New York Army National Guard Food Service

Annual Training

Prior to attending Annual Training units’ must provide MNL-LM (SS) a detailed Annual Training Support Packet with cost analysis by class of supply to support all training requirements. This packet must include an annual training support memorandum (enclosure 1) that summarizes all required support and copies of all 3953’s, required memorandums, and installation training support forms.

The procedures at each installation are dictated by local regulations and installation training support guidance. It is essential that a (POC) point of contact be provided for each class of supply with all contact information to include; phone number, e-mail address and office represented.

Transportation and budget requirements should also be included from the supporting Installations with specific (POC’S) and detailed funding requirements for these two areas.

Below are basic requirements for each class of supply depending on the type of support requested:

Annual Training packets will be submitted to arrive at the DOL NLT 120 days out from the scheduled Annual Training. Once submitted, changes that directly affect funding such as a significant drop in the projected head count, length and duration of training, SAD (State Active Duty) or any other event that effects funding will be immediately reported to the DOL.

  1. Class 1
    1. TISA Request (Operational Rations) DA 3294
    2. Contract (Catered Meals) DA 3953 and AFMIS
    3. Contract (Raw Subsistence) DA 3953/DA 3294 and/or AFMIS
  2. Class 2
    1. Memorandum or DA 3953 to support request (Over $3,000/GFEBS-Formal Contract) or GPC if less
    2. Cantonment, Port-O-Jon’s, (reefers’ refrigerated trucks or trailers to support class one operations) requests with an estimated dollar amount
    3. Copiers with an estimated cost and specific funding information.
  3. Class 3
    1. Bulk POL Memorandum with total gallons, cost per Gl., and total cost.
      Exact type of fuel required Diesel/JP8. Total amount should match Trng Supt Fm.
    2. Package POL - Memorandum with estimated dollar amount to support training.
    3. HAZMAT - Memorandum with estimated dollar amount to support training.
  4. Class 7 - Equipment Cross Loan, FORSCOM Form 156-R with attached memorandum requesting major end items (MTOE) equipment to support unit training. Installation may require funding to repair damaged equipment borrowed from the training site.
  5. Class 8 - Approved unit Formulary, DA Form 3161 (List of required items). All FSC 6505 items must be approved by the State Surgeons Office. The amount of funding is determined by support required for the specific training event, PMT, AT or IDT. CLS Bags (training) can be ordered directly through command channels to the DOL ATTN: MNL-LM (SS).
  6. Class 9 - Repair parts for units’ going to an installation (out of state) should be supported by a memorandum to the DOL requesting an estimated dollar amount to provide organic maintenance support. Units’ training at Fort drum will receive direct support from New York MATES.
  7. E-Z Pass - A signed E-Z Pass Request form must be submitted with the Annual Training packet if E-Z Passes are required.
    • Convoy and Special Hauling Requests- a DD Form 1265, Request for Convoy Clearance must be submitted when any group of six (6) or more vehicles moves as a column. A DD Form 1266, Request for Special Hauling Permit will be submitted with the Annual Training packet when any of the following dimensions are exceeded: Width of 102 inches (8 feet, 6 inches)
    • Height of 162 inches (13 feet, 6 inches); A length of 60 feet for semi-trailers; and Weight of 20,000 pounds for a single axle, 34,000 pounds for tandem axles, or 80,000 pounds in gross weight
  8. Bus Requests - Bus requests are submitted through the Automated Bus Request Program and approved by Chain of Command
  9. GPC funding request - Need prior authorization.