New York Guard Tunes into Commo Training

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Story by: New York Guard Spc. David Grate - (Author Title)
  Dated: Tue, Aug 20, 2013

CAMP SMITH TRAINING SITE, NY -- Soldiers representing all brigades of the New York state defense force participated in a radio communications course during the annual training period, here, Aug.18-20.

The training provided military equipment operation familiarization for the event of disaster declaration by the governor of New York.

“Communications are the backbone of any disaster recovery effort," said Lt. Col. Barry Greene, the course administrator. "It is crucial that we be cognizant in procedures and regulations to support the citizens of New York, whenever called."

The course focused on disaster preparedness radio communications and cohesion with the joint model.

Greene stated the importance of all response agencies having the ability to openly communicate with timely information.

"If emergency responders cannot communicate, they cannot stage a coordinated effort to help victims in a disaster zone," Greene said. "This course has prepared our soldiers to establish a communications network and assist emergency responders with conventional, and sometimes unconventional, network platforms.”

The training was developed by subject matter experts from the New York Guard and other state military forces, to include the New York Naval Militia and New York Air National Guard, ensuring confluence in operations in real world response.

The first two days of training included intensive classroom instruction and hands-on examination of various radios, antennas, and transmitting microphones. The third day participants were able to apply lessons learned in the field, running tests and practice transmissions on the equipment.

The fourth and final day participants were tested in a field training exercise, which emulated a real disaster.

“We learned the value of communication in a disaster setting and the importance of moving resources during a disaster," said Sgt. Adrian Ramos an 88th Brigade soldier who deployed to assist in citizen recovery following Super Storm Sandy.

"If given the call, our men and women are ready, willing and trained to assist as the governor directs," said Maj. Gen. Fergal Foley, the New York Guard commander.

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