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The New York Guard is one of New York’s state military forces, which augments the New York National Guard as a force multiplier. The New York Guard’s primary missions are civil support operations including disaster relief efforts and state emergencies.

As a state defense force, the New York Guard trains and serves without pay but members receive pay and benefits when called up for state activation. Members cannot be federalized for active duty overseas and serve within the state of New York.

Candidates must be a US citizen between 18 to 60 years of age, meet medical standards, and pass a comprehensive background check. Prior military service is welcome, but not required. Veterans are accepted at their former rank, upon review of federal/state discharge paperwork.

To help us better serve you in your desire to become a part of our team, please fill out the following information. A New York Guard recruiter will contact you to help you determine how you can best serve New York State. You are under no obligation to join.

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Submitting this request does not imply a commitment or obligation to enlist in the New York Guard. All information supplied is regarded as confidential, accepted for preliminary evaluation purposes only and will not be disclosed to third parties.

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