New York National Guard Education Services

Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill Kicker Program

Eligible soldiers can receive up to either $7,200 or $12,600 in educational assistance under this program.

The purpose of the Montgomery GI Bill Kicker Program is to encourage enlistment and retain high quality soldiers in the New York Army National Guard. The Kicker is an incentive not an entitlement; therefore soldiers must apply for and be approved to receive this incentive.

A $200 monthly rate is available for:

  • Non-Prior Service and Prior Service applicants,
  • Current ARNG soldiers and,
  • Current ARNG Lieutenants who have NOT yet completed a bachelor’s degree.

A $350 monthly rate is available for Officer Candidates who are enrolled in one of the following:

  • State or Federal Officer Candidate School
  • Warrant Officer Candidate School
  • ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program

To be eligible for the Kicker Program, soldiers must:

  • Be eligible to receive educational assistance under either the Selected Reserve or Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill programs
  • Be attending a VA-Approved training program
  • Enlist, reenlist or extend in a high-priority ARNG unit for not less than six-years on the same day they sign the Kicker contract.
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