announcement 1New York Naval Militia Trains at Camp Smith. Read more about it here
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Camp Smith Training Site is expanding and updating training capabilities - read more about it here.

  Camp Smith is a military installation of the New York Army National Guard in Cortlandt Manor near Peekskill, NY, about 30 miles north of New York City, at the northern border of Westchester County, and consists of 1,560 acres.

  Camp Smith has a number of training assets, such as training areas, outdoor ranges and simulators that are available to military units, law enforcement agencies, government and civilian organizations.

From the Post Director to NYARNG Soldiers:

  Thanks for visiting our website and taking time to learn more about Camp Smith and what it has to offer. We appreciate your demonstration of an ownership attitude, since Camp Smith belongs to you, the NYARNG Soldier. The staff at CSTS are merely the current custodians.

  Our mission at Camp Smith is to provide academic, training and logistics facility support to NYARNG and other military units in order to improve overall unit readiness, provide similar services to civilian agencies, and act as a JRSOI platform in support of domestic operations. Our aim point is small unit and individual training. We accomplish our mission by building quality facilities and training spaces, consistently maintaining them, and being relevant and responsive to our customers...more...

  We adopted the motto, “Transforming Your Primary Readiness Site” to signify the importance of Camp Smith to the NYARNG and our sense of urgency to continuously improve your facilities and customer experience. “Transform” means to change in character, condition, or outward appearance. We hope you notice the ongoing transformation efforts, new and improved facilities, range and training area upgrades, and improved customer service each time you are here.

  To that end, during FY 19, we are working on the following initiatives:

  • Install a radar to enable all weather/all visibility weapons firing
  • Build a firing line for law enforcement weapons training for MP’s on the Range 2 footprint
  • Continue plans for building a pop-up range by commissioning an escapement analysis and conducting environmental planning
  • Upgrade land navigation courses to accommodate EIB, ASPT and CFMB requirements
  • Complete plans for the interior of Building 70 for use with TADSS
  • Host sUAS training conducted by the Civil Air Patrol and extend this to all military customers prior to commencement of TY 20
  • Refurbish the NY Guard Headquarters in Building 84
  • Build POV parking on the footprint of the old CSMS-A Shop
  • Continue improvements in the Lodging Facility including upgrading the entrance way look and layout and replacing carpeting
  • Demo interior of Building 503 and complete plans for modernizing it for use by the RTI and for medical readiness
  • Continue to invest in our water and waste water treatment facilities to ensure uninterrupted, high quality outcomes for the long term
  • Incorporate all associated building maintenance and service schedules into our automated maintenance management system in order to improve the consistency and quality of our brick and mortar facilities
  • Conserve energy resources by auditing our facilities and executing capital investment projects to replace inefficient systems
  • Upgrade the CSTS website to provide better information
  • Better manage our forests and natural debris in order to improve our training areas and reduce risk of forest fires
  • Open training areas to the DMNA community and its partners for deadfall/fire wood removal

  This is just a partial list of what we are doing. We remain busy, because you remain busy. The demands on NYARNG forces, whether for building readiness as an operational reserve, providing support to civil authorities, or conducting theater security cooperation missions through the SPP, will only continue to grow. Our entire work force at CSTS understands that and embraces their role in helping you accomplish your missions.

  Please let us know how we are doing. We are always available to discuss how we can improve. Please call, write, or drop us a line on ICE, which is our online portal for accepting your feedback, at

Timothy P. Connors
Director, CSTS

  The mission of the Camp Smith Training Site (CSTS) is 3-fold:

  1. To provide academic, training, and logistics facility support to New York Army National Guard and other military units in order to improve overall unit readiness
  2. To provide similar services to federal, state, and local law enforcement and other civilian agencies
  3. On order, to conduct Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (JRSOI) force deployment activities in support of sustained domestic operations