NYS DMNA AGR, Tech and State job
color, letter & number codes

Most of this material applies equally to both AGR and Technician jobs.

Job openings listed as "Nationwide" or "CAT 2" are open to all Servicemembers inside and outside New York State. "Nationwide" or "CAT 2" does not specify the service in which the candidate would serve.

Openings listed with blue background are open to Air National Guard members, openings with white background are open to Army National Guard members and openings with purple background are open to either Army or Air National Guard members. Any variations to this convention will be noted in the linked announcement document.

The announcement number (Anno) is assigned using the Job type (T for Technician, A for AGR, J for Joint), followed by the 2-digit fiscal year, a hyphen and a sequence number, which is issued in the order the job openings are processed. A trailing "A" indicates the job is an Air Guard only position.

Closing dates do not necessarily fall in the same order as the sequence numbers.

The "Anno #" (leftmost) column contains a hyperlink to the announcement document.

Job listings which have been amended since originally posted will contain an "AMENDED" note in the "Title" column.

Cancelled job openings will be marked by a “Job Cancelled” bar and the linked document will no longer be available for viewing.

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