AirOutstanding First Sgt, Air ArmyOutstanding First Sgt, Army


Ribbon established 1 July 2004 (retroactive to 1 January 1994).

To whom awarded:

The New York State First Sergeant Service Ribbon may be awarded to current members of the New York Army National Guard or New York Air National Guard who meet the standards as defined below.


Members of the New York Army National Guard (NYARNG) or New York Air National Guard (NYANG) must be graduates of their respective component First Sergeant Course and have served successfully for a period not less than 24 continuous months as First Sergeant. The award of this ribbon is only retroactive provided the First Sergeant is a current and active member of the New York State Organized Militia.

How awarded:

Recommendations for the New York State First Sergeant Ribbon will be submitted using DMNA Form 106D-R and forwarded to this headquarters, ATTN: MNP-ARB for NYARNG personnel and MNAF/DP for NYANG personnel. A copy of the Appointment Order to First Sergeant and a First Sergeant Course completion certificate must be enclosed.

Succeeding awards:

This is a one-time issued award.

Approving authority:

The approving authority for this award is the respective major component commander.

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