NYARNG Physical Fitness Ribbon


Awarded to any member of the NYARNG or NYG who scores 290 or above on or after 1 October 1992, while taking the Physical Fitness Test (APFT) for record.

How awarded:

Recommendations for this award will be submitted through command channels to DMNA headquarters, AT7N: MNAR-MP(AD) for NYARNG personnel; MNSG-PA-AD for NYG personnel, and submitted on DMNA Form 106D-R , with a copy of the score card certified by the unit commander (see sample Figure 2-17, DMNA Reg 672-1). One physical fitness award will be issued per training year (1 Oct - 30 Sep).


The unit commander will be responsible for identifying the award due on requested memorandum. i.e. lst, 2nd, 3rd award etc.


The awarding authorities for the New York State Physical Fitness Ribbon are the NYARNG commander and the NYG commander.

Initial award

A ribbon and certificate will be issued.

Succeeding awards:

For each succeeding award, a medal device (New York State Sheild) will be attached to the suspension ribbon and/or ribbon bar. These devices shall be:

Silversilverto represent one additional award.

Goldgoldto represent five additional awards.

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