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Safety Message 19-09

FY19 ARNG Safety Philosophy

  1. Whether we are assisting our communities or fighting to preserve American interests, we must always be prepared to conduct our mission at home and abroad. It is our mission to organize, man, train and equip the ARNG to safely support the total force warfighting mission as well as the State emergency and disaster response plan for our Governors. Safety is a mission enhancer and force multiplier. The following lines of effort provide a perspective that will guide our force in formulating methods to maintain a safe, resilient, and ready force for the future.
    1. Provide ready and capable combat and enabling forces. Readiness is vital in all that we do. Without proper investments in safety and risk management, we place our security and mission in potentially hazardous situations. Empowering all ARNG Soldiers to identify risks through the collective knowledge of historical trends, facilitated discussion, and aggressive training is paramount to our “Route to Readiness”.
    2. Ensure Force Resiliency. Our leaders provide guidance and direction for our Soldiers that prevent behaviors detrimental to Army Readiness. We must do all we can to invest in, protect, and preserve the strength of our Army. We must address and overcome undisciplined behavior that often results in loss of personnel, equipment, and resources affecting our overall readiness posture.
    3. Ready Forces. Using our knowledge, experience, and perspective, we influence and impact safety and unit readiness in critical mission capabilities.
  2. As we continue to enhance our total readiness for the 21st century, safety must also be at the forefront. Our “Route to Readiness” safety campaign will ensure focus is placed on the safety and health of our most valuable asset. As we increase our total readiness at home or abroad, remember that Readiness is our number one priority and all others must contribute to that end.

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