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NYG 1304 Enlistment Appointment
NYG 1305 Promotions
NYG 1304/1305 Policy Change Promotions Policy Change
NYG 1312 Official Biographies
NYG 1319 Official Photographs
NYG 1325 Misconduct
NYG 1325-1 Board of Officers
NYG 1326 Developmental Counseling
NYG 1331 (Use DMNA REG 600-8-4) State Active Duty Line of Duty Procedures
NYG 1334-1 Authorized Headgear
NYG 1334-2 NYG Utility Uniform Wear Poster
NYG 1338-1 Food Service
NYG 1338-2 Enlisted Uniform Issuance and Replacement
NYG 4140 Property Control Procedures
NYG 4515 State Guard License Plates
NYG 5400 Public Affairs Program
DMNA REG 672-1 State Military Awards
NYG 7040 Budget Procedures
NYG 7050 Purchasing Procedures
Appearance and Grooming Policy Appearance and Grooming Policy
NYS Travel Manual NYS Travel Manual
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