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General Information about the Internal Control Program:

The State Internal Control Program at DMNA is managed by the Internal Control Officer, Dan Colvin and is part of The Office of The Adjutant General, MNAG-IC.  Our agency’s Internal Control program is governed by DMNA Reg 11-7.  The program incorporates the Office of State Comptroller’s Standards for Internal Control in New York State Government and the Committee of Sponsoring Organization’s (COSO) Internal Control - Integrated Framework.


Annually, The Adjutant General certifies to the NYS Division of Budget that DMNA’s Internal Control Program is in compliance with the Internal Control Act of 1987.


The Internal Control Program applies to State Military Components, Program or Major Functional area where State resources (people or assets) are utilized within DMNA to carry out its mission.

Contact Information:

Contact Dan Colvin via email - daniel.f.colvin2.nfg@mail.mil or by phone - (518) 786-6042 with any questions about the Internal Control Program at DMNA.


EVERYONE is responsible for internal controls!

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