New York Naval Militia Mission

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As part of the NY State Military Forces, the NY Naval Militia is trained, organized and equipped for Maritime Domain Operations in the waters of New York State.

Elements of the Mission:

  1. Provide individuals and or detachments for service with National Guard, and or other federal, state and or local municipal agencies as directed.
  2. Develop in coordination with DMNA: Naval doctrine, tactics, and equipment employed in the support of aid to Civilian Authority.
  3. Perform such duties as The Adjutant General may direct.


Five Years Out - a Naval Militia that has/is:

  1. 15 Patrol Boats (4 PB440 class)
  2. Back up to authorized end strength (5200)
    1. Up to 3000 by start of SFY 12-13 (April 1st)
    2. Up to 4000 by start of SFY 13-14
    3. Up to 5000 by start of SFY 14-15
  3. Standing up missions regularly in NORTHCOM and WESTCOM (as well as SOUTHCOM)
  4. Prepared for active participation in disaster operations throughout the state.


We are three time volunteers first and foremost, we volunteer to serve our country, we volunteer to serve our specific service and we volunteer to serve the State of New York.

We are competent in our rate, military occupation specialty and /or our civilian occupation.

We have the minuteman mind set, physically fit to respond, sea bag packed for contingencies and personal affairs sorted out for immediate deployment.

We are ethically minded and keep our moral compass calibrated.

In sum we are volunteers, competent and ethically committed Minutemen/Minutewomen proudly serving in the Military Forces of the State of New York.

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Composed by:
CPT Douglas Hedwig, NYG

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