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New York Army National Guard Warrant Officer Basic Military Occupational Speciality Listing

This (MOS_basic.pdf) is a basic requirements listing for all military occupational specialities (MOS) available within the New York Army National Guard. The listing provides enlisted feeder MOS information, and requirements concerning service, supervisory experience, MOS related special requirements, and civilian education. It is designed as a tool to assist in the review of each enlisted soldiers qualifications. It is not designed to replace the complete "MOS Prerequisites List" or the Complete Position Description.

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Resume Format
How to become a Warrant Officer

Records Review is Essential

WO Website
Visit the ARNG Warrant Officer web site
and the US Army Warrant Officer Career Center for more information.

WO Procurement a NYARNG Priority
With a large number of vacancies and many upcoming retirements, an emphasis has been placed on "removing the mystery" of beginning a warrant officer career. The CCWO and the WO Advisory Committee have implemented many new informational checklists, regulatory changes, etc. to make it easier for you to increase your knowledge about a warrant officer career.
See Procurement Guide

WO Advisory Committee
The WO Advisory Committee was created to serve all NYARNG Warrant Officer. Policy changes have been implemented, positively impacting on all NYARNG Warrant Officers.

Warrant Officer Mentorship
See Change 1, dated 30 January 2003, to NYARNG Regulation 611-2, Warrant Officer Mentorship Program, for mentorship guidance. This change has been placed in distribution to all NYARNG units on 1 February 2003.

Predetermination Packet for Warrant Officer Qualification required.
Review National Guard Bureau requirements for the submission of a predetermination packet. More specific guidance concerning selected items was included, with the addition of a Security Clearance Verification Statement. Please use the revised Checklist for all future submissions. The checklist has been added to NYARNG 611-2, The Warrant Officer Management System.

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