(All vehicles are provided to Law Enforcement Agencies at no cost)

LUH-72A LacotaThe LUH-72, Lakota helicopter, is the primary Counterdrug (CD) aerial platform. It is a twin engine helicopter with a crew of 2 pilots and 1 crew chief. It is a four bladed low noise rotor system equipped with an MX-15 imaging camera (both Color/IR capable), audio and video recording capabilities, and an SX-16 NightSun searchlight of 30 million candle power. It is also Night Vision capable and the crew will fly primary at night with Night Vision goggles. The helicopter has a payload of up to 1000 lbs and a fuel endurance of almost 3 hours.
UH-60 BlackhawkThe UH-60 “Blackhawk” helicopter is a twin engine, 4-blade aircraft capable of carrying up to 22,000 pounds. It is a workhorse for army aviation and can be utilized in a Counterdrug role to supplement, or as a back up, to the LUH-72 “Lacota”. New York State currently has Blackhawks stationed in Albany, Rochester and Long Island available for LEA support.

**Counterdrug Task Force personnel, or the Law Enforcement Agency assuming responsibility for the equipment, will maintain positive control at all times. However, at NO TIME will Counterdrug Task Force personnel collect evidence, take custody of evidence, or retain receipts documenting evidence.**