Civil Operations Specialists will coordinate statewide anti-drug prevention efforts with NY State’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Prevention Resource Centers (PRC’s), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s), local coalitions, planning teams, state organizations and other stakeholders to develop a consolidated plan for targeting drug use/abuse in the Community Opportunity Reinvestment (CORe) neighborhoods outlined by the Governor of New York.

The New York National Guard Counterdrug Task Force (NYNG CDTF) and its State and local partners seek to improve the health and well-being of New York communities by addressing alcohol and other substance use/abuse through coalition development. The NYNG CDTF conducts Civil Operations in order to augment local anti –drug coalitions, by providing technical assistance and training to create a strong response to substance abuse within New York’s communities, and ensure long-term positive behavior outcomes.


The National Guard Civil Operations Specialists will work to:


  1. Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) – Planning tool for Civil Operations specialists that establishes procedures for analyzing a mission and used to help define priorities and balance efforts
  2. Community Kaizen – The community Kaizen is a survey taken by a coalition within a standard 1 hour coalition meeting. The results are virtually instant, showing a community issues that they self-reported through a survey. Scores are measured against the standard process tool (SPF) that most coalitions used and are gauged against factors like participation, consensus and utility which have been proven to be key indicators for coalition success
  3. Coaching Model – The coaching model is a process where Civil Ops specialists will take the results of the Kaizen and develop a plan for the coalition. The specialists will meet with a small group of leadership from the coalition, facilitate a meeting to identify the root causes of their problems, set priorities for what will be addressed and a time table, and then find resources that can assist the coalition. Finally, a report will be provided that outlines this procedure in detail
  4. In addition to addressing the needs of the CORe (Community Opportunity Reinvestment) neighborhoods, the National Guard Civil Operations Specialists will also work with community development specialists from the regional PRC’s to identify community coalitions that can benefit from at least one of the specific duties listed above


**The CDTF does not conduct intelligence activities. National Guard members support the criminal information analysis activities of Law Enforcement Agencies.
Criminal information shall be maintained on LEA systems (i.e. shared drive, email server) at all times.**