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The NYANG Diversity Council provides leadership, support, and assistance in recognizing and appreciating the individual differences of all its members, while promoting organizational growth and enhancing mission readiness.


To achieve an organizational culture which fosters respect and understanding of individual differences and its positive impact on the missions of the NYANG.

NYANG Commander Maj Gen Kwiatkowski’s personal view on Diversity:

My vision of diversity is one that fuels, but never obscures, the moral and ethical duty we have to treat all those we encounter as unique individuals worthy of respect, dignity and appreciation. In the New York Air National Guard, we value diversity, because it is the right thing to do. We must make diversity and inclusion a way of life throughout our organizations. Sustaining an environment of acceptance, respect, and collaboration is critical to our future success.

For more information, email charles.u.fernandez@us.army.mil

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