert, Jr. Landsman Machinist Mate U.S.N.R.F. 1-Oct-1918
Hallock Roy E. Captain A. S. 27-Dec-1918
Halpern Jacob Private First Class San. Det. 310th Field Artillery 16-Oct-1918
Halpin Frank B. Coxswain U.S.N. 16-Nov-1918
Haman Henry George Smn 2d cl USN 19-Nov-1918
Hamlett Francis A. Fireman, 1st class U.S.N. 17-Oct-1918
Hamlin Dunton Private 151st Dep Brigade 24-Sep-1918
Hamline Clyde
Hamlink Clarence Albert 95th 6-Oct-1918
Hamm Burgess S Sgt MT Co 618 1-Jul-1918
Hammer James M. Seaman U.S.N. 15-Dec-1917
Hanbidge Francis F 1st Lt Med Res C 31-Jan-1918
Hancock Gordon S Wag Btry F, 57th Arty, CAC 19-Apr-1918
Haney James M Pvt 1st cl 327th Gd Co
Haney Owen Joseph Machinist Mate 1st Class Aviation 17-Feb-1919
Hanft Benjamin Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 15-Mar-1918
Hanley Daniel S. Bugler U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
Hanley Matthew R. Seaman U.S.N. 29-Nov-1918
Hannon Raymond Vincent Lt jg 12-Jun-1917
Hanselman Merrill E PVT 312th Trench Mortar Btry 14-Sep-1918
Hansen Lawrence T. Private First Class Bakery, 304 25-Nov-1918
Hansen Rolf W. Ensign 1-Oct-1918
Hansett Stanley A. Seaman 4-Feb-1918
Happel George H. Quartermaster, 2nd class Aviation,U.S.N.R.F. 17-Nov-1918
Haran Thomas T. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N. 27-Jul-1918
Harcup Michael Ships Cook, 4th class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Jun-1918
Hardnett John Ensign, SC 8-Aug-1918
Harmon James N. Private Rec.25 3-Feb-1919
Harmon John F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 24-Sep-1918
Harner Thomas J PVT 3rd Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 29-Sep-1918
Harrigan Edward J Sgt 1st cl 489th Aero Sq 26-Dec-1918
Harrington Karl Gene Cpl NOC Sch Det 1-Feb-1918
Harrington Thomas W Corporal 2d Repl Battalion 16-Sep-1918
Harris Arthur T. Coxswain U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Harrison John F. Quartermaster U.S.N. 25-Oct-1918
Harrison Otto G. Fireman 26-Sep-1918
Hart George Oiler U.S.N.R.F. 12-Dec-1919
Hart John Joseph Seaman, 2nd Class 5-Mar-1918
Hartmann Joseph Private School for Bakers and Cooks, Camp Upton, NY 8-Oct-1918
Hartnett John, Jr. Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N.R.F. 17-Sep-1918
Haskell Lorenzo 2nd Lieutenant Infantry 31-Aug-1917
Hassinger Philip E. 1st Lieutenant 22nd Aero Squadron 14-Sep-1918
Hasswlbeck Roy Frede Gnrs Mate 25-Feb-1919
Hatch Hyatt C. Jr. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
Hathaway Sanger Allen 17-Oct-1917
Hatjoglon Gabriel Private 302nd Mech. Repair Shop 1-Aug-1918
Hausmann William F. Private 37th Pro. Ord. Dept. Repair Shop 29-Sep-1918
Havens Henry Boardman Seaman 2nd Class 15-Mar-1918
Hawkins Leonard Hillson Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 26-Jul-1918
Hayes Joseph L. Private 3rd Aer. Squadron, Sig. C. , Ft. Sill Oklahoma 27-Oct-1917
Hazeltine Charles Walter Commander USNRF 28-Jan-1921
Hazen Clinton B. Machinist 29-Mar-1919
Head Harris James PFC 97th 23-Sep-1918
Healy John F. Signalman, Quartermaster, “A” U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Heaney James F. Private Cannon Relining School Ordinance Dept. 26-Oct-1918
Heerman Arthur F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 12-Feb-1918
Hegerty John L. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 7-Jun-1918
Heggen Casper Private Quartermaster Corps Det. Office of Ch. Quartermaster Headquarters, S.O.S. 17-Mar-1919
Heilman Carl A. Captain Engineers 12-Jul-1919
Heinze Max Private Bakery, No. 3 Quartermaster Corps 12-Apr-1918
Hellert Frederick C. Private First Class F 19-Oct-1918
Hellmers Walter Captain Infantry 29-Jan-1919
Helmann Sam Private M. D. 17-Oct-1918
Helmken Henry Joseph Jr. Private Util. Det. Quartermaster Corp, Camp Mills NY 13-Oct-1918
Helmuth Frederick P CPL 1st Bn, Intelligence Sec, 310th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Henderson George
Hendricksen Harry Pay Clerk 25-Dec-1918
Hendrickson Arthur R. Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 16-May-1918
Hendrickson John H. Pharmacists Mate 1st class 30-Sep-1918
Henel William Jr. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 9-Oct-1918
Hennessey Jeremiah S. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 13-Oct-1918
Henrich Walter J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Henry Clarence L PFC Btry D, 80th FA 30-Dec-1918
Henry Thomas J. Seaman 2nd Class 24-Sep-1918
Herbert Richard John Semn 2d cl 7-Oct-1918
Herbstreet Larnney Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Dec-1918
Herdman Albert V.N. Coxswain U.S.N.R.F. 19-Mar-1918
Herman Frank Private Vet. Tng. School, Camp Lee. VA 14-Oct-1918
Herriman John H. Machinist Mate, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 12-Oct-1918
Herskowitz Julius Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Oct-1918
Herstein Charles Private Ordinance Dept. 20-Oct-1918
Hertz David Private S.A.T.C., New York University , NY City 6-Dec-1918
Hespe Charles C. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Oct-1918
Heton William Ret. [Unassigned at Ft. Slocum NY 20-Oct-1918
Hettling Frederick C. Landsman for Electrician, radio U.S.N.R.F. 13-Oct-1918
Hewitt Philip G. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1918
Heyerdahl Valentine Private 730th Motor Truck Corps 10-Mar-1919
Hicks Harold W. Private Students United States. Army Training Corps 15-Oct-1918
Hicks John R. Major 302nd Tank C 3-Jan-1919
Higgins Frank W. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 5-Nov-1917
Higgins John J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Higgins Robert J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 25-Mar-1918
Higginson William Paul Gy SGT 45th 6-Jun-1918
Hilbert William Guatave App Smn USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Hill Starr T Pvt Sch for Bakers and Cooks 20-Oct-1918
Hiller Chas. E. Private Stu. United States. Army Tng, N. Y. State College for Teachers, Albany N. Y. 15-Nov-1918
Hillery David Joseph Pvt 1st cl USMC 11-Jun-1918
Hilton Frank Henry Pvt 1st cl USMC 2-Oct-1918
Hinds Elliot P. Captain 12th Aero Squadron, Aviation Section North 24-Jun-1918
Hine Frederick Pvt 153d Dep Nde 17-Oct-1918
Hinshelwood James E Landsman for Elect General 27-Sep-1918
Hirshler Jerome J. Landsman Electrician, radio U.S.N. 21-Jan-1918
Hiscott James H. Private Evacuation hospital 19 30-Sep-1918
Hiscrodt John Fireman 1st cl 2-Jun-1918
Hitt Montgomery R. Fireman 1st class 6-Jan-1919
Hitzel Walter Henry USMC Parris Isl SC 29-Oct-1918
Hixson Frederick Hieford PVT 79th 14-May-1918
Hoag George Chester Cpl 302d Sup ,Tn 12-Dec-1918
Hobbs Austin I. 1st Lieutenant 2nd B.H. Med. Dept.. 28-Sep-1918
Hochstetter Eugene P. Private First Class 330th Guard & Fire, Camp Mills, Long Island, NY 20-Oct-1918
Hodge John W. Landsman, for elect. 21-Sep-1918
Hoerning Charles M. Private Repl. Draft No. 2 10-Mar-1918
Hoffman Charles William Lieutenant 13-Oct-1918
Hoffman James J. 2nd Lieutenant 165th Infantry , 3rd Battalion 21-Sep-1918
Hoffman Moses L. Private Med. Dept. , Fort Logan H. Roots, AR 24-Dec-1918
Hogan Joseph L. Quartermaster 2nd class Aviation 14-Nov-1918
Hogan Lawrence J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Hogan William C. Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class 7-Oct-1918
Hogel Milton H. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A 29-Jan-1919
Holahan Joseph V. Private 19th Battalion, 15th M.D., Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. 3-Oct-1918
Holborn Clarence E. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A. 3-Dec-1918
Holbrook Newberry Pvt 1st cl USA Amb Svc 644 16-Feb-1918
Holcomb Roy E Fireman 3d cl 14-Apr-1918
Holden Charles H. Private Sec. 559 U.S. [Ambulance Service] 4-Oct-1918
Holden Clinton L PVT Btry A, 307th FA 16-Feb-1919
Holdridge Ross Beebe App Seamn USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Hollenbeck Edward M. Apprentice Seaman 28-Sep-1918
Holler William R. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 5-Nov-1917
Holley Miles Henry QM 2d cl USN 29-May-1918
Holmes Willard Frank Elec 2d cl USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Holmquest Clarence J. Private Md. New Port News, VA 1-Feb-1918
Holtzapple Robert Arthur Smn 2d cl USN 24-Jun-1918
Holzman Martin M. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 20-Oct-1918
Honeywell Allen D. Ensign 18-Jan-1919
Hood Robert Stanley Smn 2d cl USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Hooker James L. 2d Lieutenant Quartermaster Company 3-Aug-1918
Hoose Edwin Lester Firemn 2d cl USNRF 10-Jan-1918
Hopf Albert E. Private 151st Depot Brigade 21-Sep-1918
Hopkins Frank, Jr PVT Serv Unit, 552 Amb Serv 5-Jun-1919
Hopkins Hugh Boatswains Mate 1st Class 26-Sep-1919
Hopkins Perley M. Private 1st Heavy Mobile Ordnance Rep. Sh. 27-Sep-1918
Hoppel Charles John Jr USMC Parris Isl SC 7-Nov-1918
Horan John E. Gunners Mate, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Nov-1918
Horn William Ships Fitter, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
Horne Charles K PVT SATC, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY 18-Oct-1918
Horning DeForrest A. 1st Lieutenant A.S.A 10-Dec-1918
Hornoff Raymond M. Private 27-May-1917
Horwig Sidney Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 31-Jul-1917
House George W. Private 410th Overseas Cassion Company 6-Oct-1918
Howley Thomas William Seaman 2nd Class 29-Sep-1918
Hoyt Wesley Allen Corporal 83d 6-Jun-1918
Hubbard Charles E Pvt Handley Page Tng Dep 12-Nov-1918
Hubbs Thomas B. Chief Machinst Mate U.S.N.R.F. 20-Oct-1918
Hudson Charles R. Quartermaster, 1st class 30-Sep-1918
Hughes Clifford E. Captain 312th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Hughes James F. Ensign U.S.N.R.F. 22-Dec-1919
Hughes John Chief Water Tender U.S.N. 23-Jul-1918
Hull Milton D PVT SATC, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY 17-Oct-1918
Hummer Andrew J. Landsman Carpenters Mate Aviation,U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Humphrey Frederick PVT Ord Corps 20-Oct-1918
Hungerford Joseph D Captain Cavalry 27-Aug-1918
Hunt John
Hurley Edward L. Private First Class M. D. Gen. Hosp. No.5 Ft. Ontario N. Y. 2-Oct-1918
Hutchings Joe L. Private Quartermaster Corps 27-Sep-1918
Hyde Guy C. Fireman 3rd class 15-Feb-1918
Hydon Robert James Hosp App, 2nd Class 27-Sep-1918
Hyman Samuel PVT Syracuse Ret Camp, NY 10-Oct-1918
Ihlo Henry H. Seaman, 2nd class 27-Oct-1918
Imbrie Harold 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 25-Apr-1918
Imeson Thomas H CPL 16th 19-Jul-1918
Ingalls John CPL Hq Det, 326th F Sig Bn 25-Oct-1918
Ingalls Roy J CPL Hq Det, 326th F Sig Bn 25-Oct-1918
Ingersoll Charles Kaley Painter 3rd Class 6-Sep-1919
Inglis John William Mch. Mate 2nd Class 6-Oct-1918
Ingman John W. Seaman 7-Oct-1918
Isbister John Jr. Seaman, 2nd class 8-Apr-1917
Jabureck Charles C. Captain Infantry 12-Jul-1919
Jack Frederick R Pvt 1st cl 333d GF Co 16-Oct-1918
Jack Sydney F. Seaman U.S.N. 27-Sep-1918
Jackson David R. 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 17-Jan-1918
Jackson Franklyn J. 1st Lieutenant 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Jackson Joseph Gunners Mate, 3rd class U.S.N. 9-Apr-1918
Jackson Morris B. Corporal Casual Commpany No.2 27-Oct-1918
Jackson Oliver P 2LT ASSC 29-Oct-1918
Jacob Arthur C. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Jacobs Walter H. Private 280th air Squadron, Hazelchurst Field, NY 5-Dec-1918
Jaegle William C., Jr. Chief Machinst Mate Aviation,U.S.N.R.F. 24-Aug-1918
Jakawanko John PVT Btry C, 306th FA 26-Sep-1918
Jardin Randolph Private 316th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Jefferds Arthur F. Private 2nd Heavy Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop 3-Oct-1918
Jeffrey Archibald Chief Machinst Mate 12-Jan-1919
Jennings Allen H. Captain Sanitary Company 15-Dec-1918
Jennings Austin Wagoner Supply Company 5-Nov-1918
Jennings Charles S. Private Student United States. Army Training Corps, N. H. College, Durham, N. H. 2-Oct-1918
Jennings Irving E. Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 12-Feb-1918
Jensen Otto A. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 18-Dec-1918
Johnsen Hans Lieutenant 17-Jun-1920
Johnson Alfred J. Electrician, 3rd class, radio U.S.N.R.F. 17-Aug-1918
Johnson Carl Frank Seaman, 2nd Class 18-Apr-1918
Johnson Carl Martin Lt Jg 19-Sep-1918
Johnson Davies PVT SATC, Albany Normal Col, NY 14-Oct-1918
Johnson Everett P. Lieutenant 10-Oct-1918
Johnson Francis J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 14-Dec-1918
Johnson George E. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 28-Sep-1918
Johnson Gordon W. Private, 1st class 314th Supply Company 9-Oct-1918
Johnson James Oran Pvt SATC 17-Oct-1918
Johnson Lewis Edward Private M. D. U.S.A. Gen. Hosp. No.5 1-Oct-1918
Johnson Ole Sail Makers Mate F.N.R., Class 1-D 29-Mar-1920
Johnson Reginald J. Yoeman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 30-Oct-1918
Johnston Claude Raymond Quartermaster 2nd Class Aviation 22-Oct-1918
Jolley Roy H. Fireman 2nd class 2-May-1918
Jonasson Edgar H. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 8-Oct-1918
Jones Arthur M 2nd Lieutenant Infantry 5-Dec-1917
Jones Charles E. Private First Class 8-Oct-1918
Jones Francis Donald Fireman, 3rd cl Naval Hospial, NYC 29-Jan-1918
Jones Frederick H. Ship's Cook, 4th class 27-Sep-1918
Jones George Gunnery Sergeant 4-Oct-1918
Jones Henry Lester Fireman, 2d Class 19-Aug-1918
Jones John W. Private 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Jones Merwin Glyndwr Chf Qmster USNRF 8-Jan-1919
Jones Richard Mess Attendant, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Apr-1919
Jones Russell B. Private 5th Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 5-May-1917
Jones Thomas J. Private 152nd Depot Brigade 29-Apr-1918
Jones Tom Owen Chief Quartermaster 24-Sep-1918
Jordan Albert Clerk Machine Gun Battalion, 41st Infantry 2-Apr-1921
Jordan Michael Anthony 84th Co 6-Nov-1918
Jordan Thomas D. Lieutenant 26-Jan-1918
Josephson Charles Alfred 51st 11-Jun-1918
Joslyn Thomas C PVT 38th Btry, 10th Tng 157th Dep Brig 24-Feb-1918
Joy Edward Oliver Water Tender 28-Jun-1917
Joyce Whitney H. 1st Lieutenant Med. Res. Corps 17-May-1918
Judge Andrew Joseph Smn 2d cl USNRF 1-Oct-1918
Junz Albert J. Ship Fitter, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 20-Sep-1918
Kachinsky Frank Private 3rd Training Battalion, Medical Department Replacement Group 27-Aug-1919
Kahn Frank D. Private 302nd Mortar Company 24-Dec-1918
Kakarago John Fireman, 3d Class 27-Apr-1918
Kalning Heinrich Ensign 16-Sep-1918
Kamery Clayton W Pvt 165th dep Bde 8-Oct-1918
Kane Charles E. Private 53rd Depot Brigade 16-Jan-1919
Kantin Herman B. Private, 1st class QuarterMaster Corps, Fort Mills, Philippine Is. 6-Apr-1917
Kaplan Michael Jr. Fireman 1st Class 6-Sep-1918
Kapper Abraham D. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1918
Kark Bemjamin Ships Cook, 4th class U.S.N.R.F. 9-Oct-1918
Karlewitz Pius Fireman, 2nd class U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Karpas Morris J. Major Medical corps, Base Hospital 117 4-Jul-1918
Kashiwamura Henry K. Steward to Commander-in-chief U.S.N. 14-Jun-1918
Kass Saul Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 17-Mar-1919
Katz Alfred T. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 27-May-1920
Katzman Joseph Private 357th Aero Squadron 1-Jun-1919
Kauffunger William D. Ordinary Seaman U.S.N. 30-Oct-1918
Kaufman Frank Lieutenant (J.G.) ?
Kaufman Joseph Private Provisional Base Hospital 23-Apr-1919
Kaufmann Herbert E. Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 2-Oct-1919
Kavanaugh James J., Jr. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Keach Nelson B. Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N. 28-Mar-1918
Keane Francis H. Electrician, 2nd class, radio U.S.N.R.F. 26-Sep-1918
Kearney James S. Quartermaster, 2nd class Aviation,U.S.N. 14-Sep-1918
Keating Edward Fireman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 11-Oct-1918
Keating Michael F. Private 21st Ret. 14-Oct-1918
Keator Frank Captain M.C. 29-Dec-1917
Keator Percy T. Private Stu. United States. Army Tng, N. Y. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute N. Y. 11-Nov-1918
Keefe Andrew Pvt Inf unasgd
Keehn George Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N. 3-Jan-1919
Keely James P. Private Hospital Enlisted 41st Camp, Greenleaf, GA 6-Oct-1918
Keenan Cornelius J. Private Base Hospital 61 18-Oct-1918
Keihn Frederick W. Machinist Mate, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 27-Aug-1918
Keller Frederick W 2nd Lt ASSC 17-Jun-1918
Keller James Quartermaster, 3rd class U.S.N. 14-Jun-1918
Kelly George D. Private Medical Department 13-Apr-1918
Kelly James F. Ensign 16-Dec-1918
Kelly John V CPT Engrs 3-Aug-1918
Kelly Michael 1st battalion, Reserve Division, Chemical Warfare Service, American University Experiment Station 15-May-1919
Kelly Michael Chief Machinst Mate U.S.N.R.F. 29-Oct-1920
Kelly Robert J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 27-Apr-1918
Kelly Sidney J. Ensign 13-Mar-1918
Kelsey Louis F Chaplain, 1st Lt 13-Jan-1919
Kelsey Morgan Stark Fireman 3rd Class 6-Jan-1919
Kemp Frederick J. Gunners Mate, 3rd class U.S.N. 9-Jan-1919
Kemp Thomas D Ensign 30-Nov-1918
Kempel William Ships Cook, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Aug-1919
Kempston A. Lester Seaman 2nd Class 11-Jun-1918
Kendall Robert E 1LT 16-Aug-1918
Kendsen William J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N. 25-Apr-1918
Kennard Fred Holmes Landsman, Quartermaster Avia 5-Feb-1918
Kennebrook Stanley Smn 2d cl USNRF 10-Mar-1918
Kennedy Alvah E 1st Lt 3d Av Instr Center 12-Oct-1918
Kennedy Harold L. Corporal 5th Battalion , Candidate's School 29-Nov-1918
Kennon W V Lyman Colonel Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Kenyen Nelson T 1st Lt Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Ker David 1st Lt 50th Aer Squadron 12-Sep-1918
Kerin Robert J. Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 25-Jan-1919
Kesselring Robert C Fireman, 2nd Class 2-May-1919
Ketcham Herbert E. Ordinary Seaman 4-Nov-1918
Kiedaisch Herman Cook 32d Bln Co 15-Nov-1918
Kiernan Thomas, Jr. 2nd Lt 358th Aer Squadron 8-Mar-1919
Killeen Edward V. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Killian Fred Albert PVT Btry B, 2nd Bn, 1st Prov Dev Brig, Camp Jackson 13-Jun-1919
Killoran Luke A. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 19-Nov-1917
King Eugene Joseph 96th 19-Jul-1918
King Gordon Beecher 85th 28-May-1918
King William Lewis Gunners' Mate, 1st Class 19-Feb-1919
King William R Major Ord 18-Jul-1918
Kirby William J Pvt 1st cl 207th MP Co 10-Mar-1919
Kirchner Charles H Private 182nd Aero Squadron 18-Jan-1918
Kirschner Joseph, Jr. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Klein Cyril P. Private Base Hospital No.37 8-Feb-1918
Klein Edward Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 6-Dec-1919
Klein John E. Quartermaster, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 31-Dec-1917
Kleuh Harold J CPL 9 Prisoner of War Escort Co 26-Oct-1918
Kline Malcolm W. Boatswains Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 25-Dec-1917
Klingenstein Edmore Sergeant MD 18-Feb-1919
Klunder Alexander J Wagoner Sup Tr, 16th Cavalry 21-Mar-1919
Knebel George H PVT Btry A, 309th FA 12-Oct-1918
Kneeland Leonard Leander Quartermaster, 2nd Class Naval Air Station, Trojan, France 22-Aug-1918
Kneip Edward C. Machinest Mate 1st class Naval Air Station, Croisic, France 1-Jul-1918
Knight Frank II Captain B H 37th Med Dept 28-Oct-1918
Knight Willet A. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 11-Jan-1919
Knudson Thomas G. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Kobrin Samuel H. Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Aug-1918
Koch Ernest G. Private [Medical Repl. Unit No. 28] 26-Sep-1918
Koedding John, Jr Private Md, Hoboken, NJ 3-Oct-1918
Kohl Frank Smn 2d cl USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Konze Raymond Albert Ensign ( E ) 12-Jul-1918
Kozetcko Stanley Private Quartermaster Corps 16-Oct-1918
Kraeger Albert H. Private 157th Dep Brigade 18-Jul-1918
Kramer Frank John Boatswains' mate, 1st Class 23-Feb-1919
Kranz William G.E. Seaman U.S.N. 30-Sep-1918
Kraus William Ensign 2-Apr-1920
Kreitman Albert L 1st Lt DC 4-Oct-1918
Krieger Edward Louis 95th Co 16-Jun-1918
Krik Robert W. Firemen, 1st class U.S.N. 30-Mar-1918
Kroeder Paul Gottwald Ships Writer USN 27-May-1918
Kropacek Joseph Rct Private Unassigned 11-Sep-1918
Kugel Charles Sergeant Detachment M.D. Camp 25-Oct-1918
Kupfer Arnold E 2nd Lt 269 Aer Squadron 10-Nov-1918
Kurot Martin C. Seaman 2nd class 24-Mar-1918
Kurtz Alphonse App Smn USNRF 27-Sep-1918
Kurzawski John 51st 21-Jul-1918
Kurzman Melville Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1918
La Bell Dewey Francis Seaman 2nd Class 5-Oct-1918
La Chance Edward J. Landsman Electrician U.S.N.R.F. 4-Oct-1918
La Medica Michael Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 30-Nov-1918
La Rocco Frank Seaman, 2nd class 25-Sep-1918
La Rose John Benjamin Baker 2nd Class 3-Oct-1918
Laborsierre William Chief Gunner 23-Jan-1919
Laccorn Paul E. Hospital Apprentice, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 16-Oct-1918
Lacey Charles J. Pharmacists Mate, 2nd class U.S.N. 2-Jun-1917
Lacombe Henry Joseph Fireman, 2nd Class 6-Dec-1917
Ladd Reuben J. Private 53d Dep. Brigade 5-Jan-1919
Laduka Francis Joseph Fireman, 1st Class 4-Feb-1920
Lagrow Leon PVT Btry B, 7th FA Repl Draft 9-Oct-1918
Lake Arthur G., Jr. Machinsts Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 12-Dec-1918
LaMura Pasquale Private Ord Corps 8-Oct-1918
Lane Robert D Private Base Hosp 9 19-Jul-1918
Lang Gottfried Seaman U.S.N. 2-Sep-1917
Langan Harry Quartermaster, 2nd class Aviation,U.S.N.R.F. 21-Oct-1918
Langley Hugh J. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 10-Oct-1918
Langley John T. Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 20-Mar-1918
Lankford Alexander C. U.S.M.C. 2-Oct-1918
Lanning Austin C PVT Btry D, 102nd FA 25-Jul-1918
Lantry William Gabriel Smn 2d cl USNRF 22-Oct-1918
Laraway John E Surg Asst DSK of C Players Troupe 6-Sep-1919
Larsen Harry I. Chief Turret Captain U.S.N. 11-Sep-1917
Larsen Harry M. Fireman, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 20-Mar-1919
Lasher Cornelius J Pvt Co H 1st Pion Inf Meningitis Nov 18,1918 18-Nov-1918
Lasher Michael F. 2nd Lieutenant 31-Jul-1919
Lathrop John E. 2nd Lieutenant 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Lathrop Louis H. 2nd Lieutenant 21st field Artillery 17-Mar-1918
Laverty samuel L. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 28-Sep-1918
Lawrence Clement M. Quartermaster Aviation,U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Lawrence Earle M Private Gas Co, 1st Tk Corps 22-Nov-1919
Laws Cyril Merle Portsmouth NH USMC 27-Sep-1918
Layburn Thomas Engineman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 30-Oct-1918
Lazzard Dominick Mess attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 11-Jan-1919
Leaf John F. 23-Feb-1918
Leaf Lewis W PVT 25th RCGS Infantry, Fort Slocum,NY 20-Oct-1918
Leary Clarence F. Lieutenant 20-Jul-1918
Leavitt Verne M. 1st Musician U.S.N.R.F. 3-May-1920
LeBlanc Augustine A Lieutenant 29-Jun-1919
Leddin William Private 313th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Lee John A. Commander 4-Apr-1920
Lee Kernie Duffy Supply 28-Jun-1917
Leggett Paul CPL 4th Observation Btry, FA,Cots 17-Oct-1918
Legnard John Bernard Corp 17th Co 6-Oct-1918
Lehatt Charles Private Attached MP Waco, TX 22-Oct-1918
Leitch John B. Lieutenant (J.G.) 12-Nov-1918
Lemke John W. Machinist Mate, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 19-Oct-1919
Lenderman Watson B Jr Lieutenant (JG) 16-Oct-1918
Lennon John J. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
Lennon John T. Apprentice Seaman 3-Mar-1918
Lennox Chester S. Coxswain U.S.N.R.F. 14-Oct-1918
Leonard Ashley Private 1st Class Cadet Det 11-Dec-1918
Leonardi George Private 144 Spruce Squadron 11-Nov-1918
Leonhardt Frederick M. Seaman U.S.N. 4-Jul-1918
LePrell Ambrose Joseph 17th Co 4-Oct-1918
Lester Byron R. Private 311th Mech. Rep. Shop Unit 30-Sep-1918
Leszinski Victor Private Ord Det Bn 11-Oct-1918
Leverson Meyer A. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 13-Oct-1918
Lewis Abram Commisary Steward U.S.N.R.F. 1-Oct-1918
Lewis Arnold Henry Lieutenant Commander 29-Nov-1919
Lewis Edward Daniel Bks Det, Philadelphia, PA 15-Mar-1919
Lewis Frank Private 154th Dep Brigade 29-Sep-1918
Lewis James W. Steerage Cook U.S.N.R.F. 30-Aug-1919
Lewis Milton Leon Seaman 28-Jan-1918
Lewis William R pvt Btry A, 59th Art CAC 29-Oct-1918
Lichtenstein Herbert A. Lieutenant (J.G.) 25-Oct-1918
Lichtenstein Lewis Private St Aignan Ca Co 976 6-Mar-1919
Lieb Joseph Seaman U.S.N. 26-Sep-1918
Liebmann Morris N Lt Col 105th Infantry 6-Aug-1918
Lied Jacob B. Ships Cook, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 31-May-1918
Lighthall Philip K CPT Engineers 6-Feb-1918
Lilley John L 1st Lt ASSC 6-Oct-1918
Limbert Raymond Winston 67th 6-Jun-1918
Lindblom Charles A. Engineman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Jun-1919
Linden Robert A., Jr. Yoeman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 18-Jan-1919
Lindsay Frank S. Yoeman, 1st class U.S.N.R.F. 21-Mar-1918
Lindsay John Chief Boatswains Mate U.S.N. 13-Mar-1918
Lindstedt Walter R Private 1st Const Bricklaying Co 7-Apr-1918
Lindstrom George V Private Serv Pack Unit 435 15-Dec-1918
Linn Jamews Queggly Shpftr 2d cl USN 12-Feb-1919
Linnemann Adolph Ensign 28-Dec-1918
Linney Archie Private 25 Ret. 25-Oct-1918
Linz Frank Private 152d Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Little Edwin C. Jr. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 22-Oct-1918
Littlebrant William T Colonel Cavalry 2-Jul-1919
Lizikos Sotirios Ensign 27-Apr-1918
Locke Sheridan A PFC Med Dep 28 to Amb Co Co 13 18-Jun-1919
Locke Wilton C SGT Hq Cots, Camp Lee, Va 11-Oct-1918
Lockwood Glenn F. 1st Lieutenant Cavalry 5-Nov-1918
Lodowski Victor Henry Gnrs Mate 3d cl USN 28-Jul-1920
Loesel George J Cook 678th Aero Squadron 8-Oct-1918
Loevenich Otto Private Vet Aux Rmt Dep 307 30-Sep-1918
Logan James Private Headquarters Battalion, 4th Replacement Group 15-Oct-1918
Lohges Robert J Ensign 11-Oct-1918
Loll Carl W H PVT Btry B, 309th FA 15-Jul-1918
Lombard Vincent Private 1st Class San Det 302d Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Londahl Henry Landsmn Av Mac Mate USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Long James Private 104th Ord Dep Co 12-Nov-1918
Longendyke Henry P. Private Ordinance Corps 24-Jan-1919
Longo Giambathisto Private Develop Bn 4 12-Oct-1918
Lortz Harold Ray Smn 2d cl USNRF 21-Oct-1918
Lothrop Thompson 1LT QMC 12-Oct-1918
Loughlin Michael Mess attendant, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 23-Jul-1918
Lounsbery Richard Seaman 9-Oct-1918
Love Harold Joseph S.A.T.C. , Syracuse New York University 10-Oct-1918
Lovell William Ensign 18-May-1918
Loveridge George J Jr CPL Btry B, 36th FA 22-Oct-1918
Lovizion Antonio Private 8th Engineers Tn 20-Nov-1918
Lowe Roy Private Avia Sec Sec Sig C 25-Jun-1918
Lowensky Frank RA 8-Aug-1918
Lubin Edward K Private Med Bn Res C 26-Oct-1918
Lubitz William H 1st Lt DC 11-Oct-1918
Lubner Edward F Hrshr 207th MP Co 19-Apr-1919
Ludwig Lloyd 2nd Lt Av Sec Sig C, Unasgd 28-Feb-1918
Luhman Hiram George 23d Co 19-Jun-1918
Lumley John Robert SC 82nd 8-Jun-1918
Lundberg Kurt M Lieutenant (JG) 23-Aug-1917
Lunoe William Ensign ?
Lusk Vernon Allen Chief Boatswains Mate 5-Oct-1918
Lustig John G. Chief Gunners Mate U.S.N. 13-Oct-1919
Lyden Thomas F. Seaman, 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 7-Oct-1918
Lyman John B. 1st Lieutenant 3d Tn. Hq. & Mp. 3-Oct-1918
Lynch Bernard Storekeeper, 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 20-Oct-1918
Lynch Bryan W PVT Btry B, 7th Regt FA Rpl Draft 7-Oct-1918
Lynch Frank A PVT limited serv, LB, 2 2-Oct-1918
Lynch Joseph P Private 1st Heavy Mob Ord Rep Shop 28-Sep-1918
Lynch Patrick Francis Seaman USN 17-Oct-1918
Lyon Marlin Horatio Pvt USMC 24-Dec-1917
Lyons James Francis Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 3-Feb-1919
Lyons John Water Tender USN 1-Nov-1917
Lyons Raymond Thomas Seaman, 2d Class USN 8-Dec-1917
Maas Charles Oscar Lieutenant Commander 21-Jul-1919
Macchio Angelo PVT Btry A, 59th Art CAC 17-Jan-1919
MacCombie James Sergeant 669th Aero Squadron A. S. 6-Oct-1918
MacDonald Patrick J Private 1st Class 18th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
MacKay Harold G 1LT 108th Inf 23-Sep-1918
Mackenzie Arthur James Seaman, 2d Class USN 28-Feb-1918
Mackenzie Fred Seaman, 2d Class USN 9-Oct-1918
Mackenzie John Douglas Ensign 21-Nov-1918
Mackie Ezra D Cook Med Dpt USA 11-Nov-1918
Mackwood Harold F Firemand, 3rd Class 11-Oct-1918
MacLiesh George A. 2nd Lieutenant 21-Sep-1919
MacMillan Archibald Sgt 1st cl 457th Aero Sq 19-Feb-1919
MacMillan Roy William Boatswain 8-Oct-1919
MacNaughton Leslie M. Ensign 13-Mar-1918
Macvittie Carl Duglas Quarter Master 3rd Class 6-Sep-1918
Madden Michael Private 154th Dep Brigade 7-Aug-1918
Madigan Edward Joseph Seaman 2d cl USNRF 15-Oct-1918
Madlinger August Semn 2d cl USNRF 28-Oct-1918
Magee Lincoln Reid Ensign 29-Apr-1919
Magenheimer Frederick Fireman, 1st Class USN 6-Dec-1917
Maggio Frank Seaman, 2d Class USN 28-Sep-1918
Magnen Arthur J Sergeant Quartermaster Corps no date
Magner James Lawrence Hosp, Apprentice, 2d Class USN 18-Apr-1918
Maher Cornelius Patrick Apprentice Seaman USNRF 12-Oct-1918
Maher Joseph F. 2nd Lieutenant 4-Oct-1918
Mahew Frank William Seaman 2d cl USN 12-Apr-1917
Mahlon Dean Private First Class V. C. Aux Rmt. Dep 307 3-Oct-1918
Mahoney Edward F Private 137 Dep Brigade 25-Oct-1918
Maier Benedict PVT Unassigned, Sig C, 13th Det 4-Mar-1918
Maier William Private 68th Base Section No. 5 1-Feb-1919
Main Earl Tator Semn USNRF 5-Nov-1918
Main Herbert A Captain Quartermaster Corps 8-Feb-1918
Mallina Joseph Patrick Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 21-Sep-1918
Mallon James Hunter Yeoman, 3d Class USNRF 1-Aug-1918
Mallon John Vincent Seaman, 2d Class USN 20-Jul-1919
Mallory Holmes Sergeant Intelligence Police Corps (not indicated)
Malone John Ames Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 21-Jul-1918
Malone Michael H PFC 53rd Dep Brig 15-Jan-1919
Maloney Ed. Amb. Mich Seaman 11-Jan-1919
Maloney Michael F Private 152d Dep Brig 5-May-1918
Maloney Raymond A PVT Cent Off Tng Sch, Camp Lee, VA 12-Oct-1918
Mamoul Apear S Private 1st Class Infirmary, 16th Infantry 31-May-1918
Manigeo David Mess Attendant 1st Class 19-Oct-1918
Mann Charles William Seaman, 2d Class USN 21-Oct-1918
Mann Frank Lawrence Ldsmn Mate Ave USNRF 25-Sep-1918
Manning Frank Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 2-Jun-1917
Manning John S Captain 25th Infantry 25-Jul-1918
Marahrens Carl Frederick Seaman, 2d Class USN 15-Jan-1918
Marble Fred M Pvt Med Det 26-Oct-1918
Marble Horace Lynn Yeoman 16-Jan-1919
Marcley Harry S 1st Lt MC 18-Nov-1918
Marcus Arnold Lieutenant (JG) 25-Jul-1917
Marion Francis J. Seaman 1-Oct-1918
Markham Robert S. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C 15-Apr-1918
Markowitz Morris Private SATC 4-Jan-1919
Maroney Thomas Private Det 113 Field Artillery 15-Feb-1919
Marsh Aaron R PVT MD Base Hosp, Camp Jackson, SC 4-Oct-1918
Martin Everett Leslie Apprentice Seaman 10-Feb-1920
Martin Frank Gomas Chief Gunners Mate USN 10-Dec-1920
Martin George Ellsworth Smn 2d cl USNRF 3-Oct-1918
Martin Henry S 1st Lt 9th Photo Sec Air Service 23-Nov-1918
Martin James Fireman, 1st Class USN 30-Dec-1919
Martin James J Private Met Det Army & Navy Gen Hosp 13-Oct-1918
Martin John Joseph Electrician, 1st Class, General USNRF 7-Feb-1920
Martin Willard L Private Ord Corps 27-Dec-1917
Mason Bernard William Machinist Mate, 2d Class USNRF 13-Oct-1918
Mason Joseph J 1st Lt 3d Av Instr Center 19-Jul-1918
Mastores Nicholas Private Hq Tn 77 Div 25-Mar-1919
Matthacy William A Wagoner Evac Amb Co, 9 3-Nov-1918
Matthews Richard P 1st Lt 20th Aer Squadron 26-Sep-1918
Mattison Homer Edward Electrician 3rd Class 7-Oct-1918
Mattz Herman Sgt 49th Co 6-Jun-1918
Maurer Otto Water Tender USN 16-Dec-1919
Maurice Benjamin V. Private 1st class or 2nd Lieutenant ? Aviation Section 13-May-1918
May James De G 1st Lt ASSC 9-May-1919
May Worthington Private 271 Aer Squadron 16-Feb-1918
Mayer Carl Private 3rd Provisional Repl. Draft 4-Sep-1918
Mayer Charles John Seaman Signalman, 2d Class USN 8-Jan-1919
Mayer Gordon Charles 8th 3-Oct-1918
Mayer John Velentine Lndsmn Mate USNRF 1-Oct-1918
Mayers Edmund Oiler USN 22-Nov-1917
Mayo Clifford Pvt 8th repl Labor Co 14-Oct-1918
Mayo Henry Carl Mach Mate Ave 1st cl 31-Oct-1918
Maystrick Joseph G Private 213 Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
McAdams William James Chief Water Tender USN 14-Jun-1918
McAllister Clarence Henry Ships Cook 3d cl USN 31-May-1918
McArthur John 1LT 27th Areo Sq 9-Aug-1918
McBride Reuben Dornet Private First Class A.S. 10-Oct-1918
McCabe John Leo Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 7-Oct-1918
McCabe Thomas James Seaman, 2d Class USN 4-Jun-1920
McCann Richard Ward Lndsmn USNRF 1-Oct-1918
McCann Thomas Joseph Private 1st Class Med Dept 23-Jan-1919
McCanville John A. [Retired] [Unassigned] 10-Oct-1918
McCarthy Daniel Pvt 330th Inf 30-Aug-1918
McCarthy Edward Pvt Unasgd 4-Oct-1918
McCarthy Eugene Peter Machinist Mate, 2d Class USNRF 30-Mar-1919
McCarthy John Joseph Blks Det. 15-Mar-1918
McCarthy Joseph F 2LT 301st Stev Regt 25-Sep-1918
McCarty Charles E PVT 27th Prov Ord Dep Co 15-Oct-1918
McCarty Walter R 2nd Lt 24th Aer Sq 20-Sep-1918
McCaul James J. Corporal 53rd Depot Brigade 21-Oct-1918
McClain Robert W. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 16-Dec-1918
McClay Frank Private Unasd Sic. Aviation Sec. 12-Mar-1918
McCloskey Patrick A Private 157th Dep Brig 28-Sep-1918
McConville Francis J 19th Bln Co 12-Oct-1918
McCook Robert James Private Vet Hosp No 17 29-Nov-1918
McCord Archie 2nd Lt Infantry 5-Oct-1918
McCormick James H. Private 152nd Depot Brigade 12-Oct-1918
McCoy Leo E PVT 153rd Dep Brig 7-Oct-1918
McCoy Roy B Private Signal Corps, Avia Sec, Ft Sam Houston, TX 16-Jan-1918
McCready Francis L. Private 156th Depot Brigade 29-Sep-1918
McCreery Sidney F 2d Lt ASSC 6-Oct-1918
McCreery William H. Landsman for Machinist Mate Naval Air Station 11-Feb-1918
McCullagh Elmer Private 152nd Depot Brigade 20-Apr-1918
McCune Frank J. Private Air Service 27-Oct-1918
McDermott Charles Private 154th Dep Brigade 6-Oct-1918
McDermott Frank Private Ord Corps 13-Oct-1918
McDonald Albert W. Private Dev. Battalion 1, Ft. Benjamin Harrison, IN 9-Oct-1918
McDonald Edward Charles Lieutenant (JG) 29-Jul-1919
McDonald Edward M. Cook Field Hospital, 106 20-Nov-1918
McDonald James Chief Machinists Mate USN 15-Mar-1921
McDonald Wallace John Pvt 7th Regt FA Repl Draft 5-Oct-1918
McDonough George Joseph Chief Boatswain Mate USN 2-Oct-1918
McDonough Lee M Pvt Avn Sch Kelly Fld TX 6-Feb-1918
McDowell Edward
McElree Reuben Coxswain 24-Jun-1918
McGee Arthur Thomas Fireman 2nd Class 26-Dec-1918
McGee William Andrew Lieutenant (JG) 19-Mar-1920
McGinley Cormick G Private M Tr Co 546 18-Oct-1918
McGinness Elmore L Pvt 156th Dep Bde 4-Oct-1918
McGinnis Harry Private 105th MG Battalion 7-Mar-1919
McGlenn Burl Henry Private 152nd D. B. 3-Oct-1918
McGourty John J Private Quartermaster Mech Re Shops, No 320 7-Oct-1918
McGowan Francis J Private Med Dept 12-Oct-1918
McGowan John M Private Det 3d Corps School 25-Nov-1918
McGowan Malsey Mark Mess Attendant, 2d Class USNRF 3-Mar-1918
McGowan Michael Francis Blacksmith 19-Mar-1918
McGowan Thomas Francis Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 24-Jun-1919
McGrath Frank Xavier Boatswain Mate, 2d Class USNRF 14-Oct-1918
McGrath George A P Ensign 8-Oct-1918
McGrath Thomas Joseph Ordinary Seaman USN 31-Oct-1918
McGraw Charles Joseph 49th Co 12-Dec-1918
McGraw Charles W CPL Btry B, 19th F A 13-Nov-1918
McGraw John H Pvt QMC 4-Oct-1918
McGuire James J Cfr Air Service 26-Nov-1918
McHugh John J., Jr. Medical Departmant 24-May-1919
McHugh Peter J Private 1st Class MD 11-Mar-1919
McHugh William Sergeant Base Hospital 106 13-Feb-1920
McIlwaine Morris H 2d Lt Quartermaster Corps 6-Oct-1919
McIncrow Alonzo J PVT 129thSt, Nazaire Casual Co 22-Jan-1919
McInerney Charles James SFC Det My D, 1st Pion Infantry 12-Oct-1918
McIntyre Edward Byron Seaman 6-Feb-1919
McIntyre William B Pvt Med Dpt USA 12-Oct-1918
McKay Raymond Francis Machinist Mate, 2d Class USNRF 27-Jun-1918
McKeever James L 2d Lt ASA 18-Sep-1918
McKenna John L Private 290th Provisional Aer Squadron 24-Jul-1918
McKenna Patrick Private MD Vet Hosp 15 15-Oct-1918
McKillop Patrick Francis Priave Med Dept 10//
McKinney Oakley W 2d Lt 800 Aer Squadron 26-Apr-1919
McLaughlin Cornelius J USMC 30-Sep-1918
McLaughlin William W Private Med Detachment 17-Oct-1918
McLaurin William B Major Infantry (Capt. Cav) 5-Oct-1918
McLean Joseph A Cfr 326th Aero Sq Feb q2, 1918
McLernon Bart Cook 102nd M.O. Ord Rep. 7-Oct-1918
McLouglin Frank Joseph Electrician, 2d Class USNRF 26-Oct-1918
McMahon Aloysius Patrick Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 29-Sep-1918
McMahon Daniel 155th Dep Brigade 19-Nov-1918
McMahon Eugene Sergeant Auxiliary Rmt Dep 321st 22-Apr-1919
McMahon John, Jr Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 24-Feb-1919
McMinnis David Private 813th Stev Bn Trans Corps 5-Jan-1919
McNab Robert R 1st Lt FA 21-Dec-1918
McNair Samuel Robinson Seaman 2nd Class 11-Oct-1918
McNamara Edward J. Private 1st class 107th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
McNeil Harry Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 23-Nov-1917
McNichol Thomas A Private Ord Det 105th Field Artillery 17-Dec-1918
McPartland Thomas A 75th Cas 19-Mar-1918
McPhail William Percival 16th 30-Sep-1918
McPortland William P Seaman 2d cl USNRF 23-Oct-1918
McSorley Frank Leo, Jr Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 29-Oct-1918
McSweeney Gerald Francis 19th Co 11-Nov-1918
McWhirk Warren Ellsworth Lieutenant 19-Oct-1918
Meade Francis L 2d Lt Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Meagher Joseph Chief Turret Captain USN 4-Oct-1918
Mechalke Joseph Mitchell Firemn 3d cl USNRF 29-Sep-1918
Meehan Thomas George Paris Island, SC 22-Nov-1918
Melfi Thomas Private 153rd Dep. Brigade 21-Mar-1920
Menagh William Francis Engineman, 2d Class USNRF 21-Oct-1918
Mendelowitz Abraham Private Quartermaster Corps 10-Oct-1918
Menken John H H Lieutenant 10-Feb-1921
Merkel Louis J 2d Lt ASSC 10-Aug-1918
Mernah Joseph A Private unassigned 5-Sep-1918
Merria Clarence H PVT Cas Det, 381st Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Merritt James B PVT Chem Warfare Serv 17-Oct-1918
Merz Walter Ward Seaman 17-May-1918
Mesick Harry Pvt 56th Dep Bde 8-Nov-1918
Messiter Howard Francis Private, 1st Class Eastern Res Div 5-Feb-1920
Metzalf Harry Sawyer App 2d cl USNRF 1-Nov-1918
Metzger Bernard Edward Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 4-Nov-1918
Meyer Arthur Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 13-Oct-1918
Meyers Harold Boy, 1st Class USN 26-Sep-1918
Miccio Marie Elizabeth Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 2-Oct-1918
Michel Frederick James Water Tender USN 26-May-1919
Micker Michael Francis Seaman USN 21-Jan-1919
Mickley Harold F. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 16-Mar-1918
Miles John Henry Fireman 2nd Class 22-Dec-1917
Milito Pietro Private 95th Aero Squadron A S 3-Jan-1919
Miller Albert Fireman 3d cl USNRF 17-Jul-1918
Miller Brainerd William 75th 12-Oct-1918
Miller Carl Julius Sail Maker's Mate USN 15-Jan-1918
Miller Charles J Private Quartermaster Corps 27-Dec-1918
Miller Ernest D PVT NY Co 553 14-Oct-1918
Miller Frederick Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 1-Apr-1918
Miller Frederick Cpl Co M Trk Co 9-Feb-1918
Miller George N Jr 2d Lt 360 Aer Sq 2, Air Park 27-Mar-1919
Miller Godwin Christopher Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 30-Sep-1919
Miller Harold E PVT Btry A, 59th Arty, CAC 14-Mar-1918
Miller Henry W Wagoner 106th Amb Co 19-Oct-1918
Miller Herbert J Private MTC 730, Army Supply Base 19-Mar-1919
Miller Hugh Leonard Fireman, 2d Class 22-Feb-1919
Miller James B Captain Aviation Sec, Signal Corps 9-Mar-1918
Miller John Fred Coxswain USN 26-Sep-1918
Miller John, Jr Machinist Mate, 1st Class USNRF 12-Oct-1918
Miller Louis Private [United States. Army Service Detachment] West Point Ny 8-Jan-1919
Miller Robert Monroe Wag Wash DC Bks 23-Jan-1918
Miller Samuel Plumber and Fitter USNRF 11-Oct-1918
Miller Walter B 2d Lt A S 6-Aug-1918
Miller Lloyd E Pvt Student United States. Army Tng School 31-Oct-1918
Milliman Guy Raymond Seaman 2nd Class 9-Oct-1918
Millnik Joseph August Seaman, 2nd Class 1-Mar-1919
Mills Harold C. 2nd Lieutenant I.R.C. attached 6th Marine 17-Jun-1918
Milne Henry T Jr Private 1st Class AS Flying School Post 14-Jan-1919
Minau Charles Joseph Chief Water Tender 6-Sep-1918
Minnagh William Francis Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 27-Sep-1918
Missett William Harrington Lieutenant 15-Sep-1920
Mitchel John Major ASSC 6-Jul-1918
Mitchell Joseph M Private Quartermaster Corps 1-Oct-1918
Mitchell Thomas F PFC Quartermaster Corps, Ft Sheridan, Ill 1-Jan-1918
Mitchell Oliver Charles Yeomn 3d cl USNRF 25-May-1917
Moberg John S Private MD Base 23-Dec-1918
Moeller Herbert Coxswain USNRF 28-Sep-1918
Mohrmann William John Nichols Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 9-Nov-1918
Molesan Joseph Louis Chief Printer USN 19-Sep-1920
Monahan Martin C Private 1st Class Sn Squadron 13 4-Oct-1918
Money Peter Charles Lieutenant 9-Aug-1920
Montanaro Domenico Private Md Det Den Hosp 26 3-Oct-1918
Montgomery Curtis Elwood Boatswain 14-Jun-1918
Montgomery Gormly J Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 20-Sep-1918
Mooney Edward L 1st Lt MR, attached to BEF 26-Mar-1918
Moore Archibald B. Sergeant Motor Truck Company 327 5-Oct-1918
Moore Arthur Ralph Pvt 53d Aero Sq Sig C 17-Apr-1918
Moore Charles C 2d Lt 278th Aer Squadron 25-Apr-1919
Moore Frank Gnrs Mate 3d cl USNRF 8-Aug-1919
Moore Glenn Almanan Seaman, 2nd Class 4-Oct-1918
Moore Henry T 1st Lt Infantry 29-Nov-1918
Moore William Henry, Jr Chief Yeoman USNRF 22-Oct-1918
Mootz Eugene William Smn 2d cl USN 30-Sep-1918
Moran Anthony James Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 31-Mar-1919
Moran Jonn J 1st Lt FA 4-May-1919
Moran Joseph P. Engineman, 2nd class 22-Feb-1918
Moresco William Michael Landsman for Machinists Mate USNRF 27-Sep-1918
Morey John O Private 1st Class Headquarters Tr 2d Army Corps 23-Feb-1919
Morgan Peter W Pvt QMC 8-Jun-1918
Moris Claremce Edward Haiti 4-Nov-1919
Mork Samuel Wesley Quartermaster, 3d Class USNRF 3-Mar-1919
Morn Edward R PVT MD, USA Ft Ontario, NY 7-Oct-1918
Morris Hartley E Private Quartermaster Corps 7-Oct-1918
Morris Lippman Seaman, 2d Class USN 21-Dec-1918
Morrison Albert Augusta Lieutenant 18-Apr-1920
Morrissey James Private 1st Class Camp Utilities Det 30-Dec-1918
Morrow Thomas F Private Det QMC 7-Dec-1918
Mortimer Richard Jr 1st Lt Av Sec, Signal Corps 22-May-1918
Moseman Marion W PVT Quartermaster Corps 16-Oct-1918
Moss John H. Seaman 2nd class 18-Jun-1918
Mot Leroy Allen Seaman 2nd Class 19-Sep-1918
Mott Dewey Graydon 82nd 7-Oct-1918
Mott Henry Spring 2d Lt 3-Apr-1919
Moutner Henry Apprentice Seaman USNRF 3-Oct-1918
Moyer Henry Allen Seaman, 2nd Class 1-Oct-1918
Mule Brasse Private MD Base Hospital 92 21-Oct-1918
Mullane James Landsman Electrician, Radio USNRF 22-Apr-1918
Mullen James Conrad Water Tender USNRF 23-Jul-1918
Mullen Leo David Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 8-Oct-1918
Muller Philip Robert Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 11-Mar-1919
Mulley John L Private 1st Class Quartermaster Det 17-Mar-1919
Mullin Thomas A Chief Storekeeper USNRF 2-Nov-1918
Mullin Thomas Francis Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 29-Oct-1918
Mulvenna Frank Patrick Lieutenant 22-Jun-1919
Mundy Chester Irving Seaman 7-Sep-1918
Munsen James F. Captain M.C. 25-Oct-1918
Murdock James Paulding Commander 3-Apr-1920
Murphy Cuthbert Charles Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 17-Oct-1918
Murphy Edmund Charles Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 16-Oct-1918
Murphy Eugene F SGT 5th Regiment, USMC 4-Oct-1918
Murphy Henry E. Fireman, 2rd class U.S.N. 24-Dec-1917
Murphy Lillian M Nurse USNRF 10-Oct-1918
Murphy Maurice J Sergeant 328th MTC 29-Sep-1918
Murphy Stephen Gunnery Sergeant Supply Det 4-Dec-1918
Murphy Thomas H. Private [Supply] No. 333 16-Oct-1918
Murran Charles H. Private 27th Casual Company 4-Sep-1919
Murray Brown Dennis Pvt 1st Prov Ord Det 8-Mar-1919
Murray Catherine C. Yeoman, 3rd class, F 17-Jan-1919
Murray Charles Francis Seaman USN 14-Oct-1918
Murray Frank A Private 17th M Battery 26-May-1918
Murray Frank T CPL 17th Btry, FA, Cent Lf Tng Sch, Camp Taylor, KY 19-Oct-1918
Murray James B 2nd Lt ASA 8-Nov-1918
Murray Joseph Chief Yeoman USNRF 28-Dec-1918
Murray Stephen Alphonso Electrician, 3rd Class, Radio Operator USN 21-Oct-1918
Murray William Coxswain USNRF 19-May-1919
Murray William P Captain Infantry 24-Mar-1919
Murtaugh John F Maj JAG 1-Dec-1918
Murtha Joseph Stephen Chief Master At Arms USN 17-Jun-1919
Musco Angelo Clerk 53rd Depot Brigade 29-Jan-1919
Myrto Daniel Pelton Seaman, 2nd Class 18-Jun-1917
Nachabar Gustaf A Pvt 1st cl 29-Mar-1918
Napoleon Eli James Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 1-Oct-1918
Nazitto Philip B 309th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Neal Howard Bourne Electrician, 3d Class USN 5-Apr-1918
Nelson Charles E Corporal 302d Trench Mortar Battery 13-Feb-1919
Nelson Charles Edward Chief Machinists Mate USNRF 8-Jul-1918
Nelson Jno Carlisle NNV 2-Nov-1918
Neubert Bedell M 2d Lt ASA 15-Sep-1918
Newcomb Ray William 6th Regt USMC 12-Sep-1918
Newcomb William W. Captain Ordnance Dept. 9-Oct-1918
Newcomb William W. Captain Ordnance Department (unassigned) 9-Oct-1918
Newfang Harry T. Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 4-Oct-1918
Newkirk Harry Elijah Chief Special Mechanic 13-Jul-1920
Newman Fred Armand Mach Mate Ave USN 30-Aug-1918
Nichols George Stevens Base Hosp. No 5 27-Jul-1918
Nichols Shepley Quartermaster, 1st Class USNRF 21-Aug-1918
Nielson Axel J Private 155th Dep Brig 10-Oct-1918
Niles Arthur Lucien, Jr Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USNRF 20-Jun-1919
Nitchcock Roger W 2d Lt 1st Air Depot 2-Sep-1918
Noble Raymond E Captain Ord 13-Oct-1918
Noble Rollo McD. Seaman, 2nd class USN R.F. 16-Oct-1918
Nolan Martin F. 1st Lieutenant 9-Oct-1918
Norton Allen Scott Sergeant U.S. Amb Serv.attached to French United States. Army 23-Oct-1918
Notkowitz Julius Private 158th Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Nowacki Jacob John Ships Cook, 1st Class USN 31-May-1918
Nugent Francis Joseph, Jr Quartermaster, 2nd Class 15-Feb-1919
Nutt Mahlon J Pvt ERC 24-Mar-1918
Oak Harry Arthur Chief Boatswain Mate USNRF 5-Dec-1917
O'Brien James Francis Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USN 22-Mar-1919
O'Brien Joseph E Private Det Base Hospital No 77 19-Oct-1918
O'Brien Michael W. Seaman 2nd class 24-Mar-1918
O'Brien Thomas A Captain Infantry 12-Oct-1918
O'Brien Timothy J PVT G 10-Sep-1918
O'Briest Charles Quartermaster, 2d Class USN 27-Sep-1918
Ochs Albert Stanley Private MD Army Med School 17-Oct-1918
O'Connell Daniel Ships Cook, 3d Class USNRF 21-Jun-1920
O'Connell Walter Dennis Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 28-Apr-1919
O'Connor Francis J Private 608 Aer Squadron 11-Feb-1919
O'Connor James Thomas App Seaman 22-Sep-1918
O'Donald Charles W PVT 30 41st, 153rd Dep Brig 27-Sep-1918
O'Donnell Hugh Chief Water Tender USN 10-Nov-1918
O'Dowd Dennis H Chaplain, Captain 12-Jul-1919
O'Flaherty James E. Sergeant, 1st class 33rd Aero Squadron 9-Jun-1918
O'Grady John Joseph Fireman, 1st Class USN 24-Jul-1919
O'Hara Frank J. Private Cassion Division 406 6-Oct-1918
O'Hara John Unassigned 6-May-1918
O'Leary Richard Wardcom Steward USNRF 9-Aug-1918
O'Leary Timothy Private 14th Provisional Engineers, Camp Humphreys, Automatic Replacement Draft 9-Oct-1918
Olhausen Jay H. 1st Lieutenant QuarterMaster Corps 1-Oct-1918
Oliver Clarence R Captain Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Oliver Otis Corporal 424th Reserve Labor Battalion 11-Nov-1919
Olsen Edwin Coxswain USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Olsen Herbert Ernest Lieutenant (JG) unknown
Olsen John Fireman, 1st class 19-Nov-1919
Olsen Robert Fireman, 3d Class USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Olsen Wm Leslie Seaman, 2d Class 6-Aug-1918
Oltman Henry Private Depot Brigade 8-Aug-1918
O'Neill Chester H App Smn USNRF
O'Neill George J. Corporal 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Onken August Joseph Apprentice Seaman USNRF 28-Sep-1918
O'Reilly Bernard D. Corporal Port Storage & Traffic Division, QuarterMaster Corps 23-Mar-1919
O'Reilly Edward Seaman USN 23-Sep-1918
Orlando Salvatore 309th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Orozietti Frederico PVT Battery E, 35th F. A. 17-Oct-1918
Orser Thomas H Capt MC 20-Apr-1919
Osborn Leonard 44th Sq, A S Sig C 20-Jan-1918
Oster Lester W PFC Btry B, 17th FA 9-Oct-1918
Osterberg John D. Battalion Sergeant Major Infantry Army Candidate School 28-Oct-1918
Osterhaus Harold Seaman USNRF 26-Oct-1917
Ostrander Cliffors W Cpl 609th Aero Sq 11-Oct-1918
Otto John Christian Private Field Bakery 363 9-Dec-1918
Overton William C. Private Motor Truck Company 485 3-Oct-1918
Ovesen Martin Marinus Fireman USN 17-Sep-1918
Owen John G PVT MD, 58th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Owens Frank Robert Bks Det 15-Jun-1918
Padley Rudolph William PFC Btry B, 76th FA 29-Jul-1918
Pallister Earle H. Private S.A.T.C., Syracuse University 21-Oct-1918
Palmatier Fred S Pvt 1st cl 107th Aero Sq 24-Jan-1918
Palmer Keene M 1st Lt. AS 15-Oct-1918
Palmer Meade Kenneth Fireman 3rd Class 2-Feb-1918
Panagouleas Peter Private 243rd Field Artillery, 11th Sanitary Train 2-Oct-1918
Panico Niccolo PVT Trng Center, Camp Hancock, Ga 9-Nov-1918
Papatheodorn Kenstandines Private 6th Development Battalion, Camp Upton, NY 11-Oct-1918
Parcel John C Cook 324th Aero Sq Sig C 1-May-1918
Parent Ernest Arthur Corporal 133rd 15-Mar-1918
Parish Seeley B Private 302nd Field Signal Battalion 20-Nov-1918
Parks Lester Private Machine Gun Training Center 15-Oct-1918
Parks Robert L. Private Camp Wheeler, CA 9-Nov-1918
Passariello vincent Private Medical Department 8-Oct-1918
Patterson Frank Moore, Jr Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 27-Aug-1918
Patterson Lillian May 27-Mar-1919
Paulsen Adolph Hans Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 29-Oct-1918
Pavia John J. Private 374th Cassion Company 28-Sep-1918
Payne Alfred S Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 1-Jul-1918
Payne DeWitt J. Captain Air Service Signal Corps 1-Feb-1918
Payne John Edsall Seaman, 2nd Class 30-Sep-1918
Payne Winston Ships Cook, 1st Class USNRF 25-Oct-1919
Peacock John Perry USNRF 4-Oct-1918
Pecce Raffaele Private Detachment QuarterMaster 19-Nov-1918
Peckham Willis Curtis Coxswn USN 31-Mar-1918
Pedersen Peder Andreas Lieutenant (JG) 4-Dec-1918
Pegg Ernest A PFC Hq, 306th Field Sig Bn 24-Sep-1918
Pendergast James Michael Seaman, 2d Class USN 4-Apr-1918
Pendleton George William Chief Yeoman USNRF 6-Sep-1918
Penny James J. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 30-Jun-1918
Pentony Vincent Peter Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 12-Oct-1918
Percival Charles Edward Chief QM Avn USNRF 5-Sep-1918
Perfido Antino Ships Cook, 1st Class USN 12-Jul-1919
Perrillo Angelo Seaman 2nd Class, U.S.N.. 11-May-1918
Perry Gordon C. Private 14th Provisional Ordnance Depot Company 13-Apr-1918
Perry Harold B SFC M Trk Co 414 22-Nov-1918
Perry Millard A Pvt 1st cl Repl Unit 321 7-Jan-1918
Person Joseph Walter Pay Clerk 29-Oct-1918
Peters Anthony Private 1st class 8th Company 1-Nov-1918
Peters Edward McC 1st Lt Infantry 11-Mar-1918
Petersen Alfred Carl Fireman 2d cl USN 5-Sep-1918
Petersen Louis 1st Lieutenant 106th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Peterson Alfred G. Recruit Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 4-Oct-1918
Peterson Carl Oliver Ensign 4-Oct-1918
Peterson Chester William Ensign 6-Oct-1918
Peterson Rudolph E 1LT 310th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Peterson Stanley M. Private S.A.T.C 17-Oct-1918
Petit Charles P. Sergeant, 1st class 673rd Aero Squadron 6-Apr-1918
Petrie Maitland Bertram Athletic Det 26-Jan-1919
Petro Frank Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 25-Dec-1918
Peyser Harry Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 19-Oct-1918
Pfahlert Carl Arthur Seaman 2nd Class 20-Sep-1918
Phelon Thaddeus W. Private Medical Department 17-Sep-1918
Philipteaux George C. 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Unit 25-Feb-1918
Phillipoteaux George Cadet 3rd Aviation Instruction Center 25-Feb-1918
Phillips Adelbert Nelson Apprentice Seaman 24-Aug-1917
Phillips Gail Oakely CPL 45th 18-Jun-1918
Phillips William L. Fireman, 1st class 17-Jan-1920
Picciano Michael Anthony Boilermn USN 5-Nov-1917
Pickett Norman O. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 14-Dec-1918
Pickworth Bernard Chief Carpenters' mate 7-Sep-1918
Piehler Andrew John Landsman, forelect radio 8-Oct-1918
Pierpoint Charles H. Private Air Service Flying School, Gertsner Field, LA 15-May-1919
Pines Benjamin J Corporal 428 Sup Tn 13-Oct-1918
Pinkus Irving J. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 30-Aug-1918
Plews Joseph App Smn USNRF 21-Sep-1918
Plumb Phillip S. Private 47th Spruce Squadron 28-Oct-1918
Plummer Louis F. 1st Lieutenant Air service Signal Corps 12-Feb-1918
Podgurski George Pvt 153d Dep Bde 16-Oct-1918
Pohl Julius Fireman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Polk Latham 2nd Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 21-May-1918
Polkowski Felix Private Chemical Warfare Service 4-Oct-1918
Pollock Robert Kenneth Apprentice Seaman USNRF 25-Nov-1918
Pomerance Mores Private Unassigned 13-Oct-1918
Pomeroy Ralph Gordon Seaman 2nd Class 1-Oct-1918
Ponce Michael Francis Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Pond Richard E 2nd Lt 85th Aero Sq 13-Nov-1918
Poolsen Carl Martin Lieutenant (JG) 3-Feb-1919
Porter James J. 2nd Lieutenant 10th Machine Gun Battalion, 4th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Possatt Walter Murray Lieutenant Commander 11-Oct-1918
Post Isaac Captain Signal Corps 2-Apr-1918
Potter Edward E 1Lt ASSC 1-Aug-1918
Potter William C. 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps 10-Oct-1918
Powell Ernest L. Private 328th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Power Jackson Ensign 13-Oct-1918
Powers Paul James Pvt Co F 307th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Poyneer Warner Raywalt Mach Mate 2d cl Avn USN 23-Sep-1918
Pratt John Dewight Gunner 14-May-1917
Prendergast Joseph Jerome Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 21-Dec-1918
Preston Harry C. 1st Lieutenant 20th Aero squadron 26-Sep-1918
Prey Louis Edward Carpenter 2-Mar-1918
Price Ernest C. 51st Company 4-Oct-1918
Price Walter Peter Water Tender 9-Dec-1919
Prois Stamatios Private QuarterMaster Corps 6-Jan-1919
Pross Gustav Adolph 51st Co 11-Nov-1918
Prouty Albert B R Lieutenant (JG) 10-Nov-1918
Prouty Albert Benjamin R Lieutenant (JG) 10-Nov-1918
Pryor James P. 1-Oct-1918
Przybylski Valentine Firmn 3d cl USN 5-Mar-1918
Puckhaber Fred Martin Apprentice Seaman USNRF 12-Mar-1920
Pulis James Bryson Ships Cook, 3d Class USNRF 30-Mar-1918
Purcell John Leo Seaman 2nd Class 5-Oct-1918
Purchas Albert E Jr 1st Lt 18-Jul-1918
Pyke Victor Mechanic 557th Ambulance Service 17-Mar-1918
Quinn Samuel Ships Cook, 4th Class USNRF 20-Oct-1918
Quinlivan John F. Sergeant First Class 2nd Det. A.S. Bu Air't prod 23-Jan-1919
Quinlan John J. Private M. D. Camp
Quigley William Private First Class [1st Provisional] Battalion, 37th Division 5-Mar-1919
Quigley Daniel Joseph Seaman, 2d Class 7-Feb-1919
Quinn William Francis Private Commissary Unit 22nd Quartermaster Corps 14-Dec-1918
Quist Henry Gotfred Seaman USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Rabbot William Francis Ships Cook, 4th Class USNRF 4-Oct-1918
Rambath Charles Elmer Pvt Hingham MA USMC 28-Sep-1918
Ramsay Fred Hamilton Ensign 16-Jan-1920
Ramsey Joseph Chief Quartermaster USN 25-Oct-1918
Rand Gordon L. 1st Lieutenant Air Service Signal Corps A.E.F. 6-Feb-1918
Ranft Ernest Edward Water Tender 15-Oct-1918
Raps Walter John Boatswain Mate, 2d Class USN 16-Jul-1918
Raught Lee Frank Landsn Mach Mate USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Raven Richard M. 1st Lieutenant 18-Oct-1918
Raymolds John E P PVT Unassigned 1-Oct-1918
Raymond Michael B. Private (Corporal) 501st Engineers 10-Jan-1920
Raynor Willard Elmer Jr. Seaman 2nd Class 13-Oct-1918
Razionale John M. Seaman, 2nd class 15-Jul-1920
Read Curtis Seaman Ensign 26-Feb-1918
Reardon Frederick Joseph Gunners Mate, 3d Class USNRF 25-Feb-1919
Reazs Elmer Adelbert Lndsmn Mach Avn USNRF 6-Mar-1919
Recht Jos. Musician 3rd Class Engineers Band 19-Sep-1917
Reed Harold W Private 1st Class 208th MP Co 17-Feb-1919
Reed Stephen J. Jr. Captain Medical Corps 3-Oct-1918
Reeke George C. Private, 1st class 15-Jan-1918
Reese Lloyd Vernon Smn 2d cl USNRF 10-Aug-1918
Regan Anthony Vincent Chief Yeoman 13-Oct-1918
Reid Alexander Sergeant Medical Dept. 7-Oct-1918
Reid William R. 1st Lieutenant 307th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Reif Frederick Edwin Plumber and Fitter USN 8-May-1918
Reilly Frank Simon Water Tender “A” USN 9-Oct-1918
Reilly Thomas Francis Seaman, 2d Class USN 25-Sep-1918
Reilly William Francis Coxswain USN 8-Aug-1917
Reilly William J. Private 4th Prov. Oct. Aut. Repl Draft 21-Nov-1918
Reinacher Frank William Quartermaster, 2d Class USN 17-Nov-1918
Reingold William Private Medical Det. Base Hosp. 53 11-Mar-1919
Reinhardt Louis Seaman, 2d Class USN 12-Jun-1917
Reiss Esmond George Seaman, 2d Class USN 1-Jul-1917
Reizenstein Wilbur Karl Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 6-Oct-1918
Remington Arthur H. Sergeant M.P. 11-Oct-1918
Remington Thomas F. Lieutenant 24-Feb-1918
Render John J. Private 1st Class Ordnance Depot, Watervliet Arsenal, NY 1-Aug-1917
Reside Everett Monroe Seamn USN 9-Jan-1918
Resseguie Clyde N Pvt Mt Co 376 21-Mar-1919
Reuhl Frank Justus Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 4-Mar-1918
Reymers Ernest Edward Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 17-Dec-1918
Reynders John VanUreheren, Jr Electrician, 3d Class USNRF 4-Nov-1917
Reynolds Fred William Private Quantico, VA 19-Nov-1918
Reynolds Louis Edward Yeoman, 3rd Class USNRF 24-Jul-1918
Reynolds Matthias James Seaman USN 31-Aug-1919
Rhinelander Philip N. 1st Lieutenant 20th Aero Squadron 26-Sep-1918
Rice Emery Lieutenant Commander 4-Jan-1919
Rice Victor M CPT MC 13-Oct-1918
Rich James C. Private Ordnance Department 7-Oct-1918
Richard John H. Private 6th 18-Oct-1918
Richards Joseph L. Sergeant 310th Aer. Squadron 15-Oct-1918
Richardson Maude Yeoman, 2d class USNRF 17-Jan-1920
Richford Harry PVT Unassigned 18-Oct-1918
Ridings John Joseph Yeomn 3d cl USN 18-Oct-1918
Rieser Harry Mark Yeoman 2nd Class 6-Oct-1918
Riester Benjamin Pridolin Cpl USMC 6-Oct-1918
Riester Edward F Pvt 153d Dep Bde 2-Oct-1918
Rietheimer Albert Chief Electrician, General USN 5-Mar-1920
Riggs Harold Private First Class Base Hospital 48 11-Feb-1919
Riker Richard W Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Nov-1917
Riley Cyril Augustus Mess Attendant 2d Class USNRF 19-Jan-1918
Riley John S. Jr. Private 29th [Service] 5-Oct-1918
Rinaldi Louis Ignatius Private DD Mech School Great Lakes 22-Sep-1918
Rincones Ralph A. Private 152nd Dep Brig. 20-Jan-1918
Riordan George Francis Cpl USMC 2-Nov-1918
Riordan John Patrick Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 29-Sep-1918
Ripperger Clarence W. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 22-Jan-1919
Ritchie Walter Elbert Landsmn Elec Gen USN 11-Oct-1918
Rith Robert T. Private 371st Casual 8-Oct-1918
Ritterhoff Henry Private First Class 65th B. L. N. 28-Oct-1918
Rittiger George H Seaman USNRF 15-Dec-1917
Rittman Arthur H. Private Ord. Dept. U. S. Proving Grounds 6-Mar-1918
Ritzel Charles J SGT MD, 47th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Rivardo Remo Sergeant, 1st class Section 599 26-Feb-1919
Rivenburgh Lloyd Horace Bugler USNRF 2-Jan-1919
Robbins Arthur E. Sergeant Quartermaster Corps 21-Nov-1919
Robbins George Ships' Cook, 3rd Class 25-Mar-1919
Roberts Francis M. 2d Lieutenant A.S.S.C. 20-Jun-1918
Roberts Leon John Pvt France USMC 29-Apr-1918
Roberts Theron Aaron Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 26-May-1917
Robertson Archibold Coon Pvt Rifle Range Det 8-Nov-1918
Robertson David Sergeant First Class Med. Dept. 13-Aug-1918
Robertson Willard Seaman, 2d Class USN 25-Jun-1918
Robichaw Aloy Cabin Cook USN 3-Mar-1918
Robinson Claude B. Private 342 Guard and Fire 7-Oct-1918
Robinson Herman Lawrence Coxswain USN 10-Nov-1919
Robinson Jesse Private 102nd Sn. Trn. 5-Oct-1918
Robinson Leon J Cpl Auto Repl Draft 6-Oct-1918
Robinson Osco Pvt USMC 24-Apr-1918
Robson William C. Sergeant First Class Det. M. D. Emb. Hosp. 7-Jan-1919
Roche Frank Peter Fireman, 1st Class USN 30-Sep-1918
Roche Walter J. Sergeant First Class Const. Quartermaster Corps 3-Jan-1919
Roden James T. Corporal Ord. Dept. 20-Jun-1918
Roesch Charles Private 152nd Dep Brig. 11-Oct-1918
Roesch Edward Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 7-Oct-1918
Roese Charles Apprentice Seaman USN 23-Sep-1918
Rogers Merritt C. Private Chemical War Serv. 29-Oct-1918
Rogers Newton C 1st Lieutenant [96 Aeronautical Squadron] 16-Sep-1918
Rogers Patrick Private 148th Aer. Squadron 22-Mar-1918
Rollins William Michael Seaman USN 5-Mar-1918
Romanitch Franklin, Jr Blacksmith, 2d Class USNRF 18-Oct-1918
Romanzo John S PVT Unassigned, Syracuse Rec Camp 30-Sep-1918
Romeo Fred Francis Chief Yeoman USNRF 21-Mar-1919
Romita Michael Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 25-Sep-1918
Roosevelt James A. Major 302nd Am. Tn. 26-Mar-1919
Roosevelt Quentin 1st Lieutenant 1 Pursuit, 95th Aero Squadron 14-Jul-1918
Root Dan S. Jr. Seaman 2nd Class, Radio 5-Jan-1918
Root Harlie Taylor, Jr PVT Navy Prison, Paris Isle 3-Jan-1919
Rose Harry R. Seaman 2nd Class U.S.N.R.F. 15-Mar-1919
Rose Mead Private 406 Overseas Cas. 6-Oct-1918
Roseman Oscar Arthur Engineman, 2d Class USNRF 27-Sep-1918
Rosenstock William Chief Machinist Mate U.S.N. 6-Apr-1919
Rosenthal Jos. B. 1st Lieutenant M. C. 22-Oct-1918
Ross Chester Private 170 Aero Squadron 10-Mar-1919
Ross James G. Captain Quartermaster Corps 19-Oct-1919
Rossell Daves Captain Infantry 13-Oct-1917
Rossi Columbus J. Private 2nd Ret. (unassigned) 24-Oct-1918
Roth John Charles Seaman, 2d Class USN 12-Apr-1918
Roth Leo Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USN 24-Sep-1917
Roth Charles Lewis Mach Mate 1st cl USN 18-Aug-1918
Rothenberg David Meyer Lieutenant (JG) 5-Oct-1918
Rothman Charles H. Private 2nd, Military Police 6-Nov-1918
Rothschild Howard F. Seaman 2nd class 6-Jan-1918
Rothstein Morris M. Private 152nd Dep Brigade 2-Jun-1918
Rouse Charles L. 2nd Lieutenant A.S.A 24-Mar-1919
Rousseau Zotique Captain M.C. 10-Dec-1917
Rowe Walton D. Apprentice Seaman 25-Sep-1918
Rowe Clifford Gordon Seaman, 2nd Class 15-May-1918
Rowland Harry H. Sergeant 306 M. Trk Sup, Tn 402 1-Jan-1918
Rowley Patrick Mess Attendant 1st Class USNRF 25-Feb-1918
Rubenstein Mose Private First Class 208th Military Police 5-Apr-1919
Rubin Moe Seaman USN 22-Oct-1917
Rubino Rudolph Jr. Private M. D. 4-Sep-1917
Ruff Alfred Gus Chief Commissary Steward USN 26-Sep-1918
Rumpf Edgar James Boatswain 10-Feb-1919
Rupp Herman Private 158th Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Ruppel Edward W. Seaman 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 16-Oct-1918
Ruscher Walter William PVT East Res Div USMC 18-Nov-1919
Russbach Robert L. Seaman 30-Nov-1918
Russell Wallace Lee Firemn 1st cl USN 9-Oct-1918
Ryan John J.
Ryan Edward J. Private F, Rmt. Squadron 322nd 22-Oct-1918
Ryan John Paul Joseph Commander 15-Sep-1918
Ryan Tokm mAlvin Firmn 2d cl USN 5-Jan-1919
Ryan Wm T. 1st Lieutenant A.S.S.C 16-Oct-1918
Sackett Howard Harvey Seaman, 2nd Class 8-Mar-1918
Saddler Edward Apprentice Seaman 13-Dec-1917
Salerno Andrea Blacksmith, 2d Class USN 14-Jun-1918
Salerno John J Private 1st Class 166th Squadron MD 2-Apr-1919
Salisbury Clarence C PVT U 8-Nov-1918
Sammon Patrick Private 1st Class Quartermaster Corps 21-Mar-1918
Samuelsen Einar Private Quartermaster Corps 3-Jul-1918
Sandel C W Private Quartermaster Corps 8-Oct-1918
Sandhovel William Fred Landsman for Yeoman USN 26-Sep-1918
Sanford Mark Jack Ships Cook, 2d Class USNRF 12-Feb-1918
Sanger Ralph Captain ASSC 29-Aug-1918
Saranditis Sarandes Ships Cook, 2d Class USNRF 5-Mar-1919
Sargent Arthur Ralph Pvt 1st cl 18th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Sassen Frederick W Private 1st Class 325th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Satterlee Edward L Captain 13th Signal Corps 4-Dec-1918
Saunders Edward Joseph Seaman, 2d Class USN 1-Mar-1918
Savard Leon J Pvt Stud United States. Army Tng 16-Oct-1918
Savercook David Cpl 51st Co 5th Regt 15-Jun-1918
Sawyer Harry Roseboon Private Repl Battalion 24-Sep-1918
Saxburg George W Pvt Cooks and Bakers Sch 26-Jan-1919
Sayre Oliver E 2LT FA 21-Oct-1918
Scghlant Albert bC Pvt 153d Dep Bde 26-Sep-1918
Schaefer George Joseph Fireman, 1st Class USN 30-Sep-1918
Schaefer John Francis Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 30-Nov-1918
Schaffert William Theo Carpenter's Mate, 1st Class, U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
Schatz Harry Aloysius Apprentice Seaman USNRF 10-Oct-1918
Schell Howard DeGraff Corporal Repl Battalion 25-Sep-1919
Schierer Joseph Private Med Dept, Base Hosp 80 14-Dec-1918
Schilling Arthur W Mess Sergeant Headquarters Det 7th Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Schilling Franz F. 1st Lieutenant 2-Jul-1918
Schiro John 25-Feb-1920
Schivoree Frank A Cook 379th Tank Corp 7-Oct-1918
Schlieman Frank Fred PVT 55th 12-Jun-1918
Schloss Joseph H Private 1st Class 2d Aviation Instruction Center 24-Jul-1918
Schmehl Frederick E. Fireman, 3rd class 11-Aug-1918
Schmick Frank PVT Cas Det, Ft. Wm McKinley, PI 11-Nov-1919
Schmidt John August 51st 4-Oct-1918
Schoenthaler Louis Fred Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 22-Sep-1918
Schohn Eugene Charles Smn 2d cl USNRF 14-Oct-1918
Schops Joseph Corporal 307th Mobile Ord Repair Shop 18-Oct-1918
Schott Alexander Sergeant Bks Det 15-Jul-1919
Schoultz Rudolph Charles Sailmakers Mate USNRF 23-Oct-1918
Schram William Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 17-Oct-1918
Schreiber Edwin E 2LT AEF 8-Aug-1918
Schreiber Samuel Apprentice Seaman USNRF 24-Sep-1918
Schroeder Goodson 2nd Lt ASA 21-Dec-1918
Schroettlen Fred John C Water tender 11-Jun-1920
Schub Leo Cpl 276 Aero Sq, Cp Jackson SC 22-Oct-1918
Schuck Walter A Engineman, 2d Class USNRF 1-Mar-1918
Schuler Lloyd Private SOS Hosp 12-Aug-1918
Schulken Frederick JD Private 14th med Sup Dep 16-Oct-1918
Schulman Harry 1st Lt Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Schultz Walter Pvt 1st cl 311th Inf 26-Sep-1918
Schuster Christian Pvt MERC 15-May-1918
Schuster Valentine Henry Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 13-Nov-1918
Schuyler Roy A. 1st Lieutenant 26-Sep-1918
Schwab Adolf Private Med Dept, USA 1-Oct-1918
Schwab Stephen M 1st Lt 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Schwartz David Private 638th Aero Squadron 29-Jun-1918
Schwartz Lewis L
Schwartz Maurice L Private 264th Aero Squadron 9-Mar-1918
Schwarz Arthur James USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Sciortino Benedict Private Quartermaster Corps, Det 15, Jersey City, NJ 14-Apr-1919
Scofield Charles PVT Btry D, 57th Arty, CAC 8-May-1918
Scofield Harold A Private 58th CAC 27-Mar-1918
Scott Fay M 1LT 2d MP 1-Nov-1918
Scott Robert Harry Lieutenant 15-Oct-1918
Scudder Philip J. 1st Lieutenant 26-Aug-1918
Scully Ambrose Joseph Blacksmth 2d cl USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Seaman Edward Frederick PFC Btry D, 308th F A 15-Sep-1918
Sears Sanford Seaman, 2d Class USN 9-Apr-1919
Sederquist Bernard B Seaman, 2d Class USN 7-Oct-1918
Sedgwick Earl Hudson Fireman 2nd Class 27-May-1917
Seeger Walter A. Private Cavalry unassigned 30-Oct-1918
Seidel Adolph Henry Seaman USN 13-Nov-1918
Seifert Ernest Ord Sergeant Fort Mills, P I 1-Aug-1917
Seifts Oscar Joseph Pvt 1st cl Co F 17-Nov-1918
Seigel Leon H. Sergeant M. D. Base Hospital 202 27-Aug-1918
Selinsky Joseph A PVT 3rd Mil Tng Dep, MG Tng Co, Camp Hancock 2-Nov-1918
Sellers Leo W 1st Lt Interpreter Corps 2-Jun-1919
Seward Leon E 2LT ASA 17-Oct-1918
Seymore Harry Private Serv Park, Unit 360 10-May-1920
Shalet Michael Private 21-Apr-1917
Shapiro Hyman Private 7th Cavalry 22-Feb-1919
Sharkey Patrick Private 317th F Rmt Squadron 5-Jan-1919
Sharkey William Joseph Lieutenant (JG) 5-Oct-1918
Sharp Andrew Martin Seaman 27-Jun-1919
Shattuck Bertie Electrician, 3rd class 16-Nov-1918
Shaw Charles A. Private 3rd Naval District 23-Dec-1918
Shaw John Aloysius Chief Yeoman USN 11-Mar-1919
Shaw Lauren Elwood Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Apr-1920
Shaw Sylvester Pvt Radio Sch Columbia U 12-Oct-1918
Shear Harold E. 1st Lieutenant Medical Corps 3-Oct-1918
Sheehan Edward S Private Signal Corps 24-May-1917
Shelby William Ret. Unassigned Aviation Sec. Signal 22-Mar-1918
Sheldon Arthur Leroy App Semn USN 29-May-1918
Sheldon Donald Seward Fireman 3rd class 14-Feb-1921
Sheldon Lawrence Derrick Seaman 2nd Class 11-Oct-1918
Shelley John H 2LT Ord Det 20-Nov-1918
Shelter Frank Milton Apprentice Seaman 23-Sep-1918
Shelton Charles C Sergeant 866 Aer Squadron(Rep) Gen Supply Dep and Construction Camp 11-Oct-1918
Shepard Francis A. Private First Class 670 Aero Squadron Signal Corps 7-Mar-1918
Shepard William V Pvt NA Unasgd 12-Aug-1918
Sheppard Ward H. Private 7th Field Artillery Repl Draft 29-Sep-1918
Sheridan David T PVT Btry F, 17th FA 8-Jun-1919
Sherman Jerry Semn 2d cl 7-Oct-1918
Sherman Lester Sergeant 16-Oct-1918
Sherwood Oliver B 1st Lt ASSC 20-Jan-1918
Shireman Mervin E. 1st Lieutenant Infantry, Camp Gordon, GA 27-Dec-1918
Shrimpton Ernest Woltorton Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Jan-1918
Shropshire Ralph E Captain Quartermaster Corps 29-Jan-1918
Shultz William Herman Fireman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Sep-1918
Shuppert Henry Water Tender USN 22-Oct-1918
Sieg Robert Pvt 18th Bln Co 11-Oct-1918
Siegrist George Private 152d Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Silvernail Lloyd H Semn 2d cl USNRF 1-Jul-1918
Simon Gustav ERC never called into active service 12-Nov-1917
Simon Joseph Apprentice Seaman USNRF 2-Oct-1918
Singleton Andrew Hormby Boatswain 17-Mar-1920
Singleton Jonett F 2d Lt 5th MG Battalion 24-Jun-1918
Sipple Charles J PFC Btry A,109th FA 17-Mar-1919
Sjoberg Elias Corporal Co US Dis Guard 28-Aug-1917
Skead Robert Graham Lieutenant 27-Feb-1920
Skidmore Carl Beard Private 6th Regiment 2-Nov-1918
Skill Charles Herbert Private Ord Dept Unas 5-Oct-1918
Skoultchi Milton Private ERC 1-Apr-1918
Slager Edwin L. Electrician, 1st class, radio 1-Feb-1919
Slattery Thomas J Sergeant Quartermaster Corps 2-Aug-1918
Slocum Russell 1st Lt Infantry 25-Jan-1919
Slyke Alfred George Sergeant 6th M. G. Battalion 4-Nov-1918
Small Joseph Chandler Morris Lieutenant (JG) 2-Nov-1918
Smart Daniel S. Chaplain, 1st Lieutenant 15-Oct-1918
Smedberg C. Renwick Ret 21st Ret T. C. 16-Oct-1918
Smijovsky Albert Coppersmith, 1st Class USN 12-Jul-1919
Smith Benjamin Atley Landsman for Quartermaster Aviation USNRF 19-Nov-1918
Smith Charles Lucius Chf. Machnist Mate 13-Oct-1918
Smith Clarence E. Private 549th Motor Truck Company 25-Oct-1918
Smith Edward Alfred [Wagoner] 306th Field Artillery , 302nd San. Tn. 28-Jan-1919
Smith Edward B. Private 1st Class 3-Oct-1918
Smith Edward Jerome Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USN 11-Jan-1919
Smith Elwood LaForge Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 9-Aug-1918
Smith Francis Parks Lieutenant 4-Oct-1919
Smith George C. Mess Attendant 3rd class 6-Aug-1917
Smith Giles O. Private Camp Humphreys, VA, Aut. Replacement Draft 2-Mar-1919
Smith Harold Brooks Seaman, 2nd Class 15-Jun-1917
Smith Harry John Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 22-Apr-1917
Smith Henry C 2d Lt Air Serv 21-Dec-1918
Smith Hilton II PVT NH Col S A Tng S, Durham, NH 6-Oct-1918
Smith Hoseph W CPT 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Smith James Joseph QM 2d cl Avn USN 27-Apr-1918
Smith Jesse L. 26-Oct-1918
Smith John Aloysius Gunners Mate, 1st Class USN 19-Nov-1917
Smith John J., Jr. Private, 1st class Bakery Company No. 378 15-Oct-1918
Smith Joseph William Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 26-Feb-1918
Smith Leslie W PVT N Trk Co 543 12-Oct-1918
Smith Merle Robinson Seaman 2nd Class 29-Apr-1918
Smith Nelson George Apprentice Seaman 29-Apr-1918
Smith Philip P PFC Aero Squadron 12-Feb-1920
Smith Raymond Willard Hq Det, 5th Regt, USMC 15-Jun-1918
Smith Schuyler R, Jr PFC Btry A, 104th FA 19-Oct-1918
Smith Wesley J. Apprentice Seaman 28-Feb-1918
Smith William P 1st Lt Air Serv 9-Jan-1919
Smith William Roy Coxswain USNRF 13-Mar-1918
Smyth Walter W 1st Lt 94th Aer Squadron 17-Aug-1918
Snook Carl D Pvt US Debark Hosp 20-Dec-1918
Snyder Edwin August Chief Electrician, Radio Operator USN 5-Oct-1918
Snyder Herbert O. Private Training Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Snyder Robert Y 2LT ASSC 21-Jul-1918
Sobel Jesse Private MD 24-Oct-1918
Soden William Alfred Lieutenant 30-Sep-1920
Soden William Thomas Yeoman, 3d Class USNRF 11-Oct-1918
Soder Walter P. Private 15th Aero Squadron 19-May-1918
Soffel Walter Louis Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 15-Oct-1918
Sohl Rudolph Otto Private New Orleans, LA 28-Sep-1918
Sommers William Frank Apprentice Seaman 21-Sep-1918
Southern Alfred W Sergeant USMA Det F, Arty, West Point 28-Jul-1918
Spain Thomas Rhoderick Pay Clerk 29-Jun-1919
Spang Elwood P Corporal 102d Mobile Ord Repair Shop 18-Oct-1918
Sparks William Joseph Gunners Mate, 1st Class USN 17-Nov-1918
Sparrboom Walter, Jr PVT 108th Field Hosp, 102nd Sn Tn 9-Jan-1919
Spaulding Harlan Arthur Electrcn 3d cl USNRF 12-Nov-1919
Speenburgh Harry L PVT Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 18-Oct-1918
Speidel Henry F Private 213 Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Speigelberg Sidney L 1st Lt MC 14-Jul-1918
Spencer Robert Sherman Pvt 23d Co 10-Jun-1918
Spicer Percy T. Private 1st class Veteran Hospital 8 13-Sep-1918
Spielman Robert Louis Engineman, 2d Class USN 10-Oct-1918
Spinks Ralph Eugene Seaman 2nd Class 9-Oct-1918
Spolander Carl H Regt 1st Sergeant Major JAGDGHQ 28-Oct-1918
Sprague Howard Wm. Machinist Mate 1st Class 5-Nov-1918
Spruks Charles D Private Sec 557 USA Ambulance Service 29-Apr-1918
St Amand George C Private 53d Dep Brigade 13-Dec-1918
Stait Frederick John Yeoman, 3d Class USNRF 9-Oct-1918
Stamp Clair Richmond Engineman, 1st Class 16-Sep-1916
Standfast Joseph W PVT Cas Det, 153rd Dep Brig 29-Sep-1918
Stanley Henry Plumber and Fitter 26-Mar-1919
Staples Charles Timothy Seaman, 2d Class USN 26-Feb-1918
Starrett Harold Lester Pharmacist Mate, 1st Class USN 4-Mar-1918
Stearns Jerome 2nd Lieutenant C.A.C. 4-Sep-1918
Stedener Stanley Corporal M. G. 12-Oct-1918
Steele Cameron R. Private New Hampshire College S.A.T.C. 26-Sep-1918
Steele John A. Seaman, 2nd class USN R.F. 2-Oct-1918
Steele Dewey Dey Seaman 2nd Class 23-Oct-1918
Steinkamp Charles William Private Repl Battalion 20-Jun-1918
Steitz Joe Private 339th Guard and Fire Co 6-Oct-1918
Stellter William Cook Butchery Co 347 12-Oct-1918
Steo Amedeo PVT Overseas Cas Co 406 6-Oct-1918
Stevens Arthur Whitney 2d Lt Miami, FL 26-Jan-1920
Stevens Clarence L Private 73d Aero Service Squadron 1-May-1918
Stevens Harold T. 21-Feb-1921
Stevens John H. 2nd Lieutenant 147th Aeronautical Squadron 31-Jul-1918
Stevenson Dean R PVT Btry E,57th Arty, CAC 22-Feb-1918
Stevenson Robert Wag 102d Engrs 22-Feb-1918
Stewart James D 2d Lt A S 15-Aug-1919
Stewart John F. Private Columbia University Student 17-Nov-1918
Still Clark O Pvt 488th Aero Sq 20-Dec-1918
Stillson Charles Victor 26-Sep-1918
Stilson Fred L. SGT MD Gen. Hosp. No. 5, Fort Ontario 12-Oct-1918
Stoddard Charles Burton Lieutenant Commander 4-Oct-1918
Stoddart John Major Field Artillery 29-Oct-1918
Stoerner Henry Sergeant Quartermaster Dept 9-Apr-1917
Stokes Edward Anthony Semn 2d cl 20-Oct-1918
Stoltzenberg Alex Louis Seaman USN 31-Jan-1919
Stone David Howard Jr Fireman 1st cl 27-Sep-1918
Stone John Henry Chief Boatswain Mate USN 25-Dec-1918
Storer George SFC 307th Serv Pk Unit 15-Aug-1919
Storey William A. Machinist Mate, 1st class 29-Sep-1918
Storms Albert Electrician, 3d Class, General USN 5-Feb-1920
Storum Rollin S Pvt 29 Prov Ord Dep Co 16-Oct-1918
Stout Walter C. Private 1st class 316th Aero Squadron 7-Nov-1918
Strachan William J Private Field Artillery, Unassigned, Overseas Casual Camp, Camp Merritt, NJ 9-Aug-1918
Strahan Donald P 2LT ASSC 22-Oct-1918
Straight Willard D. Major American Expeditionary Force 30-Nov-1918
Strasser Walter Frank Pvt Repl Bn 21-Nov-1918
Straus Albert E Private 271st Aero Squadron 30-Sep-1918
Streger Jacob Seaman, 2nd class 8-Sep-1918
Strite Raymond A Pvt 23d Base Hosp MD 9-Oct-1918
Stroum Sam Sergeant 2d T M Battery 29-Jun-1918
Stuart William A 1st Lt 96th Aero Squadron 16-Sep-1918
Sturla John A PFC Btry B, 57th CAC 9-Nov-1918
Sukeforth Gardner E Lieutenant Commander 5-May-1920
Sullivan Arthur James Coxswain USN 8-Mar-1919
Sullivan Edward Vincent Coppersmith, 1st Class USN 19-Mar-1918
Sullivan Jeremiah B Private MD 18-Feb-1919
Sullivan Matthew Daniel Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 16-Apr-1918
Sundt William E CPL Prov Repl Unit Org & Tng Center & Tractor Arty, 3rd Cater Tractor 30-Nov-1918
Sutherland Conrad Arthur Ships Cook, 2d Class USNRF 12-Mar-1918
Sutonen Aleksander Private 152d Dep Brig 4-Jan-1919
Swan Lawrence Mckinlay Private Sec. S.A.T.C., Clarkson College 21-Oct-1918
Swan Oscar A. 2nd Lieutenant 10-Nov-1918
Swart Herbert C. Seaman 2nd Class 6-Jan-1918
Sweeney James Tereanee Oiler USN 6-Dec-1917
Sweeney John Joseph Smn 2d cl USN 3-Dec-1918
Sweeney William Francis Machinists Mate, 2d Class USN 14-Jun-1918
Sweeting Alfred Alexander Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 31-May-1918
Sweeting Carlyle Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 7-Oct-1918
Sweeting Floyd Arnold Firemand, 3rd Class 9-Oct-1918
Swiegart George J. Corporal 157th Depot Brigade 15-Jun-1918
Swift James F Private 152d Dep Brigade 7-Mar-1919
Sykes Jas J 2d Lt A S 6-Aug-1918
Symonds Delbert Levi, Jr Fireman, 2nd Class USN 30-Aug-1919
Taft Jesse Alsin Private Overseas Cas, 396 10-Oct-1918
Talaska John 20th 24-Jun-1918
Tallakson Thomas E. Private New York University 15-Oct-1918
Talley Allen W 1st Lt Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Tallinger Arthur J PVT F H 309, 303rd San Tn 8-Feb-1919
Tamboer Jacob Private School for Bakers and Cooks 17-Oct-1918
Tandy John Abram Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 17-Oct-1918
Tangredi Carlo PVT Btry C, 7th FA 28-Sep-1918
Taylor Albert Joseph Bks Det, Guantanamo, Cuba 11-Jul-1917
Taylor Barton Adams Apprentice Seaman 3-Oct-1918
Taylor Cecil A Sergeant 1st Class MD 30-Jun-1919
Taylor Ermond Albert Chief Quartermaster Aviation USNRF 19-Feb-1919
Taylor Herbert D 1st Lt M C 7-Oct-1918
Taylor William H 1st Lt 95th Aero Squadron 18-Sep-1918
Tayntor Charles Enos Private 1st Class Base Hospital 83 3-Oct-1918
Teets Arthur Private 302nd Trench Mortar Battery 29-Jan-1918
Temme Harold Fireman, 1st Class USNRF 28-Oct-1918
Teneyeck Cabell B 2d Lt Field Artillery 10-Jan-1918
Terkildsen Oswald Jager Yeoman, 2d Class USN 19-Nov-1917
Tern ? Roy William Seaman 2nd Class
Terwilliger Jerome Seaman 2nd Class 26-Apr-1918
Testa Angelo Fieoello Private S.A.T.C Unit, University of Buffalo, NY 22-Oct-1918
Tharan Herman Gny Sgt 55th Co 6-Aug-1918
Thaw Alexander B 1st Lt 135th Aero Squadron, Av 18-Aug-1918
Thiele Federick Leonard Naval Prison Det 6-Nov-1918
Thomas Abrom Wash Cabin Steward USN 20-Feb-1918
Thomas Anthon6y J Cpl 340th Gd and Fire Co 1-Oct-1918
Thomas Charles George Water tender 13-Nov-1918
Thomas William C. Private 223rd Aero Squadron 21-Feb-1918
Thompson Andrew Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USNRF 13-Dec-1917
Thompson Francis W. Landsman, Machinist Mate USN R.F. 24-Oct-1918
Thompson Hugh S 1st Lt 96th Aero Squadron 15-Sep-1918
Thompson Norman Knox Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 18-Oct-1918
Thompson Orin Albert Seaman 2nd Class 30-Mar-1918
Thompson Ray B PFC 65th Cln C 20-Sep-1918
Thompson Walter Michael Seaman, 2d Class USN 2-Sep-1918
Thorney Edward James Private 152d Dep Brigade 4-Jan-1919
Thornton Lewis F PVT Btry E, 308th Arty 13-Feb-1919
Thorpe Robert Alton Fireman, 2nd Class 13-Oct-1918
Thrall Harry E. Private 84th Aero Squadron, Kelly Field Texas 17-Feb-1918
Thrasher Harry D 2nd Lt 103d Engineers 11-Aug-1918
Thrasher Henry Edward Quartermaster, 3d Class USN 14-Jun-1918
Tiano Luke Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Oct-1918
Tichborne Herbert M. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 23-Dec-1919
Tidball Zan L Jr 1LT 9th Aero Sq 10-Oct-1918
Tillema William Coxwain 3-Mar-1920
Timothy James S 2d Lt Infantry, Rec Corps, ATT, 6th Marines 14-Jun-1918
Tims Thomas J Private Oversea Casual Co 410 6-Oct-1918
Tinnerholm Ivar E. 2nd Lieutenant Air(?) Service 22-Jul-1918
Tinsley John Thomas Engineman, 2d Class USN 7-Oct-1918
Titus Reuben Francis Boatswain 3-Feb-1917
Tobin Joseph A. Private M.D. 6-Oct-1918
Tompkins Albert E. Private First Class Air Serv 1-Mar-1919
Tonkin William Mayhew Lieutenant 17-Dec-1918
Toohey Lewis Water Tender USN 9-Nov-1918
Toole John L Cpl 19th Balloon Co 10-Oct-1918
Toombs Howard A. Apprentice Seaman 30-Sep-1918
Topp Augustus Chief Quartermaster USNRF 12-Aug-1918
Topping Nathaniel H. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 23-Aug-1918
Tornes Bernhard Electician, 1st Class, Radio USN 25-Apr-1919
Torrance Robert A. Lt. Commander U.S.N. 24-Feb-1921
Toussaint Arthur F G 1st Lt 4th Army Corps HQ 6-Oct-1918
Townley Fred I. Fireman, 3rd class 13-Oct-1918
Trabold Edward Frank Apprentice Seaman USN 21-Sep-1918
Treadwell Alvin H 1LT 213th Aero Sqdn 16-Nov-1918
Treanor Bernard Painter, 3d Class USNRF 17-Oct-1918
Treble Hector William Chief QM USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Treff Theodore george Firmn 3d cl USNRF 13-Oct-1918
Triglia Julius Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 22-Mar-1918
Tritschler Louis Charles Storekeeper, 3d Class USNRF 7-Feb-1919
Trodd Albert E Chief Machinists Mate USNRF 12-Mar-1918
Troiano Louis A Private 152d Dep Brigade 11-Dec-1917
Trost Edward William VIForemn 3d cl USN 15-Mar-1918
Trouse Liberty Rct Unassigned 13-Oct-1918
Trudeau Loomis Apprentice Seaman 11-Apr-1918
Tullington Bernard L Sergeant 158th Aero Squadron 5-Feb-1918
Tully Michael R Sergeant 307th Pack Train 21-Dec-1918
Tuohy John J Captain Ord 16-Oct-1918
Turielle William D Private Mobile Hosp No 10 30-Oct-1918
Turner Harold F. Private First Class 325th Sup 20-Sep-1918
Turner James Arthur Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 7-Mar-1919
Turner Louis Chief Water Tender USN 25-Jul-1919
Turner Ralph W. 1st Lieutenant M.C. 17-Oct-1918
Tuttle Theodore B. Ship's Clerk, 2nd class 1-Oct-1918
Tuttle William Water Tender USN 21-Oct-1918
Tyler John C 1st Lt 11th Aero Squadron 18-Sep-1918
Tyler John J Pvt 1st cl Evac Hosp 19 28-Jun-1919
Tyrell Eugene Hjoseph Painter 1st cl USN 19-May-1919
Ubelecker Lawrence Private 3rd Infantry N. Y. N. G. (Co. F. 108th Infantry ) 29-Sep-1918
Uhlinger James P Pvt 154th Dep Bde 16-Oct-1918
Ullman Norbert Leon Quartermaster, 3d Class USNRF 15-Oct-1918
Ulmer Julian F. Fireman, 3rd class 11-Jul-1917
Valentine Andrew Peter Carpenters Mate, 1st Class USNRF 21-Oct-1918
Valentine Fred W., Jr. 11-Nov-1918
Valentine Herman W. 2nd Lieutenant Air Service 4-May-1918
Van Allen Clifford William SGT NY Bks. Det. 3-Nov-1918
Van Avery Leon R. Private Quartermaster Corps, Camp Johnson, FL 25-Oct-1918
Van Hoosen Earl J. Private S.A.T.C. N. Y. S. Col, Albany , N.Y. 19-Oct-1919
Van Lu Van Ernest Private [New Hampshire College Student United States. Army Training Corps 1-Oct-1918
Van Nortwick Fay F. Fireman 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 30-Sep-1918
VanCaesecle Domien Ck 314th Aero Sq, SC 10-Nov-1918
Vanderwerken George D. 156th Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Vandeusen Edwin J. 2nd Lieutenant C.W.S 13-Jun-1919
VanDunk John Machinists Mate, 1st Class 14-Dec-1920
VanEsch Harold Ambrose Seaman, 2nd Class 30-Sep-1918
VanHouten Charles W Corporal Chemical Warfare Serv, Cleveland, OH 16-Jan-1919
VanMoppes Morton S Landsman Yeoman USN 27-Sep-1918
VanOrden Perry Horseshoer Btry D, 309th FA 11-Feb-1919
VanValkenburg Henrietta Yeoman 1st cl USNRF 17-Oct-1918
Vasilian Pany Blacksmith 1st cl USNRF 14-Jun-1918
Veitch Thomas Stevenson Chief Pay Clerk 13-Jul-1919
Verhag Amiel T Btry F, 334th FA 28-Sep-1918
Vermet Harry Albert Ships' Cook, 2nd Class 2-Feb-1919
Vernam Remington 1st Lt A S 22d Aero Squadron 1-Dec-1918
Viebey Charles Wesley Fireman 5-Sep-1918
Viner John Winfield Ensign 4-Nov-1918
Visconti Charles J. Private 156th Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Voelkl George J Saddler Btry F, 336th FA 13-Feb-1919
Vogt Edwin George Carpntr Mate USN 5-Oct-1918
Vonicopulos Demosthenis Pvt Ord Corp 5-Jan-1918
VonPolheim Carl Private 1st Class Aux Remount Dep 309 23-Mar-1919
Wabberson Charles F. 94th Company 6-Jun-1918
Wadleigh George Edward App Smn USNRF 24-Oct-1918
Wagner Dewey Fireman, 2d Class USNRF 18-Jul-1919
Waite Alan 1st Lieutenant 372nd Infantry, Field and Staff 29-Sep-1918
Wakefield Harold J. Gunner's Mate, 3rd class 8-Nov-1918
Walber Thomas Private Ship Repair Shop Unit 301 1-Oct-1918
Walker Ernest Dorando Wardroom Cook USNRF 26-Sep-1917
Walker Robert Steerage Steward USNRF 31-May-1918
Walker Russell T 1st Lt 7th Av Instruction Center 16-Oct-1918
Walker Warren T CPT Quartermaster Corps 10-Oct-1918
Walker William Chief Quartermaster USN 13-Nov-1920
Wallace Arthur Pearson Seaman 2nd Class 22-Jan-1920
Wallace James T Private 339 Guard & Fire Co 19-Sep-1918
Walls Alexander Williamson Ensign 14-Nov-1918
Walsh Frank J Gunners Mate, 3d Class USNRF 17-Jan-1919
Walsh Gerald Hartigan Ldsnm Elect Radio USNRF 27-Apr-1919
Walsh Joseph James Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 31-Oct-1918
Walter Arthur 2d Lt 110th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Walter Glenn E PVT Btry F, 105th FA 9-Mar-1919
Walters Charles F Private 7th Battalion, 153d Dep Brigade 14-Oct-1918
Walton Thomas L. Fireman 3rd class U.S.N.R.F. 15-Dec-1918
Ward Arnold Peter Machinists Mate, 2d Class USNRF 30-Sep-1918
Ward Dorr R. Jr. Private 157th Depot Brigade 9-Oct-1918
Ware Joseph G. Private 153rd Dep Brigade 9-Nov-1917
Wareing Edgar Thomas QM 2d cl Avn USN 23-Jun-1918
Warfield Thornton Chief Machinists Mate USNRF 26-Sep-1918
Wargo Frank Fireman, 2d Class USN 26-Feb-1918
Waring William W 1LT 11 Aero Sq 31-Oct-1918
Warner Clayton Lewis PFC 2nd Bn, Intl Sec, 310th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Warnstadt Julian A Private 1st Class Headquarters, 302d Sn Tn 5-Feb-1919
Warren Chester I Major Ord 26-May-1919
Warren Philip Van C. Barracks Detail 11-Oct-1918
Warruska John Private 157th Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Warshaw Herman Private Med Enl Res Corps 22-Nov-1918
Washburn Horace D. Corporal USS Maine 11-Jun-1918
Waterman Chandler Cook Special Unit 557th Amb Serv 30-Apr-1918
Waters Cornelius PVT TrI, 3rd Cavalry 25-Sep-1919
Watley William C. Private 152nd Depot Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Watson Arthur T Rct Unassigned 15-Oct-1918
Weaver John Howard 2d Lt 26-Aug-1920
Webber Leon Hubert Lieutenant (JG) 14-Jan-1919
Weber Francis Xavier Firmn 3d cl USN 24-Jul-1917
Weber Frederick Charles Ensign 24-Jan-1919
Webner Charles J PVT Btry D, 307th FA 11-Sep-1918
Webster Herbert Edgar Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 26-Feb-1918
Weeks Roy E. Private 7th Training Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 1-Jun-1918
Weeks William Earl 51st Co 15-Jun-1918
Wegnan Frederick Private 157th Depot Brigade 2-Mar-1919
Weidenborner Fred L PVT Btry F, 17th FA 29-Jul-1918
Weil Evelyn Freda Yeoman, 3rd Class USNRF 19-Feb-1919
Weil Richard Major M C 19-Nov-1917
Weinstein Jacob Hosp App 1st cl USNRF
Weir George A. Private, 1st class General Hospital 43 21-Apr-1919
Weis Arthur J PVT SATC, Syracuse University 9-Oct-1918
Weisansal Edward Nich Firmn 1st cl USN 14-Jun-1918
Weiss John Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Weissglass Sam, Jr SGT Sr Gr, Quartermaster Corps, S for Bkrs and Cooks 7-Oct-1918
Welch Harry James Chief Mach Mate 7-May-1919
Welch William J. Private [S.n. C.F. Medical Support Depot] 10-Oct-1918
Wellerson John Mortimer Boatswain Mate, 1st Class USNRF 23-Oct-1918
Wellman Willard Chief Elec Radio USNRF 24-Oct-1918
Wells Brooks H Captain M C 6-Jul-1917
Wells Elwin D. Private Camp Devens March Repl. Draft 9-Mar-1918
Wells George L SGT 803rd Aero Repair Squadron 19-Oct-1918
Wells Harry M. Seaman 6-Aug-1917
Wells Osbourne Private 15th Machine Gun Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Wells Vinton Rogers Seaman 2nd Class 10-Mar-1918
Welsh Frank E Private 1st Class Quartermaster Corps 12-Oct-1918
Welty Frank George Pharmacists Mate, 2nd Class 6-Jun-1918
Welz Walter W. Private USA School Aerial Photography 21-Oct-1918
Wendt Ernest J Pvt 1st cl 102d Engrs 29-Sep-1918
Wenglowski Mike Private 152 Dep Brigade 18-Jul-1918
Wenz Richard J Pvt 153d Dep Bde 1-Oct-1918
Wenzel Mortimer J PVT Quartermaster Corps, Misc Det, Cp Kearney, CA 27-Dec-1919
Werner George Ensign 28-Oct-1918
Wesche Richard Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 5-Nov-1917
Westcott Percy Douane G, S.O.S Hospital 25-Sep-1918
Wezansing Didrik Chief Boatswain Mate USN 4-Jan-1919
Whalen Herbert Private 1st Dep. Div 6-Jul-1918
Whalen Richard John Commissary Steward USNRF 27-Sep-1918
Whalen William H., Jr. Private 305th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Wheeler Edwin Forrest Lieutenant 9-Oct-1919
Wheeler George G. Private 29th Prov. Ord Dep 23-Oct-1918
Wheeler Tolman D 1st Lt 2d US Cavalry 6-Sep-1918
Wheelock Myron Electrn 2d cl USN 14-Jun-1918
Whelan William Seaman, 2nd Class 31-Jul-1917
Whidden Ray W Captain M C 25-Sep-1918
Whipple Foster Chf. Machnist Mate 11-Oct-1918
Whitall John 2d Lt A S S C 17-Oct-1918
White Albert L. Private 6th Camp Humphrey Engineers Replacements 2-Jul-1918
White Everett William Mess Attendant, 3d Class USN 13-Apr-1917
White John CPL AS Sig C Aer Sq Repl, 3rd Co, Mec Sig C 26-May-1918
White Sherman A Lt Colonel 51st infantry 3-Nov-1918
White William Private 152d Dep Brig 10-Oct-1918
Whitlock Edgar M 1st Lt 102d Engineers 26-Sep-1918
Whitlock Myron Knapp Ensign 22-Oct-1918
Whitlock Rex Hugh Pvt 1st cl Evac Hosp 4 12-Oct-1918
Whitmyer Robert Maw Seaman USNRF 13-Oct-1918
Whitney Elwood Jerome Apprentice Seaman
Whitwell Wilfred J PFC Btry C, 59th Arty CAC 5-Dec-1918
Wickert Bernard J PVT Btry B, 102nd FA 13-Oct-1918
Wickman William A Chief Yeoman USNRF 29-Jan-1919
Wicks Glenn B 1st Lt Aviation Sec 17, Aerial Squadron 5-Oct-1918
Widger William PVT Btry D, 307th FA 31-Oct-1918
Wiegel Edward Sergeant 497th MTC Sup Tn 30-Sep-1918
Wiener Hyman Private 53d Dep Brigade 17-Jun-1918
Wiggins Arthur E PVT Quartermaster Corps, Det Aut Repl Draft 301st 3-Nov-1917
Wilcock Wilfred Charleas LT jg 4-Sep-1919
Wilde Frederick Herbert Seaman, 2d Class USN 20-Dec-1917
Wilder John R Pvt 50th Aero Sq 11-Jan-1918
Wiles Morton E Private MD 25-Mar-1919
Wilkins Edward Pvt 128th Aero Sq Sig C 17-Jun-1918
Wilkinson Charles Claxton Seaman 2nd Class 7-Oct-1918
Wilkinson Earl PVT BB, 7th R, FA, RD, Camp Jackson, SC 2-Oct-1918
Willets Edward M. Seaman 16-Jul-1920
William Arthur Mack Mess Attdt 1st cl USNRF Mar 8,1920
Williams Burtiss Hopkins Landsman for Machinist Mate, Aviation 30-Oct-1918
Williams Charles Mus 2d cl Columbus Bks OH 7-May-1918
Williams Earl T 1LT FA 7-May-1918
Williams Edward Roland Ensign 1-Nov-1918
Williams Griffith Seaman USNRF 12-Jan-1919
Williams Harold Hurd Ships Cook, 3d Class USNRF 31-May-1918
Williams Harry Private 157th Dep Brig 10-Oct-1918
Williams Joseph Ralph Ensign 4-Mar-1919
Williams Leon B. Machinist Mate 2nd class 16-Jun-1918
Williams Robert Owen Acting Pay Clerk 3-May-1921
Williams Shed Water Tender USN 4-Oct-1918
Williams Spencer C 2LT ASSC 21-May-1918
Williams William Arris Ensign 22-Sep-1918
Willink Roy H Pvt 222 Aero Sq Sig Corps 28-Jan-1918
Willner Louis Seaman, 2d Class USN 29-Oct-1918
Wilson Martin Austin Seaman, 2d Class USNRF 1-Oct-1918
Wilson Oscar Engineman, 1st class 12-Nov-1918
Wilson Richard Thomas Ward Room Steward USNRF 16-Oct-1918
Wilson Roy B. Hospital Corpsman Apprentice 2nd class U.S.N.R.F. 24-Sep-1918
Wilson Walter Louis Lieutenant (JG) 22-May-1919
Windsor Edward Thomas Carpenters Mate, 3rd Class USNRF 6-Apr-1919
Winn Harry Arthur Apprentice Seaman 21-Mar-1918
Winne John, Jr Seaman USNRF 5-Nov-1917
Winnicki Stanley G.Y. sergeant 61st Company 1-Feb-1920
Winroth Arthur Carl Semn 2d cl USNRF 23-Sep-1918
Winter Edward L. Chief Machinist Mate 13-Nov-1918
Winter Jay W. Private Syracuse Recruit Camp 11-Oct-1918
Wirhousky Joseph Semn 2d cl USN 1-Oct-1918
Wise Robert VanOrden Gunner 30-Sep-1919
Wissmann Frederick Alfred Quartermaster, 2d Class, Aviation USN 28-Oct-1918
Wiswall George Howard Seaman, 2nd Class 8-Oct-1918
Witzel Bernard Joseph Mach Mate, 2nd Class 22-Oct-1918
Wojczynski Anthony Sgt 118th Co 12-Jun-1918
Wolff Lawrence Private 1st Class 306th Field Amb Co 8-May-1918
Wolff Louis Edwaqrd Lndsm for Elect USNRF 26-Sep-1918
Wolfle William Private 5th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 10-Dec-1918
Wolk Irving Montaigne Mess Attendant, 3d Class USNRF 6-Oct-1918
Wolpiuk Waclaw Private 158th Depot Brigade 6-Oct-1918
Wood Francis A 2d Lt 99th Aero Squadron 13-Sep-1918
Wood Lawrence L. Apprentice Seaman U.S.N. 6-Jun-1917
Wood Ralph B CPL Ordnance Dept, Ft.Hamilton, NY 16-Mar-1918
Woodcock William Dean Elec 2d cl Radio USNRF 29-Sep-1918
Woodrow Leonard Private 60th Squadron, Aviation Sec. Sig. C. 13-Feb-1918
Woods Andrew A Private 12-Dec-1918
Woodward Charley L Quartermaster Sergeant Quartermaster Corps 30-Aug-1918
Wooley Harold T. Seaman U.S.N.R.F. 6-Oct-1918
Worsham William Floyd Ensign 2-Mar-1918
Worthington Douglas G Chief Yeoman USN 8-Nov-1918
Wright George Apprentice Seaman 22-Dec-1918
Wright Gilbert Livingston Gunners Mate, 3d Class USN 1-Oct-1918
Wright Henry Joseph Paris Island, SC 18-Nov-1918
Wright Howard W. Private First Class Bakery 101 16-Nov-1918
Yanz Edward J Mech Btry B, 43rd Arty, CAC 18-Dec-18
Yarnall Kenneth E. Private 146th Aero Squadron 7-Apr-19
Yeswoit John Private 13th Regiment, Auto. Replacement Draft 11-Oct-18
Yodice Frank Landsman Ships Cook USN 2-Jun-18
Yorman Adolph E PVT 4th Sept Repl draft 30-Sep-18
Young George Washington, Jr Ensign 23-Nov-18
Young Henry M 2d Lt A S A 14-Dec-18
Young Henry M RC
Young James Purvis Chief Gunners Mate USN 30-Oct-17
Young John M Jr Pvt 1st Trench Mort Btry 26-Feb-18
Young Joseph Myles Yeoman, 1st Class USNRF 8-Oct-18
Young Rose K. Nurse 23-Jun-19
Young Edson F. Private Sec A. S.A.T.C., State College for Teachers Albany N.Y. 24-Nov-18
Yozzo Frank Private 51st Pioneer Infantry 19-Oct-18
Yusem Martin Private 302d Sup Tn 29-Jan-18
Zahn Frederick Chief Boatswain Mate USN 18-May-1918
Zeh Ralph DeF Pvt Unasgd 10-Oct-1918
Zeh Ralph Marcey Gunner's Mate 3rd Class 14-Jan-1919
Zelenka William G Cook 866 Aero Squadron 22-Oct-1918
Zqiesseland Harry Chief Machinist's Mate 16-Nov-1917
Zugehor Rudolph Gunners' Mate, 2nd Class 27-Oct-1917
Ainslie George D CPL (Company) 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Shorts William Jr Corporal (Company) 369th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Sanderson Mortimer Lt Colonel (Maj D C) 30-Jul-1918
Heath David Willard [(H.S.)] D 8th M. G. Battalion 15-Jul-1918
Whalen Andrew H. Private [19th Training ] 154th Dep Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Ryder James D. Private [C.A.] 101st Engineers 2-Nov-1918
Fitzgerald Edward J. Private First Class [Headquarters] 4th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Dickie David Private [I] 18th Infantry 9-Jun-1918
Grimes Patrick Private First Class [I] 307th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Baldwin Charles Private [II] 166th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Commerford Joseph Private First Class [Medical Detachment] 7 Anti Aircraft Battalion 8-Dec-1918
Davis John J. Private [Ordinance Detachment] 6th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Bisbee Ernest Wag [Supply] 348th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Duffy Merton G. Wag [Supply] 348th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Elston Clifford E. Wag [Supply] 307th Infantry 3-May-1918
Pierce Howard L. Wag [Supply] 11th Field Artillery 8-Nov-1918
Densmore Robert B. Jr. Private [Tr. 1] 16th Cavalry 23-Jun-1917
D'Aloia Carmine Private [Training] [14th Main Training Dep. M. G.] Camp Hancock GA. 7-Nov-1918
Dotz Herman Pvt 1st cl 1 Div. N.G. Bn. 28-May-1918
Edelstein Bennie Pvt 1st cl 1 Dev Bn, 6th Camp Sheridan, Ala. 18-Oct-1918
Garland Jack Private First Class 1 307th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Steinberg Moses M Private 1st Class 1 52d Pioneer Infantry 1-Aug-1919
Nebeling George A Private 10 3d Dev Battalion, Cp Wheeler, GA 23-Nov-1918
Kleine Albert C Pvt 10 Co Eastern NY 7-Dec-1918
Mannon George W. 100th Company 24th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 1-Oct-1918
Martini Charles Pvt 101st Prov Co Sept Aut Repl Draft 17-Dec-1918
Schiemenz William G Private 102d 25th Battalion Syracuse Ret Camp, NY 26-Sep-1918
Roosa Elting W. Private, 1st class 105th Field Hospital Co. Sanitary Train 25-Oct-1918
Atkins Laurence B SGT 106th Amb Co 102nd San. Tn 30-Oct-1918
Greeley Joseph E J PVT 107th 26th Bn, Syracuse Rct Camp, NY 3-Oct-1918
Gaillard Oscar Corporal 107th Amb 107th, 102nd Sn. Tn. 28-Sep-1918
Flannigan Thomas Sergeant 10th C.A.C 7-Aug-1919
Hayes James Private 10th 152nd Dep Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Koch Werner A Private 10th 152d Dep Brig 29-Sep-1918
Martin Peter B Private 10th 152d Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Stern Alexander Private 1st Class 10th CAC, Ft Totten, NY 2-Oct-1918
Thompson Ralph S Private 1st Class 10th 1st Infantry, Tng Regt Dep Div 1st Army Corps 1-Apr-1918
Van deloo Matthew John Cpl 10th Bn 154th Dep Bde 6-Oct-1918
Somerindyke Harold Yates Private 10th Cas Co Engineers, Cp Humphreys 10-Oct-1918
Azzaretti Paul Private 10th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 2-Oct-1918
Brown Jesse E. Private 10th company New Recruit Camp, Camp Wheeler, GA 3-Nov-1918
Kirschner William R. Private 10th Company Receiving Camp 10-Nov-1918
Prpich John Private 10th Company 3rd Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 3-Apr-1919
Haspel Leo N Pvt 10th Ret Co Unasgd 17-Oct-1918
Hibbard Lawrence S. Private 10th Ret. Gen. Serv Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Johnson Anton G R Pvt 11 Ret Co Columbus Bks OH 20-Oct-1918
Bishop Frank H. Chef(?) 1104th Aero Squadron Signal corps 24-Jul-1918
Bassett Henry M. Private 116th Amb. 104th Sn. Tn 11-Oct-1918
Whitney William H. Private 11th Tng. Grl. M. G. Tn Center 19-Oct-1918
Cumiskey Charles J Cpl 11th Co 20th Engrs 16-Aug-1918
Billings William Private 11th Company 3rd Development Battalion Camp 5-Oct-1918
Birney Samuel Sergeant 11th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 27-Feb-1918
Bixby Harry A. Sergeant 11th Construction Company Aviation Corps 21-Apr-1918
Moyer Jesse A PVT 11th Ret USA, Unassigned, Columbus Barracks, Ohio 19-Oct-1918
Hartnett Edward R Pvt 11th Ret Co Columbus Bks OH 24-Oct-1918
Kabel Henry M Pvt 11th Ret Co Columbus Bks OH 16-Oct-1918
Nathan Alexander Private 11th Tng 154th Dep Brig 15-Oct-1918
Dulong Jules C. Pvt 12 152d Dep Brig 26-Sep-1918
Klumpf George R Private 12 Oct Aut Repl Draft Camp Gordon 11-Nov-1918
McVay Joseph L Private 12 Cp Gord, Oct-Aug Repl Draft 9-Nov-1918
Riordan Cornelius Private 121st School M. G. Sch. M. G. Tng Center 14-Sep-1918
Facha Sam 121st St. School Machine gun training center 18-Sep-1918
Cloran Glandyn I. 122nd School Company Machine Gun School 8-Dec-1918
Hanley James F., Jr. Private 123rd School Company Machine Gun School, M.G. Training Center 22-Oct-1918
Florence James H. Corporal 125th 12th Grand Div. T. C. 2-Mar-1919
Quigley Arthur F. Private 125th M. G. Sch. M. G. Tng Corps 27-Oct-1918
Kaliner David 128th Quantico, VA 16-Oct-1918
Burger John Private 12th [Det. A.R.D.] 5-Nov-1918
Dagner Harold G. Private 12th Eastern N. Y.C.A.C. 13-Oct-1918
Diviesti Pasquale PVT 12th 3d Tng Bn, 153d Dep Brig (Co. C, 310th Infantry) 18-Oct-1918
Kenoza Felix PVT 12th Cth'r, NY, CACHAS 1-Oct-1918
Mazzucco Rayzondo Private 12th Camp Gordon, Oct Repl Draft 8-Nov-1918
Morgan Leslie H Private 12th 8th Tng Battalioin 157th Dep Brig 17-Oct-1918
Rafelson Max Private 12th 152nd Dep Brig. 29-Nov-1918
Ritzheimer Chauncey J. Private 12th Repl Draft 8-Nov-1918
Sellin Fred SGT 12th Monroe, Va, Quartermaster Corps 13-Feb-1920
Shelby Edward Private 12th 152d Dep Brig 15-Jan-1918
Wolff Henry Private 12th 152d Dep Brig 3-Oct-1918
Joerg Alfred N. 1st Lieutenant 12th Aero Squadron Air Service 25-Jul-1918
Fabbiano Joaeph Private 12th Company Automatic Replacement Draft 7-Nov-1918
Hosier Lester Private 12th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 27-Jun-1918
Pizzolo Guiseppi Private 12th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 6-Oct-1918
Polischuk Safen Private 12th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 9-Oct-1918
Chester Bennie Private 12th Medical Detachment USA General Hospital 13-Apr-1919
Bernhardt Charles G. Private 12th Recruit Company Columbus Barracks, Ohio 14-Oct-1918
Rosen Maurice Pvt 12th Ret Co GS Inf Columbus Bks OH 26-Oct-1918
Abel Frank Pvt 12th Tr m Btry Cp McClellan AL 28-Oct-1918
Collins Joseph Michael Pvt 13 Co Ches Bay VA 3-Oct-1918
Clark Alfred H. Private 130th Aero Service Squadron Aero Service Mechanic Training School 11-Oct-1918
Merkle Anthony J Pvt 133d Co TC 22-Feb-1919
Silverman David G. 139th Company 26-May-1918
Rosenblum Louis Private 139th Guard Army Serv. Cps. 21-Jul-1919
Brown Kethe PVT 13th New Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler, GA 22-Nov-1918
Marek Otto Cook 13th 152d Dep Brig 17-Oct-1918
Rankin Robert J. Private 13th 4th Tng. Repl. Group 12-Oct-1918
Schrimmer Adolph 13th 152d Dep Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Thomas Clarence D PVT 13th 4th Tng Bn, 151st Dep Brig 27-Mar-1918
Pistikos John Private 13th Cassion Company 1st Regiment, Ordnance Training Corps, Camp Hancock 14-Jan-1919
Malegoli Guiseppe Pvt 13th Co 151th Dep Bde 25-Sep-1918
Coffey Thomas J. Private 13th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 25-Jan-1919
Graves Charles Private 13th Company 4th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Hoffman Ward N. Sergeant 13th Company / Company M 153rd Depot brigade / 311th Infantry 7-Jan-1919
Gatto Alfredo Private 13th Serv Sig. C 8-Dec-1918
Langenberg Adolph B Corporal 13th Service Signal Corp 3-Feb-1919
Berlinger Theodore P. Private, 1st class 13th Service Company Signal Corps 13-Jun-1918
Brin Louis G. Private 13th Service Company Signal Corps, Camp A., Vail, NJ 9-Oct-1918
Stevenson Joseph Welch Private 13th Tng Battery Field Artillery, Central Officers Tng School 8-Oct-1918
Flint Harold G Sgt 145th Aer Sq 21-Dec-1917
White Wilbert W 2d Lt 147th Aer Squadron Signal Corps 10-Oct-1918
Earley William J Private 149th T C 26-Mar-1919
Butler George P. 14th Quartermaster Corp, Camp Meigs D. C. 15-Oct-1918
Coughlin Timothy Private 14th 4th Battalion , 153rd Dep. Brigade 17-Jan-1919
Fineberg Abraham Private 14th 152nd Dep Brigade 14-Jan-1918
Hammer Robert Private 14th 152nd Dep Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Kaufman William F. Wag 14th 152nd Dep Brig 19-Jan-1919
Kirk Paul F PVT 14th 153rd Dep Brig 25-Jan-1919
Murray William T Private 14th 152d Dep Brig 10-Oct-1918
Newman Bernard Private 14th 152d Dep Brig 3-Oct-1918
Rottach Jacob Private 14th 152nd Dep Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Schmidt Louis Private 14th 152d Dep Brigade 9-Oct-1918
Schneeberger Nicholas H Pvt 14th RFARD Cp Jackson SC 5-Oct-1918
Scarabelli Cesar Private 15 152d Dep Brigade 30-Jun-1918
Cooper Ezra W Pvt 153 MG MG Sch Tng Cen 27-Oct-1918
Logue John J Private 153d MG School MG Tng Center 1-Nov-1918
Fay John Private 154th Company Machine Gun School 25-Oct-1918
Martin Walter J Private 1st Class 158th Aer Sq Signal Corps 10-Jul-1918
Fradette Arthur 158th Company 5-Oct-1918
Stewart William L Pvt 15th Co 4th Bn 163d Dep Bde 13-Oct-1918
Wallace Eugene 15th Company 5th Regiment 15-Jun-1918
Cannofsky Louis A Pvt 15th Det Bflo Acceptnce Pk 19-Oct-1918
Morris Michael J Private 15th Serv Co Signal Corps 19-Nov-1918
Boorady Nahim M Pvt 16 Co 153d Dep Bde 23-Sep-1918
Barron William Lawrence 16th Phila. 29-Aug-1918
Corroa Pasquale Private 16th 152nd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Dunbar Lewis Edward 16th 4-Oct-1918
Reilly Arthur K. Sergeant 16th 4th Mec. Rgt. Air Ser. 7th Av. Instruct, Center 23-Oct-1918
Speziale Antonio PVT 16th 4th Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 26-Sep-1918
Ward Frank E Private 1st Class 16th COTS 20-Sep-1918
White John 16th 5th Regiment 4-Apr-1918
Coller Howard A. Private 16th Ambulance Company Medical Department 30-Jan-1919
Wild Henry Pvt 1st cl 16th Bn US Gds 11-Oct-1918
Blair Richard W. Private, 1st class 16th For. Detachment Signal corps unknown
Pray Tracy C. Sergeant 16th Service Company Signal Corps, Fort Wood, NY 2-Oct-1918
Nero Pasquale Private 17, Camp Gordon Oct Auto Repl Draft 14-Nov-1918
Smith John E Jr Private 178th Aero Squadron Kelly Field, TX 8-Apr-1918
Browne Elton Private 17th 152nd Dep Brigade 16-Oct-1918
Frown Aden 17th 5th Regiment 9-Jun-1918
Kelly William Stephen 17th Co 5th Regt 11-Nov-1918
Loomes Glenn Shotwell 17th Co 5th Regt USMC 7-Jun-1918
Markle Clarence Leslie pvt 17th Co Recvg Camp 9-Nov-1918
Buckman Jewell 17th company 5th Regiment 7-Jun-1918
Green Max Sergeant 17th Company Coast Artillery Corps 25-Nov-1918
Morris John J. Corporal 17th Company Munition Training Department, Camp H'k, GA 15-Oct-1918
Levy Alex Private 1st Class 18 Vet Hospital 4-Jan-1919
Albert Philip Leonard 18th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Nichols Martin W PVT 18th 5th Tng Bn, 153rd Brig Dep 20-Mar-1918
Phillips Harvey Carlton 18th 5th Regiment 12-Jun-1918
Shannon John J. Private 18th 5th Tng. Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 13-Oct-1918
Struthers Charles Beebe, Jr Private 18th 5th Regiment, Repl Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Truppner Herbert Gerard Sergeant 18th 15-Sep-1918
Woods Milton L. Private 18th 5th Battalion Training, 157th Dep. Brigade 29-Nov-1918
Weintraub David A Pvt 1st cl 18th Co 153d Dep Bde 27-Nov-1918
Wilmot Harry J 18th Co 5th Regt USMC 10-Jun-1918
Dodge Miles H. Sergeant 18th Company 1-Jun-1918
O'Connor William H. Corporal 18th Company 5th Regiment 18-Jul-1918
Giglio Joseph V. Sergeant 18th Utilities Detachment 9 New York City 20-Mar-1919
Dowling Edward T. 19th 5th Tng. Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Gavin John Private 19th 1st A. S. M. Regiment 8-Feb-1919
Hines Henry H. Private 19th 152nd Dep Brigade 6-Aug-1918
Jones George W. Private 19th 154th Dep Brigade 1-Oct-1918
McTigue James N Corporal 19th COTS 7-Oct-1918
Miller Roscoe Conklin Sergeant 19th 4th Regiment, Air Serv. Mec 16-Feb-1919
Soucha Vincent Private 19th 152d Dep Brig 24-Aug-1918
Terry John D. Private 19th 154th Dep Brigade 5-Oct-1918
Balint Andrew PVT 1st Tng Bn, 16th Infantry 13-Oct-1917
Blake Howard L PVT 1st 1st Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 2-Jan-1919
Frank Joseph Private 1st 18th Infantry 28-Apr-1918
Hyatt Lester Private 1st 1st Shop Regiment, Camp Joseph 9-Oct-1918
Kelly Frank J PFC 1st Ord Repl Bn, 3rd Regt 17-Oct-1918
Loewe Wolfgang Julius Sergeant 1st Headquarters Battalion ASC 12-Aug-1919
Moran Eugene J Private 1st 1st Battaion 153d Dep Brig 13-Mar-1919
Ross Maurice J. Private 1st 1st Battalion, Syracuse Ret. Camp 8-Oct-1918
MacDonald Benjamine Private 1st Battalion July Aut Repl Draft, Camp Jackson, SC 17-Sep-1918
Mailler James Russell Private 1st Class 1st Battery Officers Tng School, Camp Upton, NY 24-Feb-1918
Cox William K. Sergeant 1st cl. M.D., Ancon, Canal Zone 13-Oct-1918
Hoagland Edward R Pvt 1st Co CAC Ft Warren TX 29-Sep-1917
Strong William J Pvt 1st Co CAC 3-May-1917
Cituccia Raymond PVT 1st Co Tng Gr 1st Mg Tng Ctr, Camp Hancock, GA 2-Mar-1919
Albin William H. Private 1st Company 152nd Dep. Brigade 28-Nov-1918
Bischoff George Private 1st Company 7th Provisional Ordnance Depot, 1st Provisional Ordnance Regiment 19-Oct-1918
Carmelo Seifo Private 1st Company 4th Infantry Replacement Regiment 6-Oct-1918
Graham William Private 1st Company Long Island Sound Coast Artillery Corps 28-Mar-1918
Homeyer Harry Private 1st Company 132nd Depot Brigade 19-Oct-1918
Hooper Walter M. Private 1st Company 152nd Depot Brigade 18-Oct-1918
Kimball Scott P. Private 1st class 1st Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Mickley Harry L. Private 1st Company 152nd Depot Brigade 11-Apr-1918
Savage James H. Sergeant 1st Company Quarter Master Corps 27-Sep-1918
William Graham Corporal 1st Company Coast Artillery Corps, Fort Wright, NY 29-Mar-1918
Dow Harold E. Private 1st Instr. Signal Cps 11-Oct-1918
Corcoran Patrick J. Sergeant 1st M. P. 10th Battalion 3-Aug-1919
Fischer Leonard J Asst Band Leader 1st Rct Co (Band) Ft Slocum, NY 8-Oct-1918
Hempstead William H SGT 1st Sn Sq 3rd Div 21-Feb-1918
McGuigan Joseph Jr Private 1st Tr G 13th Cavalry 9-Jan-1918
Potter John L. Private 2 Sig. C. Repl Battalion 21-Jul-1919
Camp Chas A Private 2 Prov Regt 156th Dep Brig 6-Oct-1918
King Clifford B Private 2 Prov Regt Camp Hancock, GA 12-Aug-1918
Todd Herbert F PVT 2 Ret Ord Corps NA Gen Ser Inf, Ft. Slocum, NY 27-Mar-1918
Sherbo Walter Corporal 2 Trench Mortar Battery 2d Div 21-Aug-1918
Wilson Delbert Pvt 2 Trk Co 12 Amm Tn Cp McClellan AL 30-Sep-1918
Keith Elisha B. Private, 1st class 205th company 103rd battalion, Military Police Corps 20-Dec-1918
Hall Charlie Private 20th 5th Battalion, 152nd Dep. Brigade 12-Oct-1918
McKenzie James Henry Corporal 20th 6-Jun-1918
Rosenblatt David Private 20th C.A.C. 3-Nov-1918
Snead Tom Private 20th 5th Battalion, 152d Dep Brig 16-Nov-1918
Stearns John Maxwell 20th 5th Regiment 15-Sep-1918
Hodge Keith nD Pvt 20th Co Off Tng Cp Lee VA 5-Oct-1918
Wolfthegal Charles Gny Sgt 20th Co 5th Regt USMC 4-Nov-1918
Tierney Michael J. Private 20th Company Training School, Camp Lee, VA 10-Oct-1918
Smedberg Renwick C Private 21 Recruit Co Tank Corps 16-Oct-1918
Tinkler Charles W Pvt 21 Ret Co Inf Unawsgd Ft Slocum NY 20-Oct-1918
Bartolomeo Adolph Corporal 213th Aero Squadron Signal Corps 5-Feb-1918
Phelan Richard 1st Lieutenant 213th Aero Squadron Air Service 31-Oct-1918
Delamore Arthur J. Private 21st 6th Tg. Battalion, 151st Dep Brigade 25-Sep-1918
Kennedy John F Private 21st Ret Recy Dep MGTC, Camp Hancock, GA 9-Jun-1918
Schnaare Arthur Private 21st 15th Battalion Camp Greenleaf, GA 6-Oct-1918
Pedarsini Charles Private 21st Company 6th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 14-Dec-1918
Kahlke Herman Private 21st recruit Company Fort slocum, NY 18-Oct-1918
Burhans Clyde Private 21st Rect. Tank Corps 18-Oct-1918
Lynch Joseph J Private 21st Ret Co Ret Dep 18-Oct-1918
McGuire Thomas Private 21st Ret Co Ft Slocum, NY 4-Oct-1918
Damon Linus E. Private 21st Ret. Gen. Ser. Infantry, Ft. Slocum 5-May-1919
Hanf Edmund H. Private 21st Ret. Unassigned Infantry, Ft. Slocum NY 16-Oct-1918
Case Frank C. Private 1st class 229th Company 115th Battalion, Military Police Corps 7-Jan-1919
Miller Otto 22d 14-Feb-1918
Orton Everett E. Private 22nd 6th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Landis Anthony Private 22nd Bln Co ASSC 14-Oct-1918
Rooks Harry R. Private 22nd Company 6th Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 4-Oct-1918
Lyons Mortimer C. Private 1st class 22nd Service Company Signal Corps 7-Nov-1918
Moller Einar Reinholt Private 23 Cas 116th Engineers 1-Mar-1918
Abel William P Private 23d 154th Dep Brig 11-Oct-1918
Burrows Lorenzo Jr CPT 23d B H Med Dept 17-Sep-1918
Rosenspire Walter Private 23d 9-Jun-1918
Vaught Joseph Francis Private 23d 6th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Bonczar Amil Otto Max 23d Co 6th MG Bn USMECA KIA Nov 10,1918
Timelo Frank Pvt Co M 23d Inf KIA 6-Jun-1918
Cleary Charles Ret 23d Ret Co Camp No 4, Camp Greene, NC 27-Sep-1918
Ives Arthur W Pvt 23d Ret Co Cav Unasgd 15-Mar-1917
Striglis Gust Cook 23d Tng Co Group 2, MTD 13-Oct-1918
Briscoe Nicholas Private 23rd 152nd Dep Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Cricchio Gustave Cook 23rd Group 2 M. Trk. Det 10-Oct-1918
Gilway William F. Private 23rd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Campbell Edward A. Private 23rd Squadron Aviation Section, Signal Corps 13-Jan-1918
Lynn Hugh William Private 24th 152d Dep Brig 20-Dec-1918
Garrity William L. Private 24th Company 6th Training Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade 17-Mar-1918
Golsmith William H. Private 24th Company 6th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Calkins Guy PVT 25 7th Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 8-Oct-1918
Conrad Harry C. Private 25th 153rd Dep. Brigade 24-Sep-1918
Kelley William F. Private 25th 7th Battalion , 151st Dep. Brigade 6-Oct-1918
Murphy William H Private 25th Group 3, Main Tng, Dep MG, Tng Center 23-Oct-1918
Winn Emory F. Private 25th 7 Tng Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 5-Jun-1918
Cybulski Wladyslaw J Pvt 25th Co 7th Tng Bn 158 Dep Bde 6-Oct-1918
Whitbeck Edwin Pvt 25th Co Ft Slocum NY 20-Oct-1918
Baer Paul H. Private 25th Recruit Company General Service Infantry 19-Mar-1918
Blackstone Harrison W. Private 25th Recruit Company Fort Slocum, NY 23-Oct-1918
Blaustein Irving Private 25th Recruit Company Fort Slocum, NY 18-Oct-1918
Gahan Charles L. Private 25th Recruit Company Fort Slocum, NY 14-Oct-1918
McKeown William R Pvt 25th Ret Co Gen Svc Inf 26-Oct-1918
Bunt George F Pvt 26 Ret Co Gen Svc Inf 26-Oct-1918
Willis Lloyd l Pvt 26 Ret Co Gen Svc Inf 5-Apr-1918
Bumford Follwix Private 26th 7th Battalion, 153rd Dep Brigade 1-Oct-1918
Hammer Eric E. Private 26th 152nd Dep Brigade 31-Oct-1917
O'Connor James P Private 26th 7th Battalion, 152d Dep Brig 25-Mar-1919
Sargent Frank H PVT 26th CO Trn S,Cp Gordon, Ga 5-Oct-1918
Whitman Harry G PVT 26th 153rd Dep Brig 14-Sep-1918
Wilson Ralph Private 26th 7th Battalion 152d Dep Brig 8-Oct-1918
Perry Franklin Master Signal Electrician 26th Aero Squadron Signal Corps 29-Dec-1917
Fesser Andrew J. Private 26th Company 7th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Burns Frank Corporal 27th 7th Tng Battalion, 153d Dep Brigade 25-Sep-1918
Fay Michael F. Private 27th 7th Battalion , 153rd Dep. Brigade 13-Oct-1918
Harris Ernest E. Private 27th 153rd Dep. Brigade 13-Oct-1918
Regan Thomas William Horseshoer 27th M. P. Corps 3-Nov-1918
Smith Harry David Lt 27th Aero Squadron Air Serv 10-Feb-1920
Baker Phillip M. Private 27th Company 7th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Bess Clifford L. Private 27th Company 7th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Toombs Charles W Corporal 27th Prov Ord Det 2d Regt, Camp Hancock, GA 31-Oct-1918
Harrigan Thomas P. Private 27th Provisional Ordnance Department Company 2nd Regiment, Ordnance Training Corps 31-Oct-1918
Symolon John Private 27th Ret. G. S. I 18-Mar-1918
Moulton Basil Leonidas Private 28th 7th Battalion, 152d Dep Brig 15-Oct-1918
Randolph Alfred Carr Private 28th 19-Mar-1919
Bartlett Walter Cpl 28th Co 7th Bn 153d Dep Bde 1-Oct-1918
Fuller Charles B Pvt 28th Co 3 AM Trk Dep Tng Corp 1-Nov-1918
Cohn Harry D. Corporal 28th Company 153rd Depot Brigade 5-Oct-1918
Roth Frederick L. Private 28th Group 3 Mil Trk. Division M. G. Tng. Camp 21-Oct-1918
Groth Hugo G. Private 28th Ret. Gen. Serv. Infantry 3-Nov-1917
Morton Lester S Pvt 29 Co Prov Ord Det 14-Oct-1918
Kirch Henry W Pvt 299 Aero Pro Serv Sqdn 20-Oct-1918
Broderick Frank A. Private 29th 3rd Gr. M, Tk Division, MG Tg.Cps 23-Oct-1918
Cotter Francis P. Private 29th 152nd Dep Brigade 30-Jul-1918
Simmons John B PVT 29th 8th Tng. Bn, 153rd Dep. Brig. 3-Oct-1918
Stewart Edward George Private 1st Class 29th 8th Battalion, 152d Dep Brigade 5-Dec-1918
Nehring Charles R Pvt 29th Co Prov Ord Det 3 Regt 18-Oct-1918
Tritto Guiseppe Private 29th Co 153d Dep Brigade 5-Oct-1918
King William T. Cook 29th Company 8th battalion, 152nd Depot brigade 8-Dec-1918
Otero Juan Private 29th Company 8th Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Appu James Private 2d Ret Det, 67th Inf, Cp Sheridan, AL 16-Oct-1918
Dobbins Patrick J. Pvt 1st cl 2d U.S Dis Bks Gds 23-Aug-1918
Krauss Hermann Private 1st Class 2d CAC, Galveston 22-Mar-1920
McGoldrick Joseph J Private 2d 2d Am Tn 9-Feb-1918
Murphy William E Private 2d Prov Battalion Infantry 25-Mar-1918
Ward Joseph F Private 1st Class 2d Div MG Battalion 30-May-1918
Niebel Raymond H Pvt 1st cl 2d Bn Edgewood Ars MD 5-Oct-1918
Kilmer Leland A 2d Btry F Repl Regt 1-Oct-1918
Novak Anthony J Private 2d Cas Dep Spr Prod Div, Vancouver Banks, WA 3-Feb-1919
Strecker William Private 2d Cas Co 4th A-A MG Battalion, Cp Hill 10-Oct-1918
Gross Philip C Pvt 2d Co CAC 11-Oct-1918
Kobler George Pvt 2d Co 1st Tng Bn 158th Dep Bde 17-Oct-1918
Wolf August Private 1st Class 2d Co A Vet Hosp 27-Oct-1918
LaBreck Charles Private 2d Company 1st Extension Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Donlan Martin W. Pvt 2d Cp. Casual Det. Spruce Prod. Det. 2-Feb-1919
Marley Michael Private 2d Prov Co Vet Tng Sch 17-Oct-1918
Gotowski Konstanty Pvt 2d Rct Co Gen Svc Inf 15-May-1918
Christman Glenn PVT 2nd Camp Devens Repl 17-Mar-1918
Curtin John Joseph Private 2nd Quartermaster Corps Detachment 16-Jan-1919
Floure Charles F. Private 2nd 7th Prov. Ord. Det. Battalion 19-Oct-1918
Fogarty Frank J. Private 2nd Casual Det. A. S. Sig C 25-Jan-1918
Hannigan Daniel J PVT 2nd 152nd Dep Brig 12-May-1919
Kimmey Thomas J Private 2nd Mobile Ord Repair Shop 3-Oct-1918
Lynskey Harry Private 2nd 3d AS Mech 2-Mar-1919
MacKenzie Angus Private 2nd Ord Repair Shops 10-Nov-1918
Palana Salvatore Musician 3rd Class 2nd Dev. Battalion , Camp Wheeler 4-Apr-1919
Bates Stanley S. 2nd Company Receiving Group, Camp Johnson, FL 30-Oct-1918
Black Lester K. Sergeant 2nd Company 1st Battalion, 154th depot Brigade 18-Jan-1918
Caffrey Thomas P. Private 2nd Company Coast Artillery Corps, Narragansett Bay, Ft. Adams, RI 2-Oct-1918
Guenther Christian Private 2nd Company Provisional Ordnance Regiment Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Halsey Edwin C. Private 1st class 2nd Company 4th Mac. Regiment, Air Service 31-Oct-1918
O'Rourke Joseph Private 2nd Company Coast Artillery Corps, Ft. Howard, MD 4-May-1917
Russell William J. Private 2nd Eastern N.Y.C.A.C. 2-May-1918
Powell Simon Private 2nd Provisional Company Vetrinary Training School, Camp Lee, VA 17-Oct-1918
Cassels James Recruit 2nd Recruit Company Limited Service 1-Oct-1918
Cramer Roy W. Recruit 2nd Recruit Company Fort Slocum, NY 23-Oct-1918
Hazelett William J. Jr. [Ret. ] 2nd Ret. Gen. Ser. Infantry , Ft. Slocum 17-Oct-1918
Riley Andrew [E. ] Private 2nd Ret. Gen Serv. Infantry Unassigned 18-Oct-1918
Johnson Carl G. Private 2nd Truck company 11th Anti Tank Corps, Meade, MD 9-Oct-1918
Barber William H Pvt 3 Co Repl Draft Cp Gordon 25-Nov-1918
Flynn James D Pvt 3 Co Ord Reinf Det 18-Oct-1918
Cramer Valentine Pvt 3 Gp M Tk Det MG Tng 23-Oct-1918
Ronzoni John Private 301st Company Pontanezen Bks 3-Oct-1918
Dusel Edward T Clk 302d Mec rep Shop MTC 16-Jan-1919
Perry Guy M Pvt 1st cl 303 Gd and Fire Co QMC 13-Oct-1918
Morath Fred J PVT 303 Labor Quartermaster Corps 20-Oct-1918
Desia John Private First Class 303rd Labor Quartermaster Corps 20-Oct-1918
Butler Murvale E PFC 304th GF Co Quartermaster Corps 24-Jan-1919
Bosman Harold B. Sergeant 306th Ambulance Company 302nd Sanitation Train 27-Oct-1918
Casper Frank H. Private, 1st class 306th Ambulance Company 302nd Sanitary Train 8-Feb-1919
Kotzum William Private 1st Class 307th Amb Co 302d Sn Tn 12-Aug-1918
Theisz Henry G Pvt 307th Co ARD 7-Oct-1918
Wolf Joseph Jr Private 307th Infantry Sn Det 5-Sep-1918
Fink John J Sgt 307th Lab Co QMC Cp Mills 28-Dec-1918
Warden Sidney A PVT 307th Lab. Quartermaster Corps, Camp Mills 30-Dec-1918
Guyette Harold A PVT 307th Labor Quartermaster Corps 23-Dec-1918
Griffith Benjamin Pvt 307th Labor Co Hq Trp United States. Army Sup Base Newark NJ 2-Aug-1918
Fagan Joseph M. Private 308th Ambulance Company 302nd Sanitary Train 23-Oct-1918
Kelberer William D. Private 308th Ambulance Company 302nd Sanitary Train 1-Aug-1918
Wieker William Pvt 1st cl 308th Co MPC 11-Jul-1918
Dugan Thomas PFC 308th G & Fire Quartermaster Company 29-Oct-1918
Gray Hugh Private, 1st class 309th G.F. Company QuarterMaster Corps, Philadelphia, PA 11-Apr-1919
Brown Frank B. Private 30th 8th Tng. Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 9-Oct-1918
Daub John [Bugler] 30th 152nd Dep. Brigade 15-Dec-1918
Rooney Harold P. Private 30th Main Tng. Dep. Cps. 18-Oct-1918
Striegel Joseph Andrew Pvt 30th Co 3d Nav Dist USMC 28-Jan-1918
Halleran Thomas J. Private 30th Company 20th Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Bowker George Private 316th Supply Company QuarterMaster Corps 18-Oct-1918
L'Hommedieu Eugene I. Private 317th Salvage Company Tank Corps 10-Oct-1918
Waltman George R Private 1st Class 317th Supply Quartermaster Corps 9-Jul-1919
Wysocki Zygmunt W Private 319th Amb 305th Battalion Tn 1-Nov-1918
Alcock Charles H. Private 31st Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler Georgia 1-Nov-1918
Balesteri Frank W. Private 31st Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler Georgia 4-Nov-1918
Boals Laverne Private 31st Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler Georgia 4-Nov-1918
Regan Timothy Ret. 31st 8th Battalion , 152nd Dep Brigade 31-May-1918
Roberts Leon R PVT 31st M Tk Div, MG Tn Center 20-Oct-1918
Edick John S Pvt 31st Co Ree Camp Cp Wheeler GA 29-Oct-1918
Schabo Charles J Pvt 31st Co Rec CC Wheeler GA 1-Nov-1918
Scheer Herman H Private 31st Co M Trk Det MG Tng Camp, Camp Hancock,GA 9-Sep-1918
McManus John B. Private 31st Company New Receiving Camp 31-Oct-1918
Clampitt Robert J. Sergeant 1st class 321st Company 1st Brigade Tank Corps 20-Oct-1918
Steinmann Charles J 321st F Rmt Squadron Quartermaster Corps 1-Nov-1918
Conway Michael PFC 328th G&F Camp Stuart 16-Oct-1918
Trefry Malcolm W 2d Lt 329th Supply Co Quartermaster Corps 7-Apr-1919
Lawrence Frank O Corporal 32d Group 3, m Trk MG Det Tng Center, Cp Hancock, GA 21-Oct-1918
Shapiro David Private 32d 152d Dep Brigade, to overseas Cas Co 406 6-Oct-1918
Farrell Thomas E Pvt 32d Co Med Tk Tng 26-Oct-1918
Goldthorpe Reginald A Pvt 1st cl 32d co 20th Engrs 20-Dec-1918
Myers Milton Pvt 32d Co 3d Gr M T D 4-Nov-1918
Bassignano Emilio Private 32nd Company 8th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 23-Oct-1918
Orlowski John R. Private 32nd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Oct-1918
Pierce James A. Sergeant 32nd Company 20th Engineers 30-Oct-1918
Tantodonato Paola Private, 1st class 32nd Company Transport corps 31-Mar-1919
Russell John S. Private 32nd Recruit Squadron Air Service Signal Corps, Waco, TX 25-Mar-1918
Beakes Charles C PVT 32nd Service College Sta, Texas 9-Oct-1918
McManus Paul E. Private 32nd Service Company Signal Corps 30-Sep-1918
Clash Arthur J. Private 330th Supply Company QuarterMaster Corps 26-Nov-1918
Carroll Martin P. Private, 1st class 333rd G.F. Company QuarterMaster Corps 3-Jun-1919
Kesselback Charles Sergeant 334th Guard & Fire Co Cp Mills, NY 2-Oct-1918
Steuerer John Jr Private 1st Class 339th Guard and Fire Co Camp Merritt, NJ 15-Feb-1919
Svendsen Frank Private 339th Guard and Fire Co Cp Merritt, NJ 10-Oct-1918
Marquart Fred Private 33d 3d Group, MT Det, MG 15-Oct-1918
Meyer Julius Sergeant 33d 8th Coast Defense Corps 12-Aug-1917
Angle Larry P. Private 33rd 3rd Group Main Tng. Center Camp Hancock GA. 24-Oct-1918
Maroni Augusto PVT 33rd 9th Bn, 153 Dep Brig 2-Mar-1919
Booker Samuel H. Private 33rd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Conger Clyde V. Private 33rd Company Receiving Camp 3-Nov-1918
Gearon John D. Private 33rd Company 8th Regiment, coast Artillery Corps 1-Nov-1917
Harrington Charles D. Wagoner 33rd Company 20th Engineers 4-Jan-1919
Jackson Elmer Private 33rd Company 9th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 25-Sep-1918
Flatley Walter L. Private 33rd Ret. Squadron Prov. Regiment, Aviation, Sec. Sig. C 30-Jan-1918
Fleming Thomas B. Private 346th Amb 312th Sn. Tn. 3-Nov-1918
Donatelli Donatello Private 349th Company Medical Department, Replacement Draft, 26th Division 19-Oct-1918
Weiser Frank Corporal 34th 152d Dep Brig 5-Oct-1918
Timmons Frank Pvt 34th Co 9th Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 3-Oct-1918
Rutherford James U. Private 34th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 4-Oct-1918
Martin George J Corporal 34th Service Signal Corps 5-Feb-1919
Schultz Fred J Private 34th Service Signal Corps 21-Jan-1919
Lanahan Raymond Joseph Pvt 35 Sq 3d Prov sq Avn Sec SC 11-Mar-1918
Kurka Rudolph Mathew Private 1st Class 351 Butchery Co Quartermaster Corps 10-Oct-1918
Pritchard James C. Private 351st Aero squadron Signal Corps 21-Sep-1918
Dooley Thomas Pvt 358th Bakery Co. 330th Inf 6-Oct-1918
Bergen William P PVT 35th 9th Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 28-May-1918
Calogero Lipani PVT 35th 153rd Dep Brig 27-Sep-1918
Compo Harrison Private 35th 9th Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 2-Oct-1918
Kinum William C CPL 35th 9th Tng Bn,153rd Dep Brig 5-Oct-1918
Miner George J PVT 35th 8th Tng Bn, 151st Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Mulvey Howard J. Private 35th [9th Training Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 23-Oct-1918
Garrett Taylor P Pvt 35th Co Trans Corps 15th GD 15-Jul-1918
LaForge Leslie C Sgt 35th Co 9th Bn 153d Dep Bde 11-Oct-1918
Surham Joseph D Pvt 35th Co 153d Dep Bde 3-Oct-1918
Fatscher Andrew Private 361st Motor Truck Company 407th Motor Supply Train 3-Jul-1918
Aliseo Tom Private 36th 9th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1919
Mahaney Charles Warner PVT 36th Rec Camp, Camp Wheeler, GA 3-Nov-1918
Russell Bernard J. Private 36th Gr. M. T. Dep., M. G. T. C. 30-Oct-1918
Wanamaker Harry S PVT 36th 9th Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Edick Perry PVT 36th Bln Air Serv SC 16-Mar-1918
Kreiner Charles Pvt 36th Co 9th Bn 153d dep Bde 8-Oct-1918
Gorman Louis M. Private 36th Company 9th Battalion, 153rd Depot Brigade 9-Nov-1918
Paschini Pasquale Private 36th Company 9th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 1-Aug-1918
Jungman Adol R. Private 36th Service Company Signal Corps 14-Dec-1918
King Frank P SGT 37 153rd Dep Brig 7-Oct-1918
Maffei Anthony M Sergeant 37 Auto Repl Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Sandstrom William O Pvt 37 Co 10 Tng Bn 153 Dep Bde 11-Oct-1918
Katz Julius Corporal 379th Company Training Camp 6-Oct-1918
Owens Patrick Private 37th Company 10th Training Battalion, Depot Brigade, Camp Devons, MA 26-Sep-1918
Privertera Albert PVT 38th 10th Bn, 153d Dep Brig 30-Sep-1918
Riley Clifford T PVT 38th Rec Camp 11/8/191?
Kane William A. Private 38th Ambulance Company 6th Sn. Train 30-Oct-1918
Fisk John D Pvt 38th Co 10th Bn 153d Dep Bde 29-May-1918
Charlton John J. Private 38th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 12-Dec-1918
Elwell Roy PVT 39th 10th Bn, 153d Dep Brig 2-Nov-1918
Freel Walter Private 39th 10th Battalion 152nd Dep Brigade 31-May-1918
Tobin Michael Private 39th 10th Tng Battalion 28-Sep-1918
Herbert Bert W. Private 39th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 15-May-1918
Husch Fred F. Private 39th Company 10th Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 27-Dec-1918
Klein John Private 1st Class 3d Mobile CAC 31-Dec-1918
Nix Frederick J Private 3d 7th Prov Ord, Dep Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Stanpon Peter Private 3d CAC Portland, ME 2-Dec-1917
Tiel William S Private 3d Cape Fear, Ft Caswell, NC 21-Oct-1918
Trenka Joseph J Private 3d Battaion Edgw'd Ars, Edgewood MD 10-Oct-1918
Loffredo Carmelo Private 1st Class 3d Battalion 22nd Engineers 18-Oct-1918
Stack Philip Pvt 3d Cas Co Cp Forrest GA 9-Oct-1918
Bell M B Pvt 3d Co CAC Charleston SC 30-Apr-1919
Crate Henry Pvt 3d Co Ord Det 17-Oct-1918
De Lameter Harry Pvt 3d Co 7th Prov Ord Dep 19-Oct-1918
Delong Millard L Pvt 3d Co 7th Prov Ord Bn 28-Nov-1918
Van Houten Frank H Jr Pvt 3d Co CAC Naragansett RI 9-Oct-1918
White Timothy L Sgt 3d Co 30th Engrs 10-Dec-1918
Martin Thomas J Private 3d Prov Co Casual Det Prov Dep 13-Jul-1918
Chute Joseph William 3d Sept Mach Gun Battalion 20-Nov-1918
Behan William C. Private 3rd Engineers Training School, Camp Humphreys 15-Oct-1918
Catali Rodolfo Private 3rd 153rd Dep Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Conetti Orazio Private 3rd School Troops C. O.T.S. 15-Oct-1918
Corcoran Francis Ignatius Corporal 3rd 152nd Dep Brigade 8-Nov-1918
Demarco Louis J. Private 3rd 7th Pro. Ord. Det. 20-Oct-1918
Frank Carl Private 3rd 1st Battalion, 152nd Dep. Brigade 1-Nov-1918
Gustafson Evan F. Private 3rd 152 Dep. Brigade 10-Nov-1918
Kelder Roy J. Private 3rd 152nd Dep Brigade 20-Dec-1918
Reissman David B. Private First Class 3rd Quartermaster Corps 27-Sep-1918
Seelman Theodore C. Private 3rd 1st Training Battalion, 157th Dep. Brigade 8-Mar-1918
White Clarke Mec 3rd 4th Prov Rct Bn 22-Feb-1918
Whitman Merritt PVT 3rd 153 Dep Brig 25-Sep-1918
Cutler Grant H. Private 3rd Company Camp Devens Replacement Draft 14-Mar-1918
Farley Charles F., Jr. Private 3rd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 10-Jan-1918
Moore Howard R. Private 3rd Company Cots Camp Humphreys, VA 6-Oct-1918
Purvis Charles F. Cook 3rd Company Developmant Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Stork Daniel Private, 1st class 3rd Company Coast Artillery Corps, Fort Baker, CA 10-Aug-1917
Tarantino Guiseppe Private 3rd Company 1st Training battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 28-Dec-1917
Belcher Sims Sergeant 3rd Machine gun Company 369th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Kelly John D., Jr. Private 3rd P.R. O.T., Camp Hancock, GA 17-Nov-1918
Bradley Wayles B. Cadet 3rd Provisional Aero Squadron Signal Corps 4-Feb-1918
Pelletier Frank 3rd Provisional Company 1st Provisional Battallion, 152nd Depot Brigade 13-Jul-1918
Lipe Andrew P PVT 4 152nd Dep Brig 19-Jan-1919
Armoni Michaele Pvt 4 Hldg Co 331st Inf 17-Dec-1918
Simon Irving Rcr 4 Ret Co Gen Serv Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Pelcher George W. Private 40th 10th Battalion , Dep. Brig. Camp Devens Mass 26-Sep-1918
Tucker Harry P. Private 40th Baloon Corps Camp John Wise, San Antonio, TX 24-Oct-1918
Broxup John Cpl 40th Co 5th Regt USMC 5-Nov-1918
Swerdloff Banjamin P Pvt 40th Co 153d Dep Bde 12-Oct-1918
Bashara Joseph Private 40th Company 157th Depot Brigade 24-Aug-1919
Epstein Julius Private 40th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 14-Aug-1918
Massey Thomas W. Private 40th Company 10th Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Stein Warren W. Corporal 40th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Clark Harrison Private 419th M. T. C. 475 M. Sup. Trn 31-Oct-1918
Coakley James P. Private 41st 11th Battalion 11-Dec-1918
Davidson Julius Private 41st 152nd Dep. Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Schrader Fred A. Private 41st 11 Tg. Battalion , 153 Dep Brigade 22-Sep-1918
Hennessey Matthew A V Pvt 41st Co New Roov Camp 5-Nov-1918
Baker Oscar F. Private 41st Company 152nd Depot Brigade 17-Oct-1918
Katz Soloman B. Private 41st Company 152nd Depot Brigade 20-Nov-1918
Smith Russell A. Private 41st Company Camp Wheeler, GA 4-Nov-1918
Discue Jessie Pvt 41st o 11 Tng Bn 158th Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
Jaycox Ralph Private 42 New Recvg Cp, Camp Wheeler, GA 5-Nov-1918
Leonard William R Pvt 42 Ret Sq 3 Reg Avia C 11-Mar-1918
Clukey George H Pvt 42d Co Repl Draft 3-Oct-1918
Coons Richard M Pvt 42d Co Ret Cp Cp Wheeler GA 3-Nov-1918
Rinfenberg Robert Pvt 42d Co New Rec Cp Wheler GA 5-Sep-1918
Smith James PVT 42nd 152nd Dep. Brigade 8-Oct-1918
Tarmey John J. Private 42nd 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Wallington Fred PVT 42nd Camp Wheeler Rec Camp 4-Nov-1918
Anderson George W. Private, 1st class 42nd Company 11th Battalion, 340th Guard & Fire Co. 7-Oct-1919
Blydenburgh Charles H., Jr. Private 1st class 42nd Company 153rd Depot Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Hemmer Valentine A. Private 42nd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 5-Oct-1918
Katzenstein Simon Private 42nd Company Receiving, Camp Wheeler 10-Nov-1918
Pulverine Felix Private 42nd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 4-Oct-1918
Wallington Fred Private 42nd Company Camp wheeler, GA 4-Nov-1918
Pflug Elmer Private 43 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 22-Oct-1918
Price John T. Private 434th Motor Truck Company 431st Motor Supply Train 24-Oct-1918
Schenkein George W Private 437th Engineers Det Washington, DC 21-Dec-1918
Nix Frederick A Private 43d 152d Dep Brig 12-Oct-1918
Parks George T Pvt 43d Co 153d Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
Whalen John J Pvt 43d Co 11 Bn 153 Dep Bde 6-Oct-1918
Wyman Harold Pvt 1st cl 43d Co 11th Bn `52 Dep Bde 12-Oct-1918
Adler Morris Private 43rd 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep Brigade 7-Oct-1918
Bennett Frederick S 43rd 5th Regiment 10-Jun-1918
Bennett William Edward 43rd 5th Regiment 13-Jun-1918
Rosalino Fred Charles Private 43rd 153rd Dep Brigade 1-Oct-1918
Varney Irvin C. Private 43rd 11th Battalion 153rd Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Borks Walter C. Private 43rd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 17-Oct-1918
Ellsworth Buster A. 43rd company 11-Jun-1918
Hamilton Richard J. 43rd Company 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
Joinville Victor E. 43rd company 5th Regiment 9-Jun-1918
Rhinehart Frank H. Private 43rd Company 11th Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 9-Oct-1918
Thompson Herman A. Private 43rd Company 152nd Depot Brigade 15-Oct-1918
Brown Carl A Pvt 44 Co 11Bn 153d Dep Bde 30-Sep-1918
Dillmann George Private 44th 11th Battalion , 153rd Dep. Brigade 22-Sep-1918
Firestone Julius Private 44th Company Group 4 Motor Truck Division, Machine Gun Training Corps 13-Nov-1918
Ford Eugene M. Private 1st class 452nd Truck Company Engineers Motor Truck Section 13-Nov-1918
Gower Frank Nelson 45th 1-Nov-1918
Johnston Arthur Havelock Gunnery Sergeant 45th 15-Aug-1918
Ratinski Walter William PVT 45th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Spring Ira Louis Corporal 45th 5th Regiment 14-Jun-1918
Dziaurack John Pvt 45th Co 12th Bn 153d Dep Bde 2-Oct-1918
Florian Frederick William 45th Co 5th Regt USMC 5-Jun-1918
Gibbons James Joseph Sgt 45th Co 5th Regt USMC 6-Jun-1918
Wickwire Henry John 45th Co 5th Regt USMC 4-Oct-1918
Brush Izaak W. 45th Company 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
O'Hara Thomas CPL 45th Company 20th Engrs 11-Feb-1919
Rea Frank A. Private 45th Company 5th Regiment 7-Jun-1918
Barry Joseph A. Sergeant 461st Motor Supply Train 466 3-Nov-1918
Wheeler Walter S. Corporal 465th Motor Truck Company Motor Supply Train 417 26-Sep-1918
Wickert Joseph PVT 46th 12 Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 1-Oct-1918
Roeder George Pvt 46th Co 152d Dep Bde 16-Oct-1918
Tryon Elmer M Pvt 46th Co 12th Bn 153d Dep Bde 20-Sep-1918
Fien Wigbert Anthony 47th May 26, 1918, USMC 25-Jun-1918
Fitzgerald Thomas John Corporal 47th 1-Nov-1918
Giehl John M. Private 47th 12th T. Bn., 153d Dep Brigade 11-Oct-1918
Moore William Frederick 47th 5th Regiment 7-Jun-1918
Skidmore Van Rensselaer Private 47th 5th Regiment 24-Jun-1918
Mallion John Alexander 47th Co 5th Regt USMC 15-Sep-1918
Niemec Andrew Pvt 47th Co 12th Bn 153d Dep Bde 2-Oct-1918
Jones Albert E. 47th Company 25-Jun-1918
Whitman Ralph F. 47th Company 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Smith William T Private 1st Class 48th RTC 5-Feb-1919
Wilson Joseph N SGT 48th CAC, Sandy Hook, Ft Hancock, NJ 31-Jan-1918
O'Connor Charles Arthur 49th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Wanders Fred E Sergeant 49th 152d Dep Brigade 15-Oct-1918
Magill Gerald P. Sergeant 49th Commpany 5th Regiment 3-Nov-1918
Cameron Irving Franklin Private 4th 152nd Dep Brigade 7-Jan-1919
Dening Addison Lee Private 4th 1st Sapper Repl Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Johnson Clifford R. Private 4th [1st Training Battalion], 157th Infantry Brigade 20-Dec-1918
Murray John J Sergeant 4th US Disc Bks Guard 5-Jul-1919
Murray John J Sergeant 4th US Disciplinary Barracks Gd 5-Jul-1919
Stewart James PVT 4th 152nd Dep Brig 7-Dec-1918
Wornell Howard Private 4th AA Mg Battalion 19-Oct-1918
Noveck Harry Pvt 4th Cas Co Prov Regt Ord Tng Cp 21-Oct-1918
Manness Arthur HJ Pvt 1st cl 4th Casual Co 1 PR ROTC 16-Oct-1918
Ennis Frank H. Sergeant 4th Company 2nd Motor Mechanized Signal Corps 2-Jun-1918
Griffiths Harold W. Corporal 4th Company 4th Regiment, A.S.M. 14-Oct-1918
Hopkins Harry T. Private 4th company Coast Artillery Corps 14-Apr-1920
Glass William Private 4th Provisional company Automatic Replacement Draft, Camp Hancock 1-Oct-1918
Kelly William Private 4th Provisonal Company Casual Detachment 10-Oct-1918
McDonald Alexander PVT 4th Rct Ft Slocum, NY 20-Oct-1918
Pierce Edward B. Private 4th recruit Company General Service Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Sherman Harry H. Private 4th Recruit Company General Service Infantry, Fort Slocum, NY 18-Oct-1918
Siegelman Isidor Private 4th Ret Gen Serv Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Buckler Leon H SFC 4th Sec 627th USA Amb Serv 19-Sep-1918
Chamberlin Maxwell E Private 4th Squadron 1st MAF 28-Sep-1918
Dornfield Sam Corp 5 U.S Dis Bks Gds, Governors' Island 9-Oct-1918
Shackleton Harry J Private 5 Development Battalion 2 6-Jan-1919
Ross Fred J Pvt 5 Co Sandy Hook NJ 9-Oct-1918
Sturdevant Lynn K Cpl 5 Co 2d Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 3-Oct-1918
Bamforth Jack 51st 5th Regiment 15-Jun-1918
Burrell Charles W. Private 51st 13th Battalion, 153rd Dep Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Carr Joseph Frederick 51st 5th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Degnan James Francis Corporal 51st 5th Regiment 10-Nov-1918
Jacobensky Stephen 51st 4-Oct-1918
Merryman George Swan Sergeant 51st 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
Nicolai Edward Charles 51st 15-Jun-1917
Omundsen Abraham L 51st 6-Jun-1918
Racinowski Stanley Pvt 51st Co 5th Regt USMC 9-Nov-1918
Sladovnick Otto Private 51st Co 13th Battalion, Syra Ret Cp, NY 20-Aug-1918
Hoffman Clarence N. 51st Company 15-Sep-1918
McGovern Philip M. 51st Company 5th Regiment 11-Jun-1918
McKenna James J. 51st Company 5th Regiment 7-Jun-1918
Miller Archibald Sergeant 51st Company 5th Regiment 8-Nov-1918
Luny James F., Jr. Private 51st Pioneer Infantry Company L 105th Infantry 31-Aug-1918
Kimbro Ted Private 52nd 13th Tg Bn, 153d Dep Brig 29-Sep-1918
Wilson Ernest M. Private 52nd Company 13th Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Glueck Charles M. Private 53rd Depot Brigade Died of lobar pneumonia
Behr Frederick Charles 55th 8-Jun-1918
Biglow Leslie 55th 10-Jun-1918
McCook Martin Joseph 55th 12-Jun-1918
Perry Aubrey Hasting 55th 5th Regiment 12-Jun-1918
Stanrd Floyd R PVT 55th 14th Bn, Syracuse, NY 30-Sep-1918
Flagler Clifton 55th Co 5th Regt 8-Jun-1918
Lodowski Joseph 55th Co 5th USMC 1-Nov-1918
Dudley Earl B. 55th Company 12-Jun-1918
Glover Harry L. 55th Company 5th Regiment 7-Jul-1918
Marco James J. Sergeant 55th Company 5th Regiment 6-Oct-1918
Williams Lawrence Private 56th 14th Tg. Battalion, 153rd Dep. Brigade 29-Sep-1918
Miller Edwin W. Private 575th USA Ambulance Service 12-Dec-1918
Blowers John H. Private 5th 2nd Dev. Battalion , Camp Wadsworth 25-Nov-1918
Brown Ernest E PVT 5th 2nd Tng Bn, 153rd Dep Brig 28-Sep-1918
Burdge Edward Jr. Private 5th 2nd Tng. Battalion, 154th Dep. Brigade 25-Jul-1918
Conlon Edward Private 5th U. S. Dis. Bks 17-Oct-1918
Cowperthwaite Harold F. Corporal 5th 1st Infantry Battalion 25-Oct-1918
Davis William B. Sergeant 5th C.A.C. Ft. Hamilton 20-Apr-1917
Haas Edward Private 5th C.A.C. 12-Oct-1918
Lyttle William Private 5th 2nd Division Battalion , 154th Dep Brigade 5-Jan-1919
Michalik Frank PVT 5th 2nd Tng Bn, 157th Dep Brig 18-Jan-1918
Schaal Wilham R PVT 5th 2nd Tng Bn, 153 Dep Brig 9-Sep-1918
Carpenter Howard H Pvt 5th Co 153d Dep Bde 30-Sep-1918
Evers Harry Tilden Pvt 5th Co 2d Bnb SATC U of MI 16-Oct-1918
McNamara Cornelius Patrick Pvt 5th Co Engrs OTC 8-Oct-1918
Sheridan Conrad F Pvt 5th Co USDB Gd 4-Jan-1918
Weinstein Louis Private 5th Co Rct Camp 4 21-Oct-1918
Wilson Edward F Pvt 5th Co FT Willams ME 7-Oct-1918
Dresser Hans Private 5th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Gellett Ernest Private 5th Company Coast Artillery Corps 8-Apr-1918
Goll Marshall M. Private, 1st class 5th Company 102nd Supply Train 1-Dec-1917
Gott Oswald W., Jr. Private 5th Company Recruit Camp No.4, Camp Green, NC 4-Nov-1918
Hudsch Oswald Private 5th Company 2nd training Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade 15-Apr-1918
Litts Ralph I. Private 5th Company 2nd Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 28-Dec-1917
Tiivola August F.J. Private 5th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 28-Oct-1918
Wesch William P.J. Private 5th Company 152nd Depot Brigade 23-Sep-1918
Edwards Paul Corp 5th T.M. Btry. 5th FA Brig. 26-Dec-1918
Lyons Neil J. Sergeant 5th Transport Company Motor Transport Department 17-Oct-1918
Dugdale Joseph Pvt 6 152d Dep Brig 3-Oct-1918
VonLubken George Corporal 6 2d Battalion 152d Dep Brigade 19-Sep-1918
Kocune Jacob F Private 619 Aero Squadron ASSC 1-Oct-1918
Garrison Edwin M PVT 61st M'n Tg. Dept. M.G. Tg. Cen'r, Camp Hancock 18-Oct-1918
Neville Joseph Nicholas Corporal 61st 25-Oct-1918
Weiss Samuel 61st 13-Feb-1920
Trotter Joseph F Private 62d M Trk MG Tng Cp, Camp Hancock, GA 28-Oct-1918
Astourian Astour Mechanic 62nd Company Main Training Depot, Machine Gun Training, Camp Hancock, GA 6-Nov-1918
Marzano Vincent Corporal 63d 16th Battalion, 153d Dep Brig 16-Jan-1919
Timmerman Herman Private 63d 16th Battalion, 153d Dep Brigade 14-Jan-1919
Bulgori Theodore Private 64th Mot. Trk Det., M. G. Tng Camp, Camp Hancock, Georgia 27-Oct-1918
Graves Richard Nelson 64th 2nd Regiment 22-Mar-1919
Barker Floyd Sergeant 66th 5th Regiment 14-Sep-1918
Degnan John 66th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
McCabe John Christopher 66th 6th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
Sayles Claude Elmer 66th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
VonLumm William Gunnery Sergeant 66th 5th Regiment 6-Oct-1918
Holtz John W. 66th Company 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
McElroy George C. 66th Company 6-Jun-1918
Bent Frederick Pvt 1st cl 67 th Co TC 13-Feb-1919
Christian Wesley John 67th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Curtice Rex 67th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Fanning Willam 67th 5th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
O'Donoghue Michael T 67th 4-Oct-1918
White Charles Edward CPL 67th 6th Regiment 2-Nov-1918
Cimino Fillippe PVT 69th 17th Bn, Syracuse Ret Camp, NY 4-Oct-1918
Day Harvey Leander Private 6th 2nd Training Battalion, 151st Dep Brigade 22-Apr-1918
Hirschmann August Private 6th 152nd Dep Brigade 22-Sep-1918
Ludtke Max A 1st Lt 6th MTC 20-Feb-1920
Lynch Leo J Private 6th 152d Dep Brig 17-Apr-1918
Makovsky Frank J. Corporal 6th C.A.C 7-Jan-1918
Miller Harry Thuman PFC 6th IAS Mec Regt 9-Feb-1919
Miller Christian Private 6th Prov Co Aug Repl Dft 13-Oct-1918
Reynolds Walter Cameron Private 6th Regiment 20-Apr-1918
Vorwerk Louis H Private 6th Ret Ft Slocum, NY 14-Oct-1918
McCullough William Private 6th Ret Co Gen Serv Inf Fort Slocum, NY 7-Oct-1918
Burns Frank T. Private 6th Ret. Gen M. Serv 22-Mar-1918
Cantara Arthur J. Private 6th Ret. Gen Serv. Infantry 7-Sep-1917
Goldberg Milton H. Private 6th Sanitation Train F. Hospital 20 20-Sep-1918
De Stefano Enrico Private 7 Provisional Labor Battalion, 3 21-Jan-1919
Stamm Joseph Private 7 153d Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Thomas Michael PVT 7 Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Vanhessen Copie PVT 7 Infantry 21-Jun-1918
McGregor Frederick F Private 70th 17th Battalion Syr Ret Cp, NY 29-Sep-1918
Moran Edward Private 70th M Tng Depot MGT Cp 22-Oct-1918
Goff William J. Private 70th company 17th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 29-Sep-1918
Farrell John J. Private 71st Company 17th Battalion ?
Notter William F Pvt 73d Co 18th Bn 3-Oct-1918
Williams Alfred, Jr 73rd Quantico, USMC 19-Jul-1918
Van Tassell T. Roosevelt 73rd Company Quantico, VA 13-Jun-1918
Bandes Harry 74th 13-Sep-1918
Belcher Bert 74th 6th Regiment 5-Jun-1918
Andrews Hugh F Pvt 74th Co 13th Tk Bn 13-Sep-1918
Dwyer David M Pvt 74th Co 18th Bn 25-Sep-1918
Hanchett William H Jr Pvt 74th Co 18th Bn Syracuse Ret Cp 4-Oct-1918
Perdue Joseph H Pvt 74th Co 18th Bn 4-Oct-1918
Zender Jay Edward 74th Co 6th Regt USMC 19-Jun-1918
Charlebois Francis A. Private 74th Company 18th Battalion, Syracuse Ret. Cp. 3-Oct-1918
Dunham Ira Private 74th Company 18th Battalion Camp, Syracuse, NY 30-Sep-1918
Armstrong Hanford M. Private 75th 18th Battalion 28-Sep-1918
Biondi Philip 75th 6th Regiment 14-Oct-1918
Cohen Erwin Alfred 75th 9-Oct-1918
Donovan Michael J. Private 75th 18th Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Weiler William A Pvt 75th Co 18th Bn Syracuse Ret Cp 24-Sep-1918
Baker Clifford C. Private 75th Company 18th Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Cooper William H. Sergeant 75th Company 19-Jul-1918
Dougherty James P. Private 75th Company 18th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 8-Oct-1918
Waddell Frank S. Private 75th Company 18th Battalion, Syracuse Redruit Camp 6-Oct-1918
Alt Albert J PVT 76th 18th Bn, Syracuse R Cp, NY 28-Sep-1918
Illingworth James H PVT 76th 18th Bn, Syracuse R Cp, NY 21-Sep-1918
Wildey George Edward, Jr 76th 6-Oct-1918
Merchant Fred R Pvt 76th Co 18th Bn ret Cp NY 24-Sep-1918
Zerminski Joseph Pvt 76th Co 18th Bn Cp Syracuse NY 21-Sep-1918
Graham Charles T Pvt 77 Co 19 Bn Ret Cp Syr NY 16-Oct-1918
Laffam John H Jr Private 77th 19th Battalion 13-Jan-1920
O'Connor Edwin Francis 77th 6th Mach Gun Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Solomon Nathan Corporal 77th 11-Oct-1918
Sullivan Francis Xavier Private 77th SOS Hosp 5-Oct-1918
Purtell Thomas B. 77th Company 6th Machine Gun Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Roth John E. Sergeant 77th Company 6th Machine Gun Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Brown Gerald G Pvt 78 Co 19 Bn 2-Oct-1918
Cleland Glenn W Pvt 78 Co 19th Bn 28-Sep-1919
Jones Hoyt D Pvt 78 Co 19 Bn Syracuse Ret Cp 2-Oct-1918
Aldrich Herman M PVT 78th 19th Bn, Syracuse Rct Camp, NY 15-Oct-1918
Garity Joseph Bernard, Jr 78th 6th Regiment 16-Sep-1918
Raggio Albert Michael Angelo Private 78th 25-Jun-1918
Welch John E. Private 78th 19th Battalion ,Syracuse Ret. Camp 3-Oct-1918
Dusenberry Hiram Pvt 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse NY 1-Oct-1918
Kittle Frank Pvt 78th Co 19th Bn 26-Sep-1918
Pirson Oliver N 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse NY 28-Sep-1918
Vrooman Lemanche Pvt 78th Co 19th Bn Syracuse Ret Cp 25-Sep-1918
Flanagan James Daniel 79th 6th Regiment 22-Dec-1918
Harlow Seth M. Private 79th 19th Re. Battalion, Syracuse R. C. T. Camp 28-Sep-1918
Phillips Charles Arthur 79th 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Farrell Edward W., Jr. Private 79th Aero Squadron Signal Corps 24-Aug-1917
Green Charles I Sergeant 7th Motor Mech Rgt 17-Sep-1918
Monnett Daniel Private 7th 2d Tng Battalion 154th Dep Brig 14-Oct-1918
Moston George E. Private 7th C.A.C. 1-Oct-1918
Muller Frederick H Private 7th 152d Dep Brig 6-Nov-1917
Ritz Francis J Private First Class 7th Sandy Hook C.A.C. 10-Oct-1918
Ritz Joseph PVT 7th CAC, Ft. Hancock 10-Oct-1918
Schroeder Theordore A Private 7th 2d Battalion, 152d Dep Brig 2-Oct-1918
Heider John M Pvt 7th Bn 153d Dep Bde 22-Sep-1918
Scheidecker Clarence C Private 7th Casual Co Ellis Island, NY 24-Apr-1919
Bommareto Frank Private 7th Company Development Battalion. Camp Upton 7-Oct-1918
Costello James 7th company 152nd Depot Brigade 16-Apr-1918
Hunt Dennis A., Jr. Private 7th company 2nd Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade 16-Oct-1918
Prediger Joseph C PVT 7th Company 1st Bn, 1st Tng. Brig. 13-Oct-1918
Carlson Gunnard E Pvt Co G 7th Inf KIA 15-Jul-1918
Timmerman Herman Pvt Co I 7th Inf KIA 19-Oct-1918
Holman Harold H PBA 7th R 3B FA FA Rpl Dep 11-Oct-1918
Swinoburka Karminiesz Pvt 7th Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 29-Sep-1918
Barr William R Sgt 8 Co 20th Engrs 24-Aug-1919
Smallwood Charles Supply Sergeant 803d 801st Steve Battalion 23-Jan-1919
Creighton Joseph Vincent 80th 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Cumings Wells Bradley 80th 30-Jun-1918
Dlouhy Charles PVT 80th 19th Bn, Syracuse Ret C, NY 26-Sep-1918
Doris John Joseph, Jr 80th Quantico, VA 20-Jul-1918
Muske Charles Herman 80th 15-Sep-1918
Ruddick Charles Lawrence Pvt 80th Co 6th regt USMC 17-Sep-1918
Carman Harold Sergeant 80th Company Quantico, VA 10-Jun-1918
Earley Deyo Corporal 80th Company 6th Regiment 23-Feb-1919
Eaton John P. 80th Company 6th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
McCormick Charles T., Jr. 80th Company 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Nachant Albert 80th Company 6-Oct-1918
Willson Geoffrey S Private 816th Dep Aero Signal Corps 14-Apr-1918
Macarelli Frank PVT 81st 20th Bn Ret C'p Sy'se, NY 17-Dec-1918
Van Atta Max Pvt 81st Co 20th Bn Syracuse ret Cp 28-Sep-1918
Deckro Floyd H. 81st Company 6th Machine Gun Battalion 3-Jun-1918
Goldberg David 82d 6th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Brown Henry James 82nd 6th Regiment 21-Jul-1918
Landers Keneston Parker 82nd 6th Regiment 7-Jun-1918
Wright Leonard Lorenzo CPL 82nd Quantico, VA, USMC 8-Jun-1918
Golder Smith E. Private 82nd Company 20th Battalion, Recruit Camp, Syarcause, NY 30-Sep-1918
McCann Edward Private 82nd Company 20th Battalion 2-Oct-1918
Worth Clarence J Rct 83 Co 20th Bn Syracuse Ret C 26-Sep-1918
Goth Louis Eugene 83d Co 6th Regt USMC 6-Oct-1918
Springer Elva C. Corporal 83rd Company 6th Regiment 2-Nov-1918
Welsch William Private 83rd Company 20th Battalion, Syracuse Camp 6-Oct-1918
Johnson Harry Claxton Cpl 84 6th Regt USMC 9-Oct-1918
Brockway Clifford Leslie SGT 84th 6th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
Zafren Max Private 84th Cas Co Camp Meade, Feb Repl Draft 15-Apr-1918
Macikowski John Gy Sgt 84th Co 6th Regt USMC 19-Jul-1918
Barnett William M. Corporal 84th Company 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Freeman Clare L. 84th Company 6th Regiment 9-Oct-1918
Graham Louis A. Private 85th Company 21st battalion, Recruit Camp, Syracuse, NY 15-Oct-1918
Keating Michael Corporal 869th Company Training Camp 2-Feb-1919
Ellensohn Joseph A. Private 86th Company 21st Battalion 9-Nov-1918
Woglom George Wash Private, 1st Class 88th 18-Sep-1918
Redmond John H Pvt 88th Co TC St Florentin, France 30-Jan-1919
Kaiser Harry Private 88th Company 31st Battalion, Syracuse Recruit Camp 10-Oct-1918
Mattimore Edgar J Cpl 8n Det 10th Inf NYNG 11-Dec-1917
Haslam James R. Private 8th 159th Dep. Brigade 3-Oct-1918
Jackson Joseph 8th 5th Regiment 4-Oct-1918
Knight Albert J. Private 8th M.G. Tng Ctr, Camp Hancock 1-Dec-1918
Mason Charles R Private 8th Heavy Motor Ord Rep Shop 3-Oct-1918
Nidd Charles L Sergeant 8th 4th Mech Regt, MTC 6-Dec-1918
Pollock Norman 8th 1-Nov-1918
Sager Julius Carl Mech 8th CAC, Sandy Hook, NJ 22-Oct-1918
Schwartze Edward Private 8th 2d Battalion, 20th syracuse Rct Cp 30-Sep-1918
Schwartzfield William Private 8th 2d Ext Battalion Camp 27-Sep-1918
Bull Charles H Sgt 8th Co COTS Cp Lee VA 11-Nov-1918
Cotton Charles G Pvt 8th Co CAC 28-Apr-1918
Dost Franklin Ldeon Sgt 8th Co 5th Regt USMC 6-Jun-1918
Thurheimer Charles J Sgt 8th Co CAC Boston MA 24-Dec-1918
Gimenez Julius Private 8th company 152nd Depot Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Mielka Fred L. Corporal 8th Company 4-Oct-1918
O'Donnell Thomas F. Sergeant 8th Company Coast Artillery Corps, Ft. Terry, NY 15-Sep-1919
Parker Joseph C. Private 8th Company Coast Artillery Corps, Ft. Wadsworth, NY 22-Apr-1920
Carroll James W., Jr. Private 8th Medical Detachment Base Hospital 28-Mar-1918
Goldschmidt Robert F. Private 8th Observation Battery Field Artillery Corps Observer Training School, Camp Taylor, KY 15-Oct-1918
Burch Elmer I Jr Pvt 9 Co 153d Dep Bde 28-Sep-1918
Finger Frederick W Pvt 9 Ord Sup Co ROTC 5-Oct-1918
Nelson Jacob Private 93d 23d Battalion, Syracuse Ret Camp 28-Sep-1918
Adamski Laurence F Pvt 93d Co 32d Bn 23-Sep-1918
Andriola John PVT 93rd 24th Bn, Syracuse Rct Camp, Syracuse 23-Sep-1918
O'Neill Patrick J PVT 93rd 23rd Bn, RCT Camp, Syracuse, NY 4-Oct-1918
Steinberg Harry Private 94th 23d Battalion Camp Syracuse, NY 26-Sep-1918
Stockfish Charles Private 94th 23d Battalion Syracuse Rct Cp, NY 11-Oct-1918
Secaur John B Pvt 94th Co 23d Bn 5-Oct-1918
Gray James T. Private 94th Company 23rd Battalion 8-Oct-1918
Smith Arthur J. Private 94th Company 23rd Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Clowes Gerardus Private 94th Volunteers 23rd Battalion 16-Oct-1918
Fichter Charles Edward Corporal 95th 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Hefron Frederick 95th 6th Regiment 30-Jul-1918
Marlette Claude Horace 95th 6th Regiment 19-Jun-1918
Tucker Sidney T PVT 95th 23rd Bn, Camp, Syracuse, NY 1-Oct-1918
Wilbur Reuben Private 95th 23rd Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Quilter James J. 95th Company 6th Regiment 13-Jun-1918
Snyder James D. Corporal 95th Company 5-Nov-1918
Belfry Earl Corporal 96th Quantico 8-Jun-1918
Conwell George Barrett 96th 3-Mar-1919
Groosbeck Eddie F PVT 96th 23rd Bn 1-Oct-1918
Humphrey George Henry 1st Sgt 96th 6th Regiment 15-Sep-1918
Mahoney Michael Joseph 96th 6th Regiment 12-Oct-1918
Miller Harry Sergeant 96th 3-Oct-1918
Murray Edward Raymond 96th 14-Jun-1918
Sissler Joseph Aloysius Sergeant 96th 6th Regiment 6-Jun-1918
St John Alcide Norbert Sergeant 96th 6th Regiment 24-Jun-1918
VonGlahn Herman Henry 96th 6th Regiment 17-Jun-1918
Herdle Albert Ernewst 96th Co 6th Regt USMC 28-Jan-1919
McCreary Donald Kennedy 96th Co 6th Regt USMC 19-Jul-1918
Boylan James F. 96th Company 6th Regiment 3-Oct-1918
Vegei James 96th Company 3-Oct-1918
Davis Joseph Meadow 97th 4-Oct-1918
Karnatz Henry Joseph 97th Co 6th Regt USMC 3-Oct-1918
Kimmins Winfield Ben 97th Co 6th Regt USMC 6-Oct-1918
Huffstator Leon D. 97th Company 11-Oct-1918
Seib Herman C. Sergeant 97th Company 6th Regiment 19-Jul-1918
Johnson Joshua E Corporal 99 MG Battalion 5-Jan-1919
Kiley Cornelius M 99th 25th Rct Bn, Cp, Syracuse, NY 17-Sep-1918
Deegan Michael J Corporal 9th 3d Bn, 154th Dep Brig 12-Oct-1918
Larwood Morton J PVT 9th Rec Cp, Cp Wheeler, Ga 3-Nov-1918
Meyer Arthur E Private 9th 5th Eng Tng Regiment 25-Jul-1918
Meyer Russell R Private 9th 13th Coast Defense Corps 18-Oct-1917
O'Dea Raymond F PVT 9th 3rd Mech Regt, Air Service 21-Oct-1918
Smith Walter Private 9th Manila Bay, Ft. Mills, P I 4-Nov-1918
Close Delmer Wag 9th Co 20th Engrs 22-Nov-1918
Bossley John Private 9th Company 3rd Training Battalion, 152nd Depot Brigade 24-Apr-1918
Feldman Alfred Private 9th Company 155th Depot Brigade 2-Oct-1918
Howell Roy L. Private 9th Company 3d Battalion, 151st Dep. Brigade 7-Apr-1918
Losco Antonio Private 9th Company New Recruit Camp 6-Nov-1918
Abbott Mike Private A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Abbuhel Albert R PVT A 102nd Engineers 5-Nov-1918
Abel Emanuel Private A 39th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Abt Bernard [Bugler] A 106th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Adams Walter A. Sergeant A 30th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Adrean Charles Henry 1st Sgt A 107th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Afremoff Charles Private First Class A 7th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Ahlers Herbert C. Private A 4th Infantry 11-May-1917
Aitken Vincent Sergeant A 55th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Allen William Private A 14th Infantry N.Y.N.G. |106th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Altfelix Charles Sergeant A 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Ammeter James Private A 313th Sup Tn. 16-Feb-1919
Anderson Earl G. 2nd Lieutenant A 6th Engineers (attached Res. Corps) 15-Jul-1918
Anderson Harold Private A 399th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Areomano John Private A 4th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Armstrong James P PFC A 308th Infantry 22-Aug-1918
Arncke Henry Jr. Private A 104th Engineers 21-Nov-1918
Ashby Charles T. Private A 60th Infantry 22-Apr-1918
Ashby William C CPL A 3rd Engineers 8-Oct-1918
Attridge Floyd C CPL A 108th Infantry 21-Jan-1918
Bailer Arthur G PVT A 312th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Bailey Otis J. Private A 61st Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Baker Frank PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Bauman Eugene PVT A 54th Infantry 1-Mar-1919
Bechtold Elmer G PVT A 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Benedict Maurice D PFC A 108th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Boutin Williard J. Private A 60th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Bowers Leo J SGT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Bromberg Charles E PVT A 29th Engrs 13-Apr-1918
Bronstein Benjamin Private A 308th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Brouillette William E PFC A 107th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Brown Frank Corporal A 30th Infantry/3rd Division 15-Jul-1918
Brown Vincent J PVT A 52nd Engineers 2-May-1918
Brown William PVT A 30th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Bruno Michael PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Burke Aloysius Private First Class A 22nd Infantry 8-May-1919
Burke George H PFC A 9th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Burns William C CPL A 30th Infantry 23-Apr-1918
Burrows Gordon H. Private A 106th M. G. Battalion 12-Oct-1918
Butler Michael Private First Class A 11th M. G. Battalion 26-Sep-1918
Butts Albert W. Private A 7th Infantry 20-Jan-1918
Byrne Vincent CPL A 315th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Byrnes John Private A 343rd M. G. Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Callahan Thomas J. Private A 102nd Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Calligan Charles W A 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Campanella Joseph Private A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Campbell Louis J. Corporal A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Campbell Thomas Edward Sergeant A 307th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Campbell William Cook A 45th Infantry 10-May-1918
Capelle Rudolph Private A 306th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Card Silas K. Private A 23rd Infantry 17-Dec-1917
Carey Delbert J PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Carey John B. Private A Ordinance Detachment 27-Dec-1918
Carhart Gustav G. Sergeant A 105th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Carlisle Patrick Private First Class A 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Carr Joseph August PVT A 308th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Carter Chester William PVT A 107th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
Castle Devere H. Private A 1st Battalion U.S.G. 25-Oct-1918
Castle Herbert Wagoner A 301st Engs 9-Dec-1918
Chambers Walter C. Corporal A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clancy Francis W. Corporal A 104th M. G. Battalion 6-Feb-1919
Cleary William Private First Class A 23rd Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Coessens Matthew J. Private A 16th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Colyer Wilbur E. Sergeant A 1st Regiment Engineers 10-Oct-1918
Comas Kostas Private A 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Comerford Richard J. Corporal A 397th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Commerford Daniel Private First Class A 320th M. G. Battalion 5-Jan-1919
Conay Irving Corporal A 307th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
Conheady Patrick Private A 308th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Connolly Daniel M. 2nd Lieutenant A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Cook William J. Private A 165th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Cooney Edward J. Private A 5th Pioneer Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Corboy Robert M. 1st Lieutenant A 61st Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Cordi Raymond Corporal A 11th M. G. Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Cortes Harold T. Private A 4th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Coxe Arthur C. Private A 327th Battalion Tank C 23-Apr-1918
Crimmins John P. Private First Class A 106th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Crisci Frank Private A 314 M. Sup. Tn. 30-Oct-1918
Crowley John J. Private A 301st Engineers 9-Oct-1918
Crowley Patrick F. Mess Sergeant A 2nd Engineers 20-Jul-1918
Culbane Daniel Joseph PVT A 310th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Curran John J. Private A 121st M. G. Battalion 4-Aug-1918
Curti Joseph F. Private A 47th Infantry N. Y. N. G. 1-Dec-1917
Curtin Stephen Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Curtis James Private A 59th Pioneer Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Curto Frank Private First Class A 47th Infantry 14-Oct-1917
Cusack Thomas F PVT A 59th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Dalrymple Theron E SFC A 1st Engrs 10-May-1918
Damato Anthony Private A 306th Infantry 24-Aug-1918
Dangelo Antonio PVT A 310th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Dashnaw John L PVT A Devl Bn, Ft. Sill, Okla 14-Dec-1918
DeCoots Tony Private A 15th M. P. 5-Oct-1918
Deforest Walter Sergeant A 105th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Del Giudice Giovanni Private A 26th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Delaney William H Corporal A 26th Infantry 18-May-1918
Delaney William H. Corporal A 26th Infantry 18-May-1918
Demesey Eugene J. Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Demianovich Nicholas Private A 326th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Devereaux James J PFC A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Dinean Jeremiah F. Private A 69th Infantry., N. Y., N. G. , 165th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Disio Anthony Private First Class A 106th N. G. Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Ditaranto Donato Private A 18th Infantry [10/11/1908]
Dixon Walter J. Unk A 26th Inf 28-May-1918
Donovan Dennis Pvt 1st cl A 165th Inf 29-Jul-1918
Doolan Patrick J. Corp A 165th Inf 12-Sep-1918
Doppel Horman Pvt A 325th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Dorfman Alexander Pvt A 121st M.G. Bn 7-Oct-1918
Dowd John Francis Corp A 305th Inf 7-Sep-1918
Drake William S. Pvt A 6th Engineers 16-Jul-1918
Dudley Carl A. 2d Lt A 306th M.G. Bn 15-Sep-1918
Duff James P. Corp A 165th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Duffy Charles Sgt A 306th M.G. Bn 28-Oct-1918
Duffy Walter F. Corp A 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dugan William C. Pvt A 33d FA 16-Oct-1918
Dunlap Robert E. Saddler A 102d M.P. 27-Apr-1918
Dunleavy Joseph John Pvt A 308th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Dunn James Bernard Private A 305th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Dwyer Wm Edward PVT A 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Eck Herbert P. Cook A 306th FA 22-Aug-1918
Eckstrom Eric Pvt A 114th M.G. Bn. 11-Dec-1918
Egan Bartholomew J PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Epicoco Romolo A 14th Bn, US Guards 7-Oct-1918
Eutermark Foster J. Private First Class A 302nd F. Sig Battalion 8-Dec-1918
Evers Stephens F. Corporal A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Finger Frederick Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Fishbaugh Russell H PVT A 108th Infantry 6-May-1919
Fitzpatrick Edward Andr. Private A 306th M. G. Battalion 10-Sep-1918
Fitzpatrick Raymond Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Flaherty William A. Private A 105th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Flaherty William A. Corporal A 302nd Engineers 7-Sep-1918
Fleming Frederick Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Flint Albert N CPL A 14th MG Bn 15-Oct-1918
Floer Frederick Private First Class A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Flood William B PVT A 324 F Sig Bn 21-Dec-1918
Forentha Alphonso Private A 108th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Forlini Nicholas G. Private A 315th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Formato Carmine PVT A 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Forte Salvatore Sergeant A 308th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Foster Hamilton K. Captain A 26th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Fowler Leslie D. Private First Class A 108th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Fox Frank Private A 315th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Foyle William Private A 105th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Francavillo Nicholas Corporal A 308th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Frank Emil A. Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Freeman Charles H. Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Frey Albert W. Private A 327th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Friedlander Franz O. Private First Class A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Friedner Herman Private A 327th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Friel Joseph Private A 308th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Frohling Frederick W PVT A 72nd Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Fueglin Frank Private First Class A 325th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Fuge Edward W. 2nd Lieutenant A 119th Infantry 18-Aug-1918
Fusco John Private A 312th Infantry 8-Jan-1919
Galway Thomas Francis Corporal A 107th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Gamble Celestino Private A 11th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Gardiner Sydney H. First Sergeant A 3rd Anti Aircraft M. G. Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Garling Walter A. Private A 105th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Gaskell Harold Harper Private A N.Y. Infantry (107th Infantry ) 29-Sep-1918
Gavin George Michael Private A 308th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Giarusso Giovanni PVT A 7th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Gibson Henry F A 303rd Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Gleason Raymond T PVT A 326th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Goodrowe Leon M. Corporal A 7th Infantry 23-Jul-1918
Greene James F. Private A 2nd Engineers Tng Regiment 8-Oct-1918
Gregg Frank Mec. A 114th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Grier Henry Private A 369th Infantry 11-Jul-1918
Groesbeck Herbert Jr. 1st Lieutenant A 309th M. G. Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Gross John M. Private First Class A 38th Engineers 14-Nov-1918
Grossman Samuel Private A 11th Infantry 14-Nov-1918
Gruner Albert Private A 18th Infantry 30-Mar-1919
Guenthner Robert Durkee Corporal A 305th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Guichenuy Henry Private First Class A 325th Infantry 2-May-1919
Habel Stephen P. Corporal A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Hahn Herman Private A 1st Engineers 8-Mar-1918
Hallberg Charles J. Jr. Corporal A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Hanley Lester Sergeant A 7th Infantry (165th Infantry) 16-Oct-1918
Hansen Alfred A. Private First Class A 1st Gas Regiment 23-Jan-1919
Harle Gabriol Davidson Private First Class A 306th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Harmaza Peter Private A 6th Engineers 20-Oct-1918
Hart Maurice Z PFC A 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Hart William Joseph Private A 51st Pioneers Infantry 9-Aug-1918
Hartigan Richard Private First Class A 18th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Hatch Lyle F. Private First Class A 304th Battalion Tank Corps 12-Oct-1918
Hauser Joseph Private A 307th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Hayes Fred E Private A 11th MP 7-Oct-1918
Healy James J. Private A 35th M. G. Battalion 9-Oct-1918
Heineman John Private A 315th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Henesek Frank Private A 9th Infantry 30-Mar-1918
Henion William H PFC A 307th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Hennessy William J. Private A 4th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Hertzberg Herman R. Private A 315th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Hess Lester Private First Class A 165th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Hession John Francis Private A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hill Dudley Private A 367th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Hill Robert F. Private A Motor Transport Dep. No. 301, Camp Holabird, MD. 29-Sep-1918
Hiscock Lester Peter PFC A 325th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Hoage John Corporal A 102nd Engineers 2-Mar-1919
Hoffmann Charles Valentine Mech. A 306th Infantry 10-Sep-1918
Holden Ernest H. 2nd Lieutenant A 369th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Hornsberger John W. Private A 18th M. G. Battalion 18-Nov-1918
Hottenstein Edward H CPL A 108th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Hugunine Stanley R PVT A 59th Infantry 7-Aug-1918
Hunter John Richard PVT A 18th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Johnis Joseph A PVT A 108th Infantry 14-Jan-1919
Johnson Lawrence D Private 1st Class A 355th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Johnson Peter J. Corporal A 2nd Pioneer Infantry 7-Sep-1919
Keable James E PFC A 108th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Kelly James K P PVT A 12th Am Tn 23-Dec-1918
Kelly Lynn E PFC A 107th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Kennedy James W Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Kennedy John T Corporal A 5th MG Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Kennedy Joseph F Private 1st Class A 305th MG Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Kenney Thomas Private A 105th MG Battalion 13-Mar-1919
Kenny Thomas P Private A 105th MG Battalion 13-Mar-1919
Kensinger Lawrence Private A 147th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Kessler George Private A 302nd Bn Tank 6-Oct-1918
Kiely John J PFC A 18th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Klippert Ronald A PFC A 310th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Knapp Harold A. Private A 16th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Kratzki Ernest Private A 102nd MG Battalion 2-Jun-1918
Krider Charles C Bugler A 39th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Krinsky Alex Private A 310th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Krinsky Samuel E 2nd Lt A 137th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Kroger John D Corporal A 316th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Kuebrich John Michael Private 1st Class A 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Kuhn Joseph Jr Private A 304th Military Police 29-Sep-1918
Kulikowski Casper Felix PFC A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Lacamera Joseph Private A 14th MG Battaion 27-Sep-1918
Lacy Michael Corporal A 28th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Laemel Michael P PVT A 310th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Laidlaw David C Private A 110th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Lanzner Charles Private A 165th Infantry 17-Jul-1918
Lapinsky Victor Private A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Larsen Tilford L Corporal A 106th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Leaf Morris S Private A 107th Infantry 20-Aug-1918
Leonard Howard G 1st Lt A 307th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Leventhal Henry Corporal A 23d Infantry 29-Jun-1918
Leveridge Robert Mackenzie Private 1st Class A 104th MG Bn 18-Aug-1918
Levine Philip Corporal A 83d Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Levy Morris Private 1st Class A 33d Infantry 12-Jul-1918
Lewis James W Private 1st Class A 25th Infantry 25-Jun-1918
Lewis Samuel 1st Lt, MD A Camp Greenleaf Repl Draft 28-Aug-1918
Lewis Thomas Private A 348th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Lichenstein George J PVT A 307th Infantry 22-Mar-1918
Lions Charles A Corporal A 9th MG Bn 15-Jul-1918
Lipschutz Isadore Private A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Lisi Samuel Private 1st Class A 23d Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Lisneskos Lewis Private 1st Class A 326th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Liszewski Antoni Private A 307th Infantry 8-Sep-1918
Logatto Benjamin PVT A 307th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Lomogonas Joseph Private A 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Lorenzo Pasquale M Private A 66th Engineers 12-Sep-1918
Lynch Frank Xavier Private A 306th MG Bn 18-Oct-1918
MacBride Alexander, Jr Wagoner A 104th MG Battalion 14-Aug-1918
MacDonald John A Jr Corporal A 165th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
MacGonegal Harry S PFC A 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Mack Charles A Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
MacNeal Arthur A PVT A 308th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Mager Francis Joseph Private A 308th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Maggione Charles PVT A 23rd Infantry 2-Jun-1918
Maguire Frank B Private 1st Class A 307th Headquarter Trand MP 12-Apr-1918
Maguire Joseph F Mec A 106th MG Battalion 22-Oct-1918
Mahoney Fred Jr. Private A 105th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Mallon William Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Mallory Lewis N PFC A MG Bn, 1st Brig 7-Jun-1918
Maloney Hughie Private A 47th Infantry, NYNG 7-Sep-1917
Marco Deloir A PVT A 126th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
Marcus Henry H P Private A 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Marechaux Walter V Private 1st Class A 2d AAMG Battalion 30-Sep-1918
Maro Joseph Jr Private A 110th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Marotto Attilie Private 1st Class A 3d MP 15-Jul-1918
Marretta Filippo Private A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Martin Charles Private A 47th Infantry, NYNG 1-Dec-1917
Martin Irvin L CPL A 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Martines Vincent Private A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Martino Joseph PVT A 312th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Mason Ernest C Private A 106th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Matarrese Dominic PVT A 61st Infantry 20-Dec-1918
Matronech Daniel Private A 105th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Matteson Sumner Ryder Private 1st Class A 308th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Matthews Howard Thomas Private First Class A 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Mattson Gustaf A Corporal A 316th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Maus Joseph A Corporal A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McArdle Peter P Private A 9th Infantry 14-Apr-1918
McBurnie Robert James Cook A 106th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
McCabe William L. Private A 102nd F Signal Battalion 30-Oct-1918
McClellan Bion Butler Private 1st Class A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McCole Thomas P Private A 13th MG Battalion 10-Nov-1918
McCutcheon Edward F Corporal A 23d Infantry 12-Jun-1918
McDermott Francis T Corporal A 6th Engineers 31-Oct-1918
McDermott Patrick Corporal A 69th Infantry NYNG 12-Sep-1918
McDermott Thomas F Corporal A 305th MG Battalion 3-Oct-1918
McEntee Frank Private A 71st Infantry, NYNG 16-May-1917
McFadden Charles Sergeant A 306th MG Bn 11-Sep-1918
McGlinchoy William Jos Sergeant A 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
McGowan Eugene M Private A 102d Regt Engineers 24-Oct-1918
McGowan William A Private A 320th MG Battalion 14-Oct-1918
McHugh Hugh Private A 327th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
McKenna Francis Private A 320d MG Battalion 11-Nov-1918
McKinney Joseph P Corporal A 165th Infantry 7-Jan-1919
McLaughlin Joseph Private 1st Class A 107th Infantry 16-Aug-1918
McMahon John J Private A 123d Infantry 22-Oct-1918
McMahon John J T Private A 105th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
McMahon Patrick Private 1st Class A 325th Infantry 20-Mar-1919
McManus Otto PVT A 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
McMillin John Private A 305th Infantry 26-Aug-1918
McMurray Gerald Prenty Corporal A 107th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
McOwen Bernard J Corporal A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
McPadden Patrick Private A 312th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
McVeigh Andrew J Private A 313th Engineers 26-Sep-1918
Meehan William C Private A 357th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Menninger Frank J Private A 11th Engineers 7-Feb-1919
Meroand James A Private A 11th MG Battalion 26-Sep-1918
Mertling Henry Private A 316th Infantry 8-Nov-1918
Mesner Frank L PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Metcalf Harry 1st Sergeant A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Meyer Fred H Private A 26th Infantry 27-May-1918
Meyer Joseph Corporal A 38th Infantry 8-Aug-1918
Michael Anthony Private A 165th Infantry 10-Aug-1918
Michaelis Henry E Private A 312th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Mickle Herbert W. Private A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Miller Jesse R PVT A 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Mills Ernest R Private 1st Class A 1st Gas Reg 8-Oct-1918
Milne Peter Private A 29th Engineers 23-Apr-1919
Moeser John Sergeant A 306th MG Battalion 13-Sep-1918
Moffit Michael J Private 1st Class A 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Mooney Thomas J Private 1st Class A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Moran Arthur Seward PFC A 104th MG Bn 17-Oct-1918
Moran James A. Private A 302nd Engineers 7-Sep-1918
Morangello Charles Private A 108th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Mordarski Wladyshaw Private A 71st Infantry 14-Aug-1918
Morena Vito Private A 18th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Morrison Hugh E. Private A 2nd M. G. Battalion 20-Oct-1918
Morrissey John J Mechanic A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Muluzzo Dominico Private A 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Mumford Edward H PVT A 27th Bn US Guard 13-Dec-1919
Munn Sumner Thorton Private A 211 Engineers 8-Oct-1918
Murphy Eugene J Private A 105th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Murray Thomas John Private 1st Class A 308th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Myers Joseph P Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Myrick Johnny C Private A 308th Labor Battalion 23-Jun-1918
Nachman Edwin Private A 308th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Nadel Abe Corporal A 23d Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Nadler Gustave W Private 1st Class A 107th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Nallin John Corporal A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Navitski William F Sergeant A 307th Infantry 15-Nov-1918
Nekola Joseph Anthony Private 1st Class A 308th Infantry 9-Dec-1918
Neville John Private 1st Class A 306th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Nicholson Michael J PFC A 107th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Nicolosi Anthony Private 1st Class A 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Nilsen Nils Mechanic A 302d MP 9-Sep-1918
Nims Henry S. Private First Class A 105th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Northrup William H PVT A 305th Bn, Tank C 24-Oct-1918
O'Brien Frank Private A 106th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
O'Brien Jeremiah Private 1st Class A 102d Engineers 17-Oct-1918
O'Brien John J Private A 165th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
O'Brien Michael Private A 26th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
O'Connell Daniel M Private A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
O'Connor Arthur P Private A 302d Engineers 15-Oct-1918
Onorio Creno Private A 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Osborn William H. Private A 26th Infantry 28-May-1918
Pacifici Peter PVT A 308th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Pardi Bennie PVT A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Phillips Albert C Mech A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Pietropaoli Nicola PVT A 55th Infantry 6-Oct-1917
Potter Lemuel J. Private A 12th Am. Tn. 19-Dec-1918
Powers Herman H PFC A 102nd Engineers 17-Oct-1918
Quinn William T. Private First Class A 22nd Engineers 27-Oct-1918
Raab Leon Edward Private First Class A 305th Infantry 6-Sep-1918
Rabinowitz Lawrence Private A 147th M. G. Battalion 19-Oct-1918
Ransom Raymond R PVT A 310th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Ravin Samuel Private A 26th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Raymond Merritt R. Private A 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Reed Edward Private A 11th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Reff Isaac Private A 115th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Reibstein Emil SGT A 18th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Rhinehart Martin Private First Class A 307th Infantry 14-Jul-1919
Rice Charles J PVT A 47th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Rice Joseph Private A 315th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Richardson Lawrence H PVT A Camp Upton, Aut Repl Draft 5-Oct-1918
Rinehart Martin Private First Class A 307th Infantry 14-Jul-1919
Roauer Tobias J. Corporal A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Roberts Charles L. Cook A 49th Infantry 24-Jan-1919
Roberts William F. Corporal A 165th Infantry 22-Nov-1918
Robinson James E. Mec. A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Roche William Patrick Private A M. G. Battalion 24-Jul-1918
Rock Ellwood H L PFC A 105th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Roeberg Ragnar Corporal A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Roedelsperger Carl E. Corporal A 107th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Rogers Cormack Private First Class A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Rogers Robert Sergeant A 307th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Ronan James J. Private A 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Ronson Robert Jr. Sergeant A 2nd Engineers 19-Jul-1918
Roselle Robert Pascal Private First Class A 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Rosen Benjamin Private First Class A 1st M.G. Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Rosenberg Alex Private A 308th Infantry 3-Jan-1919
Ross Anthony Private A 305th M. G. Battalion 3-Oct-1918
Roth William Private A 7th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Rowan James First Sergeant A 1st Dev. Battalion, 151st Dep Brigade 1-May-1919
Rubenstein Meyer Private A 38th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Rudkin Gilbert P. 1st Lieutenant A 106th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Ruggero Tony Private A 4th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Rumble LeRoy Sergeant A 540th Engineers 6-Nov-1918
Russell Delbert W. Private A 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Russell Eugene J. Private First Class A 302nd Am. Tn. 8-Feb-1918
Ryan John J. Private A 102nd Field Signal Battalion 15-Jul-1918
Ryan Patrick John Private A 306th M. G. Battalion 14-Feb-1919
Ryan Thomas C. Private First Class A 105th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Ryan Thomas Francis Sergeant A 305th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Ryan William F. Sergeant A 18th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Salian Sarkes PVT A 9th Infantry 2-May-1919
Sanford Rollin W. Private First Class A 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Sardi Lawrence J Corporal A 327th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Sasso Antonio Private A 168th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Scallan George W Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 1-Jun-1918
Scanlon James Private A 8th MG Battalion 4-Jun-1918
Schaefer Oscar Private A 345th Infantry 23-Mar-1919
Schafer George A Private A 106th MG Battalion 1-Apr-1905
Scherer Julius Private A 307th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Scheu Philip W Private 1st Class A 2d AA MG Battalion 11-Oct-1918
Schick Charles N PFC A 5th MG Bn 7-Oct-1918
Schimmenti Salvatore Private A 315th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Schirick George F. Private A 102nd Infantry 23-Jul-1918
Schlosser Charles Private A 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Schmidt Ferdinand Jr Private A Sec B, Student Army Tng Corps, Cornell University, NY 8-Oct-1918
Schnitzler George Private 1st Class A 116th F Signal Battalion 4-Mar-1919
Schumm Karl Henry Sergeant A 307th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
Schuster Sol Private A 16th Infantry 9-May-1918
Schwaner Harry W Private A 106th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Schwartz Max Private A 4th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Sciortino Joseph PVT A 23rd Infantry 27-Jun-1918
Seagriff James H Private A 307th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Secor Edward X M Private A 7th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Seegers Emil W Sergeant A 18th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Seidenzahl George Private A 112th MG Battalion, 58th Inf Brig 14-Oct-1918
Seifried Frederick Private A 104th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Sell Edward L Private A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Selner Herman Private A 11th Engineers 12-Apr-1918
Shagun Roman Private A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Shaw John S 1st Lt A 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Shore Abraham Private A 106th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Shortall James Corporal A 316th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Shugrue Dennis Private A 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Siedemburg William Private 1st Class A 320th Engineers 7-Sep-1918
Silverberg Sam Private A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Silverman Angelo Private A Dev Battalion No 1, Camp McClellan, AL 31-Oct-1918
Simmons Frank T Private A 105th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Siragosa Joseph Private A 26th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Sleicher William D. Private First Class A 105th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Slocum Harold Louis Private A 313th Infantry 13-Jan-1919
Smith Dick D 2nd Lt A 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Smith George W 1st Sergeant A 102d Engineers 28-Feb-1919
Smith Harold PVT A 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Smith Raymond Charles PVT A 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Smith Waldon F PVT A 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Smith William A Private A 165th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Soeder William L Private 1st Class A 102d Engineers 10-Dec-1918
Soehngen Charles J Corporal A 7th MG Battalion 20-Jun-1919
Sorenson Anton M PFC A 30th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Specht Walter Private A 307th Infantry 9-Sep-1918
Springstine George PVT A 16th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Squires Leo Wag A 304th M G Bn 22-Jan-1919
Stacy Lyman C. Private A 7th Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Staubitz Philip PVT A 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Stein Jacob Private 1st Class A 5th MG Battalion 7-Oct-1918
Steinberg Arthur Private A 345th Infantry 10-Feb-1919
Steingreber August J PVT A 7th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Steinkamp Edward H Private A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Stevenson Colin J Private 1st Class A 302d Engineers 2-Oct-1918
Stillwell Thomas V 2d Lt A 23d Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Stonson Frederick Sergeant A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Strachan Alberts Private A 325th Labor Battalion 4-Nov-1918
Struck Arthur J Private A 106th MG Battalion 21-Aug-1918
Sullivan Walter j Sergeant A 106th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Swirsky Joseph Private A 39th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Szafranik Albert PVT A 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Taitsas George Private A 39th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Tansey Francis J PVT A 4th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Tappen Kenneth Private 1st Class A 102d Engineers 13-Nov-1918
Tehan Timothy J Private A 12th MG Battalion 29-Dec-1919
Tells Joseph Private 1st Class A 48th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Teofilo Matteo Cook A 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Thelen John E P PVT A 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Thomas Frank Private A 104th M. G. Batallion 14-Nov-1918
Thompson William J Private A 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Thompson William Rex Private A 60th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Thuemke Henry Private A 166th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Tiffany James G D Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Titus Walton C Jr Sergeant 1st Class A 104th F Signal Battalion 26-Oct-1918
Traino Sebastino Private A 308th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Tuckerman Irving Corporal A 19th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Tully Leo S Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Tumbarello Giacomo Private A 26th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Updike Franklin Pettit Wagoner A 104th MG Battalion 15-Aug-1918
Valengano Vitantonio Private A 4th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Vanalstine James R PVT A 18th Infantry 6-May-1918
Vance John A Private A 312th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
VanDusen Frank Private A 1st Dev. Brigade, Camp Jackson S.C. 7-Oct-1919
VanHennik Burtis W SGT A 107th Infantry 15-Aug-1918
VanThun William Captain A Infantry, Camp Upton Sep Repl Draft 3-Oct-1918
Varno Antonio Private A 126th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
Vaughan Robert Private 1st Class A 325th Labor Battalion 22-Feb-1919
Vedilago Joseph Corporal A 308th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Verowitz Daniel Private 1st Class A 4th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Vofrei Samuel Bunker Private A 4th Engineers, Tng Regt, Camp AA, Humphreys, VA 5-Oct-1918
Vogt Albert S Private A 316th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Vogt Charles Private A 1st Field Artillery 7-Sep-1918
Voorhees Prime Private 1st Class A 549th Engineers 14-Apr-1919
Wallace Archie I Wagoner A 5th Am. Tn. 19-Sep-1918
Walsh Edward Francis Sergeant A 308th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Walsh George F Private A 102d Fld Signal Battalion 31-Oct-1918
Walsh Harry C Bugler A 106th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Walsh Joseph J. Private A 126th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Walsh William M Sergeant A 165th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Walsh William T Private 1st Class A 102d Engineers 26-Sep-1918
Warner Badil E PFC A 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Weber Henry W Private 1st Class A 305th Infantry 8-Sep-1918
Well Edward Joseph Wagoner A 104th MG Battalion 14-Aug-1918
Weston Bartley J Private A 106th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Wheeler Thomas M Private 1st Class A 127th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Whitby William Francis Private 1st Class A 307th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
White Edward Private A 34th Infantry 26-Apr-1918
Wilder Earle D Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Wiley Edward Joseph Corporal A 305th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Wilkens John George Corporal A 308th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Williams Harry F Sergeant A 369th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Williams John Private 1st Class A 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Wilson Alexander D 1st Lt A 59th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Winchenback Roland C Private A 26th Infantry 29-May-1918
Windhorst Otto Private A 53d Pioneer Infantry 25-Feb-1918
Woerner William Walter Private A 47th Infantry 19-Sep-1917
Wolferst Charles W Private A 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Wood Francis E Private A 307th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Wood George Horace PVT A 18th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Wulff Alexander M Private 1st Class A 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Yerkes George H Mech A 108th Infantry 29-Sep-18
Young Nathaniel Private A 369th Infantry 19-Sep-18
Zeccola Dominick Private A 23d Infantry 13-Jun-1918
Zint Daniel C Private A S Mec School Det 19-Oct-1918
Moran Thomas Private A S Sig C 228th Aero Squadron 20-Apr-1918
Stothers Ralph G Private A S Signal Corps Cp MacArthur, TX 13-Feb-1918
Klemm Frank Corporal Adm Labor Co Air Sig Corps, Labor Bureau 26-Oct-1918
Kowalski John J Corporal Adm Labor Co 104th MG Battaion 13-Apr-1918
Kelly William J Pvt 1st cl Adv Ord Dept No 5 14-Jun-1918
McDonald George Private Advance Vet Hospital 2d B 5-Dec-1918
Boner Russell Private Aero squadron A Air Service 2-Sep-1918
Smith William R Private Am Pris Cp Lt Loubes Gironde, Fr 11-Apr-1919
Tubbs Fred S Pvt 1st cl Am Red Cross Mil Hosp No 1 4-Oct-1918
Kerr William J Private Am Tn, NY Div, Co E 102nd AT 21-Mar-1918
Diefenthal Clement Sergeant Amb 25th Sn. Tn. 17-Aug-1918
Ellis John B Cook Amb 105-102nd San Train 16-Jan-1919
Walsh John C Private Amb 17th MD, 5th Div 26-Jan-1918
Crane Harry L. Private First Class Amb 31 Sn. Tn. 21-Oct-1918
Ferris Ladue Stanley Pvt Amb Co 302d San Tn 28-Oct-1918
Harvey Ambrose G Pvt Amb Co 345 312 Sn Tn 9-Oct-1918
Stoel Snyre W Pvt Amb Co 325th Cp Gordon GA 9-Jan-1918
Topp Paul E. Paul E. Corporal Amb. 421st Camp Hancock Georgia 9-Oct-1918
Carrick Herbert E. Private Ambulance Company 52nd division 17-Mar-1919
Benson William Corporal Ambulance Company 314 304th Sanitary Train 29-Sep-1918
Breese John H. Private, 1st class Ambulance Service 580th USA AS. 30-Jul-1918
Briody Maurice C Pvt 1st cl Amm Co 305th San Tn 22-Oct-1918
Downey Stephen J. Seaman, 2nd class Armed Draft Detail New York City 24-Nov-1917
McAllister George E Corporal Army Ser C APO 712 18-Dec-1918
Diehl Henry E Pvt AS Sig C Unasgd 13-Feb-1918
McCormick Michael S Private AS Sup dep and Concentration Camp Garden City, NY 11-Oct-1918
Sheerin Joseph A Private Att 9th Co 152d Dep Brig 28-Sep-1918
Emerson William K.B. 2nd Lieutenant attached 12th Aero Squadron Field Artillery Recon. Corps 14-May-1918
Llewellyn Robert C 1st Lt Attached 344th Bn Tank C 5-Oct-1918
Hoyt Francis R. 1st Lieutenant Attached British Transport, S.S. Lyesbro Medical Corps 28-Dec-1918
Johnstone Malcolm M. Engineer Attached Company D 2nd Engineers 3-Jun-1918
Graham John B. 2nd Lieutenant Attached to Company E 28th Infantry 1-Apr-1918
Piatt William Joseph Pvt Aus Rmt Depot 303 8-Oct-1918
Nicholson George R Private Auto Rmt Dep 310 Camp Servier, SC 11-Oct-1918
Kaplin Isador Private Automatic Replacement Draft Ft. Sereven, GA, Coast Artillery Corps 6-Oct-1918
Bradley Walter Calvin Pvt Aux Remount 302 Cp Upton 21-Dec-1918
Richford Harry Private Aux Rmt. Dep. 333rd Infantry 16-Feb-1919
Creamer Fred Private Auxiliary Remount Depot 303 13-May-1919
Seifer Izy Private Auxiliary Rmt Dept 307 Cp Wadsworth 4-Oct-1918
Bauer John William Mach Mate, 2nd Class Av USRNF 12-Nov-1918
Kielland Casper M 1LT Av Sec Sig Res Corps 11-Jul-1918
Williams Charles S 1st Lt Av Sec Signal Corps Reserve 20-Apr-1918
Wright Jack M 1st Lt Av Sec Signal Corps 28-Jan-1918
Lovell Lawrence C 1st Lt Av Sec Sig, Res C Attchd 147th Field Artillery 29-Jun-1918
Thompson Sidney P. 1st Lieutenant Av. Sec. Att. 95th Aer. Squadron 15-Jul-1918
Trowbridge Moultrie Private Avia Sec Signal Corps Flying Cadets, Kelly Field, TX 25-May-1918
Moore William Charles Machinists Mate, 2d Class Aviation USNRF 18-Oct-1918
Ratz Fred Wettlaufer Landsman Machinist Mate Aviation USNRF 28-Dec-1918
Merritt Ransom H. Private, 1st class Aviation Company B Signal Corps 7-May-1917
Steele Stanley W Private Aviation Sec Signal Corps, ERC 15-Feb-1918
Stillman Joseph F Jr Private 1st Class Aviation Sec Sig En Rc 23-Feb-1918
Thomas Gerald P 2d Lt Aviation Sec Signal Corp Attached 17th Aer Squadron 22-Sep-1918
Bergren Carl A. Private Aviation Section Signal Corps 23-Oct-1918
Bores Sherman H. Captain Aviation Section Signal Corps Headquarters 21-Dec-1919
Joffe James J. Private Aviation Section Signal Reserve Corps 15-Jan-1918
McCreery Frank P. 1st Lieutenant Aviation Section Signal Corps 11-May-1918
Ovington Carter I. 1st Lieutenant Aviation Section Signal Corps 29-May-1918
Wait William W. Private 1st class Aviation Section Signal E.R. Corps 9-May-1918
Clifford Paul L. 2nd Lieutenant Aviation Section Signal Res. U. Att. 44th Aero Squadron 20-Jul-1918
Goodwin George W 2Lt Avn Sec Sig Res C 15-Jul-1918
Vincent Jefferson D 1LT Avn Sec Sig Res Corps 3-May-1918
Woodward Charles E Pvt Avn Sec Sig Corps 27-Mar-1918
Abeles Arthur Private B 20th Battalion 16-Dec-1918
Agler Adelbert M. 1st Lieutenant B 305th M. G. Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Alberts George Stephen Cook B 307th Infantry 29-Jun-1918
Alfieri Henry C. Corporal B 327th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Alger Earl R CPL B 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Alsheimer Joseph J PVT B 130th MG Bn 28-Sep-1918
Altimonto Giddio PVT B 61st Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Ambos Hyman L. Sergeant B 39th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Anderson Andrew A. Private First Class B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Anderson George Julius Private B 104th M. G. Battalion 13-Feb-1919
Anderson Nils Oscar Private B 395th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Appel William Corporal B 23rd Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Arnone John Private B 18th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Arnst Aubrey Private B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Ashbaw Walter Henry CPL B 325th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Astone Gaetano PFC B MG Bn, 7th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Baker Joseph T PVT B 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Baldwin Colonel P. Private B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Bear Abe PVT B 325th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Belmore Lewis D PFC B 504th Engineers Bn 28-Jul-1918
Benedict Sidney Schuyler [Mec] B 60th Pioneers Infantry 24-Nov-1918
Bergen George Private B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Bowman Edward PFC B 310th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Brogan James Sergeant B 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Brophy Joseph P. Private First Class B 107th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Brown Solon L. Private B 345th M. G. Battalion 9-Nov-1918
Brunig Paul M. Sergeant B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Bruno Sam Private B 23rd Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Bryce John L. Private First Class B 147th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Bufano Angelo Private B 11th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Burke Frank W. Sergeant B 307th Infantry 25-Aug-1918
Burke Luke P. Private B 106th Infantry 18-Jan-1918
Burns Michael D. Private B 105th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
Burnstein Sol Private B 23rd Infantry 18-Jul-1919
Bush Joseph A. Private B 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Cale Salvatore PVT B 16th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Caputo Domenico Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Carey John J. Corporal B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Carney Thomas F PFC B 312th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Charter Basis W CK B 107th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Cheshire Benjamin Private First Class B 107th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Ciccarone Vincent PVT B 305th Infantry 10-Jan-1920
Cilento Joseph PVT B 135th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Clancy John 2nd Lt B 60th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Clark Homer M SGT B 328th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Clark Ira Vanorder Private B 7th Infantry 17-Jul-1918
Colburn Homer N PVT B 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Collins Thomas F. 2nd Lieutenant B 142nd Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Comer Michael Corporal B 306th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Connelly James H. Private B 304th M. G. Battalion 23-Feb-1919
Connelly Thomas J. Private First Class B 2nd Engineers 7-Jun-1918
Connor James Private B 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Cool John N PFC B 60th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Cooper Mayer Private B 11th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Coppa Venanzio Private B 1st Dev. Battalion, 151st Dep. Brigade 26-Sep-1918
Covey William E CPL B 301st Sup Tn 3-Dec-1918
Cranmer Ralph T. Private B 26th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Crawford Conrad 2nd Lieutenant B 47th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Cronin James L Private First Class B 307th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Cronin Thomas John Private B 165th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Crump Samuel Jr. 1st Lieutenant B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Crystal Morris Private B 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Cullen Richard W. Private First Class B 307th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Cunningham William Private 1st Class B 33d Infantry 5-Feb-1920
Damone Ralph Private B 305th Infantry 5-Jun-1918
Dana Charles Loomis, Jr B 13th Regiment 12-Oct-1918
Dangelo Mariano Private B 591st Engineers 7-Jul-1918
Daniel James Private B 329th Infantry 28-Dec-1918
Davidian Paronag Private B [344th] M. G. Battalion 31-Dec-1918
Davidson Morris Private B 344th M. G. Battalion 24-Oct-1918
Davies William PVT B 23rd Infantry 6-Jun-1918
Davis Jacob A. Private B 26th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Davis Joseph Private B 121st M. G. Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Day Frank Joseph Private B 306th M. G. Battalion 12-Dec-1918
De Bells Vincent Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
De Primo Dominick Private B 14th Battalion U. S. Guards 6-Oct-1918
Dean David H. Mec. B 11th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Deas Richard D. Private B 369th Infantry 26-Dec-1918
Debaun William H. Private First Class B 1st Gas Regiment 3-Oct-1918
DeFrisco Victor Private B 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Degnan Thomas F. Private B 11th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Delaney John J. Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Dellacamera Vincenzo Private B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Delmonico Antony CPL B 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
DeLong Clarence Private B 305th Infantry 14-Aug-1918
Dempsey Louis C. Private B 346th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
D'Esposito Frank M. Sergeant B 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Destito Antonio PVT B 347th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Devall Lafayette Private B 5th Dev. Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Di Jorio Thomas Private B 316th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Doering Fred Pvt B 3d FA 29-May-1918
Dollard Joseph P PVT B 311th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Domkus Joseph Pvt 1st cl B 307th Inf 1-Sep-1918
Donnelly James Sergeant B 165th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Donnelly Leo A PFC B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Donohue John J. Pvt 1st cl B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Doody William J. Pvt 1st cl B 114th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Dorfer Joseph Pvt B 4th Inf 3-Oct-1918
Doris Samuel Pvt B 315th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Douglas Alfred Pvt B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Douty Harry C. Corp B 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Doyle Thomas Pvt 1st cl B 165th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Doyle William J. Pvt B 165th Inf 28-Jul-1918
Drabble Phillip M. Pvt B 105th M.G. Bn 5-Nov-1918
Draper Arthur M. Pvt 1st cl B 303d F. Sig. Bn. 3-Nov-1918
Draper Frederick Pvt B 103d M.G. Bn. 18-Jul-1918
Duane Alexander Pvt 1st cl B 107th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Duff Henry I. 2d Lt B 305th M.G.Bn. 27-Sep-1918
Duffy Frank L. Pvt 1st cl B 105th FA 21-Dec-1918
Dunne John J. Pvt B 305th FA 17-Oct-1918
Dunwoody Edward Vincent Pvt B 52d Pion Inf 22-Feb-1919
Durieu Walter Pvt B 315th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Dusold Charles Pvt 1st cl B 4th Inf 23-Jul-1918
Easop Raymond F. Pvt B 302d Am Tn 18-Aug-1918
Ederle Frederick Horseshoer B 305th M.G.Bn. 8-Sep-1918
Edwards George S. Pvt B 52d Engrs 29-Jul-1918
Edwards Morris J. Private B 18th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Edwards Thomas L. Corp B M.P. 12-Sep-1919
Eraminas Silvestras PVT B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Evans William J PVT B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Everhart Odus N. Private B 9th Infantry 1-Jul-1918
Fagher Frank A. Private B Med. Detachment 24-Sep-1918
Falone Arthur B 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Fennessy John V PFC B 26th Infantry 30-May-1918
Ferguson Francis PVT B 344th Bn, 304th Brig Tank C 10/?/1918
Ferstad John PVT B 310th Infantry 23-Nov-1918
Finn Clarence A PVT B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Fitzgerald Thomas Private B 308th Infantry 19-Nov-1918
Fleury Oscar Private B 369th Infantry 30-Mar-1918
Florio Humbert Private B 165th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Folliart James Jr. Private B 307th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Font Rodrigo J. Private First Class B 9th M. G. Battalion 15-Jul-1918
Foote Eugene E. Corporal B 109th Infantry 21-Nov-1918
Ford Christopher S. Private B 7th Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Ford James J. Private B 61st Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Ford James V. Private B 106th M. G. Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Frank Edwin Lewis Private B 7th Infantry 22-Jun-1918
Frarey Walter W. Private First Class B 108th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Frengs Alphonso Private B 308th M. G. Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Frerichs Ferdinand Private First Class B 106th M. G. Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Friedlander Albert G. Corporal B 49th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Friedman Irving Harry Private B 307th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Fuhrman Paul C. Corporal B 9th M. G. Battalion 8-Nov-1918
Gallob Hyman Private First Class B 308th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Galtieri Francisco PVT B 4th Engineers 5-Aug-1918
Garbaden Hugo Corporal B 307th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Gates Pigram Private B 15th Infantry N. Y. N.G. 29-Sep-1917
Gaynor Thomas E. Private B 316th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Genter Elmer Private B 111th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Gerow Chadwick Supply Sergeant B 105th US Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Gilmour George Private B 347th Infantry 6-Feb-1919
Gladle Glenn Wm PVT B 328th Infantry 4-Dec-1917
Grabowski Gus K. Private B 2nd M. G. Bn. 10-Oct-1918
Granto Antonio PVT B 49th Engrs 3-Oct-1918
Greene Edward Vincent PFC B 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Greenhill Howard J. Private B 105th M.G. Battalion 18-Apr-1918
Grey Philip P. Private B 102nd F. Signal Battalion 25-Sep-1918
Griffin Gerald George SGT B 104th MG Bn 31-Oct-1918
Grillo Biaggio Private B 313th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Grogan Frank Aloysius Private First Class B 316th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Guilefuss Harry R. Private First Class B 1st Battalion, 30th Engineers 30-Jul-1918
Gunther John W. Corporal B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Gureiullo Guiseppi Private B 6th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Hackett Clarence E CPL B 23rd Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Hackett Patrick H. Corporal B 306th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Hadley Rex S. Private First Class B 105th Infantry 28-Aug-1918
Haeuser Walter C. Private B 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Hall George B. Sergeant B [302nd Sug Battalion] 11-Sep-1918
Hallett Stanley S. Private B 316th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Hand Joseph P. Corporal B 309th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Hansa Frank Sergeant B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hanson [Eric ] V. Private First Class B 1st Battalion U. S. Guards 13-Oct-1918
Hardgrove Goldsmith H. Private First Class B 106th M. G. [Battalion ] 27-Sep-1918
Harper Frank S PVT B 148th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Harrington Carrol D. Private B 106th M. P. 14-Oct-1918
Harris Harry Private B 10th M. G. Battalion 7-Oct-1918
Hart Daniel A. Private First Class B 106th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Hasenpflug Howard C PVT B 3rd MG Bn 2-Oct-1918
Hausner Salie Private First Class B 307th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Havens Daniel E. Private B 305th M. G. [Battalion ] 2-Oct-1918
Hayes Robert J. Private B 26th Engineers 30-Jan-1919
Hayes Wm. J. Corporal B 302nd Engineers 27-Oct-1918
Hazlett Harold A. Corporal B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hearn Patrick Private B 165th Infantry 12-Jun-1918
Heflin Paul B. Sergeant B 107th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
Hegeman Merton E PVT B 310th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Heller Harry S. Private B Cent. Rec. Office Battalion 5-Mar-1919
Herman Henry P. Private B 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Hermans Frank J. Sergeant B 36th Infantry 19-Apr-1919
Herold Justin A. Sergeant B 102nd Engineers 2-Oct-1918
Hessinger Oscar C. Private B 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Heusser Edward P. Private First Class B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Hiemenz Nicholas C A PVT B 306th MG Bn 19-Jul-1918
Higgins George F. Jr. Private First Class B 107th Infantry 15-Nov-1918
Higgins John A. Corporal B 105th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Hill Robert M. Private B 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Holdsworth Arthur V. Private B 305th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Holley Leslie H PVT B 312th MP 29-Oct-1918
Holliday Dominic Corporal B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Holmes Henry E. Private First Class B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Horswell Raymond A PFC B 310th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Houck Clarence R PVT B 107th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Hourihan John J PVT B 9th MG Bn 12-Oct-1918
Howe Norman Private B 12th Bn, US Guards 12-Oct-1918
Hubbard Lewis A. Corporal B 333rd Battalion Tk. Corps 8-Oct-1918
Hudders William L PVT B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Humphrey Hugh PVT B 312th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Hurell Eugene CPL B 307th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Jackson Francis C SGT B 1st Infantry, 107th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
James Johazel Private B 309th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Johnson David L PFC B 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Keefe William Private B 308th Infantry 22-Aug-1918
Kelley Harry C. Private First Class B 1st G. Hq. Bn., M.P.C 5-Feb-1919
Kelly Thomas PFC B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Kelsk Joseph PVT B 133rd Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Kemura John PVT B 105th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Keppler John Private B 308th Infantry 18-Aug-1918
Kiernan Henry J Sergeant B 69th Inf & 165th Inf 15-Jul-1918
Kimble Edward C Sergeant B 308th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Kinkel Walter J Corporal B 308th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Klein Otto W Private B 114th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Klein Samuel Private B 345th MG Bn 8-Nov-1918
Knab Peter Thomas Private 1st Class B 307th Infantry 11-Sep-1918
Koser Abe Private B 102d MG Battalion 20-Apr-1918
Kosgel Howard A PFC B 9th MG Bn 5-Jul-1918
Kostenbader Charles J Private B 166th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Kraemer Edward Corporal B 165th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Kreck Cyril Mechanic B 16th Infantry 2-May-1918
Kummer Joseph Jr Private 1st Class B 6th Engineers 20-Oct-1918
Kurth William Private B 101st Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Lambo Michael Private B 305th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Landry Alexander PVT B 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Lane John B Private 1st Class B 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Lange Edward J Private B 105th MG Battalion 15-Aug-1918
Langton William J Private B 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Lanzer Albert H Private B 105th MG Battalion 5-Mar-1919
Larson Edward Private B 2nd AA MG Battalion 12-Dec-1918
Laubly Edward A Private B 22 NY Engineers 2-Aug-1918
Lauer George P Private B 106th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Lautenslager Earl W. Private B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Lawless Austin Private B 116th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Lawlor John J Jr Private B 315th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Leader Arthur L B Private 1st Class B 107th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Leidich Frederick W Private B 106th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Levinson Sol Corporal B 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Lewis Walter E Private B 302d Bn Tank Corps 3-Oct-1918
Lewis William B Private B 18th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Lindemann Frederick J A Private B 18th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Linn David Private 1st Class B 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Lipnick Clarence Private B 1st Pioneer Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Littlefield Harry Arthur Private B 17th Engineers 16-Mar-1918
Lochner Frederick Private B 108th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Lorenzetti Albert Private B 308th Infantry 28-Nov-1917
Loshaw John E. Private B 307th Engineers 16-Oct-1918
Lostumbo Oreste PVT B 61st Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Luneberg William Private B 313th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Lydike Lewis C C Corporal B 106th Infantry 31-Oct-1918
Macheski William J 1st Lt B 128th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Machr Carl F Corporal B 141st Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Madden John Private B 106th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Maguire Patrick F Private B 308th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Mahanna Frank T Wagoner B 7th MG Bn 2-Jun-1918
Maher Edward P Private 1st Class B 165th Infantry 20-Mar-1918
Mahoney John J Sergeant B 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Mahoney Patrick Private B 135th MG Battalion 2-Nov-1918
Maloney James L Jr Private B 9th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Mancuso Louis D Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Mandelkow William T Private B 112th MG Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Mapes Marvin E. Sergeant B 301st Tank Corps 28-Sep-1918
Marinaccio William Private B 3d Infantry 31-Mar-1919
Markson David Corporal B 306th Infantry 8-Dec-1918
Marron William PVT B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Martin Edward Sergeant B 3d MG Battalion 18-Jul-1918
Martin Frederick PVT B 130th MG Bn 28-Sep-1918
Masch Henry C Private B 313th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Maske Louis A PVT B 311th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Mattison William Private B 347th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Mauer August Corporal B 108th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Mausner Albert Private B 4th Engineers 26-Sep-1918
Maxwell Walter F. Private First Class B 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Mazzalo Philip Private 1st Class B 39th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
McAuliffe William A PVT B 308th MG Bn 9-Dec-1918
McCabe Francis Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
McCall Lester T Corporal B 4th Bal Sq, Camp Morrison, VA 16-Feb-1918
McCarthy Timothy Private B 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
McCauley Edward CPL B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McCauley James A Private B 102d Regt Engineers 12-Oct-1918
McClure Raymond A Private 1st Class B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McConnell James 2nd Lt B 4th Infantry 23-Jul-1918
McCormick John A Private B 116th Infantry 24-Oct-1918
McCormick Walter Private B 308th Infantry 10-May-1919
McDermott Peter Private B 316th Infantry 12-Nov-1918
McDermott Thomas Private B 306th MG Bn 24-Sep-1918
McDowell William H Private B 367th Infantry 28-Mar-1918
McFarland Hugh F PFC B 325th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
McGlue John R Private 1st Class B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McHugh Christopher Private 1st Class B 318th MG Battalion 15-Feb-1919
McIntyre Edward James Private B 360th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
McKenna Willliam J Corporal B 106th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
McLean John A Private B 102d Regt Engineers 18-Oct-1918
McMahon James Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
McNulty Thomas J Private B 314th M Sup Tn 26-Dec-1918
McVeigh Frank Private B 23d Infantry, NYNG, Co B, 106th Infantry 5-Feb-1919
Meeker Robert H CPL B 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Meisch Pierre Cornelius PVT B 308th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Mendelson David Private 1st Class B 308th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Mengel Norman M PVT B 312th Am Tn 14-Oct-1918
Mezritch Morris Private B 305th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Miller Elias Private B MP, Cristobal, Canal Zone 4-Sep-1919
Miller Frank H 1st Sergeant B 351st Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Miller Frank H 1st Sergeant B 351st Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Miller Henry C Mechanic B 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Millett John J. Private B 102nd M. G. Battalion 26-Oct-1918
Mills Alonzo Private B 369th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Minors Joseph Private B 310th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Molinaire Pallegrino Private B 301st Engineers 8-Nov-1918
Monahan John T E Sergeant B 308th Infantry 8-Dec-1918
Montrose Joseph Private B 119th MG Battalion 24-Oct-1918
Morath Paul PVT B 311th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Morrison Senan Austin Private 1st Class B 18th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Mosher Raymond N. Sergeant B 13th M. G. Bn. 25-Oct-1918
Moun Benjamin Private B A-A MG Battalion 22-Oct-1918
Moyland Thomas A Private B 313th Infantry 9-Nov-1918
Mulligan Francis L. Private B 121st. M. G. Battalion 8-Aug-1918
Munzinger Charles Private B 307th Infantry 8-Dec-1918
Murphy Joseph Edward Corporal B 8th MG Battalion 5-Oct-1918
Murphy William J Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Murray John J. Private First Class B 318th F. Sig Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Murray Julius Caesar Private 1st Class B 329th Lab Battalion 12-Jan-1919
Mylan Frank Jos Wagoner B 104th MG Battalion 20-Oct-1918
Naccarella Antonio Private 1st Class B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Nalty Thomas F Private B 53d Pioneer Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Nary John Henry, Jr SGT B 30th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Nelson William H Private 1st Class B 305th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Nemeroff Harry Lewis Private B 51st Pioneer Infantry 25-Nov-1918
Nemeth Tony S Private B 9th Infantry 23-Jun-1918
Ness Harry A Private 1st Class B 13th MG Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Newman Joseph T Private 1st Class B 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Noonan John E. Private B 107th Infantry 13-Aug-1918
Nord Edward Private 1st Class B 105th MG Battalion 7-Mar-1919
Nussberger George G Private B 306th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Oakley John R. Private First Class B 309th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
O'Brien James Joseph Private B 105th Infantry 24-Sep-1918
O'Brien John F Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
O'Byrne Patrick J. Private B 108th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
Peckham Albert J. Corporal B 38th Infantry 8-Aug-1918
Pinckney Alto C. Corporal B 108th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Pockett Jerome J PVT B Syracuse Rct Camp, Syracuse, NY 26-Sep-1918
Porter Wilfred W, Jr 1st Lt B 305th MG Bn 20-Aug-1918
Prentice Ralph PVT B 312th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Quinn Archie S PFC B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Quinto Cristofaro Private B 313th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Rage Daniel Private B 307th Motor Dep. Shop Unit 6-Oct-1918
Ranlet Dalton Private B 11th Engineers 30-Nov-1917
Rauth John E. Private B 106th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Raymond Harry Private First Class B 26th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Reilly James J. Private First Class B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Reilly John G. Private First Class B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Reilly Joseph Private B 49th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Rhodes Van Corporal B 369th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Riccio Dante J. Private B 60th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Rictor Samuel Private B [Development] Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Rider Harry C PVT B 301 Engrs 26-Jan-1918
Rieigliano Michael Private B 9th Infantry 27-Jun-1918
Rigrod Daniel Private B 3rd M. G. Battalion 14-Feb-1919
Rivenburgh Frank Private B 313th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Roberts Elmer Benjamin [Mechanic] B 7th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Robertson Arthur F. Cook B 55th Infantry 16-Feb-1919
Robertson John M. Private First Class B 102nd Sup. Tn. 4-Jan-1919
Robinson Calvin H CPL B 1st Pion Infantry 1/22/191?
Robinson George J PVT B 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Roseman Christy Private B 5th M. G. Battalion 7-Oct-1918
Rosen Israel Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Rosenburg Hyman Corporal B 28th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Ross John Private B 316th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Roth Raymond J PVT B 12th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Rothstein Sollie Corporal B 8th M. G. Battalion 1-Oct-1918
Rowe Charles M. Private B 103rd Engineers 16-Oct-1918
Ruden Frederick L CPL B 102nd Engineers 29-Oct-1918
Ruoff Edwin V. Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Russell George F. Sergeant B 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Russo Vincent J. Private First Class B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Rutkoski Frank O PVT B 59th Pion Infantry 19-Sep-1918
Ryan Dennis J SGT B 2nd Devel Bn, 155th Dep Brig 28-Aug-1918
Ryan William M. Private B 157th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Sackett Dewey Wag B 304th M. G. Battalion 4-Nov-1918
Saltalamachia Guiseppi Private B 1st Battalion 1st Prov Dev Brigade,Camp Jackson, SC 12-Oct-1918
Sassone Joseph M Private B 110th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Sautter Walter G PVT B 58th Infantry 23-May-1918
Savage James J Private 1st Class B 38th Infantry 22-Jul-1918
Sayles James I PVT B 1st Dev. Bn, 151st Dep. Brig. 4-Nov-1918
Scanlon William Joseph Corporal B 116th Tn. Headquarters M. P. 30-Oct-1918
Schaefer Sidney Private B Sec B, Student Army Tng Corps, Ithaca, NY 19-Oct-1918
Schafer Daniel J Private B Prisoner of War escort 20-May-1919
Schafer Jacob J PVT B 106th MG Bn 18-Oct-1918
Schaible Fred CPL B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Schermerhorn Lauren E. Mec. B 28th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Schlecht John M PVT B 38th Infantry 14-Sep-1917
Schmitt Thomas Private B 128th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Schneider Albert H Private B 147th MG Battalion 18-Sep-1918
Schneider Hermann F Private B 28th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Schouten Geradus F. Private B 15th M.G. Battalion 20-Oct-1918
Schron Philip Private 1st Class B 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Schultes William Corporal B 23d Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Schumacher Henry J Mechanic B 165th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
Schwab Frederick G Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Schwartz David Corporal B 26th Infantry 28-May-1918
Scotillo Paul Private B 162d Infantry, Co M, 18th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Scott Amos D. Private B 336th M. G. Battalion 19-Dec-1918
Scully John Private B 29th Infantry 25-Apr-1918
Seiler Benjamin Private B 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Shea John Anthony Private B 1st Battalion, Edgewood Ars, MD 19-Oct-1918
Sheridan William Edward Corporal B 313th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Sherman Charles Private B 51st Pioneer Infantry 24-Nov-1918
Sicari Antonino Sergeant B 328th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Siegel Jack Corporal B 328th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Silverman Benjamin Sergeant B 307th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Simons Joseph Private B 110th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Simpson Horace Private B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Sizer Earl H. Private B 317th F. Signal Battalion 21-Sep-1918
Smith Basil W. Corporal B 304th M. G. Battalion 15-Oct-1918
Smith Chester Private B 18th M Battalion 12-Nov-1918
Smith Clarence PVT B 13th MG Bn 30-Jan-1918
Smith Frank W PVT B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Smith Prentice Clifford PVT B 305th M G Bn 26-Apr-1918
Snyder John E Private B 102d Engineers 28-Oct-1918
Spaeth Charles T Jr Private 1st Class B 105th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Staehle Charles Private B 315th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Stahl Alfred Private B 13th MG Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Stahl Richard Private 1st Class B 3d Battalion US Guard, Commonwealth Armory, Allston, MA 27-Sep-1918
Stark Fred W Corporal B 313th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Starrett Harry C Captain B 106th Infantry 13-Nov-1918
Steed Robert L Corporal B 105th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Steenson William Private B 2nd M. G. Battalion 7-Oct-1918
Steinberg Joseph Private B 114th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Stempel Edward Private B 31st Battalion US Guard, Ft Ethan Allen, VT 5-Nov-1919
Stern Jacob Private B 307th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Stevens Harry A 2d Lt B 5th MG Battalion 3-Oct-1918
Stewart Edward A Private B 317th MG Battalion 11-Nov-1918
Stewart Simon Private 1st Class B 308th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Stickney Raymond W PFC B 23rd Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Stitch William A CPL B 12th Am Tn 2-Feb-1919
Strauch Edmund M Private 1st Class B 107th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Straus Joseph Private 1st Class B 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Straus Raymond Private B 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Strauss Bernard Private B 317th MG Battalion 10-Nov-1918
Sullivan James F Private B 15th MG Battalion 14-Oct-1918
Swartwood Fred Clayton Private B 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Taccone Joseph PFC B 23rd Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Tarkagekes Nicholas J Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Taylor Roland J. Sergeant B 326th Battalion, Tank Corps 12-Sep-1918
Teator Elwood M PVT B 109th M G Bn 26-Oct-1918
Tesoro John J Private B 7th Infantry 15-Jun-1918
Thompson Albert Private B 108th Infantry 2-Nov-1918
Thompson Henry B 313th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Thompson Stanley E PVT B 107th Infantry 13-Aug-1918
Tierney Michael E Corporal B 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Tintera Emil Private B 105th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Tipson Edward Ck B 107th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Torocco William Private B MG Battalion 8-Oct-1918
Torssiello Frank Private B 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Trapani Umberto Private B 102d Engineers 26-Sep-1918
Tremplay Joseph H Private 1st Class B 11th Engineers 8-Mar-1918
Tuckerman Emil Private B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Turner William Private B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Turpin James Private B 369th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Umina Gactano Private B 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Underhill James William Private B Dev Battalion 26-Oct-1918
Undreiner Theodore Peter Private 1st Class B 3d Battalion Guards 18-Sep-1918
Vanderzell Michael PFC B 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Verplanck Eldridge B 10th Sept Battalion 17-Nov-1918
Viens Arthur Private B 165th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Vogel Charles Abraham Private 1st Class B 306th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Volk Joseph W. Private First Class B 312th Infantry 26-Nov-1918
Vondoblen Howard A Sergeant B 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
Vorta Nicholas Private B 311th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Wachtel Maurice Private 1st Class B 307th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Wagner Henry Private B 165th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Wall David H Private B 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Wallace James W Private B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Walsh John J Private 1st Class B 105th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Walsh John N Sergeant B 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Ward John W Private 1st Class B 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Ward Nelson Private B 369th Infantry 16-Aug-1918
Warren Nathan Private B 304th MG Battery 9-Nov-1918
Waters Philip J Corporal B 305th Infantry 3-Jun-1918
Watt Conrad Private B 369th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Weber John T Private B 106th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Weber Richard D Private B 501st Engineers 26-Oct-1918
Weinand Judson L Sergeant B 305th MG Battalion 6-Oct-1918
Welch Frank H PVT B 504th Engineers 12-Mar-1918
Wennik Samuel Mess Sergeant B 305th Infantry 14-Apr-1918
Wienicwski Boleslaw Private B 328th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Wiesner Sam A Private B 102d MG Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Williams E Daniel PVT B 2nd Corps, Repl Bn 4-Apr-1919
Wilson Charles A PVT B 312th Am Tn 23-Oct-1918
Wilson Howard Private B 369th Infantry 7-Feb-1919
Winnek Edward F. 1st Lieutenant B 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Winterfield Moses Corporal B 53d Pioneer Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Winters Thomas Corporal B 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Witt Fred F PFC B 318th F Sig Bn 18-Oct-1918
Wood Clarence E PVT B 344th Bn, 301th Brig 17-Oct-1918
Woodside Robert J PVT B 107th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Woodson Georgia Private B 15th Infantry, NYNG 18-Sep-1918
Woolley Herman H. Private B 103rd Engineers 31-Aug-1918
Yamin Aaron Corporal B 306th Infantry 27-Sep-18
Young Harry J Private 1st Class B 16th MG Battalion 18-Aug-18
Ziehan Asger Private B 116th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Zimmer George W. Private First Class B 2nd F. Battalion , Signal Co. 4-Oct-1918
Zollo Domenico Private B 165th Infantry 16-Sep-1918
Smith Thomas Edward Private 1st Class B M 306th Infantry 12-Mar-1919
Hilburg Charles J. Sergeant Bakery 305th 17-Mar-1918
Swain Edwin SGT Bakery 354th 1-Mar-1919
Barrett Ransom M. Private Bakery Company 409 Quartermaster Corps 5-Apr-1919
Mitchell Henry M. Jr. Barracks Detachment Indian Head 21-Oct-1918
Gaden Alexander C. Barracks Detail Norfolk, VA 24-Mar-1918
Ranney Robert J Cook Base Hosp Med ERC 21-Sep-1918
Breen Bernard Private, 1st class Base Hospital 110th Medical Department 6-Feb-1919
Peck C. Howard, Jr. Sergeant Base Hospital 15th Medical Division 7-Mar-1918
Walenta Calvin H Private 1st Class Base Hospital 114th Med Dep 22-Aug-1918
Sullivan Edwards F. Private First Class Base Hospital 70 [Medical Depot] 2-Nov-1918
Catalano Salvatore Private, 1st class Base, Section 2 Motor Transport Corps 31-Aug-1918
Rogers James M. Private Basttery E 7th Field Artillery Replacement Draft 5-Oct-1918
Rising Howard S. Private Batery B 19th Field Artillery 27-Sep-1918
Nelson Carl C. private Battery 4 7th Regiment Field Artillery Replacement Draft 2-Oct-1918
Ross George Private Battery 6th 19th Field Artillery 26-Sep-1918
Aluzzo Samuel Private Battery A 20th Field Artillery 26-Sep-1918
Barber James E. Private Battery A 105th Field Artillery 14-Apr-1919
Binninger George A. Sergeant Battery A 15th Field Artillery 23-Jun-1917
Birnbaum Abraham Private Battery A 7th Regiment, Field Artillery Replacement Draft 30-Sep-1918
Boland Louis J. Private, 1st class Battery A 106th Field Artillery 31-Oct-1918
Brozinsky Joseph Private Battery A 5th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Burtis Robert J. Corporal Battery A 42nd Artillery C.A.C. 30-Jan-1918
Cohen Joseph Private Battery A 2nd Field Artillery 18-Sep-1918
Connors John S. Private Battery A 11th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Conway Hugh Private Battery A 14th Regiment Field Artillery 16-Oct-1918
De Lee James E. Sergeant Battery A 7th Field Artillery 16-May-1918
De Mello Claudio Viriato Private Battery A 17th Field Artillery 18-Feb-1919
Esposito Anthony Private Battery A 20th Field artillery 1-Jul-1918
Ferguson Danforth B. Private Battery A 42nd Coast Artillery 20-Oct-1918
Ford Jervis L. Private Battery A 5th Dev. Battalion, Field Artillery Replacement Draft, Camp Jackson 12-Oct-1918
Forman George L. Jr. Private Battery A 305th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Getman Harry Private Battery A 20th Battalion Field Artillery Repl. Draft, Camp Taylor Ky. 7-Oct-1918
Greco Ralph Private, 1st class Battery A 58th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Hartman Christian P. Private Battery A 12th Regiment Field Artillery Repl. Draft, Camp Jackson S. C. 26-Nov-1918
Herman Oscar Private Battery A 17th Field Artillery 19-Sep-1918
Hirshman Irving Private Battery A 7th Field Artillery 13-Oct-1918
Hoffman Henry G. Corporal Battery A 319th Field Artillery 9-Oct-1918
Hornstein David C. Private Battery A 1st Battalion Trench Artillery 2-Nov-1918
Jessmore Lawrence E. Private Battery A 18th Battalion Field Artillery 11-Oct-1918
Kane Frank P. Private Battery A 320th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Krutzko Leon Private Battery A 320th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Kupetz Louis Gustave Private Battery A 305th Field Artillery 31-Mar-1918
Labagh Charles C. Private Battery A 7th Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade 30-Sep-1918
McFarland Frank J Private Battery A 305th Field Artillery 29-Oct-1917
O'Hare Daniel Private Battery A 308th Field Artillery 27-Feb-1919
Oliva Joseph W Private Battery A 18th Battalion Field Artillery, Replacement Draft 11-Oct-1918
O'Neill Nicholas F. Corporal Battery A 47th Trench Mortar Battalion 10-Oct-1918
Perkins Virgil J. Private Battery A 7th Regiment, Field Artillery Repl Draft 29-Sep-1918
Reid Samuel J. Jr. 1st Lieutenant Battery A 306th Field Artillery 22-Aug-1918
Robinson William Private Battery A 320th Field Artillery 12-Jan-1918
Ryder John J. Corporal Battery A 12th Field Artillery 18-Jun-1918
Sanford Earl Otis Private Battery A 18th Battalion, [Field Artillery] Repl. Draft 9-Oct-1918
Schmehl Fred J Private Battery A 307th Field Artillery 18-Feb-1919
Scholer Horace E. Private Battery A 12th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 26-Jul-1919
Simpson Charles A Mess Sergeant Battery A 105th Field Artillery 27-Feb-1919
Somers Ralph C. Private Battery A 309th Field Artillery 22-Jan-1919
Sommer Martin H. Private Battery A 7th Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Strong Ellsworth C 2d Lt Battery A 305th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Sullivan Dennis Private Battery A 336th Field Artillery 23-Sep-1918
Sutliff Howard W. Private Battery A 14th Regiment, Field Artillery Repl. Draft 3-Oct-1918
Sweeney John J. Private Battery A 18th Battalion, Field Artillery Replacement Draft 11-Oct-1918
Van Dyck Alexander S. Private Battery A 7th Regiment Field Artillery Repl. Draft 29-Sep-1918
Winter Herbert Walter Private Battery A 309th Field Artillery 14-Feb-1919
Abbruzzesi Vito N. Private Battery B 5th T. M. Battalion 4-Oct-1918
Ackerman John Private Battery B 304th Field Artillery 16-Nov-1918
Andre William Joseph Corporal Battery B 55th Artillery C.A.C. 17-Nov-1918
Balcom Willard S. Private Battery B 7th Field Artillery 11-Oct-1918
Bass Martin Private Battery B 7th Regiment, Repl. Draft Camp, Jackson, SC 4-Oct-1918
Bellapadrona Fernando Private Battery B 5th Trench Mortar Battery 30-Sep-1918
Bloom Ernest S. Private Battery B 80th Field Artillery 20-Jun-1918
Bluefstein William Private Battery B 307th Field Artillery 12-Sep-1918
Blumenfeld Joseph Private Battery B 77th Field Artillery 14-Oct-1918
Brady James A. Private, 1st class Battery B 304th Field Artillery 28-Oct-1918
Brugger Rudolph Private Battery B 319th Field Artillery 23-Feb-1918
Byrns James A. [Bugler] Battery B 52nd Field Artillery, Camp Travis 19-Dec-1918
Capp Walter K. Private Battery B 19th Field Artillery 15-Nov-1918
Carroll Richard Private Battery B 140th Field Artillery 7-Jul-1919
Cetti William S. Private, 1st class Battery B 105th Field Artillery 11-Dec-1918
Collins William A. Corporal Battery B 38th Artillery C.A.C. 28-Sep-1918
Cozier Cardiff E. Private First Class Battery B 13th Field Artillery 2-Dec-1918
Dakin John E. Private Battery B 35th Field Artillery 20-Oct-1918
De Alleaume Arthur W. Private Battery B 5th Trench Mortar Battalion 7-Oct-1918
Doughtery Bernard F. Private Battery B 46th Field Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 26-Oct-1918
Fagan John A. 1st Sergeant Battery B 70th Coast Artillery 19-Feb-1918
Falcone Frank private Battery B 14th Field artillery 22-Aug-1918
Farleigh Joseph H. Private Battery B 19th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Ford George Sergeant Battery B 305th Field Artillery 7-Feb-1919
Frantzman Eugene L. [H.S.] Battery B 17th Field Artillery 15-Feb-1919
Gerschel George Private Battery B 319th field Artillery 1-Nov-1918
Graham Daniel J. Corporal Battery B 105th Field Artillery 30-Oct-1918
Haenel Julius B. Private Battery B 105th Field Artillery 12-Oct-1918
Harrigan Jeremiah Saddler Battery B 104th Field Artillery 15-Mar-1919
Houseman Howard T. Private Battery B 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Johnson Henry P. Private Battery B 11th Regiment, 5th Brigade, Field Artillery 14-Nov-1918
Kronfield Harry E Private Battery B 305th Field Artillery 16-Aug-1918
Laffan John J Private Battery B 33d Field Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Lee William A. Private Battery B 1st [Field Artillery] Repl. 27-Dec-1918
Lerch Henry Jr Sergeant Battery B 105th Field Artillery 26-Sep-1918
Lewington Alfred L Private 1st Class Battery B 104th Field Artillery 11-Nov-1918
Lynch Jeremiah S Private Battery B 305th Field Artillery 20-Jun-1918
Lynch Phillip C. Private Battery B 64th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 1-Oct-1918
Madden James W Private 1st Class Battery B 306th Field Artillery 28-Aug-1918
McCarren James Eugene Private Battery B 304th Field Artillery 8-Dec-1918
McConnell Frank J 2nd Lt Battery B 7th Field Artillery 22-Jul-1918
Miles Frank Corporal Battery B 8th Field Artillery 5-Aug-1917
Morey Harry E. Battery B 334th Field Artillery 30-Sep-1918
Moser David Private Battery B 77th Field Artillery 1-Mar-1919
O'Brien John J. Private Battery B 13th Field Artillery 20-Jul-1917
Pardo Sam Private Battery B 70th Field Artillery 9-Oct-1918
Payne Harry F. Private Battery B 7th Field Artillery Replacement Depot 1-Oct-1918
Pistor Herbert O. Corporal Battery B 320th Field Artillery 19-Oct-1918
Restaino Alfred Corporal Battery B 7th Field Artillery 31-Oct-1918
Richman Samuel Corporal Battery B 147th Field Artillery 13-Nov-1918
Rubin David Private Battery B 3rd Field Artillery 26-May-1919
Schnell Herman Private Battery B 10th Battalion Field Artillery Repl Draft Camp, Taylor, KY 3-Oct-1918
Schoonmaker Thomas Private Battery B 7th Regiment, Field Artillery Repl Draft 6-Oct-1918
Schrader Anthony J Corporal Battery B 7th Field Artillery 23-Feb-1918
Schultz William B Horseshoer Battery B 104th Field Artillery 23-Mar-1919
Scott Orlo H. Private Battery B 18th Field Artillery 21-Feb-1919
Sedlack William Private Battery B 57th Artillery CAC 7-Nov-1918
Shaddock Stephen J Private 1st Class Battery B 321st Field Artillery 18-Feb-1919
Sharbel Albert Private Battery B 1st Field Artillery 27-Sep-1916
Tuttleman Murray H Private Battery B 118th Field Artillery 18-Oct-1918
Walters Robert C Private 1st Class Battery B 105th Field Artillery 30-Oct-1918
Ward Lloyd J. Private Battery B 305th Field Artillery 20-Jul-1918
Weisler Henry Private Battery B 7th Field Artillery 2-Oct-1918
Westphalen Frank Jos Private Battery B 304th Field Artillery 21-Dec-1918
Wilson Harry W Private Battery B 303d Field Artillery 16-Nov-1918
Anderson Martin A., Jr. Private Battery C 78th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Angrisano William A. Mech Battery C 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Bell James W. Private Battery C 47th Coast Artillery Corps 26-Oct-1918
Belt James E. Private Battery C 18th Field Artillery 15-Jul-1918
Benjamin Hilson S Private Battery C 11th Bn,Field Artillery, Repl Draft 15-Oct-1918
Blumenthal Charles Private Battery C 47th Coast Artillery 23-Oct-1918
Brody Samuel L. Private Battery C 306th Field Artillery 16-Sep-1918
Carrie David Corporal Battery C 1st Battalion, Trench Artillery 6-Jan-1919
Clayton Harry Private Battery C 349th Field Artillery 22-May-1918
Conley Robert Private Battery C 307th Field Artillery 1-Oct-1918
Cregan George Private Battery C 57th C. A. C. 31-Oct-1918
Crombie William J. Private Battery C 310th Field Artillery 18-Oct-1918
Cunningham Harold B. Private 1st class Battery C 3rd Field Artillery 19-Sep-1918
De Mott Thomas S. Private 1st class Battery C 311th Field Artillery 28-Feb-1919
DeForzi Ippolito Private Battery C 19th Field Artillery 12-Feb-1919
Delaney John Private Battery C 76th Field Artillery 28-Oct-1918
Downing John L. Private Battery C 33rd Field Artillery 8-Oct-1918
Ferry Charles M. Private Battery C 12th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Figarrotto Tom Private Battery C 80th Field Artillery 9/?/1918
Finnerty Robert Private Battery C 305th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1917
Frankel John S. Private Battery C 81st Field Artillery 28-Nov-1917
Frey Harry C. Corporal Battery C 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Gaab Charles Private Battery C 305th Field Artillery 10-Sep-1918
Gillman Samuel Sergeant Battery C 328th Field Artillery 19-Mar-1918
Granberg Arthur E. 1st Lieutenant Battery C 38th Coast Artillery 1-Nov-1918
Hand Eugene M. Private 1st class Battery C 80th Field Artillery 13-May-1918
Henry Joseph E. Private Battery C 6th Field Artillery 2-Nov-1918
Horton Ira A. Wag Battery C 47th C.A.C. 31-Oct-1918
Jacobson Lars Private Battery C 3rd Battalion, Field Artillery 12-Oct-1918
Kelly George F. Corporal Battery C 319th Field Artillery 28-Mar-1918
Klos Stanley Mechanic Battery C 7th AAA Bn, CAC, Fort Howard, MD 11-Oct-1918
Knatz Frederick G Sergeant Battery C 10th Field Artillery 15-Jul-1918
Kramer Phillip Private Battery C 14th Field Artillery 2-Apr-1918
Lange Arthur Corporal Battery C 3d Field Artillery 27-Sep-1918
Lenahan Vincent M. Private Battery C 7th Field Artillery 27-May-1918
Lincker William Private 1st Class Battery C 12th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Lynch Thomas J Private 1st Class Battery C 3d Field Artillery 24-Sep-1918
Martell Albert P Private Battery C 8th Battalion 9-Apr-1918
Martin Jack B Private 1st Class Battery C 70th CAC 19-Feb-1919
Martin Thomas Private Battery C 306th Field Artillery 18-Aug-1918
McConville John H Mechanic Battery C 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
McCormick Thomas J Private Battery C 303d Field Artillery 23-Oct-1918
Mecchella Michael Private Battery C 104th Field Artillery 2-Oct-1918
Merritt Francis J Private Battery C 105th Field Artillery 12-Apr-1918
Michel August Private 1st Class Battery C 51st Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Miran Sydney J Corporal Battery C 3 Field Artillery 21-Sep-1918
Moore Frank Private Battery C 30th Field Artillery 11-Sep-1918
Murray John Jos Private Battery C 309th Field Artillery 20-Feb-1919
Musante Charles J Mess Sergeant Battery C 73d Artillery, CAC 4-Dec-1918
Olds George Private Battery C 34th Field Artillery 2-Oct-1918
Osborn Stanley Meyer Private Battery C 7th Regiment, Field Artillery Repl Draft 4-Oct-1918
Sackett Oscar L. Private Battery C 304th Field Artillery 31-May-1918
Simoni Louis Cook Battery C 7th Field Artillery 9-Nov-1918
Sullivan Frederick J. Private Battery C 151st Field Artillery 24-Mar-1918
Toner Peter J. Sergeant Battery C 74th Artillery C.A.C. 4-Oct-1918
Trant John J. Private Battery C 304th Field Artillery 14-Mar-1918
Tucker Leo A. Wagoner Battery C 57th Artillery C.A.C. 23-Jul-1918
Van Skinner Serrell Private Battery C 304th Field Artillery 18-Mar-1918
Virkler Abel S. Private First Class Battery C 305th Field Artillery 2-Nov-1918
Wachter Joseph J Corporal Battery C 31st Artillery 16-Nov-1918
Wallace John J Private 1st Class Battery C 306th Field Artillery 3-Jun-1918
Watson Frank James Private Battery C 12th Field Artillery 16-May-1918
Watson Freeman PVT Battery C 334th F A 3-Oct-1918
Willi Joseph A Private 1st Class Battery C 77th Field Artillery 20-Nov-1918
Adens James Private First Class Battery D 7th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Brown Lester T. Private First Class Battery D 2nd Field Artillery (105th Field Artillery) 20-Dec-1918
Calagna Vincent Private Battery D 58th Artillery C.A.C 9-Dec-1918
Cameron Douglas T. 1st Lieutenant Battery D 7th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Chandler William H. 2nd Lieutenant Battery D 7th Field Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Cohen Ralph Private, 1st class Battery D 320th field Artillery 17-Oct-1918
Coleman Joseph Augustine Private Battery D 309th Infantry 25-Nov-1918
Collins Clarence O. Private Battery D 77th field Artillery 13-Aug-1918
Cooper James F. Captain Battery D 308th Field Artillery 17-Feb-1918
Corr Wiliam F. Mec. Battery D 305th Field Artillery 4-Feb-1919
Dahlbender George A. Private Battery D 5th Trench Mortar Battery 8-Oct-1918
Dickes Andrew A. Bugler Battery D 307th Field Artillery 30-Mar-1918
Drake Duane D. Private 1st class Battery D 19th Field Artillery 28-Sep-1918
Espsnscheid William P. Private Battery D 5th Trench Mortar Battery 2-Oct-1918
Feldbusch Hugo H. mechanic Battery D 5th Trench Mortat Battery 30-Sep-2928
Friend Winfield S. Private Battery D 1st Field Artillery 23-Jun-1918
Garrity John J. Private Battery D 303rd Field Artillery 28-Oct-1918
Geer Connie F. Corporal Battery D 305th Field Artillery 16-Aug-1918
Gottenick Ignatz Private Battery D 32nd field Artillery 8-Oct-1918
Grennan Thomas F. Private Battery D 307th Field Artillery 22-Feb-1919
Gries Edward F. Sergeant Battery D 19th Field Artillery 26-Sep-1918
Gugliotta Frank Private Battery D 319th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Hanrahan John James Private First Class Battery D 76th Field Artillery 2-Mar-1919
Hassinger Philip Private Battery D 16th Field Artillery 15-Aug-1918
Haupt John C. Private Battery D 26th Field Artillery 19-Oct-1918
Hoadleym Sheldon E. 1st Lieutenant Battery D 305th Field Artillery 13-Oct-1918
Hoel Warren Louis Private Battery D 306th Field Artillery 26-Aug-1918
Jeffress Accie Private Battery D 349th Field Artillery 14-Dec-1918
Johnson Charles E. Private Battery D 308th Field Artillery 25-Oct-1918
Kaplan Samuel Corporal Battery D 306th field Artillery 12-Sep-1918
Keller Harry Private, 1st class Battery D 52nd Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 24-Oct-1918
Kelly Joseph A. Private Battery D 34th Field Artillery 19-Oct-1918
Krietsch Otto K A Sergeant Battery D 83d Field Artillery 23-Sep-1918
Kroll John Private Battery D 19th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Landwehr Percy Private Battery D 35th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Langon Peter Private Battery D 20th Field Artillery 13-Sep-1918
Lonegran Peter Private Battery D 105th Field Artillery 12-Apr-1918
Mason Walter J Private Battery D 31st Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
McCabe Bernard Private Battery D 305th Field Artillery 23-Aug-1918
McDonald Edward T. Private Battery D 121st Field Artillery 24-Jan-1919
McInerney Vincent P Private 1st Class Battery D 59th Artillery, CAC 1-Nov-1918
McKee Guy E. Sergeant Battery D 307th Field Artillery 31-Oct-1918
Minervini Attilio R Private Battery D 105th Field Artillery 14-Sep-1918
Montan Erik Lambert Private 1st Class Battery D 76th Field Artillery 3-Dec-1918
Morris Joseph A. Private Battery D 9th Regiment Field Artillery , Repl Draft 13-Dec-1918
Moynihan Andrew Private 1st Class Battery D 76th Field Artillery 28-Feb-1919
Mundy Tony Private Battery D 13th Field Artillery 12-Sep-1917
North Lorenzo W Corporal Battery D 16th Field Artillery 1-Aug-1917
O'Connell Artaur J Private Battery D 5th TM Battery 2-Oct-1918
Pechota George Private, 1st class Battery D 16th Field Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Pempel Arthur V. Private Battery D 51st Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 25-Jan-1919
Petrucci Joseph Private Battery D 82nd Field Artillery 11-Nov-1918
Phillips Roland R. Private Battery D 31st Field Artillery 17-Oct-1918
Primakove William Private, 1st class Battery D 20th Field Artillery 19-Sep-1918
Pritchard William Private Battery D 59th Coast Artillery Corps 28-Oct-1918
Ressner Michael Private First Class Battery D 105th Field Artillery 14-Sep-1918
Reynolds Daniel Private Battery D 342nd Field Artillery 21-Sep-1918
Roberts Jerome Private Battery D 21st Field Artillery 24-Mar-1918
Rubino Walter J. Private Battery D 305th Field Artillery 21-Aug-1918
Rund Anthony Private Battery D 73rd Artillery C.A.C. 5-Oct-1918
Rutland Warren Private Battery D 60th Field Artillery 4-Oct-1918
Skud Max W Private Battery D 81st Field Artillery 20-Nov-1918
Spadafore Nicola Private Battery D 342d Field Artillery 21-Sep-1918
Sperling Henry Private Battery D 342d Field Artillery 3-Oct-1918
Sullivan James J Private Battery D 344th Field Artillery 7-Sep-1918
Taylor William F Sergeant Battery D 7th Field Artillery 2-May-1918
Thowlatch Joseph J Private Battery D 7th Field Artillery 23-Jul-1919
Tylka Andrew Sergeant Battery D 6th Field Artillery 10-Feb-1919
Van Gorder Ernest H. Private Battery D 73rd Artillery 6-Oct-1918
Vannini Antonio Private Battery D 304th Field Artillery 23-Aug-1918
Vrbsky Charles Private Battery D 76th Field Artillery 23-Apr-1918
Waiser Jacob Private Battery D 306th Field Artillery 3-Sep-1918
Wallace Addison L. Private Battery D 307th Field Artillery 2-Nov-1918
Weinhauer George H Sergeant Battery D 304th Field Artillery 4-Sep-1918
Whalen David J Private 1st Class Battery D 305th Field Artillery 4-Feb-1919
Wiggins George R. Private Battery D 1st Battalion, 1st Provincial Depot Brigade 12-Oct-1918
Wolfburger William Private 1st Class Battery D 105th Field Artillery 21-Dec-1918
Wolff Edward Jr 1st Lt Battery D 16th Field Artillery 16-Aug-1918
Bartine Augustine Private Battery E 32nd Field Artillery 21-Oct-1918
Bradley John H. Cook Battery E 147th field Artillery 14-Aug-1918
Buchl Adolph Sergeant Battery E [304th Field Artillery] 28-Aug-1918
Buess Edward C. Private Battery E 305th Field Artillery 8-Feb-1919
Burke John J. Private First Class Battery E 343rd Field Artillery 21-Jan-1919
Burns James F. Private First Class Battery E 305th Field Artillery 26-Aug-1918
Capasso Joseph Private First Class Battery E 305th Field Artillery [11/16/1908]
Condon Thomas Sergeant Battery E 81st Field Artillery 4-Jun-1919
Conway Philip J. Wagoner Battery E 57th C. A. C. 29-Oct-1918
Dann William M. Private Battery E 334th Field Artillery 29-Sep-1918
Detrani Dominick A. Private First Class Battery E 306th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Eckel Guy E. Battery E 19th Field Artillery 18-Sep-1918
Finnigan Stephen Supply Sergeant Battery E 25th Field Artillery 12-Oct-1918
Gavin William W. Private Battery E 308th Field Artillery 8-Feb-1919
Gorman Walter C. Wagoner Battery E 336th Field Artillery 24-Feb-1919
Grosz William H. Corporal Battery E 306th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Guarini Victor Private Battery E 105th Field Artillery 1-Nov-1918
Hanrahan William Private Battery E 21st Field Artillery 21-Nov-1918
Healy Timothy J. Private Battery E 59th Field Artillery 15-Jan-1919
Hernon Edward P. Private Battery E 6th Field Artillery 19-Feb-1918
Hopp Charles F. Mechanic Battery E 306th field Artillery 21-Aug-1918
Kelly Peter F. Sergeant Battery E 104th field Artillery 1-Oct-1918
Kenny William Private 1st Class Battery E 10th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Keriacopoulos Gus Cook Battery E 10th Field Artillery 16-Jan-1919
Lauth William C Private 1st Class Battery E 57th Artillery, CAC 26-Mar-1918
Lawrence Walter H Private 1st Class Battery E 105th Field Artillery 8-Nov-1918
Levitt Morris Private Battery E 12th Field Artillery 12-Sep-1918
Levoy Joseph H Sergeant Battery E 306th Field Artillery 18-Aug-1918
Lyke Fred E. Battery E 71st Field Artillery 20-Oct-1918
Lyng Floyd J. Private Battery E 34th Field Artillery 7-Oct-1918
Margraf Enoch G Private 1st Class Battery E 306th Field Artillery 18-Aug-1918
Mattice Floyd C. Private Battery E 6th Regiment Field Artillery Repl. Draft 22-Nov-1918
McGuinness Frank Private 1st Class Battery E 104th Field Artillery 22-Jan-1918
McHugh John J Corporal Battery E 306th Field Artillery 26-Aug-1910
Messina Charles Private Battery E 7th Field Artillery 27-May-1918
Messina Dominico Private Battery E 343rd Field Artillery 21-Jan-1919
Mittlat William Private Battery E 341st Field Artillery 24-Feb-1919
Muntz Arthur E. Private Battery E 321st Field Artillery 1-Feb-1919
Murphy Edward F Private Battery E 306th Field Artillery 20-Mar-1918
Murray Matthew W Sergeant Battery E 25th Field Artillery 24-Jan-1919
Neary Augustine J Corporal Battery E 2d Field Artillery 2-Jul-1918
Nelson John Private Battery E 306th Field Artillery 18-Aug-1918
O'Rourke Thomas F. Private Battery E 306th Infantry 17-Feb-1919
Palleschi Scipione Private Battery E 32nd Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Raia Guisseppe [Bugler] Battery E 320th Field Artillery 20-Oct-1918
Renwick Thomas Sergeant Battery E 19th Field Artillery 20-Oct-1918
Reynolds Matthew G. Jr. 1st Lieutenant Battery E 115th Field Artillery 5-Jan-1918
Rich Grover C. Private Battery E 147th FA 10-Dec-1918
Rosalia Charles Private Battery E 305th Field Artillery 28-Aug-1918
Rose Philip 2nd Lieutenant Battery E 6th Field Artillery 5-Oct-1918
Rubin James Sergeant Battery E 81st Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Ruszkowski John Private Battery E 10th Field Artillery 11-Nov-1918
Ryan Ernest A. Private Battery E 305th Field Artillery 8-Feb-1919
Scalera Giananni Private Battery E 319th Field Artilery 14-Feb-1919
Scheidel Frank T Private 1st Class Battery E 57th CAC 19-Jul-1918
Scollan Joseph Private Battery E 303d Field Artillery 20-Feb-1919
Shippee Elmer R. Private Battery E 36th Field Artillery 12-Oct-1918
Sieber George Private Battery E 304th Field Artillery 9-Sep-1918
Silverman Joseph H Private Battery E 57th Artillery, CAC 17-Jun-1918
Silvernail Claude Private Battery E 72nd Field Artillery 12-Oct-1918
Simmons Howard Wagoner Battery E 57th CAC 15-Nov-1918
Slevin William Private 1st Class Battery E 104th Field Artillery 19-Oct-1918
Smith Harry O Private Battery E 6th Field Artillery 26-Apr-1918
Steen Perry Private 1st Class Battery E 305th Field Artillery 8-Feb-1918
Swenson Charles Private Battery E 38th Artillery, CAC 27-Sep-1918
Vols Camille Private First Class Battery E 308th Field Artillery 22-Feb-1919
Weeber Frederick A Private 1st Class Battery E 305th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Zengen Eugene Private 1st Class Battery E 104th Field Artillery 22-Mar-1919
Back Hiram C. Mechanic Battery F 104th Field Artillery 17-Mar-1919
Bartel Emil J. Private Battery F 59th Coast Artillery Corps 23-Sep-1918
Bassage Roy E. Private Battery F 304th field Artillery 7-Mar-1919
Beckerman Herman Private Battery F 321st Field Artillery 9-Feb-1918
Berkemeyer Raymond A. Sergeant Battery F 306th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Bickhardt John A. Private, 1st class Battery F 105th Field Artillery 14-Mar-1919
Boyce Arthur H. Private, 1st class Battery F 105th Field Artillery 15-Mar-1919
Brandino John S. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Conor Lewis S., Jr. Private 1st class Battery F 104th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Daly George A. Battery F 51st Artillery C.A.C 28-Jul-1918
Davis Floyd L. Private Battery F 53rd Field Artillery 21-Dec-1918
De Ponso Lidovico Private Battery F 301st Field Artillery 14-Oct-1918
Delaney Thomas M. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Farrell Joseph F. Private Battery F 1st Field Artillery 4-Nov-1917
Fatsoas Paul Private, 1st class Battery F 304th Field artillery 25-Aug-1918
Feigl Jefferson Battery F 7th Field Artillery 21-Mar-1918
Finan John J., Jr. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Fitzpatrick John J. Private Battery F 14th Field Artillery 8-Apr-1918
Flugge Frederick E. Private Battery F 305th Field Artillery 21-Aug-1918
Fortman Elmer Private Battery F 16th Field Artillery 27-Feb-1918
Fortner Sidney Private Battery F 105th Field Artillery 27-Nov-1918
Gill Conliffe Chief Mechanic Battery F 14th Field Artillery 26-Mar-1918
Hains Ernest A. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 16-Mar-1919
Hansbury James Private Battery F 14th Regiment Field Artillery Repl. Draft 5-Oct-1918
Heins Ernest A. Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 16-Mar-1918
Henry John Private First Class Battery F 77th Field Artillery 22-Feb-1919
Hey James Wilbert Private Battery F 71st Regt Field Artillery 29-Sep-1918
Hill James A. Private 1st class Battery F 304th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Hutchings Arnold C. Private, 1st class Battery F 44th Artillery, coast Artillery Corps 29-Sep-1918
Kalin Charles Private Battery F 7th Regt Field Artillery, Repl Draft, Cp Jackson, SC 8-Oct-1918
Kovar Albert F Private 1st Class Battery F 105th Field Artillery 18-Jan-1919
Leccese Tony Private Battery F 10th Field Artillery 10-Oct-1918
Lennon John J Private 1st Class Battery F 105th Field Artillery 21-Mar-1919
Malcolm Ralph R Sergeant Battery F 105th Field Artillery 8-Mar-1919
Margiotti Tony Private Battery F 49th Artillery 26-Oct-1918
Martel William Private Battery F 42nd Coast Artillery 24-Nov-1918
Messina Joseph Private Battery F 306th Field Artillery 28-Oct-1917
Mimnaugh Joseph Private Battery F 7th Field Artillery 20-Jul-1918
Mindill Phillip K Private 1st Class Battery F 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Moran John R Private 1st Class Battery F 304th Field Artillery 18-Aug-1918
Morgese Guiseppe Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Morwood George Thomas Private Battery F 76th Field Artillery 15-Jul-1918
Moserwitz Nathan Private 1st Class Battery F 304th Field Artillery 20-Aug-1918
Nagele Simon J. Private Battery F 36th Field Artillery 26-Jan-1919
O'Neill Lewis E. G. Private, 1st class Battery F 104th Field Artillery 21-Nov-1918
Piccone Anthony R. Private Battery F 10th Field Artillery 25-Nov-1918
Reynolds Ralph L. Mechanic Battery F 17th Field Artillery 27-Sep-1918
Robbins Edward Private First Class Battery F 304th Field Artillery 25-Aug-1918
Rogers Neil Private Battery F 304th Field Artillery 25-Feb-1919
Rothwell Robert Corporal Battery F 10th Field Artillery 26-Jul-1918
Schultheiss Charles C Jr Private 1st Class Battery F 50th CAC 19-Oct-1918
Siegel Henry Corporal Battery F 305th Field Artillery 12-Feb-1919
Skinner Harry A Private Battery F 70th Artillery, CAC 24-Feb-1919
Spinazzola Nicholas Private Battery F 76th Field Artillery 19-Oct-1918
Squires LeRoy H. Corporal Battery F 26th Field Artillery 21-Oct-1918
Stewart Bina C. Private 1st class Battery F 5th Field Artillery 3-Nov-1918
Stier Frederick J Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 31-Oct-1918
Tansey James J Private 1st Class Battery F 19th Field Artillery 18-Sep-1918
Tonda Anthony Private Battery F 3rd Field Artillery 22-Mar-1919
Tracy Thomas Private Battery F 104th Field Artillery 4-Nov-1918
Tummonds Leon W. Private Battery F 7th Regiment, Repl Draft 8-Oct-1918
Varney William J. Private Battery F 78th Field Artillery 30-Sep-1918
Vredenburgh Theodore F Private Battery F 16th Field Artillery 24-Oct-1917
Walters Valentine H Sergeant Battery F 304th Field Artillery 23-Aug-1918
Wilsey Charles Private Battery F 7th FA 25-Jul-1918
Shew Carl G Sergeant Battery G 8th Rgt, CAC 4-Nov-1917
Burling George B Jr. Private Battery H 52nd Artillery C.A.C. 18-Feb-1918
Fleming James Private Battery R.E. 308th Field Artillery 22-Oct-1918
Treiber John Private Batttery D 76th Field Artillery 29-Jul-1918
Miller Walter G Pvt BC 12th Regt FA Repl Dep 2-Nov-1918
Meyer John A Pvt Bkry Co 101 Cp Williams 16-Sep-1918
Doty Percival G PVT Bln. Company Av. Sec. Sig. Corps 16-Oct-1918
Hodge Henry W Pvt Btrty R 305th FA 10-Feb-1919
Kujawa Eagan J Pvt Btry 334th FA 15-Oct-1918
Musty John N Cpl Btry 12th FA 11-Feb-1918
Armstrong John H Pvt Btry A 106th FA 18-Jan-1918
Brigaitis Peter Joseph Pvt Btry A 36th FA 24-Oct-1918
Buchner George F Pvt Btry A 7th FA 5-Oct-1918
Burns William Frank Pvt 1st cl Btry A 17th FA 18-Jun-1918
Carlson Carl A J Mec Btry A 18th FA Jul 15,11918
Connors Thomas H Cpl Btry A 81st FA 18-Oct-1918
Douglas Allan W 1LT Btry A 113th FA 13-Sep-1918
Ellwood Henry F Pvt Btry A 18th Bn FA Repl Dep 12-Oct-1918
Hallock Ray C Pvt Btry A 13th Bn FARD 30-Sep-1918
Heath Clellan T Clk Btry A 20th FA 27-Feb-1918
Keefe Joseph D Cpl Btry A 34th FA 23-Jan-1918
King Arthur L Private Btry A 305th Field Artillery 2-Jan-1918
McElheny James H Pvt Btry A 18th FA Bn 16-Oct-1918
Persel Stanley G Pvt Btry A 36th Regt FA 30-Oct-1918
Polaske Alex T Pvt Btry A 106th FA 17-Apr-1918
Robbins John D Pvt Btry A 4th Regt Repl Draft 18-Jan-1919
Schaffer george H Pvt Btry A 7th FA 23-Mar-1918
Sprague John Pvt Btry A 9th Regt FA Repl Draft 5-Dec-1918
Vaughan Roscoe Pvt Btry A 7th Regt 3d Bdse FA Repl 25-Sep-1918
Ceruie Charles L Pvt Btry B 6th FA Oct 4,`1918
Cochran Floyd B Pvt Btry B 147th FA 8-Aug-1918
Griffith Lynn H Pvt 1st cl Btry B 307th FA 7-Oct-1918
Hills Farmer Judge Sgt Btry B 307th FAH 2 414 Tel Bn 11-Feb-1918
Jackson Grover C Pvt Btry B 31st FA 14-Oct-1918
Kaniecki Frank J Btry B 106th FA 13-May-1919
Kerlin Wesley J Pvt Btry B 20th FAQ 26-Jul-1918
Lafever Clayton R Wgnr Btry B 18th FA 21-Mar-1918
Massucci Antonio Pvt Btry B 106th FA 2-Dec-1918
Milks Chester C Pvt Btry B 27th FA 31-Oct-1918
Quinn Frank E Pvt Btry B 36th FA 19-Oct-1918
Ransom Chester H Pvt Btry B 307th FA 11-Sep-1918
Rebmann George W Pvt Btry B 14th Regt 5th Bde FA 16-Oct-1918
Velie John Carleton Cpl Btry B 34th FA 28-Jan-1919
Wright Arthur C Cpl Btry B 106th FA 17-Oct-1918
Wrubel Ludwik Pvt Btry B 307th FA 15-Nov-1917
Bergeson Wernest A Pvt Btry C 335th FA
Brooks Isaac B Pvt Btry C 305th FA 12-Feb-1919
Jacobs John C Wag Btry C 57th Arty CAC 8-Oct-1918
Johnson Oscar E Pvt 1st cl Btry C 307th FA 22-Oct-1918
Joyner Floyd S Pvt Btry C 1 Bn prov B Cp 9-Oct-1918
Kampfer Frank Pvt Btry C 73d CAC 18-Oct-1918
Klomps Harry Pvt Btry C 307th FA 5-Jan-1919
Nolan John Joseph Pvt Btry C 104th FA 7-Nov-1918
Rankin Herbert E CPT Btry C 5th AA Bn 15-Oct-1918
Reavey John P Pvt Btry C 47th Arty 13-Oct-1918
Scheneckenberger Joseph Bglr Btry C 60th FA 9-Oct-1918
Trulin Frank J Pvt Btry C 10th Bn Repl Draft 15-Oct-1918
Wathsock Arthur Pvt Btry C 7th Regt FA Repl Draft 30-Sep-1918
Wolfe Walter A Pvt Btry C 321st FA 15-Oct-1918
Carcasoli John Pvt Btry D 21st FA 17-Feb-1919
Constantini David Pvt Btry D 106th FA 20-Mar-1919
Cook Roy Pvt Btry D 11th FA Repl Div 9-Oct-1918
Curran Edward F Cpl Btry D 320th FA 27-Dec-1918
Fox Martin B Cpl Btry D 310th FA 29-Oct-1918
Hoffman Andrew G Jr Pvt 1st cl Btry d 106th FA 9-Jan-1918
Jones Walter R Pvt Btry D 14 Regt FA Repl Draft 5-Oct-1918
Kalf Edward Pvt Btry D 304th FA 1-Sep-1918
McAneny James E Pvt 1st cl Btry D 31st FA 12-Oct-1918
McDevitt Earl H Pvt 1st cl Btry D 304th FA 6-Sep-1918
McDonald Samuel Pvt Btry D 106th FA 22-Mar-1919
Murrell Edgar R Pvt Btry D 307th FA 29-Mar-1918
Rosenkranz August B Pvt Btry D 82d Arty 22-Oct-1918
Saalfrank Forrest W Pvt 1st cl Btry D 345th FA 14-Feb-1919
Scastilla Alfredo Pvt Btry D 21st FA 15-Feb-1918
Thomas William j Pvt Btry D 11th FA 20-Sep-1918
Wisniewski John Pvt Btry D 3d FA 3-Oct-1918
Abel Joseph John Pvt Btry E 35th FA 1-Oct-1918
Banker Charles N Jr Pvt Btry E Lobar Pnuemonia 17-Oct-1918
Barbary Frank Saddler Btry E 349th FA 15-Feb-1918
Cooley Ira V Btry E 1st Regt Feb Auto Repl Draft 10-Oct-1918
Donnelly James J Btry E 35th FA 19-Oct-1918
Finkelstein Arthur B Pvt Btry E 106th FA 3-Nov-1918
Hicks Claude Cpl Btry E 70th Arty CAC 5-Apr-1919
Lombard George W Btry E 320th FA 14-Feb-1918
Morgan Henry Pvt Btry E 349th FA 26-Aug-1920
Rouse Seth J Pvt Btry E 50th CAC 17-Oct-1918
Spulawski Steve Pvt 1st cl Btry E 321st FA 1-Nov-1918
Stillinger Rowland H Pvt Btry E 304th FA 9-Sep-1918
Thomas Stephen J Pvt Btry E 35th FA 19-Oct-1918
Walkowiak John V Pvt Btry E 301st FA 25-Oct-1918
Whelpley Paul W Pvt Btry E 10th Regt FA Repl Dep 16-Oct-1918
Acquard Theodore J Pvt Saddler Btry F 106th FA 19-Mar-1919
Finck Frederick W Pvt Btry F 310th FA 13-Oct-1918
Hill Millen L Pvt Btry F 15th FA 25-Jun-1917
Holtz WalterI Pvt Btry F 34th FA 22-Feb-1919
Kerstetter Charles Pvt Btry F 106th FA 30-Nov-1918
Klink Joseph Private Btry F 305th Field Artillery 4-Feb-1919
Peterson Adelbert Pvt 1st cl Btry F 18th FA 24-Jul-1918
Ripton Leonard W Pvt Btry F 15th FA 7-Apr-1918
Roth Fred Chief Mech Btry F 106th FA 24-Mar-1919
Sanford Luman K Pvt 1st cl Btry F 76th FA 15-Jul-1918
Shamp Wesley R Pvt Btry F 36th FA 21-Jan-1918
Thurston James F Btry F 334th FA 11-Mar-1919
Wannenwetsch Edward W Pvt Btry F 76th FA 29-Jan-1918
Callaham Jerry Pvt Btyry B 33d FA 3-Oct-1918
Crimonia Rocco Private First Class Butchery 308th Quartermaster Corp, B Sec. 22-Aug-1918
Danwit Daniel Corporal Butchery 349th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Quigley Thomas C. Private Butchery 335th 11-Oct-1918
Koelbl Joseph Pvt 1st cl Butchery Co QMC 20-May-1919
Stepnick Jacob F Pvt Butchery Co 319 3-Mar-1919
Ferraro Morio Corporal Butchery Company 347th Infantry 20-Jun-1919
Fiorino Joseph Private Butchery Company 327th Infantry 23-Oct-1918
Abeler Albert B. Private First Class C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Aceveda Edelmiro Private C 51st Pioneer Infantry 21-Aug-1918
Adragna Frank Private C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Ahearn John Private C 136th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Alicas William C 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Allbright Cecil E CPL C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Althiser Jason B. Private C 7th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Anable Leo B PVT C 54th Infantry 7-Nov-1918
Anacker David PVT C 16th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Anderson Axel S. Private C 71st Infantry N. Y. N.G.|105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Anderson Edward A. Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Anderson Edwin P. Private C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Angiello Natalo PVT C 61st Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Aston Enoch Private C 105th Infantry 11-Oct-1920
Baker Roy L. Private C 369th Infantry 29-Jun-1918
Banning Geo Albert CPL C 102nd Am Tn 11-Mar-1919
Barry Charles J Private C 2d Prov Bn Engineers, MP Cantonment, Ft Benj Harrison, IN 12-Oct-1918
Bellamy James L Cook C 108th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Benjamin James Egbert Private C 18th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Bettinger James E Mess Sgt C 10th Bn, US Guards 24-Sep-1918
Bingham Mathew D PVT C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Blowers David A. Private C 101st M. G. Battalion 15-Apr-1919
Braman Peter D PFC C 9th MG Bn 15-Jul-1918
Brannick William C. Corporal C 11th Am. Tn. 29-Sep-1918
Brenner George Edmund CPL C 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Brock Julius Private C 305th Infantry 16-Nov-1918
Brophy Peter F. Private First Class C 9th Engineers 15-Oct-1918
Brown Joseph P. Private C 318th M. G. Battalion 12-Nov-1918
Brusso Edward Private C 148th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Bruton Andrew A. Jr. Private First Class C 106th Infantry 1-Sep-1918
Buck Fred Private C 4th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Buckley Benjamin 1st Lieutenant C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Burkitt George S. Sergeant C 325th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Burr William R SGT C 106th MG Bn 23-Oct-1918
Cabasino Louis Francis Private C 4th Infantry 19-Jul-1918
Cadwell Clifford Howard Sergeant C 38th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Calabro Vincenzo Private C 22nd Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Call Ivan B Mec C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Campbell Harry J. Private First Class C 147th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Campbell James V. Private C 16th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Candito Vincent John C 1st Sep Mch Gun Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Capone Guiseppe Private C Development Battalion 6 21-Oct-1918
Capotosto Augusto Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Carberry Matthew F. Private First Class C 165th Infantry 29-Jul-1918
Chase Homer E. Private C 147th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Chickalone Joseph Private 1st Class C 51st Pioneer Infantry 18-Jun-1918
Ciufo Salvatore PVT C 345th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Ciurca Sebastian PVT C 310th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Clays Leon PVT C 30th Infantry 5-Jan-1919
Coan Erick L PFC C 108th Infantry 19-Oct-1918
Collins Dennis Private First Class C 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Colonna John Private C 106th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Condit Warren C. Private C 16th Infantry 18-Sep-1918
Connor Thomas W. Private First Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Conroy David J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Constantine Charles F. Private First Class C 302nd F. Battalion , Sig. R.C. 6-Aug-1918
Conte Joseph J. Private C 105th Infantry 3-Apr-1919
Conway Frank Private C 165th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Cooper Fred R PVT C 60th US Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Corbett Frank H. Private C 307th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Cordes Paul H. 1st Lieutenant C 30th Engineers 12-Sep-1918
Corney John Private C 591st Engineers 4-Nov-1919
Cretton Benjamin J. Private C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Crisp Arthur C 310th Infantry 20-Sep-1918
Cronn George Private C 38th Infantry 7-Aug-1918
Cross Waite Alfred PVT C 18th Infantry 10-33-19 6-Oct-1918
Crowley Daniel L PFC C 302nd Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Cullen Hugh CPL C 16 Bn, US Guards 9-Oct-1918
Cunnane James Private C 306th M. G. Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Cunningham George Private C 108th Infantry 11-Jan-1919
Cunningham Thomas F. Private C 53rd Pioneers Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Curtis Felix R. J. Private C 165th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Daimler Charles F. C 71st Infantry N, Y.N.G./105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Daley Frank Private C 69th Infantry N. Y/165th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Dantzig Mark Private First Class C 305th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Davis John J. Private C 11th Cavalry 5-Apr-1917
Davis William G. 1st Lieutenant C 541st Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Davison Laurie E. Private C 7th Infantry N. Y. G. 2-Oct-1918
De Carnis William Private C 307th Infantry 15-Sep-1918
De Caro Joseph Private C 53 Pioneer Infantry 5-Oct-1918
DeAngelis Anthony D. Private First Class C 306th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Dearden Arthur Private C 303rd F. Sig. Battalion 18-Apr-1918
DeBadts Orice Private C 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Decker Byron W. Private First Class C 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Deevy William J. 1st Lieutenant C 18th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
DeForest Damon B. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Del Vecchio John Private C 106th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Delahunt Samuel K. Corporal C 7th Infantry NYNG/107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Demeis Pasquale PFC C 39th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
DeNering John D. Private C 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Dennis Thomas P. Private C 15th Battalion , U. S. Guard 3-Nov-1918
DeRham Charles Jr. 1st Lieutenant C 305th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Derry Fred A. Sergeant C 48th Infantry 5-Jan-1921
Derthick John A. Jr. Corporal C 106th M. G. Battalion 22-Oct-1918
Desmond Steve C. Corporal C 9th Infantry 4-Nov-1916
Devlin Leslie A. Private C 316th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Dickey Stephen W. 2nd Lieutenant C 110th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Dickstein Morris Private C 4th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Dieterlin Gerald E. First Sergeant C 7th Regiment N. Y. Infantry, N. G., 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Discher Frank E. Private First Class C 307th Supply Train 17-Aug-1918
Doeherty Henry Band Cpl C 306th Inf 19-Mar-1918
Dolan James E. Pvt C 9th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Dolan Joseph Pvt C 121st M.G. Bn 2-Sep-1918
Dombrowski Joseph Pvt C 16th Inf 8-Oct-1918
Donahue Edward J. Pvt C 2 A.A., M.G. Bn 12-Oct-1918
Donnabie Arthur N. Private C 117th Engineers 14-Oct-1918
Donovan John L. Private First Class C 312th 24-Oct-1918
Dooley Frank Pvt C 102d Engrs 30-Sep-1918
Doop James E. Pvt 1st cl C 106th Inf 16-Aug-1918
Doscher Fabianx W. 2nd Lieutenant C 38th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Dowd Edward J. Private C 105th Infantry 10-Sep-1918
Doyle Joseph J. Pvt C Dev Bn, No 1, Camp Upton 7-Oct-1918
Drucker Max Pvt C 25th FA 12-Sep-1918
Duane Robert J. Corp C 107th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Duffy James Harold C NYG Phila. 27-Jan-1920
Dunleavy John Pvt 1st cl C 106th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Dunne John P. Unk C 102d Engrs 29-Sep-1918
Dupius Louis E. Private C 105th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Duvall Harold L CPL C 302nd Engineers 13-Oct-1918
Dwyer John Pvt C 6th Engineers 2-Oct-1918
Edelson Samuel M. Pvt C 120th M.G. Bn. 1-Oct-1918
Edwards Geo. H. Pvt 1st cl C 105th FA 26-Sep-1918
Edwards Leroy S CPL C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Edzard Edward Pvt C 307th Engrs. 29-Aug-1918
Egan Eugene A. Corp C 15th M.G. Bn 10-Nov-1918
Egan James B. 2d Lt C 102d Inf 25-Oct-1918
Emerich Clarence J PVT C 120 MG Bn 10-Sep-1918
Engle Charles Willis Private First Class C 126th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Exner Dewey M PFC C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Fabrez Sam Private C 303rd Engineers 25-Sep-1918
Fake Walter E. Corporal C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Farrell Sheridan P PVT C 167th Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Felker Charles R. Private C 37th Engineers 4-Mar-1919
Fitzgibbon Michael Corporal C 310th Infantry 19-Sep-1918
Flood John J. Corporal C 102nd F. Battalion Sig. C. 29-Sep-1918
Foley Frank J. Private First Class C 165th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Fonda Earl S. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Forater Harold R. Corporal C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Freeman John P. Private C 102nd Engineers 30-Sep-1918
Friedlander Clarence E. Corporal C 621st F. Signal Battalion 24-Nov-1918
Fuller Glenn A SGT C 60th Infantry 19-Jan-1919
Gallinger John L PFC C 308th MG Bn 26-Sep-1918
Garbaczewski Walter Private C 109th M.G. Battalion 8-Nov-1918
Garrity John B. J. Private C 325th Infantry 11-Nov-1918
Garvey Daniel S. Sergeant C 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Gaudio Raffaelo Private C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Gehm Charles D. Private C 147th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Geiger George P PVT C 305th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Glass Carl J Wagoner C 102nd Am Tn 15-Sep-1918
Gray Carl Private C 7th Infantry 12-Jan-1918
Griffith Joseph M. Private C 15th M.G. Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Grillo Andrew Private C 108th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Grimes Patrick J. Private First Class C 165th Infantry 17-Jul-1918
Gross John P. Corporal C 317th F. Signal Battalion 1-Oct-1918
Grossman Israel Private C 109th H. G. Battalion 3-Jan-1919
Gryp Andre PVT C 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Gunger Lawrence N. Corporal C 305th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Guttilla Carmelo Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Hadlock Frank W PVT C 28th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Hagar Luther A. Captain C 393rd F. Sig. Battalion 1-Oct-1918
Hagney Joseph M. Private C 15th Infantry 13-Dec-1917
Haile John Jacob Private C 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Haimowitz Benjamin Private C 109th M.G. Battalion 8-Sep-1918
Hall Howard E J CPL C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Halligan Raymond B. Corporal C 106th M. G. Battalion 24-Oct-1918
Hamm Anthony J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Hanavan Martin P. Corporal C 321st M. G. Battalion 16-Sep-1918
Hanrahan John J. Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Hansen Edward A. Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Harrison Ebb Joseph Private C 4th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Harvey Raymond W. Private C 102nd F Signal Battalion 30-Sep-1918
Hayns James F. Private C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hazen Harlie S PVT C 15th MG Bn 12-Sep-1918
Hegarty Thomas A. Sergeant C 102nd Field Signal Battalion 30-Oct-1918
Hehre Charles Private First Class C 306th M. G. Battalion 15-Sep-1918
Heinsler Bernard PVT C 37th Engrs 23-Aug-1918
Hemberg Robert Richard Private C 306th M. G. Battalion 14-Sep-1918
Hennessey John M. Private First Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hensel William S. Private First Class C 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Herholz Frederick C PVT C 328th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Herrmann Dominio Henry Corporal C 306th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Hickey James P. Corporal C 5th Engineers 1-Mar-1919
Hickey Thomas J. Private C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Hickman Virden Private C 307th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Higgins William Ardiss Jr. Wagoneer C 104th M. G. Battalion 14-Aug-1918
Hildebrande John G Cook C 8th F Sig Bn 3-Feb-1919
Hilton Charles Sergeant C 305th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Hinchman John A. Corporal C 308th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Hnetinka Albert Private C 22nd Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hogan Charles A. Private C 326th Infantry 17-Apr-1918
Hogarth George Cook C 343rd Serv. Battalion 16-Jun-1919
Horton Harding F. 2nd Lieutenant C 131st Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Howard George 2d Lt C 18th Infantry 13-Nov-1918
Jagnow William F PFC C 310th Infantry 22-Sep-1918
James Revenue Private C 53rd Engineers 22-Oct-1918
Johnson Louis Nelson PFC C 306th MG Bn 12-Oct-1918
Jones Henry W PFC C 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Jones James H PFC C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Jones John Mann PFC C 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Karker Jack Private First Class C 1st I, N. Y. N.G. 29-Sep-1918
Kazmierczak Boleslaw Private C 148th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Kelly Benjamin H PVT C 5th TBSC, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 5-Oct-1918
Kieskowski Valdy Private C 305th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
King William F Private C 105th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Kirchgassner Fred Private C 105th Infantry 31-Aug-1918
Kirschenheiter Charles F Private C 302d Field Sig Bn 24-Feb-1919
Klukowski Powell P PVT C 133rd Infantry 22-Sep-1918
Knowles Paul Hawthorne Corporal C 314th Field Signal Battalion 15-Nov-1918
Knowlson William G Corporal C 302d Engineers 28-Aug-1918
Kochler Clarence H Private 1st Class C 305th Infantry 2-Sep-1918
Kochlin Adolph N Private 1st Class C 3d AA MG Bn 23-Jan-1919
Kostine Peter B PVT C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Kowalinski Frank Private 1st Class C 328th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Kramer Nison Tirst Private C Ord Dept, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 15-Oct-1918
Krewer George F PVT C 32 Bn, US Guards, Ft.Niagara 5-Mar-1919
Kroll Frederick W CPL C 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Kruse John Joseph Cook C 1st Tng Bn S C, Ft Leavenworth, KS 27-Oct-1918
Kyle Joseph F Private C 105th MG Battalion 8-Oct-1918
Lahm Stanley F Private C 107th Infantry 13-Nov-1917
Laloan William F PVT C 3rd Bn, 20th Engineers 11-Jan-1918
Lanyon Cecil Private 1st Class C 305th Infantry 30-Aug-1918
Lawless Richard A Wagoner C 6th Engineers 17-Dec-1917
Lawrence Fred J PFC C 309th M. G. Battalion 21-Oct-1918
Lazow Samuel Private C 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Le Roy Simon P. Private First Class C 60th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Lefkowitz William H Private C 2nd Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Lekacos Louis Private C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Lerario Guiseppe Private C 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Letoukidis Gristos Private C 3d MG Bn 18-Jul-1918
Lettiere Daniel Private C 39th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Levine Morris Private C 4th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Lewin Samuel J Private C 105th Infantry 2-Aug-1918
Lewis Eddie Private C Sept,Aut Repl Draft 6-Oct-1918
Limongelli Giovanni Private C 306th MG Bn 23-Aug-1918
Lippert Frederick Private C 308th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Lippman Edward Private C 39th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Lipshitz Isaac Private C 120th MG Battalion 1-Oct-1918
Lockman Henry Wagoner C 314th Am Tn 13-Nov-1918
Lonardi Sandri Private C 308th Infantry 25-Jun-1918
Lorusso Angelo Private C 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Lout Charles H. Private C 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Lubeck John J Private C 327th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Lucchesi Alfred Private C 109th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
MacDougall Howard Private C 4th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Mahler Charles O Private C 302d Am Tn 14-Mar-1918
Maibaner Hugo R Corporal C 302d Engineers 1-Nov-1918
Maloy James L 2d Lt C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Mann Walter T Sergeant C 39th Infantry 21-Jul-1918
Mannix Joseph Private 1st Class C 5th MG Battalion 3-Oct-1918
Marco John Private C 18th Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Marcy George Private C 521st F Signal Battalion 24-Mar-1918
Marino John A Private 1st Class C 102d Engineers 20-Sep-1918
Markstahler Edward R Corporal C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Marra Ruggiero PFC C 108th F Sig Bn 8-Jan-1919
Marren Dominick J Private C 11th Engineers 29-Jun-1918
Marshall John Sergeant C 60th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Martin Albert Private 1st Class C 26th Infantry 25-Jul-1918
Martin William Charles Sergeant C 8th F Signal Battalion 11-Nov-1918
Massion Christian Z Private C 9th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Masso John Private C 53d Pioneer Infantry 3-Aug-1918
Massoni Antonio Private 1st Class C 6th Infantry 6-Nov-1918
Mathis Rudolph Jr Private C 305th Infantry 5-Nov-1918
Mattig Michael R. Private C 38th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Maxwell William H PFC C 114th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
McAllister Harry Private C 69th Infantry (165th Infantry) 31-Jul-1918
McArdle Edward J. Sergeant C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McBride Allen J 2nd Lt C 320th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
McBride Archibald G Private 1st Class C 308th Infantry 29-Aug-1918
McBride Thomas F Private C 26th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
McCann Henry P Private 1st Class C 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
McCarthy James C 5th Sep Battalion 4-Oct-1918
McCauliff Patrick Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McCormack Edward A Private C 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
McCormack Hugh Private 1st Class C 51st Pioneer Infantry 19-Dec-1918
McCormick James Private C 108th Infantry 30-Oct-1918
McCullough John P Corporal C 106th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
McDermott Patrick Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
McDonald Joseph P Private 1st Class C 11th Infantry, Camp Merritt 23-Oct-1918
McDonald Lester K Sergeant C 102 F, Signal Battalion 10-Nov-1918
McDonnell John Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
McDowell Charles M Private C 19th Engrs (Rwy) 30-Mar-1919
McElroy John P Sergeant C 326th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
McKee George A Corporal C 308th Infantry 29-Jun-1918
McKeon James Private C 127th Infantry 5-Oct-1918
McLaughlin William James Corporal C 6th Mach Gun Battalion 1-Nov-1918
McMahon William J Private C 106th Infantry 31-Aug-1918
McNamee William Joseph Private C 3d Am Tn 15-Jul-1918
McNeil John Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
McWalters James Private 1st Class C 106th Infantry 31-Aug-1918
Meagher John J Jr Corporal C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Meakin Sydney E PVT C 302nd Am Tn 1-Nov-1918
Medlar Daniel R Private C 165th Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Meehan Michael J Corporal C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Mendel Julius Private 1st Class C 307th Infantry 2-Oct-1919
Mertz John J Sergeant C 308th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Messenzehl Alois A Private C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Meury Frederick M Private C 305th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Meyer Frank Private 1st Class C 320th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Miller David W Private C 302d Engineers 17-Mar-1918
Miller Joseph C Private C 165th Infantry 22-Mar-1918
Miller Theodore Corporal C Group 2, M Trk, Dte, MG 12-Dec-1918
Millspaugh Kenneth R 1st Lt C 7th Engineers 10-Nov-1918
Miranda Gaetano T Private 1st Class C 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Mohr William J Private 1st Class C 325th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Moore Horace R Corporal C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Moore William Private C 369th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Moran Charles A Private C 135th MG Battalion 19-Sep-1918
Moran John J Corporal C 109th Infantry 28-Oct-1918
Morgan Paul R Private 1st Class C 106th MG Battalion 20-Jan-1918
Mork Fred O Private 1st Class C 316th Infantry 26-Sep-1918
Morschauser George N Corporal C 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Mortensen Sofus Private C 128th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Muesse Fred H Private 1st Class C 165th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Mulcahy Robert G Private C 5th Engineers Tng and Repl Camp 23-Sep-1918
Mullins John J Private 1st Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Mullins John J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Murnaghan Bernard F. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Murnane James Private 1st Class C 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Murphy Arthur Private C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Murphy Arthur J Private C 108th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Murphy Daniel Private 1st Class C 305th MG Battalion 7-Sep-1918
Murphy Daniel Cook C 108th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Murphy John J Corporal C 165th Infantry 4-Aug-1918
Murray James E Jr Private C 102d Engineers 19-Oct-1918
Murtha William V Private 1st Class C 165th Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Myers James T Private 1st Class C 165th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Naboraky Nikifore Private 1st Class C 47th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Nagele William H. Private C 147th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Neary Robert P Corporal C 102d Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Neisel John Corporal C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Newman Abraham Private C 312th MG Battalion 3-Nov-1918
Newman John Private C 69th Infantry 11-Aug-1917
Newman John C Private C 30th Infantry 15-Jul-1918
Newsbaum William Private C 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Nickerson Winford T Private C 102d F Sig Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Nigra Michael Private C 311th Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Niles Granville S CPL C 310th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Nirenberg Sam Private C 306th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Norman William T Private C 106th Infantry 18-Nov-1918
Nusebaum Nathan Private C 321st MG Battalion 15-Oct-1918
O'Brien George A Sergeant C 102d Engineers 17-Oct-1918
O'Brien William Private C 305th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
O'Connell William J Private C 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
O'Connor John J Private C 165th Infantry 1-Aug-1918
O'Connor Thomas J Private C 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Oderkirk Claude J. Private First Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
O'Neill Michael J. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Overstreet Coy Private C 164th Infantry 15-Mar-1918
Padulo Savaria PVT C 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Parker James E. C 303rd Am. Tn. 12-Nov-1918
Pavia August PVT C 305th MG Bn 7-Sep-1918
Pavlowick Steve PVT C 1st Bn, USG, Plattsburg Bks 8-Oct-1918
Personeni Merritt Private C 7th Infantry 25-Jul-1918
Phalen John J. Corporal C 105th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Pierce Jno Francis Private First Class C 2nd Pioneers Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Pitreniuk Wincenty PFC C 47th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Powers Leslie SGT C 9th Infantry 18-Jul-1918
Pugh Herschell David C 5th Separate Battalion 2-Nov-1918
Quinn Thomas Henry Private First Class C 7th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Quinn Christopher Private C 102nd Engineers 29-Sep-1918
Quinn Charles P. Private C 302nd Engineers 28-Sep-1918
Racco Rocco PVT C 308th Infantry 29-Jun-1918
Rahman Arnold Private C 316th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Randolph Franklin F. C 304th M.G. Battalion 12-Jan-1918
Rauch Peter Corporal C 308th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Raymish Augustus J CPL C 108th Infantry 21-Oct-1918
Reardon Maurice A. Private C 106th Infantry 27-Aug-1918
Reed Richard Private C 106th Infantry 28-Sep-1918
Rehm John E. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Reilly Bernard Private C 11th Infantry 20-Mar-1919
Reilly Thomas P. Private C 52nd Pioneer Infantry 19-Feb-1919
Repalone Patrick Private C 49th Infantry 6-Oct-1918
Reynolds John Private First Class C 308th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Reynolds John J. Private C 501st Engineers 28-Jan-1918
Richardson Albert G CPL C 108th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Richardson Irving J SGT C 310th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Ritchie Henry H. Private C 102nd Engineers 1-Nov-1917
Roberts John W. Private C 165th Infantry 22-Mar-1918
Rocklin Elisha Private C 60th Infantry 25-Sep-1918
Rohleder Peter Corporal C 302nd Engineers 16-Aug-1918
Ronk Ambrose Charles Corporal C 7th Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Rosemay Alexander Private C 306th Infantry 25-May-1919
Rosenbaum Jacob Private C 109th M. G. Battalion 15-Nov-1918
Rosenbaum William Private C 3rd Battalion Chemical Warfare Serv. 10-Oct-1918
Rosendahl Gustaf E. Private C 7th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Roth John Private C 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Rothbaum Jacob Private C 166th Infantry 12-Sep-1918
Rothenberg George Private First Class C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Rothmansky Abraham Private C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Rottenberg Samuel R PFC C 2nd Brig, MG Bn 29-May-1918
Rovere Vincent Private C 106th Infantry 28-Jul-1918
Rudolph George Corporal C 325th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Ruff James J. Private C 101st F. Sig. Battalion 23-Oct-1918
Ruggiero Nicola Private C 309th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Rusaw Clarence H PVT C 112th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Russell Eric H. Private C 102nd Engineers 17-Oct-1918
Russell William PVT C 307th Fld Bmg Bn 29-Sep-1918
Russo Louis A. Private C 115th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Rust Sidney R. Private C 305th M. G. Battalion 3-Nov-1918
Rutstein Irving R PFC C 303rd F Signal Battalion 18-Oct-1918
Ryall Thomas Private C 321st M. G. Battalion 29-Aug-1918
Ryan Bernard B. Corporal C 165th Infantry 4-Aug-1918
Ryan Wm. J. Private C 165th Infantry 27-Jul-1918
Ryan Wm. J. Private First Class C 316th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Sahli Benedict W Private 1st Class C 108th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Saltzman Benjamin Private C 5th MG Battalion 12-Jun-1918
Samperi Joseph J Private C 9th Infantry 7-Jul-1918
Sanpietro Cesare S Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Santasiri Frank Private C 315th Infantry 10-Nov-1918
Santino Antonino Private C 26th Infantry 11-Oct-1918
Sarlo William Private C 310th Infantry 19-Sep-1918
Sautter Harry R Mech C 106th MG 1-Aug-1918
Schaefer Frank J Private C 302d F Signal Battalion 8-Dec-1918
Schaeffer Frank J Private C 302d Field Signal Battalion 8-Dec-1918
Scheerens Isaac CPL C 306th F Sig Bn 14-Dec-1918
Schenck Gordon L 2nd Lt C 308th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Schierloh Arthur C Private 1st Class C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Schlegel Herman E Private C 308th Infantry 16-Apr-1918
Schletterer William PVT C 106th MG Bn 26-Oct-1918
Schneider Charles C Private 1st Class C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Schneider George Private C 108th Infantry 7-Oct-1918
Schneider Harry L Private 1st Class C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Schoeck George Private C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Schoonover Charles A Private C 305th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Schramm John C Private C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Schultz William Corporal C 307th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Schumacher Christopher J Private C 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
Schweickert Edward L Private C 128th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Seaman Allen M. Private First Class C 309th Battalion 1-Nov-1918
Segerdell Albert Private C 501st Engineers 29-Jan-1918
Sehr William Corporal C 308th Infantry 19-Aug-1918
Serio Rocco Private C 321st MG Battalion 10-Nov-1918
Shannon John S Corporal C 4th Pioneer Infantry 10-Oct-1918
Shanoff Alexander Sergeant C 16th Infantry 20-Jul-1918
Shefrin William Cook C 306th Infantry 5-Sep-1918
Sheridan Edward A Private C 165th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Sheridan Richard B 1st Lt C 308th Infantry 23-Aug-1918
Sherman Charles Private 1st Class C 1st Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Shields Thomas Private C 105th MG Battalion 27-Sep-1918
Sill Archie F PFC C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Skratt Joseph A 2d Lt C 306th MG Battalion 22-Aug-1918
Slater William H. Private C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Slattery Daniel M Corporal C 105th Infantry 14-Oct-1918
Small Frank Corporal C 28th Infantry 9-Oct-1918
Smith Andrew J Private C 107th Infantry 17-Aug-1918
Smith Chauncey E Corporal C 306th Battalion Tank Corp 12-May-1919
Smith Frank R Corporal C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Smith George A Private 1st Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Smith Harry G Private 1st Class C 102d F Signal Battalion 3-Nov-1918
Smith Joseph A Corporal C 325th Infantry 26-Oct-1918
Smith Leonard A PFC C 108th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Smith Lester W Private C 105th MG Co 27-Sep-1918
Snedecor Elephalet Jr Corporal C 106th MG Battalion 31-Jul-1918
Snell Jules Nicholas Private C Dev Battalion, No 2, Cp Upton 11-Oct-1918
Solomon William Cook C 106th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Soterkos James P Private C 105th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Spahn Frederick Corporal C 306th Infantry 7-Sep-1918
Span Paul D Private C 367th Infantry 15-Dec-1918
Spaulding Bernard F Sergeant C 23d Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Spears John David Private First Class C 7th Infantry 28-Nov-1918
Spelman Joseph F Private C 318th MG Battalion 10-Nov-1919
Spire James PVT C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Sprague Russell D Corporal C 1st Engineers 23-Dec-1917
Springer Louis J Private C 316th Infantry 3-Nov-1918
Springer Solomon Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Staats Frederick Private C 306th MG Battalion 30-Sep-1918
Stadelman Lawrence G Private C 49th Engineers 11-Oct-1918
Standring Edwin Corporal C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Stanley John T Private C 110th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Stapleton Joseph A Private C 332d Battalion Tan C 8-Oct-1918
Starr Thomas Private C 110th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Stavron John C PVT C 52nd Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Steigelman Charles Private 1st Class C 307th Infantry 4-Sep-1918
Steihler Oscar Private C 328th Infantry 27-Oct-1918
Stein George 1st Lt C 1st Brigade, MG Battalion 28-May-1918
Sterling Bruce A, Jr PVT C 103rd Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Stern Milton Private C 312th MG Battalion 5-Nov-1918
Stewart Frank M 1st Lt C 111th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Stewart Robert A Private C 306th MG Battalion 30-Sep-1918
Strong Richard W Jr Corporal C 316th Infantry 11/31/1918
Stull George D SGT C 108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Stumpf Henry Private C 4th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Stumpf John C Private 1st Class C 316th Infantry 4-Nov-1918
Sullivan John Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Sullivan John M PVT C 345th Infantry 22-Oct-1918
Sullivan Patrick Private C 308th Infantry 1-Oct-1918
Sullivan Patrick J PVT C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Sullivan Thomas J Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Sweetland Fred PFC C 7th Infantry 21-Jun-1918
Sweiden Sidney Private C 7th Field Artillery 25-Feb-1918
Swenson Victor A Private C 102d F Signal Battalion 26-Oct-1918
Symbol Abraham Private 1st Class C 307th Infantry 15-Oct-1918
Szablak William F PFC C 5th MG Bn 4-Oct-1918
Taber Amos K Private C 8th M. G. Battalion 5-Oct-1918
Taylor Joseph E. Private First Class C 105th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Tenbrook William H Private 1st Class C 102d Sup Tn 17-Sep-1918
Terino Alfonso Private 1st Class C 306th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Thomas Isaac H Private C 351st MG Battalion 2-Jul-1918
Thompson Reidor Private C 314th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Thomson Charles Private C 315th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Tibbils Clifton Private C 315th Infantry 13-Oct-1918
Tirelli Vito Private C 110th Infantry 8-Oct-1918
Toland Jabe H. C 3rd M. G. Battalion 18-Jul-1918
Torne Ernest Sergeant C 9th MG Battalion 22-Jul-1918
Torrey Louis J Sergeant C 165th Infantry 31-Jul-1918
Tracy Charles H. Private C 105th Infantry 24-Aug-1918
Traub Samuel Private C 305th MG Battalion 7-Sep-1918
Trekan Anton Private C 308th Infantry 3-Oct-1918
Troina Guiseppe Private C 306th MG Battalion 21-Aug-1918
Tunilo Alexander PVT C 310th Infantry 20-Oct-1918
Turchiano Angelo Private C 313th Infantry 2-Oct-1918
Turner Howard Sergeant First Class C 102nd Engineers 5-Oct-1918
Twaits Harold Private 1st Class C 106th MG Battalion 29-Oct-1918
Twomey Francis J Private C 308th Infantry 16-Mar-1918
Van Valkenberg Roy Private C 302nd Engineers 7-May-1918
Van Wass Augustus Private C 7th Infantry 24-Jan-1918
Vanderhof Samuel E Private C 148th MG Battalion 6-Oct-1918
Vandermallie Jn D'ghway CPL C 23rd Infantry 1-Nov-1918
Vermaelen John F Sergeant C 165th Infantry 30-Jul-1918
Vock Frank L Private C 107th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Vroman Charles H Corporal C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Waacks Herman Jr Bugler C 106th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Wagner Ivan John CPL C 7th Infantry 26-Jul-1918
Walhauer George M Corporal C 148th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Wallace Joseph Private C 6th US Engineers 16-Jul-1918
Walsh Lawrence Private 1st Class C 3d Infantry 12-May-1917
Ward Marquand Private C 312th Infantry 18-Oct-1918
Warren William J PVT C 310th Infantry 17-Feb-1919
Webb William A Private C 326th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Weeks William F Private C 9th Infantry 16-Jun-1918
Welsh Alfred A Corporal C 107th Infantry 4-Oct-1918
Werner Alex J Private C 308th Infantry 24-Jun-1918
Werner Frederick G Private C 105th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Weyuker George Private C 313th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Whelan James Boyle Corporal C 53d Pioneer Infantry 19-Sep-1918
Williams William M Private C 114th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Williamson Robert C Private C 305th MG Battalion 14-Aug-1918
Wilson Alfred Private C 25th Infantry 17-Sep-1918
Winner Earl W Private 1st Class C 107th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Wischer David Private C 105th MG Battalion 29-Sep-1918
Wittmann Albert C Cook C 325th Infantry 29-Oct-1918
Wolff Alarick K R Private C 305th Infantry 16-Oct-1918
Wolsen Victor C Sergeant C 302d Engineers 25-Feb-1918
Wolukanis Bro islaw Private C 313th Infantry 30-Sep-1918
Woodburn James S Private 1st Class C 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Wordemann Raymond L Corporal C 102d F Signal Battalion 1-Aug-1918
Wuppermann Carlos S Sergeant C I P, attached advance, CHO 15-Apr-1919
Wyckoff John C Private C 6th Engineers 4-Oct-1918
Wyczlinski Jos C Private C 305th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Wyman Alonzo W. Private C 307th Infantry 14-Sep-1918
Wynn Jos A Private C 105th MG Battalion 17-Oct-1918
Yasuleven Charles PVT C 38th Infantry 22-Jul-18
Yorker Howard PFC C 23rd Infantry 16-Aug-18
Zaccaro Joseph Private 1st Class C 305th MG Battalion 7-Sep-1918
Zerlintski Frank Private C 307th Infantry 25-Oct-1918
Ziegler Frederick J Corporal C 325th Infantry 12-Oct-1918
Zimboroski Alexander John Corporal C 345th Battalion, 1st Tank Brigade 28-Sep-1918
Zimmer James K PVT C 108th Infantry 17-Oct-1918
Stauderman Charles Corporal C E 307th Infantry 27-Sep-1918
Forbes Jerry Sergeant C.A.C. Headquarters Battalion, G.H.Q. 30-Jul-1918
Hochberg Henry H. Private C.A.C. 16th Sandy Hook, N. J. 11-Jan-1918
Boylan John Private C.M.C. Camp Cody, NM 14-Sep-1918
Daley Cornelius Private First Class C/G 12th Infantry N. Y.N.G/108th Infantry 29-Sep-1918
Hynes Thomas J PVT CAC unassigned, 18th Rct Co 18-Apr-1917
Kenny Henry J 2nd Lt CAC att. Hv. A. School 23-Oct-1918
Scheeler Henry Private CAC 5th Co Tottenville,NY 20-Jul-1917
Long Percy H. Private 1st class Cadet Aviation Detachment Second Signal Corps 13-Jun-1918
Struhs John W Private 1st Class Cadet Det, Avia Sec Sig Corps Arruthers Field, Ft Worth, TX 23-Nov-1918
Ekstrand Carl E. Cadet Cadet Detachment Ellington Field 4-Apr-1918
Giessing Charles P. Private Camp Headquarters Camp Dix, NJ 3-Oct-1918
Hand Jesse D. 1st Lieutenant Camp Hospital 29th Med. Dept. 26-Nov-1918
Saliba Michael Corporal Camp Upton Det 1 146th Infantry 11-Apr-1919
Smith Nicholas J Private Camp Utilities Det Const Div, Cp Upton, NY 3-Dec-1918
Amy James C. Private First Class Cas Motor Mechanized Signal Corps 12-Apr-1918
Moe Clarence L. Private Cas 1st Tk Corps 7-Oct-1918
McMahon Daniel C Private Cas Co 373d Infantry 5-Oct-1918
Waters Jamews W Pvt Cas Co 37th Engrs 25-Mar-1918
Canizzaro Pasquale Private Cas Det [053rd] Dep. Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Schaefer Philippe Sergeant Cas Det Base Camp US Aviation Serv with French Army 18-Feb-1919
Hilsman George W. Corporal Cas. Tank Corps, Camp Dix, NJ 6-Dec-1918
Bull Reuben N. Corporal Cas. Detachment Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe 16-Jan-1919
Carri Francesco Private Cas. Detachment Base Hospital, Camp Wheeler, GA 30-Dec-1918
Soueek Joseph C. Corporal Cas. Sick Base Hospital, Camp Upton, NY 21-Apr-1919
Benedick Michael Corporal Cassion Company 2nd battalion, Edgewood Arsenal, MD 28-May-1919
Yeandle Ernest H. Private Cassion Company 2nd Battalion, Chemical Warfare Service 4-Oct-18
Gill Robert S. Captain Cassion Company K 18th Infantry 23-Sep-1918
Broadard James C. Private Cassion Detachment Stevadore & Labor Organization, Camp Hill, VA 9-Mar-1918
Stearns Arthur W. Corporal Cassion Detachment 2 Camp Eustis, VA 19-Oct-1918
Fallon George J. Private 1st class Casson Detachment Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe, VA 17-Oct-1918
Gregg Martin F. Private Casual 2 6th Division Engineers 7-Oct-1918
Bates William F Sergeant Casual Co Casual Tank C 5-Nov-1918
Bernazzo Antonio Pvt Casual Co AA Det 23-Jan-1919
Cary Arthur B. 2nd Lieutenant Casual Company QuarterMaster Corps 30-Oct-1918
Kirkham Wilbur H. Sergeant of Ordnance Casual Company 15th Ordnance 5-Feb-1918
Stamp Arthur F. Private Casual Company 2d Battalion, Edgewood Arsenal, MD 8-Oct-1918
O'Neill Henry J. Private Casual Company 410 Medical Department, unassigned 6-Oct-1918
Horton Lester L. Private Casual Company No.1 Tank Corps, Camp Dix, NJ 30-Sep-1918
Down Earl L. Private Casual Detachment 153rd Dep Brigade 30-Sep-1918
Diodora Frank PVT Cement Mills Co. I A.S.C 28-Nov-1918
Tighe Raymond A Corporal Cent Off Tg School Camp Lee, VA 19-Oct-1918
Kornrumpf Frederick Private Chemical Warfare Serv Cleveland,OH 30-Nov-1918
Schwartz Ralph Private Classification Camp 1st Depot Div 5-May-1919
Hoeckh Andrew F Pvt Co 3d Bn 153d Dep Bde 24-Sep-1918
Rhynders Harry A Pvt 1st cl Co 310th Inf 17-Sep-1918
Riley Ralph R Sgt 1st cl CO 310th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Domes Claude J Pvt 1st cl Co ,I 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Eaton Frederick Pvt 1st cl Co ,I 9th Inf 2-Jun-1918
Furman Wallace D Pvt Co ,I 108th Inf 30-Sep-1918
Hart Lewis W Pvt Co ,I 68th Inf 30-Oct-1918
Hazzard Harvey R Sgt Co ,I 56th Engrs 5-Oct-1918
Miller Floyd H Pvt 1st cl Co ,I 108th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Smith Bernard E Pvt 1st cl Co ,I 308th Inf 22-Aug-1918
Walsh Robert L Mech Co ,I 327th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Stemplewski Joseph Pvt Co ,KJ 328th Inf 12-Oct-1918
Lay Harold Tracy Pvt Co *I 106th Inf 25-Oct-1918
Weaver Ralph Blaine Pvt Co 10 New Rct Dep Cp Wheeler GA 11-Nov-1918
Mosher Judson Cook Co 107 102d San Tn 3-Oct-1918
Hilliker James R Pvt Co 11 153d Dep Bde 3-Oct-1918
Carrigan Thomas Pvt Co 12 152d Deep Bde 31-Jan-1919
Schnorr Arthur A Private Co 12th Oct Aut Repl Draft Camp Gordon 7-Nov-1918
Vail Charles E Pvt Co 146 Overseas Casual 6-Oct-1918
Fraschella Paul Pvt Co 16 Cp Wheeler GA 4-Nov-1918
Robertson Harold E Pvt Co 17 OBFACO Tng Sch 22-Oct-1918
Winckwski Peter T Pvt Co 17 5th Tng 153d Dep Bde 5-Oct-1918
Manore Guiseppe Cook Co 30 8th Tng Bn 153d Dep Bde 11-Oct-1918
Pewinski Joseph S Pvt Co Co 30 DGp MTD MGTC
Wiershicki George Pvt Co 31 153d Dep Bde 30-Sep-1918
Eckhart Joseph J Pvt Co 34 9th T Bn 153d Dep Bde 2-Oct-1918
Robinson Archie Sgt Co 4 Mec Regt Air Svc 17-Oct-1918
Snyder Daniel Albert Pvt 1st cl Co 4 1st MRSC CAS 21-May-1918
Beale Horace p Pvt Co 5 153d Dep Bde 22-Apr-1918
Hagg Edward A Pvt Co 7 153d dep Bde 11-Apr-1918
Abbott Abbott Pvt Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Alger Harry C Pvt Co A 7th Inf 25-Jul-1918
Allen Eugene Wax Pvt Co A 125th Engrs 17-Aug-1918
Allen Lennard James Cpl Co A 3d United States. Army MP Bn 21-Jun-1919
Altrogge Albart Pvt 1st cl Co A 502d Engrs 27-Jan-1918
Archibold Don L Pvt Co A 16th Inf 6-Nov-1918
Bachman John A 2LT Co A 308th MG Bn 26-Sep-1918
Barrett James M Pvt Co A 14th Engrs 17-Mar-1918
Beary Albert Pvt Co A 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Beck Leonard William Pvt Co A MG Bn 1st Bde 7-Jun-1918
Bodkin Edward Pvt Co A 74th Inf NYNG 2-Sep-1917
Bohne Fred Pvt Co A 306th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Boldt Charles H Pvt Co A 305th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Boucher Robert A Pvt Co A 105th MG Bn 16-Oct-1918
Bourne Frank M Cpl Co A 306th Inf 27-Feb-1919
Brophy William W Sgt Co A 18th Bn US Gds 13-Oct-1918
Bryan William J Pvt Co A 102d Engrs 29-Sep-1918
Bvaranski Zygmunt Pvt 1st cl Co A MG Bn 1st Bde 7-Jun-1918
Carrington Wallace Pvt Co A 336 MG Bn 22-Oct-1918
Cavanaugh Leo M Sgt Co A 520d Engrs 25-Apr-1919
Churchill Frank G Cpl Co A 307th Inf 31-Oct-1918
Clark Dsavid A Cpl Co A 367th Inf 9-Sep-1918
Clark William Joseph Sgt 1st cl Co A 52d Pion Inf 22-Oct-1918
Colangelo James Pvt Co A 327th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Conway Harold E Pvt Co A 305th MG Bn 26-Sep-1918
Corbin Harlan H Pvt 1st cl Co A 327th Inf 16-Oct-1918
Cornell LaRowe Pvt Co A 502d Engrs 1-Feb-1918
Crandall Emden B Pvt 1st cl Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Creighton Karl K Pvt Co A Sec B Sldr Tng Cp 18-Oct-1918
Dahdah Nageeb Pvt Co A Prov Bn Cp Perry OH 10-Oct-1918
Danaher James T Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Dargan Arthur Ralph Pvt Co A 310th Engrs 8-Oct-1918
Darling Carl M Cpl Co A 303d Hq Tn and MP 9-May-1918
Davidson William H Cpl Co A 108th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Davis Lawrence Emmons Pvt Co A Stu United States. Army Tng Corps 16-Oct-1918
Day Edward A Pvt Co A 105th MG Bn 27-Sep-1918
Dickey Floyd Pvt Co A 108th Inf 23-Jan-1918
Dubey Joseph H Pvt Co A 28th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Dugan John Pvt 1st cl Co A 310th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Dunn Parker F Pvt Co A 312th Inf 24-Oct-1918
Erickson Jonas H Mec Co A 308th MG Bn 29-Sep-1918
Ernenwein Cecil T Pvt Co A 318th Engrs 13-Jan-1918
Finch George A Pvt Co A 18th MG Bn 31-Dec-1918
Franke Victor C Wag Co A 102d Engrs 18-Oct-1918
Franklin Wayne G Pvt 1st cl Co A 30th Inf 15-Jul-1918
Frazer Jesse C Cpl Co A 306th F Sig Bn
Frazoli Rocco Pvt Co A 310th Inf 22-Sep-1918
French Robert C Cpl Co A 1st Bn CWS Edgewd Ars 7-Oct-1918
Gelonek Albert H Pvt co A 59th Inf 23-Jul-1918
Gohl William R Pvt 1st cl Co A 305th Inf 6-Oct-1918
Gosdek William G Pvt 1st cl Co A 108th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Gosso William Pvt Co A 310th Inf 18-Sep-1918
Grabowski John Pvt Co A 7th Inf 23-Jun-1918
Green Delos Pvt Co A 302d Engrs 11-Apr-1918
Greenhalgh Harry Pvt Co A 305th Inf 18-Jan-1918
Gristmaker Raymond Pvt Co A 311th Inf 31-Oct-1918
Grove Alvin W Pvt 1st cl Co A 328th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Hall Cland S Pvt 1st cl Co A 317th Inf 10-Oct-1918
Hartford Cecil A Pvt Co A 1st Engrs 13-Dec-1918
Heinz Wilbert H Pvt Co A 61st Inf 11-Dec-1918
Hohe Richard Cook Co A 63d Inf 11-Jun-1917
Howard Raymond Joseph Pvt 1st cl Co A 18th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Hubert George D Sgt Co A 38th Inf 15-Jul-1918
Illig Robert P Pvt Co A 38th Engrs 3-Nov-1918
Jeffers Raymond S Wag Co A 3d Bn 20th Engrs 25-Sep-1917
Jewett Harold W Co A 2d Pion Inf 1-Mar-1919
Johncox Ralph R Pvt 1st cl Co A 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Johnson Samuel E Pvt Co A 104th Inf 5-Dec-1918
Kelley George Anthony Pvt 1st cl Co A 104th MG Bn 5-Nov-1918
Kilmer Edward J Jr Pvt Co A 312th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Kowelski Frank Pvt Co A 2d Bn 6-Oct-1918
Lauer Joseph W Pvt Co A 17th Inf 9-Oct-1918
Leary Cornelius D Pvt Co A 309th Inf 6-Oct-1917
Lee Oscar W Pvt Co A 104th MG Bn 14-Aug-1918
Leffler William J Pvt Co A 55th Engrs 13-Feb-1919
Leuthe Clarence P Pvt Co A 61st Inf 7-Nov-1918
Levy Clyde E Pvt Co A 320th Inf 7-Nov-1918
Lutrell Percy Pvt Co A 108th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Mackmer Herbert W Pvt Co A 315th Inf 25-Sep-1918
Madison Olaf Pvt Co A 309th Inf 2-Oct-1918
Maguire Raymond Richard Pvt 1st cl Co A 325th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Malican Frank A Pvt 1st cl Co A 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Mang Edward Reinhaert Pvt 1st cl Co A 18th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Martin Stewart W Pvt Co A 108th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Mason Melcher W Cpl Co A 307th Inf 4-Oct-1918
McCauliffe Mark J Pvt Co A 305th MG Bn 29-Sep-1918
McConnell George Pvt Co A 10th Inf 29-Sep-1917
McGuire Edward J Pvt Co A 108th Inf 26-Nov-1918
Mecchiarelli Bernardo Pvt 1st cl Co A 310th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Minkler Guy Sup Sgt Co A 9th Inf 18-Jul-1918
Molyncaux Patrick Pvt Co A 59th Inf 30-Sep-1918
Monty Arthur P Sgt Co A 26th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Moran Michael Pvt Co A 317th Inf 18-Nov-1918
Moss John Pvt Co A 306th Inf 15-Oct-1918
Murphy William A Pvy 1st cl Co A 105th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Naegely Max O Pvt Co A 305th Inf 7-Sep-1918
Neidrauer Jerome E Pvt Co A 337th Tk Bn 15-Nov-1918
Newberry Granville W Pvt Co A 9th MG Bn 28-Jun-1918
O'Brien William James Pvt Co A 2d Pion Inf 22-Oct-1918
O'Brien Hugh J Cpl Co A 311th Inf 5-Feb-1918
Obuhski Walter Pvt Co A 61st Inf 16-Oct-1918
O'Meara William J Pvt Co A 126th Inf 10-Nov-1918
Phelps John C CPT Co A 309th Inf 18-Oct-1918
Phelps Lloyd B Sgt 1st cl Co A 304th MG Bn 3-Nov-1918
Pike Charles Alburtis Pvy 1st cl Co A 107th Inbf 29-Sep-1918
Przekwas John Pvt Co A 306th Inf 5-Nov-1918
Rapton George F Pvt Co A 3d Prov Engr Bn 10-Oct-1918
Raymond Edward l Pvt 1st cl Co A 108th Inf 4-Nov-1918
Rice Homer Pvt Co A 2d MG Bn 18-Jul-1918
Ricker Charles L Pvt 1st cl Co A 310th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Ritchie Thomas L Pvt 1st cl Co A 52d Inf 14-Mar-1919
Ross George C Pvt Co A 7th Inf 11-Apr-1918
Ruhling Joseph Pvt Co A 18th Inf 22-Jul-1918
Salese Pasquale Pvt 1st cl Co A 307th Inf 19-Mar-1919
Sapeinzo Tony Pvt Co A 1st Bn US Guard 29-Jan-1918
Schermerhorn Clinton M Pvt Co A 3d MG Bn 9-Oct-1918
Schrader George E Pvt Co A 1st Bn Rep Cp Gordon GA 10-Oct-1918
Scolaro Nunzio Pvt Co A 18th Inf 10-Oct-1918
Shaw Robert D Pvt Co A 312th Inf 21-Aug-1918
Smith Alvin A Pvt Co A 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Sprague Glen C Pvt 1st cl Co A 108th Inf 17-Oct-1918
Stevens Raymond N Co A Co A 126th Inf 1-Aug-1918
Storr Max P Pvt Co A 55th Inf 22-Oct-1918
Sullivan Dennis A Sgt Co A 26th Inf 12-Jun-1918
Tarasin Peter T Pvt Co A 147th Inf 26-Sep-1918
Thurber Lynn A Pvt Co A 305th Inf 27-Sep-1918
Tibbitts Jessup James Co A 5th Sep Bn 1-Nov-1918
Tuttle Isaac Pvt Co A Sep Aut Repl Dr 7-Oct-1918
Van Rensselaer Holmes R Pvt Co A 50th Regt Trans Co 9-Nov-1918
VanHoesen Glenn D Pvt Co A 305th MG Bn 3-Oct-1918
Waltermire Albert Louis Pvt Co A 1st RSAT Corps 21-Oct-1918
Weber Arthur HJ Pvt Co A 109th MG Bn 22-Sep-1918
Wheaton Arlie E Pvt Co A 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Whipple Leroy M Pvt 1st cl Co A 1 Gas Regt 18-Jan-1919
Wilhelm George B Pvt 1st cl Co A 4th Inf 4-Oct-1918
Wolanski Henry Pvt Co A 306th Inf 22-Aug-1918
Yetto Charles W Cpl Co A 105th Inf 8-Nov-18
Abt Albert C Pvt 1st cl Co B 326th Inf 22-Oct-1918
Albrecht Albin Albert Pvt 1st cl Co B 18th Inf 21-Oct-1918
Andersen Carl John Co B 306th MG Bn
Andrews Clair Ferris Pvt 1st cl Co B 307th Inf 21-Jul-1918
Atkinson Harold G Pvt Co B 137th Engrs 22-Feb-1918
Belinsky Samuel Pvt Co B 7th inf 22-Jun-1918
Bell William Frank Pvt Co B 7 MG Bn 2-Jun-1918
Berlin Delmar L F Pvt Co B SB Stds A T Cp Cor U 14-Oct-1918
Beyer Robert H Pvt 1st cl Co B 305th MG Bn 3-Oct-1918
Bibo Raffaele Pvt Co B 397th Inf 14-Sep-1918
Biggins Thomas Pvt Co B 305th Inf 3-Jun-1918
Billets Peter Pvt Co B 112th Inf 28-Sep-1918
Bradley Albert Pvt 1st cl Co B 106th Inf 26-Mar-1918
Brider Herbert Pvt Co B 312th Emngrs 12-Oct-1918
Bruskofski Frank Pvt Co B 219th Engrs 9-Oct-1918
Burkins Joseph W Pvt Co B 1st Bn US Gds 7-Oct-1918
Butterfield Franklin E Pvt Co B Stu United States. Army Tng Corps 11-Oct-1918
Caito Michael Pvt Co B 3d Bn US Gds 3-Oct-1918
Cerisano French Pvt Co B 61st Inf 14-Oct-1918
Clark Clarence Lee Co B MG Bn USMC 2-Nov-1918
Clemente Eugene Pvt Co B 305th Inf 14-Aug-1918
Conboy Peter Pvt Co B 26th Inf 23-Oct-1918
Cross John E Pvt Co B MG Bn 18-Dec-1918
Crotty Edmund Pvt 1st cl Co B 6th Engrs 8-Aug-1918
Cruse James J Pvt Co B 369th Inf 14-Oct-1918
Decoste Albert V Pvt Co B Sec B Stu Tng Cp 22-Oct-1918
Dexter Robert I Cpl Co B 309th Inf 12-Feb-1919
Dickson Harry L Pvt Co B 12th Inf 24-Aug-1917
Dillinger George Jr Wag Co B 513d Engrs 29-Jan-1918
Dismorne Fiordinande Pvt Co B 309th Inf 19-Oct-1918
Dobmeier Joseph Pvt Co B 314 th Motor Sup Tn 27-Oct-1918
Durocher John H Pvt Co B 105th Inf 17-Mar-1918
Ellison William J Pvt Co B 7th Inf 17-Jun-1918
Flanagan Robert lee Cpl Co B 107th Inf 5-Oct-1918
Fletcher Walter Amos Pvt Co B 7th Inf 17-Jun-1918
Foster Ewilliam J Sgt 1st cl Co B 218th F Sig Bn 17-Oct-1918
Fyans Hugh C Pvt Co B 307th MP 16-Jan-1918
Gadoua Joseph Pvt 1st cl Co B 105th Inf 24-Sep-1918
Geiselhart Charles A Sgt Co B 309th Inf 11-Nov-1918
George Peter Pvt Co B 148th Inf 1-Nov-1918
Gibson Gilbert Sage Pvt Co B 306th F Sig Bn 19-Dec-1917
Goldie Harry D Pvt Co B 108th Inf 29-Sep-1918
Good Chasie M Pvt Co B 309th Inf 30-Oct-1918
Gott John Seymour Pvt Co B 325th Inf 12-Oct-1918