(All equipment is provided to Law Enforcement Agencies at no cost)

The Mini-Z is a scanning device capable of fast, portable, real-time detection of hidden drugs, explosives and other organic threats and caontraband. Mini-Z Detector
The Cellbrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) enables the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis & reporting of mobile device data. Mini-Z Detector
SABRE 4000:
a hand held portable detector that can be used as a trace detector, or as a point detector for vapor samples. It is capable of detecting narcotics such as Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroine, MDA, MDEA, MDMA, Methamphetamine, PCP and THC, along with detectable explosives such as Ammonium Nitrate, HMTD, HMX, Nitroglycerine, PETN, RDX, Tetryl, SEMTEX, TATP, and TNT. SABRE 4000 Detector
Itemiser 3:
This detector is an Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer, capable of detecting explosives or narcotics as little as 1 billionth of a gram. Some detectable narcotics include Cocaine, Heroine, THC, Methamphetamines, MDA, MDMA, Ephedrine, Morphine, and Amphetamines. Explosives include TNT, NITRO, Smokeless Powder, RDX, PETN, HMX, AMN03, TATP, TATP2, and taggants EGDN/Nitro, CMNB, and MNT.Itemiser 3 Spectrometer
Multi-Mode Threat Detector (Obsolete):
The MMTD is another handheld detector, similar to the SABRE 4000. It can also be used to detect trace elements, or as a point detector for vapor samples. It has the capability to detect Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphetamines and THC. Explosives include RDX, PETN, TNT, TATP, NG, H202, and EGDN. It also has the capability to detect chemical warfare agents such as Tabun, Sarin, Soman, Cyclosarin, Agent VX and Vx. Also included are Toxic Industrial Chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Phosgene, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), and Ammonia (NH3). Multi-Mode Threat Detector

**Counterdrug Task Force personnel, or the Law Enforcement Agency assuming responsibility for the equipment, will maintain positive control at all times. However, at NO TIME will Counterdrug Task Force personnel collect evidence, take custody of evidence, or retain receipts documenting evidence.**