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World War II Honor List
New York US Army & US Army Air Force - Dead and Missing
US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard - Dead, Missing, POW and Wounded

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Last Name First Name Rank Regiment Date of Death County
Adams Hersel R Captain Wyoming
Atwell William H Private 305 INF 77 DIV 7-Aug-44 Wyoming
Abato Anthony J Private Westchester
Abbatiello Gaetano C Staff Sergeant 368 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 24-May-44 Westchester
Abercrombie Warren Hartshorne Lieutenant Westchester
Aborn Harold L Private 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Westchester
Abrams Oscar Private Westchester
Abreu Richard Private 180 INF 45 DIV 18-Apr-45 Westchester
Abromitis Stanley F Private 253 INF 63 DIV 4-Apr-45 Westchester
Acampora Enrico J 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Acavell Richard D'Artagnan Painter 2nd Class Westchester
Acocella Charles 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Adams Arthur H Private Westchester
Adelson Horace J 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Agro Joseph Private Westchester
Ahearn John R Staff Sergeant 10 INF 5 DIV 28-Jan-45 Westchester
Alagle John A Corporal 390 BOMB SQ 42 BOMB 26-Feb-45 Westchester
Albert Edward G Sergeant Westchester
Alegi August A Staff Sergeant Westchester
Alexander John Joseph Fireman 1st Class Westchester
Alsaker Trygve Private 99 INF BN 20-Aug-44 Westchester
Altamuro Patsy Private 1st Class Westchester
Alvarez Maximino Perez Fireman 1st Class Westchester
Ambrose Jay S 1st Lieutenant Westchester
Ambrosino Joseph A Corporal Westchester
Ameno Robert L Captain Westchester
Ames Campbell T Sergeant 115 INF 29 DIV 12-Sep-44 Westchester
Amodei Benjamin J Field Music Westchester
Amorello Joseph Frank Watertender 3rd Class Westchester
Anderegg William Anton Machinist's Mate 1st Class Westchester
Anderson Albert A Jr Private 1st Class Westchester
Anderson Arthur J Private 1st Class Westchester
Anderson David B 2nd Lieutenant 762 BOMB SQ 460 BOMB 26-Jul-44 Westchester
Anderson James M Private Westchester
Anderson Norman Ernest Aviation Radioman 1st Class Westchester
Anderson Sherman L Major ALLIED FINANCIAL AGE 13-Aug-45 Westchester
Andrako William Private 1st Class 87 CAV RCN SQ 7 ARMD 27-Oct-44 Westchester
Andren Robert Francis Fireman 1st Class Westchester
Andrus Craig 2nd Lieutenant 746 BOMB SQ 456 BOMB 2-Mar-44 Westchester
Andrus Don 1st Lieutenant 485 FTR SQ 370 FTR G 25-Dec-44 Westchester
Annunziato Frank John Seaman 1st Class Westchester
Anspach Eugene R 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Anthony Richard F Sergeant 371 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 16-Jan-46 Westchester
Antolik Michael Edward Coxswain Westchester
Anton Yulek Private 134 INF 35 DIV 1-Oct-44 Westchester
Apell Norman Sergeant Westchester
Aram John Technician 5th Grade Westchester
Arbiter Jerome Staff Sergeant 533 BOMB SQ 381 BOMB 9-Oct-43 Westchester
Archer Bertram J Staff Sergeant Westchester
Arnold Richard R Colonel Westchester
Aschmann Frank G Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Westchester
Ascolillo Felix J Private 1st Class 330 INF 83 DIV 18-Jul-44 Westchester
Asp Goran H Private 1st Class 376 INF 94 DIV 23-Jan-45 Westchester
Astrolko Paul B Private 1st Class Westchester
Atwood Roger E Corporal Westchester
Augustin Nazaren Private Westchester
Austen Robert L 2nd Lieutenant Westchester
Azaltovic John M Sergeant Westchester
Allen Miles E Jr Private 1st Class Washington
Anderson Floyd J Private 1st Class Washington
Arnott George W Captain 26 INF 1 DIV 8-Apr-43 Washington
Acker James F Technical Sergeant Warren
Adams Claude S Staff Sergeant 35 BOMB SQ 25 BOMB G 14-Dec-42 Warren
Allen John C Private 1st Class 21 INF BN 11 ARMD DI 7-Mar-45 Warren
Allen Leon L Corporal 317 INF 80 DIV 7-Oct-44 Warren
Archard Henry L Private 1st Class Warren
Ashley Peter Private 1st Class 157 REGT 45 DIV 23-Sep-44 Warren
Ackert Grant W Private 1st Class Ulster
Adleman Harold 2nd Lieutenant Ulster
Albany James J Sergeant Ulster
Altamari Michael W Private Ulster
Amarello John J Private 1st Class 322 FTR CONTROL SQ 27-Nov-43 Ulster
Amato Donald H Private 1st Class Ulster
AshDied of woundsn William D Staff Sergeant Ulster
Abrams Lawrence I Private Tompkins
Adams John A Private 1st Class Tompkins
Adams Robert C 1st Lieutenant Tompkins
Arnold Morris A Private Tompkins
Alexander James L. Technician 4th Grade Tioga
Avery Robert W Corporal Tioga
Abeles Anson R. 2nd Lieutenant Sullivan
Akerley Floyd E. Private Sullivan
Akerman Phillip Andrew Seaman 1st Class Sullivan
Aldrich Richard I. Staff Sergeant Sullivan
Allison Sidney Elroy Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Sullivan
Avery David William Aviation Ordnance man 1st Class Sullivan
Adams Carlos J. Private Suffolk
Aiello Santa Phillip Seaman 1st Class Suffolk
Albert Lloyd C. Jr. Private 1st Class 99 BOMB SQ 9 BOMB GP 9-Jun-42 Suffolk
Albert Thomas A. Private 7 INF 3 DIV 5-Nov-43 Suffolk
Aldrich John E. Sergeant Suffolk
Algiere Biaso A. Staff Sergeant Suffolk
Allen Horace F Jr Corporal Suffolk
Ambrosio Pasquale Private 1st Class Suffolk
Anderson Harry Private 1st Class Suffolk
Anderson Lloyd L. 2nd Lieutenant 856 BOMB SQ 492 BOMB 15-Aug-44 Suffolk
Andrade Joseph A. Private Suffolk
Arbour Everard F. Private Suffolk
Atkinson George L. Sergeant COAST ARTY CORPS 2-May-42 Suffolk
Auricchio Patsy T. Private Suffolk
Austin Donald E. Ensign Suffolk
Austin Lawrence Ashley Quartermaster 3rd Class Suffolk
Avino Tobea Technician 4th Grade 68 TK BN 6 ARMD DIV 20-Aug-44 Suffolk
Avona Charles W. 2nd Lieutenant Suffolk
Abel Leon D. Sergeant 429 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB G 10-Feb-44 Steuben
Ackerman Elmer S. Private 70 TANK BN 27-Aug-44 Steuben
Ainsworth Paul R. Private 1st Class 155 INF 31 DIV 17-Jan-45 Steuben
Altieri John Joseph Jr. Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Steuben
Anderson Percy G. Sergeant 350 INF 88 DIV 16-Mar-44 Steuben
Atherton Leon W. Private 14 INF 71 DIV 11-Nov-45 Steuben
Austin Robert N. 1st Lieutenant Steuben
Abbote Frank G 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Abrams George G Corporal State at large
Adikes John Jr 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Alania James V Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 State at large
Albring Charles W 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Alen Willard C 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Allen Mildred I 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Anderson Alexander E Major General State at large
Angelo Michael 1st Lieutenant State at large
Arnold Ricard B 2nd Lieutenant State at large
Augunas Algy S Staff Sergeant State at large
Aust Richard H 1st Lieutenant State at large
Abbrid Michael J Private 1st Class St. Lawrence
Aiken Robert E Corporal 402 BOMB SQ 502 BOMB 9-Jul-45 St. Lawrence
Akey Vernon R Private 803 ENGR BN/AVN/ 10-Jul-42 St. Lawrence
Akins James H Sergeant St. Lawrence
Aldrich Donald W Private Seneca
Andres Oliver A. 2nd Lieutenant Seneca
Ackerknecht William Private 1st Class Schenectady
Aho Augustus Sergeant 506 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB 20-Dec-43 Schenectady
Alheim Leslie W. Private Schenectady
Alois John A. Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 7-Jul-44 Schenectady
Amitrano Anthony V. Private 1st Class Schenectady
Andersen Victor Morris Yeoman 3rd Class Schenectady
Andrus John B Field Music 1st Class Schenectady
Anselowitz Edward S. Staff Sergeant 330 INF 83 DIV 8-Aug-44 Schenectady
Antalek William J. Private Schenectady
Aragona John S. Private MEDICAL DEPT 3-Feb-43 Schenectady
Archer Lawrence C. Captain Schenectady
Armer Wallace D. Sergeant Schenectady
Ausfelt Stash J. Sergeant Schenectady
Aussiker Fulford J. Staff Sergeant Schenectady
Abbruzzese Joseph A Corporal Saratoga
Allen Alonzo Private Saratoga
Allen Arthur L Flight Officer Saratoga
Alvarez Manuel Corporal Saratoga
Anderson Robert M Private 1st Class Saratoga
Andrulis Anthony J 1st Lieutenant Saratoga
Annis Walter James Private 1st Class Saratoga
Abrams Robert L 2nd Lieutenant 729 BOMB SQ 452 BOMB 8-Mar-44 Rockland
Amory Edward Staff Sergeant 546 BOMB SQ 384 BOMB 28-Jul-43 Rockland
Andrews John R Aviation Cadet Rockland
Arrance Edwin S Private 1st Class Rockland
Attena Louis F Sergeant Rockland
Avery William H Staff Sergeant Rockland
Ackerman George C Corporal Richmond
Agnello Vincent C Corporal Richmond
Allard Louis Ameddie Watertender 3rd Class Richmond
Allen Frank R Private 1st Class Richmond
Allison William Frederick 2d Lieutenant Richmond
Aloi Joseph V Private 1st Class Richmond
Amaniera William F Private 1st Class Richmond
Amm Fred J Private Richmond
Amodeo Albert A 2nd Lieutenant Richmond
Amodeo Frank A Private 1st Class Richmond
Amodeo Victor J Sergeant 772 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 19-Mar-44 Richmond
Amtzis Melvin Sergeant 735 BOMB SQ 453 BOMB 8-May-44 Richmond
Anderle Austin A 2nd Lieutenant Richmond
Anderson Arthur G Corporal Richmond
Anderson Richard C 2nd Lieutenant 500 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 13-Mar-44 Richmond
Anderson Robert J Private 116 INF 29 DIV 25-Aug-44 Richmond
Androwski Stanley F Technician 5th Grade 751 TANK BN 27-Apr-45 Richmond
Archer Alfred J Private 1st Class 180 INF 45 DIV 18-Oct-43 Richmond
Archer Edward Allen Seaman 1st Class Richmond
Aspinwall John E 2nd Lieutenant Richmond
Augustin Leslie Private Richmond
Abbott Cornelius R Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Abbott William John Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Abrams John Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Rensselaer
Agars James A Private 1st Class Rensselaer
Akins Harlow A Sergeant Rensselaer
Albergine Richard S Private 1st Class 180 INF 45 DIV 31-Mar-45 Rensselaer
Albert George Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 9-Jul-44 Rensselaer
Alger Maurice P Jr 2nd Lieutenant 654 TD BN 21-Jul-44 Rensselaer
Alie Alie B Private 93 MED GAS TREATMENT 16-Oct-44 Rensselaer
Allen Charles H Corporal Rensselaer
Allendorph William G Aviation Cadet Rensselaer
Alvaney William E Private 12 INF 4 DIV 29-Nov-44 Rensselaer
Amadon Arthur F Private 133 INF 34 DIV 18-Feb-44 Rensselaer
Andres Edward Francis Seaman 1st Class Rensselaer
Andrew Peter Corporal Rensselaer
Angley Carl J Private 7 INF 3 DIV 1-Mar-44 Rensselaer
Appleton Earle Robert Ensign Rensselaer
Armitage Raymond L Private Rensselaer
Avakian Michael A Sergeant Rensselaer
Abajian Edward C 1st Lieutenant Queens
Abato Mario Private 1st Class 109 INF 28 DIV 17-Sep-44 Queens
Abbadessa Nicholas J Technician 5th Grade 92 MED GAS TREATMENT 9-May-45 Queens
Abbey Thomas G Captain Queens
Abela Joseph P Private 18 INF 1 DIV 24-Dec-42 Queens
Aberle Warner C Private 60 ENGR CMBT BN 35 D 10-Oct-44 Queens
Abrahamsen John H Technician 5th Grade Queens
Abram Robert W Staff Sergeant Queens
Abrams Bernard A Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 23-Apr-43 Queens
Aceto Pasquale R 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Achison Harry Private Queens
Ackerman Marvin S 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Ackerman Norman Yeoman 3rd Class Queens
Adago Dominick R Staff Sergeant Queens
Adolfi Jack Joseph Ship's Cook 3rd Class Queens
Aexel Raymond Private Queens
Affourtit Francis George Private Queens
Agliata Philip Fireman 1st Class Queens
Agquis John D Private 104 FA BN 27 DIV 3-Jul-44 Queens
Agronow Samuel Technical Sergeant Queens
Ahearn Jeremiah D Jr Private 1st Class Queens
Ahern Thomas J P Sergeant Queens
Aikins Robert E Private Queens
Ajemian George H Corporal Queens
Aktarian John P Private 1st Class Queens
Alarimo Ignazio J Private Queens
Albanese Rosario Vincent Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Queens
Albanese Salvatore Joseph Fireman 2nd Class Queens
Albano Anthony A Private 1st Class 8 INF 4 DIV 17-Jun-44 Queens
Albert Howard Private 504 PRCHT INF 82 ABN 23-Dec-43 Queens
Albert Irving 2nd Lieutenant 333 FTR SQ 318 FTR G 3-Jun-45 Queens
Albert Lloyd C Jr Private 1st Class 99 BOMB SQ 9 BOMB GP 9-Jun-42 Queens
Aldrich Alfred N Technician 5th Grade 1 ENGR CMBT BN 1 DIV 2-Sep-45 Queens
Alesi Biaggio Joseph Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Queens
Alexander Arthur Frederick Lieutenant Queens
Alexander Walter W Private 557 RHD CO 28-Apr-44 Queens
Alexander William E Sergeant HQ SQ 5 BOMB GP/H/ 2-Oct-42 Queens
Alexandre F F 1st Lieutenant 70 AAF REPL DEPOT 15-Jan-45 Queens
Alfano Daniel F Private 1st Class Queens
Alfano Humbert F Captain Queens
Alfano Leonard J Private 23 INF 2 DIV 28-Jul-44 Queens
Allan John W Private Queens
Allard Robert V Sergeant Queens
Alleggiamento Philip W Corporal Queens
Allen Arthur M Private 1st Class Queens
Allen Carl Chester Chief Gunner's Mate Queens
Allen Charles E Private 1st Class Queens
Allen William E Jr Technical Sergeant Queens
Alleva Joseph George Seaman 1st Class Queens
Allgeier Robert F 2nd Lieutenant 26 BOMB SQ 11 BOMB G 16-Apr-44 Queens
Allocco Andrew Sergeant Queens
Alnwick Richard William Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Aloi Joseph Casper Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Altman Murray D 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Altman Sidney J Captain Queens
Altomerianos Paul Captain Queens
Amann James A Private 1st Class Queens
Amanzio Anthony Corporal Queens
Amato Francisco J Private 18 INF 1 DIV 9-Nov-42 Queens
Amato Vincent S Staff Sergeant Queens
Amaya Alfred A Private 1st Class 34 INF 24 DIV 3-Feb-45 Queens
Ambrosio Vito R Sergeant Queens
Amendola Ralph T Sergeant 410 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 11-Apr-44 Queens
Amendolara John Private Queens
Ames Howard Emerson Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Queens
Ames Robert E Private 1st Class Queens
Amira Ralph Staff Sergeant Queens
Amith Albert D Aviation Cadet Queens
Ammirati Fred A Private 1st Class Queens
Amrhein Michael John Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Amron Arthur A 2nd Lieutenant 48 MATERIEL SQ 27-Feb-42 Queens
Anderau Charles W Sergeant 331 BOMB SQ 94 BOMB 10-Feb-44 Queens
Andersen David J 1st Lieutenant Queens
Anderson Alfred S 1st Lieutenant Queens
Anderson Daniel J 2nd Lieutenant 133 INF 34 DIV 5-Feb-45 Queens
Anderson George W Technical Sergeant 305 INF 77 DIV 13-Dec-44 Queens
Anderson Harold Andrew Yeoman 2nd Class Queens
Anderson John Norman Jr. Lieutenant Queens
Andrechuk Henry Technical Sergeant 232 INF 42 DIV 4-Apr-45 Queens
Andreoli Joseph J Private 1st Class Queens
Anfossi Peter Private 1st Class Queens
Angelone Joseph N Private 192 TANK BN 24-Oct-44 Queens
Angrisani S F Staff Sergeant Queens
Annetta Frank Private Queens
Anthony Harold K Private 1st Class 124 INF 31 DIV 6-May-45 Queens
Antrasian Thomas Private 1st Class 31 SIG CONS BN 27-Nov-43 Queens
Apcenski Edward S Corporal Queens
Apicella Alfredo Private 1st Class Queens
Appleby John M 2nd Lieutenant Queens
Aprile Vincent Sergeant Queens
Aquino Rufo Nmi Sergeant Queens
Aragnetti Charles M Private Queens
Arapis Anthony J Private Queens
Arcamone Frank Staff Sergeant 66 BOMB SQ 44 BOMB G 29-Jan-44 Queens
Arcario Joseph Jr Sergeant 831 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 20-Apr-44 Queens
Argent Harry R Corporal Queens
Arikian Gregory K Private Queens
Arkin Harry Private 1st Class Queens
Armendinger Robert Nickolas Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Arnold Cyril Allan Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Queens
Aronowitz Martin Private 1st Class 142 INF 36 DIV 14-Oct-44 Queens
Arthur Melvin Vincent Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Queens
Atkins Charles L Private Queens
Atkinson Joseph H Private 101 CAV RCN SQ 6-Mar-45 Queens
Attanasio Joseph T Private 1st Class Queens
Atwood Charles H Staff Sergeant Queens
Aubert William L Private 1st Class 36 INF 3 ARMD DIV 3-Sep-44 Queens
Auerbach Alfred M Staff Sergeant 415 INF 104 DIV 24-Mar-45 Queens
Auerbach Robert Private 1st Class Queens
Augustine John William 2d Lieutenant Queens
Aultman Raymond Joseph Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Queens
Aungier John J Jr Technician 5th Grade Queens
Auriemma Sidney Private 1st Class Queens
Austine John F Private Queens
Auth Frederick J Sergeant Queens
Avallone Alfred Sergeant 47 INF 9 DIV 10-Aug-44 Queens
Avelin Walter Joseph Private Queens
Averbuck Robert M Captain Queens
Avonto Henry Dominick Signalman 1st Class Queens
Avraam Paul Private 406 INF 102 DIV 25-Feb-45 Queens
Avveduto Joseph A Private 32 REGT 3 ARMD DIV 15-Aug-44 Queens
Axelrod Herman E Technician 4th Grade Queens
Azzopardi Vincent L Private Queens
Adams Francis J. Private Putnam
Adams Martin E. 1st Lieutenant Putnam
Abramski Walter J. Sergeant 58 ARMD FA BN 19-Dec-44 Otsego
Aylesworth Carl A. Private 1st Class Otsego
Alexander John H. Technical Sergeant 39 INF 9 DIV 18-Jul-44 Oswego
Allen Lloyd H. Private 1st Class Oswego
Andrews David J. Torpedoman's Mate 1st class Oswego
Anthony Harvey H. Private Oswego
Arcadi Dominick Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Oswego
Auborn Robert Joseph Fireman 2nd Class Oswego
Auringer George D. Staff Sergeant Oswego
Austin Floyd R. Private 1st Class 5307 COMPOSITE UNIT 25-Feb-46 Oswego
Acchione Dan Carl Corporal Orleans
Ames Arthur Jr Private 5307 COMPOSITE UNIT 11-Jun-44 Orleans
Ackerman Sidney T Sergeant Orange
Adams Albert M Private Orange
Adams Raymond F Private 1st Class Orange
Akers Eugene Charles Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Orange
Alfke Henry B Private Orange
Anderson Harold Private Orange
Angelo Philip J Staff Sergeant Orange
Arnott Roy B Corporal Orange
Arrowsmith Frederick Johnson Corporal Orange
Aughton Emerson T Technician 5th Grade Orange
Aldrich David W Private 1st Class Ontario
Arnold William P Corporal Ontario
AshDied of woundsn Robert J Staff Sergeant FINANCE DEPT 7-Sep-44 Ontario
AuClair Elliott E Private 1st Class Ontario
Abrahamson Robert S Private 1st Class Onondaga
Adams Edward D Jr Private 1st Class Onondaga
Adams Walter H Jr. Private Onondaga
Addabo Joseph J Private 3 CAV RCN SQ 6-Sep-45 Onondaga
Adydan Stanley J Staff Sergeant Onondaga
Alberti Joseph Michael Storekeeper 3rd Class Onondaga
Alexander Carl A 1st Lieutenant Onondaga
Allen Arthur Thomas Private 1st Class Onondaga
Allen Franklyn C Technician 5th Grade Onondaga
Allen Raymond J Private Onondaga
Allyn Curdon S Jr Captain Onondaga
Ambrose Arthur John Seaman 1st Class Onondaga
Anastassiou James P Private 1st Class Onondaga
Anderson Catherine 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Andiff Francis Patrick Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Onondaga
Andres Leonard Gordon Fireman 2nd Class Onondaga
Anuszewski Fred J Private 501 PRCHT INF 101 AB 20-Jun-44 Onondaga
Armani Edward L 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Armstrong Charles T Private 1st Class Onondaga
Arnold Charles J Jr. Private 1st Class Onondaga
Arnold Robert Victor Seaman 2nd Class Onondaga
Ashute Frederick A Corporal Onondaga
Atkinson Clifford Joseph Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Onondaga
Atwood Mason W Private 109 INF 28 DIV 31-Jan-45 Onondaga
Aubel William C 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Auborn Seymour E 2nd Lieutenant Onondaga
Aureli Angelo A Private 1st Class 310 INF 78 DIV 16-Dec-44 Onondaga
Ayling John G Colonel Onondaga
Abbott Richard Paul Fireman 2nd Class Oneida
Abramowicz Henry F. Private 1st Class 291 INF 75 DIV 22-Jan-45 Oneida
Abrams Arthur Private 1st Class Oneida
Abruzzio Louis James Fireman 2nd Class Oneida
Abruzzio Louis James Fireman 3rd Class Oneida
Acee Theodore Field Cook Oneida
Adams Leo F. Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 2-Jul-44 Oneida
Aiello Michael A. Private 1st Class Oneida
Alberico Ernest Private 1st Class Oneida
Alder George H. Technician 4th Grade Oneida
Alfred Harold Matthews Coxswain Oneida
Allen Bernard J. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Allen Harold Francis Jr. Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Oneida
Allen Lloyd V. Private Oneida
Allen Raymond V. Technical Sergeant 791 BOMB SQ 467 BOMB 9-Nov-44 Oneida
Altieri Carmen A. Private Oneida
Alvord Kenneth E Sergeant Oneida
Amann Alfred A. 1st Lieutenant 376 BOMB GP/H/ 6-Aug-44 Oneida
Amann Edward J. Private 8 INF 4 DIV 26-Jul-44 Oneida
Amrhein James Francis Radioman 2nd Class Oneida
Annis Frank J. Private 1st Class Oneida
Aquino Thomas Staff Sergeant Oneida
Arcuri Salvatore Private 1st Class Oneida
Arcuro Thomas V Private 1st Class Oneida
Arnold Donald D. Colonel Oneida
Arnold Kenneth Private Oneida
Arrott William G. Private Oneida
Asmer Louis J. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Assaro Frank A. Sergeant Oneida
Astour Edward Staff Sergeant Oneida
Attili Jerry A Field Music 1st Class Oneida
Avantini Carmine Technical Sergeant 339 BOMB SQ 96 BOMB 9-Apr-44 Oneida
Aversa Gregory P. Technical Sergeant Oneida
Azer James H. Staff Sergeant Oneida
Ababurko Walter Private Niagara
Adams Alfred E Jr Sergeant Niagara
Adamson Silas W. Technical Sergeant Niagara
Adamyak Thomas Staff Sergeant Niagara
Agnello Rocco R. Sergeant Niagara
Albert Richard A. 2nd Lieutenant 63 FTR SQ 56 FTR GP 5-Feb-44 Niagara
Andalora Robert D. Private 1st Class 28 BOMB SQ 19 BOMB G 7-Sep-44 Niagara
Andrews Frank A. Staff Sergeant 729 BOMB SQ 452 BOMB 12-May-44 Niagara
Ankenbauer Harold Bert Private 1st Class Niagara
Ansley Frank A. 1st Lieutenant 20 PUR SQ 24 PUR GP 7-Sep-44 Niagara
Archibald Robert D. Private Niagara
Arrigo Samuel Sergeant 440 BOMB SQ 319 BOMB 26-Nov-43 Niagara
Atamian Harry H. 2nd Lieutenant 407 BOMB SQ 92 BOMB 4-Feb-44 Niagara
Avery Elwyn G Private 1st Class Niagara
Abate Michael 2nd Lieutenant New York
Abato Michael L Private New York
Abazovic Dusan Private New York
Abel Jacob W Private 1st Class New York
Abraham Harold Joseph Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class New York
Abraham Herbert J Private 1st Class New York
Abraham Restetuto Private New York
Abrahams Harold L Private 1st Class New York
Abramowitz Seymour A Technician 4th Grade New York
Abrams Arthur A Corporal MP PLAT 82 ABN DIV 1-Apr-44 New York
Abramson Albert Louis Seaman 2nd Class New York
Abravaya Herman Private 1st Class New York
Abrevaya Ralph Private 1st Class New York
Abrum Mikolaj Private New York
Accolla Salvator W Technician 5th Grade New York
Accomando John J Staff Sergeant HD OF MANILA 9-Jan-43 New York
Acevedo Llno O Private 1st Class New York
Achino Armando D Private 1st Class New York
Ackerman Ben Private 1st Class New York
Ackerman Edward J 2nd Lieutenant New York
Ackerman Meyer Technician 4th Grade New York
Ackerman Warren R Private 1st Class New York
Acosta Ronald Private 1st Class New York
Acouilin Edward V Private 1st Class New York
Acquaviva Salvatore Private New York
Adair William Edward Seaman 1st Class New York
Adamchik Andy A Private New York
Adamo Salvatore N Private 633 AAA AW BN 6-Feb-45 New York
Adams Abner L Technical Sergeant New York
Adams Alfred D Private 1st Class New York
Adams Lawrence Private 331 INF 83 DIV 15-Jul-44 New York
Adams Lionel P Major New York
Adamski Joseph S 1st Lieutenant 410 INF 103 DIV 29-Nov-44 New York
Adamski Walter J Private 297 ENGR COMBAT BN 15-Dec-44 New York
Adamsky Abraham Staff Sergeant New York
Adelberg Kenneth 2d Lieutenant New York
Adelman Monroe C 2nd Lieutenant New York
Adkins Howard E Private 1st Class 306 INF 77 DIV 25-May-45 New York
Adler Bertold Private New York
Adler Emanuel H Private New York
Adler Sheldon L 2nd Lieutenant New York
Adoff Morris Corporal New York
Advocate Sidney Private New York
Aebker Edward G Private 1st Class New York
Africk Sanford Private 1st Class New York
Agnello Salvatore J Private 1st Class New York
Agnew Martin M Private 1st Class New York
Agona Harold J Technical Sergeant 774 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 8-Jul-44 New York
Aiello Daniel J Private 1st Class New York
Aiello Dominick Private New York
Aiello Frank F Sergeant 39 INF 9 DIV 22-Feb-43 New York
Aiello Jospeh Technician 4th Grade New York
Aiello Vincent Staff Sergeant 335 BOMB SQ 95 BOMB 4-Mar-44 New York
Aikin Edward Corporal New York
Alaimo Salvatore D Staff Sergeant 724 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 11-Mar-44 New York
Alamo Thomas E Sergeant New York
Albach John Ingram Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Albanese Angelo Private 1st Class New York
Albano Frank Corporal New York
Albert August A Corporal 320 INF 35 DIV 11-Nov-44 New York
Albert Lawrence I Private 1st Class New York
Albrektsen Nils C Private New York
Albright Edward S 1st Lieutenant New York
Alechko Mlchael F Private 275 INF 70 DIV 2-Jan-45 New York
Alen Paul O Private 36 CAV RCN SQ 3-Mar-45 New York
Aleskas Anthony Aviation Ordnance man 1st Class New York
Alessandrino Donato Corporal New York
Alevis George D Private 134 INF 35 DIV 10-Oct-44 New York
Alexander Robert Major General New York
Alexander Wallace R Staff Sergeant New York
Alexson Walter A Private 1st Class 18 INF 1 DIV 12-Oct-44 New York
Alfheim Gustav A Private 1st Class New York
Alfonso Jafet Private 1st Class 508 PRCHT INF REGT 20-Sep-44 New York
Ali Robert T Private 1st Class New York
Aliani Dominick J Sergeant New York
Alicea Jose F Private 972 ENGR MAINT CO 11-Feb-45 New York
Allan Robert G Staff Sergeant 26 INF 1 DIV 20-Sep-44 New York
Allanby Alfred A Private 1st Class New York
Allen Albert Technician 5th Grade New York
Allen Earl W Staff Sergeant 538 PORT CO 15-Jan-44 New York
Allen Frederick Corporal New York
Allen Harry Private 17 INF BN 12 ARMD DI 2-May-45 New York
Allen Joseph A Warrant Officer, Junior Grade New York
Allen Nelson John Lieutenant New York
Aller Louis A 2nd Lieutenant New York
Alluncante Salvatore 1st Lieutenant New York
Almklov Andrew Private 1st Class New York
Aloia Joseph D Private New York
Alonzo Teofilo Private 1st Class New York
Alsleben Kurt A Corporal New York
Alston Oliver C Technician 5th Grade New York
Altglass Edward Sergeant New York
Altick Sherman B Lieutenant Colonel New York
Altieri Vito Private New York
Altman Albert Joseph Jr. Yeoman 3rd Class New York
Altman Leonard Private 1st Class New York
Alvanos Anthony Staff Sergeant New York
Alvarez Louis Gunner's Mate 3rd Class New York
Alvear Antonio J Private 1st Class New York
Alvelo Joe V Private New York
Alymer James P Technical Sergeant 165 INF 27 DIV 21-May-45 New York
Amann Allan O 2nd Lieutenant 563 BOMB SQ 388 BOMB 8-Mar-44 New York
Amanna Joseph J Technical Sergeant New York
Amateis Harold Louis Radioman 2nd Class New York
Amati Donato Private 1st Class 128 INF 32 DIV 23-Jun-44 New York
Amato Fortunato G Private New York
Amato John J Private 1st Class New York
Ambert Frank Technical Sergeant New York
Amory Clement G Sergeant New York
Amrhein Frank Staff Sergeant New York
Anarceros Arthur D 2nd Lieutenant New York
Anast William Private 1st Class 12 INF 4 DIV 14-Jun-44 New York
Anastasion A W Private New York
Andersen William E Sergeant New York
Anderson Bernard A Corporal 568 BOMB SQ 390 BOMB 20-Apr-44 New York
Anderson Carl Private 1st Class New York
Anderson Columbus Private 1st Class New York
Anderson Edward C Corporal 4405 QM SV CO 23-Apr-45 New York
Anderson Malcolm R 1st Lieutenant New York
Anderson Michael J Technician 4th Grade New York
Anderson Richard Henry Steward's Mate 2nd Class New York
Anderson Stanley M 1st Lieutenant New York
Anderson Wesley Greenhill Fireman 2nd Class New York
Andreski August A Technical Sergeant New York
Andrews Chase Private New York
Andrews Christopher A Corporal New York
Andrews James Steward's Mate 3rd Class New York
Andrews Theodore L Private 1st Class New York
Andreycsak John Corporal New York
Andriola Michael Joseph Private 1st Class New York
Angeline Philip A Private New York
Angelo Harry 1st Lieutenant New York
Angelopoulos George Private 1st Class New York
Angiolini Aldo 1st Lieutenant 429 BOMB SQ 2 BOMB G 4-Aug-43 New York
Angus Samuel K Private HQ BTRY 13 FA BRIG 28-Jul-44 New York
Anisfield Paul Private 1st Class New York
Ansalone Louis J Private 1st Class New York
Anthony Stanley M Private 1st Class New York
Antich George D Private New York
Antonowitz John Private 1st Class 53 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 10-Nov-44 New York
Apeler George J Private 1st Class New York
Aplooln George 2nd Lieutenant New York
Aponte Bolivar Seaman 1st Class New York
Aponte Nicolas Private 1st Class New York
Appert Joseph M Private 1st Class New York
Appignani George P 1st Lieutenant 44 BOMB SQ 40 BOMB G 26-May-45 New York
Appleby George N Sergeant New York
Applegate William Francis Seaman 2nd Class New York
Appleton James H Private 1st Class New York
Apuzzo Ferdinand Private New York
Aquino Leon Private New York
Aran Emilio Technical Sergeant New York
Arbeit Sidney Staff Sergeant New York
Arbib Edmond J Captain New York
Archer Wallace S Private 1st Class New York
ArchilLa Jorge I G Private 1st Class New York
Archyrou Leonard Private New York
Arcuni Dominic J Private 1st Class 405 INF 102 DIV 10-Apr-45 New York
Ardullah David Ali Private New York
Arendt Edward T Private 60 INF 9 DIV 6-Oct-44 New York
Argue Thomas M Private New York
Arkuss Philip Corporal New York
Arlotta Philip T Private New York
Armato John J Private 1st Class New York
Armes Louis F Staff Sergeant New York
Armocida August Private 411 INF 103 DIV 21-Mar-45 New York
Armour James H E Technician 5th Grade New York
Armour Theodore E Corporal 152 STA HOSP 21-Apr-45 New York
Armstrong Rex G Private New York
Armstrong William G Private 1st Class New York
Arnaiz Donald J 2nd Lieutenant 704 BOMB SQ 446 BOMB 29-Oct-43 New York
Arneth Edward J Private New York
Arnold George G Corporal New York
Arnone Orlando Private 1st Class New York
Aronsohn Robert Private New York
Arrington Tarlton H Staff Sergeant 22 INF 4 DIV 25-Nov-44 New York
Arrocha Jose D Private New York
Arroyo Antonio Private New York
Arroyo Joseph Staff Sergeant New York
Art Henry M Sergeant 320 INF 35 DIV 14-Jan-45 New York
Arto Thomas E Private 1st Class New York
Arzt Bert D Sergeant New York
Ascanio Vincent A Private 1st Class 747 TANK BN 26-Feb-45 New York
Ash Jerome H 2nd Lieutenant New York
Asner Jacob Private 175 INF 29 DIV 17-Jun-44 New York
Aspromonte Mauro M Private New York
Astarita John Michael Seaman 1st Class New York
Astuto Angelo S Private 85 INF 10 MT DIV 14-Apr-45 New York
Atamaniuk Eugene J Private New York
Atkinson Robert A Private New York
Atlas Samuel Private 1st Class New York
Attanasio Frank J Sergeant New York
Attas Nissim Private 230 FA BN 30 DIV 23-Jan-45 New York
Atun Hyman Aviation Radioman 2nd Class New York
Atwell Tom Grover Lieutenant (Junior Grade) New York
Atwood Joseph C 1st Lieutenant New York
Auranen Allan H Sergeant New York
Ausfresser Seymour D 1st Lieutenant 712 BOMB SQ 448 BOMB 21-Apr-44 New York
Austin Henry M Private 383 AVIATION SQ 23-Jan-45 New York
Avallone Anthony V Private 7 INF 3 DIV 10-Jul-43 New York
Avellanet Louis A Staff Sergeant 744 BOMB SQ 456 BOMB 11-Nov-44 New York
Avery Harold W Corporal New York
Aviles Joseph Private 1st Class New York
Avlon Edmund W Corporal New York
Axel Murray Private 162 INF 41 DIV 8-Feb-46 New York
Axelrod Seymour M Private 1st Class New York
Ayala Joseph Seaman 2nd Class New York
Aybar Tomas Staff Sergeant 515 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 11-Nov-44 New York
Azzata Frank Private 7 INF 3 DIV 16-Mar-45 New York
Abbott Clayton W Private 1st Class Nassau
Abramowicz Stanley Aviation Metalsmith 3rd Class Nassau
Abrams Charles Howard Jr. Carpenter's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Abrams Howard O Private 1st Class Nassau
Ackerly Edward R Sergeant Nassau
Adams Elwood R Corporal Nassau
Adelsohn Abraham Captain Nassau
Agnitti Onorado W Private 1st Class Nassau
Agostinello Gerard V Private 1st Class 253 INF 63 DIV 17-Apr-45 Nassau
Agostinello Joseph L Technician 4th Grade 3616 QM TRK CO 19-Feb-45 Nassau
Ahlquist Harold K Staff Sergeant Nassau
Aitken John Private Nassau
Albohn Theodore L Private Nassau
Aldworth John Gray 1st Lieutenant Nassau
Alesi Frank Coxswain Nassau
Alexander Lawrence A Private 1st Class Nassau
Allen Edward Henry Lieutenant Nassau
Allen William D 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Allen Willie Private Nassau
Allington Homer C Jr 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Amendola Francis R Gunnery Sergeant Nassau
Andersen Norman E Staff Sergeant 883 BOMB SQ 500 BOMB 8-Mar-45 Nassau
Anderson Frederick T Technical Sergeant 443 BOMB SQ 320 BOMB 24-Jul-43 Nassau
Anderson Richard A Flight Officer Nassau
Anderson Roy Bennett Jr. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Nassau
Andres Oliver A Jr 2nd Lieutenant Nassau
Andrew Flynn L Lieutenant Colonel HQ FIRST ARMY 2-Jan-45 Nassau
Andrews Edward William Fire Controlman 3rd Class Nassau
Anger Ferdinand Private 1st Class Nassau
Antoniazzi Henry Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Apold Ingebrigt A Private 1st Class Nassau
Appleby William Sherman Private Nassau
Arrighi Richard Andrea Ensign Nassau
Aspinwall Peter G 2nd Lieutenant 726 BOMB SQ 451 BOMB 26-Jul-44 Nassau
Auld Joseph J 1st Lieutenant 82 BOMB SQ 12 BOMB G 23-May-44 Nassau
Ayers Robert Leo Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Nassau
Ackerman Leslie I Private 26 INF 1 DIV 1-Feb-44 Montgomery
Adebahr George F Jr Private 1st Class Montgomery
Agard Alfred J 2nd Lieutenant Montgomery
Aldi Adam J Private Montgomery
Alenier Stanley J 2nd Lieutenant 819 BOMB SQ 30 BOMB 21-Jan-44 Montgomery
Alibozek William F Private 21 STA HOSP 23-Feb-43 Montgomery
Ambridge Edward H Jr Private 103 INF 43 DIV 12-Jan-45 Montgomery
Anderson Carl J Private 1st Class 314 INF 79 DIV 24-Mar-45 Montgomery
Arnold Clifford R Private 60 CA REGT 3-May-42 Montgomery
Austin Gilbert R Private Montgomery
Austin Willard M Private 1st Class 1052 SIG CO 310 SV G 29-Dec-44 Montgomery
Abel Thomas R. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Adams Robert H. Major Monroe
Adolphson Richard Carl Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Monroe
Adorante Dante William Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Agan John D. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Agnello Emanuele P. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Agnello Emmanuele W. Aviation Cadet Monroe
Aina Pasquale T. Sergeant 871 BOMB SQ 497 BOMB 18-Apr-45 Monroe
Akins James E. Staff Sergeant 626 QM REF CO 6-Jan-44 Monroe
Albanese Nicholas Staff Sergeant Monroe
Albanese Tony Private 1st Class 759 FA BN 14-Apr-45 Monroe
Albrecht Elroy C. Sergeant 1 BOMB SQ 9 BOMB GP/ 25-Mar-45 Monroe
Albrechts August H. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Alfieri Cosmo Private Monroe
Allen Alexander D. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Allison Hubert C Private 1st Class Monroe
Allocco Andrew J. Staff Sergeant Monroe
Alter Charles H. E. Jr. Sergeant 137 INF 35 DIV 5-Jan-45 Monroe
Ames Rayfield C. Technician 5th Grade 10 INF 5 DIV 21-Sep-44 Monroe
Anderson W. H. 2nd Lieutenant Monroe
Anderson William K Jr Corporal Monroe
Anderson William K. 1st Lieutenant Monroe
Andrews Charles Private 28 INF 8 DIV 4-Dec-44 Monroe
Angeloni Nicholas J. Private 1st Class Monroe
Anzalone Michael Carl Seaman 2nd Class Monroe
Arbore Sam R. Private Monroe
Ark Howard Lieutenant Colonel Monroe
Aschettino Albert G. Private 409 INF 103 DIV 19-Nov-44 Monroe
Ashton Charles Edward Machinist's Mate 1st Class Monroe
Austin Varian E. Private Monroe
Autovino Mathew J. Corporal 18 INF 1 DIV 24-Mar-43 Monroe
Aven Alfred L. Staff Sergeant 307 INF 77 DIV 20-Dec-44 Monroe
Ackerman Philip Wayne Seaman 1st Class Madison
Austin Laverne Alfred Seaman 1st Class Madison
Abbey Claude W Technician 5th Grade 90 SIG CO 90 DIV 10-Nov-44 Livingston
Alinell Mike Corporal AIR CORPS 18-Nov-42 Livingston
Annis Almon A Jr Private 1st Class Livingston
Archibald William S Staff Sergeant Livingston
Avery Norman F Technician 5th Grade Livingston
Abbey Harland R Private 1st Class 254 ENGR COMBAT BN 20-Sep-44 Lewis
Abbott George Lynn Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Lewis
Ackerman Lincoln W Private Lewis
Arthur Harold M Private 1st Class Lewis
Aaman Emanuel Ben Fireman 1st Class Kings
Aaron Henry Staff Sergeant Kings
Aaronson Bernard Shipfitter 3rd Class Kings
Aaronson William Private Kings
Abady Charles I Staff Sergeant 450 BOMB SQ 322 BOMB 19-Jul-44 Kings
Abate Pasquale V Technician 4th Grade Kings
Abate Victor Emanuel Radar man 2nd Class Kings
Abate Vincent Frank Private 1st Class Kings
Abatemarco Michael F Private 1st Class 262 INF 66 DIV 25-Dec-44 Kings
Abatiello Joseph P Corporal Kings
Abbate Andrew Sergeant Kings
Abbatello Dominick Private Kings
Abbondanza Ralph August Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Abelman Jacob Private Kings
Abelson Joel Staff Sergeant Kings
Abernethy William Mark Metalsmith 2nd Class Kings
Ablett Charles Edward Private Kings
Abood Albert M Private 80 RCN TRP 80 DIV 1-Sep-44 Kings
Abraham Irwin Private 1st Class Kings
Abraham Jerome Nmi Private 1st Class Kings
Abrahams Harry Private Kings
Abrahams Louis Private 1st Class Kings
Abramchik Leon Staff Sergeant 404 BOMB SQ 28 BOMB 11-Sep-43 Kings
Abramowich Alex Sergeant 828 BOMB SQ 485 BOMB 26-Dec-44 Kings
Abramowitz Rubin Corporal Kings
Abrams Bernard Radioman 1st class Kings
Abrams Simon Corporal Kings
Abramson Aaron Radio Technician 2nd Class Kings
Abramson Bert N Private Kings
Abramson Harold S 1st Lieutenant Kings
Abramson Leonard J Private 1st Class Kings
Abruzzo Thomas Charles Corporal Kings
Abruzzo Thomas S 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Abruzzo Vincent C Private 1st Class Kings
Accardi Vito Thomas Pharmacist's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Accurso Joseph L Private 330 INF 83 DIV 6-Nov-44 Kings
Acierno Carlos Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Ackerman Charles E Corporal Kings
Ackerman Hyman Technician 5th Grade 411 QM CO 17 ABN DIV 24-Mar-45 Kings
Ackermann Louis F Captain Kings
Aclander Morton Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Adamick John Frederick Private 1st Class Kings
Adamo Andrew R Technician 4th Grade Kings
Adamo Anthony A Private Kings
Adams John Sergeant Kings
Adams Victor J Staff Sergeant Kings
Addonizio Pasquale Staff Sergeant Kings
Adelman Herman Private Kings
Adelman Samuel Private Kings
Adelman Stuart M Sergeant Kings
Adelsky Jacob Private Kings
Adler Arthur I 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Adler Jack Technician 4th Grade Kings
Adler Leonard Private 1st Class Kings
Afanasewicz Edward P Private Kings
Agnese Domenick Robert Coxswain Kings
Aguele Frank Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Kings
Agueli John O Private 1st Class Kings
Agush William Private 1st Class Kings
Ahern Timothy F Technician 5th Grade Kings
Aidala Cyrus R Staff Sergeant Kings
Aidala Salvatore A Private Kings
Aiello Joseph Lewis Private 1st Class Kings
Aisman Laurence H 1st Lieutenant 1327 ENGR GEN SV REG 21-Aug-45 Kings
Aitken Lawrence T Private 1st Class Kings
Ajello Louis P 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Akelmacher Samuel Chief Yeoman Kings
Aks Morton Lloyd Ensign Kings
Alaimo Samuel J Corporal Kings
Albanese Dominick L Technician 5th Grade 57 ORD BOMB DISP SQ 18-Apr-44 Kings
Albanese John J Private Kings
Albaneze John S Corporal Kings
Albarella Frank C Private Kings
Alberghina John F Staff Sergeant Kings
Albergo Dominic Private 1st Class Kings
Albert Elliott Private 1st Class Kings
Albert Leonard S Private 141 INF 36 DIV 27-Oct-44 Kings
Albi Clayton A Technician 4th Grade Kings
Albrecht Harry E Staff Sergeant 580 SIG AW BN 11-Jul-44 Kings
Albrecht Walter W Corporal Kings
Alderese Robert H Private 1st Class Kings
Aldridge Frederick S 1st Lieutenant Kings
Alduino Frank T Staff Sergeant 500 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 2-Dec-44 Kings
Aleksynas Sigfred J Private Kings
Alessi Mario Private 1st Class Kings
Alessi Salvatore S Private Kings
Alexander Howard F Private 1st Class 491 BOMB SQ 341 BOMB 15-Jan-44 Kings
Alfano Salvatore Private Kings
Alfonso Leon N Private 1st Class Kings
Alfred Isadore 2nd Lieutenant AIR CORPS 8-Feb-42 Kings
Aliano Leon Sergeant Kings
Aliperto Louis M Private 1st Class Kings
Aliskowitch Stanley John Staff Sergeant Kings
Allen Edward Joseph Private 1st Class Kings
Allen Edwin W 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Allen Jack Carter Private 1st Class Kings
Allen Joseph R Sergeant 398 INF 100 DIV 19-Nov-44 Kings
Allen Walter Francis Fireman 2nd Class Kings
Allen Warren J Flight Officer Kings
Allen Willard G 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Allenson Morton H Private 1st Class 228 MED DISP/AVN/ 20-Apr-44 Kings
Alley Eugene Fike Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Almodovar Julio Corporal Kings
Almony Amor D Warrant Officer, Junior Grade Kings
Alnwick Mortimer A 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Alotta John A Private 1st Class 179 INF 45 DIV 28-Mar-45 Kings
Alsaker Richard Benjamin Private 1st Class Kings
Altese Rocco J Staff Sergeant 673 BOMB SQ 417 BOMB 17-Apr-44 Kings
Altomari Joseph Sergeant Kings
Aluskewitz William A Technician 5th Grade Kings
Alvarez Arsenio Jr Private 1st Class Kings
Amalfitano Angelo A Private 1st Class Kings
Amalfitano John J Jr Staff Sergeant Kings
Amarante Frank Private 1st Class Kings
Amari Alfred William Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Amaro Sidney H Private Kings
Amato Anthony Private 1st Class 304 INF 76 DIV 9-Mar-45 Kings
Amato Antonio J Technical Sergeant Kings
Amato Harry Nicholas Corporal Kings
Amato Joseph Private 15 INF 3 DIV 6-Aug-43 Kings
Amato Joseph Staff Sergeant Kings
Amato Paul Robert Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Kings
Amato William F Private 1st Class 289 INF 75 DIV 17-Jan-45 Kings
Amatucci Severino Private 7 INF 3 DIV 5-Nov-43 Kings
Ambos Hyman Private 1st Class Kings
Ambrico Louis S Private Kings
Ambrogio Joseph John Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Ambrose Harry Edward Quartermaster 2nd Class Kings
Ambrose Lawrence R Flight Officer Kings
Ambrosino John M Private 1st Class Kings
Ambrosino Ralph Joseph Seaman 1st Class Kings
Ameker William Cook 3rd Class Kings
Amendola Frank Private 300 ENGR COMBAT BN 19-Jun-44 Kings
Amico Angelo J Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 26-Nov-44 Kings
Amico Paul Sergeant Kings
Ammirati Charles Technician 4th Grade Kings
Amon Wilbert F Private 1st Class Kings
Amster Jack Technician 5th Grade Kings
Amundsen Walter Roald Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Ancona John A Private Kings
Andersen Arne Private 99 INF BN 16-Sep-44 Kings
Andersen Hans A Technical Sergeant 105 INF 27 DIV 21-Apr-45 Kings
Andersen Milford Major Kings
Anderson Donald Frank Chief Motor Machinist's Mate Kings
Anderson Edwin Logan Private Kings
Anderson Henry N Private Kings
Anderson John D Sergeant 27 INF BN 9 ARMD DIV 15-Apr-45 Kings
Anderson Mark Gustave Seaman 1st Class Kings
Anderson Robert C Sergeant 274 INF 70 DIV 20-Feb-45 Kings
Anderson Robert E Staff Sergeant 766 BOMB SQ 461 BOMB 12-Jul-44 Kings
Anderson Roy D Private 1st Class Kings
Anderson William F Private Kings
Anderson William H Private 1st Class Kings
Andrechenko Andrew Private Kings
Andres Henry R Staff Sergeant 359 INF 90 DIV 13-Dec-44 Kings
Andrews Charles M Private Kings
Angelastro Michael T Private 180 INF 45 DIV 22-Dec-43 Kings
Angelino Michael A Private Kings
Angiolino Vincent J Private 1st Class Kings
Angionne Frank Joseph Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Aniano Salvatore J Private Kings
Ankelmann Emil Vincent Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Kings
Anker Norman N Sergeant Kings
Ankuta Anthony J 2nd Lieutenant Kings
Annucci Edward J Private Kings
Antell Charles Corporal Kings
Antoniello P J Private Kings
Antonsen Rudolf H Private Kings
Antos Philip Technician 5th Grade 121 FA BN 32 DIV 25-Aug-45 Kings
Apar Irving Private 1st Class Kings
Apat Joseph D Private 60 INF 9 DIV 6-Aug-44 Kings
Apen John Fireman 1st Class Kings
Apfel John R Sergeant Kings
Apfel Robert Private Kings
Apicella Edward Staff Sergeant 323 BOMB SQ 91 BOMB 8-Oct-43 Kings
Appello Joseph A Private 1st Class Kings
Aprea Frank Anthony Coxswain Kings
Aprilante John R Corporal 629 TD BN 11-Dec-44 Kings
Aquavella Robert Jack Seaman 1st Class Kings
Aquino James Nick Seaman 1st Class Kings
Arato Michael R Private 1st Class 1121 QM CO/AVN/ 24-Mar-44 Kings
Arbetman Daniel Private 1st Class Kings
Ardente Albert J Private Kings
Ardito Vito Joseph Seaman 1st Class Kings
Ardolino Pasquale J Private 1st Class 116 INF 29 DIV 6-Jul-44 Kings
Aretino Dominick C Private 1st Class 30 INF 3 DIV 2-Dec-44 Kings
Argula John J Private Kings
Argyro James B Corporal INFANTRY 3-Feb-43 Kings
Argyropolus Louis Private Kings
Arico Anthony Private 508 PRCHT INF REGT 5-Jul-44 Kings
Arico Anthony M Private 1st Class 143 INF 36 DIV 13-Jun-44 Kings
Arje Henry S 1st Lieutenant Kings
Arlan Charles A Private MP PLAT 36 DIV 2-Oct-44 Kings
Armband Robert J Staff Sergeant Kings
Arne Philip M Jr Corporal Kings
Arner Leo Private 1st Class Kings
Arnold Godfrey Leonard Seaman 1st Class Kings
Arnold William Christian Private 1st Class Kings
Aronowitz Jack Staff Sergeant 515 BOMB SQ 376 BOMB 12-Sep-44 Kings
Aronson Julius Private 1st Class Kings
Arouty Jack Private Kings
Artemis Stephan Private Kings
Artis Dillard B Sergeant Kings
Artowicz Theodore John Seaman 2nd Class Kings
Asaro Nicholas J Private 1st Class Kings
Aschenberg Siegfried A Private 1st Class Kings
Ascher Arnold Private Kings
Aschkenasy Arthur A Private 10 INF BN 4 ARMD DIV 14-Nov-44 Kings
Asero Matthew M Private 1st Class 28 INF 8 DIV 30-Nov-44 Kings
Ashkenasy Herman H Private Kings
Ashkin Milton M Private 1st Class Kings
Ashley John I Private Kings
Ashley Robert W 2nd Lieutenant 367 BOMB SQ 306 BOMB 22-Dec-43 Kings
Ashworth Edwin R Sergeant Kings
Askenas Isidore Private 1st Class Kings
Askins Frank Private 1st Class Kings
Asnis Herbert Private 1st Class Kings
Assante Anthony Private Kings
Atene Vincent F Captain ARMY TRANS COMD 1-Dec-42 Kings
Atkins Charles D Staff Sergeant Kings
Atley Astel E Technician 5th Grade Kings
Attanasio Gerald S Private 1st Class Kings
Atzert Edward G Private 1st Class Kings
Auchterlonie Roy H 2nd Lieutenant 346 BOMB SQ 99 BOMB 1-Aug-43 Kings
Auerbah Arthur I Private Kings
Augello Joseph Private 317 INF 80 DIV 7-Oct-44 Kings
Auguste Robert J Private 1st Class Kings
Ausili Albert E Private Kings
Aust Kenneth Thomas Private 1st Class Kings
Austin John Robert Gunner's Mate 1st Class Kings
Avella Francis J Private 1st Class Kings
Aversa Louis Technical Sergeant 71 BOMB SQ 38 BOMB G 14-Mar-46 Kings
Aveto Vincent L Private 331 INF 83 DIV 13-Dec-44 Kings
Avizenis Vincent T Private Kings
Avril Howard C Private Kings
Awizus Walter G Private Kings
Axelrod Irving N Staff Sergeant Kings
Axelrod Seymour Private 1st Class Kings
Ayers George C Sergeant Kings
Adsit William E Private 1st Class Jefferson
Allen Clarence E Jr Private 1st Class 385 INF 76 DIV 19-Feb-45 Jefferson
Armstrong Alfred H Private 1st Class Jefferson
Ashcraft Floyd G Private 338 INF 85 DIV 18-May-44 Jefferson
Ashkar Joseph T Corporal Jefferson
Aureli Sestillo John Seaman 1st Class Jefferson
Alexczuk Michael Private 1st Class Herkimer
Anderson Rudolph Private 1st Class Herkimer
Argersinger Edgar E Seaman 1st Class Herkimer
Asselin Norman A Private 1st Class Herkimer
Avery Bartle A Captain Hamilton
Avery Milton L 2nd Lieutenant Hamilton
Albright Donald C Private Greene
Alle Ivan S Private 327 GLI INF 101 ABN 4-Jan-45 Greene
Alsid Rowland E Private Greene
Ames Milton H Private 1st Class 112 INF 28 DIV 12-Aug-44 Greene
Aitken James Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Genesee
Andrews Stanley C. Corporal Genesee
Arbit Marvin 2nd Lieutenant Genesee
Adamkoski Frank Jr. Private 1st Class 513 PRCHT INF 17 ABN 17-Jan-45 Fulton
Armstrong Arthur John Seaman 2nd Class Fulton
Armstrong Robert L. Sergeant 317 INF 80 DIV 21-Feb-45 Fulton
Auricchio Lewis Corporal Fulton
Ashley Henry S. Sergeant Franklin
Ackert Floyd M. Technician 4th Grade Essex
Anderson Leonard J. Technical Sergeant 865 BOMB SQ 494 BOMB 13-Dec-44 Essex
Andrus John A. Sergeant 644 BOMB SQ 410 BOMB 13-Feb-45 Essex
Austin Gilbert Elroy Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Essex
Abad Joseph Private 1st Class Erie
Abati Joseph V Private 1st Class 60 INF 9 DIV 19-Oct-44 Erie
Abraszek Thaddeus B Private 1st Class Erie
Acquisto Anthony G Private Erie
Adamczak Joseph John Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Erie
Adams Frank J Sergeant Erie
Adema John H Technical Sergeant Erie
Agens Clark E Private 1st Class Erie
Ahr Louis F III Staff Sergeant 346 BOMB SQ 99 BOMB 22-Jul-44 Erie
Aiple Adolph J Private Erie
Aitken Allan H Private Erie
Albon Maurice G Private Erie
Aldrich George E Private 1st Class 138 ENGR COMBAT BN 1-Jul-45 Erie
Aldrich Robert 1st Lieutenant Erie
Ales Franklin Elmer Machinist's Mate 1st Class Erie
Alexander Alfred J Private 1st Class Erie
Alexander Gerald B Private Erie
Ali Ameer Private Erie
Allarie Edward B Staff Sergeant 72 SQ 52 AIR SV GP 24-Oct-46 Erie
Almquist Calvin Curtiss Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Alt Albert Private Erie
Altherr Homer M Private 1st Class 254 INF 63 DIV 19-Mar-45 Erie
Altieri Raymond R Staff Sergeant 370 BOMB SQ 307 BOMB 15-Mar-46 Erie
Alvarez Edward Flight Officer Erie
Amanti Louis J Private 1st Class Erie
Amborski Arthur E Sergeant 742 BOMB SQ 455 BOMB 26-Jun-44 Erie
Amerillo Anthony D Private 1st Class Erie
Ammerman Nelson V Jr 2nd Lieutenant 91 SQ 439 TRP CARR G 24-Mar-45 Erie
Amrozowicz Ralph S Private 1st Class Erie
Anderson George E Private 1st Class 175 INF 29 DIV 23-Feb-45 Erie
Anderson Kermit W 2nd Lieutenant Erie
Anderson Richard B Technical Sergeant 856 BOMB SQ 492 BOMB 20-Jun-44 Erie
Andrews Arthur R Staff Sergeant Erie
Andromidas Stephen G Technical Sergeant 289 INF 75 DIV 12-Jan-45 Erie
Anetrini Frank Edward Radioman 3rd Class Erie
Anker Wilbur R Corporal Erie
Annunziato Angelo V Private 2 INF 5 DIV 18-Feb-45 Erie
Anowski Richard Edward Seaman 2nd Class Erie
Antkowiak Chester Corporal Erie
Antonucci Ralph A Captain Erie
Aquiliine Samuel C Corporal HQ SQ 19 AIR DEPOT G 6-Oct-43 Erie
Archer Karl W Technician 5th Grade 117 ORD BN 9-Jun-44 Erie
Arcuri Sam S Technician 5th Grade Erie
Armbruster Robert B Private 1st Class 517 PRCHT INF REGT 3-Jan-45 Erie
Armstrong Donald H 2nd Lieutenant 418 NIGHT FIGHTER SQ 16-Mar-45 Erie
Armstrong John O Jr Private Erie
Arnold Edwin H Private 1st Class 85 INF 10 MT DIV 14-Apr-45 Erie
Arnone Salvatore S Technician 5th Grade 12 INF 4 DIV 11-Jun-44 Erie
Arz Andrew P Private 1st Class Erie
Ashton Raymond E Private Erie
Astyk Vincent Edward Fireman 1st Class Erie
Atkinson Charles E Corporal Erie
Aurino Frank F Private Erie
Austin Richard J Private Erie
Avigliano Nicholas Private 1st Class Erie
Ayrault George Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Erie
Azzarello Vincent S Private Erie
Adams Arthur Lowell Captain Dutchess
Alexander Floyd W Private 849 SIG INT SV 11-Aug-43 Dutchess
Andrews Raymond E Technician 5th Grade 4 TK BN 1 ARMD DIV 12-Dec-44 Dutchess
Andrews Wesley W Private 1st Class 121 INF 8 DIV 17-Jul-44 Dutchess
Audia Joseph B Sergeant Dutchess
Acton Francis Thomas Seaman 2nd Class Delaware
Allen Paul C Private Delaware
Anderson Charles W Corporal Delaware
Archibald Forrest E Private 2 INF 5 DIV 14-Mar-45 Delaware
Arrandale Ralph H Corporal Delaware
Aloi Joseph J Private 1st Class Cortland
Ayers Howard F Private 1st Class Cortland
Allen Edward H Private 1st Class Columbia
Adams Donald R Staff Sergeant 717 BOMB SQ 449 BOMB 2-Apr-44 Clinton
Alexander Richard J Sergeant Clinton
Anderson Landis H Private Clinton
Ano Charles F Private 133 INF 34 DIV 7-Feb-44 Clinton
Archambault Joseph R Technician 4th Grade Clinton
Adsit Robert C Sergeant Chenango
Armstrong Marshel E Staff Sergeant Chenango
Abbott Albert Carl Sergeant Chemung
Alden Francis Alfred Private 1st Class Chemung
Allen Hugh R. Private Chemung
Allen Manford S. Private Chemung
Allen Ray Private Chemung
Andrews Raymond L Private Chemung
Armstrong Carlton Harold Jr Seaman 1st Class Chemung
Augustine Stanley T Private Chemung
Ackley Donald F Private Chautauqua
Acquavia Frank J Private 59 CA REGT 10-May-42 Chautauqua
Adsitt Homer J Technician 5th Grade 17 FA BN 7-May-45 Chautauqua
Ahlcrew Vernon A Technical Sergeant Chautauqua
Aldrich Francis M Private Chautauqua
Allen Augustus F 3rd Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Allen Burke F 2nd Lieutenant Chautauqua
Anastasi Antonio T Private Chautauqua
Andalora Michael Harry Motor Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Chautauqua
Anderson Albert L Private AIR CORPS 3-Feb-43 Chautauqua
Anderson Jack E Corporal Chautauqua
Anderson John R Captain 85 FTR SQ 79 FTR GP 21-Apr-43 Chautauqua
Anderson Robert N Technician 3rd Grade Chautauqua
Anderson Sherril A Private Chautauqua
Anderson William A 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Aniszewski Richard Francis Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Apthorp Alton M Private 1st Class Chautauqua
Ark Samuel J 1st Lieutenant Chautauqua
Allen James H 2nd Lieutenant Cayuga
Ames Gordon M Private Cayuga
Armstrong Edgar H Staff Sergeant 404 BOMB SQ 28 BOMB 18-Nov-43 Cayuga
Allen Robert William 2nd Lieutenant Cattaraugus
Andress Edwin Lewis Private 1st Class Cattaraugus
Attolini William Samuel Seaman 1st Class Cattaraugus
Adams Hanley D Jr Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Allison Merville R Corporal Cattaraugas
Allison Richard H 1st Lieutenant Cattaraugas
Allram Louis C Staff Sergeant Cattaraugas
Ashley Victor R Private 1st Class Cattaraugas
Atwater Earl Y Private 1st Class 155 INF 31 DIV 14-Nov-44 Cattaraugas
Ayers Francis H Staff Sergeant Cattaraugas
Abbey Raymond E. Sergeant 169 INF 43 DIV 21-Mar-45 Broome
Adams William D Sergeant Broome
Adams Williams F. 2nd Lieutenant Broome
Affeldt Martin F. 2nd Lieutenant Broome
Agan Robert L. 2nd Lieutenant 1211 AAF BASE UNIT 15-Apr-45 Broome
Allen Wallace J. Technical Sergeant 299 ENGR COMBAT BN 7-Jun-44 Broome
Altieri Leonard J Jr. Private 1st Class Broome
Alward James C. Technician 5th Grade Broome
Ames Lloyd I. Private 1st Class 142 INF 36 DIV 21-Mar-45 Broome
Anderson Bert E. Private 1st Class Broome
Anderson Ralph G. Private 460 AAA AW BN 2-Sep-44 Broome
Andrew Carl Steven Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Broome
Armstrong Alfred Hawley Staff Sergeant Broome
Armstrong Jamea D. Private Broome
Arzouian Jacob Corporal 586 BOMB SQ 394 BOMB 18-Dec-44 Broome
Atherton Kenneth O. Private Broome
Austin Charles E. Staff Sergeant Broome
Austin Robert Allen Ensign Broome
Avery Williams Captain INFANTRY 10-May-42 Broome
Abbate Francesco H Private 2 INF 5 DIV 15-Sep-44 Bronx
Abbate Jack C Private 1st Class Bronx
Abrams Alexander Private Bronx
Abrams Leo Bernard Seaman 2nd Class Bronx
Abramson Abraham F Sergeant Bronx
Accetta Peter Corporal 772 BOMB SQ 463 BOMB 2-Aug-45 Bronx
Ackerman Morris Private Bronx
Adamec George Private Bronx
Adams Edward W Corporal 228 SIG OPN CO 28-Jun-42 Bronx
Adler Charles Private 1st Class Bronx
Adler Harold Private 1st Class Bronx
Adler Stuart Emanuel Hospital Apprentice 1st Class Bronx
Agoglia John Joseph Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Ahearn Eugene A Private Bronx
Ahles Walter R Private Bronx
Ahrens Irving B 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Alba Richard Technician 3rd Grade Bronx
Albarelle Tullio Private Bronx
Albers John L Staff Sergeant 549 BOMB SQ 385 BOMB 7-Oct-44 Bronx
Alberti William C Staff Sergeant Bronx
Aldridge Ashley Hill Electrician's Mate 1st Class Bronx
Alfieri Adolph Private 1st Class Bronx
Alfonso Joseph R Jr Private 1st Class Bronx
Alibrandi Rosario Private Bronx
Alkoff Sidney Private Bronx
Allen Christopher J Sergeant Bronx
Alleva Louis Private Bronx
Alperstein Ernest Private Bronx
Alschuler Milton Sergeant Bronx
Altamore Joseph R Sergeant 4 BOMB SQ 34 BOMB GP 24-Aug-44 Bronx
Alter Seymour B Technician 5th Grade Bronx
Altman Fred H Private 1st Class Bronx
Altschuler Jack Private 83 CML BN 26-Jan-44 Bronx
Alvarado Angelo L Private 1st Class Bronx
Alvarez Joseph R Private 1st Class Bronx
Amatulli Samuel S Technical Sergeant Bronx
Ambrose Warren J Corporal Bronx
Amdur Stanley Private 1st Class Bronx
Amling Henry William Private 1st Class Bronx
Amodio Mario Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Bronx
Anderson Carl Anders Aviation Metalsmith 3rd Class Bronx
Anderson John Joseph Seaman 1st Class Bronx
Anderson Peter R Private Bronx
Anderson Walter R Technician 4th Grade Bronx
Angarano Dominic P Private Bronx
Angele Alfred O 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Angelillo James J Sergeant Bronx
Angelli Fred Private Bronx
Angelo Fred W Technician 4th Grade 16 CAV RCN SQ 15-Mar-45 Bronx
Angiono Eligio L Sergeant Bronx
Anixt Murray Private Bronx
Antonacci Fred A Technical Sergeant 165 INF 27 DIV 9-Jul-44 Bronx
Antony Paul M Jr Private 1st Class Bronx
Anzilotti John Private Bronx
Apfelbaum Charles E Private 1st Class Bronx
Apoldo Fred W Private Bronx
Aponte Joseph R 2nd Lieutenant Bronx
Aquino John A Private 1st Class Bronx
Arbolino Jack N 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Armanino John Vincent Private 1st Class Bronx
Armstrong Francis G Private 1st Class Bronx
Arnold Frederick P Private Bronx
Arnow Theodore Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Bronx
Aronov Jerome M 1st Lieutenant Bronx
Aronov Jerome M Private Bronx
Arthur Robert B Captain Bronx
Arvanites Christ N Sergeant Bronx
Ascher Robert Harold Private 1st Class Bronx
Assael Solomon Private 1st Class Bronx
Auerback Edward Henry Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class Bronx
Auslander Pincus H Sergeant Bronx
Austin Donald W Staff Sergeant Bronx
Autuori James G Private 1st Class 168 INF 34 DIV 13-Dec-44 Bronx
Avis Charles Staff Sergeant Bronx
Avitabile Fiume J Private Bronx
Avollone Vincent Alfred Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Bronx
Axelrod Abraham L Private Bronx
Axelrod Edward Private Bronx
Aylaian Charles J Private Bronx
Azario Ottavio Private 1st Class Bronx
Abbott Raymond Leon Signalman 3rd Class Allegany
Aiken Ralph Eugene Fireman 1st Class Allegany
Albert Frederick D 1st Lieutenant Allegany
Anderson Bror H Captain Allegany
Andrews Robert J Staff Sergeant 498 BOMB SQ 345 BOMB 12-Nov-44 Allegany
Abrams Donald Bradley Fire Controlman 2nd Class Albany
Ackart Stanley Parker Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Albany
Adams Alonzo P III 1st Lieutenant 349 BOMB SQ 100 BOMB 25-Jun-43 Albany
Adams William C Sergeant Albany
Ahearn James E Private 1st Class 347 INF 87 DIV 14-Dec-44 Albany
Aiezza Patsy A Jr Private 1st Class Albany
Albert Charles Edward Private 1st Class Albany
Albert Stephen E Sergeant 315 INF 79 DIV 18-Jan-45 Albany
Alexander Harry S Jr Corporal Albany
Allegra Joseph A Staff Sergeant 350 INF 88 DIV 15-Apr-45 Albany
Allen Lansing Alfred Private 1st Class Albany
Allen Robert N 2nd Lieutenant Albany
Alston James W Staff Sergeant 184 INF 7 DIV 3-Dec-44 Albany
Alston William James Seaman 1st Class Albany
Anamier Frederick Henry Fire Controlman 2nd Class Albany
Anderson Charles Joseph Private 1st Class Albany
Anderson Lawrence M Private Albany
Andrews John F Private 1st Class Albany
Andrews Salvatore Seaman 2nd Class Albany
Aquino Dominic Rocco Aviation Ordnance man 3rd Class Albany
Ashley Sinclair J Private 1st Class Albany
August Francis A Private 1st Class 124 INF 31 DIV 6-Mar-45 Albany
Austin Louis M Private Albany
Austin Paul J Private 59 CA REGT 17-Jan-45 Albany
Austin Thomas S 1st Lieutenant Albany
Austin William H Jr Corporal Albany
Aviza Edward A Private Albany
Aviza John J 2nd Lieutenant Albany
Applegate Alonzo D Private 1st Class

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