NY Army National Guard Safety

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Safety Mission:

Mission Statement: The NYARNG Safety and Occupational Health Program provides for a safe and healthful work environment, free from accidents and injuries that is compatible with the mission of the NYARNG throughout all levels of command in every operation and activity. This program is designed to promote safe and healthful practices for personnel on and off duty and to preserve the fighting force.

The office has a full-time staff of four. The Safety and Occupational Health Manager directs the overall program and serves as the principal advisor to the Adjutant General on safety, health and OSHA compliance. The State Safety Specialist has responsibility for a wide variety of programs including Tactical Safety, Risk Assessment and Management, Accident Prevention, Reporting and Investigation, Confined Space Entry, Reduction in Workers Compensation Claims and OSHA Compliance Inspections. The Occupational Health Specialist has responsibility for programs that affect Guard Members and Full-Time Employees including Radiation Protection, Hazard Communication, OSHA Compliance, Medical Surveillance, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, Vision Conservation, Heat and Cold Injury Prevention, Industrial Hygiene, Wellness, and Ergonomics.

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