Counterdrug Mission:

The New York National Guard Counterdrug Task Force is focused on expanding community prevention efforts and enhancing federal, state, and local law enforcement capabilities to reduce the supply and demand for fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription pills and other illicit narcotics within New York State. We reduce supply by providing highly skilled and trained Investigative Analysts to Law Enforcement Agencies, while maximizing support to affect the greatest population centers. Additionally, through our Civil Operators we focus on prevention, education, and overdose response efforts within our local communities to reduce the demand for illegal narcotics.

New York State Counterdrug Priorities:

  1. To help reduce the supply of the top 5 drug threats in New York State - fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and prescription pills - by offering military planning, leadership, decision making and analysis skills to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).
  2. To support federal, state, and local LEA Analysis and Drug Demand Reduction (DDRO) efforts.
  3. To assist LEA investigative efforts of priority targets, interdiction efforts at ports of entry, and seizures of distribution hubs.
  4. To act as a liason between LEAs in order to improve inter-agency communication and knowledge management.
  5. To use the evidence-based practices and framework of the NYNG CDP Drug Demand Reduction Outreach (DDRO) mission to maximize effectiveness of partnering LEAs, decrease the demand on illegal drugs and increase community awareness, health, and safety.
  6. To utilize professional staff development, specialized Counterdrug training and the Military Decision Making Process to enhance the readiness and skills of CDP service members in order to maximize the usefulness of these to LEA support.

New York State Authority:

Division of Military and Naval Affairs regulation 500-2, New York National Guard Counterdrug Support, promulgated on 1 June, 2006 persuant to section 11 of the Military Law, authorizes and perscribes the standard policies, procedures, and responsibilities and overall concept of operations governing the utilization of the New York National Guard Counterdrug Task Force in support of law enforcement agencies and community based organizations to counter illicit drug activity.

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