Officer Accessions
The ROTC Early Commissioning Program

Early Commissioning Program-ROTC

Consider the following:

The Early Commissioning Program (ECP) allows graduates of one of the country's five military junior colleges to become commissioned officers in the Army National Guard in two years, instead of the usual four. The students must still to go on to complete a bachelor's degree before serving as regular officers on active duty if he/she wants to. The program is a major financial incentive for students to receive their commissions early and serve as officers while still attending college and gaining service time for promotions and retirement.

There are only five Military Junior Colleges in the United States:

  • Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Missouri. Wentworth Military Academy and College, founded in 1880, is a Military Junior College and private four-year college preparatory high school in Lexington, Missouri. Wentworth is the oldest military school west of the Mississippi River, and the campus is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, Pennsylvania. The Valley Forge Military Academy, founded in 1928, is a boarding school for young men grades seven through twelve, and additionally offers a co-ed 2 year junior college program.
  • Marion Military Institute, Marion, Alabama. Marion Military Institute is the state military college of Alabama. Founded in 1842 as Howard English & Classical School by the Alabama Baptist Convention, the school reorganized as Marion Military Institute in 1887.
  • New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico. Founded in 1891 by Col. Robert S. Goss as the Goss Military Institute, and inspired by Virginia Military Institute, NMMI includes a four-year high school and a two-year junior college.
  • Georgia Military College, Milledgeville, Georgia. Georgia Military College, founded in 1879, includes a liberal arts junior college, a high school, and a middle school.

There are 3 ways to waive your first 2 years of Army ROTC that you normally would take at a 4-year college. Each of these paths teach and evaluate leadership potential.

  • Basic Combat Training Certificate/Graduation
  • Honorable Prior Military Service
  • ROTC Leader’s Training Course (LTC) at Ft. Knox, Ky
  • 3 years of JROTC (with approval of the Professor of Military Science - least preferred way, may require LTC)


  • Any Second Lieutenant (Active, Reserve, or National Guard) who completes our Early Commissioning Program is eligible for a special Education Assistance Program benefit only available to ECP Lieutenants. This is not a scholarship. By entering into this contract, the Army will pay for your full-tuition at any school you want to go to in order to finish your Bachelor’s Degree as long as it is serviced by Army ROTC.
  • The Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) exists to allow Cadets to drill with Army National Guard units while in school.
  • GRFD Scholarships & DedARNG Scholarships are available for ECP Colleges.

Minimum eligibility requirements for Army ROTC are:

  • Cumulative 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (GED = 2.5)
  • Have a minimum qualifying 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale to qualify for GRFD or DedARNG scholarships
  • Combined math and reading score of 850 on the SAT or 17 on the ACT
  • Have a minimum qualifying SAT score of 920 or ACT score of 19 on the ACT to qualified for GRFD or DedARNG scholarships
  • Pass a specific Department of Defense medical exam (DoDMERB for officers accessions)
  • Be at least 17 years of age and less than 30
  • Be a U.S. citizen of good moral character