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The New York Guard Band performs at Cortlandt’s Veterans Day ceremony, 11-Nov-2014 (Photo by: Sam Barron)

Military bands have been part of armed forces for hundreds of years. American armed forces have had military bands since the American Revolution. Military bands are integral to ceremonies and events honoring active and retired personnel, representing military units in ceremonies and parades, increasing awareness of the military units and their contributions, and enhancing esprit de corps. Military units of all sizes take great pride in their bands.

The New York Guard Band reports to New York Guard HQ, Camp Smith, NY. The band’s mission is to assist the New York State Guard with community relations, recruitment and troop morale. A major goal is to communicate awareness and the mission of the New York Guard and the duties it performs for the New York Homeland defense. Public awareness helps with recruiting, and builds civilian and government support, which are crucial to the NY Guard’s effectiveness.

The band achieves its goals by representing the NY Guard by participating in parades, ceremonies, patriotic events. The band also honors and supports our veterans, especially those in veteran’s homes and hospitals. For example, the band recently performed on 12-Apr for the 11th Hudson Valley Honor Flight at Stewart Airport (http://hvhonorflight.com/). The Honor Flights transport military veterans at no cost to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials.

The band is actively recruiting new members, including civilians interested in joining the NY Guard (http://dmna.ny.gov/nyg/?id=enlist). For more information about the band and opportunities, please contact WO1 Roy Coates, Band Commander, Conductor at email: royccoates@gmail.com.

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