New York Guard Trainees Learn First Aid Skills

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Story by: PFC Ubon Mendie - New York Guard PAO
  Dated: Sat, Oct 2, 2010

New York Guard Trainees Learn First  Aid Skills
Camp Smith, NY -- Spc. Diana Sapeg, a medic at in the 88th Brigade is seen practicing first aid on Pfc. Lester Torres, a member of the CERFP ( CBRNE Enhance Response Force Package) also attached to the 88bde, both graduated Initial Entry Training October 3, 2010. (Photo by NYG PFC Ubon Mendie)

Camp Smith, NY -- Soldiers in the NYG Initial Entry Training Class 2010 were front and center learning first aid training here, October 2.

The training was conducted by four instructors from the Academy of Medical and Public Health Services. “We are trying to promote better response to life threatening emergencies,” said Hewett Chu, AMPHS President, and lead instructor. We want to integrate into training a health and safety focus in a basic training environment.”

Chu also explained how the training received can be utilized both in the NYG and in everyday living.

“The lessons learned can help in everyday life and while on duty,” Chu added. “With the wide range of work that the New York Guard provides, soldiers can be in areas where responding to emergencies can be crucial to a patients’ survival.

The class was made up of 26 soldiers, each representing different brigades from every section of the state.

The class was broken into five detailed parts, which were instructed by lecture, video tutorials and hands on implementation with instructor supervision.

Topics covered were recognizing and responding to emergencies, where soldiers were trained on correctly identifying an emergency response situation.

The sections taught were:

--Patient assessment: where soldiers were instructed on how to identify ailments to a potential patient. Instructors explained in order to assist one has to know the situation to be effective.

--Medical emergencies: which are cases that directly relate to internal body functions, to include heart attack, diabetic induced attacks, stroke, etc.

--Trauma emergencies: which are fractures, broken bones and other related injuries.

--Environmental emergencies: which are heat and cold related ailments.

“This was great training,” said PV2 David Kyzer, a soldier in Buffalo’s 65th Brigade. “What I learned could help me save a life. I have a mother with a lot of ailments so I really played close attention. The things I’ve learned here hit close to home,"he added.

All attendees were awarded the American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid Certification

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