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In simple terms "Diversity" is being different. Those differences make each of us unique!

Diversity includes all the EO/EEO bases of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age and disabilities. Diversity includes much more, such as, appearance, traditions, income or social status, sexual orientation, life experiences and education background. Can you think of ways you may be different from your co-worker? your neighbor? your closest friend? Now can you think of similarities with the same individuals that came to your mind?

Diversity initiative is to recognize and value differences as well as similarities among people where differences are appreciated and encouraged and that awareness supports growth, improves strength, betters mission readiness and ultimately creates success.

DMNA Diversity Day scheduled for Tuesday, April 28, 2009 is a baseline opportunity to allow cross-cultural perspectives consistent with the New York National Guard's values increase awareness and expand educational information in a fun and entertaining event. Understanding and respecting differences can enrich your life and your world and is the key to developing good relationships. So please come, be open to differences, avoid making assumptions and instead ask questions.

Who We Are:

We are the New York National Guard, part of a 351-year tradition of service to state and nation. Our members are eberyday citizens - farmers, teachers and businesspeople in time of peace: soldiers and airmen in time of war or domestic emergency. We wear the title "Citizen-Soldier" with pride. Army and Air Guard members live, work and serve in communities throughout New York State, trained and ready in case of war, terrorist attack, hurricane or flood other emergency both overseas and right in our own hometowns.

What We Do:

The State Partnership Program (SPP) is a National Guard initiative that grows relationships, enhances international security and builds capacity across all levels of society. Our mission is to create a link between our partner nation, the Republic of South Africa, and the New York National Guard which promotes the exchange of free ideas and opens doors of cooperation in the political, military, economic and social realms.

  • Military to Military activities benefit the armed forces of both partners. Frequent events both in New York and South Africa bring together military professionals to share perspectives on topics of mutual interest. The United States European Command sponcers most of these events in coordination with the US Ambassador and staff.
  • Military and Civilian partnership initiatives capitalize on the National Guard's role as a key player in US domestic emergency responce. We lead participation in disaster preparedness planning, security support and a host of other interagency programs as requested by our South African Partners.
  • Civilian to Civilian engagement helps strengthen democratic institutions, economic opportunities and prosperity. Our National Guard members belong to many civic associations, church groups and other agencies, which naturally leads to the establishment of civilian partnerships based on bonds of openness and trust.
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