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Finding Aids

Buffalo Armory
This series of records relate to the New York National Guard and New York Guard units stationed in Buffalo, N.Y. from 1851 to 1969. The series contains company journals, descriptive books, duty rosters, order books, financial records, muster rolls, letters, photographs, newspaper clippings and other records dealing with the operation of the company.

Headquarters, 42nd Divsion
Photographs from this collection are available for viewing here.

Kenneth H. Powers Collection
Kenneth Powers, Historian of the 69th Regiment, created this collection of material about the 69th  Regiment and several military units, including the 165th , 105th,  7th, 9th, 14th, Squadron A and other regiments, the National Guard, 27th and 42nd Divisions as well as other units The bulk of the material is concerned with the Civil War, World War I and World War II, although there is material about the origins of some of the units prior to the Civil War and material about these units in the Spanish-American War and Mexican Border Service as well. Most of the units in the collection were related to the 69th Regiment in some way, chiefly by serving in larger military units. Powers retired as a Lt. Col. Inf., New York Guard. He was also very interested in Irish and Irish-American history as well as Powers family history and collected material related to these topics. He also was interested in the history of military uniforms, as well as medals and insignia and there is a substantial amount of material related to this interest. The collection includes original manuscripts and documents, photographs, maps, military uniform prints, scrapbooks, newspapers, broadsides, many photocopied newspaper and magazine articles and other formats of material. It is possibly the largest collection of material related to the history of the historic 69th Regiment in existence. The New York State Military Museum Research Center has numerous regimental histories related to the 69th Regiment and the other regiments, brigades and divisions with historical materials in this collection. Some histories of the 69th Regiment include:
     Bilby, Joseph G., Remember Fontenoy!: The 69th New York  and the Irish Brigade in the Civil War, 1995
     Demeter, Richard, The Fighting 69th: A History, 2002
     Harris, Stephen L., Duffy’s War, Fr. Francis Duffy, Wild Bill Donovan and the Irish Fighting 69th in World War I, 2008.
Kenneth Powers wrote brief historical summaries of the 69th Regiment and copies of those histories are found in the collection.

Kingston Armory Collection (156th Field Artillery)

Malone Armory Archives 1999.0006

10th Regiment Collection
Bound Books
Unbound Records


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