New York Guard

New York Guard Festivities

West Point- Members of the New York Guard, the state's volunteer response force, gather at the officers club at the United States Military Academy on Dec. 9 for their joint annual ball with the New York Naval Militia. ( Photo by New York Guard Captain Mark Getman)

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The New York Guard

The New York Guard is a state volunteer force which augments and supports the New York National Guard with manpower and skills.

New York Guard members are a volunteer, unpaid force which serves at the direction of the Governor. They assist the National Guard in planning, training for and executing state emergency support and disaster missions, and provide legal and medical pre-deployment assistance to the National Guard units and other reserve components as requested.

Many New York Guard members are retired members of the National Guard and other military services, however military experience is not a prerequisite to membership. They are part of the military forces of New York but are not federal military reservists like members of the Army and Air National Guard.

Members of the New York Guard assist National Guard Soldiers and Airmen to serve the people of New York as members of Guard Joint Task Forces which respond to state natural disasters, state emergencies and state security requirements.

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