New York National Guard Soldiers featured on ‘Colbert Report’

New York--New York Army National Guard Soldiers pose with comedian Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at the studios of Comedy Central in Manhattan. They are (from left) Capt. Shawn Tabankin, Staff Sgt. Kent Theobald, Sgt. Josuha Flint, and Spec. Jeffrey Vucich. Theobald, Flint, and Vucich appeared with Colbert in a segement which opened his Sept. 8 program which saluted troops who served in Iraq.

Sep 08, 2010

New York MPs Prepare Iraqi Police

Soldiers of the New York National Guard’s 206th Military Police Company monitor the Iraqi Emergency Response Battalion search and seizure procedures during a training course held at the Basra Operations Center in Basra, Iraq March 15, 2010. (Photo by Spc. Maurice Galloway, 17th Fires Brigade)

May 11, 2010

Learning from Leathernecks

New York Army National Guard Private 1st Class Jerald Russell from the 206th Military Police Company mans the gunner position during reactions to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) while training at the New York State Emergency Preparedness Center in Oriskany, N.Y. on May 13. The Army National Guard Soldiers completed their IED training as part of their preparation for mobilization and deployment to Iraq later this summer. Photo by Lt. Col. Richard Goldenberg.

May 14, 2009

206th MPs Ramp UP At Fort Dix

Spc. Tracy Bryant of the 206th National Guard Military Police Company in Latham qualifies lifiies on the M-9 during annual training at Fort Dix on April 8. Photo by Lisa Evans, Fort Dix Public Affairs Office

Apr 21, 2009

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