ROCHESTER, N.Y. – More than fifteen minutes of fame came to Sgt. Stephen Tschiderer, 249th Air Ambulance Company, as he is interviewed by Frank Grimes, a contract video producer for The History Channel June 27. Tschiderer, who served as a medic with E Troop, 101st Cavalry under the 256th Brigade Combat Team, Louisiana Army National Guard, was deployed in 2004-2005 to Iraq. While deployed, he was shot by a sniper from a van. The sniper videotaped the attack and was surprised by Tschiderer when his protective body armor stopped the bullet resulting in Tschiderer and other members of Troop A pursuing and capturing the sniper and his accomplices. The interview will be part of The History Channel’s “Shock Wave” series and is expected to air sometime in the Fall.