Medal for Valor (Ribbon) Medal for Valor (Medal)


To whom awarded:

The Medal for Valor may be awarded to any member of the New York State Organized Militia who shall have displayed a conspicuous act of valor, heroism, courage or gallantry either in a military or civilian capacity.


Proof of the performance of the act will accompany each recommendation. The act performed must have been one displaying personal bravery or self-sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty, so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual for gallantry and intrepidity above all comrades. Additionally, it must have involved personal risk of life or a performance of more than ordinarily hazardous service, the omission of which would not justly subject the person to censure for shortcoming or failure in the performance of duty.

How awarded:

Recommendations for the award of the Medal for Valor will be submitted using DMNA Form Letter 48-R and accompanied by a citation in accordance with the sample and guidelines outlined in DMNA Reg 672-1. Requests will be forwarded through command channels to The Adjutant General, ATTN: MNGA-AWD. Evidence to support the award will be attached, such as signed witness statements, letters and/or newspaper clippings. Each intermediate commander will provide appropriate recommendation in forwarding endorsement. MNGA-AWD will refer the recommendation to the DMNA Awards Board for review, recommendation, and approval, prior to subsequent submission to the governor's office.

shieldFor each succeeding award, a silver Medal device (shield) will be attached to the suspension ribbon and the service ribbon.

Approving authority:

The approving authority for this award is the governor.

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