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Aviation Mission Rained Out, But Soldiers Train Anyway
Published: Sep 14, 2015
Author: Sgt. Jonathan Monfiletto
New York Army National Guard aircrews train by fighting Catskill forest fire
Published: May 05, 2015
Author: Col. Richard Goldenberg
Soldiers Practice Tactical Operations Center Setup
Published: Apr 13, 2015
Author: Sgt. Jonathan Monfiletto
Army Guard Aviators and Air Guard JTACs Train Together at Fort Drum
Published: Mar 14, 2015
Author: Sgt. Jonathan Monfiletto
Aviation Brigade Soldiers Prepare for Desert Deployment
Published: Sep 09, 2013
Author: (Author Name)
National Guardsmen give 91st Military Police protective service detail a lift
Published: Aug 22, 2013
Author: Sgt. Michael K. Selvage
Vietnam War Era Aviator Takes Final Flight
Published: Jun 15, 2011
Author: Mr. Eric Durr
Kentucky Guard aviators team up with New York Guard for Homeland Security Mission
Published: Nov 19, 2010
Author: By Army Sgt. 1st Class Jon Soucy
New York’s Aviation History from Bird Dogs to Blackhawks
Published: Oct 08, 2009
Author: Sgt. 1st Class Steven Petibone



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