Aid to Civil Authority Aid to Civil Authority


To whom awarded

The Duty In Aid To Civil Authority Medal may be awarded to individuals of the New York State Organized Militia who perform any period of state active duty in aid to civil authority as ordered by the governor in accordance with General Orders Number 20, The Adjutant General's Office, State of New York, 10 August 1922. The Duty In Aid To Civil Authority Medal will be awarded for participation in support of a police agency or government authorities. This award encompasses missing persons, civil disturbances, and protection of properties. The Duty In Aid To Civil Authority Medal will not be awarded for participation or in conjunction with the Medal for Humane Service to New York State.

How awarded

Applications will be submitted using DMNA Form 106D-R through command channels to each respective major component awards area of responsibility. Applications will be accompanied by a copy of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs orders directing the individual to the duty concerned or a certified roster of AGR personnel for NYARNG and NYANG who participated.

Succeeding awards

For each succeeding award, a medal device (shield) will be attached to the suspension ribbon and service ribbon. These devices shall be:

Silver silver to represent one additional award and

gold gold to represent five additional awards.

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