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About the Yellow Ribbon Program

In July 2008 the NYARNG Soldier and Family Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program came into being with the passing of Public Law (P.L.) 110-181. This law mandates a reintegration program for deploying National Guard and Reserve Soldiers. This program is designed to provide redeploying Soldiers and Families a robust support network of information and services available from county, state, federal and private outreach organization upon their return home.

The program consists of mandatory events prior and after deployment. Pre Deployment Yellow Events are scheduled within 180 days of a Service Member’s Mobilization date. The purpose of the Pre Event is to prepare Service Members and their Families for deployment. Post Deployment Yellow Ribbon Events are scheduled within 90 days of a Service Member’s return home. The purpose of the Post Event is to ease Service Members’ reintegration back into civilian life. Events are conducted in an Individual Duty Training (IDT) status. Events generally offer deployment related information from the following providers: Veteran’s Affairs, Personal Financial Counselors, Humana, Martin’s Point, Health Services, MILPAY, DEERS, Chaplain Services, Judge Advocate General, Inspector General, Transition Assistance Advising, Employer Support of the Guard Reserve (ESGR), SHARP and Equal Opportunity (EO).

Military and Family Readiness Specialists across the state host Mid Deployment events for Families during a Service Member’s deployment. These events are designed to assist Families who may be struggling in the absence of their Service Member. Our staff will bring in providers and will discuss any issues or difficulties that have come up while the Service Members are deployed.

Events are conducted in an informal relaxed atmosphere. Events are typically held at hotels nearby the deploying unit’s armory. All Soldiers are required to attend and are strongly encouraged to bring their spouse, children and parents (if single). We operate the “Boots Off” Program for children ages 6-18, and provide daycare facilities for ages infant to 5 years old.

Our goal in Family Programs is to take care of Service Members and their Families. The Yellow Ribbon Program is one way of achieving that goal. The Pre, Mid, and Post Yellow Ribbon Events are an important part of your deployment and reintegration process, and we look forward to seeing you and your family soon.

To sign up for a Yellow Ribbon event, please visit https://www.yellowribbon.mil/.

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Points of Contact

Yellow Ribbon Plans Officer
CPT Daniel Hill
Office: (518) 786-4696

Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist
SSG Austin Osborn
Office: (518) 786-4696

Or Call: (877) 715-7817

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