To whom awarded:

Awarded to a member of the New York State Organized Militia who has distinguished himself/herself through outstanding support to the organized militia and his/her local community or the state of New York.


All members of the New York State Organized Militia are eligible to be nominated for this award.

Minimum Standards:

  1. Must have been an active member of an organized militia unit during the year of consideration (1 January - 31 December).
  2. Must have attended all scheduled IDT assemblies and annual training days.
  3. Must meet the height and weight standards of each major component's prescribed directive.
  4. Must have made a significant contribution to the New York State Organized Militia.

Additional Factors:

  1. Must have made a significant contribution to the community or the state of New York, or
  2. Must be involved with a continuing community contribution as an active member of a fraternal organization; e.g., Lions Club, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Chamber of Commerce, etc., or
  3. Be an elected or appointed member of the local community; e.g., City Council, School Board.


Nominations will be accomplished at unit level and will be forwarded through command channels to each respective component’s awards area of responsibility. Following review, it will be forwarded to MNHS - AD, refer to Nomination Form, Colonel Gouveneur Morris Citizen/Soldier Award DMNA Form 106C-R, 23 August 2007 (Figure 2 - 22) to reach this agency NLT 31 October of the year the award is to be presented. Nominations will include individual's name and scope of military assignment to include duties, tasks, and responsibilities, and a statement indicating that individual meets the minimum standards for the award. Additional factors will be addressed and supporting documentation will be attached, e.g., newspaper clippings, photocopies of community or state awards.

Selection Board:

A selection board consisting of at least three members of The Adjutant General Military Awards Board will convene prior to 30 November each year for the purpose of recommending the award recipient. The board will make recommendations based on the nominations submitted. The board will consider only those individuals who meet the minimum standards and have met the “Additional Factors” listed above.

Approving authority:

The approving authority for this award is The Adjutant General.


This award will be a plaque outline of New York State with a full engraving plate and will contain appropriate wording and the year of recognition. This award will be presented at an appropriate ceremony determined by The Adjutant General.

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