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Safety Message 19-05

Winter Activity Safety

Winter activities can help Soldiers and their families stay active, get outdoors, and enjoy being together. If you or your family are feeling like cabin fever is taking over and you have watched all the movies you can stand, look into some (or all) of the following outdoor activities and be safe while enjoying them.

Cross-Country or Downhill Skiing:

Skiing is a great outdoor activity for all members of the family, no matter the age. Whether you can handle the Black Diamond trails or just like to play around on the Bunny Slope, a day at the slopes is fun for all. Here are some tips that will help make sure that the trip is enjoyable: (Some of these also apply to snowboarding.)



If skiing isn’t an option, but you still want to enjoy the winter outdoors, maybe snowmobiling is a better option. Snowmobiling can allow you to travel further and get out into the wilderness more easily. Snowmobiles come in many different sizes to enable younger riders to operate their own machines. NYS requires all persons who are at least 10 years of age and less than 18 years of age to take a New York State Approved Snowmobile Safety Course, and obtain a snowmobile safety certificate when riding on public lands. More safety tips:

Anyone operating or riding on a snowmobile in New York State must wear an approved safety helmet except when operating on property owned by the operator or passenger. Snowmobiling exposes operators and passengers to excessive wind speeds that could result in frostbite occurring very quickly. It is critical to cover all exposed skin to prevent frostbite. As you can see from the wind chill index chart, the faster your speed, the colder the equivalent temperature is:

So get out of the house and enjoy some winter activities! Just be safe while enjoying them so you can relax with your family afterwards and share the memories.

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