Counterdrug Service Ribbon


Ribbon established I March 1994 (retroactive I January 1989).

To whom awarded:

The Counterdrug Service Ribbon may be awarded to any member of the New York State Organized Militiawho is ordered to duty in support of a counterdrug mission for thirty cumulative days.


The entire period of service must be satisfactory. Periods of service attending the National Interagency Counterdrug Institute (NICI), as a student or instructor, are not creditable for this award.

How awarded:

The Counterdrug Service Ribbon Certificate of Eligibility (DMNA Form 107R) will be prepared by the area Counterdrug OIC (MNMS-CD) for service verification and then forwarded to DMNA headquarters ATTN: MNGA-AWD for NYARNG, ANG-DPAA for NYANG, and MNSG-PA-AD for NYG for processing.

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