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The Thrift Savings Plan

Thrift Saving Plan (TSP)

Thrift Saving Plan (TSP): You can sign up to contribute to the TSP within 60 days of when you join the Army National Guard (ARNG) or during the two Open Seasons each year. If you are a member leaving active duty and joining the ARNG, you may also make TSP elections within 60 days of your change in status. To participate in the TSP by submitting a TSP Election Form (TSP-U-1).

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a Federal Government-sponsored retirement savings and investment plan. Congress established the TSP in the Federal Employees' Retirement System Act of 1986. The purpose of the TSP is to provide retirement income.

On October 30, 2000, the Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001 (Public Law 106-398) was signed into law. One provision of the law extended participation in the TSP, which was originally only for Federal civilian employees, to members of the uniformed services.

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