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New York World War One Units
NY State Unit History Project

Original NYNG Unit Fed Redesignation or Assignment Current Unit
6th Division 27th Division 27th Brigade Combat Team
1st Cavalry Regiment 104th Machine Gun Battalion 1-101 Cav (inactivated 2006)
  53rd Infantry Brigade 53rd Troop Command
2nd Regiment Infantry 105th Infantry 501st EOD Battalion
Co. K, 2nd Regiment Infantry Co. K, 105th Infantry 466th Area Medical Co.
23rd Regiment Infantry 106th Infantry 106 Infantry (RTI)
  105th Machine Gun Bn  
  54th Infantry Brigade  
7th Regiment Infantry 107th Infantry 53rd Support Detachment
3rd Regiment Infantry 108th Infantry 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry
1st Cavalry Regiment 106th Machine Gun Bn 1-101 Cav (inactivated 2006)
  52nd Field Artillery Brigade  
1st Regiment Field Artillery 104th Field Artillery 1st Battalion, 258th Field Artillery
2nd Regiment Field Artillery 105th Field Artillery 1st Battalion, 258th Field Artillery
3rd Regiment Field Artillery 106th Field Artillery 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry
1st Squandron Cavalry 102nd Trench Mortar Bn 1-101 Cav (inactivated 2006)
  102nd Divisional Trains HQ  
  102nd Ammunition Train 42nd Infantry Division?
  102nd Supply Train 42nd Infantry Division?
22nd Regiment Engineers 102nd Engineers 198th Signal Bn (Delaware)
  102nd Sanitary Train 42nd Infantry Division?
1st Ambulance Co. 105th Ambulance Co. 42nd Infantry Division?
2nd Ambulance Co. 106th Ambulance Co. 42nd Infantry Division?
3rd Ambulance Co. 107th Ambulance Co. 42nd Infantry Division?
4th Ambulance Co. 108th Ambulance Co. 42nd Infantry Division?
1st Battalion Signal Corps 102nd Field Signal Battalion 101st Signal Battalion
  27th Military Police  
1st Regiment Infantry 1st Pioneer Regiment  
Co. B, 1st Regiment Infantry Co. B, 1st Pioneer Infantrty 107th Military Police Co.
14th Regiment Infantry 2nd Pioneer Infantry 1st Battalion, 258th Field Artillery
Co. G, 47th Regiment Infantry Co. G, 2nd Pioneer Infantry 187th Signal Co.
10th Regiment Infantry 51st Pioneer Infantry 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry 
Cos. K and M, 10th Regiment Infantry Cos K and M, 51st Pioneer Infantry 104th Military Police Battalion
12th Regiment Infantry 52nd Pioneer Infantry  
47th Regiment Infatnry 53rd Pioneer Infantry  
71st Regiment Infantry 54th Pioneer Infantry  
Field Music, 71st Regiment Infantry Band Section, 54th Pioneer Infantry 42nd Infantry Division Band
74th Regiment Infantry 55th Pioneer Infantry  
8th Coast Defense Command 58th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 1st Battalion, 258th Field Artillery
9th Coast Defense Command 57th Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps 1st Battalion, 258th Field Artillery
69th Regiment Infantry 165th Infantry 1-69th Infantry
15th Regiment Infantry (colored) 369th Infantry 369th Sustainment Brigade
Co. E, 15th Regiment Infantry (colored) Co E, 369th Infantry 1569th Transportation Co.




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Last modified: December 15, 2016

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