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CONTACT: Mr. Eric Durr, 518-786-4581
FOR RELEASE: Wednesday, Jan 07, 2009

Capital Region New York National Guard Soldiers Home From Afghanistan Tour

Media Advisory


Approximately twenty members of the New York Army National Guard who served with the 27th Brigade Combat Team in Afghanistan from April to November, fellow Soldiers and family members.


Approximately twenty New York Army National Guard Soldiers who spent 10 months in Afghanistan training members of the Afghan National Army will return to the Capital Region. Members of the media seeking to cover the return of these National Guard Soldiers to the Capital Region need to contact the Division of Military and Naval Affairs Public Affairs Office, Mr. Eric Durr at 518-786-4581 prior to the event in order to obtain access to this secure military facility. Because there is a chance the charter bus may arrive early, media should call the on site POC ahead of time and request a call if the bus moves ahead of schedule.


Approximately 1 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 7.


New York State Armory, 330 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham, NY.

Coverage Opportunities: Members of the media will be able to observe National Guard Soldiers and their families reunite after an absence of almost 11 months and speak with them briefly.


The 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the New York Army National Guard mobilized in January 2008 for deployment to Afghanistan on a mission to train the Afghan National Army and Police. A total of 1,700 Soldiers were called up for the mission. Wednesday's redeployment will mark the return of approximately 1,500 of the task force. About 150 Soldiers volunteered to extend their tour in Afghanistan and continue to serve with the follow-on rotation. Approximately 30 other trail party Soldiers will redeploy home in the coming week to complete the unit's return to New York. After approximately two months of training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the BCT, led by Colonel Brian K. Balfe, took command last April 26 of Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix, a training unit comprised of more than 7,400 service men and women from all U.S. service branches including Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, coalition partners and civilian professionals spread over nearly 240 Forward Operating Bases throughout Afghanistan. CJTF-Phoenix was part of Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan with the mission to mentor and train the Afghan National Army and Police, and provide assistance to the Government of Afghanistan and its people. New York Soldiers served as trainers, advisors, mentors, security-force, logistics and staff. Many have experience in state and later federal active duty after the 9-11, 2001 terrorist attacks. CJTF-Phoenix VII accomplishments included: The Afghan National Army (ANA) has grown by 6 Kansas (Battalions), resulting in 7,382 additional Afghan Soldiers. 24 ANA Kansas were validated CM-1 for independent operations, resulting in 25% of the ANA Kansas validated as capable of independent operations. Assisted in the planning and execution of over 100 major named operations with the Afghan National Security Forces. The ANA fielded thousands of modern NATO weapons and equipment, including M16A2 rifles and up armored homes, improving their capabilities while reducing their vulnerabilities to enemy actions Established a Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) team that trained thousands of Afghan Soldiers and Policemen More than $115 Million has been committed to nearly 400 separate construction and improvement projects at Forward Operating Bases, Company Outposts and District Centers across Afghanistan in support of U.S. and ANSF $39 million obligated through the Commander's Emergency Response Program to build roads, schools, clinics, dig wells, etc. to improve living conditions for the Afghan people Over 1,250 tons of humanitarian assistance aid delivered to women, children, schools and orphanages, an average of approximately 150 tons per month CJTF-P also conducted hundreds of humanitarian assistance and civil medical assistance operations in conjunction with ANSF, improving quality of life for ordinary Afghans while enhancing the bonds between the people, ANSF and their government Established a Logistics Cell enabling the Afghan National Security Forces to receive more of the equipment and weapons they need sooner through increased support and development of the Afghan logistical system and capabilities, expediting modernization and long term sustainability of its forces
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