About the Division of Military and Naval Affairs

The New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA) is the state’s executive agency responsible to the Governor for managing New York’s Military Forces, which consists of nearly 20,000 members of the New York Army National Guard, the New York Air National Guard, the New York Naval Militia and the New York Guard.

The agency and state military forces are led by the Adjutant General, who is a commissioner appointed by the Governor and is thereby responsible for the agency administration as well as training, personnel, equipment and facility readiness for all of New York’s military forces, including preparing the New York National Guard for deployment on federal missions—which can include war time deployments—and for employment within New York in disaster response or homeland security missions. The Adjutant General has a dual role as an appointed employee of NYS, and a federally recognized and active drilling general officer in the New York National Guard. The agency reports to the executive chamber as part of the Governor’s Public Safety team.

DMNA employs about 450 state and 3,880 federal employees who provide management of and support services to the New York Military Forces. This includes management of federal and state budgets, human resources, training, logistics and facilities management, as well as planning and training with federal, state and local public safety partners for domestic operations, DMNA has direct responsibility to maintain and secure more than 50 installations across the Empire State. These installations are state owned or federally licensed properties which include Air Bases, Armories, Armed Forces Readiness Centers and other logistical and training sites. DMNA’s executive offices are located at 330 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham where state and federal staff work side by side to manage military readiness at the Governor’s direction.

At the direction of the governor, DMNA has operated Joint Task Force Empire Shield since 2001, which is a unique force of Army and Air National Guard and Naval Militia members on State Active Duty who conduct land and waterborne Homeland Security Operations in the New York City Metropolitan Area in order to deter and prevent terrorist acts. The force is prepared to conduct Defense Support of Civil Authority (DSCA) operations in order to save lives and reduce human suffering through deliberate planning and by maintaining an operational headquarters that maintains routine interagency coordination in order to conduct a joint multi-agency response.

DMNA also provides trainers working with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to implement Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Citizen Preparedness Corps through which residents across the state are provided instruction in how to prepare for emergencies, survive them, and recover.

The Division of Military and Naval Affairs is responsible for maintaining New York’s collection of more than 10,000 historically significant military items ranging from Civil War Battle Flags to historic uniforms and items displayed in armories across New York. The New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center in Saratoga Springs is administered by DMNA and houses historical exhibits, and provides for curatorial management and collection storage.

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